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泉州新阳光医院太好了泉州新阳光妇科医院According to the Daily Telegraph of September , Fujitsu, a Japanese technology company, has created asystem capable of simultaneously charging multiple portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras and laptop computers without the need cable connections.Electric cars users may also eventually be able to charge their vehicles wirelessly using the same technology,said the company, which unveiled a prototype system at the Institute of Electronics, Inmation and Communication Engineers conference at Osaka Prefecture University. Claiming to be the world's first of its kind, the technology works on the basis of the transmission of electricity using magnetic fields between the charger and the electronic device.The system enables wireless charging at distances of up to several metres, with the ultimate aim of installing public "charging spots" on the streets in order to enable easy charging around the clock. Scientists at Fujitsu Laboratories are planning to commercially sell products incorporating the new wireless charging system as early as but did not disclose how much they would cost."This technology paves the way to integrating compact wireless charging functions into mobile phones and enabling multiple portable devices to be charged simultaneously without any restrictions on their position with respect to the charger," the company said in a statement.Mobile phone users in Japan can currently top up their batteries using disposable portable plug-in battery-operated devices, available at most train stations and convenience stores. However, phone companies warn prolonged use can damage the phones.The company added: "We are also looking at applying the results of this work to fields other than portable electronics, including power transmission between circuit boards or computer chips, and providing mobile charging systems electric cars."泉州医科大学一院网上预约 Manners and etiquette are tricky to say the least. Figuring out which k is the salad k is one thing, but knowing when using a k at all will offend your host is another. Etiquette varies from culture to culture. Something that sounds rude in one country may be the most polite thing to do in another.礼仪和规矩至少可以说是让人难以捉摸透彻的知道哪把叉子是用来吃沙拉的是一回事,但是知道用叉子根本就是对主人的一种冒犯又是另外一回事了礼仪因文化不同而不同在一个国家听上去粗鲁的某些行为放到另一个国家可能偏偏正是最礼貌的.Spitting.吐口水、吐痰There is a good chance our parents scolded us as teens when we spit on the sidewalk. In general, spitting is usually frowned upon. Spitting on or at someone is seen as one of the greatest insults one can give. It even considered assault by the police. Members of the Maasai tribe in eastern central Africa, however, have a completely different way of seeing things. They spit at each other the same way we shake hands. As a matter of fact, they spit on their hands bee shaking just in case they get to spit on each other later.我们十几岁的时候随地吐痰的话,父母很有可能会责骂我们一般来说,吐痰通常确实是人们所不赞同的行为向其他人吐口水被认为是人们做出的最侮辱他人的行为之一某些情况下甚至可以被警方认为是人身攻击然而,非洲中心东部的马萨伊部落的成员们却有着一个完全不同的看待吐口水这一行为的视角他们互相吐口水的意义就像我们互相握手一样实际上,他们在握手之前互相吐口水仅仅是为了防止他们握手之后会忘记Most of us have been ced to endure conversations with elderly relatives who dont adhere to the phrase ;Say it, dont spray it,; but Maasai children have it worse. Polite children who salute when they walk by their elders can expect a big, wet glob of saliva flying their way in response. Of course, it is done with the best of intentions, and accompanied by the elder wishing a long life upon the child. Friends and family come from miles around to spit on newborn babies the same reason.