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大学新闻网站CampusGrotto最近刊出全美最贵大学宿舍排行榜,纽约市有七所大学高居前20名,新学院大学(The New School)的尤金朗学院(Eugene Lang College)宿舍更登上榜首。 这个排行榜以大学新生2009至2010学年度住二人一间宿舍的食宿费为准。根据它的计算,尤金朗学院宿舍的年费为1万5990元。如果住单人房加上餐费则可能达到1万9160元。这栋宿舍位于景观很好的格林威治村,是七层楼建筑,每年可住175名学生。学校警卫提供全天候类似门房的务。 其它上榜的纽约市大学宿舍包括:库柏联合学院(Cooper Union),排名第二,费用1万5275元;曼哈坦纽约理工学院(New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan),排名第五,费用1万4290元;复敦大学(Fordham University)林肯中心校址与玫瑰丘校址分别排名第六和第七,费用分别为1万3830元及1万3716元;纽约大学(NYU),排名第14,费用为1万3226元;圣若望大学 (St.John's University),排名第15,费用为1万3140元;马利蒙特曼哈坦学院(Marymount Manhattan College),排名第17,费用为1万2874元。 纽约州则有曼哈坦维尔学院(Manhattanville College)上榜,排名第九,费用为1万3500元。莎拉#8231;劳伦斯学院(Sarah Lawrence College)排名第11,费用为1万3370元。 该网站指出,学生家长与学生往往把注意力集中于学费,忽略食宿费是相当大的开。以纽约大学为例,它的学费在全美排名第36,但把它昂贵的食宿费计算进去,它就成为全美排名第二的最贵大学。 网站同时指出,2009至2010学年度,公立大学的食宿费上涨5.4%,私立大学上涨4.2%,平均分别为8193元及9363元。 /201001/93708

Mention China at almost any meeting and you will trigger lively reactions, both optimistic and pessimistic. Try Brazil and you will also receive a keen response and different views, though the country’s emphasis on inclusive growth is fairly consistent and well understood. Shift the conversation to India, however, and enthusiasm visibly declines, especially recently. This matters: the Indian economy, perhaps more so than other emerging markets, will determine political and economic developments in its region and around the world. 几乎在任何会议上提到中国都会引发激烈反响,或乐观,或悲观。试着换成巴西,同样也会引起热烈反应和不同的观点。不过巴西强调的包容性增长方针一以贯之,容易理解。然而,一旦把话题转到印度,人们的热情明显下降,近年来这种趋势更加明显。这一点事关重大:印度经济或许将比其他新兴市场更能左右周边区域、乃至全球的政治和经济发展。India ranks high among nations where restoring a high rate of economic growth can make a big difference to reducing poverty. According to data from the World Bank, a third of India’s population live on less than .25 a day, the internationally recognised poverty line. More than two-thirds live on less than a day. India is estimated to have a third of the world’s poor.有一类国家,只要能够恢复高速经济增长率,即可大规模消除贫困,印度在其中位列前茅。世界(World Bank)发布的数据显示,三分之一的印度人口生活在每天1.25美元的国际公认贫困线以下。三分之二以上的印度人口生活费水平每天不足2美元。据估计,印度贫困人口占全球贫困总人口的三分之一。India is also an important country for anyone worried about the detrimental role of money in politics. There has been a sharp increase in the number of millionaires that serve as parliamentarians. And if you care about the orderly rebalancing of the global economy, India’s middle classes will probably play a vital role in the shift of emerging economies to more of a consumption model.对于担心金钱荼毒政治的人士而言,印度也是一个重点国家。在印度议会中担任议员的百万富翁人数急剧增加。如果人们希望全球经济有序地实现再平衡,在新兴经济体向消费导向的模式转型过程中,印度中产阶层可能将发挥重要作用。 Then there are the regional dimensions. India is essential to the stability of a neighbourhood that includes other nuclear powers (China and Pakistan) and a failed state trying to recover (Afghanistan).此外还有区域因素。印度对周边地区稳定不可或缺,这个区域既包括其他核大国(中国和巴基斯坦),也包括试图实现复苏的“失败国家”(阿富汗)。 Despite all this, the west seems to be paying too little attention to what has been going on in the Indian economy. Growth has slowed significantly. The fiscal deficit is sizeable. Internal political conflicts are increasing. India has all but stopped climbing the World Bank’s rankings of countries by ease of doing business – despite being far down the list to begin with.尽管如此,西方似乎对印度经济发展状况漠不关心。印度经济增长显著下降。财政赤字庞大。内部政治冲突越来越多。在世界编制的商业经营难易程度排行榜上,印度几乎止步不前——尽管从一开始印度在榜单上的排名就很靠后。 Think of it this way. India operates what might be called a highly leveraged growth model. Government deficits are relatively high but manageable provided gross domestic product growth is about 8-9 per cent. Policy errors that lead to slower growth mean rapid adjustments are required to avoid a downward spiral.