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河源和平县治疗阳痿哪家医院最好惠州男性做精液常规检查原味人文风情:Family Tree《族谱》New York Time#39;s best selling author Barbara Delinsky joins us to discuss her explosive novel Family Tree, which delves into the hot-button issues of race and family.纽约时报的畅销作家Barbara Delinsky加入我们讨论她那充满爆点的小说《族谱》,探究种族和家庭等敏感议题。Barbara, welcome!Barbara,欢迎!Thank you, Michele. It#39;s a pleasure.谢谢,Michele。这是我的荣幸。The couple in the novel, Dana and Hugh are white, but they give birth to a child who has African-American features. Is this even possible?小说中的夫妻,Dana和Hugh是白人,但他们生出了一个拥有非裔美国人特征的孩子。这实际上是有可能的吗?This is very definitely possible. Genetics is a very interesting field, and for the sake of this book, I did a lot of research. Certain traits can lie dormant for generations. Suddenly we can have a child who#39;s got red hair, and we don#39;t quite know where it came from. It can be a mix of different genes, or it can come from a family member from way back. The latest DNA tests are able to determine where we came from, literally, on four different levels: Asian, European, Native American and African. Now we can have a test and find out what percentage of each of these races we are. Racial purity is very very rare.这是非常肯定有可能的。遗传学是个非常有趣的领域,为了这本书,我做了很多研究。某些特征能够潜伏数个世代。突然之间我们会有个长着红头发的孩子,而我们不大清楚它是从哪儿冒出来的。它可以是不同基因的混合,或者它可以从久远之前一位家族成员而来。最新的DNA检测能够判定我们打哪儿来,丝毫不夸张地,以四个不同的标准:亚洲人、欧洲人、美洲印地安人和非洲人。现在我们可以做个检测然后找出我们身上这些每个种族所佔的百分比。纯种是非常非常稀有的。Authors often get the germ of a story from real life.作家时常从真实生活中得到故事的楔子。Maybe I an article about Thomas Jefferson, because there was a lot of attention about the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren who he perhaps sired, and the racial element involved in that.也许我读了一篇关于Thomas Jefferson(美国第三任总统)的文章,因为有许多目光集中在可能是他生出的孩子、孙子以及曾孙身上,以及牵扯在那其中的种族要素之上。Dana and Hugh are so different, and yet so similar.Dana和Hugh如此不同,然而又如此地相似。Dana comes from a family that doesn#39;t really know its history, much as mine does not. She doesn#39;t even know who her father is, or was. She doesn#39;t know anything about him. Dana becomes who so many of us are, who would, in some very human ways, like to know where she came from. But then again, it#39;s a little bit frightened of knowing, because she#39;s not sure if she#39;s going to be pleased.Dana来自一个不全然了解其历史的家族,就很像是我的家族一样不了解。她甚至不知道父亲是谁,是否健在。她不了解任何关于他的事情。Dana变成我们之中的很多人,愿意以一些非常人性的方式,想要知道她打哪儿来。但再者,知情是有点令人害怕地,因为她不确定是否会开心。Hugh knows everything about his family and takes pride in his family tree.Hugh知道他家族的所有事情,并以他的族谱而自豪。I found that interesting that you use knitting and stitch work as a metaphor in your book. Why?我发现那很有趣,在书里你用编织以及缝纫作为一种象征。为什么?There#39;s been a resurgence of interest in knitting in this country, and that is something that has been around for generations and generations, so knitting becomes a parallel legacy to all those that are discussed in Family Tree.在这个国家,一直有个对编织的爱好的复生,而那是某个已经存在了一代又一代的事情,所以编织成为在《族谱》书里谈论到的所有那些人共同的遗产。What is the most significant message that you want to relay to your ers?你想传达给读者最有意义的讯息是什么?I want them to think about the fact that things are not always as they seem, that people may look to be one thing, and not be that thing, and that there#39;s often personal anguish involved in this.我想要他们思考几件事实,眼见不一定为凭,人们也许期盼成为某个东西而无法达成,而且这其中通常有个人痛苦牵扯在内。