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I have known very few writers, but those I have known, and whom I respect,confess at once that they have little idea where they are goingwhen they first set pen to paper.They have a character, perhaps two;they are in that condition of eager discomt which passes inspiration;all admit radical changes of destination once the journey has begun;one, to my certain knowledge,spent nine months on a novel about Kashmir,then reset the whole thing in the Scottish Highland.I never heard of anyone making an “outline”, as we were taught at school.In the breaking and remaking,in the timing, interweaving,beginning again,the writer comes to discern things in his material which were not consciously in his mind when he began.This organic process, often leading to moments of extraordinary self-discovery,is of an indescribable fascination.A blurred image appears; he adds a brushstroke and another, and it is gone;but something was there, and he will not rest till he has captured it.Sometimes the passion within a writer outlives a book he has written.I have heard of writers who nothing but their own books;like adolescents they stand bee the mirror,and still cannot understand the exact outline of the vision bee them. the same reason, writers talk endlessly about their own books,digging up hidden meanings, super-imposing new ones, begging response from those around them.Of course a writer doing this is misunderstoodhe might as well try to explain a crime or a love affair.He is also, incidentally, an ungivable bore.This temptation to cover the distance between himself and the er,to study his image in the sight of those who do not know him,can be his undoinghe has begun to write to please.A young English writer made the pertinent observation a year or two backthat the talent goes into the first draft, and the art into the drafts that follow. this reason also the writer, like any other artist,has no resting place,no crowd or movement in which he may take comt,no judgment from outside which can replace the judgment from within.A writer makes order out of the anarchy of his heart;he submits himself to a more ruthless discipline than any critic dreamed of,and when he flirts with fame, he is taking time off from living with himself,from the search what his world contains at its inmost point. 18

英语口语:“无可奉告”的英语怎么说? -- :9:9 来源:  现在信息发达,传媒争相报导内幕消息,当一些名人、艺人或政要人物被问及敏感话题时,大多会回答一句:“我无可奉告”那么“无可奉告”用英语要怎么说呢?我们来看一段对话:  Adrian: Is that a new dress?  阿德里恩: 那是新衣吗?  Candy: I have no comment  坎蒂: 我无可奉告  Adrian: You've had a makeover haven't you?  阿德里恩: 你有精心打扮过哦,没有吗?  Candy: No comment  坎蒂: 无可奉告  Adrian: I bet you've done this a guy you like. Right?  阿德里恩: 我想你一定是为了心上人才这样做,对吗?  Candy: Well actually, yes. I have strong feelings you. Do you like me?  坎蒂: 其实,是的我对你有强烈好感,你喜欢我吗?  Adrian: Eh, eh. No comment  阿德里恩: 呃,呃,无可奉告  对话中共出现了3次 no comment,没错,它就是我们常常中文里所说的“无可奉告、不予置评”再举个例句:I have no comment to make on what is said about her(关于她的传言,我不予置评)除了 no comment,还可以说:I have nothing to say(我无话可说)例:I have nothing to say in reference to that incident(关于那次事件,我无可奉告)另外在口语里,一个 nothing 也可以表示“无可奉告”的意思例:When asked what the company was planning to do, the chairman repeated "nothing"(当被问及公司计划做什么时,董事长重复道:“无可奉告”)  对话中 Adrian 问,You've had a makeover, haven't you? 