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Discrepancy about Inspection 检验争议A: Shall we talk about the question of inspection?我们讨论一下商品检验问题好吗?B: Sure, go ahead. What terms of commodity inspection are stipulated in the contract?好的,开始吧合同中的检验条款是怎样规定的?A: The goods imported must be inspected according to the legal process, and the reinspection should be carried out within a week on arrival.进口商品必须经过法定程序的检验,而且应在货物达到后一周内进行B: What would happen if we have some disputes over the results of the reinspection?如果我们对检验结果有争议该怎么处理?A: We can turn to some international authorities.我们可以求助于权威机构做出公正的判定B: What if that wont help us to find our respective satisfaction?如果权威机构没有给出我们双方都满意的答复该怎么办?A: Then we can solve the problem through communication and negotiation.那么我们也可以通过协商和沟通来解决问题B: That will be just fine. In what way or process will the commodities be inspected?那很好商品检验要以什么方式和程序进行?A: Inspections will be made by sampling and they will be made by inspections as well as reinspection.检验应抽样进行并且要经过检验和复验两个步骤;turn to;这里的意思是求助于某人的意思例如:Any of you who have questions are welcome to turn to me at any time. 你们谁有问题都可以随时找我 795.Anger5.愤怒Are you one of those people who tend to bite people head off at the slightest provocation? Anger is a normal human emotion, experienced by everyone at one time or another. Just like the happy gene, there is the existence of an anger gene which makes some people temperamentally more inclined to be in a black mood. Though to say that the presence of the anger gene is an oversimplification, it is likely that this is due to a genetic predisposition. There is a trait that psychologists call ‘negative affectivity, a term to define the tendency of some people to experience negative emotions. According to Most scientists adolescents are more susceptible to experiencing strong emotions since their brain systems responsible regulating emotional responses are still under development. Hence it is so difficult to understand teenagers!你是那种为了一点小事就想要把别人的头咬掉的人吗?愤怒是人类的正常情绪,每个人或多或少都经历过就像快乐的基因一样,我们身体里也存在;愤怒的基因;,这种基因让有些人喜怒无常、情绪低落愤怒基因的存在影响人的情绪,尽管这样说有点过于简单化了,其情绪化的原因也很有可能归咎于遗传易感性有一种心理学家称之为;消极情感;的特质,拥有这种特质的人倾向于体验负面情绪大多数科学家认为青少年更容易体会到强烈的情感,因为他们负责调节情绪反应的大脑系统仍在发展和完善所以,青少年如此不被理解,也不是毫无缘故的.Obesity.肥胖One of the major topics of recent surveys is the effect of genetic traits on the occurrence of obesity. The results of the studies established that though the weight of the students who were genetically predisposed to gain weight is similar to that of other children, they tend to quickly attain weight a few years later. So if you fall in that category of dieters where you put on weight with even a slight change in eating patterns, you are the unlucky few to have bad genes.最近调查的主要话题之一是基因性状对肥胖的影响,调查结果实了虽然那些拥有肥胖基因的学生与其他儿童的体重相当,但在几年后,他们容易迅速变胖所以如果你加入了节食者的行列,稍微改变饮食习惯就会发胖,那么很不幸,你已有了肥胖基因3.Lifespan3.寿命In recent years several studies have pointed to the fact that life expectancy can largely be dependent upon various genes.In , a study at the Tokyo University of Agriculture found that a specific gene that was activated in men but not women, which backed up the fact why women on an average have a greater lifespan. The results of their research pointed to the conclusion that the gene allowed men to develop stronger bodies but at the cost of ageing. These studies and others like them show that lifespan may be strongly dependent on your genetic makeup, although it is affected by a number of genes. Instead of cursing your family hand er, blame your genes your short lifeline!