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湖州绣眉浙江湖州曙光医疗美容做隆鼻手术多少钱湖州九八医院治疗青春痘多少钱 Dawenkou Culture大汶口文化Traces of this culture were first discovered in 1959 along the Dawenhe River near Dawenkou Town of Tai#39;an Country, and Baotou Village of Ningy- ang County in Shandong Province.大汶口文化的踪迹1959年时在山东泰安市大汶口村附近的大汶口河以及宁阳县堡头村被首次发现。Most of the remnants lie around Mount Tai,大部分遗迹依泰山而存,reaching as far as the southern coast of the Bohai Sea in the north, Jiangsu Province in the south,北达渤海南岸,南至江苏省,the eastern line of the Western Plains of Shandong Province in the west, and the coast of the Yellow Sea in the East.西至山东省西部平原的东线,东至黄河沿岸。So far, over 200 remains have been discovered and more than 10 sites (mainly tombs) unearthed.目前为止,超过200件遗迹已被发现,超过10座遗址(主要为墓穴)被发掘。Researchers have revealed that the culture lasted mainly from 4300 B.C. to 2500 B.C.研究者发现大汶口文化主要从公元前4300年持续到公元前2500年。Ancestors of Dawenkou Culture had polished stoneware as their major production implements,大汶口文化的祖先打磨石器以作为他们主要的生产工具,including a large number of exquisite tools of bone, horn and tooth.其中包括很多精致的由骨头、角和牙齿制成的工具。Pottery for everyday use was mainly red clay pottery and red sand pottery.每一天使用的陶器主要为红土陶和红砂陶。There were gray pottery, black pottery and a small amount of white hard pottery, and colored pottery as well.同时也有灰陶、黑陶和一小部分的白瓷和陶。During this period, production developed from manual work to wheel work.在这段时期,生产从手工工作进化为机械工作。Refined pottery art crafts came into being.精致的陶艺工艺产生了。Agriculture constituted their chief economic activity, while fishing and hunting were subsidiary activities.农业构成了人们主要的经济活动,和打猎成为了附属的活动。Stockbreeding, such as pig, dog, cow, and chicken raising, were rather developed.畜牧业,比如猪、、奶牛和鸡的养殖也在发展。The handicraft industry of Dawenkou culture had separated itself gradually from agriculture and existed all by itself.大汶口文化中的手工业使其逐渐脱离农业并形成了自己的文化。The sharp contrast between the rich and the poor was becoming more and more obvious.贫富之间的对比越来越明显。In the late period, there appeared the co-burial of men and women, which marked the social transition from the matriarchy to the patrilineal.在其文化的最后一段时期出现了男女合葬,而这标着着社会又母系向父系的过渡。 /201508/393910The Eiffel Tower has been declared the most valuable monument in Europe - worth 435 billion euros to the French economy, a new study claims.根据一项新研究,埃菲尔铁塔被封为欧洲最贵的地标,对法国经济而言,埃菲尔铁塔价值4350亿欧元。The venerable Paris landmark was estimated to be worth six times its nearest rival, the Colloseum in Rome, valued at 91 billion euros.这一珍贵的巴黎地标的估价是位居第二的古罗马斗兽场的六倍,古罗马斗兽场的价值为910亿欧元。Britain#39;s most valuable monument was declared the Tower of London, worth 70.5 billion euros, with Stonehenge in seventh place, on 10.5 billion euros.英国最具价值的地标是伦敦塔,价值705亿欧元。英国的巨石阵排在第七位,价值105亿欧元。The study by Italy#39;s Monza and Brianza Chamber of Commerce based its findings on a monument#39;s ;image, brand and visibility;, calculated by cross-referencing 10 different parameters from various analysts and statistics bodies.意大利蒙扎与布里安扎商会开展的这一研究是根据各个地标的;形象、品牌和可见度;,而且交叉引用了来自多名分析师和多家统计机构的10个不同参数后算出这一结果的。Criteria included a ;tourist index;, which took into account ;the economic value of the location, the fame of the monument, the flux of visitors to the territory and monument; and an ;economic attractiveness index;, comprising factors such as the number of jobs it created and its export value.考评标准包括;旅游指数;,考虑的因素有;该地标所在位置的经济价值、地标的名气、到地标和地标所在地游览的客流量;,以及;经济吸引力指数;,包括该地标制造的就业机会和增加的出口总额。The huge value of the ;Iron Lady; – as the 1,050ft tall edifice is affectionately known, amounts to almost a fifth of France#39;s entire annual gross domestic product, Le Figaro pointed out.高达1050英尺的埃菲尔铁塔被人们亲切地称为;铁娘子;。《费加罗报》指出,埃菲尔铁塔的巨大价值相当于法国全年国内生产总值的五分之一。The material and property value of any structure was not taken into account.该研究没有将任何地标的材料和地产价值考虑在内。Other famous European landmarks on the list included the Duomo cathedral in Milan worth ?65 billion, Madrid#39;s Prado Museum worth ?46 billion.其他上榜的著名欧洲地标包括价值650亿英镑的米兰多大教堂和价值460亿英镑的马德里普拉多物馆。The French were delighted. ;Cock a doodle doo!,; crowed Liberation.法国人看到这一研究结果很开心。法国《解放报》欢呼道:;喔喔喔!;The Italian media was horrified by the news that the Paris landmark was said to be worth twice as much as the annual wealth generated by the entire city of Milan.意大利媒体则感到恐慌,因为报道称巴黎这一地标的价值是米兰全城年收入的两倍。Il giornale website asked: ;Is the Eiffel Tower really worth that much? And above all, are we sure it#39;s worth more than the Colusseum and Duomo combined?Il giornale网站发出了疑问:;埃菲尔铁塔真的值那么多钱吗?