动词词组 make over 有“修改”、“改造”的意思,例如:The tailor has made the dress over, so that it looks fashionable now(那件衣经裁缝修改后,现在看起来很时髦)两个词合在一起变成名词 makeover,就是“非常用心的打扮”或“(机构等)形象的彻底改变”,例如:(1) Every woman likes a good makeover once in a while(女人总喜欢偶然非常用心的好好打扮) () The bank decided that it was time a complete makeover, and launched an advertising campaign emphasizing its investment functions(这家决定改变形象,展开了宣传运动,强调其投资功能)  当你不想把消息告诉别人时说:I have no comment. 那么如果你有些小道消息想向别人“爆料”,却又不想别人引用你的名字,这该怎么说呢?这时你可以告诉他:Don't e me on that(不要引述我的名字)或 Can I say something off the record?(我可否私底下告诉你一些消息?) 怎么 英语 无可 英语口语

What I have Lived 我为何而生Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life the longing love, the search knowledge, and unbearable pity the suffering of mankind. These passions, like great winds, have blown me hither and thither, in a wayward course, over a deep ocean of anguish, reaching to the very verge of despair.我的一生被三种简单却又无比强烈的所控制:对爱的渴望,对知识的探索和对人类苦难难以抑制的屿这些像狂风,把我恣情吹向四方,掠过苦痛的大海,迫使我濒临绝望的边缘I have sought love, first, because it brings ecstasy---ecstasy so great that I would often have sacrificed all the rest of my life a few hours this joy. I have sought it, next, because it relieves loneliness---that terrible loneliness in which one shivering consciousness looks over the rim of the world into the cold unfathomable lifeless abyss. I have sought it, finally, because in the union of love I have seen, in a mystic miniature, the prefiguring vision of the heaven that saints and poets have imagined. This is what I sought, and though it might seem too good human life, this is what---at last---I have found.我寻求爱,首先因为它使我心为之着迷,这种难以名状的美妙迷醉使我愿意用所有的余生去换取哪怕几个小时这样的幸福我寻求爱,还因为它能缓解我心理上的孤独中,我感觉心灵的战栗,仿如站在世界的边缘而面前是冰冷,无底的死亡深渊我寻求爱,因为在我所目睹的结合中,我仿佛看到了圣贤与诗人们所向往的天堂之景这就是我所寻找的,虽然对人的一生而言似乎有些遥不可及,但至少是我用尽一生所领悟到的With equal passion I have sought knowledge. I have wished to understand the hearts of men. I have wished to know why the stars shine. And I have tried to apprehend the Pythagorean power by which number holds sway above the flux. A little of this, but not much, I have achieved.我用同样的去寻求知识我希望能理解人类的心灵,希望能够知道群星闪烁的缘由我试图领悟毕达哥拉斯所景仰的;数即万物;的思想我已经悟出了其中的一点点道理,尽管并不是很多Love and knowledge, so far as they were possible, led upward toward the heavens. But always it brought me back to earth. Echoes of cries of pain reverberate in my heart. Children in famine, victims tortured by oppressors, helpless old people a hated burden to their sons, and the whole world of loneliness, poverty, and pain make a mockery of what human life should be. I long to alleviate the evil, but I cannot, and I too suffer.爱和知识,用它们的力量把人引向天堂但是同情却总把人又拽回到尘世中来痛苦的呼喊声回荡在我的内心饥饿的孩子,受压迫的难民,贫穷和痛苦的世界,都是对人类所憧憬的美好生活的无情嘲弄我渴望能够减少邪恶,但是我无能为力,我也难逃其折磨This has been my life. I have found it worth living, and would gladly live it again if the chance were offered me.这就是我的一生我已经找到它的价值而且如果有机会,我很愿意能再活它一次 39

