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博爱医院宫腔镜手术福州哪些医院激素六项检查福州去哪家医院治疗男性精子比较好 The corrupt Qing Government Emperor : Qianlong had been in the throne for sixty years. He inherited the former emperors course and stressed on the development of agriculture and strengthened the control on the frontiers, which made the united multi-nationality country develop further. So the period of Qianglong was called “a period of prosperity”.清朝统治的腐朽:乾隆帝在位60年,继承前代的基业,注意发展农业,加强对边疆的统治,使统一多民族国家进一步发展,史称“乾隆盛世”。And it was also a turning point for Qing to go from prosperity to downfall. In the reign of Qianlong, the seeds of capitalism were growing further, the basic contradictions in the feudal society became more and more serious, and the feudal system had been aly corrupt.但这一时期也是清 朝统治由盛到衰的转折点。乾隆时期资本主义萌芽进一步发展,封建社会的基本 矛盾日益激化,封建制度日趋腐朽。In the later days of Qianlong, he focused on M cultural and military achievementsM and loosened the control and management of the officials and the political fall appeared. From the end of Qianlong to the periods of Jiaqing and Daoguang, the administrative management was corrupt, the financial state was difficult, the centralization of land was high and the classical contradictions were becoming fiercer.乾隆帝晚年陶醉于“文治武功”,放松对官吏的 整肃,出现统治衰败的征象。从乾隆后期到嘉庆、道光时期,吏治败坏、财政困难、 武备废弛、土地高度集中,阶级矛盾日益激化。The struggle against the feudalism : 1) the peasants resisted to hand in taxand the hungry people fought for grains. At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty,the peasants had the fierce fight for land and against the high tax with the landlords and the government. They required to get rid of the tax and lessen the rent and raised the calls to “average the land” and so on. This reflected that the tenants wanted to own their own land;城乡人民的反封建斗争:①农民抗租,饥民夺粮的斗争。从清初,农民为了反 对高额地租和争取佃耕权,向地主和官府展开了激烈的抗租斗争。他们要求“除赋 捐租”,提出“均田(佃)”、等斗争口号,反映了佃农对永佃权和土地所有权的要求。2) The craftsmen fought for freedom;②手工业工人要求自由。3) The Miaos rebellion in Xiang and Qian against the control of corrupt Qing broke out in 1795 because the Han beaucrats and merchants occupied the land of the Miaos in the Miao areas in Guizhou, Hunan and Sichun and the feudal government began to exploit them severely. In the first moon of 1795, one of the Miaos in Songtao, Guizhou, Shi Liudeng launched the uprising first and then Shi Lanbao and Wu Ruyue of the Miaos in Hunan rose up one by one. They raised a call to drive the guests out and restore their own land. The rebellion had lasted for twelve years and failed in the end in 1896;③湘黔苗民起义。贵州、湖南、四川的苗族地区,汉族官 僚地主和商人(即所谓“客民”,)不断侵占苗民土地,封建官府也加紧对苗民的剥 削。1795年正月,贵州松桃苗民石柳邓首先发动起义,湖南苗民石兰保、吴入月也 相继而起。起义军提出“逐客民,复故地”的口号。这次起义前后持续12年之久, 到1896年才最后失败。4) Bailianjiao uprising broke out in Sichuan and Hubei. In the old years of Qianlong, Bailainjiao was current in Hubei, Sichuan, and Shaanxi and so on. The Qing Government ordered to punish Bailianjiao followers severely and those who were involved in it and killed were innumerable. The heads of Bailianjiao, Liu Zhixie, Wang Conger and Yao Zhifu and so on raised the call to “rebel because of the Government oppression” and they were y to rebel. Bailianjiao in Yichuan, Hubei rose up in the first moon of 1796 before the schedual because of the reveal of the news. Thenthefollowers inmanyplacesofHubei,Sh chuan, and Shaanxi rose up, too. The uprising had lasted for nine years. It was the last large-scaled rebellion in the feudal society, which punctured heavily the Qing governors;④川楚白莲教大起义。乾隆晚年,湖北、四川、陕西等省白 莲教盛行。清政府下令严惩白莲教教徒,被株连陷害者不可胜数。白莲教首领刘 之协、王聪儿(女)、姚之富等提出“官逼民反”的口号,准备起义。因消息泄露,湖 北宜川白莲教提前于1796年正月首先发难,接着湖北、四川、陕西许多地方白莲教 徒都纷起响应。这次起义历时9年,波及5省,成为中国封建社会中最后一次规棋 较大的农民战争,给清朝统治者以沉重的打击。5) Tianli Jiao Uprising in the North took place in 1813. Lin Qing and Li Wencheng led the Tianli Jiao uprising in 1813 in the North. Lin Qing sneaked into Beijing with the guidance of the follower eunuch and attacked the court. But he failed because he fought against hopeless odds. But the insurrectionary army continued to fight under the leadership of Li Wencheng in Hua County of Henan. Then the Qing army broke through Hua County and Li burned himself and died a hero’s death;⑤北方天理教起义.813年,北方爆 发了林清、李文成领导的天理教起义。林清串众潜入北京城,在人教太监导引下, 进攻清宫,因寡不敌众而失败。李文成领导的起义军在河南滑县继续斗争,后清军 攻破滑县,李文成自焚,壮烈牺性。6) The Rebellion of the Taiping. The increasing population and the depredation of copper coins was the main origin of the deep social problems of the 19th century. Although there was a need to enlarge the administration staff, the a for the official recruitment stayed stabile. Corruption and bribery was the consequence of a lack of tasks for the educated class ; a very intense description of this situation is Liu E9s late Qing novel u Travels of Lao Can M.⑥太平天国起义。人口的增长和铜币的贬值, 是19世纪清朝时期中国社会重大社会问题的主要根源。尽管清政府需要扩充政 府官员,但是政府所需新吸收的官员数量的配额始终没有变化。贪污受贿是那些 受教育阶级无所事事的结果,关于这方面,在清朝晚期小说家刘鄂的《老残游记》中 作了极为详细的描写。