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25 Vacation Time(1)第25课 假期(1)T: Fair-Priced Fares, how may I help you?旅行社职员:公道旅行社,有什么需要帮忙呢?C: How much is a round-trip ticket to London?打电话者:到伦敦的来回机票多少钱?T: When did you plan to go, sir?旅行社职员:您打算什么时候去呢,先生?C: In the second week of September.打电话者:9月的第2个星期。T: The second week of September is still in the high-season, so the cheapest tickets are 0. The high season lasts until the 15th, so fares after that date are cheaper.旅行社职员:9月的第2个星期仍是旺季,所以最便宜的票是650元。旺季持续到15号,所以票价在这天之后比较便宜。C: In that case, Ill go after the 15th. How much are the off-season fares?打电话者:这样的话,我就15号后再去。那淡季的票价要多少钱呢?T: Our cheapest ticket is 0 on American Airlines.旅行社职员:我们最便宜的票是美国航空公司的550元。C: Okay, Ill take it. ( to be continued)打电话者:好的,我就买这家的好了。(待续) /201504/367455。

Jana: So, Peter, you mentioned treasure diving. How did you find out about this?嘉娜:彼得,你之前提到过寻宝潜水。你是怎么知道这个的?Peter: Oh, well, I had this friend and he actually used to work for the government but he was diving just for pleasure at that time but then he met, I think while on a diving excursion, he met another guy who was into treasure diving and he, they formed a company and theyve actually become, I guess, professional treasure divers and its, I think I mentioned about the sunken treasure around the tip of Africa because of the ancient sea route but I think my friends have now moved off to other parts of the world that are also known for sunken treasure spots. I think one of the areas are close to Florida in the ed States because there used to be an ancient shipping route between Europe and the ed States and, yeah, they go diving for treasure around that area.彼得:哦,我有个朋友以前在政府部门工作,当时他潜水只是为了休闲,之后他在潜水之旅中认识了一个人,那个人喜欢潜水寻宝,所以他们成立了一家公司,成为了职业寻宝潜水员,我记得我之前提到过由于古代航线的设计问题而沉没在非洲之角的宝藏,不过我想我朋友现在已经去世界其他著名的沉没宝藏地寻宝了。其中一个宝藏地在美国佛罗里达州附近,那里以前是欧洲和美国之间的航线,他们去那个地区寻找宝藏了。Jana: There must be a lot of mysteries under the sea?嘉娜:海底一定很神秘吧?Peter: I think so too and I think it involves a lot of dispute possibly because its, it can become a political issue I guess in some ways if the treasure is found and who does it belong to and the countries that originally sent the money or the gold or the treasure or the whatever and the country that its found in now and also by the guys that find it. Is it finders keepers or is it a matter of dividing up the discovery and of course I think theres a lot of historical value involved with the find as well. So, yeah, I think its an interesting, fascinating kind of adventure story.彼得:我也是这么认为的,我认为这种活动可能还会引发争议,因为从某种方面来说这可能成为政治问题,如果发现了宝藏,那宝藏该归谁所有,是属于原本运送这笔钱财、金子或宝藏的国家,还是属于宝藏的发现地,或是属于发现宝藏的那个人。是谁找到就归谁,还是要对这笔宝藏进行分配,当然我认为这些发现包含很多历史价值。我认为这是一个有趣又迷人的冒险故事。Jana: It would be quite an adventurous hobby to have.嘉娜:这也是一个充满冒险精神的爱好。Peter: I think so too. Yeah, I kind of envy his lifestyle. He seems to go from one grand yacht in one very nice area of part of the world and goes to the next treasure area and yeah thats what he does for a living.彼得:我也是这么认为的。我有点儿羡慕他这种生活方式。看起来他会从世界上其中一个宝地的游艇去往另一个宝藏地,他就是这样谋生的。 译文属 /201611/479577。

Conversation 1会话1Is there any more vodka in that bottle?那个酒瓶里还有没有伏特加?Uhm, I think theres enough for one more, yes.嗯,有,我想一个人喝应该还够。Marvelous. Pass it over. My names George, by the way.太好了,把它拿过来吧。对了,我叫George.Nice to meet you, George. Im Irene.很高兴认识你,George。我是IreneoSo Irene, what do you do?Irene,你是做哪一行的?Im in computing. I work for Macrohard.我是电脑业的,我在Macrohard务。Macrohard, eh?Macrohard,是吗?What do you do?你是做哪一行的?I have my own/I run my own company that designs computer systems.我自己开公司设计电脑程序。Conversation 2对话2So its all very complicated.所以它真的很复杂。Sounds terrible. Oh, look-here comes Shirley.听起来真麻烦。嘿,你看,Shirley来了。Hello.大家好。Shirley, have you met Donald?Shirley,你见过Donald吗?No, not yet.没有,还没见过。Donald, I want you to meet Shirley.Donald,我跟你引见一下Shirley。Shirley is in marketing, and Donald runs his own export company.Shirley是做营销的,Donald则是自己开进出口公司。Its a pleasure to meet you, Donald.很高兴认识你,Donald.Its a pleasure to meet you too, Shirley.我也是,Shirley.We were just talking about George.我们刚才在聊George。I think hes had too much to drink.我想他喝得太多了。Hes been having a hard time recently, and hes been hitting the vodka rather too much.他最近过得不太好,所以他喝了很多伏特加。 /201604/435590。

unit 244 点饮品dialogue 英语情景对话A:How about drink, Sir?A:先生,喝点什么?B:A cup of coffee, please.B:请来一杯咖啡。A:Would you like cream or sugar in your coffee?A:要加点奶油或糖吗?B:Id like a little sugar, please.B:请稍加点糖。A:Sorry, I dont have any sugar.A:抱歉,这里没糖。B:Why did you ask me if I wanted some?B:那为什么你问我要加点什么?A:I dont know. I just wasnt thinking.A:我不知道。我刚刚心不在焉。 /201511/409537。

