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栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201511/406346Chinese,S.Korean DMs hold talks on security, DPRK中韩两国防长举行会谈Chinese and South Korean Defense Ministers will be holding talks today in Seoul.中韩两国防长今天将在首尔举行会谈。The visiting Chinese Defense Minister and state councillor Chang Wanquan and his South Korean counterpart Han Min-koo will discuss security in the Korean Peninsula,the DPRK nuclear program,military cooperation and opening a hotline between their two defence departments.韩国国防部长官韩民求和中国国务委员兼国防部长常万全将就韩半岛安全局势、朝核问题、开通军事热线、防务交流合作,以及朝军的冬季训练等朝鲜最新动向交换意见。Chang Wanquan started his three-day visit on Tuesday,9 years since the last visit by a Chinese defense minister.周二常万全开始了他为期3天的访问,这是9年来中国国防部长第一次造访。201502/358576Now a technology first developed in China Will be perfected in Europe.同时 一项起源于中国的技术 将在欧洲得以完善It will change the world as dramatically as gunpowder.它将如火药一般 戏剧性地改变世界1450, Mainz, Germany.Johannes Gutenberg.1450年 德国美因茨(西部港市) 约翰内斯·古腾堡Goldsmith, entrepreneur,Inventor of the printing press.一个金匠 企业家 也是印刷术的发明者Its still one of the greatest stories in the history of invention.直至今天 这仍是史上 最伟大的发明之一You think about the impact that had,想想它带来的影响吧its really hard to underestimate it.根本不容我们低估In 15th-century Europe,Books are only in reach of the clergy and the rich.在十五世纪的欧洲 只有神职人员和富人能接触到书籍Handwritten and labor-intensive,通过手写和高强度的人力It takes as long as three years To produce one copy of the Bible.通常要花三年时间 才能抄写完一部圣经It was like having this powerful force,knowledge,就好像这股强大的力量 也就是知识thats locked in these objects called books,被锁在这些叫做书籍的物体里and almost nobody has these things.却几乎没人可以拥有它The Chinese invented wood-block printing 700 years earlier.中国人在早七百年前发明了木刻印刷术But it was slow, complex work.但它速度迟缓 工序复杂201601/420025

TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。201505/373011We hold these truths to be self-evident,That all men are created equal,我们认为这些事实是不言而喻的:人人生而平等That they are endowed by their Creator With certain unalienable rights,造物者赋予他们 若干不可让与的权利That among these are Life, Liberty And the pursuit of Happiness.其中包括生存权 自由权 和追求幸福的权利When he put his finger onto that key,he was in charge of his own destiny,当他触碰到关键之处 他就掌握了自身的命运and when he sat there with Congress to write the Declaration of Independence,当他与议会成员共处一室 起草to sign it, to think about it, to act upon it,签署 考量 并遵照其实施 he was making exactly the same statement:;I, we, should declare our own destiny.;他无疑是在强调同一件事 那就是:我 我们 应该主宰自己的命运;;Were in charge, not someone else.;He challenged the old way.;我们的命运应由自己掌控 而非他人; 他挑战了传统方式In less than two centuries,Mankind has opened up the wilderness And mapped the planet,近两个世纪以来 人类开辟了蛮荒之地 描绘了地球的版图Prospering from its natural resources.因自然资源而繁荣发展The scientific revolution has given rise to the modern world.科技革命让现代世界得以诞生Remember, during this period of the Enlightenment when the scientific ideas were coming to the fore,记得在启蒙运动时期 科学思想崭露头角the church was the ultimate authority,the crown was the ultimate authority,教会有着至高权力 王室亦有至高权力about how the world worked and what you should believe.是他们决定着世界的运行方式及人类的信仰And what was so revolutionary about the scientific method is it was essentially democratic.科学有如此强大的革命性 正是因为它本质上是民主的It said that no power, no person,科学告诉我们 没有哪一种权力 哪个人no organization, no ruler,can tell you what reality is.哪个组织或统治者 能让你辨明现实Fear and superstition Replaced by reason.恐惧和迷信 被道理所替代Liberated by a new way of thinking.被一种新的思考方式所解放Launching a new age That will change the lives of everyone on the planet:The age of industry.这也开创了一个新时代 即将改变地球上每个人的生活 那就是工业时代201604/434941

