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晋江市中医院做宫腔镜的医生泉州新阳光女子网上预约to cream somebody ------ 彻底打败某人(非正式)英文释义(INFORMAL) To defeat somebody totally. 例句Because we are so much better prepared that they are, I think were going to cream our competition.我们的准备比对手要好得多,所以我觉得我们将彻底打败他们。 /201611/471203福建泉州新阳光妇科属于私人医院吗? Start Of School Delayed In Burma缅灾区学校推迟开学众多儿童失学   School begins in Burma on Monday. But, few children from the cyclone struck Irrawaddy Delta will be going. The government has delayed the opening for at least one month in the hardest hit places.The ed Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, is helping the government reopen damaged schools by distributing repair materials, and providing school supplies and learning material. 缅甸学校星期一开学。但是在伊洛瓦底江三角洲强热带风暴灾区,很少有儿童会去上学。受灾最严重地区的学校已经被政府推迟开学至少一个月。联合国儿童基金会正在当地分发维修材料、提供学习用品和学习材料,帮助缅甸政府让受损的学校重新开学。Burma's schools were due to reopen on June 2, one month after Cyclone Nargis struck, killing tens of thousands of people and rendering more than one million homeless. 纳尔吉斯强热带风暴袭击一个月后,缅甸学校计划6月2号开学,这场风暴夺去数万人的生命,让一百多万人无家可归。The ed Nations Children's Fund reports 80 to 90 percent of schools were destroyed in the hardest hit areas. Given the extent of the damage, the Ministry of Education has delayed the opening of schools in seven townships in the Irrawaddy Delta and one township in Rangoon. 联合国儿童基金会报告说,缅甸受灾最严重地区的学校有80%到90%被毁坏。鉴于学校受损的严重程度,缅甸教育部推迟伊洛瓦底江三角洲七个城镇和仰光地区一个城镇的学校开学。UNICEF Spokesman, Michael Klaus, says he does not know how many children actually will be going to school. But, he says regrettably it will not be very many. 联合国儿童基金会发言人克劳斯说,他不知道有多少学生真的会去上学。但是他遗憾地说,去上学的学生不会很多。"One-point-one million is the overall school age population in the affected areas. So, that was the whole number and ideally all of them would have gone back to school next Monday. Due to the damages this is not possible. Only some of the schools which are lesser affected can go back to school."  克劳斯说:“受灾地区学龄儿童一共一百一十万。这是个总数,最好所有学生下星期一都能返校。鉴于学校受损,这就不可能了。只有一些受损不太严重的学校能够开学。”UNICEF believes it is important that children affected by disaster go back to school as soon as possible. It says school helps them recover from the trauma of loss, from the trauma of having been uprooted. It says school helps to give children whose lives have been completely disrupted a sense of normalcy and security. 联合国儿童基金会相信,重要的是让受到风灾影响的孩子们尽快返回学校。该基金会说,学校可以帮助他们从损失的伤、以及丧失家园的伤痛中得以恢复。基金会表示,学校能够帮助那些生活变得离破碎的孩子们得到正常和安全的感觉。Klaus says UNICEF is working with Burma's Ministry of Education to help reopen damaged schools by distributing repair materials as well as essential school supplies and learning matter. 克劳斯说,联合国儿童基金会正在协同缅甸教育部,为遭到损坏的学校发放维修材料、基本的教学用具和教材,使它们得以复课。He says over the next six months, UNICEF plans to support the repair and renovation of around 1,000 primary schools and 400 pre-school facilities. 他表示,在接下来的6个月里,联合国儿童基金会计划为大约1千所小学和400所学前设施提供修复帮助。"It is estimated that more than 4,000 basic education schools have been damaged or completely destroyed, which affects a school population of around 1.1 million children. So, what is planned over the next six months is to provide tents, tarpaulins and support the establishment of at least 1,000 temporary safe learning spaces, very simple spaces made of bamboo and tarpaulins to make sure that education can restart there."  克劳斯说:“据估计,有超过4千所基础教育学校受损或者完全被毁。这影响到大约一百一十万名学龄儿童。所以,现在的计划是在今后6个月提供帐篷、油布,并且帮助建立起至少1千所临时性的安全学习场所,用竹子和油布搭建的简单场所,以保从那里重新开始教学活动。”UNICEF estimates a third of all those killed by Cyclone Nargis are children. More than 130,000 people are either dead or missing from the storm. 联合国儿童基金会估计,死于纳尔吉斯强热带风暴的人当中,有三分之一是儿童。有超过13万人在这场风暴中死亡或失踪。Klaus says many of the children who survived have lost or been separated from their parents. He says they will need special care. He says they will need to be protected from exploitation and abuse.  克劳斯说,许多幸存的儿童失去了家长,或者与他们失散。他说,他们需要特别的照顾。他表示,这些儿童需要保护,免受剥削和虐待。Klaus says UNICEF is planning to create at least 100 so-called child friendly spaces, which will offer a secure environment for orphaned or unaccompanied children.  克劳斯说,联合国儿童基金会正在计划建立至少100个所谓的儿童友善场所,为孤儿和无助的儿童提供一个安全的环境。 