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福清做无痛人流的定点医院是哪家福建省第二医院正规的吗南岭镇儿童医院几点开门 Rebels from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) carried out a suicide attack Sunday at a military police post in eastern Turkey, killing two soldiers and wounding 24 others.库尔德工人党反政府武装星期天对土耳其东部的一个军事警察哨所发动自杀式炸弹袭击,炸死两名军人,炸4人。The local governors office said the attack in Agri province, near the Iranian border, involved an agricultural vehicle packed with two tons of explosives.当地的省长办公室说,袭击发生在阿格里省伊朗边界附近。袭击者引爆了一辆装有两吨炸药的农用车。Sundays attack is the latest in a pattern violence between Turkey and PKK, especially since Turkey began airstrikes on PKK targets in northern Iraq just over a week ago.土耳其政府和库尔德工人党的暴力冲突不断加剧, 特别是在土耳其政府一个多星期前开始对伊拉克北部库尔德人民党目标进行空袭以后。The president of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, Massud Barzani. is urging the PKK and the Turkish government to resume the peace process.伊拉克库尔德地区的总统巴尔扎尼敦促库尔德工人党和土耳其政府恢复和平进程。来 /201508/389846China and Russia have decoded intelligence secrets contained in the cache of documents held by the whistleblower Edward Snowden, leading to British spies being recalled from dangerous postings, according to government officials.英国政府官员称,中国和俄罗斯破译了泄密者爱德华#8226;斯诺Edward Snowden)带走的加密文件所含的情报秘密,致使英国从危险岗位撤回间谍。Whitehall aides said operatives have had to be moved after Moscow gained access to more than 1m intelligence documents held by Mr Snowden, who fled to Russia after leaking some of those documents to the Guardian newspaper. They added that Beijing had also cracked the encrypted documents.白厅官员称,在莫斯科方面获取了斯诺登(他在将部分文件透露给《卫报Guardian)后逃往俄罗斯)掌握的超00万份情报文件后,英方不得不撤回一部分一线特工。他们补充称,北京方面也已破译了这些加密文件。Officials said moving agents had prevented the UK obtaining important information, although they added that nobody had been harmed by the security breach.官员表示,撤回特工已使英国无法获取重要情报,尽管他们补充称,这一泄密事件尚未导致任何人身伤害。One Home Office official told the Sunday Times newspaper that Mr Snowden had “blood on his handsas a result of the leak. Downing Street and the Home Office official told the Sunday Times: “His documents were encrypted but they weren’t completely secure and we have now seen our agents and assets being targeted.”英国内政部(Home Office)一位官员向《星期日泰晤士报Sunday Times)表示,泄密使斯诺登“背负血债”。首相府及内政部官员向《星期日泰晤士报》称:“他的文件是加密的,但是它们并非完全安全,我们已看到我方的特工及‘资产’成为目标。”Mr Snowden, who worked for the US National Security Agency, triggered a manhunt by the American security services after leaking information about the mass collection of online data by agencies in both the US and the UK.曾为美国国家安全局(US National Security Agency)工作的斯诺登,在泄露了关于美国和英国情报机构收集大量网络数据的情况后,遭到了美国安全部门的追捕。The ramifications of those revelations continue to be felt. This month, the US Senate voted to bar the government from collecting phone records from millions of its citizens, while still awarding security agencies tools to collect other online information for terrorism-related investigations.斯诺登的爆料继续发酵。本月,美国参议院投票禁止政府收集数百万公民的电话通话记录,但仍然授予安全机构在与恐怖主义相关的调查中收集其它网络信息的工具。The news about the Russian and Chinese decryption comes days after a report by David Anderson QC into the government’s terrorism legislation, which recommended that British intelligence agencies should be allowed to continue to collect bulk internet data as long as warrants were approved by judges rather than ministers.在俄罗斯和中国破译斯诺登文件的新闻传出几天前,御用大律师戴维·安德David Anderson QC)在一份有关英国政府恐怖主义立法的报告中建议,只要由法官(而非部长级官员)批准授权,英国情报机构应该被允许继续收集大量互联网数据。来 /201506/380859福清市妇幼保健院正规吗?