CPI continues to grow, up 1.6% in July2015年7月份居民消费价格(CPI指数)同比上涨1.6%Chinas consumer price has continued to grow, while the producer price index dropped further.我国居民消费价格持续增长,而物价指数则进一步下跌。According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the Consumer Price Index, or CPI, a main gauge of inflation, was up 1.6 percent from a year ago in July.国家统计局数据显示居民消费价格指数CPI在7月份较去年同期上涨1.6%。That is the highest growing rate this year.这创下今年增长率新高。And the pork price is one major contributor to the increase, which grew by 16.7 percent.而增长16.7%的猪肉价格也是CPI上涨的其中一个主要因素。Meanwhile, the producer price index, or PPI, which measures wholesale inflation, slid 5.4 percent year on year in July.而与此同时,衡量通货膨胀指数的PPI7月份同比下降5.4%。 译文属201508/391455Physicists tell us that the universe is expanding,but does that mean we expand with it? I mean,if so,wouldnt no one notice because everything would scale up,at the same relative size and it would seem like nothing had changed? Well,the truth is,the universe isnt expanding.物理学家告诉我们,宇宙在扩张,但这是否意味着我们也在变大呢?我是说 若真如此,不是应该没人注意到 因为所有的东西 都在同比例放大 因而看似一切都没变过吗?真相是,宇宙并不在扩张。Space is,Of course,everything else in the universe is ;in;space,and ignoring the influence of any other forces,when the space between things expands,those things will appear to be carried farther apart.But there are other forces in the universe,and their strengths arent directly affected when space expands.而空间在扩张。当然,宇宙中的一切都在空间“之内”,忽略其他力产生的影响,当事物之间的空间扩张时,这些事物看起来像是被拆散到更远处。但是宇宙中还有其他的力,当空间扩张时,它们的强度并不会被直接影响。For example,gravity and electromagnetism are able to hold atoms and solar systems together,because these forces are too strong for the slow expansion of space to overcome,Think of it like this-if you and your cat are standing on a piece of ground.that starts to stretch horizontally between you,the ground will pull you and your cat away from each other.比如,重力和电磁力可将原子,太阳系等拉到一起,因为这些力要远大于克空间缓慢扩张所需的力。这么想想看 如果你和你的猫都站在一块地面上 地面开始在你们之间水平拉伸,并将把你和你的猫拉离对方。But if the leash is strong enough -in particular if its stronger than the friction force between your feet and the ground,itll hold you and your cat together as space expands beneath you.In the real universe,its the strength of the electromagnetic force that determines the effective sizes of particles,atoms,and molecules,so that even if the space theyre in expands,the molecules dont.但如果皮带够结实,尤其是,如果它强于你的脚和地面间的擦力的话,当你脚下的空间扩张时 它能把你和你的猫拉在一起。在真实的宇宙中 是电磁力的大小 决定着微粒 原子和分子的有效直径,因而即便其所处的空间扩张 这些分子不会扩大。Electromagnetism is basically the leash that holds atoms and molecules together,and gravity is the leash that holds solar systems and galaxies together,Only over super super long distances is gravitys attraction weak enough,and the cumulative expansion of all that space big enough to cause galaxies and galactic clusters to actually grow more distant from one another over time.we know this because the light from distant galaxies gets red-shifted as its stretched by the expansion of the space its traveling through.