200806/40805I spoke earlier to Bob Parker who's the deputy chairman of Credit Suisse asset management. I asked him whether he's impressed by the new highs in Asia and whether those numbers can be sustained.Well certainly it's justified by the high levels of growth that we are seeing in Asia. And you know, we stick with our view that Chinese growth for example this year will be well above 10 % may actually come out to 12 %. Um, and it also is justified by the high level of savings which are now being transfered from bank deposits into equity markets. Now having said that the Asian markets which we have been long of and have been recommending to our clients for at least the last 2-3 years are now becoming expensive. That our pockets are undervaluation in Asia and I would highlight the Japanese market, Taiwan and possibly, Thailand and Malaysia. But over all Asia has a block that's gone from being cheap two years ago to now expensive relative to other equity markets.So treat with caution but does that mean that we should be keeping on money mainly in Europe in the ed States or in the ed States or is there still a worry that we could see a slowdown which take the shine of those markets?Well I think the first point to make is that on our models, globally equities are cheap relative to other asset classes. So I think the equity market rally that we have had this year with the interuption in August. Um, I think taking a 3-6 months view is still intact. Within equity markets the geographic markets which are the cheapest today are still a core Europe, Germany France Italy. And quite very interestingly Japan. Japan on our model is gone(So it sounds like terribly,I mean we had a very very bad year last year)it's been...(and not so good to stride there.)it's just been one of the worst performing equity markets for the year last 18 months. And Japan 9 months ago looked very expensive now Japan is moving up to being one of the cheapest equity markets. In the last few days we have had 4 of the biggest banks, Merrilynch, Deutsche Bank, UBS and Citigroup announce huge write-downs in round numbers just those 4 are gonna write down 15 billion dollars in round numbers. Are you impressed with that? Does that draw the pain, draw the poison out of the subprime or equity crisis.I think the simple anwser is yes. Having said that the subprime market is 700 billion US dollars and we estimate that going into 2008 the default rate on subprime could actually rise close to 20%. So I think the subprime crisis is not over. It's gonna take months if not years to sort out.OK. What about the dollar though, I mean clearly we are looking at an ailing dollar. Does that suggest to you that there are a lot of imbalances and difficulties in the financial system of gain, of which we should beware as investors?Well I think the primary source of the problems for the US dollar is obviously the expectation that interest rates will come down further in the ed States and I think that's right. And the trade and current account deficit one of the surprises going into the 2008 may well be the improvement in the trade uh, in current account position of the ed States as we see an economy which is growing more moderately and therefore importing less. Against the Euro the dollar is clearly undervalued and I would be very surprised if we actually break out of this range of 140-145 one dollar Euro towards 150. I think we actually could be forming a base for the dollar against the Euro. It's a different question against the Asian currencies which I think appreciate on trend and one should obviously highlight the fact that the Japanese yen is probably now the most undervalued currency in the world. Notes:round numbers: A round number is a number that ends with one or more zeroes (0), meaning that they are multiples of 10, 100, 1000, and so on.200807/43914泉州妇科体检

泉州妇科检查哪个最好NATO Summit Focuses on Afghanistan, Alliance Enlargement北约峰会讨论阿富汗及新成员问题 The NATO summit has convened in formal session in Bucharest, Romania. Members are focusing on military operations in Afghanistan and how and when to enlarge the alliance. 北大西洋公约组织在罗马尼亚首都布加勒斯特举行正式会议。参加会议的北约成员国正在集中讨论在阿富汗的军事行动以及如何扩大北约的问题。 NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer called the summit to order, with a tribute to alliance troops killed in the line of duty. 北约组织秘书长夏侯雅伯在会议开始的时候,要求这次高峰会议的与会者肃静,向在战斗中丧生的北约组织军人致意:"May I now ask you to join me in a moment of silence to pay homage to all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their life in the service of our alliance," he said. “现在,我谨请各位跟我一道,为所有那些在从事北约联盟使命的时候献出生命的人默哀致敬。”A line of 26 soldiers -- each wearing the uniform of a NATO-member nation -- walked into the room. As the heads of state and government stood in silence, a lone trumpeter played a tribute to the dead. 来自北约成员国的26位身著各自国家军装的军人步入会议厅。