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A Dutch man has confessed to stabbing to death a young British woman holidaying in Indian Kashmir while under the influence of drugs, police say.根据印度警方的消息,一名荷兰籍男子供认自己在毒品作用下刺死一名年轻英国女性,该女性当时正在案发地印度喀什米尔度假。Richard De Wit, 43, told police he had murdered Sarah Groves, who had been staying on the New Beauty houseboat at Dal Lake in the Indian Kashmir city of Srinagar for two months.43岁的罪犯理查德·德威特向警察坦言,是他谋杀了英国女游客萨拉·格鲁夫丝,过去两个月,该名女游客长住在案发地印控克什米尔斯利那加的达尔湖新美船屋。;He has confessed that he committed the murder under the influence of some drug. We have sent his blood sample for testing to ascertain the facts,; deputy inspector general of police Afadul Mujtaba said on Sunday.“罪犯承认自己在药物致幻作用下犯下谋杀罪行。我们已经将他的血样送检以确认事实。” 副检察官阿法德·穆佳巴周日表示。De Wit was arrested on Saturday as he tried to flee in a taxi near Qazigund, 75 kilometres south of Srinagar, soon after the 24-year-old was found dead in a pool of blood in her houseboat cabin.年仅24岁的受害人萨拉·格鲁夫丝被发现死于船屋。凶手德威特在作案后企图乘出租车逃离,周六他在斯利那加南部75公里处靠近卡齐古恩德的地方被捕。Police, who have yet to establish a motive for the crime, said they had spoken to De Wit#39;s wife in Holland who told them that her husband has had a history of psychiatric problems.印度警方正在寻找犯罪动机,也已与嫌犯身在荷兰的妻子取得联系,得知该名罪犯有精神病史。De Wit, who had been staying in an adjacent room in the same houseboat as the victim after arriving on Thursday, broke the latch on her cabin door and tried to escape in a small boat after killing her, police said.德威特周四抵达达尔湖,住在与死者临近的相同船屋,随后他破门入室行凶,杀人后企图乘小船逃走。The Kashmiri boyfriend of Ms Groves has told how he confronted de Wit begging for answers, the Daily Mail reports.根据英国《每日邮报》报道称,受害人格鲁夫丝的喀什米尔男友一直在质问凶手德威特:为什么要谋杀自己的女友?Saeed Ahmed Shoda, 25, claimed he managed to to meet de Wit in his cell and begged him for answers.这位名叫萨伊德·阿哈姆德·休达的25岁年轻人表示,他一直前往监狱恳求德威特给出。He had met and fallen in love with Miss Groves, from Guernsey, in the first week of January in Goa. Saeed said: ‘I don#39;t understand why he killed her. He had no reason to kill.萨伊德和死者格鲁夫丝在一月的第一个星期相识于印度果阿地区,萨伊德说自己对这个来自英国根西岛的姑娘一见钟情。他说:“我不明白他为什么要杀她,他没有理由这么做。”The gruesome incident comes after a 39-year-old Swiss cyclist was allegedly gang-raped and robbed by six men in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh last month.在这一奸杀案之前还发生过骇人的犯罪案件,上个月在印度中心地区玛德哈亚·普拉德西州,39岁的瑞士自行车旅行者据说被六个男性抢劫轮奸。Also last month, a British woman dental hygienist suffered leg injuries when she jumped from a hotel balcony in the northern tourist city of Agra, fearing a sexual assault by hotel employees.同样是在上个月,一名英国女牙齿保健员在印度北部阿格拉度假时,因为害怕被旅馆工作人员性侵从旅馆阳台跳下去摔断了腿。The safety of women in India has been in the spotlight since the fatal gang-rape in December of a 23-year-old physiotherapy student on a bus in New Delhi, which sparked nationwide outrage.去年12月在印度首都新德里,23岁的理疗专业大学生在巴士上被轮奸,此事激起了社会公愤。从这件严重轮奸案件开始,印度的女性安全问题成为关注焦点。 /201304/233917。