最近一些研究表明寿命长短取决于基因差异年,东京农业大学的一项研究发现一种特殊基因只能在男性体内而不能在女性体内激活,这就解释了为什么女性的平均寿命比男性长研究结果明了基因可以使男性拥有强壮的体魄,其代价却为缩短寿命这些研究和其他类似研究表明虽然寿命受很多基因的影响,但是最大程度上取决于你的基因组成不要因为寿命短而责怪家族遗传,只能责怪你自己的基因构成.The pessimist effect.悲观者效应A new study by UCLA life scientists found that the oxytocin receptor gene is a strong predictor of optimism and self-esteem. Apparently if certain nucleotides at specific locations on the gene are absent you are more likely to be an optimist. Other scientists claim that a different gene regulates the neurotransmitter serotonin, that is the ;happy hormone.; So with the results of the survey it comes as a surprise that your mood may not be as much under your control as you thought and not always linked to environmental factors. Some people are just happy! If youre one of those people who look at the glass half empty, it may not just be you but your genes acting out which may be one of the reasons to be happy that your state of mind is not some kind of a weakness.美国加州大学洛杉矶分校的生命科学家们有一项新研究,发现催产素受体基因是乐观自信的预言者显然,如果缺失了基因链特定位置上的某些核苷酸,你很有可能就是一个乐观主义者其他科学家们称,调节神经递质血清素的5-羟色胺转运体多态性基因就是;快乐荷尔蒙;研究结果显示,你的心情可能并非如你所想那样尽在掌控之中,也不总是受环境因素影响,这真是让人惊奇,有些人就是天生的乐天派!同样是半杯水,乐观者会说杯子里还有半杯水,悲观者则感叹已经失去了半杯水如果你是悲观者,可以庆幸的是这并非是你心境的某种缺陷,那可能是因为你的大脑状况受到了基因影响1.Addiction to Cigarette Smoking1.烟瘾According to an printed in the Washington post, scientists have managed to pinpoint variations in the genetic make-up of people which make them more prone to getting addicted to cigarettes. This discovery makes an irrefutable case backing up the role of your genetic structure to nicotine addiction. Christopher Amos, a professor of epidemiology at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and author of one of the studies said and I e, ;It also makes you more likely to be dependent on smoking and less likely to quit smoking.; Based on these studies, it is reported that these smokers on an average light up two extra cigarettes a day and find it much more difficult to give up smoking.根据《华盛顿邮报中发表的一篇文章,科学家们设法找出了易对香烟上瘾之人的基因在构成上与常人有什么不同这项发现实了一个无可辩驳的情况,就是你的遗传结构控制尼古丁成瘾克里斯托弗·阿司是休斯顿的安德森癌症中心流行病学教授及某项研究报告的作者,他认为(在此我做以引述):;这种基因也会让你更依赖吸烟而非戒烟;基于这些研究,据报道这些吸烟者平均一天会多抽两根烟,而且戒烟十分困难审校:浅芷湄 编辑:Lion 前十网 863


第一句:Do you have a hotel accommodation?您订住的地方了吗?A: Do you have a hotel accommodation?您订住的地方了吗?B: Yes, Ive booked a double room at the Grand.是的,我在格兰大饭店订了一个双人间第二句:Shall we go straight to the hotel?那我们直接去宾馆好吗?A: Sorry to interrupt you, but arent you Mr. Han from Beijing?很抱歉打扰您,您是从北京来的韩先生吗?B: Oh, yes.哦,是的A: How do you do? Im Wang Yang from the Friendship Hotel. And Im here to meet you.您好,我是友谊宾馆的王洋,我是来这儿接您的B: How do you do? Wang Yang. Thank you very much.你好,王洋,非常感谢!A: You are welcome. You must be very exhausted after a long journey. Shall we go straight to the hotel?不客气,远道而来一定很累了吧,我们直接去宾馆好吗?B: OK, thanks. That very kind of you.好的,多谢!你人真好!其他表达法:迎接远道而来的客人,寒暄几句后,就要安置客人去旅馆休息,以解除路途的劳累,有的客人会事先预定好宾馆,若是开车送客人去,则可以说:Well give you a ride to the hotel. 我们开车送您过去或者说:Will you please follow me? The taxi is waiting outside. 请跟我来,出租车在外面等着呢 951

