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Hillary Clinton could have one of the best-funded campaigns in history, but she wants to get so-called dark money out of politics altogether.希拉釷克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的竞选资金可能是历史上最充裕但她却也想要所谓的黑钱滚出政治圈。To that end, Clinton says she supports a constitutional amendment barring it.为此,希拉釷克林顿她持用宪法修正案来禁止使用竞选资金;We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if that takes a constitutional amendment,; Clinton said at the first event of her 2016 presidential run, speaking to students and teachers at Kirkwood Community College in Monticello, Iowa.;我们需要一举修复我们功能失调了的政治制度,清除来路不明的资即使这需要建立一个宪法修正案,;希拉釷克林顿在她2016年总统竞选的第一个活动中对爱荷华州蒙蒂塞洛的柯克伍德社区大学里的学生和教师这样说道。Clinton has said similar things in the past--just not as strongly. In 2014, for instance, she said she would consider such a measure, MSN reported at the time.过去希拉釷克林顿也说过说类似的话,只是没有那么强烈。例014 据微软全国有线广播电视公司报道,她说她会考虑采取这样的措斀?The Democratic front runner is expected to be supported in her bid by Priorities USA Action, the super PAC that helped President Obama defeat Mitt Romney in 2012. While super PAC support may seem contradic with Clintons complaint against political money, it isnt: Super PACs disclose their donors and are not considered ;unaccountable; in the same way as nonprofit 501c4 groups, which can also take in unlimited d nations from people and corporations, but which do not disclose their sources of money.民主党领跑者预计将用美国优先行动来持她的做法,超级政治行动委员会曾012年帮助奧巴马(Obama )总统击败过罗姆尼(Mitt Romney )。呈然超级政治委员会所持的与希拉釷克林顿对于政治资金的抱怨看起来似乎是矛盾的,但其实不超级政治行动委员会披露他们的捐赠而旦他们对“来路不明”的理解01 c4这祥的非营利团体所认为的完全不一样01c4这个团体可以接受人或公司的无限捐赠,但不会透露他们的资金来源。Clinton also backed President Obamas call for free community college.希拉釷克林顿还持奧巴马总统关于建立免费的社区学院的提议;I fully support President Obamas plan to make community college free,; Clinton said.“我完全持奥巴马(Obama)总统的计让社区大学免”希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)说。The community-college roundtable discussion was the first of what Clintons campaign has described as a series of smaller, more intimate events in Iowa, where the former secretary of State will listen to voters on an array of issues.社区大学的圆桌会议讨论是希拉釷克林顿在爱荷华州的竞选活动中所说的一系列更细小的、更紧密的事情中的第一件,希拉釷克林顿也将在爱荷华州倾听选民的一系列问题。Sitting at the head of several folding tables, Clinton asked the small group of attendees about their experiences as students paying tuition and planning their lives, and as educators seeking to help students along the way.坐在几个折叠桌的主位希拉釷克林顿要求小组与会者讲述他们作为学生付学费的经历和他们的人生计划,并作为教育者一路寻求需要帮助的学生。After officially announcing her candidacy this week, Clinton traveled to Iowa in a van she dubbed ;Scooby,; making a surprise stop at Chipotle along the way. Her campaign has not yet publicly disclosed a full list of the events shell attend while shes in the state.本周正式宣布参选后,希拉釷克林顿乘坐了一辆她称之为“史酷比”的面包车前往爱荷华州,在路上竟然在墨西哥风味快餐店停了下来。她的竞选活动尚未公开披露她在当地会出席的完整事件列表。来 /201504/370628The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its contribution to the country’s transition to democracy in the wake of the Arab spring.诺贝尔委员会(Nobel committee)015年诺贝尔和平Nobel Peace Prize)授予突尼斯全国对话大Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet),以表彰其在阿拉伯之Arab spring)之后为突尼斯转型为民主国家作出的贡献。The little-known group won out over a long list of famous names, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Pope Francis.这个鲜为人知的组织击败了众多知名候选人,其中包括德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)和教宗方济各(Pope Francis)。The Dialogue, formed in 2013, was a key player in aiding Tunisia’s political transition, helping to ratify a new constitution and set up its electoral commission.突尼斯全国对话大会成立于2013年,在推动突尼斯政治转型方面发挥了关键作用,帮助批准了新宪法并组建了选举委员会。The Nobel committee hailed the organisation for its “decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution in 2011诺贝尔委员会称赞该组织“在2011年茉莉花革命(Jasmine Revolution)后为突尼斯建设多元化民主作出了决定性贡献”。来 /201510/402997Last week, the British election went nuclear. Michael Fallon, a Conservative and the UK’s defence secretary, made the emotive claim that a Labour government might “stab the UK in the backby refusing to fund the renewal of Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent.最近,英国大选转向了核问题。英国国防大臣、保守党议员迈克#8226;法伦(Michael Fallon)提出了一个煽情的说法:若工党(Labour)上台,该党组成的政府可能拒绝出资更新英国“三叉戟Trident)核威慑力量,从而“从背后捅英国一刀”。Mr Fallon was reprising a theme from the 1980s when the Tories successfully painted Labour as weak on defence and wobbly on nuclear weapons. But the modern Conservatives should not be allowed to pose as doughty defenders of British military strength. On the contrary, the present government has presided over a drastic reduction in defence capacity confirming a downward trend begun by Labour.法伦在搬出上世纪80年代的老调,那时保守党(Conservatives)成功地把工党刻画成在国防上立场软弱、在核武器上摇摆不定的政党。但当今的保守党不能再以英国军力的强悍保卫者自居。相反,本届政府主政期间大举削减国防力量,延续了工党开启的下坡路。