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常用英语口语之犹豫决断 --30 1::38 来源: 常用英语口语之犹豫决断1. I don't know.我不知道. I'm not sure.我不确定3. Who knows?谁知道啊?. Don't ask me!别问我!5. It's not certain.还不确定6. Nothing is set yet.事情都还没有定案7. It hasn't been decided yet.还没有决定呢8. It's not clear.事情还未明朗9. It's up in the air.情况还混沌未明. It's hard to say.很难说.I'm quite decided.我已下定决心.I'm decided against selling the house.我已决定不卖这所房子了. I've made up my mind not to change my plan.我已决定不改变计划了.I've set my mind on the plan.我已决定了这个计划They're settled where to camp.他们决定到哪里去野营了.We've fixed on starting tomorrow.我们已决定明天出发.I've made a decision to resign.我已决定辞职了18.We've arrived at a decision now.我们现在已决定下来了 常用英语口语。

  • 我们给予他人关爱的同时,我们才能被关爱,关爱另外一个正在渴望被关爱的灵魂的同时,我们自己希望得到被关爱的需要才会被满足…Welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. This world of ours keeps on spinning through the universe, carrying us with it on its amazing and miraculous journey through space and time; I hope that you're taking the opporty to enjoy the ride, to be aware of the beautiful things there are to see and to feel and experience along the way! We need to know that we matter in this life. We need evidence that others are aware of our presence. And thus, we can be certain that others need the same attention from us. When we give it, we get it. So the giving of attention to another searching soul meets our own need attention as well. However, we're not sure, on occasion, just what we have to offer our friends, families, and co-workers. Why we are in certain circumstances may have us baffled, but it's quite probably that the people we a ssociate with regularly need something we can give them; the reverse is just as likely. So we can begin with close attention to people in our path. It takes careful listening and close observation to sense the message another soul may be sending to our own. This is Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, thanks joining us today, have a nice day! 68。
  • 一个人拥有的东西再多,也多不过其没有得到的所以,如果你的快乐建立在无限拥有的基础上,那它就太脆弱了为了不断索取,你会劳碌一生,忧虑一生,根本顾不上快乐相反,如果你对自己已经拥有的东西知足,快乐就会像阳光一样将你的日子照亮 One of my patients, a successful businessman, tells me that bee his cancer he would become depressed unless things went a certain way. Happiness was “having the cookie.” If you had the cookie, things were good. If you didn't have the cookie, life wasn't worth a damn. Untunately, the cookie kept changing. Some of the time it was money, sometimes power, sometimes desire. At other times, it was the new car, the biggest contract, the most prestigious address.A year and a half after his diagnosis of prostate cancer he sits shaking his head ruefully. “It's like I stopped learning how to live after I was a kid. When I give my son a cookie, he is happy. If I take the cookie away or it breaks, he is unhappy. But he is two and a half and I am ty-three. It's taken me this long to understand that the cookie will never make me happy long.The minute you have the cookie it starts to crumble or you start to worry about it crumbling or about someone trying to take it away from you. You know, you have to give up a lot of things to take care of the cookie, to keep it from crumbling and be sure that no one takes it away from you. You may not even get a chance to eat it because you are so busy, just trying not to lose it. Having the cookie is not what life is about.”My patient laughs and says cancer has changed him. the first time he is happy. No matter if his business is doing well or not, no matter if he wins or loses at golf. “Two years ago, cancer asked me, ‘Okay, what's important? What is really important?’ Well, life is important. Life. Life any way you can have it, life with the cookie, life without the cookie. Happiness does not have anything to do with the cookie; it has to do with being alive. Bee, who made the time?” He pauses thoughtfully. “Damn, I guess life is the cookie.” 859。
  • 道歉客套语:电话打扰 -01-7 00::31 来源: 贸易双方常常要电话沟通有时候不得已很早或者很晚还要给对方通电话这个时候就要适当的表示一下你的歉意了下面是几句常用的道歉客套话,可以派上用场哦! 1. I'm sorry to call you so late. 对不起这么晚打电话来 . I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time. 抱歉这种时候找你(含有希望没有打扰到你的意思) 3. I hope I didn't wake you. 我希望这么早没有吵到你 . I'm sorry to call you so early. 对不起这么早打电话来 5. I'm sorry to bother you at this hour. 很抱歉在这时打扰你 电话 道歉 sorry 这么。