我们大多数人都有那么几个说话时口水四溅的长辈,与这些长辈交谈时我们通常都要忍受满脸的唾沫,然而马赛的孩子们比我们更加不幸当有礼貌的孩子们路过长辈时,通常会收到长辈们一大坨飞扬的唾沫作为回应当然,马赛的长辈们这么做是带着最好的祝愿的,并且希望孩子们能够长寿朋友和家人远从千里而来给新生儿吐口水也是出于同样的原因The tribespeople spit just about every occasion. They spit on any gift they are about to give. When they move into a new home, one of the first things they do is go outside and spit in the four directions. They spit at anything theyve never seen bee because they believe doing so protects their eyesight.几乎每一个场合上,他们都会吐口水他们会在他们要送出的礼物上吐口水当他们搬进了新家,他们做的第一件事就是去外面朝四个方向吐口水他们向任何从来没见过的东西吐口水是因为他们相信这样做可以保护视力9.Slurping9.饮啜In most countries, slurping soup in public may cause our mothers to yell at us or our dates to disown us. However, in many Asian countries, such as China and Japan, slurping soup or noodles is seen as high praise. It implies that the food is so good that the diner couldnt even wait it to cool off to eat it. Anyone who has scorched their mouth on a slice of deep-dish pizza with everything on it will probably agree that there may be some truth to this.在大多数国家,在公共场合啜汤可能会导致我们挨妈妈的一顿骂甚至约会对象会和我们不再往来然而,在许多亚洲国家,如中国和日本,啜汤或吸面条被视为高度赞誉这表明,食物非常的好吃以至于吃饭的客人迫不及待想吃也就顾不上等食物冷了再吃喜欢一口吃掉一片满是馅料的深盘披萨的人大概会深有感触,认为这话有点道理吧To eat without slurping may lead those nearby to assume the diner is unhappy with the food. In Japan, the same is true tea. Slurping the last mouthful of tea loudly lets the host know the guest has finished and is satisfied. This cultural difference has led many Japanese visitors to feel restricted in other countries where they are expected to dine quietly.光吃不啜可能会使我们身边的务员担心食客不满意店里的食物在日本喝茶也是同样的道理茶的最后一口要啜得大声让主人知道你已经喝完了并且得到了满足这种文化上的差异使得许多日本游客在需要悄然用餐的国家倍感约束8.Sticking Out Your Tongue8.吐舌头In many countries, sticking out your tongue is usually accompanied by the phrase ;Na, na, na-na-na!; At the very least, it is typically seen as a rebellious or teasing gesture. At most, it is an insult. This is why, in Italy, you can be fined insulting behavior doing it. While not illegal in India, sticking out one tongue is negative and regarded as a sign of unbelievable anger.在许多国家,通常伸出你的舌头并伴随着那句;呐,呐,呐,呐,呐!;轻则通常被视为典型的叛逆或戏弄的姿态重则被认为是一种侮辱在意大利这样做,你会因侮辱行为而被罚款然而在印度这并不违法,伸出自己的舌头是消极的情绪,并且是愤怒至极的标志However, the world is a large place, and in New Caledonia, the same gesture indicates a wish wisdom and energy. In Tibet, however, sticking out one tongue is seen as the respectful thing to do when greeting someone. It is said that this custom comes from the belief that an evil king had a black tongue, and it shows goodwill to prove that we are not an incarnation him. This may explain why, in the Caroline Islands, sticking out tongues is believed to be a way to banish demons. Although, to be fair, if the person sticking out their tongue hasnt brushed their teeth, then they would probably be able to banish anyone.然而,世界很大,无奇不有在新喀里多尼亚,同样的手势却表示希望获得智慧和能量在西藏,伸出自己的舌头,又被视为问候别人时的表示尊重的方式据说这一习俗源于一种信仰,从前一个邪恶的国王有一个黑色的舌头,黑色的舌头显示了善意来明我们不是他的一个化身这也许可以解释为什么在加罗林群岛,伸出舌头被认为可以驱逐恶魔虽然,说实话,如果你没刷牙也伸出舌头的话,别提恶魔了,任何人你都可以吓跑7.Flowers7.