The British army is scheduled to decline to just 82,000 troops its smallest size since the Napoleonic wars. Sir Nick Harvey, a Liberal Democrat who served as armed forces minister in the current coalition government, says further defence cuts in the next parliament could see the army shrink to just 60,000. The navy, which had 70 destroyers and frigates in 1977, is down to 19 such vessels. It could no longer put together a task force of the size that Britain needed during the Falklands war of 1982. As for the air force, a new book by the B’s Mark Urban says the Libyan conflict of 2011 demonstrated that “a mission by six bombers#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;is about the limit of the RAF’s long-range strike capability英国陆军预计将缩减至.2万人,这是自拿破仑战争以来的最小规模。曾在本届联合政府中担任武装部队国务大臣的自由民主党(Liberal Democrat)议员尼克#8226;哈维(Nick Harvey)爵士说,下一届议会可能进一步削减国防开,将陆军缩编至万人977年时拥有70艘驱逐舰和护卫舰的皇家海军,现在只有19艘这样的主力战舰,无法再组成1982年福克兰群岛(Falklands,即马尔维纳斯群岛)战争时那种规模的特遣舰队了。至于空军,英国广播公司(B)记者马#8226;厄本(Mark Urban)在新书中写道011年的利比亚冲突表明,“出架轰炸机……基本上就是皇家空军(RAF)远程打击能力的极限了”。In the context of this drastic decline in capacity, the Toriescommitment to spend upwards of #163;30bn on renewing the Trident submarine-based missile system is not a demonstration that they are serious about defence. It is actually a frivolous decision to waste billions on a symbol of strength rather than to spend the money on the conventional military muscle Britain needs.在英国军力大幅下滑的背景下,保守党准备花费00亿英镑来更新三叉戟潜射导弹系统,并不能表明他们认真对待国防。这实际上是一个轻率的决策——向某一个实力象征砸下数百亿英镑,却不把钱花在英国真正需要的常规军力上。The real radicals in the Scottish National party and on the left of Labour would like to scrap Britain’s nuclear weapons altogether. But in the context of a revanchist Russia that boasts of its nuclear arsenal and with the continued threat of nuclear proliferation by Iran and others that would be unwise.苏格兰民族党(SNP)和工党左派中真正的激进分子倾向于彻底废除英国的核武器。但是,面对夸耀自己的核武器、沉迷于复仇主义的俄罗斯,以及伊朗和其他国家持续存在的核扩散威胁,那是不明智的。Instead, Britain should go for cheaper nuclear options than Trident that would allow the country to retain its status as a nuclear-weapons state. This path should be pursued, but only if linked to a firm commitment to spend the savings on the conventional armed forces.英国应该寻求比三叉戟更便宜的核选项来维持有核国家的地位。应当走这条道路,当然前提是坚决承诺将省下来的资金投入常规武装部队。A recent report by Toby Fenwick for the Centre Forum think-tank argues that Trident renewal will absorb about 22 per cent of Britain’s military equipment budget over the next two decades. But, he argues, the UK could save about half that amount roughly #163;16bn by switching to a nuclear deterrent based on bombs and aircraft. Another alternative to Trident, not highlighted by Centre Forum, would be nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, which are aly produced by the Americans and could be deployed on conventional submarines.托比#8226;芬威Toby Fenwick)最近为智库Centre Forum撰写的一份报告称,更新三叉戟系统将挤占今0年英国军事装备预算的大约22%。他表示,如果换成基于炸弹和飞机的核威慑,英国可以节省近一半的费用——约60亿英镑。报告并未提到另一种替代三叉戟系统的方案,即核弹头巡航导弹,这种导弹可以部署在常规潜艇上,而且美国已开始生产。The British defence establishment claims that all the alternatives to Trident have been carefully examined and found wanting. Anybody who does not back Trident is dismissed as “not seriousor ill-informed.英国国防部门的体制内人士称,他们仔细研究了三叉戟系统的所有替代方案,发现都存在不足之处。任何不持三叉戟的人都被斥为“不严肃”或一知半解。But talk to the nation’s most important allies and you get a very different perspective. Last week, I found myself at a conference table with four members of the US security establishment, three Democrats and one Republican, all of whom had held senior government positions. Not one of them thought Trident renewal made sense for Britain. All thought it would be better to spend the money on conventional weaponry.但是,和我们最重要的盟友谈谈,你会得到截然不同的看法。上周,我在会议桌上遇到4名美国安全部门的体制内人士,其中个民主党成员个共和党成员,他们都曾担任高层政府职位。没有一人觉得更新三叉戟系统对英国有意义,他们全都认为还不如把这些钱花在常规武器上。Much of the argument is about the nature of nuclear deterrence. The standard case for Trident is that a potential enemy can be deterred only by the absolute certainty that a nuclear attack on the UK would be met by nuclear retaliation hence the need for a permanent at-sea deterrent that could strike even if the British mainland itself had been devastated. Because cruise missiles have a shorter range than Trident ballistic missiles and because aircraft carrying nuclear weapons could be shot down, only Trident is deemed to offer an effective deterrent.相关争论的很大一部分是关于核威慑的性质。持三叉戟的经典理由是,潜在的敌人只能被“针对英国的核打击必然会招致核报复”这样一种绝对确定性吓阻——因此需要永久的海上威慑,这样即使英国本土被摧毁,英国的海上威慑力量依然能够实施打击。由于巡航导弹的射程比不上三叉戟弹道导弹,而搭载核武器的飞机可能被击落,因此只有三叉戟系统才能提供有效威慑。But the Gothic horror scenarios involved in British nuclear plans drawn up during the cold war which demand that the nation maintains the capacity to obliterate Moscow and eight other Russian cities have always had a certain unreality. Above all, they fail to recognise that nuclear deterrence does not require a 100 per cent guarantee of retaliation to be effective. Any sane adversary would be deterred even by a strong possibility of nuclear retaliation and the millions of deaths that could result. That, after all, is why North Korea and Pakistan’s relatively crude nuclear deterrents are effective. Nobody can even be sure that Pyongyang’s devices would work.冷战时期英国拟定的核计划要求英国保持摧毁莫斯科和另外8个俄罗斯城市的能力,这种哥特式的恐怖情景一贯带有某种非现实的意味。最重要的是,它们没能承认,核威慑并不需要百分之百的报复“保”才能有效。即使是核报复及其造成数百万人死亡的较高可能性,也能吓阻任何神志清醒的对手。