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SHANGHAI — Tucked away in a quiet design studio in this fast-growing city, a team of young animators, illustrators and computer programmers is bringing an ancient Chinese village to digital life.上海——在这座快速发展的城市,一间安静的工作室里窝着一群年轻的动画设计师、插画师和电脑程序员他们正在让一座中国古镇在数字世界里重现Using three-dimensional texture painting software, the team — mostly graduates of China’s leading arts schools — is adding intricate details to temples, palaces and pagodas. Team members are also helping animate the movements of the digital characters, including two pandas named Po and Mei Mei.这个团队里的成员大多毕业于中国顶尖的美术院校利用三维纹理绘图软件,他们正在为寺院、宫殿和宝塔增添复杂逼真的细节这些工作人员还会让数字角色动起来,包括两只熊猫——阿宝和美美“This is what I really love to do,” says Fang Zheng, a 3-year-old animator who studied environmental arts in college. “I’ve always been interested in characters and cartoons and things like that.”“这是我非常热爱做的事,”3岁的动画师方征(音)说“我一直对角色和卡通之类的东西感兴趣”方征大学时的专业是环境艺术设计The project, part of the next installment of the blockbuster Hollywood film franchise “Kung Fu Panda,” represents a shift in China’s moviemaking ambitions.他们从事的项目是好莱坞系列大片《功夫熊猫(Kung Fu Panda)的最新续集的一部分它同时也代表着中国在电影制作方面的抱负的转变No longer content simply to build movie sets and provide extras in Hollywood films, Chinese studios are moving up the value chain, helping to develop, design and produce world-class films and animated features. They want a bigger role in the creative process, one that will allow them to reap more rewards, financially and artistically.中国的电影公司已不再满足于为好莱坞的影片搭设场景或提供临时演员,而是正在向价值链的上游移动,参与到世界级影片和动画长片的开发、设计和制作当中他们想要在创意过程中扮演更大角色,而这将让它们获得更多回报,无论是经济上,还是艺术成就上“Kung Fu Panda 3” is the first collaboration between Hollywood’s DreamWorks Animation and its Chinese partner, Oriental DreamWorks, which is partly owned by a government investment fund and a private equity firm, China Media Capital. DreamWorks Animation has taken the lead in the creative and design work the animated feature, which is scheduled release in early . Oriental DreamWorks contributes by adding Chinese elements, creating storyboards and building parts of the 3-D digital sets.《功夫熊猫3是好莱坞的梦工厂动画电影公司(DreamWorks Animation)及其中国合作伙伴东方梦工厂(Oriental DreamWorks)的首个合作项目东方梦工厂的所有方包括一个政府投资基金和一家私募公司——华人文化产业投资基金(China Media Capital)该片计划于年初发行梦工厂动画负责这部电影的创意和设计工作东方梦工厂则负责为影片添加中国元素、制作情节串联图板,以及打造部分三维数码场景“We’re trying to develop Chinese creative talents,” says James Fong, the chief executive of Oriental DreamWorks.“我们正在努力培养中国在创意方面的人才,”东方梦工厂的首席执行官方淦说It is part of a broader push by China Media Capital into the entertainment business. Over the last few years, the investment firm has made deals with Warner Bros. and the IMAX Corporation of Canada. It also helped develop a Chinese version of the hit TV show “The Voice.”这是华人文化产业投资基金进军业的宏大计划的一部分过去几年,这家投资公司与华纳兄弟(Warner Bros.)及加拿大的IMAX公司达成了多笔交易此外,它还协助推出了热门电视节目《好声音的中国版 American companies, such collaborations offer access to new talent and the chance to understand better a culture that will increasingly be portrayed in its films. And coproduction deals provide greater access to China’s tightly regulated market, which in a few years is expected to surpass the ed States as the world’s biggest film market.