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福建妇幼保健官方网站福建福清市妇幼保健院挂号网Chris:It's the most perfect day ever!Sun:Come outside,Chirs!Chris:No!(Slam)克里斯:今天真的是有史以来最好的天气!太阳:来外面透透气吧,克里斯!克里斯:决不!(关上窗户,继续玩电脑)福清/在线咨询医生 In China, eating out is now definitely inDine out today?Great food is like great sex: The more you have, the more you want. It's a saying that certainly applies to the Chinese, at least in the culinary sense, as recent figures show that people are spending more money on dining out. A report released yesterday by the Ministry of Commerce shows that retail sales in the catering sector last year hit 1.03 trillion yuan, up 16.4 percent on 2005. The figure accounts for 13.5 percent of the country's total retail sales of consumer goods. It has helped create about 20 million jobs, the report says. Meanwhile, ministry figures show that in the first two months of this year, retail sales in the sector reached 205.91 billion yuan, up 17 percent on the same period in 2006. "It's expected the growth will continue for the rest of the year, to estimated annual sales of 1.21 trillion yuan (6 billion)," the report says. The figures equate to every Chinese spending 915 yuan on dining out this year, compared with 790 yuan last year. In the ed States and France, the equivalent figures are ,600 and ,050, respectively. "So there is still plenty of room for growth, especially in the country's vast rural areas," the report says. Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou topped last year's chart for retail sales in the catering sector, with Shanghai, Jinan and Qingdao in East China's Shandong Province recording the highest growth rates. 好吃的美食就像美妙的性一样。越吃越想吃。 这句话当然是针对热爱美食的中国人来说的,最近有调查数据显示,中国人在餐饮方面的开销正在不断增加。 商务部昨天公布的一份统计报告显示,餐饮业去年的营业额达到10300亿元,比2005年增加了16.4%。 这一数字占去年全国消费品总零售额的13.5%。此外,据统计报告显示,餐饮业为全国创造了约2000万个就业机会。 据统计,今年前两个月,餐饮业的营业额达205.1亿元,比去年同期上涨17%。 统计报告称,“这一增长还将继续,餐饮业今年的年营业额预计将达到12100亿元。” 也就是说,今年每个中国人在餐饮方面的平均消费预计为915元,高于去年的790元。 这一数字在美国和法国分别为1600美元和1050美元。 统计报告中说,“所以,餐饮业增长的空间还很大,尤其是在广大的农村地区。” 上海、北京、广州去年的餐饮业营业额位居全国前三位,上海以及山东省的济南和青岛的增长率最高。 /200808/46486It is research that is guaranteed to delight men - and infuriate the women in their lives. A controversial new study has claimed that men really are more intelligent than women. The study concluded that men's IQs are almost four points higher than women's. British-born researcher John Philippe Rushton, who previously created a furore by suggesting intelligence is influenced by race, says the finding could explain why so few women make it to the top in the workplace. He claims the 'glass ceiling' phenomenon is probably due to inferior intelligence, rather than discrimination or lack of opportunity. The University of Western Ontario psychologist reached his conclusion after scrutinizing the results of university aptitude tests taken by 100,000 students aged 17 and 18 of both sexes. A focus on a factors such as the ability to quickly grasp a complex concept, verbal reasoning skills and creativity - some of the key ingredients of intelligence - revealed the male teenagers had IQs that were an average of 3.63 points higher. The average person has an IQ of around 100. The findings, which held true for all classes and levels of parental education, overturn a 100 year consensus that men and women average the same in general mental ability. They also conflict with evidence that girls do better in school exams than boys. But Prof Rushton, who was born in Bournemouth and obtained his doctorate in social psychology from the London School of Economics, argues that the faster maturing of girls leads to them outshining boys in the classroom.