Vancouver is tops in Canada for quality of life with its moderate climate contributing to its high ranking, says an annual survey.最新年度调查显示,加拿大温哥华因气候宜人,获评加拿大的最宜居城市。The West Coast city has also retained its fifth-place spot globally in the 2012 Mercer Quality of Living survey.在2012年的美世全球最宜居城市调查中,这座西海岸城市仍旧位居第五位。Overall, Vienna retains the top spot as the city with the world#39;s best quality of living, also keeping its first place ranking, said the survey released on Tuesday. Baghdad was last out 221 cities.从总体来看,维也纳仍旧蝉联全球最宜居城市。这份榜单于本周二公布。巴格达在总共221个城市中排名垫底。The survey said Canada offers some of the best quality of living in the world with Ottawa ranking 14th, Toronto 15th, Montreal 23rd and Calgary 32nd.调查表示,加拿大成为全球最宜居的国家,渥太华排名第14,多伦多排名第15,蒙特利尔排名第23,卡尔加里排名第32。;One of the things that Vancouver has going for it that the other cities do not have is climate,; said Mercer Canada#39;s Eleana Rodriguez.美世加拿大分公司的爱丽娜-罗德里格斯说:“温哥华拥有的其他城市不具备的优势之一是宜人的气候。;All four of the other Canadian cities that are on the ranking don#39;t have the kind of climate that Vancouver has, so obviously that#39;s a factor to consider.;“上榜的其他四个加拿大城市都没有这样宜人的气候,而温哥华独有,因此这明显是个考虑因素。”Canada has five cities ranked in the top 35 cities in the world, she said, adding that Calgary advanced one ranking and Montreal dropped by one ranking.她说,加拿大有5个城市跻身榜单前35名。卡尔加里上升了一位,蒙特利尔下降了一位。;We score quite high,; said Rodriguez, market business leader for Mercer Canada in Toronto.位于多伦多的美世加拿大分公司的罗德里格斯说:“我们的得分非常高。”Consulting firm Mercer looked at 39 factors such as a city#39;s political and social environment and its economic and socio-cultural environment, areas in which Canada scored quite well.美世咨询公司考察了城市的39个因素,比如政治和社会环境、经济和社会文化环境,加拿大的城市得分很高。The firm also looked at medical and health access, education and access to schools, public transportation, recreation, availability of housing and consumer goods, as well as climate.该公司还考察了医疗健康状况、教育和受教育机会、公共交通、消遣、住房制度、消费品购买、以及气候条件。;Vienna scores high on a number of those areas,; Rodriguez said.罗德里格斯说:“维也纳在众多领域都得分很高。”The survey also found that Zurich and Auckland of New Zealand were ranked second and third with Munich taking fourth spot.苏黎世和新西兰的奥克兰分别排名第二、第三,排在第四的是慕尼黑。The annual survey helps multinational companies and organizations compensate employees when they#39;re placed on international assignments.这份年度调查帮助跨国公司和组织为外派员工制定补偿机制。In the ed States, the top three cities were Honolulu, ranked 28th with the highest quality of living, followed by San Francisco in 29th place and Boston at 35th.美国排名前三的城市为檀香山(在宜居城市中排在第28)、旧金山(第29)和波士顿(第35)。Globally, the cities with the lowest quality of living are: Khartoum, Sudan; N#39;Djamena, Chad; Port-au Prince, Haiti; and Bangui in the Central African Republic.从全球来看,最不宜居的城市为:苏丹喀土穆、乍得恩贾梅纳、海地太子港、以及中非共和国的班基。 /201212/212580。

This year is set to be the 10th warmest on record, say meteorologists. 气象学家说,今年将是有史以来第十个最热年。 Climate researchers in the UK said that temperatures in 2011 were nearing the top of records dating back to 1850. 英国气候研究员说,2011年的气温将逼近1850年来的最高纪录。 This despite a #39;strong and persistent#39; La Nina weather system in the Pacific - an effect which should lead to lower temperatures across the world. 尽管太平洋发生的;猛烈、持续性;的拉尼娜气候现象使世界范围内出现降温,但还是难撼今年的热度。 The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) released the figures based on three sets of independent data, including a joint one from the University of East Anglia (UAE) ; currently mired in controversy ; and the Met Office, at a climate change conference in Durban this week. 