对于美国企业来说,这样的合作既是接触新人才的渠道,也提供了更好地理解未来将更多地出现在其电影里的中国文化的机会此外,合拍也可以让美国公司更容易进入受到严格管控的中国市场预计几年之后,中国就将超过美国,成为全世界最大的电影市场With China adding an average of cinema screens every day, the country’s box office brought in $.8 billion last year, tripling in size since , according to the Motion Picture Association of America. And Chinese piracy is no longer such a significant threat to American studios; example, “Transmers: The Age of Extinction” made more money in China than in the ed States.中国平均每天新增块银幕根据美国电影协会(Motion Picture Association of America)的数据,中国去年的票房收入达到了8亿美元(约合300亿元人民币),是年的三倍此外,中国的盗版问题也不再是美国电影公司的重大威胁例如,《变形金刚:绝迹重生(Transmers: The Age of Extinction)在中国的票房收入就超过了美国The rapidly growing market is reshaping the way Hollywood deals with China, from the scripts it accepts to the marketing strategies it adopts. Some of America’s biggest television and movie production houses, including HBO and Warner Bros., are aly pushing into China with a raft of joint ventures, partnerships and cofinancing projects.这个快速增长的市场正在重塑好莱坞与中国打交道的方式,从可以接受的剧本,到营销策略的选择,不一而足美国的大型影视制作公司,包括HBO和华纳兄弟,已经开始通过创办合资企业、建立伙伴关系以及参与资助一些项目,在进军中国市场Lionsgate, the American studio that produced “The Hunger Games,” has licensing and financing deals with Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, and Hunan TV, a Chinese state-owned broadcaster. A of the Hollywood studio Legendary Pictures is co-producing an action film here with the award-winning Chinese director Zhang Yimou. And last year, when the mer Warner Bros. executive Jeff Robinov set up a new Hollywood studio, he received a A film about a man who spends his life trading blood cash, based on a novel by one of China most celebrated writers, has finally begun shooting nearly years after it was first announced. But it wont be a Chinese film.一部讲述一个男人卖血换钱的人生故事的电影终于开拍该片根据中国知名作家的小说改编,最初宣布拍片计划已经是年前的事了然而本片将不是一部中国影片Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, based on the 1995 novel of the same name by best-selling Chinese writer Yu Hua, began in the year 00 as a collaboration between Korean producer Ahn Dong-Kyu and iconoclastic Chinese director Jiang Wen.电影《许三观卖血记(Chronicle of a Blood Merchant)根据中国畅销作家余华1995年同名小说改编早在00年,韩国制作人安东圭(Ahn Dong-Kyu)就有意与中国导演姜文合作拍摄这部电影The novel, published in 1995, tells a story of Xu Sanguan, a farmer who discovers selling blood as a shortcut to providing a better life his family and becomes expert in gaming the system to squeeze every last yuan out of his veins. The story is mainly set in the 1950s and 1960s, when China weathered a terrible famine only to then be plunged into the turbulence of the Cultural Revolution.小说《许三观卖血记于1995年出版,主人公农民许三观发现卖血能让家人更快过上好日子,渐渐成了卖血“专业户”,竭尽性命拿血换钱故事时间设定在上世纪50至60年代,当时中国在经历了严重的 荒之后,又陷入了文化大革命的动荡之中Mr. Ahn, now the film co-executive producer, told China Real Time that he flew to Beijing to meet with Mr. Yu after he the novel Korean translation in 1999. He said he met Jiang Wen on Mr. Yu recommendation, and both decided to work together to make the novel a film.现担任该片联席执行制片人的安东圭对“中国实时报栏目”(China Real Time)说,在1999年阅读了韩文版《许三观卖血记后,他飞往北京与余华见面他说他在余华的推荐之下与姜文见面,两人决定合作将小说拍成电影But Jiang Wen became officially unable to direct films due to a 7-year ban imposed on him not getting permission from the Chinese government the film he took to Cannes, said Mr. Ahn, referring to Mr. Jiang Devils on the Doorstep, a film about Japanese soldiers invading a Chinese village during World War II that won him the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival in 00.