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A buyer has reportedly paid million for an apartment perched in one of Hong Kong#39;s loftiest neighborhoods, setting another stunning record in a city aly known for its sky-high prices. 据报道,有人花6,100万美元的价钱买下一套公寓,在已经因房价奇高而闻名的香港创下了又一个令人瞠目结舌的纪录。这套公寓位于香港地理位置最高的社区之一。 The apartment sold is situated on the city#39;s Peak and is part of architect Frank Gehry#39;s first creation in Asia, the Opus. The building, which was completed in March, has an undulating glass facade that curves and offers each floor a distinct vista of the surrounding leafy environs. Last year, project developer Swire Properties#39; chief executive declared the company had #39;every expectation it will break records.#39; Analysts said Monday that the price paid is the highest ever fetched in Hong Kong. Local media reports also said that for a unit sized at 6,200 square feet, it was the highest price per square foot ever paid in Asia and the second-highest in the world, after London#39;s One Hyde Park. 这套公寓位于香港山顶区,是建筑师弗兰克#8226;盖里(Frank Gehry)首件亚洲作品“Opus”的一部分。这栋今年3月份完工的大楼有着弯曲的玻璃幕 ,从每一层楼都能看到周围郁郁葱葱的独特景观。去年项目开发商太古地产(Swire Properties)的行政总裁宣称公司完全相信它会打破纪录。分析师周一说,前述售价是香港有史有来卖出的最高价格。当地媒体报道也说,这套6,200平方英尺(576平方米)公寓的单价已经是亚洲有史以来最高,在世界上仅次于伦敦的海德公园一号(One Hyde Park),位居第二。 Centaline Property Agency Head of Research Wong Leung-sing said the price didn#39;t surprise him, given the fame of its architect. #39;They#39;re selling it not as an apartment, they#39;re selling it as a masterpiece,#39; said Mr. Wong. #39;It#39;s just like buying artwork.#39; 中原地产(Centaline Property Agency)研究部负责人黄良升说,考虑到建筑师的名气,这个价格没有出乎他的意料。黄良升说,他们不是把它当一套公寓出售,而是把它当成一件杰作来出售,就像是在买卖艺术品一样。 Swire had earlier announced that it intended to lease the dozen apartments that make up the site, which a spokeswoman on Monday declared was still the company#39;s overall plan. #39;We do get inquiries from time to time,#39; she said. #39;If it#39;s an exceptional offer, we#39;ll consider it.#39; The company declined to confirm the Opus purchase or reveal any details about the property#39;s leasing progress to date, though the spokeswoman noted that one unit was recently leased for HK0,000 (US0,000) per month. 太古地产早些时候曾宣布说,它打算出租大楼里的12套公寓。一位发言人周一称这仍是公司的总体打算。她说,时不时会有人来问我们;如果出价非常高的话,我们是会考虑的。太古地产拒绝实前述6,100万美元的买卖,也不愿透露有关“Opus”出租进度的任何细节。不过发言人提到,最近有一套公寓租出了每月85万港元(11万美元)的价格。 Hong Konghas seen its share of vertigo-inducing records before, including the 2009 sale of an apartment for .6 million. The city#39;s financial secretary, John Tsang, has warned repeatedly about the risk of a bubble emerging. Since 2011, the cost of renting luxury housing has jumped 15% in Hong Kong, where it now costs over ,800 to rent an unfurnished, three-bedroom apartment in a desirable neighborhood, according to human-resources consulting firm ECA International. 香港过去也曾创下令人眩晕的纪录,比如2009年一套公寓就卖出了5,660万美元。财政司司长曾俊华曾反复警告出现泡沫的风险。2011年以来,香港豪宅租赁价格已经上涨15%。人力资源咨询公司ECA International说,现在要在某个令人满意的社区里租一套不含家具的三居室公寓,租金已经超过11,800美元。 Hong Kong property prices exceeded 1997 peak levels last year, despite the recent adoption of various government cooling measures, including taxes to try and curb speculation. Such high prices in Hong Kong have increasingly served as a flashpoint for local anger, particularly given the influx of mainland buyers in the past few years, which has helped bid up prices in a city aly parched for affordable housing. 虽然最近政府采取包括征税在内的多种冷却措施来遏制投机,香港房价还是在去年超过了1997年创下的最高水平。如此高的房价在当地引起了越来越多的民怨,特别是考虑到过去几年内地买家涌入本已极缺便宜住房的香港,从一定程度上造成当地房价进一步走高。 However, Mr. Wong said he believes that the impact of the Opus#39; head-turning sale on the market will be limited. If other developers are determined to set similar records, he said, #39;they#39;ll need to find a great artist to work with them first.#39; 但黄良升说,他相信“Opus”所卖高价对市场的影响将是有限的。他说,如果其他开发商也想创下相似纪录,他们首先得找一位了不起的艺术家跟他们合作。 /201208/197074First lady Michelle Obama beat out heads of state, chief executives and celebrities to rank as the world's most powerful woman in Forbes magazine's annual listing on Wednesday。  Kraft Foods Chief Executive Irene Rosenfeld, who led a hostile billion takeover of Britain's Cadbury, came in second, followed by talk show host and media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who is ending "The Oprah Winfrey Show" next year after 25 years to launch her cable network OWN。  German Chancellor Angela Merkel, elected for a second term last year, was the fourth most powerful woman, while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rounded out the top five。  Moira Forbes, vice president and publisher of ForbesWoman, said the women on the business magazine's list were "shaping many of the agenda-setting conversations of the day."  "They have built companies and brands, sometimes by non-traditional means and they have broken through gender barriers in areas of commerce, politics, sports and media and cultural zeitgeist, and thereby affecting the lives of millions, sometimes billions of people," she said。  This year Forbes changed the way it ranked women, basing the list less on wealth and power and more on creative influence and entrepreneurship。  Last year's winner was Merkel, followed by Sheila Bair, chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Obama ranked No. 40.  Forbes said Obama topped the list this year because "she has made the office of first lady her own" while remaining popular。  PepsiCo Inc Chief Executive Indra Nooyi, who was last week named the most powerful woman in U.S. business for the fifth year in a row by Fortune, was in sixth place, while singer Lady Gaga came in at No. 7.  Gail Kelly, chief executive of Australia's Westpac Banking Corp, was in eighth place, followed by singer Beyonce Knowles. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres rounded out the top 10.  The complete Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women can be seen at www.forbes.com/powerwomen /201010/115232Lee#39;s determination in fighting domestic violence in China has been praised in the international community. Julie Broussard, Country Program Manager of UN Women China, said: ;In China, domestic violence is traditionally regarded as a private family matter. In the face of this dominant cultural norm, Kim Lee chose to break the silence.; 国际社会对李在中国进行反家暴的决心大为赞赏。联合国妇女中国处的国家项目经理珠莉bull;布鲁萨德说:;在中国,家暴在传统上被认为是家务事。在这样一个文化传统的主导下,金bull;李选择了打破沉默。; ;Kim#39;s courage to speak out on this issue has set a positive example for many other domestic violence survivors who may be reluctant to disclose how they are suffering,; Broussard said. ;金在这件事上敢于说出的勇气为很多其他家暴的受害者,那些遭受家暴却心有疑虑,迟迟不敢透露他们遭遇的人,树立了积极的榜样。;布鲁萨德说道。 A recent survey conducted by All-China Women#39;s Federation showed domestic violence occurs in about 80 million families in China, with roughly 90 percent of cases involving abused women. 中国妇联最近的一项调查显示:在中国有8000万家庭遭受家暴,其中在大概90%的案例中,女性是受害者。 China has not yet implemented laws and regulations aimed at curbing violence inside the home. Although legislators are drafting a new policy in response to immense social demand, they have yet to reveal any specific date for implementation. 中国现在没有任何专门针对家庭内部暴力的法律和规定。虽然立法者正在起草新的政策以回应巨大的社会需求,但法律生效的日期却仍未得以公布。 In face of a legal vacuum, victims of domestic violence can publicize their sufferings on Weibo, call relevant hotlines and turn to those they trust for help, said Feng Yuan, chairperson of the Board of Directors from Beijing Fan Bao Culture Development Co. Ltd. 面对法律上的真空,家暴的受害者可以将他们的经历发表在微上,致电相关热线,或向有关部门寻求帮助,北京帆葆的董事会主席冯媛说道。 The event was held to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. 在首师大举行的这次活动是为了纪念国际消除对妇女的暴力日。 /201112/163655

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