鲜花Flowers are often seen as an all-purpose gift. They are given first dates, graduations, weddings, funerals, ;get well soon; gifts, and apologies. It is actually this reason that giving flowers can sometimes be viewed as rude if one is not careful. Chrysanthemums, lilies, gladioli, and other white flowers are symbolic of mourning, and they are used in funerals in many countries. Carnations are common cemetery decorations in Germany and France. To give someone a bouquet of white flowers in China, or a carnation in France, may be interpreted as saying ;Drop dead.;鲜花往往被认为是一种全能的礼物第一次约会,毕业典礼,婚礼,葬礼,探病,和道歉时都可以送花正是如此,稍不留神送花就会被认为是粗鲁的菊花,百合,剑兰以及其他白色的花朵是哀悼的象征,许多国家都把它们用在葬礼上德国和法国的墓地都会用康乃馨来装饰在中国送别人一朵白花,或者在法国送别人康乃馨,都可以解释为对别人说:;去死吧;Yellow flowers represent hate in Russia and Iran, and purple flowers are bad luck in Italy and Brazil. Red flowers, roses especially, are intended only to express romantic interest in Germany and Italy. In the Czech Republic, flowers in general are seen as romantic gifts. So, giving one teacher or boss flowers could result in a great deal of trouble. Even the number of flowers can be rude. In some countries, like France and Armenia, an even number of flowers is joyous occasions, and odd numbers are grieving, while in countries like Thailand and China, odd numbers tend to be lucky and even numbers tend to be ominous.黄色的花在俄罗斯和伊朗代表着仇恨,而紫色的花在意大利和巴西则是坏运气的象征红色的花,特别是玫瑰,在德国和意大利就只能用来表达爱意在捷克共和国,花一般被认为是示爱的礼物所以送花给自己的老师或老板可能会引来很大的麻烦花的数量不对也会被认为粗鲁在一些国家,比如法国和亚美尼亚,偶数的花是在喜庆的场合,而奇数则是悲伤,然而在像泰国和中国这样的国家,奇数往往是幸运的,偶数往往则凶多吉少6.Cleaning Your Plate6.吃光盘子Yes, we are all used to our parents telling us to clean our plate and not to waste food. In some countries, however, a clean plate may confuse the host, and possibly insult them. In the Philippines, North Africa, and some regions of China, the host will put more food on a plate once it is clean. Even this requires a little game in North Africa: The host offers more, the guest says no, the host offers again, the guest says no again, the host offers one more time, and the guest finally agrees. It is only when the guest leaves a little bit of food on their plate that the host will assume they are full. Failure to do so in some situations can offend the host. They will see a guest clean plate as a signal that they were not served enough, and the host may feel that they are being called cheap.是的,我们都习惯了父母从小就告诉我们要吃光盘子,不能浪费食物然而在一些国家,吃光你的盘子可能会给主人造成困扰,并可能无意中羞辱了他们在菲律宾,北非和中国的一些地区,一旦你的盘子空了,主人就会把更多的食物添到你的盘子里即使在北非这需要绕一点小小的弯子:主人提供更多的食物,客人拒绝,主人再提供,客人再拒绝,主人再次提供,最后客人终于同意只有客人的盘子里留下一点食物的时候,主人才会觉得客人都吃饱了如果不这样做,在某些情况下会冒犯到主人他们会把客人的空盘子看作是客人没有得到很好的招待的信号,并且他们可能会觉得自己在被说小气翻译:瓜瓜 来源:前十网 389756Over the two decades that have seen her shoot from obscurity to superstardom, Victoria Beckham countless sartorial choices have been well documented.在过去年间,维多利亚·贝克汉姆从默默无闻成长为超级巨星,她的许多穿搭造型都深入人心But one of her biggest regrets when it comes to aesthetics - possibly more than any possible fashion faux - was her much talked-about move to enhance her bosom.但提到审美,维多利亚最大遗憾就是曾隆过胸,这个遭到热议的举动可能比任何搭配失误都让她后悔Over the two decades that have seen her shoot from obscurity to superstardom, Victoria Beckham countless sartorial choices have been well documented.在过去年间,维多利亚·贝克汉姆从默默无闻成长为超级巨星,她的许多穿搭造型都深入人心But one of her biggest regrets when it comes to aesthetics - possibly more than any possible fashion faux - was her much talked-about move to enhance her bosom.