这么说吧。印度实行的是一种或许可以称之为“高度杠杆化”的增长模式。政府赤字规模相对较大,但只要国内生产总值(GDP)增长率达到8-9%左右,赤字就依然可控。政治错误导致增长放缓,这意味着,要避免螺旋式下滑,就必须快速实施调整。 We suspect that there are four main reasons for the failure of India to register in the west.我们认为,印度未能获得西方关注,有四点主要原因。 First, there is a lot else going on in the global economy, such as Europe’s debt crisis, America’s fiscal cliff and the risk of a hard landing for China. Second, India is hard to analyse, with regional governments adding an extra layer of complexity. Third, the country’s malaise is hidden behind the global success of its privately owned multinational companies. Finally, India’s “disruptive” impact on international production patterns and trade has been largely limited to services; it is yet to be anywhere near as influential as China.首先,全球经济存在其他多种问题,例如欧洲债务危机,美国财政悬崖,以及中国的硬着陆风险等。第二,印度是个难以分析的国家,而地方政府各自为政,进一步增加了问题的复杂性。第三,印度私营跨国企业在全球的成功掩盖了印度的问题。最后,印度对全球生产模式和贸易的“干扰性”影响主要限于务业,其影响力与中国不可同日而语。 These are all understandable reasons for the limited attention that India is receiving. But they are not good ones given the implications.印度受到的关注不足,这些原因都可理解。但考虑到其影响,这些原因都无法令人满意。 India is yet to move beyond first-generation structural reforms to its economy. By moving from state- managed controls to more market-based ones, it created a surge in economic growth and a rapid expansion of the private sector. However, the second generation of reforms, which typically follow as countries become richer, has yet to arrive. These reforms sustain growth by encouraging much more productive microeconomic behaviours.印度尚未走出第一代经济结构改革阶段。第一代结构改革使经济从国家管制走向市场化,推动经济迅猛增长,私营行业快速扩张。但是,在国家变得富裕一些之后,第二代改革往往应该跟进,但印度尚未着手实施。第二代改革将鼓励更具生产性的微观经济行为,以维持经济增长。 For India, reducing the scope and scale of corruption is one such necessary reform. It serves to divert resources in a highly distorted and inefficient manner. More broadly, structural budgetary weakness impedes growth, fiscal sustainability and acceptable distributions of income and wealth.对于印度而言,减少腐败的范围和规模是改革的一条必由之路。腐败导致资源配给严重扭曲,毫无效率。从更广泛的角度来看,结构性预算疲弱妨碍经济增长、财政的可持续性以及收入和财富的合理分配。 India is not the first economy to face these issues, nor will it be the last. Yet the consequences of a protracted slowdown would be much more pronounced. The last thing today’s fragile global economy needs is another source of systemic risk.印度不是第一个、也不是最后一个存在这些问题的经济体。然而经济增长长期低迷的后果在印度将更加明显。今天脆弱的全球经济最不需要的就是再增加一个系统性风险源头。 It is not too late for the country to change course and find the path of higher growth and financial stability. Indeed, recent policy mistakes are being addressed with the return of Palaniappan Chidambaram, the experienced finance minister, who has begun his third term in this office, and with the able support of Raghuram Rajan, a respected academic from the University of Chicago, as chief economist.如果印度现在能够改弦易辙,寻找一条使经济加快增长、金融保持稳定的道路,则为时未晚。事实上,随着经验丰富的财长帕拉尼亚潘?齐丹巴拉姆(Palaniappan Chidambaram)的回归,最近的政策失误得以纠正。这是他第三次担任印度财政部长一职,并得到了芝加哥大学(University of Chicago)著名学者拉古拉姆·拉詹(Raghuram Rajan)的大力持。拉詹担任印度财政部首席经济顾问。 Their efforts will need to be translated into decisive action by the ruling coalition, a return to legislative business, reforms by parliament and a major effort to rein in corruption. But if it takes too long for this to happen, many western governments, companies and investors will wake up to an unpleasant surprise. The impact will be felt well beyond India’s borders.他们的努力必须转换成执政联盟的果断行动,如恢复立法工作,实施议会改革,大力反腐。但如果这一过程耗时过久,很多西方政府、企业和投资者将幡然醒悟,印度是令人不快的意外。其影响将远远超出印度国境。 /201211/207394