参加会议的各国元首肃立默哀,一位号手为死者吹起号角。President Bush has described Afghanistan as the most daring and ambitious mission in the history of the alliance. NATO officials say there is consensus among member countries that this mission must succeed. 布什总统表示,在阿富汗的行动是北约联盟有史以来最大胆、最雄心勃勃的行动。北约组织官员说,北约成员国有一个共识,这就是必须在阿富汗取得成功。One by one, member countries are announcing plans to step up their commitment. 北约成员国一个接一个地宣布计划加强它们对阿富汗行动的承诺。France is sending a battalion of troops to eastern Afghanistan to free up American marines, who will be redeployed in the troubled south. Canada currently has the largest NATO contingent in the south and has threatened to pull its forces out, if no reinforcements are sent.  法国即将派遣一批部队前往阿富汗东部地区接替那里的美国海军陆战队,以便让他们可以部署到动乱的阿富汗南部地区。加拿大目前在阿富汗南部地区的部队人数是北约当中最多的。早些时候,加拿大表示,假如得不到增援,加拿大就要撤军。But there is expected to be far less unity at the Bucharest summit on Georgia and Ukraine's bid to be put on a path to NATO membership. A NATO spokesman says it appears they will not get the unanimous vote required. 但是,在格鲁吉亚和乌克兰申请加入北约的问题上,预计北约成员国的共识要少得多。北约的一位发言人说,看来这两个国家不会得到成为新成员所必需的一致赞同票。Russia vehemently opposes bringing the two former Soviet republics into the alliance. And, France and Germany have indicated they do not believe now is the time to admit these two countries to the lengthy membership process. 俄罗斯强烈反对把格鲁吉亚和乌克兰这两个前苏联加盟共和国纳入北约。法国和德国表示,不认为现在是让两个国家开始漫长的加入北约申请程序的好时机。Two Balkan nations that have completed that process -- Albania and Croatia -- will get formal invitations to join the alliance at the Bucharest summit. Alliance members have also agreed that Macedonia meets the criteria for membership, but Greece has vowed to block approval because of a name dispute.  有两个巴尔干地区国家已经完成了申请程序。这两个国家是阿尔巴尼亚和克罗地亚。他们将在这次布加勒斯特高峰会议上被正式邀请加入北约。北约成员还一致认为,马其顿已经满足了加入北约的标准,但是,由于国家名称的争议,希腊表示将阻止接纳马其顿。There is also a Macedonia region in Greece, and Athens wants Macedonia the country to change its name to reflect the difference.200804/33404泉州流产费用是多少 福建医科大学二院专家预约

泉州市第一医院堕胎 国家地理:Is It Real? Miracle Cures 灵丹妙药When he is not on the road holding miracle crusades, he broadcasts to over 100,000 TV viewers a day. It is done by the power of God in Jesus Mighty name. Somebody praise the Lord. Throughout his ministry he claims miracles are abundant. I believe thousands upon thousands. In fact, these people, they are still telling me 40 years ago they were healed, they were there today. Reverend Jenkins, I know you're a man of God. You made my daughter well with cancer. Hallelujah. Breast cancer. Yes, I believe that thousands of people have been healed. Here in Los Angeles and you go to church, why? People like Shirley Lagrone who's come to Reverend Jenkins' crusade today for the first time in her life. You need a cleansing of your blood and doctors have told you not the royal Jenkins. Am I telling you...In fact, Shirley has diabetes. But Reverend Jenkins told her she needed a blood cleansing. He knew what he was talkin' about, about me. Reverend Jenkins had the solution. I want you to drink this. This, the little vial of, what I call miracle water I get criticized for, but I don't care. This little thing of water is just to give somebody a, a chance to release their faith. I want that to go into every part of your blood stream and cleanse your blood right now in the name of Jesus. It is done by the power of God in Jesus' name. You are a healed Catholic. Somebody say amen. It was a miracle. It was a miracle. Shirley says the water made her body single. But Jenkins clearly denies the water has special properties. This water will not heal a frog. It will not heal nobody. It will just quench your thirst. But the obedience of doing what a man of God tells you to do is what opens the door.Nevertheless the water is in hot demand. How do you order that water? How do you get it if I want to buy some more? I drank what he sent me, and I feel like my lungs are whole a lot better. 'cause that I need that. That gives me life, that water.Sales of water are brisk at the crusades and bottles are snatched up by the case. All there Jenkins offers small free vials to his viewers and ships about 3000 a day.Miracles, I think, is God. I really do, I do think. I can't heal nobody.You hear me? Yeah. It is done by the power of God. Amen. Somebody say praise the Lord. Reverend Jenkins claims to be an instrument of God. Through him the faithful are touched and healed.200708/16998福建泉州新阳光妇产的院长泉州治疗月经不调最好的医院



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