这项研究结果一定会让男人高兴,惹女人生气。一项具有争议的最新研究表明,男人确实比女人聪明。 研究发现,男人的智商比女人高四分。 英国籍研究员约翰·菲利普·鲁什顿此前提出的"智商受到种族影响"的观点一时引发众怒,他说,这项最新研究结果可以解释为什么很少有女性能成为职场精英。 他说,造成这种"玻璃天花板"现象的原因可能是由于女性的智商不及男性,并不是性别歧视或缺少机会。 这位西安大略大学的心理学家对10万名17至18岁的男女学生进行了大学智力测试,他在分析测试结果后得出了这个结论。 此项测试着重对学生快速理解复杂概念、语言推理能力和创造力等几项智力指标进行了考察。结果发现,男学生的智商平均高出3.63分。普通人的智商水平在100分左右。 这项研究结果适用于各类人群和各个年龄阶段,同时推翻了长期以来认为"男女智力相当"的普遍观点。此外,这项研究结果和女孩的考试成绩总比男孩好的事实相矛盾。 鲁什顿教授他说,女孩比男孩学习好是因为女孩比男孩成熟得早。鲁什顿教授出生在伯恩茅斯镇,在伦敦经济学院获得了社会心理学士学位。Vocabulary:glass ceiling :玻璃天花板;是指在公司企业和机关团体中,限制某些人口群体(女性、少数民族)晋升到高级职位的障碍。正如玻璃一样,这个障碍虽然不是明文规定的,但却是实实在在存在着的。 /200808/46427福清治疗肛门湿疣多少钱

福清/肛裂【中英对照】If you've been through it, this will probably come as no surprise. Divorce can add years to a person's face, it is claimed.如果你已经经历了,你可能不会感到惊讶。研究称,离婚会让人容颜变老。Researchers found that marriage breakdown can take a significant toll on appearance.研究人员发现,婚姻破裂会对人的外貌造成很大的影响。They looked at identical twins, who would be genetically predisposed to age at a similar pace, to determine whether certain experiences affected ageing.为确定某些经历是否会影响衰老,研究人员对同卵双生的双胞胎进行了研究,这些双胞胎在基因的设定下衰老速度完全一样。"A person's heritage may initially dictate how they age but if you introduce certain factors into your life, you will certainly age faster, and likewise, if you avoid those factors you can slow down the hands of time," said Professor Bahaman Guyuron, who led the study.研究负责人巴哈曼·古尤伦教授说:“遗传可能是决定一个人如何变老的基本因素,但如果在人生中加入某些因素,那么肯定会加速衰老,同样,如果避免这些因素,则会减缓衰老。”Professor Guyuron and his colleagues gathered information from questionnaires and digital images taken from 186 pairs of twins.古尤伦教授和同事对186对双胞胎进行了问卷调查和数码拍照。An independent panel of judges then viewed the images for perceived age differences between the siblings.一个独立评审小组浏览了这些照片,并根据照片判断这些双胞胎外表上的年龄差异。The results showed that the twin who had gone through a divorce appeared two years older than the one who was married, single or had been widowed.结果显示,一对双胞胎中的离婚者比已婚、单身或守寡者看起来要老两岁。Those who took antidepressants or were overweight also aged quicker.而用抗抑郁药物或体重超标的人衰老速度也较快。It is thought antidepressants can calm the facial muscles, causing them to sag in longterm users.据称,抗抑郁药物能够使面部肌肉松弛,所以长期用者肌肉容易下垂。The research was conducted by the Case Western Reserve University in the U.S., and published in the Journal Of The American Society Of Plastic Surgeons.该研究由美国西储大学开展,研究结果已在《整形和修复外科医学期刊》上发表。Sun exposure, smoking and alcohol use were all found to have a negative effect on appearance.另外,日晒、吸烟和酗酒都会对外表造成不良影响。 /200905/71084福清中山医院人流要多少钱 Simon was an inveterate fisherman, well known for exaggerating the size of "the one that got away". But there came a day when he actually caught two enormous flounders. He immediately invited a few friends over to dine, then tried to figure out how best to serve the fish." If I use both," he told his wife, "it will seem ostentatious."  "Why not serve a piece of each?" she suggested.  "No, if I cut them up, nobody will believe I caught two giant flounders." Simon racked his brain. Then he had an idea.  The guests were seated at the table when their host strode in with a platter, holding the biggest flounder they'd ever seen. Suddenly Simon stumbled and fell. Everyone cried out in dismay as the fish crashed to the floor, but Simon quickly brushed himself off.  "Dear, " he called out to his wife, "bring in the other flounder!" 西蒙是个老练的渔夫。人们都熟知他爱吹嘘“跑掉的那条”鱼的尺寸。但有一天他确实抓了两条极大的比目鱼。他立刻邀请几个朋友过来吃饭,然后着力搞清楚怎样将鱼端上餐桌。“如果同时端上2条鱼,”他对妻子说,“好像有点炫耀之嫌了。”  “何不两条鱼各上一小块呢?”他妻子建议道。  “不行,如果把两条鱼都切碎了,就不会有人相信我抓了两条大比目鱼了。”西蒙绞尽了脑汁,终于想出了一个好办法。  客人已在餐桌边就座完毕,这时主人大步地走进来,手里端着一个托盘,托盘上是一个他们所见过的最大的比目鱼。突然西蒙被什么东西绊了一下摔倒了。所有的人都惊慌地叫了起来,因为鱼在地板上摔得粉碎。但是西蒙迅速地摆脱了窘境。  “亲爱的,”他对妻子喊道,“把另一条鱼端上来!” /201108/147796福清东张镇做腋臭手术要多少钱