世界气象组织本周在南非德班气候大会上公布了这份报告,基于三组独立的数据得出,包括目前身陷纠纷的东安格利亚大学和英国气象局联合得出的数据。 However, only last week researchers at UAE were criticised for colluding with politicians to #39;massage#39; evidence of man-made climate change after 5,000 emails were leaked online.就在上周,5000封电子邮件在网上被泄露后,东安格利亚大学的研究人员因为和政界人士串通窜改人为导致气候变化的据而遭到批评。 The WMO released the figures as 200 nations meet in Durban, South Africa, for the latest UN talks on agreeing a deal to tackle climate change. 世界气象组织在有200个国家参加的南非德班气候大会上发布了这些数据。这次大会是联合国为达成应对气候变化的协议召开的最新会谈。 The organisation, whose data also includes figures from the US, put the global average temperature at 0.41C above the 1961 to 1990 average of 14C, making it the 10th warmest on record. 世界气象组织的数据还包括来自美国的数据,今年的全球平均气温比1961年至1990年的全球平均气温(14摄氏度)高出0.41摄氏度,成为了有史以来第十个最热年。 According to the WMO, the 13 warmest years on record have all occurred in the 15 years between 1997 and 2011. 世界气象组织的数据显示,记录在案的13个最热年都是在1997年到2011年的15年间发生的。The Met Office/UAE also suggested a long-term warming trend in the global climate. 世界气象组织和东安格利亚大学还指出,全球气候将呈现长期变暖的趋势。 Their data shows the average global temperature for January to October 2011 was 14.36C, 0.36C above the 1961 to 1990 long-term average of 14C. 他们的数据显示,2011年1月至10月的全球平均气温为14.36摄氏度,比1961年至1990年14摄氏度的平均气温高出0.36摄氏度。 The WMO#39;s final figure is an average of the three sets of data. 世界气象组织的最终数据是这三组数据的平均值。According to their researchers, each decade since the 1950s has been warmer than the previous decade, and last year was one of the warmest on record. 他们的研究人员称,自20世纪50年代以来的每个十年都比前一个十年要热,去年是记录在案的最热年之一。 /201112/162891。

I’ll bet you’ve got a number of started or almost-started projects that you’d love to do. Perhaps you dream of starting your own business, writing a novel, learning a foreign language, or taking a qualification. Or maybe you want to get the attic cleared out, organise your files, or repaint the hallway. It could even be that you know you need to take the time to exercise, meditate or journal … but you never get around to it.也许你正想着去学一门外语,创办自己的公司或者去考一个什么资格,也或许你想着去找时间锻炼,找时间放松等等,但是你总是找不到这种时间。The problem is, your life is aly full, and you end up busy with all the day-to-day things, unable to find time for what you really want to do. Here are some ways to make the time that you need:因为你的生活总是那么匆忙,时间总是那么少,以至于没时间去做自己想做的事。Use Your First HourHow often have you told yourself that you’ll get to your big project or your novel or your spring cleaning once everything else is done?And how often have you reached the end of the day, and had no energy? How often has something unexpected cropped up that steals away the time you were going to spend working towards your goal?An easy solution is to take the first hour of your day and use it for what really matters to you. Everything else can wait for just one hour.好好利用第一个小时多少次你对自己说,干完这件事起我就去忙自己的小说,自己的创业?多少次你发现每天结束的时候你总是那么疲惫,却还是没能做那件你想做的事?做好的办法就是好好利用每天的第一个小时,问问自己什么才是你最需要做的。 /200912/90924。