  Everyone has different tastes—some extravagant, strange, or even legally questionable. But most of us cant indulge in our more exotic tastes because of financial or time constraints. With the wealthy, they have nothing stopping them from doing whatever they wish, no matter how unusual.每个人品味迥异,有人夸张,有人奇特,而有人甚至在法律存在疑点然而我们大多数人限于财务和时间,无法纵情于更多异域品味有了财富,从没有什么东西阻止他们做想做的事情,无论多么稀奇 Howard Hughes Strangest Romance.霍华德休斯最奇怪的浪漫Bee he was a recluse, Howard Hughes was admired worldwide his achievements in aviation. In 1938, Hughes was planning to break the record flying around the world so he went to London to discuss the logistics with aviation experts.霍华德·休斯成为隐士前,以他在航空领域的成就受到全世界羡慕1938年休斯为打破环球飞行记录,前往伦敦与航空专家讨论后勤While staying at the Savoy Hotel, he began an affair with Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton, a woman as wealthy as he was. Hughes soon developed an unusual fixation. As Hutton recalled: He saw I had difficulty reaching orgasm and tried desperately to make me do so the first time... thereafter pleasing himself and saying that I would not have one anyway. If I touched myself, he angrily brushed my hand away. He could not take it when a woman lost herself in pleasure because he felt he must absolutely be in control of a situation.住在萨沃伊酒店的时候,他开始与和他一样富有的伍尔沃斯女继承人芭芭拉·赫顿有外遇休斯很快陷入异常的痴恋中据赫顿回忆说:他看到我很难达到高潮,拼命地试图让我做,所以第一次就……此后他取悦自己说反正我不会有一个如果我触碰自己,他会愤怒地轰走我的手当一个女人沉浸在自我愉悦中他不能接受,因为他觉得他必须完全控制局面After Hughes business was finished in London, he returned to his then-girlfriend Katharine Hepburn in America.休斯在伦敦的业务完成后,便回到他美国的女友凯瑟琳·赫本身边9 The Man Who Bought Stonehenge9.买了巨石阵的男人Bee Stonehenge became a public property and a World Heritage site, it was briefly owned by an English millionaire named Cecil Chubb. In 19, Chubb purchased Stonehenge and the land around it #3;6,600 at auction. After Chubb purchased the monument, he said that it all happened on a ;whim.; But there were two stories about what happened next.在巨石阵成为公共财产和世界文化遗产之前,它一度属于英国百万富翁,塞西尔·丘伯19年,丘伯以6600英镑在拍卖会上购买了巨石阵和周围的土地购买了这一纪念碑后,他说这一切都是“心血来潮”但接下来发生了两个故事One story states that Chubb gave Stonehenge to his wife as a gift. But she didnt like it because she wanted curtains from the auction. So he gave the property to the British government. Another story says he donated the property because he feared Americans would buy it.一个故事说,丘伯买巨石阵给妻子作为礼物但她并不喜欢,因为她想要拍卖会上的窗帘所以他把所有权交给了英国政府另一个故事说,他捐赠财产是因为担心美国人会买Either way, Chubb later received the title, First Baronet of Stonehenge. On his coat of arms, Chubb even had the motto ;Saxis foundita; (;Founded on the stones;).无论哪种方式,后来丘伯以”第一位拥有巨石振阵的男爵”标题登刊在他的纹章上,丘伯甚至有座右铭“建立石上”8 The Reclusive King Brothers8.隐居的王室兄弟In 195, Maurice and Harrold King took up life at an Alberta ranch with little more than to their names. By the time both of the brothers died in the 1990s, their property was worth an estimated million.195年,莫里斯和哈罗德国王在阿尔伯塔省的农场苦行度日,仅超5美元一点点直到世纪90年代,两兄弟逝世时,财产价值估计有600万美元Despite this, the King brothers lived in a small log cabin on the ,000-hectare ranch without such amenities as indoor plumbing or electricity. Their shrewd business sense allowed them to flourish during the Great Depression when others went bust.