电磁力基本上就是那将原子和分子拉在一起的皮带,而引力也是将太阳系 星系等凝聚在一起的皮带。只有在特别特别远的距离下 引力影响才会足够小 空间扩张的积累影响才会足够大 并导致 星系和星团随着时间过去相互间距离越来越远。我们知道这个是因为远处星云发出的光出现了红移 光波被所穿过空间的扩张拉长了。Gravity certainly still pulls distant objects towards each other,but space expands faster,Basically,the cat is off the leash.当然,引力仍然会将遥远的物体相互拉近,但是空间扩张更快。基本就是说 那只“猫”挣脱了皮带。201503/361692Indian PM opens account on Chinese social media印度总理莫迪开通中文微账户Indias Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made his debut on the Chinese Twitter-like social media platform Weibo.印度总理莫迪在类似推特的中国社交媒体平台微上首次亮相。In the very first entry, he wrote, in Chinese, ;Hello China! I look forward to more interaction with my Chinese friends.;莫迪总理在其发出的第一条微中用中文写道:“中国你好!我期待通过与中国朋友们互动。”In a matter of hours, the account has generated ten thousand followers.几小时内他的账户就有了1万名粉丝。But many questioned its authenticity.但许多人质疑这条微的真实性。The Indian Embassy in Beijing has come out to say that it indeed belongs to the Prime Minister, and he approved the debut message himself this morning.印度驻北京大使馆已经实它的确属于印度总理莫迪,而且今天早上他还亲自核实了这条消息。Modi has been an avid social media user, and has more than 12 million followers on Twitter.莫迪是一位狂热的社交媒体用户,他在推特上就拥有1200多万名粉丝。201505/373809

When you think about Michael Jackson, you think about him as a kid.想到迈克尔·杰克逊 就想到儿时的他like when he did some of those earlier songs, like Ben就像他早期的歌 例如BenAnd then as he grew and evolved and became a young man,当他慢慢长大 成为一个年轻男子时l saw the metamorphosis of a beautiful, beautiful flower,我彷佛看到了美丽花朵的蜕变just blooming and unfolding.逐渐绽放Michael enjoyed what he was doing.迈克尔很喜爱他的工作Thats why, transition from very young to getting older,一年一年地成长its just one year after another, but doing what the good Lord let us do.但还是善用着神赐与他的天赋When MichaeI became a teenager, his voice changed.迈克尔步入青少年时期时 开始变嗓He realised that he would be singing different types of music,他意识到自己需要改变歌路not kiddie pop songs like he had been most of his career.不能再像之前一样 唱些小孩的摇滚乐The first time we worked with the Jackson 5 was vety exciting.我们与杰克逊五人组的初次合作 很令人兴奋Because the one thing l noticed about the group,因为我注意到这个团体that they were extremely down to earth, very mannerable,就是他们都很谦虚 很有教养very, very polite.非常有礼貌Michael recorded several songs of mine and the Hollands迈克尔录了好几首我跟荷兰的歌and Forever Came Today was one of my favourites.其中Forever Came Today是我最喜欢的201509/398318Good boy! Are you wanting to go outside好孩子 你想出去转转吗and we can see what youre doing with that camera on?让我们用摄像机看看你都去干嘛了好吗Theyll be wearing specially designed cat cameras to show us他们将戴着特制的摄像头what they do when theyre not at home.记录他们不在家时候的生活And carrying GPS receivers to reveal their secret journeys.并戴着GPS接收器揭示他们的秘密旅程Whats unique about this experiment is that it reveals这个实验的独特之处在于它揭示了how 50 cats live, crowded together...五十只猫如何生活 聚集在一起..How they hunt and fight...他们如何捕猎和争斗Really a classic stand-off.真是典型的对峙..And the surprising strategies they use to get along.以及他们相处时的惊人策略It raises the intriguing possibility实验提出了一种有趣的可能性that our cats may be changing猫猫的行为正在发生改变and that could be down to us.这种改变可能是因为我们重点解释:1.go outside 外出例句:Dont go outside the school playground.不要到学校运动场以外的地方去。2.get along 友好相处例句:He is the last person that Ill get along with.他是我最不愿与之相处的人。201604/439647

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