毕竟,这就是为什么朝鲜和巴基斯坦相对粗糙的核威慑也能有效。甚至没人能确定朝鲜的核武器能不能用。But does anybody want to take the chance?但又有谁想冒这个风险呢?In a world of lavish defence budgets, Trident renewal might make sense. But that is not the world that Britain inhabits. In the real world, renewing Trident can mean only a further erosion of the country’s capacity to defend itself by conventional means and to protect its interests around the world.在国防预算极为充裕的情况下,更新三叉戟系统还可能说得通。但英国的情况并非如此。在现实世界中,更新三叉戟系统只能意味着进一步侵蚀英国用常规军力保卫国家、捍卫英国在全球各地利益的能力。For the Tories to insist that, nonetheless, they intend to splurge billions on Trident simply testifies to their preference for flashy symbols over substance. They are like a man who can afford only a cheap suit, but insists on topping off the outfit with a gold Rolex watch. The overall effect is sad, not impressive.保守党一意孤行地坚称他们打算在三叉戟系统上挥霍数百亿英镑,只能明他们更偏爱华而不实的象征,而非实质。他们就像一个只买得起廉价西的人,却坚持要戴一块劳力士金表来提升自己的整体装扮。总体效果不是引人赞叹,而是显得可悲 /201504/370887

A laboratory mistake at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta may have exposed a technician to the deadly Ebola virus, federal officials said on Wednesday. The technician will be monitored for signs of infection for 21 days, the incubation period of the disease.联邦官员周三称,位于亚特兰大的疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,简称CDC)实验室的一个失误,可能已使一名技术人员接触到致命的埃拉病毒。这名技术人员将1天的病毒潜伏期内接受观察,看是否有感染的迹象。Other employees who entered the lab fewer than a dozen where the mistake occurred are being examined for possible exposure. So far, it appears that none of them were exposed, said Thomas Skinner, a C.D.C. spokesman.还有不到12名工作人员进入过出现失误的实验室。他们正在接受体检,以确定是否接触了病毒。CDC的发言人托马斯·斯金Thomas Skinner)称,目前来看,他们似乎都没有接触到病毒。The samples were properly contained and never left the disease centers, so there is no risk to the public, officials said.联邦官员称,这些样本已经被妥善封存,从来没有带到CDC之外的地方,因而不会对公众构成风险。The error occurred on Monday, when a high-security lab at the C.D.C., working with Ebola virus from the epidemic in West Africa, sent samples that should have been killed to another C.D.C. laboratory, down the hall.此次失误发生在本周一。当时,一间负责处理来自西非疫区的埃拉病毒的安全级别较高的CDC实验室,打算把一些灭活的病毒样本送到位于走廊另一头的另一间CDC实验室。But the first lab sent the wrong samples ones that may have contained the live virus. The second lab was not equipped to handle live Ebola. The technician who worked with the samples wore gloves and a gown, but no face shield, and may have been exposed.但是,第一间实验室送错了样本——里面可能包含活病毒。第二间实验室并没有处理活病毒的装备。经手这些样本的那名技术人员戴了手套,穿了大褂,但没有戴面罩,因此可能接触到了病毒。The mixup of the samples was discovered on Tuesday, Dr. Stuart Nichol, chief of the C.D.C.s Viral Special Pathogens Branch, said in an interview. He ascribed it to human error.CDC病毒性特殊病原体部门的主任斯图尔特·尼科尔士(Stuart Nichol)接受采访时称,这次样本混淆事件于周二浮出水面。他将责任归咎于人为失误。The accident is especially troubling because dangerous samples of anthrax and flu were similarly mishandled at the C.D.C. just months ago, eroding confidence in an agency that has long been one of the most highly respected scientific research centers in the world.这起事故格外令人不安,因为就在几个月前,CDC对炭疽和流感危险样本的处理也出现过类似的失误,影响了人们对这家长期以来在全世界广受赞誉的科研机构的信心。The C.D.C. promised last summer to improve its safety procedures and chose a panel of outside experts to advise it on how to do so.今年夏天,CDC承诺改善安全流程,并挑选了一个外部专家小组提供相关建议。“I’m working on it until the issue is resolved,the agency’s director, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, said in an interview in July.“我将付出努力,直到这个问题得到解决,”CDC主任托马斯·R·弗里登Thomas R. Frieden)7月接受采访时说。Under harsh questioning from members of Congress that month, Dr. Frieden admitted that the errors at C.D.C. labs were not isolated mishaps, but rather part of a broad pattern of unsafe practices. He called one of the episodes a “tipping pointthat had forced agency officials to realize they needed to take action.也是在那个月,在国会议员的强烈质疑下,弗里登承认,CDC实验室的失误不是孤立的偶然事件,而是更大范围的不安全操作倾向的一部分。他表示,其中一起事件是迫使机构官员意识到必须采取行动的“引爆点”。Reacting to the latest accident, safety experts expressed outrage. Richard H. Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University and an expert on biological weapons, said: “They did not learn. They do not learn. They seem incapable of learning.”安全专家们表达了对这起最新事故的愤怒。罗格斯大学(Rutgers University)的分子生物学家与生物武器专家理查德·H·埃布赖特(Richard H. Ebright)说:“他们以前不吸取教训,现在也没有,似乎就是无法得到教训。”He said the errors were inexcusable. Labs that produce samples of killed virus should test to make sure they are dead, he said, and labs receiving those samples should test them before working with them.他认为,这些失误不可宽恕。实验室在送出灭活样本之前应该进行检测,确保它们已经失活,而接收这些样本的实验室在处理之前也应该进行检测。The previous incidents occurred last spring and summer. In June, C.D.C. scientists sent anthrax samples, supposedly killed, to laboratories that were not equipped to handle dangerous pathogens. But the bacteria turned out to be live, because a deactivating technique too weak to wipe out anthrax spores had been used. Dozens of employees were offered antibiotics and anthrax vaccine; none became infected.此前的几次失误发生在今年春天和夏天月,CDC的科学家将本以为已经被灭活了的炭疽样本,送至多家未配备处理危险病原体设备的实验室。但后来明,这些细菌还是活的,因为之前使用的灭活技术力度不够,未能消灭炭疽孢子。数十名雇员摄入了抗生素并注射了炭疽疫苗,不过没人被感染。