14. Calling for a Wireless Connection 14.要求无线连接A: Im having trouble connecting to the wireless network.A:我无法连接到无线网络。B: What network are you trying to connect to?B:你要连接的网络是什么?A: Im trying to connect to the Bay Hotel Network.A:我试图连接到湾酒店网络。B: You need to connect to Bay Hotel Guest Network.B:你需要连接到湾酒店客人网络。A: What login do I use?A:我用什么登录名?B: Your room number is your login.B:您的房间号码是您的登录名。A: What about the password?A:密码呢?B: The password for all guests is ;vacationconnect;, all one word, all lower case.B:所有客人的密码是“vacationconnect”,所有都是一个词,所有都小写。A: That seems to work. Thanks so much.A:似乎能用了。非常感谢。B: No problem. In the future, refer to the guest folder located by the television.B:不客气。在未来,请参考电视里的客人文件。A: Im so stupid. I didnt even think to look there.A:我很愚蠢。我甚至没有想过看那里。B: No problem. Thats what were here for. B:没有问题。这就是我们在这里的作用。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/433764。

Alex: So Maria, what are your future plans?亚历克斯:玛丽亚,你未来有什么计划?Maria: Future plans, thats a big question. I would like to have an nice career. Im not really sure what it would be. I would love to be a CEO of some place, some place big but I dont need to. I just want to have a prestigious job because Im that kind of person and I want to have a nice pay and I want, I think its more important to me to have, it keep on being interesting. Im very afraid of just ending up with a job that just bores me to death or something. I do want a family. I hope Im about to find the guy I will have a family with in the next couple of years because otherwise Ill have to start looking and Id rather have the love at first sight thing or just like having it be normal instead of just having to look for it like those desperate women you see in the TV. Have a nice house maybe in Denmark Im not sure. I love big cities and Copenhagen is awesome but Im not sure if its big enough for me. I might go to Tokyo, a place I studied Japanese and I might go to or I might go to another European country. I have something with Holland. I keep getting friends from Holland or connections and I get attracted to Dutch people for some reason so Amsterdam is a choice. My parents wouldnt mind me going to Amsterdam. They want me close. I just, I dont know, I would like my future to be kind of unclear.玛丽亚:未来计划,这是个大问题。我想找份不错的工作。目前我还不确定是什么工作。我想做大企业的首席执行官,不过也不一定非做这份工作。我想找份令人尊敬的工作,因为我希望得到不错的薪水,做感兴趣的工作对我来说更重要。我很担心最后我找到的工作会让我烦得要死。我想组建家庭。我希望能在未来几年找到可以结婚的人,我要开始寻找另一半,我更喜欢那种一见钟情或是很平常的恋情,而不想像电视里演的那些不顾一切的女人一样。我想在丹麦买个不错的房子,不过我还不确定。我喜欢大城市,我认为哥本哈根非常棒,可是我不确定那座城市对我来说够不够大。我可能会去东京,我曾在日本东京学习过,我也可能去其他欧洲国家。我在荷兰有认识的人。我有很多朋友在荷兰,因为某些原因,荷兰人非常吸引我,所以阿姆斯特丹这座城市也是个不错的选择。我父母不介意我去阿姆斯特丹。他们希望我离他们近一些。现在我也不确定,我希望我的未来可以充满变化。Alex: OK.亚历克斯:好。Maria: Because I have friends whove known they wouldnt want to be a doctor or a nurse or a teacher since they were five and thats just I need to be able to change whenever I can.玛丽亚:因为我有朋友在五岁的时候就知道他们不想当医生、护士或是老师,而只要我可以,我就要去改变。Alex: Do you think you would change your career if you felt that it got too boring or...?亚历克斯:如果你觉得你的工作太无聊了,你认为你会换工作吗?Maria: I dont think I know I will change. I will just say phew.玛丽亚:我不认为……我想我会换。我可能会说“哦”。Alex: So youd want to be able to fit your work to your life as opposed to the other way around?亚历克斯:你希望能找到符合生活的工作,而不是相反的情况吗?Maria: I might be a little self-centered because I have to be satisfied. I cant just, I have had jobs like part time jobs or very short time jobs just because I had time and I get impatient very fast if its not, if it doesnt work for me I just hate getting up in the morning and if its going to be my life. Studying and having a part time job you can live with it. You can live with a bad job but having to do it every day, having to do a bad job every day just like it seems pointless to me.玛丽亚:我可能有些以自我为中心,因为我一定要让自己满意。我做过不好的工作,比如一些兼职工作和一些短期工作,因为我有时间,可是如果这份工作不适合我,我很快就会失去耐心,我很讨厌早上很早就起床,我认为这不是我想要的生活。学习的时候找份兼职,还可以忍受。我可以接受做不好的工作,可是要每天都做这种不好的工作,我会觉得这毫无意义。 译文属 /201609/465648。