但安东圭说,当时姜文因未经政府批准携片参加戛纳国际电影节(Cannes Film Festival)而被官方禁止拍片长达七年之久安东圭指的是姜文的《鬼子来了(Devils on the Doorstep),这部讲述二战期间日本军人进攻中国村庄的电影获得了00年戛纳国际电影节评委会大奖A spokesman Mr. Jiang declined to comment. Now back in the good graces of China film censors, the director is currently preparing a Gone with The Bullets, a 3D follow-up on satirical hit Let the Bullets Fly that is expected to hit Chinese theaters in December.姜文的发言人拒绝对此置评如今重获中国电影审查部门青睐的姜文目前正在筹备3D电影《一步之遥(Gone with The Bullets)该片是其年热门电影《让子弹飞(Let the Bullets Fly)的续集,预计将于月在中国上映Mr. Ahn said he later made inquiries unofficially to some Chinese regulators producing the film in China, but was rebuffed. He decided to make it a pure Korean production instead, shifting the story to Korea after the Korean War. ince Korea also experienced liberation, war and division, I found similarities in the sentiments of Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, he said.安东圭说,后来他曾非正式地向一些中国监管机构打听在中国拍电影的情况,但遭到拒绝于是,他决定拍一部纯韩版电影,将故事背景改在朝鲜半岛安东圭说,由于朝鲜半岛也经历了解放、战争和分裂,他捕捉到了一些与《许三观卖血记类似的情结Mr. Ahn has tapped Ha Jung-woo, a Korean actor turned director, to helm the film and assembled cast of Korean film stars. The film, which bag shooting in June, is expected to be released by early next year.安东圭指定由演员转型做导演的河正宇(Ha Jung-woo)执导该片并为影片挑选强大的韩国影星阵容这部电影已在6月开机,预计明年年初上映Contacted by China Real Time, Mr. Yu seemed lukewarm about the film journey across the Yellow Sea . The Koreans are making it into a commercial film with huge investment, said Mr. Yu, adding that he was unaware it had started shooting. I dont have any expectations it at all, he added, saying he believed the story would be made into a Chinese film sooner or later.在接受“中国实时报”采访时,余华似乎对这部在黄海对岸的朝鲜半岛拍摄的电影感觉冷淡余华说,韩国人把这个故事变成了一部投资巨大的商业电影,而且他对于电影的开机毫不知情他补充说,他对这部影片没有任何期望,他相信这部小说将迟早会被拍成中国电影It not the first run-in with China film censors Mr. Yu, whose novels are larded with biting critiques of Chinese society. To Live, a film directed by famed Chinese director Zhang Yimou and based on Mr. Yu novel of the same name, was banned in China after a triumphant showing at Cannes in 199.对于余华来说,这并不是他所经历的第一次中国电影审查,他的小说大都夹杂着对中国社会的尖锐批评199年,根据余华同名小说改编并由中国著名导演张艺谋拍摄的电影《活着,在戛纳电影节上获奖之后在国内遭遇禁播News that Chronicle of a Blood Merchant is finally being made into a film has met with ambivalence in the Chinese film commy, where excitement at the prospect of seeing the story on the big screen has been tempered by frustration that it had to be made abroad. It a good news but also a sad, because China cannot make this film, Han Kaichen, a Chinese film producer, wrote on his verified Weibo .在经历多重曲折后,《许三观卖血记终于将被拍成电影在大银幕上映令人激动不已中国电影制片人韩凯臣在经认的微账户中写道:这是一个好消息,但不能由中国人自己来拍摄,这多少有些遗憾I hope the adaption wins the Palm dOr at Cannes and the Best eign Language Film at the Oscars, film critic Bi Chenggong wrote on his own Weibo feed. It would be a slap to the face of this country censorship system.