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福清东瀚镇腋臭手术一般多少钱Former economyminister Toshihiro Nikai (L) applauds Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting in Beijing on Saturday.前经济部长二阶俊于周六在北京的一次会议上为中国国家主席习鼓掌。BEIJING: Chinas President Xi Jinping struck a friendly tone on relations with Japan Saturday, but touched on disputes over history which still add to tensions between the East Asian giants.北京:中国国家习主席于周六在评价与日本的关系时语气很友好,但是也谈及了至今仍在加剧东亚大国之间紧张关系的历史纠纷。Ties between Beijing and Tokyo have warmed over the past year, but strains overterritorial disputes and attitudes towards wartime history persist.过去一年里,中日关系逐渐升温但在领土争端上的紧张态势,以及对待战时历史的态度仍然未变。Xi told a forum in Beijing that ;peace and friendly cooperation between China and Japan is the common will of the people, and the general trend of events;.习主席在一个北京论坛上说:“中日间的和平友好合作是人民的共同意愿,也是事件发展的总趋势。”He added that ;friendship; between the countries ;deserves cherishing and protecting,; at the event, attended by Japanese delegates including former economy minister Toshihiro Nikai.他还当场补充说两国间;友谊;;值得珍惜和保护,;出席那次论坛的日本代表就有前经济部长二阶俊。High-level meetings between China and Japan were suspended for two years amid a row over disputed islar until Xi and Japans Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met last year. They held talks again last month.因为在岛上的争议,中日高层会议连续搁置了两年,直到去年习主席和日本首相安倍晋ShinzoAbe)的见面。上个月他们再次举行了会谈。During his Beijing visit, Nikai delivered a personal letter to Xi from Abe, japans Kyodo news agency said, without giving further details.日本共同通讯社说在访问北京期间,向习主席递交了一封安倍的私人信件,但并未透露更多细节。Echoing regular pronouncements from Beijing, Xi also mentioned the 70th anniversary of the Japanese surrender in the second world war, and added that;the facts of history cannot be distorted;.为与中国惯常的声明相呼应,Xi也提到了第二次世界大战日本投降的70周年纪念,并补充;历史事实不能被扭;;The efforts of anyone seeking to distort or beautify the facts of Japans acts of militaristic invasion will not be accepted by the people of China,; he added.;中国人民不会接受任何人试图为扭曲或美化日本军国主义侵略行为所作出的努;他补充道。His remarks came just a day after China renewed its call for Japan to ;face up to; its 20th century history after Abes wife visited a shrine which Beijingsees as a symbol of Tokyos warring past.他说这番话的前一中国再次呼吁日本;面对;0世纪的历因为在这之前,安倍的妻子参观了神社——中国将此当作是东京交战历史的象征。China is preparing a massive military parade in September to mark the 70th anniversary, and also creating a public holiday.中国正在准备将于九月份举行的纪念二战70周年的大型阅兵仪式,并创建一个公共假日。Chinas defense ministry said that its army planes on Thursday for the first time flew over the Miyako Strait, between Japans Miyako and Okinawa Islands.中国国防部表其军队飞机已于周四第一次飞越宫古岛海峡——位于日本宫古岛和冲绳群岛之间。来 /201505/376767 President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart Francois Hollande issued a joint statement on climate change in Beijing on Monday, vowing to promote a working program to accelerate pre-2020 efforts in mitigation, adaptation and support during the Paris climate summit.习近平主席和法国总统弗朗索瓦.奥朗德星期一在北京签署了一份气候变化联合声明,承诺推动020年之前在环境方面的项目发展,020年巴黎气候峰会的缓和,适应和持做准备。They called for a better transparency system to build trust and confidence in the Paris pact, as well as means to review the actions and support of various parties.他们呼吁建立一个更好地信息透明机制来在巴黎公约里的国家建立信任和信心,也同时意在回顾各个党派组织对于气候发展采取的行动和提供的持。