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It is the news that will bring hope to Lil Bub, the goats that yell like humans and other wannabe meme film stars everywhere: Grumpy Cat, the moody feline queen of Facebook, looks set to get her very own movie.这条新闻会给小猫李二宝宝(Lil Bub)、那群叫声似人声的山羊,还有其他各地想成为米姆文化基因(meme)电影明星的人或物带来希望:暴躁猫,这位脸书网上的愤怒猫女王,即将要有自己的电影啦Deadline reports that the winner of the Meme of the Year gong at this year Webby Awards is at the centre of a feature-film project being put together by her managers and Hollywood production company Broken Road. Grumpy, Tardar Sauce to her owners away from the cameras, will be given the power of speech and launched into a Garfield-style feature film.据Deadline网站报道,网络维比奖(Webby Awards)米姆之星的获得者暴躁猫将拍摄以她为主角的故事片,此片由暴躁猫的经纪人和好莱坞制片公司破路(Broken Road)公司联合筹划镜头之外的暴躁猫被主人称为“鞑靼酱”(Tardar Sauce),她将在这部加菲猫风格的电影中拥有说话的能力;This started off as a picture of a cat, but rare is an image that evokes that much comedy,; said Todd Garner of Broken Road. ;You all of the memes and the comments, and one is funnier than the next. We think we can build a big family comedy around this character.;来自破路公司的陶德·加纳(Todd Garner)说:“最初是从一张猫照片开始,但是很少有图片能引发这么多的喜剧效果你去看所有的米姆图片和,一张比一张有趣我们觉得可以围绕这个角色创建一个大家庭喜剧”Grumpy appeal is hard to deny. The mixed-breed cat, whose moody facial expression is the result of dwarfism and an underbite, has more than 930,000 likes on her Facebook page and more than 0,000 YouTube subscribers. She was also named most influential cat of the year by MSN and most important meme of the year by Mashable in . In March, Grumpy emerged as the surprise star of the SXSW film and music festival after her appearances drew thousands of people.我们很难否认暴躁猫的吸引力这只混血猫在脸书主页上获得了93万多个喜欢,还有万个Youtube视频订阅者她的愤怒表情源自她的侏儒症和大龅牙她还被微软全国广播公司(MSN)评为年度最有影响力的猫,并被互联网新闻客Mashable评为年最重要的米姆文化基因3月,在暴躁猫吸引了数千观众以后,她以惊喜嘉宾的身份亮相影视音乐互动大会(SXSW)There may be trouble ahead filmgoers if the makers of Grumpy Cat: the Movie are basing their project on the dubious success of the Garfield films, however. Both Garfield: the Movie and sequel Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties, featuring an apparently reluctant Bill Murray as the voice of the curmudgeonly cat, were widely panned. They did, however, take a combined m (£m) at the global box office.但是,如果《暴躁猫大电影(Grumpy Cat:the Movie)的制作者是以加菲猫电影的成功(成功?值得怀疑)为基础的话,影迷们也许要小心了由比尔·默瑞(Bill Murray)配音的两部加菲猫电影都惨受恶评——年的《加菲猫大电影(Garfield: the Movie)及年的续集《加菲猫双猫记(A Tale of Two Kitties)明显,比尔·莫瑞并不情愿给这只坏脾气的猫配音但是,它们确实收获了总达3.亿美元(约.8亿元)的票房成绩 691





  Chinese romance film-;Go Away Mr. Tumor; has been submitted to compete this year Academy Awards Best eign language Film. The submission of the tear-jerking real life drama comes as a surprise to many. Critics and film industry insiders were betting on either ;Wolf Totem; or ;Mountains May Depart; to be China official submission to the Oscars.根据奥斯卡官方网站最新消息,代表中国内地角逐明年第88届奥斯卡最佳外语片的电影是《滚蛋吧!