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上海市第八人民医院去眼袋多少钱Sima Qian (145 or 135 B. C~90 B. C.), whose courtesy name was Zichang, was a native of Xiayang (now Hancheng, Shaanxi Province).司马迁(公元前145或135年~约公元前90年),字子长,夏阳(今陕西韩城)人。His father Sima Tan served as Taishiling, an official managing the imperial library and calendar. Sima Qian later succeeded his father#39;s work and started compiling Shiji(Or Records of the Historian).父亲司马谈曾任太史令,司马迁继任太史令后,开始了《史记》的写作。Unfortunately, Sima Qian was involved in the Li Ling Affair which offended the emperor, who sentenced him to castration.后因李陵事件蒙冤,被处以宫刑。Released from the prison, he was appointed Zhongshuling, the imperial secretary-general and was determined to complete his great work.出狱后被任命为中书令,发愤著书。Shiji is an overview of Chinese history covering events from Huang Di to Emperor Wudi in the Han Dynasty, consisting of 130 chapters with more than 520,000 Chinese characters. These 130 chapters are further divided into five parts: eight Basic Annals, ten Chronological Tables, 12 Treatises, 30 Hereditary Houses, and 70 Biographies.《史记》上起黄帝,下迄太初,全书共52万多字,分为八书、十表、十二本纪、三十世家、七十列传5部分,共130篇。For Sima Qian, to compile such a book was to “investigate the interrelationship between the human and the universe, to generalize the rules of historical evolution and to formulate a unique historical view;.司马迁写《史记》,目的是为了“究天人之际,通古今之变,成一家之言”,即通过对古今历史全面系统的整理,总结探讨天道和人事之间的关系、历史演变的规律,表达自己的世界观、历史观、社会观和人生观。He believed the mandate of Heaven and admitted that it is God#39;s will that contributes to major historical changes.他接受天命论,承认天有意志,并用来解释一些重大的历史变局。He held a progressive, evolutionary historical view and was against separation of a country. He upheld the principle of running a country with moral standards and objected to tyranny. He also argued that the monarch should govern through non-action and follow the practice of the common people.他持发展、进化的历史观,反对分裂,颂扬大一统; 崇尚德治,反对暴政;主张顺民之俗,颂扬无为政治。In Shiji, Sima Qian attempted to develop a candid style to record historical events without flamboyant ornaments. In recounting historical events, he often added his own comments by using a unique style introduced by “The Taishigong says that. . .”本着文直事核、不虚美、不隐恶的实录精神写作《史记》,创造了书、表、本纪、世家和列传五体,创造了“太史公曰”的史论形式,在叙事方法上创造了互见法。Historical figures and events were systematically depicted in different places so that they could be evaluated from different angles. For the first time in Chinese historical writings, Sima Qian focused on the portrayal of historical characters.在史传作品中第一次确定了以人物为本位的写法,以实录为基础对人物进行形象化的塑造,写出了人物的个性和灵魂。His skillful writing techniques made these characters more vibrant and realistic. In presenting historical facts, the author infused emotional descriptions, expressing his intense love and hate.客观史事的叙述中倾注了浓厚的抒情因素,在人物身上熔铸了鲜明的爱憎感情。艺术风格雄浑悲壮,语言纯熟老练。Shiji is not only a masterpiece about history; it is also a great literary work. Lu Xun, regarded this book as “the first and last great work ever written by a historian; it is Qu Yuan#39;s Li Sao without rhyme.” Sima Qian was a cultural giant in the Chinese history of historical studies, literature and philosophy.《史记》是一部伟大的历史著作,又是一部伟大的文学著作,被鲁迅称赞为“史家之绝唱,无韵之离骚”。司马迁是集史学家、文学家、思想家于一身的文化巨人。 /201511/410622上海市第九医院绣眉手术价格 上海长海医院祛除腋臭多少钱