The local mandarins were obliged to hand over a special amount of collected taxes to the court in Beijing, buthew much taxes the mandarins really levied was up to them. Especially in southern China, many peasants did not own the fields they worked on, but acted as tenant farmers, and perhaps forever if they did not go to the cities to find a better job.地方官员有责任向清政府交纳特定数量的征税,至于征多 少税那就是他们自己的事了。特别是在中国南部,很多农民种地但是并不拥有土 地,如果他们不到城里去寻找好一点儿的工作,那么他们就得一直当佃农。Other people joined bandits or rovers, girls looked for employment in the red quarters of the lower Yangtze cities. Trying to escape the taxmen and the population pressure, many landless peasants looked for new estates in remote mountain areas.有的人当了土匪或者流寇,女孩子则跑到长江下游的一些城市卖笑为生。为了逃避税监和人口压力,很多没有土地的农民逃进深山老林寻找新的土地。In 1795, a group of peasants rose against the Qing government. This traditional peasant uprising was called “White Lotus ”. The immense uprising of the “Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace”was of a similar character like the other secret societies and peasant or worker uprisings during Chinese history, but it was one of only a few uprisings that were able to endanger the foundation of a ruling dynasty.1795年,一部分农民起义反对抗清朝政府的统治,这次传统上的农民起义史 称“白莲教”。规模巨大的“太平天国”起义与其他中国历史上的秘密社会团体和 农民或者工人起义的性质是一样的,它只不过是清朝时期几次大的起义中能够威 胁到统治阶级的根基的一次起义。The founder of the Taiping Movement was the frustrated scholar Hong Xiuquan. Hong had been in contact with Christians and developed his own pseudo-Christian religion. He saw himself as a kind of messiahs and preached a social egalitarism and puritanism. His followers were unemployed, desperados and the poor, and they started to rebel against the Qing governmental institutions in 1850 from Guan-gxi Province. The organization of the movement was a strict hierarchy without separating military, political and clerical functions. In 1853, the Taiping rebels occupied Nanjing and established this city as their capital. Their armies advanced to Tianjin and had cut the waterways from south to north, the Taiping controlled the whole lower Yangtze River area.太平天国运动的发起人是在科举考试中屡试不中的读书人洪秀全。洪秀全曾经和西方的基督教徒有过接触,于是就发展出了自己的伪基督教。他把自己看成是复国使者,到处宣讲他的平等主义和清教徒思想, 而他的追随者都是些无业者、市井无赖和劳苦大众。1850年,他们从广西省起兵 反对清朝政府的统治。太平天国运动组织是一个不分军事、政治、宗教作用但有着 严格等级制度的组织。1853年,太平义军攻下南京并把南京定为国都。他们继续 北上攻下天津并切断了南北的水路通道,占领了整个长江下游。The Qing Government was unable to subjugate the rebels, and instead, local governors and rich merchants recruited soldiers to subdue the mighty Heavenly Kingdom. Three armies of local governors (Zeng Guofan, Zuo Zongtang and Li Hongzhang) and the Western powers under Frederick T. Ward and Charles 丄 Gordon with their “Ever-Victorious Army” were able to gradually throw back the Taiping armies and to massacre the Heavenly Capital Nanjing in 1864.清朝政府无力镇 压义军,倒是地方官员和富商们招募士兵,镇压声势浩大的太平天国。地方统治者 的三部队(曾国藩、左宗棠和李鸿章)以及弗来德里科? T ?华特和查里斯? G ? 格登领导下的西方势力“长胜军”相互勾结才逐步把太平军逐回南方,并在1864年 在太平军首府南京惨杀太平军将士,天京陷落。The Taiping Rebellion was only the mightiest of a long line of uprisings that shook the Qing government during the 19th century. The Heavenly Kingdom movement failed with certain causes and it has its importance in the history of China. The objective cause for it to fail is that the anti-revolutionary power was too great. It was suppressed not only by the internal armies but also the foreign armed interference of the foreign invaders.太平天国起义是19世纪唯一的一个规模大、持续时间长并动摇了清政府统治 的起义,虽然失败了,它还是有其失败的原因和历史意义:客观原因是反动势力过 于强大。太平天国起义不仅遭到国内封建势力的全力镇压,而且还受到外国侵略 者的武装干涉。The subjective cause for it to fail is that the limitation of the leaders of the uprising and the mistakes caused by it. But the Heavenly Kingdom movement has its deep historical importance.主观原因是领导太平天国起义的农民本身的局限性以及主要由此 产生的种种错误。太平天国起义虽然失败了,其历史意义却是深远的。First it resisted the invaders,which showed the spirit of Chinese people of not being afraid of strong enem played an important part in the war in resistance the attempt of colonilization of China of the invaders.首先,对外 抵抗了侵略者,显示了中国人民不畏强寇的斗争精神,在阻止侵略者企图使中国殖 民地化的斗争中起到了重要作用。Second it stroke heavily the feudal power with the representation of the Qing government and sped up the downfall of the Qing government. The Heavenly Kingdom Rebellion is one of the cornerstones for the victory of the modern Chinese democratic revolution.再者,对内沉重打击了清政府所代表的封建势 力,加速了清政府的衰亡。太平天国起义是近代中国民主革命胜利的基石之一。The result of these rebellions was the clear evidence that the central government was further unable to control their vast empire. Instead ,local governors and military commanders took over the responsibility for actual policy—a situation similar to the end of Han Dynasty, when generals could control the central government after subduing the Yellow Turban Rebellion, with the difference that the Later Han commanders tried to replace the emperor, while Li Hongzhang and his colleagues saw themselves as moral defenders of the Qing throne against rebels.清朝末年的农民起义说明中央政府已经无力控制他们的庞大的帝国了。相反,地方官员和军中要员接管了政治责任——这一情况和汉朝末年相同,当时,将领们镇 压了黄巾军起义后,控制了中央政权,但不同的是,汉朝末年的将领试图取代皇帝, 而李鸿章和他的同僚则只把自己看成是镇压起义、效忠皇帝的忠实卫士。