影评人毕成功在微上写道,我希望该片能斩获戛纳金棕榈奖和奥斯卡最佳外语片奖这将是给予中国审查制度的最大羞辱Despite the sensitivities surrounding the project, Mr. Ahn hopes this film can be released in China. This film that I am making has nothing that will violate the current Chinese censorship rules, he said, describing the movie as a story about a generation past that had to overcome hardships. Isnt China living in an era where it possible to look back at its hard past as just a memory?尽管敏感因素很多,安东圭仍希望这部电影能在中国上映他把电影描述为一个上一代人在绝境中奋力克困难的故事他说,我拍这部电影没有违反中国当前的审查规则中国现在不是处于一个可以回顾以往艰苦岁月的时代吗? 3881 million investment from the Fosun Group of China.推出了《饥饿游戏(The Hunger Games)的美国狮门公司(Lionsgate)已经与中国电商巨头阿里巴巴及国有的湖南电视台签订了几笔内容许可和融资协议好莱坞公司传奇影业(Legendary Pictures)的一家子公司,正在与著名中国导演张艺谋合拍一部动作片去年,华纳兄弟前高管杰夫·罗比诺夫(Jeff Robinov)从中国的复星集团获得了亿美元的投资,创办了一家新的好莱坞电影制作公司“The center of gravity is shifting so rapidly from Hollywood to China,” says Rob Cain, a consultant who runs Chinafilmbiz.com. “And it’s not just that the audience is going to come from China; so is the capital.”“重心正在迅速地从好莱坞向中国转移,”中国电影业务网的所有者、行业顾问甘敏中(Rob Cain)说“来自中国的将不光是观众,还有资本”The Chinese government is supporting the deals, seeing them as part of a broader “soft power” push aimed at enhancing the country’s image and the way its people and culture are depicted on the big screen, at home and abroad. As global filmmakers look to gain entry to the market, they must now consider the tastes and preferences of a Chinese audience, not to mention the wishes of the ruling Communist Party.中国政府正在为这些交易提供持,并将它们看做更大层面的“软实力”努力的一部分此举旨在提升中国的形象,改善国内外影片里刻画中国民众和文化的方式在寻求进入中国市场的时候,全球的电影工作者现在不仅需要考虑中国观众的品味和偏好,更要琢磨执政的共产党的心思“Because of the importance of the Chinese market to Hollywood, no one wants to make movies that offend China,” says T.J. Green, a mer Warner Bros. executive who now runs Apex Entertainment, which builds cinemas in China. “Some may see that as self-censorship.”“因为中国市场对好莱坞的重要性,谁都不想拍出冒犯中国的电影,”华纳兄弟的前高管T·J·格林(T.J. Green)说他现在经营着在中国建电影院的APX国际影院投资(香港)有限公司“一些人可能会认为那是自我审查”That is the price of market entry. A few years ago, the Chinese authorities whetted Hollywood’s appetite by raising the a on eign film imports, allowing Hollywood to receive a bigger share of the box-office profits and approving more coproductions with local partners.这是进入中国市场的代价几年前,通过增加外国影片进口配额、允许好莱坞获得更大的票房利润分成以及批准更多与本土合作伙伴制作的合拍片,中国当局激起了好莱坞的胃口But analysts say greater access to China doesn’t mean unfettered access. Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” instance, was heavily censored in China. And Hollywood studios complain that the release dates of some Western films are often shifted to bolster local movies.不过,分析人士指出,更大的准入机会并不意味着不受限制比如,昆汀·塔伦蒂诺(Quentin Tarantino)拍的《被解救的姜戈(Django Unchained)就在中国遭到严重审查并且不少好莱坞电影公司抱怨,为了持国产片,一些西方影片的上映日期常常被更改The market, in other words, remains tightly regulated. Authorities have also made clear that they want China to develop its own powerhouse studios, perhaps even its own version of Hollywood, that could eventually compete with Tinseltown.换句话说,中国市场依然处于被严格管制的状态当局也明确表示,他们想让中国发展自己的大牌影视企业,甚或是自家的好莱坞,最终能与丁塞尔镇(代指好莱坞——译注)匹敌Major Chinese studios are aly taking shape. Alibaba has a studio called Alibaba Pictures. Bona Film and Huayi Brothers are now power players. And then there is the China Film Group, the state-run giant that has its own production bases and long experience working with Hollywood studios.