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Four dead in 70-car Florida pileupHighway accident at central Florida today where poor visibility on interstate triggered a deadly chain reaction. It happened near Lakeland, Florida. Multiple crashes there left people dead, dozens injured. Late report tonight from N's Mark Potter.At first light the massive crash scene was still hidden by a thick blanket of smoke and fog. two miles, on interstate , 70 trucks and cars were tangled together, many on fire in seperate accidents. Drivers told of suddenly being unable to see anything on the road as cars and semis slammed into each other.They just come on down the highway when all of a sudden to smoke. Nothing, you just run into somebody, breaks all. This has completely gone.Rescue workers went car to car to find the dead and injured. The first deputy on the scene told the Sheriff it was awful.He said sheriff I did all I could do. He said but, I watched the man burn at the, burn to death today. And he said and I heard other screaming and hollering and crying.Investigators are now looking into whether a smoke from a prescribed burn of underbrush by state officials that roared out of control yesterday may have contributed to the blinding road conditions. The Florida highway patrol was warned yesterday: there might be visibility problems caused by smoke mixing with fog and put out warning signs, but says its officers never saw any conditions bee the accidents that would have warned it closing a highway.Mark Potter, N news Miami. 569  The Story of Father Day  Father Day, contrary to popular misconception, was not established as a holiday in order to help greeting card manufacturers sell more cards. In fact when a ;father day; was first proposed there were no Father Day cards!  Mrs. John B. Dodd, of Washington, first proposed the idea of a ;father day; in 19. Mrs. Dodd wanted a special day to honor her father, William Smart. William Smart was a Civil War veteran. His wife (Mrs. Dodd mother) died in childbirth with their sixth child. Mr. Smart was left to raise the newborn and his other five children by himself on a farm. it was after Mrs. Dodd became an adult that she realized the strength and selflessness her father had shown in raising his children as a single parent.  The first Father Day was observed on June 19, 19 in Spokane Washington. At about the same time in towns and cities across America other people were beginning to celebrate a ;father day.; In 19 President Calvin Coolidge supported the Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father Day.  Everyone has got a story of his father love. Here is one told by Bert Clompus.  ... After Mom died, I began visiting Dad every morning bee I went to work. He was weak and moved slowly, but he always had a glass of fresh orange juice on the kitchen table me, along with a note saying, ;Drink your juice.; Such a gesture, I knew, was as far as Dad had been able to go in expressing his love. In fact, I remember, as a kid I had questioned my Mom: ;Why doesnt Dad love me?; Mom asked, ;Who said he doesnt love you?; ;Well, he never tells me,; I complained. ;He never tells me either,; she said, smiling. ;But look how hard he works to take care of us, to buy us food and clothes, and to pay this house. That how your father tells he loves us. Do you understand?; I nodded slowly. I understand in my head, but not in my heart.  Many years later, after drinking the juice Dad prepared me, I walked over and hugged him and said, ;I love you, Dad.; From then on I did this every morning. My father never told me how he felt about my hugs. Then one morning I hugged him extra hard, and said what Id always wanted to. ;Youve told others you love me, but I never heard it from you.; Dad looked uncomtable. He seemed about to speak, then he shook his head. ;Tell me!; I shouted. ;All right! I love you!; Dad finally blurted. In that instant something occurred that I had never seen bee: His eyes glistened, then overflowed.  