The head of the laboratory that shipped the bacteria resigned a few weeks after the mistakes came to light. Although C.D.C. officials gave no reason for his resignation and said it was voluntary, they had previously indicated that they feared workers in that laboratory had grown careless because of lax supervision.事故曝光几周后,送出了炭疽细菌的那家实验室的负责人辞职。尽管CDC的官员未透露他辞职的原因,并称其属于自愿,但他们之前曾表示,担心该实验室的工作人员因为监管不严而变得粗心大意。In another blunder, a C.D.C. lab accidentally contaminated a relatively benign flu sample with a dangerous H5N1 bird flu strain that can be fatal in humans, and then shipped it to a laboratory at the Department of Agriculture. Scientists at the receiving lab detected the error, and no one was harmed.在另一个重大失误中,一家CDC实验室不小心让危险的H5N1禽流感毒株污染了一份相对良性的流感样本,后又将其送到了农业部的一家实验室。接收样本的那家实验室的科学家发现了错误,无人受到感染。H5N1禽流感对人体是致命的。Although the incident occurred in May, senior C.D.C. officials were not told about it until July 7, and Dr. Frieden did not hear about it until two days after that. He said in an interview in July that he was “stunned and appalledby the incident.尽管事故月发生的,但CDC的高级官员直日才被告知此事,而弗里登本人则是在那之后两天才听说。他月接受采访时称,自己对该事故感到“震惊和错愕”。The mistakes led the C.D.C. to appoint a panel of outside safety experts in July to advise Dr. Frieden on how to correct sloppy procedures at government laboratories. The C.D.C. temporarily closed its flu and bioterrorism laboratories, and halted shipments of all infectious agents from its high-security labs until those labs could pass muster with a newly formed safety panel within the agency.这些失误促使CDC月任命了一个由外部安全专家组成的委员会,就如何纠正政府实验室马虎的程序为弗里登提供咨询意见。CDC曾短暂地关闭了下属的流感和生物恐怖主义实验室,并中止从安全级别较高的实验室运送一切致病原,直到这些实验室能得到CDC内部新成立的一个安全委员会的认可。In August, the special pathogens branch where the Ebola accident occurred on Monday received permission to start sending out infectious agents again.今年8月,特殊病原体部门——周一埃拉事故的发生地——获得许可,重新开始送出致病原。Dr. Nichol said that the high-security lab where the mistake occurred had prepared two sets of fluid samples from guinea pigs infected with Ebola. The fluid was handled as if it contained live virus, though it is not certain that the virus was present.尼科尔称,出现失误的这家安全级别较高的实验室准备了两组液体样本,均采自感染了埃拉的豚鼠。这些液体被当做含有活病毒接受了处理,但实验室并不确定其中是否真有病毒。One set of samples was to remain in the high-security lab so that researchers could try to isolate the virus from it. The other was to be treated with a solution that would kill the virus and then be sent to a lower-level laboratory where a technician would try to extract genetic material from it.按照计划,一组样本将留在这间高安全级别的实验室,以便研究人员能尝试将病毒从液体中分离出来。另一组样本中,将加入一种能杀死病毒的溶液,然后再被送到级别较低的一间实验室。那里的技术人员将尝试提取其中的遗传物质。Somehow, the samples were switched: The ones with killed virus stayed in the high-security lab, and the ones that may have contained live virus were sent to the lower-level lab and processed there.不知何故,这两组样本被调换了:已灭活的那一组样本留在了高级别实验室,而可能含有活病毒的那一组则被送到了低级别实验室,并在那里接受了处理。The accident is being investigated, said Barbara Reynolds, a C.D.C. spokeswoman.CDC发言人芭芭拉·雷诺Barbara Reynolds)表示,事故正在接受调查。“We’ll learn from this mistake as we’ve learned from the others,she said.“我们会像对待其他失误一样,从这次失误中吸取教训,”她说。来 /201412/351191Most politicians try to say something uplifting when they take office. Arseniy Yatseniuk took a different approach. Accepting the post of interim prime minister of Ukraine in February, his opening words were: “Welcome to hell.”大多数政客在就职时会试图说一些鼓舞士气的话。阿尔谢#8226;亚采纽克(Arseniy Yatseniuk)则没有这样做。今月,他在接受乌克兰临时总理一职后的开场词是:“欢迎来到地狱。”Sitting in Mr Yatseniuk’s office in Kiev late last week, I asked him if the job had proved as hellish as anticipated? The prime minister, a gaunt 39-year-old, removed his glasses and rubbed his face wearily. “Worse,he said. “We face the Russian military, Russian-backed terrorism, the economy is insolvent, our own military has been dismantled, the police are disorientated. The last government stole everything they could.”上周末尾,在亚采纽克位于基辅的办公室里,我问他,这份工作是否如预想的那般恐怖?这位39岁、一脸憔悴的总理取下眼镜,疲惫地揉揉脸,说:“比预想的还可怕。我们面临俄罗斯军队和俄罗斯持的恐怖主义,经济崩溃,我们自己的军队遭到解散,警察士气涣散。上一届政府把一切能偷走的都偷走了。”The day after our conversation, the Ukrainian government responded to this desperate situation by launching an offensive to retake buildings and territory in the east of the country that had fallen under the control of pro-Russian separatists. The authorities in Kiev felt that if they did not fight back, they risked losing the eastern half of their country by default.谈话次日,针对这种令人绝望的境况,乌克兰政府发起了攻势,开始收复乌克兰东部被亲俄分裂主义者攻占的大楼和领土。乌克兰当局觉得,如果不回击,他们可能会眼睁睁失去东部那半边国家。But the fighting in towns such as Slavyansk and Donetsk carries its own risks. The large number of civilian casualties, particularly in Odessa, further west, opens the government in Kiev to charges of brutality. The fact that much of the fighting is between Ukrainians feeds into the Russian narrative that Ukraine is a deeply divided country, many of whose citizens look to Russia for protection. Above all, the fighting risks giving Russia an excuse to send troops into Ukraine, under the guise of a “peacekeeping mission但在斯拉维扬斯克(Slavyansk)和顿涅茨Donetsk)这样的城市作战,本身也有风险。大量平民伤亡,特别是在更靠西的敖德Odessa),让乌克兰政府面临被控实施暴行的风险。战斗双方多为乌克兰人,这给了俄罗斯口实;俄方声称乌克兰内部严重分裂,许多乌克兰公民指望俄罗斯提供保护。