Because the Qing government did not want to negotiate with the Western powers,the provincial governors had a free hand in the field of foreign politics.因为清 政府不愿和西方列强谈判,各省官员在对外政策上就可以放手行事。The economical and demographical impact of these twenty years of internal war was deep enough to talk of a “restoration” under the Tongzhi Emperor: before building up a modern industry, the economy as a whole had to be reconstructed, especially the agriculture with the task of building dikes, waterways, water reservoirs, and granaries; the economical reconstruction required the increase of taxes and duties, a situation that did not help trade and commerce that had to encounter the foreign competition.20年的内战在经济和人口上对政府的冲击如此之强以至于在同治皇帝时不 得不改革:在建设现代化的工业之前,必须重建整个经济,尤其是农业要修建大坝、 水路、水库和粮仓。经济的恢复需要增加赋税,这一情形无助于不得不面对来自国 外竞争的商业和贸易的发展。Westernization movement and the appearance of Chinese Capitalism : Westernization movement is a movement that was launched by the governors in the late Qing to save the country itself.洋务运动和中国资本主义工业的产生:它是清末统治者掀起的一次自救活动。It is the result that the capitalist invaders strengthened their control for the Qing Government and their further political influence on China. It is the result that the foreign capitalists strengthened their economic penetration and sp in China and yet the Chinese natural economic structure began to disintegrate.它是资本主义侵略者加强对清政府的控制,列强政治影响进一步深化的产物,又是 外国资本主义经济对中国渗透的加深和扩散,中国社会自然经济结构逐步解体。The guiding ideology of the westernization movement was uto apply the western systems in China,,lt; The principles of the activities included politics, military, economy and education etc. The activities had their different focuses according to the changes and development of the situations and the development of the movement itself. In general it focused on military and economy.洋务运动的指导思想是“中学为体,西学为用”,其活动则包括政治,军事、经济,文 化教育等广泛的内容,这些活动随着形势的变化、发展和运动本身的发展,其着重 点也有不同,总的是以军事和经济活动为主。The westernization had the first and the second periods. The first period focused on the construction of the munitions enterprises and the latter focused on the construction ofthe local business and the new navy.洋务运动可分为前后两个时期,前期 以创办新式军事工业为主,后期则以创办民用企业和创建新式海军为主。Since 1860s and 1870s, the national capitalist business emerged gradually in China. The conditions for it to appear were the formation of outlets for goods and the market for labor forces and the stimulation of the foreign capitalism.从19世纪六七十年代开始,中国逐渐出现民族资本主义企业。中国民族资本 主义企业产生的条件主要是商品市场、劳动力市场的形成和外国资本主义的刺激。The Chinese original natural economic structure changed rapidly and disintegrated with the occurrence that China became the market of the foreign products and the providing place of the raw materials step by step.随着中国一步步成为外国的商品市场和原料供应地,中国社会原先的自然经 济结构迅速变化,逐步瓦解。The Boxer Rebellion: The Boxer rebellion rose up in Shandong first in 1899. Then it sp to North China and Northeast China at a speed and marched to Beijing and Tianjin. The boxer rebellion developed greatly and stroked heavily the invading power of the capitalism.义和团运动:义和团运动于1899年首先在山东兴起,迅速扩展到华北、东北地 区,并直逼京津。义和团运动蓬勃发展,沉重打击了帝国主义侵华势力。In order to suppress the Chinese movement against the capitalist invaders and for the love of the their country of the Chinese people, in June 1900, Britain, France, Japan, Russia, German, USA, Austria and Italy organized the international u Eight-Power Allied Forcesand began to invade China in large swarms.为了镇压 中国人民的反帝爱国运动,1900年6月,英、法、日、俄,德、美、意、奥八国组成侵略 联军,大举入侵中国。The Group of Justice and Peace fought with the capitalist invaders heroically. Certain patriotic officers and soldiers of the Qing army took part in the battle to resist the invasion of the capitalists.义和团与帝国主义侵略者进行了英勇斗争。一部分清政府 的爱国官兵也参加了抗击侵略者的战斗。In Shangdong, the fist fighters focused on the fight against the foreign religions and the other invading powers. Meanwhile they were against the feudal power which protected the foreign religion and suppress the masses. In the year of 1896, Zhao Sanduo and the others gathered up the fist fighters for justice and peace at Liyuantun of Guan County in the Northwest of Shangdong near Zhili.义和团在山东主要是反抗洋教和其他外国侵略势力。同时也打击庇护洋教而 压制百姓的地方封建势力。1896年,毗邻直隶的鲁西北冠县梨园屯赵三多等人,在 当地聚集义和拳众。In October 1898, Zhao Sanduo commanded more than three hundred fist fighters to siege the Hongtaoyuan church nearby. The church invited the Qing army to suppress. The fist fighters withdrew to Linqing in the east and continued to fight against the foreign religions at the common boundary of Zhili and Shandong.1898年10月,赵三多率拳众300多人围攻附近的红桃园教 堂,教会请来清军镇压,拳众东撤到临清,继续在直隶和山东交界之处进行反洋教 斗争。At the same time, the Fists for Justice and Peace rose up and fought against the foreign religions under the leadership of Zhu Hongdeng (the used name Zhu Fengming) and the Buddhist monk Xincheng (the used name Yang Zhaoshun) in the areas of Changqing, Zaiping, Gaotang and Yucheng. The local poor peasants and groups of homeless people responded and rose up.与此同时,长清、在平、高唐、禹城一带的义和拳,在朱红灯(原名朱逢明)与 心诚和尚(原名杨照顺)率领下,也掀起反洋教斗争,当地贫苦农民和大批流民群众 纷纷响应。