HEFEI ; A pretty teenager suffered horrific burns to her face and body when she was splashed with lighter fluid after she had spurned the advances of a classmate.安徽省合肥市,花季少女因拒绝同班同学的求爱,遭到对方泼洒打火机油焚烧毁容,受害少女面部及身上各处严重烧伤。Zhou Yan, 17, incurred second and third;degree burns to 30 percent of her body, particularly around her head, neck and chest, following the alleged attack by 17;year;old Tao Rukun in the bedroom of her home last September.2011年9月,17岁的周岩被同岁的同学陶汝坤在家中袭击惨遭毁容,烧伤面积超过30%,烧伤深度达二度、三度,其头面部、颈部、胸部等严重烧伤。Zhou required intensive care in hospital for a week before she was out of danger, but after months of treatment, she has had to leave hospital prematurely and is now recovering at home ; in the bedroom where the attack took place.周岩在医院接受了一周的重症特别护理才脱离生命危险,但在接受几个月的治疗后,她不得不提早离开医院在家里恢复治疗。周岩现在住的卧室,就是当时毁容袭击发生的地点。This is due to a dispute between her family and Tao#39;s over payment of medical expenses.周岩的父母与陶汝坤一家就医药费的赔偿问题产生了纠纷。According to Zhou Yan#39;s mother Li Cong, Tao started asking Zhou to be his girlfriend a few years ago. Li then transferred her daughter to another junior middle school to get away from Tao, but to no avail.据周岩的妈妈表示,陶汝坤在几年前就开始纠缠周岩要求她做其女朋友,家里为了帮周岩躲避陶汝坤的骚扰就将女儿转学到另一所中学读书,但最终悲剧还是发生了。;Tao#39;s parents were nice to us and frequently visited my daughter in hospital at first. But all that changed when Xu Congxiao, Tao#39;s mother, asked me to sign the paperwork for her son#39;s bail appeal while he awaited trial,; Li Cong said in an interview with local television.李聪在接受当地电视台的采访时表示,;陶汝坤的父母刚开始对我们很友好,经常来医院看望我女儿。但后来他的母亲许从笑要我在一份关于陶汝坤取保候审的材料上签字。我们拒绝签字后,他们就不再付治疗费用。; Li added that Tao#39;s parents were local government officials. Tao#39;s father works for Hefei urban planning bureau and his mother is with Hefei Audit Bureau.陶汝坤的父母都是当地政府机关的工作人员。母亲是合肥市审计局办公室主任,父亲则在合肥市规划局计划财务处上班。After help with their son#39;s bail request was refused by Li Cong, Tao#39;s parents refused to pay any further medical bills. Zhou Yan was then transferred to her home in December when her family fell into arrears of more than 100,000 yuan (,900)in medical expenses, said local media.根据当地媒体报道,在李聪拒绝为陶汝坤的取保候审材料签字后,陶汝坤的父母就拒绝再付治疗费用。周岩自12月开始就被迫出院,家里现在拖欠医院10多万元治疗费用。But the family#39;s plight received wide media and public attention last week, when Li Cong posted their story and ;before and after; pictures of her daughter on Sina Weibo.上周,周岩的母亲李聪把此事件以及女儿在毁容前后的照片传上新浪微,周岩一家的困境引起了媒体和公众的广泛关注。Tao Rukun was arrested by Hefei police on Sept 18, the day after the attack, and is currently being held at the First Detention Center in Hefei.陶汝坤在毁容事件发生后的9月18日被合肥警方拘捕,目前被关押在合肥第一看守所。His father Tao Wen posted an apology letter on weibo on Saturday, saying he would do everything possible to help Zhou Yan and would accept the legal judgment on his son.周六陶汝坤的父亲陶文在微上发表致歉信,表示会竭尽全力为周岩治疗,并接受儿子应承担的法律判决。 /201202/172816。