肿瘤君,因为这次公布的是最终确定的参赛名单,那么之前被传送选的《狼图腾,在中国内地无疑是落选了A poster of the tear-jerking romance-;Go Away Mr. Tumor;.Variety described the film as a ;slick, glossy but emotionally compelling and humorous portrait of a woman losing battle;.《滚蛋吧!肿瘤君是一部“无厘头”的抗癌史China Film Board had been expected to select Sino-French co-production Wolf Totem consideration, bee choosing Han Yan production. Insiders point out it might be because the board’s submission last year was also a Sino-French co-production and they wanted to avoid a repetition.至于为何选择《滚蛋吧!肿瘤君,有业内人士分析,去年选送的冲奥片《夜莺就是法国导演的一部合拍片作品,所以可能是想避免连续两年选送合拍片的缘故According to the official website of the Academy Awards, Go Away, Mr. Tumor, will be China entry consideration among submissions from 81 countries and regions this year.根据奥斯卡官方网站发布的消息,《滚蛋吧!肿瘤君是今年来自全球81个国家和地区入选作品中的来自中国的最终入围作品Every year, each country is invited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to submit its best film the Academy Award Best eign Language Film. The eign Language Film Award Committee oversees the process and reviews all the submitted films. Following this, they vote via secret ballot to determine the five nominees the award.目前阶段的参赛名单是所有报名的国家或地区选送的影片名单,之后会由奥斯卡评委遴选出8部影片,这是半决赛阶段,再然后是选出5部入围影片,这是决赛阶段这5部入围影片就成为奥斯卡最佳外语片的提名选手,电影主创也会受邀出席奥斯卡颁奖典礼,等待结果揭晓的那一刻Meanwhile, Hong Kong has submitted ;To the e; to the competition and Taiwan has picked Hou Hsiao Hsien ;The Assassin; as its entry.与此同时,中国香港选送的冲奥影片是《破风,中国台湾选送的影片是《刺客聂隐娘,这两部影片和之前的消息吻合The 88th Academy Awards nominations will be announced in January, . The Oscars will be held in late February at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.第88届奥斯卡入选名单将于年1月宣布,颁奖典礼将于年月日在美国洛杉矶的杜比剧院举行 18


  QUENTIN Tarantino Oscar-winning ;Django Unchained; returned to Chinese screens yesterday, about a month after it was pulled unspecified ;technical reasons.;昆汀#86;塔伦蒂诺的奥斯卡获奖影片《被解放的姜戈昨天重返中国大银幕,在因未指明的“技术原因”而下线的大约一个月后Nude scenes are believed to have been cut and the original 5-minute movie is now minutes long.裸露镜头相信被剪掉,原来的5分钟的电影现在只有分钟长The month delay didnt help at the box office. Guo Ying, an official with Shanghai ed Cinema Lines, said the film had taken in just 0,000 yuan (US$,800).这个月的推迟无益于票房上海联合电影院线的官方人士郭英说这部电影已经入账万元人民币(合800美元);It is not a good screening slot,; Guo said. ;The movie has to face strong competition from two Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters with stunning visual effects - Iron Man 3 and Oblivion.;“这不是电影的黄金时段,”郭说“这部电影不得不面对两个有着惊人的视觉效果的好莱坞科幻大片《钢铁侠3和《遗落战境的激烈竞争A cinema in the city Xujiahui area sold around 7,000 yuan worth of tickets the film yesterday, compared to ticket sales of 0,000 yuan ;Iron Man 3; and 50,000 yuan ;Oblivion.;上海徐家汇地区的一家电影院昨天为这部电影了售出约7000元的票,相比万元的《钢铁侠3票房和5万元的《遗落战境The cinema manager, who asked not to be named, said the low ticket sales came as no surprise. Tarantino movies, with their scenes of sex, bloodshed and carnage, would not be the first choice the majority of cinema-goers, she said.要求不透露其姓名的影院经理说低票房并不令人吃惊塔伦蒂诺的电影充斥着床戏、流血和杀戮,对于大多数影迷来说不会是第一选择,她说Also, since the suspension, a lot of movie fans have seen the film on DVD or online.此外,由于延迟,很多影迷已经DVD或网上看过这部电影The film was released in China on April but was halted one minute after the screenings began ;technical reasons,; according to the film distributors.这部电影月日在中国上映但开始一分钟后因“技术原因”停止放映,根据影片的分销商At the 85th Academy Awards the film received best original screenplay award Tarantino and best supporting actor award Christoph Waltz.在第85届奥斯卡奖上电影使塔伦蒂诺获得了最佳原创剧本奖,克里斯托弗#86;沃尔兹获得最佳男配角奖 39。