上海东方医院点痣多少钱Jin Dynasty金朝The Rise of the Jin金的崛起The Nuzhen people in the northeast were originally under the rule of the Liao Dynasty.东北部的女真人原先受辽朝统治。In 1101, one year after Emperor Huizong ascended the Song-dynasty throne, Emperor Tianzuo succeeded to the Liao throne.1101年,也就是宋徽宗继承皇位的一年后,天祚帝在辽朝登基。While the Song and Liao declined by the day under the rule of these two inept monarchs,the Nuzhen people gradually gained in strength.当宋朝和辽朝在这两位无能的君主的统治下江河日下时,女真人逐渐强大起来。The various tribes of the Nuzhen organized themselves into a large military federation at the beginning of the 12th century,12世纪初期,女真族的不同部落共同组成了一个巨大的军队联盟,with the Wanyan tribe at its core.完颜部是其中的核心。This prosperous people could no longer put up with the rule of the Liao.强盛的族人们无法再忍受辽朝的统治。When during a banquet in 1112, Emperor Tianzuo of Liao ordered the chieftains of the Nuzhen tribes to dance for him,在1112年的一次宴会上,辽朝的天祚皇帝命令女真各部的首领为他跳舞,everyone obeyed except Akutta of the Wanyan tribe, who resolutely defied the order.除了完颜阿骨打毅然拒绝了这个要求,其他人都照做了。As soon as he became chief of the Nuzhen federation a year later,一年后,完颜阿骨打一成为女真军队的首领,Akutta began to make active preparations to rebel against the Liao Dynasty.就开始为推翻辽朝做积极的准备。With his initial victory over Liao, Akutta established the Jin Dynasty in 1115.与辽朝的首战告捷后,阿骨打于1115年建立了金朝。His imperial title was Taizu.他被称为“金太祖”。 /201512/406492 With no natural predators — and no human beings to worry about — Grassholm should be a paradise for Britain#39;s greatest seabird, the gannet.没有自然天敌,也没有可以担忧的人类,格拉斯霍姆岛本应是英国最大海鸟塘鹅的天堂。After all, this bleak slab of rock eight miles off Pembrokeshire is run by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) as a sanctuary.毕竟,离英国彭布罗克郡海岸8英里远的这座岛屿是被英国皇家鸟类保护协会(RSPB)认定为天然的庇护所。Instead, for many of these creatures, it has become a graveyard, as they are trapped or strangled by tons of discarded plastic chucked into the North Atlantic.然而这里现在成了塘鹅的墓地,很多塘鹅被扔入北大西洋的无数塑料垃圾缠住或勒死。And now a rescue mission has captured the extent of the problem with this powerful but disturbing set of photographs. They show how old nets, waste and packaging thrown overboard by fishing boats and cargo ships is carried ashore by the gannets. They mistake the rubbish for seaweed and use it to line their nests — with disastrous and tragic results.一个救援团队日前抓拍到许多惊人的有令人厌恶的照片。在这些照片中,展示了塘鹅将渔船或货船抛下的旧渔网、垃圾以及包装袋搬上海岸。之后,这些生物将这些垃圾误认为是海藻,并利用它们筑巢,却引发灾难性且悲剧的后果。Birds have even torn off their own feet just to escape from the tangle. It is estimated that there are 18 tons of plastic detritus on Grassholm.为了逃脱这些垃圾的纠缠,很多鸟类甚至扯断了自己的腿。据估计,格拉斯霍姆岛上大约有18吨塑料垃圾。The gannet is an extraordinary bird. With a 6ft wingspan, it weighs around 7lb and can dive-bombing the ocean at up to 60mph in search of mackerel and herring.塘鹅是一种非常独特的鸟类。拥有6英尺的翼展,重达约71磅,可以时速96公里的速度冲入海中搜捕鲭鱼和鲱鱼。The RSPB typically saves the lives of 50 birds each year. Greg Morgan, the RSPB#39;s warden of Grassholm and neighbouring Ramsey Island, says: #39;Some are too badly injured to help and some have died. People ask why we don#39;t clear the rubbish. But you#39;d have to wipe out the nests and start again, which would cause major disruption to the birds.每年,皇家鸟类保护协会大约可挽救50只塘鹅的生命。该组织负责格拉斯霍姆岛和附近的拉姆齐岛的守护人格雷戈·根表示:“有些塘鹅受伤太过严重以至于无法挽救,还有一些已经死亡。人们问我们为何不清理这些垃圾,但那样做必然要将塘鹅从巢中驱逐,会严重影响到它们。”#39;It is not going to solve the problem. They only way to do that is to raise awareness and to stop the plastic ending up in the sea.#39;“我们无法解决这个问题,我们能做的就是希望唤更多人的意识,不要向海洋中扔塑料垃圾。” /201601/421790松江区人民医院去除狐臭多少钱上海玫瑰整形美容医院祛眼袋手术价格




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