Facebook expects to hit a valuation of as much as .9bn when it debuts on Wall Street this month, the social networking company said, as it moved into the final stages of the most hotly anticipated share sale since Google’s initial public offering eight years ago.社交网络公司Facebook表示,本月它在华尔街进行首次公开发行(IPO)时,市值预计最高可达959亿美元。Facebook的上市进程已迈入最后阶段,这是自八年前谷歌(Google)上市以来市场最热切期待的新股上市。The company also put an unusually wide price range on its shares, with a value of only bn at the midpoint. That is well below the 0bn widely anticipated in the markets and left some investors and analysts questioning whether Facebook’s IPO will live up to the high hopes aroused in the build-up.Facebook设定的股票发行价区间比一般公司要宽,若按区间中点计算,该公司的估值仅为860亿美元。这个估值明显低于市场广泛预期的1000亿美元,一些投资者和分析师因此质疑,Facebook的IPO规模是否能不辜负市场在此次IPO筹备期间燃起的厚望。“My first impression is, it sounds low,” said Kevin Landis, chief investment officer of Firsthand Funds, which aly owns Facebook stock. He said the company appeared to have deliberately pitched the price range low to avoid the sticker shock investors might otherwise feel, calling the estimate “a conversation-starter” that could rise much higher.Firsthand Funds首席投资官凯文#8226;兰迪斯(Kevin Landis)说:“我的第一感觉是,这好像低了点。”Firsthand Funds目前已持有Facebook的股份。他表示,Facebook似乎有意设定了较低的价格区间,免得因定价过高把投资者吓跑。他认为这个估价只是试探性的,之后可能大幅提高。Facebook’s share sale will cap a rise that has taken founder Mark Zuckerberg from Harvard University dorm to the top of Silicon Valley in only eight years. Based on the top end of the price range, his personal stake after the sale would still be worth .6bn, eclipsing Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, each of whom currently own shares worth slightly less than bn in the search company.Facebook的上市标志着,其创始人马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)用八年时间,完成了从哈佛大学(Harvard University)宿舍到硅谷(Silicon Valley)之巅的征程。按最高发行价计算,Facebook上市之后,扎克伯格个人所持股份将价值176亿美元,超越了谷歌创始人拉里#8226;佩奇(Larry Page)和谢尔盖#8226;布林(Sergey Brin),后两人在这家搜索引擎公司持有的股份,价值均略低于170亿美元。The filing comes ahead of next week’s expected start of an investor “roadshow”, putting Facebook’s shares on track to begin trading late the week after.预计,Facebook将于下周展开面向投资者的路演,而后按部就班地在再下一周的晚些时候上市。The price range of - a share, which was much wider than for other recent internet IPOs but in line with Google’s first share sale, reflects the dilemma Facebook faces as it tries to build a broad Wall Street following for its stock, according to analysts.Facebook股票的发行价区间为每股28美元至35美元,宽度大大超过近期其他互联网企业的IPO,但与谷歌的IPO相当。分析师们认为,这反映出Facebook努力为其股票招揽更多华尔街拥趸时面临的两难局面。“You don’t want to price this too high or you might dilute some of the demand, but if you underprice it, you dilute some of the buzz,” said Jed Williams, analyst at BIA/Kelsey.BIA/Kelsey的分析师杰德#8226;威廉姆斯(Jed Williams)指出:“一方面不能定价过高,否则就可能削弱需求,另一方面也不能定价过低,否则就可能削弱轰动效应。”A slowdown in Facebook’s revenue growth and jump in costs has also left Wall Street wary. The shares reached a peak of in private market trading earlier this year as investors chased the price higher, though the mood has since turned more cautious.Facebook收入增长的放缓和成本的大幅升高也引起了华尔街的警惕。由于投资者追涨,Facebook股价今年早些时候曾在私募市场交易中达到每股46美元的高点,不过在那以后投资者的情绪已变得更加审慎。At the lower end of its price range, Facebook would be worth just under bn, a price that is in line with the valuation that its board put on the company last month at the time that it used cash and stock in its bn acquisition of photo-sharing app Instagram.如果按最低发行价计算,Facebook的市值将略低于770亿美元。这个数字与上月Facebook董事会对该公司的估值相符,当时Facebook刚以10亿美元现金加股票收购了照片分享应用Instagram。 /201205/180741。