  • 校园常用习语 你知道几个 --30 :58:3 来源: 老师说今天讲的这些内容你们都要learn it by heart,然后班里的teacher's pets纷纷附和表示一定会照办英语里很多习语都是学校里常用的,今天我们就来介绍其中一些1. A eft!Recognizing that someone tried hard to accomplish something although they might not have been successful.某人尽管努力了但是还是没有成功Example: “The cake didn't turn out like she had planned, but I give her an A eft!”例子:“蛋糕做出来并不像计划中那么完美,但是我已经尽力了!”. CopycatSomeone who copies the work (or mimics the actions) of others.抄袭别人作品(或模仿别人动作)的人Example: “Janie is a copycat- she was looking at my answers while we were taking the test!”例子:“珍妮是个抄袭者——我们在考试时她试图偷看我的3. Learn (something) by heartTo memorize something completely.彻底记住某事,熟记于心Example: “I have played that song so many times that I have learned it by heart and don't even have to look at the music.”例子:“这首歌我已经弹过好多次了,所以我不需看曲谱都能记住怎么弹. Pass with flying colorsTo pass (a test) easily and with a high score.轻轻松松通过考试还拿了高分Example: “Todd must have studied a long time because he passed the test with flying colors.”例子:“托德肯定学了很长时间,因为他轻轻松松就考过了,还拿了高分5. Play hookyTo skip school.逃学,翘课Example: “My friends are playing hooky today so they can be first in line concert tickets this afternoon.”例子:“为了能买到音乐会前排的票,我的朋友下午翘课了6. Drop out of schoolTo stop attending school.辍学Example: “Mary had to drop out of school when his mother became ill so that he could help take care of her.”例子:“为了照顾生病的母亲,玛丽不得不辍学7. Put your thinking cap onTo think in a serious manner.认真思考Example: “We're all going to have to put our thinking caps on to tackle this big problem.”例子:“为了解决这个大麻烦,我们都得认真思考”8. Show of handsRaising hands to vote about something.举手投票Example: “By a show of hands, how many of you would prefer to have the test on Friday?”例子:“举手投票决定,你们当中有多少人更倾向于周五考试?”9. Teacher's petThe teacher's favorite student.老师的宠儿Example: “Jonathan is the teacher's pet- she always calls on him first.”例子:“乔纳森是老师最喜欢的学生——她总是先叫他. BookwormSomeone who s a lot.书虫,读了很多书的人Example: “She is such a bookworm! She seems to have a new book every day!”例子:“她真是个典型的书虫!几乎每天她都有一本新书!”(来源:沪江英语,编辑 Helen) 常用 校园 习语。
  • 35Oil Refining35.Oil RefiningAn important new industry, oil refining, grew after the Civil war. Crude oil, or petroleum ndash; a dark, thick ooze from the earth ndash; had been known hundreds of years, but little use had ever been made of it. In the 1850rsquo;s Samuel M. Kier, a manufacturer in western Pennsylvania, began collecting the oil from local seepages and refining it into kerosene. Refining, like smelting, is a process of removing impurities from a raw material.Kerosene was used to light lamps. It was a cheap substitute whale oil, which was becoming harder to get. Soon there was a large demand kerosene. People began to search new supplies of petroleum.The first oil well was drilled by E.L. Drake, a retired railroad conductor. In 1859 he began drilling in Titusville, Pennsylvania. The whole venture seemed so impractical and foolish that onlookers called it ; Drakersquo;s Folly;. But when he had drilled down about 70 feet(1 meters), Drake struck oil. His well began to yield barrels of crude oil a day.News of Drakersquo;s success brought oil prospectors to the scene. By the early 1860rsquo;s these wildcatters were drilling ; black gold; all over western Pennsylvania. The boom rivaled the Calinia gold rush of 188 in its excitement and Wild West atmosphere. And it brought far more wealth to the prospectors than any gold rush.Crude oil could be refined into many products. some years kerosene continued to be the principal one. It was sold in grocery stores and door-to-door. In the 1880rsquo;s refiners learned how to make other petroleum products such as waxes and lubricating oils. Petroleum was not then used to make gasoline or heating oil.炼油一种重要的新兴工业--炼油业在国内战争后成长起来未加工的石油,或原油--一种深色的地下的稠浆--数百年来一直为大众所知,但是人们却很少使用过它在十九世纪五十年代,萨缪尔?M?科尔,宾西法尼亚西部的一位制造商,开始从当地的溢出物中收集石油并将它炼成煤油与冶炼矿石一样,石油提炼是一个从未加工的原料中除去杂质的过程煤油被用来点灯它是鲸油的一种便宜的替代品,而鲸油正变得越来越难以获得不久就产生了对煤油的大量需求人们开始寻找新的石油供应第一口油井为E?L?瑞克,一个退休的火车检票员所钻得1859年他开始在宾西法尼亚的泰特斯维尔钻井整个的这项冒险事业看起来是如此不现实和愚蠢以致旁观者称之为;鸭子的蠢行;(译者注:DrakeFolly,drake在这里意含双关,即指瑞克的名字,又指该词的本义即鸭子)但当瑞克往下钻至70英尺(1米)的时候,他发现了石油他的油井从此每天生产桶原油瑞克成功的消息将石油勘探者们吸引到现场截止到19世纪60年代早期,这些冒险者为寻找;黑色的金子;钻探遍了整个宾西法尼亚西部这项繁荣的事业在刺激性和粗犷的西部气氛上可与188年的加州淘金热相媲美,而且它为勘探者带来了远超过淘金潮的财富原油能被提炼成许多产品多年以来煤油一直是主要的一种产品它在杂货店中出售由人挨户推销19世纪八十九十年代炼油者们懂得了生产其它石油产品,如蜡和润滑油那时石油还没有被用来制造汽油或采暖装置用油 6。
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