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福建省福清妇女儿童医院QQ号福建省福清市高山镇做药流需要多少钱音西街道妇幼保健院专科医院 Bananas香蕉They may feel heavy, but bananas do not make you gain weight. Quite the opposite: They#39;re loaded with filling fibre and potassium, which helps relieve water retention.香蕉虽然拎起来重,但却不会令人发胖。恰恰相反:香蕉富含纤维和钾元素,能够消除水肿。Cantaloupe哈密瓜This orange melon is full of anti-bloating potassium, low in calories, and has a high water content, so you can get away with eating a lot of it.这一橙色甜瓜富含抗腹胀的钾元素,热量低,而且水分充足,因此就算吃了很多,你也不会腹胀。Leafy greens绿叶蔬菜Some veggies, such as Brussels sprouts, are filled with important nutrients, but nonetheless make you bloat. Leafy greens, like kale, spinach, and lettuce, do no such thing. They#39;re all super-low-cal, loaded with fibre, and help ease water retention.球芽甘蓝等蔬菜富含重要的营养素,但却会让你腹胀。羽衣甘蓝、菠菜和莴苣等绿叶蔬菜却不会让你腹胀。这些绿叶蔬菜热量超低、富含纤维,有助于消除水肿。Olive oil橄榄油Though it#39;s not scientifically confirmed, there#39;s some evidence that small amounts of olive oil may help reduce belly fat. That#39;s because it contains a chemical called oleic acid, which helps break down fat in the body.虽然还没有得到科学实,但一些据表明:少量的橄榄油可能有助于减少腹部脂肪。这是因为橄榄油含有一种叫做油酸的化学物质,可分解体内的脂肪。Grainy b谷物面包You aly know to stay away from processed white b—all its sugars cause your blood sugar levels to spike and then plummet, leaving you hungry again fast. But whole-grain b is packed with fiber, which stabilises blood sugar levels to keep you full.你已经知道要远离处理过的白面包了——白面包中的糖分会导致你的血糖升高,之后急剧下降,因此饿得很快。但是全麦面包富含纤维,能稳定血糖水平,从而让你的饱腹感持久。Avocados牛油果These guac stars are filled with healthy, filling monounsaturated fat. Sp on whole-wheat b for avocado toast, or slice up half an avocado and mix it into any salad.这些果泥明星富含健康、令人感到满足的单不饱和脂肪。在全麦面包上撒一点,牛油果吐司就制成了;也可以将牛油果一切两半,放到任何沙拉中。Brown rice糙米A complex carb, brown rice takes a long time to digest, helping to keep you full. Cook with it and swap it in for white rice on sushi or in Chinese takeout.糙米是一种复合碳水化合物,需要很长的时间才能消化,因此能让你的饱腹感持久。将糙米煮熟,可将寿司中的白米换成糙米,中国菜外卖的白米也可以换成糙米。Oatmeal燕麦片The secret ingredient? Fibre, which helps keep you full without puffing you out. Sprinkle on cinnamon and breakfast is served.秘密成分?纤维能让你在不腹胀的情况下保持饱腹感。撒上一点肉桂吧,早餐就做好啦!Probiotic yogurt益生菌酸奶It#39;s filled with good bacteria that help promote gut health and make your digestive tract run more smoothly. As a result, you#39;ll be less prone to gas and bloating.益生菌酸奶富含有益细菌,可帮助促进肠道健康,使你的消化道运行更顺畅。因此你就不太可能放屁或腹胀。Fatty fish富含脂肪的鱼Those like salmon and mackerel are packed with healthy, filling omega-3 fatty acids, which are structural fats, not storage fats, so they#39;re less likely to be stored in a layer of belly fat.三文鱼和鲭鱼等鱼类富含健康的、令人饱腹的欧米茄3脂肪酸,这是一种结构脂肪,而非储藏脂肪,因此不太可能被储藏在腹部中。Apples苹果An apple a day keeps the doctor and the pounds away. A recent study found that noshing on an apple before a meal may help you eat less later, thanks to its filling fibre.一天一个苹果不仅能让医生远离我,而且还能和肉肉说拜拜。最近的一项研究发现:饭前吃个苹果能让你吃得更少,因为苹果含有令人饱腹的脂肪。 /201701/488943Does your child come home from school complaining about school lunch food? Do they complain that the food is tasteless? That it is greasy? What do you do as a parent? You want your child to have access to and eat quality school lunches that are healthful and tasty. Here#39;s what you can do:你的孩子放学回家抱怨学校的午餐吗?他们抱怨食物无味吗?抱怨它油腻吗?作为一个家长你能做什么呢?