但提到审美,维多利亚最大遗憾就是曾隆过胸,这个遭到热议的举动可能比任何搭配失误都让她后悔In resurfaced letter that the singer-turned designer penned to her younger self British Vogue October issue, she expresses regret at her decision, warning: I should probably say, don’t mess with your boobs.维多利亚在英国版《Vogue月刊中给年轻时的自己写了一封信,在信中表达了自己的悔意,她警告道“我应该这么说,不要乱弄你的胸部”All those years I denied it - stupid. A sign of insecurity, added the -year-old mother-of-four.岁的维多利亚现在已经是个孩子的妈妈,她说,“这些年来我都在否认这件事,我真笨这是缺乏安全感的表现”The mer Spice Girl also admitted that she was drunk when she first met her husband David Beckham back in the 1990s - and discussed her teenage insecurities.维多利亚是上世纪90年代结识老公大卫?贝克汉姆的,她承认他们初次见面时自己已经喝醉了她还谈到了少年时的自己缺乏安全感The story of David and Victoria beginnings are well known as he famously revealed after seeing her in the the Spice Girls 1996 hit Say Youll Be There he declared: That’s the girl me and Im going to get her! She my idea of perfection. I knew that if she wanted me, we would be together ever.人们熟知两人相识的故事是因为贝克汉姆曾透露,自己在辣组合1996年的大热曲《说你会在那里视频中看到维多利亚后,就宣布:“这个女孩儿是我的,我要得到她!她就是我的理想型我想如果她也喜欢我的话,我们会永远在一起”Following his announcement, the brunette beauty, then labelled Posh Spice, headed to Manchester ed to see the burgeoning young ace play - after which she admitted she fell in love at first sight - feelings which she admits were mutual.在那之后,这位有着时髦辣之称的褐发美人前往曼联观看了那个新兴的年轻王牌球员的比赛维多利亚承认他们对彼此一见钟情In the letter, addressed to herself, Victoria advice on boyfriends and lasting love : Learn more about football, especially the offside rule. And yes, love at first sight does exist. It will happen to you in the Manchester ed players’ lounge – although you will get a little drunk, so exact details are hazy.信中,维多利亚在与男友相处和维系爱情方面忠告自己:“要多了解足球,特别是越位规则还有,一见钟情的确是存在的虽然微醺的你对细节会有些模糊,但是你会在曼联的球员休息室里体会到这种感觉”While the other football players stand at the bar drinking with their mates, you will see David standing aside with his family. “当别的球员站在吧台和哥们儿喝酒时,你会看到贝克汉姆站在家人的身边”And he has such a cute smile. You, too, are close to your family, and you will think how similar he feels to you. He’s going to ask your number.“他笑的非常可爱你也和家人很亲密,你会发现他和你非常相似他会向你要电话”Aside from meeting the love of her life, Victoria also cast her mind back to her years at theatre school in Epsom, Surrey, where she admits at the age of 18, she never felt as though she fitted in - feeling ;not the prettiest, or the thinnest;.除了遇见毕生所爱之外,维多利亚还回忆了她在萨里州爱普索姆的戏剧学院的岁月她表示,18岁的自己从未适应过那段生活,她觉得自己“即不是最漂亮的,也不是最苗条的”Her impassioned note : I know you are struggling right now. You are not the prettiest, or the thinnest, or the best at dancing at the Laine Theatre Arts college.她激动地写道:“我知道你现在很挣扎你不是最漂亮的,也不是最苗条的,更不是莱恩戏剧艺术学院中跳舞最棒的”You have never properly fitted in, although you are sharing your Surrey school digs with really nice girls. You have bad acne. “虽然你和学校里的漂亮女孩住在一起,但是你从没有真正适应这里你的痘痘很严重”As a high-end fashion designer, Victoria sartorial choices have long been scrutinised, with both her fashion and beauty, triumphs and fails making waves around the world and often imitated.作为一名高端时装设计师,维多利亚的着装选择备受瞩目,她的时尚与美貌、成功与失败的选择都会轰动全球,时常为人们效仿In her comments to her younger self she gives a nod to her fashion icon status as urges young Victoria to realise she will mature and learn: You are going to have so much fun with your clothes – PVC catsuits; chokers that say absurd things; weird spiky blonde hair. 