Barbara Delinsky#39;s Family Tree is an utterly unforgettable novel that ask penetrating questions about race, family and the choices that people make in times of crisis.Barbara Delinsky的《族谱》是本彻头彻尾令人无法忘怀的小说,针对种族、家庭以及紧要关头人们所做出的决定,提出犀利的问题。 Article/201504/369959惠州市割包皮要多少钱 There#39;s quite a good chance I#39;m going to fall off.这是我掉下去的好机会It would be reckless to continue climbing.这是不计后果的攀爬Oh!Leo must find one of the few refuges El Cap has to offer.噢!里奥得找到一个酋长岩极少提供的休息处Even when it#39;s raining,if s just such an awesome sensation to be up here.在这里,即使是像下雨 这种可怕环境也不怕Okay, Dave, I#39;m safe.好的,戴夫,我安全了Brilliant, what an awesome climb. Magical place.太棒了,真是可怕的攀爬,神奇的地方It#39;s like Mother Nature created this place for rock climbers.就像是自然力量为攀岩者量身定做的Some climbers prepare to spend the night on El Capitan,不少攀岩者在酋长岩上过夜hoping to climb the next day.希望明天能继续攀爬It#39;s easy to imagine that the ice age shaped only remote mountain ranges很容易想象冰河世纪偏远山脉是如何被塑形but it also left a legacy that has affected millions of people.但同时也给数百万人类留下遗产Take, for example, Manhattan.举个例子,曼哈顿When you look at it from a distance,it#39;s actually got a very distinctive profile.当你从远处眺望它 它具有与众不同的外形轮廓There are two clusters of skyscrapers with much lower buildings in the middle.那中间有两群天大楼和更多的矮楼This is a direct result of the ice age.这和冰河世纪有直接关系 Article/201510/403515Piet Mondrian ;Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue; 皮耶蒙德里安:《红、黄、蓝的构成》It#39;s so pure and it#39;s so perfectly composed, balanced, and abstracted. It just works, this painting.那如此纯粹、如此完美地组成、平衡、抽象化。它就是奏效了,这幅画作。We#39;re very excited to have this superb Mondrian painting coming up in a sale. It#39;s an absolutely quintessential example from the seminal period of Mondrian#39;s creative output.我们非常兴奋能让这幅极美的蒙德里安画作出现在拍卖上。这是蒙德里安创作产出的发展时期中一个完全典型的例子。It#39;s from 1927, The Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue. And here you see Mondrian with his classic, purest, abstract style, using the simple black, greige, and the three primary colors—his favorite combination—to a wonderful effect.这是1927年画的,〈红、黄、蓝的构成〉。这里你看到蒙德里安和他那经典、最纯粹的、抽象的特色,使用单纯的黑色、灰褐色,还有三原色--他最爱的组合--来达到完美的效果。We hardly ever see Mondrian at auction, and most of the major works are in the big international museums. And here we have—coming from a private European collection—a kind of perfect, exquisite example. This canvas is still in its original frame executed by Mondrian. And it#39;s coming to auction now in an excellent, original condition.我们几乎从未在拍卖上看到马德里安,且大部分主要的画作都在大型国际美术馆中。这里我们有了--从欧洲私人收藏来的--一种完美、精巧的例子。这幅油画仍安置在马德里安最初制作的画框内。而它现在以一种完美、最初的状态来到拍卖会。And it presents a real opportunity for colossal collectors to acquire a Mondrian, and that is very much a key, iconic work from the best of 20th century art.且它提供一个真正的机会给大批收藏家来得到马德里安的画,而那很大程度是二十世纪艺术精华中一幅重要、经典的作品。 Article/201501/351645惠州包皮手术哪家好价格服务

广东惠州妇幼保健人民中医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱Time for the shoutout.“大喊”时间到了。Whose face is on the U.S. bill?谁的肖像出现在美国10美元券?No cheating. If you think you know it, shout it out.不许作弊。如果你知道,大声喊出来吧。Is it: (A), Benjamin Franklin, (B), Andrew Jackson, (C), Abraham Lincoln, (D), Alexander Hamilton?他们是?:(A)本杰明·富兰克林 (B)安德鲁·杰克逊(C)亚伯拉罕·林肯,(D)亚历山大·汉密尔顿You`ve got three seconds.Go!你有三秒钟的时间。开始吧!The first secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, appears on the bill. That`s your answer and that`s your shoutout.旁白:美国第一任财政部长亚历山大·汉密尔顿出现在10美元券上。这就是,那就是你的“大喊”。