I stood silent. Finally, after all these years, my heart joined my head in understanding. My father loved me so much that just saying so made him weep, which was something he never did in front of family. Mom had been right. Everyday Dad had told me how he loved me by what he did and what he gave... 18399Part 3. The UN Road Safety Week.Keywords. UN Road Safety Week, road accidents, young people, cause of deaths, first step, preventable.Vocabulary. bid, helmet, obstacle.A. You are going to hear a report on the UN road safety program.Listen carefully, write down the major points about the program.ed Nations is holding the world first Road Safety Week this week in bid to raise safety awareness among road users and to reduce the number of road accidents.The week is aimed especially at young people.Latest figures from the World Health Organization showed that road accidents are now the biggest cause of death among the people aged between and .Every year almost four hundred thousand young people die in road accidents.Although the type of road accident varies.In Africa, which has the highest proportion of deaths those killed are frequently children playing in the street because they have nowhere else to go.In Asia, where two-wheeled transport is common, young people are more often involved in motorcycle accidents.While in Europe and the ed States, most victims are young and inexperienced car drivers.Doctor Attian Krug at the World Health Organization says a first step to saving these lives would be to recognize that road deaths are preventable.Road traffic crashes can, to certain extent, to be predicted.We know that if a road is badly designed, if a car is badly maintained or if drivers or road users in general dont follow the rules, there is going to be crashes.We know also that we can act on these different elements of the road safety system to prevent those crashes.UN Road Safety Week aims to encourage young people to take basic measures such as wearing seat belts and car helmets.but it also wants governments to focus more on road safety, too, by designing safer roads and building traffic-free play areas children.;It a good investment;, the UN says, ;because road traffic accidents currently cost over 500 billion dollars a year.;They are not just a waste of young lifes but an obstacle to development.B. Listen again, focus on some specific details.Complete the exercise. 33

8 David Hume大卫·休谟Hume attended the University of Edinburgh at the unusually early age of twelve at a time when fourteen was normal. At first he considered a career in law, but came to have, in his words, “an insurmountable aversion to everything but the pursuits of Philosophy and general Learning; and while fancyed I was poring over Voet and Vinnius, Cicero and Virgil were the Authors which I was secretly devouring.” He had little respect the professors of his time, telling a friend in 35,“there is nothing to be learnt from a Professor, which is not to be met with in Books.”休谟在年仅岁时就进入爱丁堡大学就读,当时正常的入学年龄是岁最初休谟打算从事法律这个行业,但不久他发现自己有了“一种对于学习哲学和知识以外所有事物的极度厌烦感当我的家人想象我正在阅读屋埃特和维尼阿斯(两位当时著名的法学家)时,我实际上却是在阅读西塞罗和维吉尔的著作”休谟对于大学里的教授都不抱好感,他曾在35年告诉一位朋友说:“你根本不能从教授身上学到任何东西,那些东西在书里都有了”As Hume’s options lay between a traveling tutorship and a stool in a merchant’s office, he chose the latter. In , after a few months occupied with commerce in Bristol, he went to La Fleche in Anjou, France. There he had frequent discourse with the Jesuits of the College of La Fleche. As he had spent most of his savings during his four years there while writing A Treatise of Human Nature, he resolved “to make a very rigid frugality supply my deficiency of tune, to maintain unimpaired my independency, and to regard every object as contemptible except the improvements of my talents in literature” . He completed the Treatise at the age of 6.