  . Peggy Olson. 佩吉奥尔森Title: Copy Chief at SCamp;P头衔:斯特林库珀合作伙伴公司文案负责人Show: Mad Men电视剧:《广告狂人Played by: Elisabeth Moss扮演者:伊丽莎白莫斯Olson has shattered the glass ceiling over the course of the critically acclaimed series, moving her way up from the Sterling Cooper secretarial pool to copy writer to eventual copy chief at Sterling Cooper amp; Partners (a brief detour at Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough allowed her to assume a leadership position at her old firm). Despite ranking lower than No. 9 Joan, it wouldnt be a surprise if Peggy usurps SCamp;P female partner as Mad Men most powerful woman. Persistence has paid off her so far.在这部广受好评的电视剧中,奥尔森成功突破了事业发展的玻璃天花板,她从斯特林库珀掌管下的秘书室升任公司文案,又一路高升至斯特林库珀合作伙伴公司的文案负责人(她在Cutler, Gleason amp; Chaough公司的短暂经历也令她在之前的公司担任过一段时间的管理职位)虽然她的级别比琼低了9级,但不出意外的话,佩吉将会成为斯特林库珀合作伙伴公司的女性合伙人,也会成为《广告狂人中最具权势的女性不懈地坚持终于得到了回报. Temperance Brennan. 唐普兰希布兰纳Title: ensic Anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institute头衔:杰佛逊研究所法医人类学家Show: Bones电视剧:《识骨寻踪Played by: Emily Deschanel扮演者:艾米丽丹斯切尔Considered the leading authority in her field, Brennan quirky and concise approach toward her work solves many a crime. She now works directly with her husband, Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), though the two have worked side-by-side many years. Brennan leadership inspires a close-knit and collaborative environment among her team.布伦南是这个领域内公认的领军人物,她那古怪离奇却又一针见血的工作方式曾令无数罪犯伏法如今,她和自己的丈夫、特工西利布斯(大卫伯瑞纳饰)直接共事,虽然他们二人曾经并肩作战过很多年布伦南的领导风格在团队中营造了一种严谨而又协调有序的工作氛围. Alicia Florrick. 艾丽西亚弗洛里克Title: Partner at FlorrickAgos头衔:弗洛里克阿戈斯律师事务所合伙人Show: The Good Wife电视剧:《傲骨贤妻Played by: Julianna Marguilles扮演者:朱莉安娜马奎利丝Florrick showed her risk-taking side by starting her own law firm with colleague Cary Agos. In so doing, she turned her back on Lockhart amp; Gardner, the firm that hired her after her husband, then state attorney of Illinois most populous county, was embroiled in a sex scandal. Despite a -year absence from the working world, Florrick proved herself a star and worked on cases with ties to the firm important players -- all while juggling ongoing media scrutiny about her marriage and the demands of raising two tech-savvy teenagers. Florrick engaged in some scandalous behavior of her own, starting an affair with named partner Will Gardner.弗洛里克与同事盖里阿戈斯共同创办了一家属于自己的律师事务所,展现了性格中冒险的一面但这样一来,她也就等于是拒绝了洛克哈特加德纳律师事务所在她的丈夫、时任伊利诺伊州人口最稠密郡县的州检察官卷入性丑闻案之后,洛克哈特加德纳律师事务所聘用了她尽管已经离开工作岗位长达年之久,弗洛里克还是明了自己的优秀才干,不但与律所中最优秀的律师在各种案件上强强联手,还不断地应付媒体对自己婚姻生活的种种窥视,以及满足两个正值青春期、对高科技十分痴迷的孩子们的需要弗洛里克自己也有一些不检点的行为,比如与公司冠名合伙人威尔加德纳发生的一段婚外情 6875



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