最重要的是,开战可能为俄罗斯提供借口,让其能够打着“维和行动”的旗号向乌克兰出兵。The Ukrainian government knows that it would lose a conventional war with Russia, whose military is larger and better-equipped. Russia also has an air superiority of more than 80:1. The Ukrainians would like Nato to declare a “no-fly zoneover their country, in the event of a Russian invasion. But that is a daydream. The Americans are not going to shoot down Russian jets.乌克兰政府知道,与俄罗斯打常规战,自己肯定会输;俄军的规模更大、装备也更精良。俄罗斯的空军实力也为乌方的80倍以上。乌克兰希望,如果俄罗斯入侵,北Nato)能宣布乌克兰上空为“禁飞区”。但那是白日做梦。美国人是不会动手打俄罗斯飞机的。The Russian parliament has aly pre-authorised an invasion of Ukraine and a large Russian army is hovering on the Ukrainian border. But what does President Vladimir Putin want? Mr Yatseniuk argues that “Putin has no limits#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201; He wants to become the emperor of a new type of Soviet empire.”俄罗斯议会已经预先批准入侵乌克兰,大量俄军正在乌克兰边境集结。但俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)到底想要什么?亚采纽克称,“普京没有底线……他想成为一种新型苏维埃帝国的皇帝。”But many in Kiev still find the thought of a full-scale Russian invasion hard to credit. When I asked Victor Pinchuk, one of Ukraine’s richest and most internationally connected businessmen, if Russia might seek to go all the way to Kiev, he rolled his eyes and said “science-fiction An alternative theory is that Mr Putin simply wants to create enough chaos in Ukraine to prevent a presidential election, planned for May 25 as well as thwarting any thought of Ukraine moving closer to the EU.但基辅的很多人仍然不相信俄罗斯会全面入侵。维克托#8226;平丘Victor Pinchuk)是乌克兰最富有、与国际联系最为紧密的商人之一。当我问他,俄军是否会一路攻入基辅时,他转了转眼睛,说,“天方夜谭”。另外一种说法是,普京只不过想在乌克兰制造足够的混乱,以搅黄计划5日举行的总统选举,并挫败乌克兰进一步向欧盟(EU)靠拢的任何企图。But the military aspect is just the most high-profile part of the struggle for Ukraine. The government in Kiev also needs to win a propaganda battle and a war on corruption.但军事问题只不过是乌克兰面临的困难中最显眼的部分。乌克兰政府还需要打赢一场舆论战和一场反腐战。The Russian media is pumping out the message that the government in Kiev is run by “fascistsand anti-Semites, who are said to be the direct descendants of those Ukrainian partisans who fought with the Nazis against Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union. That message has been widely transmitted in eastern Ukraine and has also found an audience in parts of the EU. But Ukrainian Jews, some of whom are serving in the Kiev government, are unconvinced. When I put the allegations of fascism and anti-Semitism to Mr Pinchuk, Ukraine’s most prominent Jewish businessman, he replied, succinctly: “It’s bullshit.”俄罗斯媒体大肆宣称,乌克兰政府掌握在一群“法西斯主义者”和“反犹分子”手中,这些人据说是当年与纳粹一道、跟约瑟#8226;斯大Josef Stalin)领导的苏联打仗的那部分乌克兰人的后代。这种说法在乌克兰东部广为流传,在欧盟一些地方也不乏听众。但乌克兰籍犹太人并不相信这种说法,他们中的一些也在乌克兰政府中任职。平丘克是乌克兰最知名的犹太商人。当我向他转述有关乌克兰政府法西斯主义和反犹的说法时,他简洁地答道:“胡说八道。”What is true is that the red-and-black flag of wartime Ukrainian nationalism is very visible on the barricades that still remain on Kiev’s Independence Square. When I asked some of the demonstrators, clad in military fatigues and camped under the flag, why they were still on the streets, one replied: “To make sure that the new government does not steal the money that is coming from the IMF.”千真万确的则是,基辅独立广Independence Square)的路障还在,上面仍有非常显眼的黑红相间的旗帜,那是二战期间的乌克兰民族主义象征。我问一些穿着军、在旗帜下扎营的抗议者,为什么还在这里抗议,其中一人的回答是:“为了确保新政府不会偷走国际货币基金组织(IMF)给的钱。”That concern seems reasonable enough. A point that the governments in Moscow and Kiev actually seem to agree on is that Ukraine has been miserably misgoverned by a succession of corrupt and kleptocratic governments. Mr Yatseniuk is generally regarded as straight. But, even as the country faces the prospect of civil war or invasion, there are still interim ministers who, with remarkable single-mindedness, are said to be intent primarily on stealing.这种担忧看上去合情合理。俄罗斯和乌克兰政府事实上似乎都同意的一点是,乌克兰不幸地受到一届又一届腐败盗贼政府的糟糕统治。人们普遍认为亚采纽克还比较正直。但即便在国家面临内战或入侵的情况下,有一些临时官员据说仍然一门心思打算捞一笔,这种冥顽不灵简直令人难以置信。The image of a corrupt, chaotic and divided Ukraine killing and robbing its own citizens suits the Russian government very well. If Russia can convince the outside world that Ukraine, which only gained independence in 1991, is not really a “propercountry, it will be much easier to dismember.乌克兰给外界的腐败、混乱和分裂印象,包括杀害和抢劫它自己的国民,正中俄罗斯政府下怀。如果俄罗斯能说外界相信,1991年才独立的乌克兰,其实不是一个“合格”的国家,那么分裂乌克兰将变得容易得多。So it is important to remember some basic facts. While there clearly is a cultural divide between eastern and western Ukraine, 91 per cent of the country’s citizens voted to be an independent nation in 1991, with a majority in all regions. Millions of Ukrainians died in the Stalin-imposed famines of the 1930s, which gives modern Ukrainians good grounds to be suspicious of Russian offers of “protection因此,记住一些基本事实很重要。尽管乌克兰东部和西部存在明显的文化差异,但991年,该国1%的公民投票持乌克兰成为独立国家,并且独立在乌克兰的所有地区都取得了多数人的持。上世纪30年代,数百万乌克兰人在那场斯大林造成的饥荒中死亡,这让现代乌克兰人有充分理由对俄罗斯提出的“保护”打个问号。When thousands of Ukrainians demonstrated in Kiev earlier this year and more than a hundred died they were not demanding a “fascistgovernment. Instead they were calling for an end to corruption and for eventual membership of the EU. Those goals are both worthy and attainable. Amid all the current chaos and violence, they still deserve support.今年早些时候,数千名乌克兰人在基辅抗议,一百多人在抗议引发的冲突中丧生。那时他们要求的并不是一个“法西斯”式政府。相反,他们要求的是终结腐败、并最终加入欧盟。这两个目标是值得实现的,并且可以实现。尽管目前局面混乱不堪、充斥着暴力,他们仍值得持。来 /201405/296882