如果你想让你的孩子能在学校吃到健康和美味的午餐,你可以参考以下几点:1) Talk to Your Children About Healthy Food Choices1) 和孩子谈论关于食物选择的问题If you want your children and teens to make good choices about what they eat, let them know it matters by talking to them about food choices.如果想让你的孩子和十几岁的青少年对吃什么做出正确选择,那么让他们知道谈论食物选择是很重要的。2) Model Good Eating Habits at Home2)在家里形成好的饮食习惯Children and teens pick up a lot of their thoughts and attitudes. If you are eating healthy foods at home, your children and teens will understand the importance of eating healthy foods and be more likely to choose them at school.儿童和青少年会自主获得自己的想法和看法。如果你在家吃健康食物,那么你的孩子和十几岁的青少年就会理解健康饮食的重要性,而在学校更有可能选择他们。3) Explore Local Foods, Farms, and Gardens3)探索本土食物、农场和花园Everywhere you go in the US, different areas produce different foods. Historically, the US has a large agricultural background. Find out what foods are produced in the area where you live. Try visiting a local farm or growing a garden at home. Children and teenagers alike love getting the hands-on experience of growing or harvesting their own food.在美国无论你去哪里,不同的区域产不同的食物。从历史上看,美国拥有广大的农业背景。找出你居住地产什么食物。试图参观一个当地的农场或在家建个菜园。儿童和青少年都喜欢亲自播种与收获他们自己的食物。译文属 /201610/471810福清妇保医院花多少钱

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海口镇人民医院网络咨询You go to a formal dinner party. 你参加一个正式晚宴。You talk to the person on one side during the starter, the other during the main course. 你在吃前菜期间与坐在你一边的人聊天,在吃主菜的时候与坐在你另一边的人聊天。Sometimes the conversation skips along, more often it drags and falters. 有时谈话相当投机,更多时候则是拖泥带水,话说不到一起去。You enjoy or endure the evening, and then you go home.你享受(或者忍受)了一个晚上,然后你回家了。That is, unless you are Robert Hiscox. 一般是这样的——除非你是罗伯特.希斯考克斯(Robert Hiscox)。The founder of the eponymous insurance company told me some years ago that at the end of a dinner party he turned to the people on either side and offered feedback on how he had found their conversation. 用自己的姓氏创办保险公司的他在几年前告诉我,在晚宴结束的时候,他会转向坐在他某一边的人,针对他对与他们聊天的感觉给予反馈。He would say: I enjoyed hearing your views on the EU, but you might have asked me about mine. 他会说:我乐于听到您对欧盟(EU)的看法,但您或许也该问问我对欧盟有什么看法。Or: It was interesting to learn about how well your child did in his A-levels, but you seemed reluctant to discuss other topics.或者:了解您的孩子在高中水平考试(A-Levels)中成绩优异很有意思,但您似乎不太情愿谈论其他话题。At the time I was shocked. 当时我就震惊了。How could he be so rude? Mr Hiscox assured me that conversing at formal dinners is a skill; it is hard to get better at anything if no one tells you where you are going wrong. 他怎能如此粗鲁?希斯考克斯向我保,在正式晚宴上交谈是一种技能;任何事情,如果没人指点你你在哪里出了错,你很难加以改进。I protested that there was far too much feedback in the world anyway. 我抗议道,无论如何这个世界已经有太多反馈意见。Sometimes it was nice to be left alone to muddle through.在不受打扰的情况下应付过去有时也不错。Two things have made me change my mind. 两件事改变了我的看法。The first is in the years since then I have been to too many dinners and sat next to too many people who were not trying hard enough. 第一件事是,在那之后的多年间,我参加了太多晚宴,坐在太多不够尽力的人旁边。The second is the realisation that although there is too much useless general feedback (no, I don’t want to rate my experience in security at Heathrow Terminal 5) there is almost no specific feedback that helps us improve.第二件事是,我意识到,虽然有太多无用的笼统反馈(不,我不想评价我在希斯罗机场5号航站楼的安检体验),但几乎没有能够帮助我们改进的具体反馈。Not long ago I got an email from a man who had been in the audience of a speech I had just given. 不久前,我收到了一封邮件,我在那之前刚刚发表了一次演讲,邮件是一名观众发给我的。You really need to sort that hair/ing glasses challenge, he wrote. 