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福建省福清妇幼保健私立还是公办福清流产最好的医院Voice 1: Hello. Im Marina Santee.声音1:大家好,我是玛丽娜·桑蒂Voice : And Im Elizabeth Lickiss. Welcome to Spotlight. This programme uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.声音:我是伊丽莎白·利基斯谢谢大家收听重点报道节目重点报道节目用慢速英语的方式播报新闻便于全世界各地民众的理解Voice 1: The sun beats down. It is a hot dry day. A man is working in a field. It is tiring work — the ground is hard and difficult to dig. He stops a short time. His body is suffering. He has lost a lot of water through his skin. Now he is dehydrated. He needs a drink. He stands under a nearby tree. He finds his water bottle and lifts it to his mouth. He takes long deep swallows.声音1:阳光直射这是炎热又干燥的一天一个男人正在田地里干活这是十分累人的活,土地很硬,很难挖他停止了干活他的身体很疼他出了很多汗现在他处于脱水状态他需要喝水他站在附近的树下找到水瓶后放到了嘴边他喝了很多水Voice : The water tastes good. There is nothing like a cool drink of water on a hot day. But many people that drink may cost them their lives. Over one billion people in the world live without a clean water supply. Over two million people die each year from health problems related to drinking dirty water. Experts estimate that six thousand children die each day from conditions caused by dirty water.声音:水的味道不错在这种炎热的日子里,没有什么比冰水更好了但是对许多人来说,喝水可能会让他们付出生命全世界有超过亿人无法获得清洁水源每年有0余万人死于污水相关疾病专家预计,每天有6000名儿童因饮用不洁净的水而导致死亡译文属 578一都镇人民医院门诊官网 现在福清无痛人流多少钱

福清哪里流产技术好Emily: Our supervisor Lester does. Actually, Lester is kind of like the kitchen god.Joice: The kitchen god? What does he do?Emily: He just stays in the kitchen and watches you. Bee the Chinese New Year, the kitchen god tells his boss whether you were good or bad this year. Just like Lester does!Joice: Oh, no! I did a lot of bad things this year. I hope the kitchen god isnt like Lester--he blabs my mistakes to everybody!参考译文:艾蜜莉:是我们的上司莱斯特莱斯特其实就有点像是灶神乔伊丝:灶神?他是做什么的?艾蜜莉:他就只是待在厨房盯着你到了农历年前,灶神就去跟他老板报告你这一年的表现是好是坏就跟莱斯特一样!乔伊丝:糟了!我今年出了很多锤希望灶神不会跟莱斯特一样,净跟大家数落我的不是!重点词汇:kitchen god  灶神 农历十二月二十四日是传统上「送灶」的日子,灶神会在这一天回天庭向玉皇大帝报告这一家人的功过,所以家家户户会用甜食抹在灶神嘴上,希望祂的嘴能甜一点supervisor (n.)  监督者,上司blab (v.)  泄漏(秘密),(有意无意地)提到A: Do you like Joanne? 你喜欢乔安吗?B: She OK, but she always likes to blab about how successful her husband is. 她还可以啦,不过她老爱提她老公有多成功 13957福清三甲医院官网 东张镇妇女儿童医院医生的QQ号码

福建省福清市三山镇不育不孕检查哪些项目Volcanic Ash Covers Japanese City日本城市遭火山灰笼罩Japan’s Mount Sakurajima erupted the 500th time this year, covering a nearby city in ash. This Sunday’s eruption was the volcano’s largest in decades. The volcanic smoke plume reached as high as 5,000 meters. Residents of nearby Kagoshima city are used to the eruptions from one of Japan’s most active volcanoes. They shielded themselves from the ash and smoke by wearing masks and raincoats, and using umbrellas. No injuries were reported. Japan has also experienced extreme weather this month, including a major heat wave, dangerous landslides, and massive flooding.日本樱岛火山今年第500次喷发,周边城市烟雾弥漫周日,樱岛火山现几十年最大一次喷发火山灰达5000米高作为日本最活跃火山之一,鹿儿岛市居民已非常习惯为躲避火山灰,人们口戴口罩,穿着雨衣,手持雨伞无人员受伤报告本月,日本还遭极端天气影响,包括热浪、山崩以及特大洪水译文属原创,,不得转载 377 Stars at the Golden Globes After a year out of the award show spotlight, the stars return! Kareen Wynter reports. The Golden Globe goes to, Slumdog Millionaire. Slumdog Millionaire, about an orphan who goes on India’s version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire won , winning best picture drama, plus score, screen play and directing honors. "The Globes just give us a platm, er, that presents the film to the world." The night’s other top honor, best picture musical or comedy went to Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Comedy acting honors went to Sally Hawkins Happy Go Lucky and to In Bruges' leading man Collin Farrell. "It’s nice to be told well done and get a smack at the back of the head. Sometimes a smack is needed, and, but a ‘well done’ is always lovely." Hollywood loves the comeback story and they don't come much better than this—Mickey Rourke winning best actor drama “The Wrestler”. "I appreciate it a lot, because it's a profession where, you know, if you work hard enough, and many years go by, you can get a second chance." Kate Winslet ended her Golden Globe drought in dramatic fashion by winning two awards, supporting actress the holocaust film The Reader and best actress drama Revolutionary Road, which re-teamed her with her Titanic friend Leonardo DiCaprio. "Leo, I'm so happy I can stand here and tell you how much I love you, and how much I've loved you years." And perhaps the night's most poignant moment came when the late Heath Ledger won his memorable portrayal of the joker in The Dark knight. "He will be eternally missed, but he will never be gotten." Kareen Wynter, CNN, Hollywood 001福建省福清市江镜镇无痛人流的价钱福清做妇科检查的费用



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