France will host the climate summit in Paris (COP21) in December, which is largely expected to result in a global and binding agreement on addressing climate change.法国将于十二月在巴黎举办气候峰会(COP21),这次万众期待的会议将能制定出一个全球性的且有约束力的关于气候变化的共同协定。Hollande is visiting China ahead of the summit to seek Chinas support for a new climate change deal in Paris.奥朗德在峰会前访华也是为了争取中国对于巴黎的新气候变化协定的持。The two presidents reaffirmed joint efforts to push forward an ambitious and ;legally binding; Paris agreement on the basis of equity and the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities.两位领导人重申了将联合努力来推进一个高效力的且“合法约束”的巴黎协约,该协约是建立在平等和同等但不同责任和共同但有区别的责任和各自的能力原则;The agreement must send out a clear signal for the world to transition to green, low-carbon, climate-resilient and sustainable development,; said the statement..“这个协约一定可以向世界发出一个清楚的信号,向绿色,地毯,能适应气候变化的可持续发展转化。”声明指出。They stressed that developed countries should continue to offer enhanced financial, technological and capacity-building support to developing countries in the post-2020 period.他们强调发达国家020年后应该继续提供更强的经济,技术和建设能力持给发展中国家。Xi and Hollande also pledged stronger cooperation in countering climate change in areas such as low-carbon transportation, renewable energy, and carbon capture and storage technologies.习近平和奥朗德都要求在诸如低碳运输,可再生能源和谈吸收储存技术等领域加强合作应对气候变化;China is committed to ensuring the success of the climate conference,; Xi told Hollande in their talks on Monday afternoon.“中国承诺保气候会议的成功。”在星期一下午的会谈上习主席告诉奥朗德。Xi said China supported France as the host of the conference, voicing confidence that it would successfully play its role as a coordinator to facilitate a balanced and comprehensive result.习主席还说中国持法国作为会议的主办方,对于法国将能够成功地协调并得到一个平衡的综合的成果表示很有信心;Im confident for the progress of the conference. Our statement has injected positive energy to the multilateral process of addressing climate change,; Xi told a press briefing after the talks.“我对会议的进程有信心。我们的协定会向气候变化问题的多边发展注入积极的能量。”习主席在会谈后简短地告诉记者。China has made multiple climate pledges. These include a decision to launch a national carbon cap-and-trade system in 2017 to help contain emissions, establishing a 20-billion-yuan (3.1-billion-U.S.-dollar) fund to help other developing countries combat and adapt to climate change, and cutting carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) by 60 percent to 65 percent from the 2005 level by 2030.中国在气候问题上做出了好几项保。包括决定于2017年建立一个国家级的碳总量控制和交易系统来帮助控制碳排放,建立一00亿人民币10万美元)的基金来帮助其他发展中国家减轻并适应气候变化,还有2030年前005年的水平上降低每单位GDP的二氧化碳排放量0%5%;The French presidents China trip is part of his climate change diplomacy which aims to regain Europes leading role in addressing climate change after the unprosperous Copenhagen conference,; said Cui Hongjian, a specialist in China-Europe relations at the China Institute of International Studies.“法国总统的中国行是他的环境外交的一部分,目的在于通过在不随人愿的哥本哈根会议之后重提气候变化问题重新获得法国在欧洲的领导地位。”中国国际问题研究所的中欧关系专家崔红建表示。During their talks, Hollande told Xi he is visiting China hoping to further the all-round strategic partnership with China.在他们谈话的过程中,奥朗德告诉习近平他访问中国是希望能够更长远地发展同中国的全方位战略合作伙伴关系。The two countries share similar views on many global affairs, and maintain political trust and dialogue, he said.他还说,两国分享了对于许多全球事务的相同理解,保持政治互信和交流。来 /201511/408156福清痔疮做手术费用是多少福清最好的男科医院



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