在对年轻时的自己说的话中,她肯定了自己的时尚教主地位她鼓励年轻的维多利亚相信自己会变成熟,并懂得:“你会从衣中得到很多乐趣——塑料紧身衣、荒唐的项圈式项链、古怪扎眼的金发”It will never occur to you that you appear ridiculous. You will turn up at awards ceremonies resembling a drag queen. But I look back at you and smile. It will add interest to your life to go from one extreme to another. I love the fact that you will feel free to express yourself.“你永远不会变得可笑你会像变装女王一样现身各大颁奖礼而我微笑着回头看你从一个极端走向另一个极端会为你的人生增添乐趣我非常开心你会自由地表达自己”You will learn, as you mature, to swap heels Stan Smith trainers, minidresses crisp white shirts. And you will never be one of those people who just roll out of bed.“你将明白,当你成熟后,你就会用Stan Smith运动鞋换下高跟鞋,用清爽的白T恤换下超短裙你永远也不会成为那些刚从床上爬起来的人” 8635永春县中心医院有无痛人流术吗

泉州人流医院好泉州二医院 泉州做人流的妇产医院有哪几家

惠安市中医院网上挂号5.Russian5.俄语Number of speakers: 77 million使用人数:.77亿Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, and Yakov Smirnoff are among the millions of Russian speakers out there. Sure, we used to think of them as our Commie enemies. Now we think of them as our Commie friends. One of the six languages in the UN, Russian is spoken not only in the Mother Country, but also in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the U.S. (to name just a few places).米哈伊尔·戈尔巴乔夫,鲍里斯·叶利钦,雅科夫·斯米诺夫属于数以百万计的俄语人群当然,我们曾经认为他们是我们的政敌现在我们认为他们是我们的共产主义朋友作为联合国六种语言之一,俄语不仅在母国使用,而且在白俄罗斯,哈萨克斯坦,美国都有着广泛的使用To say ;hello; in Russian, say ;Zdravstvuite;.俄语说;你好;, 即 ;Zdravstvuite;.Spanish.西班牙语Number of speakers: 39 million使用人数:3.9亿Aside from all of those kids who take it in high school, Spanish is spoken in just about every South American and Central American country, not to mention Spain, Cuba, and the U.S. There is a particular interest in Spanish in the U.S., as many English words are borrowed from the language, including: tornado, bonanza, patio, quesadilla, enchilada, and taco grande supreme.除了那些孩子在高中上西班牙语课的孩子,西班牙语的使用遍布所有南美洲和中美洲国家,更不用说西班牙,古巴,美国等地西班牙语可不简单,美国的很多英语单词都借用了其语言,包括:龙卷风,财源滚滚,天井,油炸玉米粉饼,拉达,墨西哥超级玉米饼卷To say ;hello; in Spanish, say ;Hola;.西班牙语说;你好;,即;hola;3.Hindustani3.印度斯坦语Number of speakers: 97 million使用人数:.97亿Hindustani is the primary language of India crowded population, and it encompasses a huge number of dialects (of which the most commonly spoken is Hindi). While many predict that the population of India will soon surpass that of China, the prominence of English in India prevents Hindustani from surpassing the most popular language in the world. If youre interested in learning a little Hindi, there a very easy way: rent an Indian movie. The film industry in India is the most prolific in the world, making thousands of actionromancemusicals every year.印度斯坦语是印度大部分人口的主要语言,它包含了大量的方言(其中最常用的语言为印地语)虽然许多人预测,印度的人口将超过中国,英语在印度的突出阻碍了印度斯坦语成为世界最为流行的语言如果你对学习一点印度语感兴趣,有一个很简单的方法:租一个印度电影印度的电影产业在世界上是最丰富的,每年制定行动浪漫音乐剧数以千计To say ;hello; in Hindustani, say ;Namaste;印度斯坦语说;你好;,即;Namaste;.English.英语Number of speakers: 5 million使用人口:5.亿While English doesnt have the most speakers, it is the official language of more countries than any other language. Its speakers hail from all around the world, including New Zealand, the U.S., Australia, England, Zimbabwe, the Caribbean, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Canada. Wed tell you more about English, but you probably feel pretty comtable with the language aly. Let just move on to the most popular language in the world.虽然英语不拥有最多的使用人数,但是相比其他任何语言它是多个国家的官方用语它的使用者遍布世界各地,包括新西兰,美国,澳大利亚,英国,津巴布韦,加勒比海,香港,南非,加拿大我们会告诉你更多关于英语的事,但你可能感觉与它已经很熟悉了让我们开始进入世界上最流行的语言To say ;hello; in English, say ;What up, freak?;英语说;你好;,即;what up ,freak ?;1.Mandarin1.