Investigative crews continue to work at the scene of a shooting in the parking lot of a military recruitment office in Chattanooga, Tennessee调查人员仍在位于田纳西州查塔努加某征兵办公室停车场的击现场展开工作A federal prosecutor said on Thursday he was investigating an “act of domestic terrorismafter a gunman killed four US marines during shootings at two different sites in Chattanooga, Tennessee, before being killed.周四,美国一名联邦检察官表示,他正在调查一起“国内恐怖主义行动”。之前,一名持者在田纳西州查塔努加(Chattanooga)的两处军事设施开打死了4名海军陆战队员。这名持者后来被击毙。Bill Killian, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, was speaking after the gunman whom the FBI later identified as Mohammod Youssof Abdulazeez, 24 fired 25 to 30 rounds at a military recruitment office. He then drove several miles to a US Marine reserve centre and opened fire again. Those killed were all shot at the reserve centre.田纳西州东区联邦检察官比尔蘒利Bill Killian)是在持者于一处征兵办公室开50后发表上述言论的。美国联邦调查局(FBI)后来确认,此人名叫穆罕默德优素福阿卜杜拉齐兹(Mohammod Youssof Abdulazeez),今4岁。此人离开征兵办公室后驱车几英里来到美国海军陆战队一个预备役中心,再次开名死者都是在该中心被射杀的。While the FBI cautioned against speculation about the killer’s motives, the attack is bound to revive fears about the risks to the US of violent domestic and especially Islamist extremism.尽管FBI告诫人们不要推测这名凶手的动机,但这起袭击事件注定会让人们再度担心起国内暴力极端主义(尤其是伊斯兰极端主义)给美国带来的风险。The attack comes less than a month after the killing of nine black people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston, South Carolina. It comes just over two months after police shot dead two gunmen who opened fire at an event to draw cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in a suburb of Dallas, Texas.不到一个月前,南卡罗来纳州查尔斯顿(Charleston)的伊曼纽尔非裔卫理公会教Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church)发生名黑人被杀事件。而仅仅两个月前,两名持者在得克萨斯州达拉斯郊区一个“先知穆罕默Prophet Mohammed)漫画展”活动现场开射击,后被警方击毙。“We are conducting this as an act of domestic terrorism,Mr Killian said. “The FBI is now in charge of the investigation.”“我们正把它当做一起国内恐怖主义行动处理,”基利安说,“FBI现在负责展开调查。”Andy Berke, Chattanooga’s mayor, said it was “incomprehensiblewhat had happened and the way that “individuals who proudly served our countryhad been treated. Mr Berke confirmed that four people had been killed, that the gunman had been killed at the scene of the second shooting and that a police officer and others had been wounded.查塔努加市长安迪伯克(Andy Berke)表示,这起事件的发生,以及“那些曾自豪地为国效力的人”受到的对待,是“不可思议的”。伯克实,人被打死,持者在第二处开现场被击毙,一名警察以及其他人受伤。Fred Fletcher, chief of Chattanooga police, said someone had “brutally and brazenlyattacked members of the US’s armed forces and city and county police officers had been able to act immediately to ensure there was no further loss of life.查塔努加警察局长弗雷德弗莱Fred Fletcher)表示,有人“残忍而肆无忌惮地”袭击了美国武装部队人员,而市县警方有能力迅速采取行动,确保不会有更多人员失去生呀?While the US has worked hard since 2001 to prevent the infiltration into the US of overseas violent extremists, the country has suffered several attacks staged by US residents radicalised by a series of causes. The highest profile was the bombing of the Boston Marathon in April 2013 by two ethnic Chechen brothers. The bombing killed three spectators and injured hundreds more, while the brothers went on to kill a police officer on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the only surviving brother, was sentenced to death in May in a federal court in Boston.尽管001年以来美国下大力气防止海外暴力极端主义分子渗透到境内,但该国还是发生了多起由美国居民发动的袭击案。这些人是因不同的诉求而沦为极端分子。最具轰动效应的013月由一对车臣裔兄弟制造的波士顿马拉松爆炸案。那起爆炸导致三名观众死亡、数百人受伤,这对兄弟接着在麻省理工学MIT)校园里杀死了一名警察。今月,这对兄弟中唯一活下来的焦哈尔察尔纳耶夫(Dzhokhar Tsarnaev)在波士顿一家联邦法院被判处死刑。来 /201507/386348A teenager who was arrested after taking a homemade clock to school in the Dallas, Texas area says he misses the ed States and would like to eventually return.一位达拉斯少年因带自制时钟去学校而被捕。德克萨斯地区说,他想念美国,希望最终可以回来。Ahmed Mohamed, known as ;clock boy,; is now living in Qatar. Commenting in a recent interview with Dallas television station KTVT, Mohamed said he would like to come back to Irving, a Dallas suburb, to see the ;people I grew up with.;艾哈迈德·穆罕默德被称为“时钟男孩”,现在居住在卡塔尔。他在达拉斯电视台KTVT的一次采访中说,他想回到达拉斯郊区欧文,看到那些与他一起长大的人。Mohamed, who is of Sudanese descent, sparked a firestorm after being handcuffed and arrested earlier this year when a digital clock he made caused suburban Dallas school officials to call police thinking it was a bomb.穆罕默德是苏丹人后裔,在今年年初被捕后引发轩然。他将自制的时钟带去学校,被位于达拉斯郊区的校方误认为是炸弹而报警。His arrest set off protests, with people saying he had been arrested because he is Muslim.他的被捕引发了抗议,很多人认为他被捕是因为他是穆斯林。Charges against Mohamed were never filed.穆罕默德没有被起诉。The outcry led to U.S. President Barack Obama inviting Mohamed to the White House. Mohamed also received praise from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.抗议导致美国总统奥巴马邀请穆罕默德前往白宫。穆罕默德也得到了脸书创始人马克· 扎克伯格的赞赏。Additionally, Mohamed met Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir last month at the presidential compound in Khartoum, according to Sudanese radio.此外,根据苏丹电台报道,上个月,穆罕默德在喀土穆总统府与苏丹总统奥马尔·哈桑·巴希尔会见。In the wake of the controversy, Mohameds family allegedly received threats and moved to Qatar, where he says he feels safe.在争议发生之后,据称穆罕默德的家人受到了威胁,并且转移到了卡塔尔。他说在那里会感觉很安全。The family is demanding million from the city of Irving and school district as well as a written apology and has threatened lawsuits.穆罕默德的家人要求欧文政府和学校赔偿1500万美元和书面道歉信,并威胁提起诉讼。The city said it is reviewing a letter from the familys attorneys and had no comment.政府表示,他们正在审查来自家庭律师的信函,并且没有发表任何。When the controversy erupted, local school authorities said that in the wake of mass killings at schools across the country, they had to take every potential threat seriously.争议爆发之时,当地的学校表示,受全国各地校园屠杀案的警示,他们必须认真对待每一个潜在的威胁。来 /201511/412596