A Japanese diplomat posted in California has been charged with domestic violence against his wife and could face up to 20 years in jail, the local district attorney said Tuesday.美国地方检察官周二称,一位驻加利福尼亚州的日本外交官被控对妻子实施家庭暴力,可能会面临20年监禁。Yoshiaki Nagaya, vice-consul at Japan#39;s consulate in San Francisco, is accused of 17 felony offenses, 14 of domestic violence and three of assault, including stabbing her with a screwdriver and knocking a tooth out.长屋嘉明是日本驻旧金山领事馆的副领事,他被控犯下17项重罪:14项家庭暴力罪和3项侵犯人身权利罪。罪行包括用螺丝刀捅妻子,打落她的一颗牙齿。The 32-year-old pled not guilty in court on Monday, and was released on bail of 0,000, said San Mateo County District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe, adding that the alleged offenses occurred between January 2011 and March 2012.圣马特奥市的地方检察官史蒂芬#8226;瓦格斯达菲说,这名32岁的外交官周一在法庭上辩称无罪后,缴了35万美元保释金被释放。他还说,这名外交官被指控的罪行是在2011年1月到2012年3月期间发生的。;The violence ranged (from) pushing and shoving, and bruising upwards (to) the most serious, (when) he knocked a tooth out. On another occasion he jabbed her or stabbed her in the hand with a screwdriver.“他实施的暴力包括推搡、将妻子浑身上下打出多处瘀伤,最严重的一次还打掉了一颗牙齿。还有一回他用螺丝刀戳、刺入妻子的手。;On another occasion he knocked her down and stomped on her with his foot. The final occasion was when he shoved her out of a car in their parking garage, causing scrapes to her face and knees.;“还有一次他把妻子打倒在地,并用脚在她身上使劲踩踏。最后一次施暴是将妻子从自家停车库的车里推出去,致使她脸部和膝盖擦伤。”He added: ;That was when she decided that enough was enough, and she went to the police.;该检察官补充说:“这时候妻子觉得自己受够了,于是她就去报了警。”Nagaya does not have diplomatic immunity for the alleged offenses. ;There is immunity, but not when you#39;re doing things in your purely private life, for somebody at his level,; said Wagstaffe.长屋对被指控的罪名没有外交豁免权。瓦格斯达菲说:“外交官有豁免权,但像他这样级别的外交官,在纯私生活中并不享有行为责任豁免权。”Both Nagaya and his wife are due back in court on June 14 for a preliminary hearing. A restraining order was issued, barring the diplomat from having any contact with his wife in the meantime.长屋和他的妻子将于6月14日重返法庭参加初步听会。此前已发布了限制令,禁止这名外交官在此期间同妻子有任何联系。Michio Harada, the deputy consul general at Japan#39;s Consulate General in San Francisco, said Nagaya remained on the staff pending developments or a decision from Tokyo.日本驻旧金山总领事馆的副总领事原田道夫说,在日本政府有任何动向或决定之前,仍将保留长屋的职位。;If those charges are true it would be quite regrettable, certainly, but we would like to see how the court proceedings develop and then the final outcome,; he told the reporters.他告诉记者说:“如果这些控告属实,那么当然是非常令人遗憾,但是我们想先看看法庭诉讼的进展情况和最终审判结果。”The consulate general was not providing legal support. ;This is not related to our official work, it#39;s a private thing, so I understand he has his own lawyer for a criminal case.;总领事没有提供法律持。他说:“这和我们的官方工作无关,是私人的事情,所以我认为他会自己请个刑事律师。”Regarding Nagaya#39;s job, he added: ;The decision is mostly made by Tokyo but at this moment I don#39;t think we can do anything. He is with us now. He#39;s not in the office, but he works for us.;提到长屋的工作,他补充说:“这基本是由日本政府决定的,不过目前我认为我们不能有任何举动。他现在和我们在一起。他不在领事馆里,但在为我们工作。” /201205/182028

To stem the advance of radioactive water to the sea, the operator of the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has tried plugs, walls, pumps and chemicals that harden the ground into a solid barrier. 为了阻止放射性水源流向海洋,发生事故的福岛第一核电站(Fukushima Daiichi)的运营商尝试了一系列措施,包括堵漏、修 、抽水和投放化学制剂,以加固地面,使之成为坚固的屏障。 But as Tokyo Electric Power Co. 9501.TO +3.26% prepares this week to start work on a new set of measures that would ring off and cap the area where the most highly contaminated water has been found, some experts and regulators are saying that the battle to completely contain radioactivity to the site of one of the world#39;s worst nuclear accidents may be a losing one. 