普通话Number of speakers: 1 billion+使用人数:十亿以上Surprise, surprise, the most widely spoken language on the planet is based in the most populated country on the planet. Beating second-place English by a to 1 ratio, but dont let that lull you into thinking that Mandarin is easy to learn. Speaking Mandarin can be really tough, because each word can be pronounced in four ways (or ;tones;), and a beginner will invariably have trouble distinguishing one tone from another. But if over a billion people could do it, so could you. Try saying hello!惊喜,惊喜,这个星球上最广泛的语言是基于地球上人口最多的国家以比1击败排名第二的英国,但不要让它诱导你认为普通话很容易学讲普通话将会是很困难的,因为每个单词可以有四种发音,一个初学者总是对区别一个音和另一个感到困难但如果十亿人都能做到,那么你也可以试着说你好!To say ;hello; in Mandarin, say ;Ni hao; (;Hao; is pronounced as one syllable, but the tone requires that you let your voice drop midway, and then raise it again at the end.)普通话说;你好;,即;你好;(;好;的读音就是一个音节,但语气要求你让你的声音中途下跌,然后再提高到尽头)翻译:佳奇 来源:前十网 3930 A long time ago, In a beautiful kingdom, there lived a young king and queen, the people loved them so much; the queen died while giving birth to a girl, her name was Snow White, She was a beautiful princess. Year passed, the king got married again, The people didn’t love the new queen, because she was cruel. 很久很久以前,在一个美丽的国度里,住着一位年轻的国王和他的王后,他们深受人民的爱戴王后在生育一个女孩时不幸死去了,这个女孩的名字叫做白雪,这是位美丽的公主几年之后,国王再婚了人民不喜欢这位新王后,因为这是个残暴的女人One day, In the king's palace: 一天,在国王的宫殿里S.w: My name is S.w , I am a beautiful princess, I miss my mother so much, Where is my mother? Where is my mother? 白雪:我的名字叫做白雪,我是个美丽的公主,我十分怀念我死去的母后.妈妈你在哪?妈妈你在哪?Q: I am a queen, I'm very beautiful,Where is Mirror? 王后:我是王后,是个非常艳丽的女人.我的镜子在哪?Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful? 镜子镜子听我问,谁是这世上最美的人?M: S.w is much more beautiful than you! 镜子:白雪比你美丽千倍!Q: Hunter, go kill S.w. 王后:猎人,去杀掉白雪H: Yes, my queen.猎人:遵命,我的主上S.w: Help me ,help me, please, please.白雪:救命啊,救命……求你救救我A: what’s the matter with you? A:出什么事了?S.w: The hunter…hunter… 白雪:是猎人……猎人他……A: bite you bite you … A:咬死你咬死你……S.w: I am tried and hungry, oh, there is a little house , 白雪:我又累又饿,哦,这里有个小房子I will eat a little and lie down. 我得吃点东西小憩一会D: 1Look, somebody ate my food---- 小矮人1:看那,我的东西被人吃了somebody drank my water---- :我的水被人喝了3someone is sleeping now---- 3:有人在睡觉呢What a beautiful girl!---- :多美的姑娘啊!5How do you do? 5:你好啊!S.w: How do you do? My name is S.w … 白雪:你好,我的名字叫做白雪……Nice to meet you! 很高兴认识你们D: (齐说)Nice to meet you ,too---- 小矮人:很高兴认识你……6 welcome to our house!---- 6:欢迎到我们这里来!7Would you like to live here? 7:你愿意住在这里吗?S.w: My pleasure, thank you very much! 白雪:当然愿意,非常感谢!D: Let’s go out our work, bye-bye, S.W 小矮人:我们要去工作了,再见啦,白雪Q: Mirror, mirror on the wall, 王后:镜子镜子听我问,who’s the most beautiful? 谁是这世上最美的人?M: S.w is much more beautiful than you! 镜子:白雪比你美丽千倍!Q: What? S.w is not dead? 王后:什么?白雪没有死?Hahaha, I got a good idea! 哈哈哈,我有个好主意!Q: Apple ,apple, beautiful apple, 王后:卖苹果,卖苹果,有人的苹果啦!S.w: Hello, Good morning grandma! 白雪:请等等,早上好,老奶奶!Q: pretty girl ,would you like a bite? 王后:可爱的姑娘,要尝一口吗?S.w: Oh, yes ,thank you grandma! 白雪:哦,好啊,谢谢你老奶奶!Q: The girl is dead! Hahaha… 王后:这丫头没命了!哈哈哈……S.w wake up, wake up… 白雪,醒醒,醒醒……P: A beautiful girl! She shall be my queen! 王子:美丽的姑娘,你将成为我的新娘!S.w: Thank you your help! 白雪:谢谢你救我!P: My pleasure.王子:荣幸之至 77泉州无痛人流那家医院好泉港区妇科检查



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