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大理妇科检查哪个医院好大理女性更年期综合症的症状At this moment you could be anywhere, doing anything.Instead you sit alone bee a screen.此刻,你本可以在任何地方做任何事,但你却独自坐在屏幕前So whatstopping us from doing what we want? Being where we want to be?究竟是什么在阻碍我们做想做的事,到想去的地方?Each day wewake up in the same room and follow the same path, to live the same day asyesterday.每天我们都在同样的房间醒来,遵循同样的生活轨迹,过着和昨天同样的生活Yet at one timeeach day was a new adventure. Along the way something changed.曾几何时每一天都是一场新的冒险然而某种改变发生了Bee our dayswere timeless, now our days are scheduled.曾经的一天没有时间的束缚,如今的一天却被各种计划占据Is this what itmeans to be grown up? To be free? But are we really free?难道这就是长大后的生活?我们追求着所谓的自由,可是我们真的自由吗?Food, water,land. The very elements we need to survive are owned by corporations.食物、水、土地我们需要的生存元素都被大企业垄断There no food us on trees, no freshwater in streams, no land to build a home.树上没有食物,河里没有清水,没有土地来建造家园If you try andtake what the Earth provides youll be locked away. So we obey their rules.如果你尝试享用地球所供给的东西,你就已经被关在了牢笼之中于是我们从他们的规定We discover theworld through a textbook.我们通过教科书来了解世界 years wesit and regurgitate what were told.多年来我们坐着机械式地被灌输千篇一律的知识Tested andgraded like subjects in a lab.像试验品一样被测试和评分Raised not tomake a difference in this world, raised to be no different.不被抚育去改变世界、做与众不同的人Smart enough todo our job but not to question why we do it.聪明到能够完成眼下的工作却从不质疑为什么要这样做So we work andwork, left with no time to live the life we work .于是我们不停地工作,无暇享受自己心目中追求已久的生活Until a daycomes when we are too old to do our job.直到肉体衰老无力行动It is here weare left to die. Our children take our place in the game.我们的一生就会在此止步,而我们的孩子则会代替我们继续这一场游戏To us our pathis unique, but together we are nothing more than fuel. The fuel that powers theelite.我们总觉得自己的人生是独特的但我们加在一起不过是燃料而已——驱动着精英们的燃料The elite whohide behind the logos of corporations. This is their world.那些隐藏在大企业商标后的精英们,这是他们的世界And their mostvaluable resource is not in the ground. It is us.他们最有利的资源不在地下,而是我们We build theircities, we run their machines, we fight their wars.我们建造他们的城市,操作他们的机器,残杀于他们的战争After all,money isnt what drives them. It power.说到底驱动他们的不是金钱,而是权利Money is simplythe tool they use to control us.金钱只是他们用来控制我们的工具而已Worthlesspieces of paper we depend on to feed us, move us, entertain us.是那几张用来满足我们温饱、交通、的毫无价值的纸张They gave usmoney and in return we gave them the world.他们付钱给我们,而我们却把整个世界拱手相让Where therewere trees that cleaned our air are now factories that poison it.曾经为我们进化空气的森林,如今成为了一座座污染大气的工厂Where there waswater to drink, is toxic waste that stinks.曾经我们取水而饮的清澈河流,现在却被臭气熏天的有毒废料占据Where animalsran free, are factory farms where they are born and slaughtered endlessly our satisfaction.曾经动物们自由奔跑的土地,成了无限养殖屠杀动物的工厂化农场,以饱我们口腹之欲Over a billionpeople are starving, despite us having enough food everybody.我们的粮食能够喂饱全世界,但却有超过十亿人每天在忍饥挨饿Where does itall go? 70% of the grain we grow is fed to fatten the animals you eat dinner.它们都到哪里去了?70%我们种植的谷物都用于喂给了我们要吃的动物Why help thestarving? You cant profit off them.为什么要帮助饥民们?你不能从他们身上获利We are like aplague sweeping the earth, tearing apart the very environment that allows us tolive.我们似乎成为了一种肆虐地球的瘟疫,把赖以生存的环境破坏的离破碎We seeeverything as something to be sold, as an object to be owned.万物在我们眼里都被沦为了可买卖和占有的东西But whathappens when we have polluted the last river?但当我们污染了最后一条河流会怎样呢?Poisoned thelast breath of air? Have no oil the trucks that bring us our food?毒化了最后一丝纯净的空气,没有汽油供卡车来运送食物给我们?When will werealize money cant be eaten, that it has no value?我们何时才能意识到毫无价值的钱是不能吃的?We arentdestroying the planet. We are destroying all life on it.我们并不是在毁灭地球,而是在毁灭地球上的所有生灵Every yearthousands of species go extinct.每年,成千上万的物种濒临灭绝And time isrunning out bee were next.很快就将轮到我们 39大理市第二人民医院咨询电话 Jim:I shouldnt have let my brother pack my supplies this trip. I was running late and he offered to do it.吉姆:我真不该让我弟弟帮我收拾这次旅行的用品当时来不及了,他就主动帮我收拾Fumiko:What the problem?富美子:这有什么问题?Jim:He doesnt know the first thing about hiking or camping. Look at this! My backpack is filled with bottles of water!吉姆:他不了解登山和露营必备的东西看看这个,我的背包里装满了矿泉水!Fumiko:What wrong with that?富美子:那有什么不对吗?Jim:He should have just packed me a water filter, instead of all these heavy bottles to lug around. And he got some of the most important supplies, like bug spray and a flashlight.吉姆:他应该帮我装一个滤水器,而不是这些瓶装水,提着走会很重的他还忘记了一些很重要的用品,比如说杀虫剂和手电筒Fumiko:Youre welcome to borrow any of our supplies. Here some bug spray. Do you need matches?富美子:我很乐意借你用我的我这儿有杀虫剂你需要火柴吗?Jim:Yeah, I do. My brother packed matches, but not in a waterproof bag. One of the bottles of water leaked and got them all wet. At least my tent and cook stove were spared.吉姆:是的,我需要我弟弟帮我准备了火柴,只不过没有放在防水的盒子里有一瓶水漏了出来,把火柴全打湿了还好我的帐篷和炉子都幸免于难Fumiko:Maybe your brother is telling you something.富美子:也许你弟弟想告诉你什么Jim:What?吉姆:什么呢?Fumiko:Maybe he wants to be included in your camping trips. Then, hell learn what to do and what to bring.富美子:也许他想跟你一起去露营然后他就能学会该怎么准备,该带什么用品Jim:You might have something there.吉姆:在这里你可能也学到不少 18339大理哪家医院做人流最好