东京电力(Tokyo Electric Power Co.)本周准备开始实施一系列新措施来隔离一个区域,这个区域的水被发现受放射性污染最严重。但与此同时,一些专家和监管部门则说,旨在完全将放射物控制在事故发生地的努力可能会失败。这次事故是全球最严重的核事故之一。 In the most recent example of Tepco#39;s Sisyphean struggle, the company said late last week that rising levels of contaminated groundwater may have aly overtopped a sunken barrier that the utility started only a month ago, and wasn#39;t even expecting to complete until late this week. 最近就有一个事例显示东京电力没完没了的努力只是徒劳的。上周晚些时候该公司说,受放射性污染的地下水位不断上升,可能已经越过了一个在建水下屏障,这个屏障是一个月前才开始修建的,预计到本周晚些时候才会完工。 Tepco#39;s water-control measures, such as pumping out contaminated water and putting it in storage, are #39;merely a temporary solution,#39; said Shunichi Tanaka, chairman of Japan#39;s Nuclear Regulation Authority, at a news conference last week. Eventually, #39;it will be necessary to discharge water#39; that#39;s still contaminated into the sea, he said. 日本原子能规制委员会(Nuclear Regulation Authority)主席田中俊一(Shunichi Tanaka)上周在一个新闻发布会上说,东京电力采取了一系列控制放射性水的措施,比如抽出放射性水,并将其倒入储存箱中,但这些只是暂时性措施,最终有必要将依然含有放射性物质的水排放到海洋中。 #39;We#39;re taking a number of measures#39; to counter the recent worries of contaminated-water overflow, Tepco said in an emailed statement Monday. #39;We#39;ll continue to strengthen our monitoring of the impact on sea and marine life in the waters near the plant, and work on estimating the outflow of [contaminated water] following our measures.#39; 东京电力周一在一份电子邮件声明中说,我们正在采取一系列措施,应对近期对于放射性水溢出的担忧,我们将继续加强对福岛第一核电站附近海水和海洋生物所受影响的监控,并将着手评估采取措施后放射性水的溢出情况。 Controlling contaminated water has been a struggle at Fukushima Daiichi ever since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami knocked out the power at the plant and sent its three active reactors spiraling out of control. Some 400 metric tons of water a day is still being used to cool the melted fuel cores─though much of that water is now recycled. More troubling is another 400 tons a day of groundwater that flows down from hills and mountains into the compound, and toward the sea. 自2011年3月份的大地震和海啸令福岛第一核电站电力中断并导致其三个核反应堆失控以来,在该核电站控制放射性水的工作一直较为艰难。每天仍需使用400吨左右的水来冷却熔化的堆芯燃料,但现在这些水大部分可循环使用了。更大的问题在于每天还有400吨的地下水流下山坡,流入核电站,进而流向海洋。 For the past two years, Tepco has been trying to keep the contamination contained by pumping accumulated water out of the highly radioactive reactor buildings, and storing it in tanks on the plant grounds. But the company#39;s efforts went into overdrive a few months ago, when it found that groundwater sampled near the crippled reactors was showing spiking levels of radioactive elements. It was unclear why. What#39;s more, Tepco said that the water was likely leaking into the sea. 过去两年,东京电力一直尝试通过将高放射性反应堆建筑中的水抽出并储存在核电站地面上的水箱中来控制污染。但几个月前,当发现受损反应堆附近地下水样品的放射性物质水平飙升后,该公司加大了控制力度。出现这种情况的原因不详,更重要的是东京电力说,这些放射性水可能正在渗入海洋。 The continuing problems at the reactor site, including the company#39;s lack of transparency over the radioactive leaks, have drawn criticism from Japanese regulators. On Friday, a newly created task force at Japan#39;s nuclear regulator held its first meeting aimed at increasing the government#39;s role in the flawed cleanup process. The panel is also pushing Tepco to improve its communication and credibility at a time of strong public opposition to nuclear power. 反应堆场区持续存在的各种问题受到了日本监管部门的批评,包括该公司对放射性物质泄漏问题的信息披露缺乏透明性。上周五,日本核监管部门新成立的一个特别工作组首次召开会议,旨在增强政府在清理过程中的作用。目前的清理工作存在种种不足。在公众强烈反对核电之际,该工作组还将推进东京电力公司增强沟通和信誉。 