尽管如此,王室兄弟住在一个00公顷牧场的小木屋中,那里没有室内管道或电力等设施他们的生意经,使他在大萧条期间当别人破产时仍蓬勃发展Soon, their eccentric lifestyle sparked wild rumors: They served their guests water with mice swimming inside, ate mice as sandwich meat, and allowed mangy dogs to lick their plates clean. Many of these rumors were dispelled by a reporter who visited in 1973.很快,他们古怪的生活方式引发了疯狂的谣言:他们为客人提供的水里有小鼠游泳,吃老鼠肉三明治,允许肮脏的把干净盘子舔得干干净净1973年一名记者拜访后,许多这样的谣言才被驱散Despite their great wealth, the brothers lived like they were in poverty until their deaths: Harrold in 1995 at age 96 and Maurice in 1996 at 98.尽管他们富甲一方,兄弟俩却一生清贫,哈罗德于1995年逝世,享年96岁,莫里斯于1996后离开,享年98岁7 The Bigamist Oilman7.重婚的石油商H.L. Hunt was once the richest man in the world. A mer professional gambler, Hunt tune was derived from the Daisy Bradd oil field, which was the largest in the Lower 8.哈罗德森·拉斐特·亨特曾经是世界上最富有的人曾是职业赌徒,其财富来源于黛西布拉德福德油田,这是美国本土8州中最大的一个An ultra-right-wing conservative, he self-published his 1960 novel, Alpaca, which suggested that those who paid higher taxes should receive more votes. But Hunt oddness didnt end there: He was a bigamist with three different families.做为一个极右翼保守党,他在1960年出版的小说《羊驼中表明赋税更高的人应该得到更多的选票但是亨特的奇怪还没有结束:他是个有三个不同的家庭的重婚者In Hunt main family with Lyda Bunker, he had seven children. They resided at his Mount Vernon estate in Dallas. At the same time, he was married to Frania Tye, who resided in Tampa Bay, Florida. With her, he claimed his name was Franklin Hunt. They had four children. After Lyda died, he started another secret family by marrying his secretary-mistress, Ruth Ray. They had four children.他在与莉达邦克组建的主要家庭中有七个孩子他们居住在达拉斯的弗农山庄园同时,他还和住在佛罗里达州坦帕湾的泰伊结婚,和她一起他自称叫富兰克林·亨特他们有四个孩子莉达去世后,他和秘书情妇露丝雷开始了另一个秘密的婚姻并有四个孩子Since his death in 197, his living children and descendants have warred over his massive tune with lawsuits and bankruptcies that are still ongoing.自197年去世以来,他的个在世子女和后代一直就他巨大的财富激烈竞争,不断诉讼和破产6 The Jameson Whiskey Heir Who Paid To Watch Cannibals6.那些付费观看食人族的詹姆逊威士忌的继承人James Jameson, who was heir to the Jameson Irish whiskey empire, was also an explorer. In one 1887 incident recorded by famed adventurer Henry Stanley, Jameson was in Ribakiba meeting Arab slave trader Tippu Tip when he expressed interest in watching cannibals.詹姆斯·詹姆逊是詹姆逊爱尔兰威士忌帝国的继承人,也是一个探索者著名的探险家亨利·斯坦利在1887年的一次事件中记录,当詹姆逊表示有兴趣看食人族时正在Ribakiba会见阿拉伯奴隶贩子提普迪普 the price of just six handkerchiefs, he purchased a -year-old girl who was taken to a known cannibal village and given to the tribe. Jameson documented their process and even drew sketches, later filling them in with watercolors and showing them to the tribal chiefs.花六手帕的价格,他购买了一个被带到已知食人族村庄和部落的岁女孩詹姆逊记录他们的过程,甚至画了草图,之后用水填充,并展示给了他们的部落首领At first, Stanley expressed skepticism. But after speaking to Jameson translator, he concluded that it was the truth.起初,斯坦利表示怀疑但与詹姆逊的翻译谈话后,他总结出这是事实 5399

  A family from China has been left shaken after a bus they were touring Belfast in was pelted with stones. They were travelling on the Falls Road, near Divis Tower, last Wednesday afternoon.在一辆前往贝尔法斯特的游览巴士遭到石块投掷之后,车上来自中国的一家人受到了惊吓当地时间上周三下午,他们正在第维斯塔附近的福尔斯路上旅游Mark Coulter, of McComb Coach Travel, who was driving the bus, said the firm had contacted the police.McComb Coach Travel公司的员工马克·柯尔特当时正在驾驶这辆巴士,他表示旅游公司曾经联络过警察;I feel terrible the tourists and it disgraceful the country it to happen,; he said.