Founders who go back to save their company from the brink of extinction have a mixed record. The second coming of Apple’s Steve Jobs was an unequivocal success, while Jerry Yang’s return to Yahoo was an unequivocal failure. And the jury is still out on Michael Dell’s efforts to revive his namesake computer maker.创始人回归公司,希望力挽狂澜,拯救陷入困境的公司,但最终的结果有成功,也有失败。史蒂夫·乔布斯重返苹果公司(Apple)取得了毋庸置疑的成功,但杨致远回归雅虎(Yahoo)却遭遇彻头彻尾的失败。至于迈克尔o戴尔能否带领以其名字命名的电脑公司实现复兴,现在下结论仍然为时尚早。Now HTC, a struggling Taiwan-based smartphone maker, is pinning its hopes of redemption on co-founder and chairwoman Cher Wang. Last year under pressure from agitated investors, Wang, 55, resumed day-to-day involvement. She hasn’t officially assumed a new title—she insists she’s merely there to support current CEO Peter Chou—but she’s actively working on marketing, building relationships with telephone companies that carry HTC devices, and, crucially, helping lift morale among employees, who have been battered by the handset maker’s loss of ?business and an exodus of senior executives.现在,HTC则寄希望于公司联合创始人、董事长王雪红能够拯救这家深陷困局的台湾智能手机制造商。去年,面对不安的投资者施加的压力5岁的王雪红重新开始参与公司的日常运营。她尚未正式担任新的职务——她坚称,自己只是为现任CEO周永明提供持。但她正在积极参与市场营销,与销售HTC设备的电话公司搞好关系,最重要的是,帮助提升员工的士气。经营亏损和大批公司高层出走,一度令员工士气深受打击。It is no surprise that Wang (rhymes with “gong prefers a more behind-the-scenes role at HTC, which she co-founded in 1997. Despite her wealth (estimated net worth: .6 billion) and the fact that she’s the daughter of Taiwanese tycoon Wang Yung-Ching, founder of petrochemicals conglomerate Formosa Plastics Group, Wang maintains a low profile and eschews many of the trappings of wealth. She’s been known to fly on discount carrier Southwest Airlines and favors a uniform of simple black suits. But she has serious technology chops: She founded chipset maker Via Technologies before HTC. “I started HTC because of the vision I had a long time ago,Wang tellsFortune. “I really wanted to do handheld computers.Indeed, HTC stands for “high-tech computer.”在1997年参与创立的HTC公司,王雪红更喜欢隐居幕后,这一点并不意外。虽然自己是亿万富翁(净值预计为6亿美元),而且是石油化工业巨头台塑集团(Formosa Plastics Group)创始人、台湾商界巨擎王永庆的女儿,但王雪红却一直为人低调,生活朴素。她经常乘坐价格低廉的美国西南航空公司(Southwest Airlines)的航班,喜欢穿一套简洁的蓝色套装。但她有着深厚的技术背景:早在HTC之前,她便成立了芯片组制造商威盛科技(Via Technologies)。她告诉《财富》杂志(Fortune):“我之所以创立HTC,是因为很久以前的一个愿望。我很想生产掌上电脑。”事实上,HTC三个字母的含义便是“高科技计算机”。Wang’s combination of humility and tech prowess may be exactly what HTC needs to rebound from its ignominious fall. After bursting on to the scene as a wholesale phone maker for Global 500 companies such as Hewlett-Packard (No. 50 on the Global 500), HTC shifted to marketing phones under its own name. The company scored a big win in 2008 when Google (No. 162) selected HTC to partner with it on the first phone to run on its Android operating system.HTC要想止住颓势,触底反弹,或许正需要王雪红身上的谦卑和技术实力。最初,作为惠普(Hewlett-Packard,世00强第50位)等世00强公司(Global 500)的批发手机制造商,HTC横空出世,后来开始销售以公司名称命名的手机008年,HTC赢得重大胜利。当年,谷歌(Google,世00强第162位)选择HTC作为合作伙伴,HTC手机成为第一款运行安卓(Android)操作系统的手机。For a time HTC was on a roll. Emboldened by its success, management began to focus on high-end devices that would compete with Apple’s AAPL 0.59% iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy line. Revenue in 2010 climbed to .6 billion. But by Christmas 2011 the company had started to make execution errors. Management missed sales projections, and a critically admired new smartphone, the HTC One X, failed to reverse the decline. Supply issues plagued the company, as did a lack of marketing focus. Even a phone launched with Facebook FB -0.24% in 2013, which featured the social networking giant’s “Facebook Homeinterface, flopped and was quickly discounted by its exclusive carrier, ATamp;T T 0.48% . As HTC fumbled, Apple and Samsung solidified their positions at the top of the mobile food chain. HTC, once the top seller of Android-powered phones, eventually slipped from the list of the world’s top 10 smartphone makers. “In the beginning, the competition was not as severe,says Wang. “We didn’t think marketing was as important—we thought the product was more important than marketing. And we didn’t know how to communicate with the customer.”之后的一段时间,HTC的发展一帆风顺。受到之前成功的鼓舞,公司管理层开始将重点转移到高端设备,以期与苹果的iPhone和三星(Samsung)的Galaxy系列竞争010年,这家公司的收入达到了96亿美元。但011年圣诞节开始,这家公司出现了一系列执行错误。管理层无法达到销售预期,即便广受好评的新智能手机HTC One X也未能扭转局面。