As an emergency measure, Tepco last month started to inject the ground near the coast with chemicals that hardened it into an underground barrier. But since then, groundwater levels in the area have risen faster, as they hit the barrier. Recently, Tepco has found that the groundwater has risen to around a meter below the surface─aly above the level of the underground barrier, which starts 1.8 meters down. 作为一项应急措施,东京电力公司上个月开始向海滨附近地区的地下注入化学物,使土壤变硬成为一道地下屏障。但那之后,随着该地区的地下水位触及地下屏障,水位以更快的速度上升。最近,东京电力公司发现,地下水已经升至地面以下约一米的地方,这个高度已经在地下屏障之上了,地下屏障始于地面以下1.8米的地方。 Now, Tepco is planning to pump out some of the water that#39;s built up behind the barrier, and store it as well. It#39;s preparing to extend the underground hardened-earth barrier in a ring around the most heavily contaminated section of coastline, in hopes of heading groundwater off before it can flood in. Tepco is also proposing to cap that ringed section with gravel and asphalt, so nothing gets out. The operator is hoping to get an initial ring of hardened ground done by October. 目前,东京电力公司正在计划将地下屏障后面的部分积水抽出,并也储存起来。该公司正准备将地下硬化土壤屏障扩展为环形,将污染最严重的海滨地区围起来,希望借此避免地下水的涌入。此外,东京电力公司还提议用碎石和沥青将这个环形区域盖起来,以避免任何物质泄漏出来。该运营商希望在10月前使硬化土壤屏障初步成环。 The company has some other more experimental ideas on the table as well. One involves surrounding the contaminated reactor buildings with a shield of frozen soil. 该公司还提出了其他一些试验性的想法。其中一个想法是用一层冻土将受污染的反应堆建筑物围起来。 But there#39;s a risk to changing the flow of groundwater in the ways that Tepco is considering, said Tatsuya Shinkawa, nuclear accident response director of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, at a news conference last month. The water could pool dangerously underground, softening the earth and potentially toppling the reactor buildings, he said. Tepco should also try things like using robots to fix cracks in the reactor buildings where the water is likely seeping through. 但日本经济产业省(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)核事故响应负责人Tatsuya Shinkawa上个月在新闻发布会上说,用东京电力公司正在考虑的方式改变地下水流动情况,这样做可能有风险。他说,地下水可能在地下危险地积聚起来,导致土壤变软,可能造成反应堆建筑物倒塌。东京电力公司还应该尝试其他做法,比如使用机器人修复反应堆建筑物上的裂缝,水可能从这些裂缝渗漏出来。 Freezing soil has its own problems, said Kunio Watanabe, a geology professor at Saitama University. The technology, which is used in civil engineering to dig tunnels, may be able to cut down the amount of groundwater entering the contaminated site, but it is expensive. #39;You#39;ll need hundreds of millions of yen to build a system,#39; Mr. Watanabe said. #39;You#39;ll also need a large amount of electricity to maintain the ice walls.#39;#39; 日本琦玉大学(Saitama University)地质学教授渡边邦夫(Kunio Watanabe)说,将土壤冻起来也有问题。这项技术常用于土木工程中的隧道挖掘,这样做或许能够减少进入受污染场区的地下水量,但成本很高。渡边邦夫说,需要数亿日圆修建一个系统,还需要大量电力维持冰墙不化。 Mr. Tanaka, the nuclear regulatory chairman, has said that Tepco should admit it#39;ll never be able to handle all the inflow of water, and start arranging for the release of contaminated water into the ocean, as long as it#39;s under allowable limits for radioactivity. But local fishery cooperatives, which since June of last year have been catching octopus and other sea life that consistently test low for radiation, are still holding on to the hope that they can eventually get back to business as usual. 日本原子能规制委员会主席田中俊一说,东京电力公司应该承认它永远无法解决全部的水流入问题,应该开始安排将受污染的水排放到海里,只要这些水的放射水平在允许范围内。但当地渔业合作社仍抱着希望,他们希望最终作业能够恢复正常。自去年6月以来,当地渔业合作社捕捉到的章鱼和其他海产品体内不断检测出少量放射性物质。 #39;We are in trouble,#39; said Kazunori Endo, an official of the Soma Futaba Fishery Cooperative, about the latest leaks of contaminated water into the bay. #39;What if consumers start rejecting our fish?#39; 渔业合作社Soma Futaba Fishery Cooperative的管理人员Kazunori Endo在谈到受污染的水泄漏进海湾的最新事件时说,我们遇到了麻烦。如果消费者开始不买我们的鱼,该怎么办? /201308/251419

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