According to the statistics of historical data, there were more than eight hundred places that had the boxers in more than eight hundred and sixty villages in only Pingyi County in short three months. Almost every village had the boxers.根据史料统计,在短短3个月里,仅在平一县860余庄中,习拳者多至 800余处,几乎村村皆有。At the beginning of movement that the Fists for Justice and Peace fought against the foreign religions, the Qing government ordered the provincial governor of ShandongZhang Rumei to protect the churches. Zhang Rumei sent his armies to suppress; many times and was defeated completely by the fist fighters.义和拳掀起反洋教斗争时,清政府接连下令山东巡抚张 汝梅“实力保护”教堂教士。张汝梅多次派兵前往镇压,皆被拳民打败。At the beginning of the fight, the German invaders stationed in Shandong occupied Rizhao, Jimo and Gaomi and so on in spring of 1899 and required the Qing government to suppress the Group for Justice and Peace.义和团运动在山东兴起之初,盘踞山东的德国侵略军便于1899年春占领日 照、即墨、高密等地,并要求清政府镇压义和团。The Revolution of 1911: The weakness and inability of the Qing government made China lose large pieces of land. The Chinese masses organized spontaneously the movement to protect their motherland everywhere in the country.辛亥革命:清政府的无能致使中国领土大面积沦丧,中国民众在全国各地自发 组织了保国运动。In the early years of the 20th century, the revolutionary organizations mushroomed constantly, taking it as the purpose to overthrow the corrupt control of the Qing government, one of which was the Tongmenghui led by Sun Zhongshan. It launched many armed rebellion and stroke heavily the control of the Qing government.20世纪初,以推翻清政府的腐朽统治作为奋斗目标的革命团体 不断涌现。其中,以孙中山为首的中国同盟会多次发动武装起义,沉重打击了清王 朝的统治。Because of the influence of the Western capitalist thinking, the revolutionaries and the reform group required to realize the constitutional monarchy in China. But when the constitutional group realized the false constitution of the Qing government, they broke with the Qing government in the end and launched the revolution of 1911 to overthrow the Qing Empire.受西方资产阶级思想的影响,革命党人和资产阶级维新派要求在中国 实行君主立宪制度。当立宪派觉悟到清政府的假立宪面目后终于同清政府决裂。 发动了推翻清王朝的辛亥革命。The Revolution of 1911 overthrew the Qing government and founded their own temporary administration in Nanjing.1911年的辛亥革命推翻了清政府的统治,并成立了南京临时政府。The Revolution of 1911 is an important historical event in the history of China.辛亥革命是中国历史上具有伟大意义的历史事件。Politically, it overthrew the Qing empire, and ended the feudal centralized system which lasted for several thousand years in China. The first democratic republic regime was founded and the idea of democratic republic was deeply rooted in the heart of the masses. Economically, the Nanjing Temporary Government awarded the capitalist industry and commerce and promoted the civil enterprises.在政治上,推翻了清王朝, 结束了在中国延续了几千年之久的封建专制政体,第一次建立起民主共和政权,并 使民主共和的观念深人人心;在经济上,南京临时政府奖励资本主义工商业,促进 了民营企业的发展。In 1912, the newly-founded factories in the country amounted to nine hundred and sixty-three, which increased to one time compared with that in 1911. The development of the national capitalist business continued for many years and the national capitalist economy entered its golden time because of the other factors together. That provided material qualifications for the continuous rise. Culturally, some feudal and backward rules and customs were casted aside and the pursuit for science and democracy became fashionable.1912年全国新创办的工厂达963家,较之1911年增加了一倍。民族资本企业的这个发展势头持续了多年,加上其他因素,使民族资本主义经 济的发展进人了“黄金时代”,为民主运动的继续高涨提供了物质条件;在思想文化 上,一些封建的、落后的陈规陋习被唾弃,追求科学和民主成为社会时尚。 /201603/428574福州去那里染色体检查最好

福州结扎后复通那家医院好For a man who once weighed 980 pounds and had aly lost 650 of them, the loss of 50 more — the amount that vanished after Paul Mason#39;s nine-and-a-half-hour operation last month — might not seem like a big deal.对于一个曾重达980磅(约为445公斤),并已经减掉650磅(约为295公斤)的人来说,再减掉50磅好像根本不算什么。保罗·梅森就是这样,他上个月刚刚通过9个半小时的手术减掉了50磅(23公斤)。But Mr. Mason, who at his heaviest was known informally as the world#39;s fattest man, had been all but crippled by those 50 pounds, loose skin that hung over his body like melted wax over a candlestick. And so its absence has made all the difference.但是对于梅森——这个体重最重时被民间传为世界上最胖的人来说, 身上50磅松松垮垮的皮肤就像融化的烛蜡堪堪挂在烛台上一样,这50磅消失后,一切都不一样了。It means he can get out of his wheelchair and go for a walk. It means he can take a shower standing up. It means that his knees no longer ache, that he can slip easily in and out of bed without feeling like he has anvils strapped to his thighs, that he has sensation in his feet, and that when he puts his pants on he does not have to contend with an apron of extra flesh flopping from his waist to his thighs.现在的他可以甩掉轮椅独立行走;可以站着洗澡。现在的他膝盖不再疼痛;上下床时不再像大腿绑着铁砧一样;双脚也有了知觉;穿裤子时也不用再和从腰上耷拉到大腿的一圈肉做斗争。;It seems a bit weird,; Mr. Mason said recently. ;I#39;d got so used to maneuvering my excess skin out of the way.;;感觉有点诡异,;梅森最近说道。;毕竟我已经习惯随时把我多余的皮肤想办法拨开了。;It took a lot of planning and a great deal of good fortune for Mr. Mason, who is 54 and comes from Ipswich, England, to have the operation at all. Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where it was performed, waived all its fees. So did the four plastic surgeons who operated, and so did the general surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the nurses who took part.来自英国伊普斯维奇现年54岁的梅森做足了准备才终于完成了这项手术。进行手术的曼哈顿上东区勒诺克斯山医院免去了一切手术费用。同时,执刀的四名整形外科医生、普通外科医生、麻醉师和参加手术的护士都没收取任何费用。Mr. Mason#39;s bills would probably have exceeded 0,000, said Dr. Jennifer Capla, the surgeon who led the team at Lenox Hill.据勒诺克斯山医院领导这手术队伍的医师珍妮弗·卡普拉说,梅森的账单大概会超出25万美元(约合155.2万元)。It took Mr. Mason a long time to get as fat as he was, and it has taken him a long time to try to shed all that weight and find a life approaching normalcy. Bullied, sexually abused and unloved as a child, he said he dulled his feelings with more and more food. Eventually he got into bed and kept eating until he became too heavy to get out. Finally, spurred by a sympathetic therapist, he had gastric bypass surgery, in England, overhauled his diet and dropped to 350 pounds.梅森经历了很长时间才变得这么胖,又花了很长时间瘦下来,过上正常人的生活。幼年时期遭遇的欺凌、性虐待、失宠让他依赖越来越多地进食来发泄情绪。结果他躺到床上,一直不停地吃,吃到胖得没法下床。最终,在一名同情他的临床医师的鼓励下,他在英国进行了胃分流手术,彻底改变了饮食,把体重减到了350磅。Back at home now in Orange, Mass., where Mr. Mason has moved to be with Ms. Mountain, the couple still faces many obstacles.如今梅森已经回到家乡马萨诸塞州的奥兰治市,并和蒙特恩住在了一起。然而这对眷侣面前的路途依旧坎坷。Though her cat-furniture business is beginning to take off, Ms. Mountain said, she does all the work herself and she struggles to keep up with orders. Money is very tight, and there are issues surrounding Mr. Mason#39;s immigration status.蒙特恩说,尽管她的猫家具事业正有所起色,但她要独立负担所有工作,疲于及时处理接到的订单。家里财政紧缺,同时梅森的移民身份也有些问题。His visa is scheduled to run out in a few months. He and Ms. Mountain cannot get married and live together in the ed States until she can prove to the authorities that she has the means to support him as well as herself, she said.梅森的签还有几个月就到期了。如果蒙特恩不能明自己有能力同时养活他和自己,他们就不能在美国结婚生活,她解释道。;Somehow or other he will find a way to stay, and then he can maybe take a part-time job in town,; she said.;总有办法能留下的,到时候他大概可以在城里做份兼职吧,;她说。;Stacking shelves, whatever I can do,; Mr. Mason said. ;I don#39;t mind.;;摆架子,只要是我能做的就行,;梅森说。;我不在意具体是什么工作。;Down the line, he hopes to have at least one more operation, to remove the flesh that still hangs from his upper arms. But that is in the future. At the moment Mr. Mason is just adjusting to his new self, emerging into a different life; one with more possibility.梅森希望将来至少能再进行一次手术,切除他耷拉在上臂的肉。但这些都是后话,现在的梅森还在适应全新的自己,步入完全不同的人生,感受新人生的万千可能。He does not get as tired as he did just after the operation and is now walking his dog, Duke, in the garden every morning, something that was unthinkable before. He and Ms. Mountain have done some gardening, and are starting to make plans to grow vegetables and fruit.梅森觉得和术后初期相比已经没那么累了。现在他每天早上在花园里遛他的,杜克(Duke),这在以前想都不敢想。他和蒙特恩一起修建了花园,并筹划着种上蔬菜水果。The other day, they went to the movies. It seems like a small thing, but it wasn#39;t.前几天他们还一起去看了场电影。听上去没什么但实际上却很特别。;I was able to sit in a cinema seat for the first time in 30 years and hold hands and cuddle, like couples do,; he said.;这是我人生三十年来第一次能坐在电影院座位里,还能像情侣一样牵手拥抱,;他说。 /201509/400193福州做第三代试管婴儿比较好的医院 It was about five miles from the Kudesa Homestay guesthouse in Keh village to the Gianyar Night Market, on the Indonesian island of Bali. So I asked my host, Mangku, whether I could make it on the bike he had available for rent. No problem, he said, he knew people who do it all the time.在印度尼西亚的海岛巴厘岛上,从位于克美奴(Keh)村庄的库德萨民宿(Kudesa Homestay)到吉安雅夜市(Gianyar Night Market)的距离,仅有5英里。于是我问我的房东——大家都叫他“师傅”(Mangku)——我能不能骑辆他提供租借的车去那里。他说没问题,他认识很多人一直都是这么去的。It was a miscommunication. I was asking about the bicycle, but he meant the motorbike, which made sense since motorcycles and scooters are the main form of transportation on Bali, the fourth, final, and by far most touristy stop on my Indonesia tour.他误解了我的意思。我问的是自行车,而他说的则是托车。这并不奇怪,重型机车和小绵羊本来就是巴厘岛上最常用的交通工具。在我此次的印尼之旅中,巴厘岛是第四站和最后一站,也是迄今为止我去过的一处普通游客最常去的地方。Alas, I don’t know how to ride them. Still, he reluctantly let me take the tough-looking red hybrid bicycle, warning me to stay out of the heavy traffic. I took his instructions literally, sticking just off the road in what I would call the anti-bike lane.唉,我根本不会骑托车啊。但他还是很不情愿地让我牵出了那辆造型粗犷的红色混合自行车,告诫我与繁忙的车流保持距离。我严格地执行了他的指示,始终远离干道,只在在我看来根本就不不适合自行车行驶的小巷里穿行。That meant bouncing over pebbly dirt shoulders and narrow sidewalks often blocked by parked cars and market stalls, edging onto the road only when there was a lull in the nearly constant scooter buzz.这意味着我要不断地跃过卵石与泥土砌成的路肩,还有总被停放车辆与集市小摊阻塞的狭窄人行道,只有在几乎不绝于耳的托车轰鸣声偶有间歇时,才能缓缓地驶上路面。It was worth it, for two reasons. First, it gave me easy access to the unadulterated Balinese food sold at market stalls — a spicy jumble of mixed vegetables called serombotan, a luscious goat satay (no beef, since the vast majority of Bali, unlike the rest of Indonesia, is Hindu).这么做还是值得的,原因有两点。首先,这让我很方便地在集市小摊上买到了地道的巴厘岛食物——辣味杂蔬serombotan,还有味道醇美的山羊肉沙爹(这里没有牛肉沙爹,因为和印尼的其他地方不一样,巴厘岛的大部分人都是印度教徒)。