尤其是,我们可以确定埃菲尔铁塔的价值比斗兽场和多大教堂加起来还要大吗?;If the answer is no, the logical conclusion is that in Italy we don#39;t know how to make as much as we should out of the vast artistic and cultural heritage we possess.;;如果是否定的,那么符合逻辑的结论是,我们意大利人不知道如何充分利用我们所拥有的庞大艺术和文化遗产。;The country#39;s Panorama news magazine was equally hand-wringing: ;Is this is a surprising, outrageous and incredible assessment? Not really. It forces us to face the harsh reality of a country that has lost its memory.;意大利的《全景新闻杂志》也同样表达了绝望:;这是一个令人震惊、难以置信的评估结果吗?其实不是。它迫使我们去直面一个已经失掉记忆的国家的严酷现实。;Built in 1889, the Eiffel Tower is Europe#39;s most visited monument, attracting almost eight million tourists a year.埃菲尔铁塔兴建于1889年,是欧洲游览量最大的地标建筑,每年吸引近800万游客前来参观。The full list:完整榜单:1. Eiffel Tower, Paris: 343 billion pounds1. 埃菲尔铁塔,巴黎:3430亿英镑2. The Colloseum, Rome: 72 billion pounds2. 古罗马斗兽场,罗马:720亿英镑3. The Sagrade Familia Cathedral, Barcelona: 71 billion pounds3. 圣家族大教堂,巴塞罗那:710亿英镑4. The Duomo Cathedral, Milan: 65 billion pounds4. 多大教堂,米兰:650亿英镑5. The Tower of London: 56 billion pounds5. 伦敦塔:560亿英镑6. The Prado Museum, Madrid: 46 billion pounds6. 普拉多物馆,马德里:460亿英镑7. Stonehenge, UK: 8.3 billion pounds7. 巨石阵,英国:83亿英镑 /201208/197058湖州曙光美容整形医院激光去红血丝多少钱

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湖州南浔区去额头上的皱纹价格Myanmar#39;s government Monday said it has ended the censorship of local publications, more than a year after it began a series of reforms aimed at freeing up the country#39;s closely restricted media. 缅甸政府周一说,已终止了针对国内出版物的审查制度。一年多以前,缅甸开始着手进行一系列改革,旨在放开该国受到严格束缚的媒体。 The country#39;s Ministry of Information announced the move in a statement on its website Monday morning, saying censorship prior to publication is no longer required as of Monday.. 缅甸信息部周一上午在官网上的一份声明里宣布了这一举措,说从周一起,出版前不再要求进行审查。 #39;When we started the media reform in June 2011 we intended to abolish press censorship in one year,#39; ministry official Ye Htut said. #39;During this process we faced some challenges but after 13 months we reached our goal.#39; 缅甸信息部官员Ye Htut说,2011年6月我们开始进行媒体改革时,打算一年后废除新闻审查制度;在这个过程中,我们遇到了一些挑战,但经过13个月的努力,我们实现了这一目标。 Opening the country#39;s closely monitored media has been one of the linch pins of Myanmar#39;s reform process. After the army handed over power to a nominally civilian government last year, local publications began testing the limits of what they could and couldn#39;t publish. Many found that authorities were prepared to allow more space for criticism and debate than they expected. This, along with prisoner releases and other political reforms, led to a flourishing newspaper sector and also helped encourage the U.S. and European Union to relax some of their sanctions on the country. 放开受到严密监控的媒体一直是缅甸改革进程的关键点之一。在去年缅甸军方将权力移交给名义上的文职政府后,缅甸出版部门便开始试探出版底线,了解什么能出版,什么不能出版。很多出版部门发现,缅甸有关部门已经准备好留出批评和讨论空间,而且超出了他们的预期。这一点(连同释放囚犯等政治改革)曾给缅甸报业带来繁荣发展,也在一定程度上对美国和欧盟(European Union)放宽对缅甸的部分制裁起到了鼓励作用。 Pre-publication censorship, however, which required newspapers and magazines to submit articles to government censors for inspection, continued for many political and news publications. 然而,针对很多政治和新闻出版物的出版前审查制度仍继续存在。该制度规定,报纸和杂志须将拟刊登的文章交给政府审查机构进行检查。 As recently as this month, the government took action against publications for violating censorship rules. Two news journals were briefly suspended from publication after they reported on a rumored cabinet reshuffle without the prior permission of the government, triggering unprecedented protests among local journalists. Three weekly news journals-The Messenger, Express Time and The Nation-blacked out sections of their front pages to show their support for the two suspended publications, The Voice and The Envoy. 就在本月,缅甸政府还对违反审查规定的刊物采取了惩罚措施。两家新闻期刊当时被勒令暂停出版,原因是它们没有事先征得缅甸政府的批准就对传言的内阁重组进行了报道。此事引发了国内新闻从业者前所未有的抗议。三家新闻周刊The Messenger、Express Time和The Nation均涂黑了头版文章的部分内容,以示对The Voice和The Envoy这两家遭暂停刊物的持。 Now, though, the Information Ministry says political and religious newspapers and magazines will be allowed to publish without pre-approval of the government#39;s censors, although it remains unclear how, if at all, the military-backed army will respond to direct vigorous examination in the country#39;s media. 虽然缅甸信息部现在说,政治和宗教报纸、杂志不用获得政府审查机构的批准就可出版发行,但目前不清楚,受军方持的缅甸政府将如何应对国内媒体直接而有力的质问。 /201208/196190 湖州安吉县彩光祛痘多少钱湖州曙光医院怎么样



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