福清/男科医院在哪里Cultural practices, cultural differences, local manners, and mores: traveling the globe can be a behavioral minefield, even when you have the best intentions. Everything from greeting to eating can be an opportunity to do the wrong thing, and not only embarrass yourself, but offend your host countrymen. 文化习惯、文化差异、当地礼仪和风俗:即使你怀着良好的意愿,这些文化陷阱也可能让你的环球旅游险象环生。从问候到饮食,稍不留神就会出差错,不仅让自己难堪,还有可能冒犯东道主。Touching Someone 触摸他人Where It's Offensive: Korea, Thailand, China, Europe, the Middle East.禁忌地:韩国、泰国、欧洲、中东 /200907/77288 Still on a budget? Try these cheap fashion tipsStill on a budget? Try these cheap fashion tips: 1. Keep your store receipts and product tags for at least two months. You never know when you might want to return something because your tastes have changed, you have found a defect in the garment or the color is all wrong. Most chain stores have a very forgiving return policy. Of course, if you have worn it ... don't be a chiseler, it's yours. 2. Take a strapless dress or tunic and wear it over a turtle neck for winter or over a tee shirt or thin blouse in warm weather. You get two looks for the price of one, and when traveling, packing these items can double your wardrobe. 3. Wearing mule style shoes this summer? Try a spritz of hair spray on the inner sole so your feet don't slip. 4. Are your shoes scuffed? Dab the spot with a small dollop of Vaseline and blend into the entire shoe for instant shine. Or, polish the shoes with a little hand cream poured onto a paper towel. 5. For dry cuticles, use either Vaseline or Aamp;D ointment. On top of this slather your hands with your favorite hand lotion. Your hands and nails will stay moisturized for hours. 6. Another nail tip: For drying wet nail polish quickly, dip hands into ice cold water or spray nails with cooking oils 7. Stop paying top dollar for makeup removal pads . Try generic brands of baby wipes to remove makeup. 8. If you are a thin, petite-sized woman, don't overlook the children's department for casual clothing such as shorts, capris, cargo pants, denim jackets and T-shirts. 9. This is the season of fake tans . Try using hair removal creams to remove any self-tanner streaks on the sides of your feet, palms, elbow and knees. Rub it on, then immediately wipe it off with a washcloth or tissue. 手头还是有点紧?试试以下几个省钱时尚小窍门: 1、 将购物小票和商品标牌保存至少两个月。你不知道自己什么时候会因为口味改变、发现衣上有瑕疵或颜色不对,而想把东西给退了。大多数连锁店在退货方面还是很“仁慈的”。当然,如果你穿过了,那就别去蒙人了,留着吧。 2、 冬天,将无肩带连衣裙或罩衫穿在高领衫外面;暖和的天气可以把它穿在T恤或薄短衫外面。这样,一件衣“两穿”,旅游时带上很实用。 3、 今年夏天爱上凉拖?可以在内鞋底上喷点发胶,这样脚在里面就不会打滑了。 4、 鞋上有磨痕?可以在这些地方涂一小团凡士林,抹匀之后可以使鞋子立刻发亮。或者用纸巾蘸点护手霜把鞋擦亮。 5、 皮肤干燥?用凡士林或Aamp;D药膏。此外,把自己最爱用的护手霜厚厚的涂在手上。这样,你的手和指甲会保湿好几个小时。 6、 另一个护甲窍门:要想让指甲油速干,可以把手放进冰水里,或者往指甲上喷炒菜油。 7、 不用昂贵的卸妆巾,可以用一般牌子的婴儿用清洁巾来卸妆。 8、 如果你很娇小,可以去儿童区看看短裤、紧身裤、休闲运动裤、帆布夹克及T恤等休闲装。 9、 “假檀”是本季的流行风。可以用脱毛膏除去脚、手掌、胳膊肘和膝盖上的“假晒色”。抹上之后,立刻用毛巾或湿巾擦试干净。Vocabulary: turtle neck : 高领衫removal pad : 卸妆巾fake tan : “假檀”,即“假晒色” /200809/47529福清比较好的无痛人流做医院福清哪家医院治疗乳腺疾病较好



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