供应问题和缺乏营销重心导致公司深受困扰013年,HTC联合社交媒体巨头Facebook发布了一款手机,其中搭载了“Facebook Home”界面,结果却以失败告终。这款手机的独家运营商美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)很快便开始将这款手机降价处理。而在HTC一路跌跌撞撞的同时,苹果和三星却巩固了在移动市场食物链顶端的位置。曾经最畅销的安卓手机制造商HTC最终被挤出了全球十大智能手机制造商行列。王雪红说:“最初,竞争没有这么激烈。我们当时认为市场营销没有那么重要——我们的观念是,产品比市场营销更重要。我们不知道如何与消费者进行沟通。”Wang’s return has yet to improve HTC’s financial performance. Revenue in 2013 fell 30% to .85 billion, and the company lost .6 million. Revenue for the recent quarter slipped 23% from the year before. And competing with Apple, Samsung, and a growing number of cheaper Chinese manufacturers, isn’t likely to get any easier.目前,王雪红的回归尚未改善HTC的财务业绩。这家公013年的收入减少0%,仅8.5亿美元,损失,460万美元。最近一个季度的收入同比下滑3%。而与苹果、三星和越来越多价格更低廉的中国制造商的竞争将会愈演愈烈。Employees say Wang’s presence has aly started to make a difference. She’s traversed the globe, meeting with employees and key suppliers and customers—including the chairman of China Mobile, the largest cellphone operator in the world by customers. “It’s been inspiring for the organization because you have somebody who’s really kind of an understated icon in the smartphone world,says Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC’s North America operations.但公司员工表示,王雪红的回归已经开始产生影响。她在全球四处奔波,会见员工,拜访主要供应商与客户,包括世界上客户数量最多的手机运营商中国移动(China Mobile)的董事长。HTC北美区业务总裁贾森o麦肯齐说:“她的回归让整个公司备受鼓舞,因为我们有这样一位智能手机业的低调偶像。”Wang comes from a family of accomplished business executives. In addition to her highly successful father, who ran his plastics empire until his death at age 92, her sister Charlene co-founded motherboard maker First International Computer in 1980. Another sibling, Winston, started a China-based semiconductor company. “They are a fascinating family,says Steve Zelencik, the former chief marketing officer of Advanced Micro Devices. Back when Wang started her career, working for her sister’s company in the 1980s, she was in charge of buying components from AMD AMD -2.30% . “She showed up as just a kid out of college, but she adapted quickly,says Zelencik, now retired from the tech industry.王雪红的家族商业人才辈出。她的父亲在92岁去世之前一直运营着自己的塑料帝囀?980年,她的王雪玲参与创立了电脑主板制造商大众电脑(First International Computer)。哥哥王文洋在中国大陆创办了一家半导体公司。超威半导体公司(Advanced Micro Devices,AMD)前首席营销官史蒂夫o契尔尼克说:“他们是一个非常了不起的家族。”上世纪80年代,职业刚刚起步的王雪红在的公司工作,负责从AMD采购组件。目前已从科技行业退休的契尔尼克回忆说:“当时的她就是一个刚刚走出大学校门的孩子,稍微显得有些青涩,但她很快就适应了自己的角色。”In fact, Wang spent much of her teen years learning how to adapt. At 15, she was sent from Taipei, Taiwan, to Berkeley to attend high school and eventually the University of California at Berkeley. A devout Christian, Wang lived with a Jewish host family, where she was exposed to new foods, customs, and responsibilities. “Wednesdays were my day to cook,Wang recalls. “I didn’t know how to, so they soon became Chinese restaurant night.”事实上,王雪红的少年时代一直都在学会适应5岁时,她被从台北送到伯克利读高中,后来就读于加州大学伯克利分校(University of California at Berkeley)。身为一名虔诚的基督徒,王雪红却不得不寄宿在一个犹太家庭。她要接触全新的食物、习俗和责任。王雪红回忆道:“每周三轮到我做饭。我不知道该怎么做,结果,周三很快就变成了中餐馆之夜。”Wang’s mother, Wang Yung-Ching’s second of three partners, eventually also left Taiwan and settled in the Bay Area. “She didn’t take any money with her,says Wang. “She learned English and got her driver’s license when she was 60.”王雪红的母亲、王永庆的二房(王永庆共有三位太太)最终也离开台湾,前往旧金山湾区定居。王雪红说:“她去美国时没有带太多钱。她0岁的时候学会了英语,还考取了驾照。”Wang tears up when she talks about her parents. Her father, clearly a prominent figure in her life, wrote her 10-page letters describing his business experiences. “I had to write back or he would be upset,says Wang during an interview at the Rosewood Hotel in Menlo Park, Calif. (She splits her time between the Bay Area and Taipei, close to where HTC is based.)在谈到父母的时候,王雪红忍不住潸然泪下。很显然,父亲在她的一生中扮演着最重要的角色。他曾给她写0页纸的书信,传授自己的经商经验。王雪红在加州门罗帕克的瑰丽酒店(Rosewood Hotel)接受采访时说:“我必须得回信,否则他会很生气。”(她要经常往返于旧金山湾区和台北,这里靠近HTC的总部。)After spending her formative years with her sister’s company, Wang helped build Via Technologies in the late 1980s. Later, through acquisition and investment, Wang and a small team of executives drifted into the phone business. “At that time I interviewed everyone,Wang says of HTC’s early days. “I would tell them the vision. Peter [Chou] was the first one to believe.”王雪红在的公司渡过性格形成期之后,她在上世0年代末帮助创建了威盛科技公司。后来,通过收购和投资,王雪红和几位高管逐渐转入手机行业。回想起HTC最初的日子,王雪红说:“当时,我参加所有人的面试。我会告诉他们我的愿景。周永明是第一个相信这个愿景的人。”Wang continues to place faith in Chou’s ability to turn around the company they built together. Now I can focus on building new products and new product categories,says Chou, who has reportedly said he would step down if the company’s current family of smartphones didn’t succeed. “She is my biggest supporter.She’s also HTC’s largest shareholder, and she’s seen the value of her holdings plunge 90% since 2011. Wang may be modest, but if HTC’s slide continues, few would be surprised if she pulls a Steve Jobs-like return.王雪红仍然相信,周永明有能力带领他们共同打造的公司走出困境。周永明说:“现在,我的重点是打造新产品和新的产品类别。”据称,周永明已经表态,如果公司目前的智能手机无法成功,他就会主动下台。“她是我最大的持者。”王雪红同时也是HTC最大的股东。从2011年以来,她所持有的股份的价值已经缩0%。虽然王雪红一直非常谦逊,但如果HTC继续下滑,就算她像乔布斯一样选择重新出山,也不会有多少人感到意外 /201407/310989

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