马克说道:“我觉得很对不起这些游客,发生这样的事情真是国家的耻辱”The family of eight were on their first visit to Northern Ireland and Mr Coulter collected them at Belfast International Airport earlier in the day. He was taking them on a tour of the city, which included the Falls and Shankill roads, Parliament Buildings at Stormont and the Titanic Quarter.此次旅行是这8口之家第一次前往北爱尔兰,那天早上柯尔特是在贝尔法斯特国际机场把他们接上了车他当时正在带领游客们参观这座城市,参观的地点包括福尔斯路、香吉尔路、以斯托蒙特议会大楼以及泰坦尼克区He said those inside the bus were not injured, but had been frightened and asked to return to their hotel. After the incident he drove the coach in to the car park at St Peter Cathedral.他表示,车内乘客没有受伤,但是却被吓坏了,随即便要求返回酒店在这起袭击事件发生后,他把车开到了圣彼得大教堂的停车场里Police said they were investigating a report of criminal damage and appealed inmation.当地警方表示,他们目前正在对一起刑事损害报告进行调查,并且呼吁知情人士提供信息 671。

  Ways resolving disputes 解决纠纷方式A: It is inevitable to have some disputes in doing international trade business. Could you tell me how to resolve the dispute in your country?国际贸易中偶尔发生纠纷是避免不了的事在贵国是怎样解决这些纠纷的呢?B: These are several ways. The best is to achieve consensus through consultation.有多种方式最好的方法是通过双方协商圆满解决A: Would you seek the legal means if the consultation cant help resolve the dispute?如果协商解决不了的话,通过法律就是说依靠国家权力来解决吗?B: Litigation is of course a way of resolving dispute. But actually we dont use it frequently.诉讼当然是解决纠纷的一种手段不过实际上很少使用这种方式A: Then what should we do?那怎么办呢?B: Usually through arbitration.一般来说是通过仲裁来解决A: Does the final judgement by arbitration have binding ce on the parties concerned?那仲裁做出的决定是终决,对当事人是有约束力的吧B: Yes.是的1.;binding;是;有约束力的,负有义务;的意思,例如:This regulation is binding on everybody. (本规则皆须遵守). ;legal means;是;法律途径;的意思,;means;有;方法,手段;的意思,例如:means of fiscal policy(财政政策手段) 5

  South Korea, one of the world top countries in smartphone penetration rate, has started to take steps to warn pedestrians about the risks of being occupied with their gadgets on the street, as the number of smartphone-related traffic accidents is growing.韩国是全球智能手机渗透率最高的国家之一随着与智能手机相关的交通事故数量攀升,韩国已着手采取行动,警示行人在路上沉迷于手机的风险The Seoul Metropolitan Government began last week to put up signs along the street and on the pavement at five locations to warn citizens of the dangers of using their smartphones while walking. The locations are near City Hall, Hongik and Yonsei universities, and Gangnam and Jamsil subway stations.首尔市政府上周开始在5个地点的街道沿线及人行道路面上设立标识,警示市民边走边使用智能手机的安全隐患这5个地点为市政厅、弘益大学、延世大学、江南地铁站以及蚕室地铁站的周边However, few passers-by seem to have noticed the signs so far, raising questions about the effectiveness of the measure.不过,到目前为止,只有比较少的过路人似乎注意到了这一标识,提出了对这一措施的有效性的疑问A 35-year-old office worker said, ;I have noticed the signs on the pavement, but honestly, most people who are peering at their phones on the street arent going to be able to see them.;一名35岁的上班族就表示:“我已经注意到了人行道上的这一标识但是说实话,大多数在街上盯着自己手机的人是不会看到这些的”According to data compiled by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority, the number of traffic accidents arising from the use of smartphones has more than doubled from 37 cases in to 1,1 cases in .根据韩国运输安全的调查数据显示,由使用智能手机引起的交通事故的数量相比年的37例已经增加了一倍多,在年时达到了例The city government will set up 300 signs during a six month trial period through the end of this year.截至今年年底的6个月试行阶段期间,首尔市政府将设立300个警示标Then it will discuss with the National Police Agency whether to officially include such signs as a transportation safety necessity.