中国的大型影业公司已经在成形了阿里巴巴旗下拥有一家阿里巴巴影业集团有限公司纳影业和华谊兄弟是目前市场上的大玩家此外还有国有巨头中国电影集团中影集团有自己的制作基地,还有与好莱坞影业公司合作的长期经验“We want to learn how to make movies that appeal to a global audience,” says Ren Zhonglun, president of the state-run Shanghai Film Group, which is also negotiating to m alliances in Hollywood. “Eventually, we need to go global.”“我们希望学习如何拍出能吸引全球观众的影片,”上海电影集团总裁任仲伦说“最终,我们需要走向全球”上影集团也在与好莱坞进行结盟谈判One of the most ambitious efts is being financed by the private equity firm China Media Capital, which has become one of Hollywood’s preferred partners in China.在最具雄心的尝试中,其中一项得到了私募公司华人文化产业投资基金的资助该公司已经成为了颇受好莱坞青睐的中国合作方之一Last year, China Media Capital announced plans to create a “global content investment fund” with Warner Bros. and the global advertising giant WPP, among others. The firm has bought a stake in the Chinese operation of IMAX. With government backing, China Media brought in new partners to develop a .1 billion “Dream Center,” a cultural and entertainment district in Shanghai with theaters, permance halls, restaurants and shops.去年,华人文化产业投资基金宣布,计划与华纳兄弟和全球广告巨头WPP等企业共同创立一个“全球内容投资基金”该公司收购了IMAX中国业务的部分股份在政府的持下,华人文化产业投资基金引入了一些新的合作伙伴,以在上海开发一个名为“梦中心”的文化区该项目投资达0亿元人民币,将容纳剧院、演艺厅、餐馆和商铺The China Media Capital executive behind many of these deals is Li Ruigang, a mer government official and Shanghai media executive. It was Mr. Li, 5, who helped set up Oriental DreamWorks, the Shanghai joint venture working on “Kung Fu Panda 3.” Alongside projects with DreamWorks Animation, the studio is also working on its own portfolio of television programs, films and animated features.在这些交易中,很多项目的背后都有华人文化产业投资基金的负责人黎瑞刚的身影他曾经是一名政府官员,上海媒体界的高管正是5岁的黎瑞刚,帮助成立了在参与制作《功夫熊猫3的合资企业东方梦工厂除了与梦工厂动画电影公司合作的项目外,东方梦工厂还在拍自己的作品,包括电视节目、电影和动画长片“We’re talking to all the major Hollywood studios,” Mr. Li said during an interview at the headquarters of China Media Capital in Shanghai. “But we’re also developing our own original Chinese stories. We want it to be high-quality animation that can be distributed globally.”“我们正在和好莱坞所有的大电影公司洽谈,”黎瑞刚在华人文化产业投资基金位于上海的总部接受采访时说“但我们也在开发自己原创的中国故事我们希望是能在全球发行的高质量的动画片”The Oriental DreamWorks studio, now a temporary space in a glass office tower, looks like a creative playground, decorated with colorful toys and Lego blocks. Most of the 60 employees are working on elements of “Kung Fu Panda 3.” Overnight, they ship large computer files to Calinia, where the work can then be integrated into the movie.东方梦工厂的工作室现在是一处临时的地方,位于一栋玻璃办公楼里,看上去像一个创意游乐场,装饰着五缤纷的玩具和乐高(Lego)积木其60名员工中的大部分人都在从事与《功夫熊猫3有关的工作他们会在夜里将相当大的电脑文件传给加州在那里,相关工作再被融入整部电影中They are determined to go dubbing into Chinese, so the partner studios are effectively producing two films. The characters’ mouths and jaws are being animated two languages, English most audiences and Mandarin cinemas in China.他们决心放弃中文配音,所以这两家合作的公司实际上是在拍两部影片角色的嘴巴和下巴的动画制作是针对两门语言设计的,即面向大部分观众的英语和面向中国院线的汉语“We want to leverage the best of the Hollywood creativity with the best Chinese characteristics,” said Mr. Fong of Oriental DreamWorks. “We make it faster, do it cheaper, and in the end do something really innovative.”“我们想用最好的中国特色来最大限度地利用好莱坞创造力的精华,”东方梦工厂的方淦说“我们会做到更快、成本更低,最终做出真正创新的东西” 368573It’s a girl. Pop superstar Jay Chou and model Hannah Quinlivan have welcomed their first child, their agents said on Monday night是个女孩!