大理市南涧县妇幼保健人民中心中医院治疗妇科怎么样I went to Vancouver a meeting this week. I have always liked Vancouver, and on top of that , my cousin Dominick just moved there. I got in touch with him and he invited me over to see his new place. On the way over, though, I got a little lost. I knew I was in the right area, but I was turned around. He lived in an apartment over an old bakery and I couldn't find it. I stopped a man who was walking by to ask directions.Lucy: Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the Cross Bakery building?Man: The Cross Bakery building? Oh sure. You're actually walking in the opposite direction.Lucy: Oh, you're kidding! I thought I was heading east.Man: No, east is the other direction . To get to the Bakery, you need to turn around and go three blocks to Broadway. When you get to the intersection of Broadway and Elm, you hang a left. Go straight down that street half a block and then you'll see the building on your left.Lucy: Okay, let me see if I've got that. I need to go down Elm until I hit Broadway, then I make a left and the building is on my left hand side. Is that right?Man: Yeah, you've got it . Do you want me to show you the way? Lucy: Thanks the offer, but I think I've got it. Hopefully, I won't get lost again on my way there!Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 99大理东方医院治疗不能怀孕 But in the sunny countries, change is the reality and permanence is artificial and a condition of imprisonment. Hence, to the northerner, the phenomenal world is essentially tragical, because it is temporal and must cease to exist. Its very existence implies ceasing to exist, and this is the root of the feeling of tragedy.然而,对于生活在阳光地带的人,却是不同的概念变化对他们来说就是现实,永久是人创造的,是一种囚禁,生活在北面的人认为,变化中的世界实际上是悲惨的,因为世界只是短暂的,注定消逝的世界的存在意味着自己的结束,这就是伤感本身But to the southerner, the sun is so dominant that shadow, or dark, is only merely relative merely the result of something getting between one and the sun.而生活在南面的人,对他们来说,阳光具有决定的作用,阴影或黑暗不过是相关联的事物—只是在人和太阳之间才会出现的东西In the human race, the one thing that is always there is the shining sun, and dark shadow is an accident of intervention.对于人类来说,有一件事是千真万确的,那就是在这个世界上,仅有一个发光的太阳,黑色的影子不过是一个干扰的意外罢了 my part, if the sun always shine, and always will shine, in spite of millions of clouds of words. In the sunshine, even death is sunny. And there is no end to the sunshine.而在我看来,尽管争议纷纷,但太阳一直光芒四射,也将永远光芒四射在阳光下,即便死亡也是充满阳光的阳光没有终点That is why the rapid change of the Tuscan spring is utterly free, me, of any senses of tragedy. The sun always shines. It is our fault if we dont think so.托斯卡纳的春天飞快地流逝,而我没有感到一丝的悲惨这就是原因所在太阳永远在照耀如果不这样想,那就是我们的责任了 963剑川县做彩超B超价格

大理市鹤庆县妇幼保健人民中心中医院做孕检多少钱Day 3第3天Walk with Me in Moonlight月光行Leon Knight里昂·耐特Come, walk with me in moonlight来吧,与我漫步在月光中Well rejoice the close of day.让我们共享这朦胧月色Talk with me as moonlight sparkles dreams bee our way.当月光在前面的路上闪烁着梦想, 让我们把柔肠细述Draw closer in the moonlight,月色中更紧的偎依,Feel warmth within my arms?你可曾感受到我臂间的暖意?Drink deep the cup of moonlight;深饮这杯月色;Drink deep the magic charms.深饮这神奇的魅力Well learn poetry by moonlight我们要在月色中体味诗意Hold back the falling moon.将落月挽留Well drink every drop of moonlight,我们要饮尽每一滴月色,Knowing the sun shall rise too soon.因为太阳就要升起 6530 大理中医医院开展无痛人流吗大理市生孩子哪家医院好



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