And, on the way back, drenched in sweat, I stopped to see a group of men scorching the hair off two slaughtered pigs and ended up with an invitation to spend the festival of Galungan with a new friend.而且,在回来的路上,浑身被汗浸透的我,中途还停了下来,观看一群男人烧掉两头宰杀的肉猪身上的鬃毛,并在最后收到了一位新朋友的邀请,与他一同欢度加隆安节(Galungan)。Three days and four nights is a ridiculously short stay for one’s first time on Bali. Ideally, I knew, getting away from the tourist crowd meant heading away from southern Bali’s two tourist epicenters: Kuta, which has a reputation as a depraved Cancun for young Australians; and Ubud, for those seeking the more spiritual Bali described in Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” without straying too far from a Starbucks.三天四夜的旅程,对于首次巴厘岛之旅而言,实在短得可笑。我知道,在理论上,远离熙攘的游客,就意味着要离开巴厘岛南部的两处游客聚集地。一处是库塔海滩(Kuta),在年轻的澳大利亚人当中被视作生活颓废的坎昆(Cancun);至于那些想要寻求伊丽莎白·吉尔伯特(Elizabeth Gilbert)在《一辈子做女孩》(Eat, Pray, Love)中所描绘的巴厘岛风情,但又不想离星巴克(Starbucks)太远的人,必去的地方则是乌布(Ubud)。Instead, I stayed outside Ubud in the village of Keh, which travelers visit for its woodcarving shops but not much else. Mangku himself was a retired woodcarver who became a village priest, which is what “Mangku” means.而我却留在了乌布外侧的克美奴村庄里,游客们常来游览这里的木雕工艺商店,但除此之外也就没什么了。师傅自己就是一位退休的木雕工人,现在则当上了乡村牧师,这也是“师傅”这一称谓的本意所在。His family still runs a shop nearby, Sembahyang Wood Carvers, that ships its intricate, mesmerizing woodwork around the world, with the prices for some of the larger mahogany pieces stretching into tens of thousands of dollars.他的家人仍在附近经营着一家商店“崇拜木雕”(Sembahyang Wood Carvers),将店内那些工艺复杂的精美木雕运往世界各地,其中部分体型较大的红木制品的价格,甚至能够冲到数万美元。The guesthouse is a complex of elegant buildings in traditional Balinese orange brick and adorned with carved sandstone as elegant as the sculptures, with one big difference between the two family businesses: the price. My room cost 125,000 rupiah, or .41 at 13,279 rupiah to the dollar.我所居住的宾馆由几栋造型优雅的建筑构成,它们用传统巴厘岛风格的橘红砖块砌成,并以砂岩雕刻加以装饰,其精美程度与雕像不相上下——这个家族的这两项产业,最大区别就在于价格。我所住的房间费用为12.5万卢比,按1美元兑换13,279卢比折算,约合9.41美元。But I had moved there only after spending a day in Ubud. On my first trip I had to at least see what the hype was about. (I did completely skip Kuta, with no regrets.)但我是先在乌布呆了一天后才到这里来的。既然是我的首次巴厘岛之旅,我好歹也得见识一下,炒作得天花乱坠的到底都是些什么。(我倒确实直接略过了库塔海滩,而且毫无遗憾。)So, arriving after midnight on an indirect flight from Papua, I checked into the very pleasant Odah Ayu Guest House, just off Ubud’s main strip, where a tasteful room cost me 400,000 rupiah.于是,我从巴布亚省(Papua)出发,经过转机,在午夜过后抵达巴厘岛,住进了环境宜人的鸥达阿玉宾馆(Odah Ayu Guest House),就在乌布的主要商业区对面,一间布置雅致的房间价格花了我40万卢比。The next day was packed full of attractions. First, the Puri Lukisan Museum (85,000 rupiah), which offers an introduction to Balinese art on lush grounds. Many paintings depicted scenes from Hindu epics I knew nothing about; I struggled to understand them but still found their elegant floral style absorbing.我在第二天的行程里,排满了各式各样的旅游景点。首先是画宫物馆(Puri Lukisan Museum)(门票售价8.5万卢比),在一片绿意盎然的土地上初步了解了一下巴厘岛的艺术。许多油画作品中所描绘的风景,都出自我一无所知的印度教史诗,我极尽所能去理解当中的内涵,但还是觉得优雅的花草造型最为迷人。I paused at “Just Punishments in hell,” an intricately detailed depiction of “all the different kinds of punishments suffered by the dead that fit the misdeeds of their lives.” Characters were impaled on trees or partly submerged in a pool of flames; others were being pushed into dragons’ mouths or had their genitals set on fire.我在《地狱里的公正处罚》(Just Punishments in hell)前驻足片刻,这幅作品用十分复杂的细节,描绘了“亡者因自身生前罪行所遭受的各种不同类型的相应处罚”。画中的角色有的被钉在树上,有的被半埋在火盆里,还有的正被送往巨龙的口中,或者正被灼烧着他们的生殖器。Then it was on to Ibu Oka, renowned (as in, featured by Anthony Bourdain) for babi guleng, or roast suckling pig, for a 55,000-rupiah plate with meat so moist I’d call it swampy, doused with a peppery sauce and much ballyhooed pork skin that I found a bit too chewy. (I prefer my crackling a bit more, um, crackling.)然后我去了Ibu Oka,这间小店专以babi guleng也就是烤乳猪闻名(美国大厨安东尼·波登(Anthony Bourdain)也对其盛赞有加),一盘售价5.5万卢比,里面的猪肉松软多汁,被我戏称为“沼泽”,浇上胡椒酱,配搭很大程度上宣传过度、在我看来有点太过难嚼的猪肉皮。(我更喜欢更脆一些的肉皮,嗯,脆脆的那种。)Then there was the famed Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, which is on lovely temple grounds and certainly worth the 30,000 rupiah fee, especially if you’ve never before had monkeys eat bananas out of your hands.接着则是大名鼎鼎的圣猴森林避难所(Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary),它坐落在一片风景迷人的神庙之中,3万卢比的票价绝对物有所值,尤其是你从来没有喂过猴子吃你手里的香蕉的话。And I was intrigued by online raves about the Sari Organik Warung Bodag Maliah, depicted as an organic restaurant in a pristine location amid rice fields. It wasn’t quite as pristine as promised: A pedestrian (and motorbike) path ran through it, dotted with souvenir shops and cafes. I’d call them not so much rice fields as “Rice Fields,” framed as a destination for travelers. Few agricultural features I’ve seen have signs directing you toward them.我也对网上众人追捧的餐厅Sari Organik Warung Bodag Maliah兴趣浓厚,据说这家有机餐厅位于稻田中的一处质朴之地。那里其实并没有宣传所说的那么质朴:一条步行道(也是托车道)从中穿过,路边点缀着几家纪念品商店和咖啡馆。要我说,这里的稻田并没有多到可以被称作“稻田”,最多就是一处面向游客的旅游景点罢了。而我很少看到哪些农业特色地点会有明确的标识引导你抵达目的地。