之后,首尔市政府将与韩国国家警察厅讨论是否正式将此类警示标纳入保障交通安全的必要措施 5191The Chinese proverb ;the weasel pays respect to the hen without the best of intentions; became all too real with the arrival of the Year of the Rooster.随着鸡年的到来,中国的一句谚语“黄鼠狼给鸡拜年”真的成为了现实Recently, a picture of a ;Siberian weasel; paying New Year respects to a hen went viral. However, the ;Siberian weasel; in the picture was not Siberian, said an expert.近日,一张一只“西伯利亚黄鼠狼”给一只母鸡“拜年”的照片迅速走红但是一位专家指出,照片中的这只“西伯利亚黄鼠狼”并不是来自西伯利亚;The animal in the picture is not a Siberian weasel. It a least weasel,; said Dr. Zhang Jinshuo, who works at the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, adding that Siberian weasels are larger than least weasels.来自中国社科院动物研究所的张劲硕士表示:“照片中的这只动物不是西伯利亚黄鼠狼,只是一只普通的伶鼬”他还表示,西伯利亚黄鼠狼要比普通的伶鼬大一些According to Zhang, the main difference between the two is that Siberian weasels have a pale back and belly and a black face.据张劲硕士称,这两种动物之间主要的区别在于,西伯利亚黄鼠狼的背部和腹部是白色的,而脸则是黑的Zhang also noted the proverb and pointed out that weasels do not usually eat chickens. Typically, they eat other small animals like rats.此外,张劲硕还提到了那句谚语,并指出黄鼠狼其实不常吃鸡通常来说,它们的食物是老鼠等其他一些小动物He said weasels only attack chickens and other domestic fowl when they are starving and no other food source can be found.他表示,只有在饿得不行而又找不到其他食物的时候,黄鼠狼才会袭击鸡和其他家禽 938

  Conversation 3A: What beautiful silk products they are!B: Have you found anything special? They are all made of pure silk.A: The colors are so brilliant and dazzling. I want to buy a piece of silk my eign friend to make ;Qipao;.B: If you want to make ;Qipao; you need the satin. These satin products are a bit thicker.A: Let me feel it. Ah, yes, I think this is what I want.B: How many meters do you want to buy?A: I dont know. She is a little bit taller than I.B: I think four meters will be enough.A: Is it washable?B: Yes. Madam, youre lucky. This has been specially polished by an imported technology. It is washable and will not shrink any more. Only years ago this new technology was invented.A: OK. Four meters, please. A:这些丝绸制品多么漂亮啊!B:看中什么啦?都是真丝的A:颜色真鲜艳,我都有些眼花缭乱了我想给我的外国朋友买一块做旗袍的料子B:如果你想做旗袍,还是买缎子好缎子面料比较厚一些A:让我摸摸啊,对,我就是想买这种料子B:你想买几米?A:我不知道,她比我稍高一点儿B:我想米够了A:耐洗吗?B:耐洗您很幸运,夫人这些料子是用进口技术特殊砂洗过的,即耐洗又不缩水这种新技术3年以前才发明的A:好给我来米吧


  Even penguins celebrate Christmas.就连企鹅也要庆祝圣诞节了!Animal carers in a Japanese park kitted out their birds in some adorable Santa outfits.在日本一家公园内,动物照护者给他们的企鹅穿上了可爱的圣诞老人装They waddled through the gardens in their red and green robes, complete with white frills.它们穿着红绿色的衣,配上白色的褶边摇摇摆摆地穿过公园One intrepid penguin, however, got a bit distracted by some rustling in a nearby bush and broke away from the group to inspect.然而,一只胆大的企鹅被周围灌木丛的沙沙声给扰乱了,它离开队伍四处张望The has attracted more than 0,000 likes on Facebook from amazed penguin fans.这一视频在脸书上获得到了吃惊的企鹅爱好者们万多个赞But others have questioned the cruel treatment of the birds.但是还有些人对这一“残忍”对待鸟类的行为发出了质疑One user wrote: This is not cute, poor things havent got a choice here, ditch the jackets and let them be natural cute penguins.一名用户写道:“这并不可爱,它们没有选择权,脱掉这身外套,让它们成为自然可爱的企鹅”Another viewer added: Disgusting...these are or should be wild birds not toys!另一位视频观看者补充道:“太恶心了它们是野生鸟类,不应该是玩具” 8。



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