But the current treasury secretary, Jack Lew, said Hamilton won`t remain the only person on the . In the year 2020, for the first time since the 1890s, a woman will appear on a U.S. bill. This is unlike Susan B. Anthony and Sacajawea, who appeared on coins. 但目前财政部长杰克卢称,密尔顿将不再是10美元上的唯一人物。到2020年一位妇女将出现在美国钞票上,这是1890年以来的首次。这不像出现在硬币上的苏珊·安东尼和萨卡加维亚。The Treasury isn`t saying who it will be. It`s asking the public to weigh in. And it`s not getting rid of Hamilton. It says the woman will be featured alongside him. 财政部长没有透入将会是哪位妇女。他让公众来权衡。新版将不会去掉汉密尔顿,该妇女将在汉密尔顿旁边重点突出。This disappointed one advocacy group that said a woman should not have to, e, ;share her glory;.一个倡导组织对此表示失望,称妇女不应该出现在上面。But another person who championed the Treasury`s plan says it`s a good one.但另一位持财政部计划的人称这是个不错的主意。译文属原创,。 /201508/395796惠州友好泌尿外科 From space you can really see how fluid ice is.从这便能看出,冰层的流动确实存在On the west coast of Greenland,在格陵兰岛的西海岸glaciers flow around the contours of a landscape hidden beneath the ice.冰河在冰层底下沿着陆地的轮廓流动A false colour image reveals the blue ice of the Ma la spina Glacier in Alaska.地图上描绘了阿拉斯加境内马拉斯皮纳冰川的蓝色冰层It flows through a gap in the mountains它跨过了山脉间的深沟and sps out like syrup for more than 30 miles.如浆液般展开,距离超过50公里This is part of the Lambert Glacier in Antarctica.这是南极州内兰伯特冰河的一部分It#39;s one of the longest glaciers on Earth.兰伯特冰河是世界上最长的冰河之一You can follow its flow lines as it bends and twists你可以随着它的流动轨迹弯曲和盘旋on its slow-motion descent.慢慢的向下Ice is soft and bendy,冰层是如此柔软易弯yet it#39;s also powerful enough to destroy almost everything in its path.当然,它也有足够的能量来摧毁挡在它路线上的一切But while glaciers usually take tens of thousands of years to sculpt the landscape,但冰河一般要花几万年的时间 来雕塑地貌occasionally, they can trigger a devastating change有时,它们会引起破坏性的变化that happens in just a few hours.在不久之前刚刚发生过You can see the aftermath of one such event你能看到这种事情的后果in the northwest corner of the ed States.在美国的西北角 Article/201510/404135惠州前列腺炎术费用

惠州包皮切割手术哪里好原味人文风情:How To Say ;I Love You; Around The World用各国语言说出“我爱你”How to Say ;I Love You; around the World在世界各地怎么说“我爱你”I think it#39;s important to say ;I love you.;我觉得说“我爱你”是很重要的。It#39;s like one of the most powerful things you can say to someone.那就像是你能对一个人说出的最有影响力的话语之一。I think it#39;s really special.我认为这句话真的很特别。It#39;s something that is not said often enough.这是句被说得不够多的话。What better way to communicate you love someone than be able to say it in their language?还有什么方式比用你爱的人的语言来传达你对他的爱更棒?We asked our friends how to say ;I love you; in different languages. (Please pardon our accents)我们向朋友请教怎么用不同语言说“我爱你”。(请原谅我们的口音)Je t#39;aime(French)我爱你(法语)Kocham Ciebie(Polish)我爱你(波兰语)Mahal kita(Tagalog)我爱你(塔加拉族语)Ich liebe dich(German)我爱你(德语)Ana behibek(Arabic)我爱你(阿拉伯语)Aishiteru(Japanese)我爱你(日语)Ninapenda wewe(Swahili)我爱你(斯瓦希里语)Phom rak khun(Thai)我爱你(泰语)(ASL)我爱你(美式手语)Eu te amo(Portuguese)我爱你(葡萄牙语)S#39;agapo(Greek)我爱你(希腊语)Sarang Heyo(Korean)我爱你(韩语)Te quiero / Te amo(Spanish)(西班牙语)Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae(Hindi)我爱你(印度语)(Tigrinya)我爱你(提格利尼亚语)Ani ohev otah(Hebrew)我爱你(希伯来语)wo ai ni(Mandarin)我爱你(华语)Te quiero(Spanish)我爱你(西班牙语)Saya cinta padamu(Indonesian)我爱你(印尼语)Yes kez sirumen(Armenian)我爱你(亚美尼亚语)I love you.我爱你。How do you say ;I love you;?你怎么说“我爱你”呢?注:1.提格利尼亚语的“我爱你”缺失,小编已经尽力了······2.第二个西班牙语是阿根廷人说的,阿根廷人也说西班牙语。 Article/201509/397528 The educated materials presented here这里所用的教学材料were developed by students and faculty由爱荷华州立大学of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition食品科学与人类营养学系at Iowa State University.