当休谟面对是成为家庭教师还是成为商人的职员这两个选择时,他最终选择了后者年,在布里斯托经商数个月之后,休谟前往法国安茹的拉弗莱舍(La FUche)旅游,在那里休谟经常与来自拉弗莱舍学院的耶稣会学生进行哲学讨论在写《人性论的四年中,他花掉了大部分储蓄,休谟决心要“过极其简朴的生活以应付我那有限的财产,以此确保我的独立自主性,并且不用考虑任何除了增进我的文学天分以外的事物”当《人性论完稿时,他年仅6岁Although many scholars today consider the Treatise to be Hume most important work and one of the most important books in Western philosophy, the critics in Great Britain at the time did not agree, describing it as “abstract and unintelligible” . Despite the disappointment, Hume later wrote, “Being naturally of a cheerful and sanguine temper, I soon recovered from the blow and prosecuted with great ardour my studies in the country.” There, he wrote the Abstract without revealing his authorship, he aimed to make his larger work more intelligible. However, only in about 70, with the praise by Immanuel Kant, did scholars begin to notice its value.虽然现代的学者们大多将《人性论一书视为休谟最重要的一本著作,也是西方哲学历史上最重要的著作之一,但当时英国的批判学者们并没有看好它,认为它“抽象且缺乏智慧”尽管有些失望,休谨这样写道:“我本来就养成乐观而开朗的个性,很快就从这样的挫折里站了起来,并继续在乡下努力地进行研究”他继续写下了《人性论摘要一书,但没有写出自己的名字,他试图使他更重要的著作——《人性论一书获得更多重视然而,直到70年左右,随着德国哲学家伊曼努尔·康德对休谟的褒奖,休谟的哲学著作才开始获得大众的注意 59900

St. Petersburg圣彼得堡St. Petersburg, the very name brings to mind some of Russia greastest poets, writers and composers: Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky. The 19th century was a golden age St. Petersburg wealthy classes. It was a world of ballets and balls, of art and literature, of tea and caviar.圣彼得堡,只要提到这个名字就让人想起那些俄国最伟大的诗人、作家以及作曲家:普希金、杜斯妥也夫斯基、柴可夫斯基19世纪对圣彼得堡的富有阶级来说是段黄金岁月那是一个充满了芭蕾舞和舞会、艺术和文学、茶和鱼子酱的世界You can stll find some of the city grand past now. Stand at the western tip of Vasilievsky Island. To the right is the elegant Winter Palace, mer home of the czars. Its light blue sides and white classical columns make it perhaps St. Petersburg most graceful building.现在你还是可以找到一些这个城市辉煌的过去站在维丝利瓦斯基岛的西端,右边是优雅的冬宫,是沙皇从前的住处它那浅蓝色的外墙和白色古典的圆柱,使它成为大概是圣彼得堡中最优雅的建筑物It houses one of the worlds most famous art museums: the Hermitage. Inside, km of galleries house thousands of works of art. Look over your right shoulder. The massive golden dome of St. Isaac Cathedral rises above the skyline. Youll see, too, why St. Petersburg is called a ;floating city.; Standing there, nearly surrounded by water, yoou can see four of the city islands.它里面有世界上最有名的艺术物馆:赫米提巨物馆在里面,长达公里的艺廊收藏了数千件的艺术作品朝你右肩后方看去,圣以撒大教堂巨大的金制圆顶伸入了天空你也会了解,为什么圣彼得堡又被称为“漂浮的城市”站在那里,几乎完全被水环绕,你可以看见这城市个岛屿中的四个Cross the bridge and turn behind the Winter Palace. In the middle of the huge Palace Suqare stands the Alexander Couumn. It commemorates Russia victory over Napoleon. The 650-ton granite column is not attached to the base in any way. Its own weight keeps it upright. Hoisted into place in 183, it has stood there ever since.过了桥转到冬宫的后面,巨大的冬宫广场中间竖立着亚历山大圆柱它是为了纪念俄国和拿破仑交战的胜利这个六百五十吨的花岗石圆柱底部并未以任何方式固定,底部也无任何撑自183年被竖立起来之后,便一直站立在那里Contunue to Nevsky Prospekt, the heart of the old city. Let the crowds hurry by while you take your time. Admire the fine carving on bridges and columns, above doorways and windows. Cross over canals and pass by smaller palaces and other classical structures. Let your eyes drink in the light blues, greens, yellows and pinks.继续走到纳瓦斯基街,这个老城市的中心在你悠闲地漫步的时候,让人群从你身旁匆匆走过欣赏那些在桥上和圆柱上、门口以及窗户上面的精致雕刻穿过运河并经过较小的皇宫以及其他的古典建筑物,让你的眼睛饱享淡蓝、青绿、黄色和粉红色Take time to wander among Kazan Cathedral semi circle of enormous brown columns. Or, if you prefer Russian-style architecture, cross the street and follow the canal a short distance. The Church of the Resurrection occupies the site where Czar Alexander was assassinated in 1881.花些时间漫步于喀山大教堂里巨大的棕色圆柱所围成的半圆形或者,如果你喜欢俄国样式的建筑,穿过马路并随着运河走一段短距离的路复活教会正好位于沙皇亚历山大二世在1881年被暗杀的地方 90

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