其经纪人于周一夜晚透露,流行音乐超级巨星周杰伦与模特昆凌迎来了他们的第一个孩子The confirmation came after rumours went round that Quinlivan, 1, had given birth to a preterm baby by caesarean, said ed Daily News联合日报称,随着缠绕着昆凌的流言接踵而至的是1岁的她剖腹提早诞下一名婴儿的实消息Chou, 36, had been so secretive about the birth that even his long-time manager J.R. Yang, who lives in the same neighbourhood as him, did not know, said the report据报道,今年36岁的周杰伦此前将保密工作做的很好以至于连和他住同一个小区的长期经纪人杨峻荣也被蒙在鼓里Later, the star said through his manager: “We had a daughter. Hannah and I are very happy”不久之后,周杰伦通过他的经纪人向外界宣布:“我们有了一个女儿昆凌和我感到非常开心”But the new father did not disclose the date of the baby’s birth, said the report但是据报道,这位新手爸爸尚未公开孩子的出生日期In Taiwan and Hong Kong, it is customary a celebrity baby birth to be accompanied by astrolgers’ predictions in the media, a scenario the singer was presumably hoping to avoid by withholding the date and time of his daughter’s birth在台湾和香港,媒体往往会根据名人孩子的出生日期预测其星座,可能是为了避免这样的情况发生周杰伦选择隐瞒女儿的出生日期和时间Chou said he would share his news online later, when he is calmer, reported ed Daily News. There have been no updates on the birth on his social media s据联合日报报道,周杰伦说等他冷静下来,他会在网上分享自己的消息直到现在在他的社交账号中还没有关于孩子出生的更新 3856

As TV and film royalty met members of the real royal family at Buckingham Palace this evening, the Duchess of Cambridge ensured she stood out at the star-studded event in a vibrant red Alexander McQueen dress.月日,影视界的大腕明星们与英国皇室共聚白金汉宫参加戏剧艺术款待会,剑桥公爵夫人凯特凭借着一身由亚历山大·麦昆设计的优雅红裙在这众星云集的盛典中脱颖而出、引人注目Kate, 3, has worn the designer pleated skirt dress on previous occasions, most famously on the royal barge during the Diamond Jubilee river pageant of .3岁的凯特王妃早在之前的场合中就穿过这条红褶裙,特别令人印象深刻的是在年,在钻石庆典的皇家游艇上,凯特也是穿着这条红裙子On that day she accessorised with her trusty LK Bennett nude heels and a Lock amp; Co hat. today event, hosted by the Queen to celebrate the dramatic arts, she went a less mal look.在那一天,她是穿着她最钟爱的LK Bennett高跟鞋,带着一顶詹姆士·洛克帽子而在由女王举办的戏剧艺术款待会那天,她的穿着随性了许多The red dress has been worn by a number of celebrities since it made its debut on the springsummer catwalk back in February .这条红裙子首次亮相是在年月举办的春夏时装发布会上,而那之后,就有很多名人都在不同场合穿过这款红裙But thankfully none of the Hollywood stars and the giants of British film and theatre who joined the Duchess of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace this evening made the fashion faux pas of wearing the same outfit as style queen Kate.还好在款待会当天,没有任何一位在场的好莱坞明星或是英国影视巨擘与剑桥公爵夫人撞衫导致失礼Elegant Dame Helen Mirren, whose uncanny portrayal of the monarch over the years even prompted Prince William to joke on Sunday that he should call her granny, was also in attendance.影后海伦·米伦爵士也出席了这场盛会正因为她多次在舞台和屏幕上扮演女王,威廉王子在星期天给海伦颁奖时还打趣说他应该叫她一声“奶奶”The award-winning actress was introduced to the Queen personally, although it is not known whether the pair discussed Dame Helen regal role.海伦也被引见给了女王,但是她们是否有聊到海伦扮演的女王角色就不得而知了The Duchess was also introduced to many of the 50 stars present on a night celebrating the Queen 60 years as patron of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the wider contribution that the dramatic arts make to national life.公爵夫人凯特也曾被引见给50多位出席女王60岁庆生会的明星们,他们都是皇家戏剧艺术学院的中坚人物,为英国创作了大量的艺术作品,做出了巨大的贡献 777


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