你真的需要搞定头发/老花镜的挑战,Every time you put your ing glasses on, your hair falls over your left eye and you then keep having to flick it out of the way — it looks most amusing, but must be awkward!! As a regular presenter, I always like to get feedback. 他写道,每次当你戴上老花镜,你的头发就会遮住你的左眼,然后你就会不停地把头发撩开——这看起来极其好笑,但肯定很尴尬!!作为一个定期发表演讲的人,我总是喜欢得到反馈。Hope you don’t mind me pointing it out!希望你不介意我把这一点指出来!I did mind his pointing it out. 我的确介意。Unlike him, I never like to get feedback, unless it is entirely positive. 和他不一样,我从不喜欢得到反馈,除非这些反馈是完全正面的。And in any case, how dare he? I never asked for his views. 再说无论如何,他怎么敢这样?我从未请求他给出意见。And if he thought a few exclamation marks would make his message more agreeable, he was making a grave error.如果他觉得几个感叹号会让他的邮件更容易被接受,那么他就犯了一个严重的错误。Yet his words struck home. 然而他的话对我触动很大。It was not nice to think the audience’s merriment had been mainly on account of my hair. 想到我的头发让观众不舒,这使我郁闷。So for the next few speeches I printed out any notes in 24 point so I could them without glasses, and have now cut my hair so short there is no further danger of flicking.所以接下来的几次演讲,我都用24号字体尺寸把要点打印出来,这样我不需要眼镜也能阅读,我现在还把我的头发剪得很短,彻底消除需要撩开的危险。On reflection, this man’s feedback was close to perfection. 细想之下,这个人给我的反馈接近完美。It was direct but not rude. 直接,但不粗鲁。It was clear about what was wrong — which was something fixable. 明确地指出哪里不对劲——而这个问题是可以搞定的。It came from a disinterested source and was delivered by email — so saved my blushes.这个反馈来自非利益相关方,并且是用邮件发过来的——免去了我在人前面红耳赤。Last week, another piece of unsolicited feedback landed in my inbox. 上周,另一份不请自来的反馈发到了我的收件箱。This time it was from someone who was thanking me for talking at a conference he had organised. 这次邮件来自一个想要感谢我在他组织的会议上发言的人。After a gracious start, the email finished like this: I always try to end with a tip for improvement. 在礼貌的开头后,这封邮件是这样结尾的:我总是试着用一个改进的小建议结尾。It was a little complicated to get in touch, confirm your travel plans, and do the arrangements. 与你联络上、确定你的旅行计划,做好安排有点复杂。Can I suggest you get an assistant?我能建议你找个助理吗?This was also good in that it was clear — only rather harder to fix than the hair as assistants do not come cheap. 这个反馈也不错,因为很明晰——只不过要比头发问题更难改正,因为雇个助理可不便宜。Still, it told me that my habit of ignoring admin emails is not on. 不过,这告诉我,我无视事务性邮件的习惯不太好。I have heeded the point and will try to sharpen up.我留意到了这一点,并且将努力改进。The test of unsolicited feedback is not whether it is rude or unwelcome, but whether it serves the greater good. 检验不请自来的反馈的标准,不是这个反馈是否粗鲁或者不受欢迎,而是它是否务于更大的善。I no longer flick my hair, and am committed to replying more promptly: the world is a happier place.我不再撩我的头发,也努力做到更迅速地回复邮件:这个世界更美好了。Soon after my lunch with Mr Hiscox I was sat at a dinner next to a well-known snooty broadcaster. 在我与希斯考克斯共进午餐之后不久,我在一次晚宴上坐在一位著名的目中无人的主持人旁边。Throughout the meal I tried hard to be agreeable; he sat there taciturn, looking catatonic and mildly incredulous as I plied him with question and anecdote.在用餐期间,我努力做到友好可亲;他却坐在那里一言不发,在我向他抛出一大堆问题和轶事的时候看起来紧张和略微有些狐疑。At the end of the evening I longed to offer him a report card, but bottled. 晚宴结束时,我很想给他一张成绩单,但终于没能鼓起勇气。I have regretted it ever since: I bet if I had explained his poor performance he would have been first shocked, then mortified. 此后我一直为此后悔:我敢打赌,如果我向他解释他表现糟糕,他首先会震惊,然后感到难堪。I dare say he would have liked me (even) less, but might have tried harder in future. 我敢说,他之后会(更)不喜欢我了,但可能会在未来更加努力。Next time, I’m going for it.下次我一定要试一试。 /201610/474189 沙埔镇妇幼保健医院男科怎么样福清人流比较好的医院是哪个



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