I get the appeal, but a week earlier, I had clambered over rice fields on Sulawesi for miles and miles, without a tourist in sight. In Papua, I had hiked hours to villages without seeing a single sign, let alone one directing you to the local sweet potato plantations.我能了解当地所想要传达的诉求,但就在一周前,我刚刚在苏拉威西岛(Sulawesi)上翻过了连绵数英里的稻田,途中可连一名游客都没见着。在巴布亚省,我曾徒步数小时前往不同村庄,路上连一个标志都没看到过,更别说能够引导你前往当地红薯种植园的标志了。Still, the cafe was lovely. My salad was so fresh it tasted as if I were picking it directly from the earth, and with some surprising ingredients, with greens like leaves of both guava and soursop. At 48,000 rupiah, it was a bargain.尽管如此,这里的咖啡馆还是很可爱的。我点的沙拉用料新鲜,口感仿佛刚刚从地里直接采摘回来的一般,里面还用到了一些罕见的食材,例如番石榴叶、红毛榴莲叶等绿叶菜。一盘只需4.8万卢比,实在是物美价廉。As was my day in Ubud, which cost me, astonishingly, something like . But halfway through the day I paused and went to Booking.com, the site I turn to for lodging not listed elsewhere, and found Kudesa. (I didn’t even find it on TripAdvisor.)以上就是我在乌布的一天,总共竟然才只花了我20美元左右。但在那天中午,我一度暂停行程,访问网站Booking.com,试图寻找一间在其他网站上看不到的住宿地点——我就是这样找到的库德萨民宿。(我甚至在TripAdvisor上都没有看到过这家的信息。)During my stay at Odah Ayu, I had met Komang, a member of the family that owns it; as I checked out, he offered to drive me to Kudesa. Thirty minutes later, we passed through a lavish carved gate and entered what looked like a palace or temple: buildings made of that orange brick, their doors shrouded in ornate sandstone carving. Komang was impressed. “This is maybe rich family,” he said.暂住鸥达阿玉期间,我认识了克曼(Komang),他是这家旅馆主人家族的一员;当我退房时,他提出愿意开车送我到库德萨民宿。30分钟后,我们穿过一扇奢华的雕花大门,进入了一处仿若宫殿又像是神庙的地方:橘红色砖块砌成的建筑物,门扇上包着一层华美无比的砂岩雕刻。这让克曼眼界大开。“这户人家大概很有钱,”他说。Perhaps, but one that charges less than for a single. The place had undergone an expansion recently, and now included a handful of fancy-looking rooms along a reverse infinity pool. (That’s my new term for when the infinity edge points in the wrong direction — to the rooms themselves).或许,但是单人间的收费也才不到10美元而已。这里不久前刚刚经过扩修,如今拥有好几间设计精美的客房,沿着一座反向无边缘设计的泳池一路排开。(这是我创造的一个新名词,指称那些池边朝向一反常态,朝着客房一侧的无边缘泳池。)I never got to see my single; the place was nearly empty, so I was upgraded to one of the older doubles (regular price, 180,000 rupiah.) It was a no-nonsense room, with a single sheet and blanket on the bed, an air-conditioner that leaked, and acoustics that allowed me to diagnose sleep apnea in the guest next door. Considering the elegant surroundings (and the dinner they served me by the pool the next night, no charge), it was still a deal.我从头到尾都无缘得见我预订的那间单人间;这间民宿在当时几乎空无一人,于是我直接被升等到了一间年头更久的双人间(常规标价为18万卢比)。这间客房的状态简直写满了故事:床上铺的是单人被和毯子,空调在漏水,隔音效果足以让我诊断出隔壁客人是否患有睡眠呼吸暂停中止症。考虑到优雅别致的周边环境(还有他们次日晚上为我安排的池边晚餐,免费的哟),我觉得还可以接受。That dinner was lovely, a standard plate of rice, meat and spicy homemade sambal, but did not compare to that first night I ate at the market, after parking my bike among dozens of scooters.那顿晚餐还算开心,一客标准份量的米饭、肉和辣口的自制叁巴酱,但是跟我第一天晚上将自行车停在一堆小绵羊里后在集市上吃的那顿,还是没法比。No taxis wait at the market, making it difficult for travelers to get there on their own, and English is a rarity, so those not willing to get on two wheels may wish to consider a tour offered by the Casa Luna cooking school for 400,000 rupiah to tame the chaos and choose the right dishes.集市附近没有候客的出租车,很不方便游客自己前往,会讲英语的人也很少,因此那些无意自己骑车出行的游客,不妨考虑参加烹饪学校Casa Luna举办的美食游,收费40万卢比,帮你抚平所有混乱,选择万无一失的佳肴。I tried a more D.I.Y. solution. On the ride over from Ubud, I asked Komang to list a few Balinese dishes I should try. He gave me three: serombotan, betutu and sate langwan. I jotted them down (having no idea what they were) then asked him how to say “Where is the most delicious _________?” in Indonesian. “Di mana ________ yang enak?” was his suggestion. He also gave me the phrase in Balinese, just in case.我则尝试了一种更为自力更生的办法。在驾车前往乌布的路上,我让克曼为我推荐几道必尝佳肴。他对我说了三道:serombotan、betutu和sate langwan。我用笔记了下来(但对于这些到底是什么东西毫无头绪),然后问他“哪里有最好吃的_________?”用印尼语怎么说。他教导我说:“Di mana ________ yang enak?”他还教了我一句巴厘语,以防我万一有用得着的时候。It worked brilliantly. First, I tried asking for the serombotan, and was pointed to a woman standing at a no-name cart behind an array of plates and bowls loaded with vegetables, bean sprouts, soybeans and more. She piled them all together for me, dashed on a combustible sauce and charged me 5,000 rupiah, a delicious, crunchy, tongue-numbing bargain.这句话真是派上大用场了。我先是试着问了一下serombotan,结果被指向了站在一辆无名推车旁的女人,她置身在一堆碗盘的后面,里面装着蔬菜、豆芽、黄豆还有许多其他的东西。她将所有这些东西堆成一盘,摆在我的面前,浇上一种可燃的酱料,然后收了我5,000卢比,真是一道香脆美味、令人舌头发麻的平民美食。Next, two other women argued before sending me to Warung Carmayani for betutu, slow-roasted poultry (chicken, in this case) with rice, for 22,000 rupiah. Nice, but rather bland.接着,另外两位女士在送我前往Warung Carmayani品尝betutu前争论了一番,这道美食是用家禽(这里用的是鸡)慢慢烤制而成,配上米饭,一客要价2.2万卢比。味道不错,但还是平淡无奇了些。Finally, sate langwan (which turned out to be a fish satay) was sold out. So I compromised at a stand labeled Sate Kambing Juprianto, which specialized in goat satay. A man tossed 10 two-bite sticks of meat over glowing coals and whipped together a rich, surprisingly savory peanut sauce for me on the spot for 20,000 rupiah. I finished it off with some es campur, shaved ice and crazily colorful gelatins, fruit and coconut milk for an additional 6,000 rupiah.