师生共同制作完成Funding for this project was provided by grants本项目的赞助资金来源于from the American Cancer Society Midwest美国中西部癌症学会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.以及兰斯·阿姆斯特朗基金The materials are intended for educational use此材料仅供教育教学使用and are not meant to provide medical advice.不能作为医学指导We welcome your feedback about these materials.我们欢迎您有关本材料的反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请登陆主页点击评估调查链接to provide your comments and suggestions.告诉我们您的意见和建议Celiac disease is also called celiac sprue乳糜泻又称乳糜腹泻and is an autoimmune disease是一种影响小肠的that affects the small intestine.自身免疫性疾病During this presentation we will discuss this disease在这里我们讨论一下这种疾病and the impacts on health.以及它对健康的影响According to celiac.com,根据celiac.com网站上的信息显示1 in every 133 people have celiac disease.每133个人当中就有一个人患有乳糜泻Though it is not prevalent it is extremely虽然现在它不能算比较常见的疾病under diagnosed.但是确实有很多人还没有被诊断出来People who have celiac disease but are not diagnosed患有乳糜泻但是没有被诊断出来的人have a higher death rate than those与已经被诊断出并已经开始治疗的人相比who are diagnosed and begin treatment.死亡率要更高Recent media attention as well as a boom in最近媒体的关注gluten free food production has brought awareness以及对无麦胶食品需求的大量增加to the medical and public eye已经引起了医学界的注意shedding light on this once unheard of disease.也使公众开始注意这种以前从未听说过的疾病Mayo Clinic is at the forefront of raising awareness马约诊所一直走在呼吁关注and improving screening for celiac disease.和排查乳糜泻事业的前端Scientists are also researching科学家们也在研究why celiac disease is on the rise.为什么得乳糜泻的人越来越多In the photo located at the bottom right右下角的照片是corner of the slide is Elisabeth Hasselbeck正在参加;观点;节目的who is on the TV show, The View.伊丽莎白,哈瑟贝克She found out she had celiac disease她在参加电视节目;幸存者;的拍摄时while doing the TV show Survivor发现了自己患有乳糜泻and is now a public voice for celiac disease awareness现在她致力于在公众场合露面and recently published a book titled引起公众对于乳糜泻的注意The G-Free Diet; a Gluten-Free Survival Guide.最近她出版了一本书名为;无麦胶饮食;Celiac disease, also called celiac sprue is an乳糜泻又称乳糜腹泻autoimmune disease that affects the small intestine.是一种影响小肠的自身免疫性疾病When a person with celiac disease当患有乳糜泻的人吃的食物中含有consumes the protein gluten found in wheat,在小麦,大麦,黑麦中常见的麦胶蛋白时rye and barley his or her immune system responds他的免疫系统立刻会起反应by attacking the micro-villi in the small intestine.开始攻击小肠绒毛Micro-villi are very small finger-like projections小肠绒毛是小肠壁上的指状突起in the small intestine that increase surface area可以扩大小肠壁的面积in order to absorb as many nutrients as possible.尽可能多地吸收养分If a person with celiac disease continues to consume如果患有乳糜泻的人吃含有麦胶蛋白的食物gluten the small intestine gets more and more damaged.小肠绒毛受损的程度就越深The damaged villi will no longer be able to受损的小肠绒毛不能再发挥它的作用perform its role and will result in a lack of vitamins会导致维他命and other nutrients being absorbed into the body.和其他营养物质的吸收This can cause serious health problems这会导致非常严重的健康问题such as osteoporosis, iron-deficiency anemia比如骨质疏松,缺铁性贫血,不不育infertility, cancer and other auto-immune diseases.癌症以及其他的自身免疫性疾病The only way to treat this disease is治疗乳糜泻的唯一方法to adhere to a strict gluten-free diet.就是坚持严格的无麦胶蛋白饮食The damaged micro-villi will begin repairing themselves一旦饮食中没有了麦胶蛋白once gluten has been removed from the diet受损的小肠绒毛就会开始进行自我修复and in most cases full recovery is expected within根据患病却未被诊断的时间长度one to two years depending on一般在一到两年时间how long it has been undiagnosed.有望完全复原 Article/201505/376329惠州哪里有治疗梅毒的医院惠阳区医院在线



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