最后是sate langwan(似乎就是一种鱼肉沙爹),但是店里卖完了。于是我做出了妥协,改去了一间标着“Sate Kambing Juprianto”,专卖山羊肉沙爹的小摊。一个男人当场将10块两口大小的肉块丢到灼热的木炭上方,然后与一种厚重粘稠但风味极佳的花生酱搅拌在一起,总共收了我2万卢比。最后,我又另外花了6,000卢比,点了一份es campur,这是一种浇有一堆五颜六色的明胶啫哩、水果切块和椰奶的刨冰。On the way back, in Blahbatuh, the village before Keh, I saw a group gathered around the slaughtered pigs and pulled over.返回宾馆的途中,我在克美奴前面的一个村庄布拉巴度(Blahbatuh)看到一群人围着几头宰杀完毕的猪,便将车靠边停了下来。“Where are you from?” boomed a voice. “你是从哪儿来的?”一道嗓门震天响的声音问道。I immediately took a liking to Widi, perhaps in part because he reminded me, in both looks and boisterously welcoming manner, of a friend in New York. He explained that he and a few others had killed two pigs to divide among his extended family, to be used in dishes for Galungan, during which ancestral spirits are believed to visit.我立刻就喜欢上了威迪(Widi),或许有部分原因是因为,无论他的样貌还是他热情待人的方式,都让我想起了我在纽约的一位朋友。他向我解释道,他和其他几个人刚刚宰了两头猪,准备分给他的家族亲戚们,用来制作成菜肴,为当地人民认为会有祖先魂魄来访的加隆安节做准备。He invited me over the next morning for a breakfast of lawar, made of minced pork and vegetables and grated coconut, jumbled together with a spicy sambal.他邀请我在次日清晨与他共进一种名为lawar的早餐,这道菜肴用切碎的猪肉和蔬菜混合椰丝,再拌上一种辣口的叁巴酱制成。I had planned a tour of island temples and other attractions with Mank Jay, a driver and guide who was Mangku’s nephew, so I stopped by early and met Widi’s family, who lived in a traditionally structured family compound.我已经计划好,要与师傅的外甥,司机兼导游曼克·杰(Mank Jay),结伴游览岛上的神庙与其他景点,于是我早早拜访,见到了威迪一家,一个拥有着传统家族结构的大家庭。I had that every Hindu family in Bali had its own temple, or sanggah, but I hadn’t imagined an entire section devoted to shrines representing different manifestations of the gods and the family’s ancestors. Offerings of rice and flowers had been laid in front of each; Widi himself prays there three times a day when he can, two times when he is working as a bus driver.我曾经在书上读到过,巴厘岛上的每一个印度教家庭都拥有自己的神庙,这在当地的语言里叫作sanggah,但是我完全想象不到,他们会开辟出一整块区域来陈设神龛,里面供奉着不同的神灵及家族祖先们的化身。每一尊神像前,都摆放着米饭和鲜花作为祭品;威迪自己在条件允许的情况下,每天会在这里拜上三次,做大巴司机的时候则是一天两次。I was invited back to spend the first day of Galungan with Widi’s family (more on that next week). But that day I still had my tour with Jay, for which he charged 600,000 rupiah, including gas. You may find others willing to do it for 400,000 or 500,000, but it’s worth extra for a guide you like, and I recommend Jay (62-812-3739-8422).我受邀在加隆安节当天再次来访,与威迪全家共度佳节首日(下周再讲述更多详情)。但是那一天我也已经计划好,要与杰一同出游,这趟行程杰总共收我60万卢比,包括汽车的油费。你或许发现其他人通常只愿意出到40万或50万卢比,但能请到自己喜欢的导游,多花点钱也是值得的,在此我要强烈推荐一下杰(62-812-3739-8422)。We motored around to numerous temples and historic spots, the highlight of which was Kerta Gosa, a partly restored complex that had served as a royal home and hall of justice for the Balinese king. Two elegant, typically Balinese buildings remain, one set dramatically in the middle of a pond, as if it were a ship connected to the shore by a sculpture-lined gangplank.我们开着汽车,参观了大量的帝庙与古迹,其中值得一提的是司法亭(Kerta Gosa),这座经过部分修缮的建造原本是一处皇家住宅,也是巴厘岛国王主持公义的审判大厅。这里还保留着两栋造型优雅、典型的巴厘岛风格建筑,一栋引人注目地矗立在池塘中央,有如一艘轮船停泊在此,靠一块边缘雕刻着花纹的跳板,与池岸相连。Inside, the ceilings are painted with mesmerizing depictions of the Hindu epics, most notably the Bhima Swarga story, in which a man enters the underworld to rescue his parents. In a scene now familiar to me, sinners were depicted being punished in hell — in this version, for example, hanging from trees over a pit of fire as rats gnawed on the ropes.建筑内部,天花板上描绘着引人入胜的印度教史诗画卷,最值得注意的是怖军天堂(Bhima Swarga)的故事,讲述了一个男人进入冥界营救自己父母。这个场景我倒有些熟悉,描绘的就是罪人们在地狱中受罚的情景——譬如在这里,就是被绳索吊在树上,下方是一个火坑,上面则有老鼠在啃噬着绳索。“We believe in karma,” Jay said. “When you do a bad thing in your life, and the gods call you, your time is up. And then you see what they’re going to do to you.” “我们相信因果报应。”杰说,“如果你在活着的时候做了坏事,当神灵召唤你的时候,你的大限就到了。然后你就会看到你以前的作为带给你的报应。”I had asked Jay if there was a traditional rural village we could visit to get away from the temples and monuments. So he took me to Penglipuran, a beautiful village with an odd twist.我曾经问过杰,有没有什么传统的乡村村落可以参观,让我们摆脱那些神庙和纪念碑的。于是他带我去了彭力布南(Penglipuran),一处美丽又带着几分古怪的村庄。Along its main street of beautifully laid-out stone, families live in homes that date back centuries to pre-Hindu Bali. One catch: You pay 15,000 rupiah at the ticket booth to enter, where you are handed a scrap of paper with a number, referring to the house you have been assigned to visit.在用石头精心铺就的大路两旁,村民们所居住的房屋可以一直上溯到几个世纪以前,印度教尚未进入巴厘岛的时期。有一点要注意:在售票处付1.5万卢比的入村费,你会拿到一张写有号码的纸片,指定一栋房屋供你游览。The houses and people were lovely, but it felt as if I had entered a human zoo that was an apt metaphor for the island as a whole, particularly the more touristed parts: traditional families living traditional ways, as travelers pay to wander through their lives.这里的房屋和村民都很可爱,但是会给我一种误入了某间人类动物园的感觉,就这座岛而言,这的确是个十分恰当的比喻,尤其是那些十分旅游化的部分——这里的传统家庭沿袭着传统的生活方式,而游客们付费入场四处参观。 /201509/401147福州人民医院检查胎停好不好

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