遇到麻烦时英语怎么表达 -- :38:7 来源: 遇到麻烦时I cant speak English.No English! (我英文不行)我的英语不太好My English isnt good enough.请安排一位会说日语的人A Japanese-speaking person, please.请再说一遍Pardon me?Arent you John? (你不是约翰吗?)Pardon me? (什么?请再说一遍?)Excuse me?I beg your pardon?Could you repeat that?您说什么?What did you say?您能慢一点儿说吗?Would you slow down, please?Please say it more slowly.我们想请一位会说日语的导游Id like a Japanese-speaking guide, please.What can I do you? (您有什么事?)Id like a Japanese-speaking guide, please. (我们想请一位会说日语的导游)I want a Japanese-speaking guide.有会说日语的人吗?Does anyone speak Japanese? *用于当无法用英文表达自己想说的事情时Does anyone here speak Japanese?Is there a Japanese speaker here?我们语言不通I cant make myself understood. *make oneself understood 表示“(用外语等)表达自己的意思,让别人明白自己的感觉”I cant get my point across.I cant get through to him. (无法让他明白)我不知道这用英文怎么说I dont know how to say it in English.I dont know it in English.I cant express it in English. (我不能用英文表达)日语中的“义理”用英文怎么说?How do you say “giri” in English?How do you say “giri” in English? (日语中的“义理”用英文怎么说?)You say, “obligation”.(用英文是obligation. What “giri” in English?How should I say“giri”in English?How can I express“giri”in English?What the English word “giri”?英文管这叫什么?What do you call this in English?失窃叫警察!Call the police!Call the police! (叫警察)Sure thing! (好的)Please call help! (快叫人帮助)我的包被偷了I had my bag stolen.My bag was stolen.Somebody stole my bag.我该告诉谁?Who should I report it to?失物招领处在哪儿?Where is the Lost and Found?什么样的包?What kind of bag?What kind of bag was it?里面都有什么?What was in it?里面有多少钱?How much was in it?我们找到后会跟你联系的Well call you if we find it.Well contact you when we find it.您能填一下儿这张表吗?Could you fill out this m? *fill out表示在空白处填写m为“表格”Please fill out this m.请您写一下被盗经过Please give me a report on the theft. *theft “窃案,偷盗”Please fill out a report on the theft.日本大使馆在哪儿?Where is the Japanese Embassy?我的护照丢了I lost my passport.My passport is missing.I cant find my passport. (我找不到我的护照了)Ive misplaced my passport. (我忘了把护照放到哪儿了)这儿有会说日语的人吗?Does anyone here speak Japanese?能补发一本吗?Can I get it reissued?请取消我的卡号Please cancel my card number.我该怎么办?What should I do?What should I do? (我该怎么办?)You should ask the man over there. (你该去问问那边那个人)What do I need to do?呼救十万火急!It an emergency!快叫大夫!Please call a doctor.救命啊!Help! *无论什么样的紧急情况下都可以用Help! (救命啊!)What happened? (怎么了?)Somebody! (来人呀!)Help me! (帮帮我!)小偷!Thief! *遇到小偷或扒手时,用这样的喊声来引起周围人的注意Robber! 日常英语 英语口语

英语口语学习:真正的日常口语 [1] -01-7 18:5:51 来源: I'd better get going! I've got to go.我得走了I'd like to take a rain check!下一次吧Maybe some other time.下一次吧Maybe some other day.改天吧Are you hitting on her?你在追她吗?He's good!他有两下子You spying on me?你在窥探(跟踪)我吗?I didn't mean to pry.我不是有意剌探(事情)Don't flatter yourself!你少臭美了She's a drug addict.她是个毒虫You're under oath.你发过誓了How long will it take?要花多少时间?It can take years.可能得花很久时间I'm gonna tickle you!我要搔你痒了That's a dumb idea.真是个笨主意You got to get over it!你必须要克这件事Stop playing the game!别再跟我玩游戏了Hold it!站住,停住Freeze!站住He's on parole.他正在假释中I'm allergic to the cat!我对猫过敏I could've sworn!我发誓(是这样的)He's hitching.他搭便车I'm trying to make a point here.我就是要把这件事说清楚He's my suspect. I'm bringing him in.他是我的嫌犯,我要将他逮捕归案There's a killer on the loose!有个凶手正逍遥法外She fell apart.她崩溃了She broke down.她崩溃了You dumb bell.你这笨蛋Is it going to help?这样有用吗?有所助益吗?You, quitter!你这半途而废的人You, loser!你这失败者lt;?xml:namespace prefix o ns "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" >Can that be arranged?可以安排一下吗?Don't argue. That's the way things are.不用争辩了,道理本来就是这样Not a good time? (我来得)时候不对吗?不方便吗?Get the hell out of here! You kidding me?不会吧!你开玩笑!Sit tight!坐稳啦!Sleep tight!好好睡Just be cool, all right?冷静点可以吗?Welcome to the party!来得好I'm all ears.我洗耳恭听You're lying your head off!看你臭盖得眉飞色舞You're the best.你是最棒的Thank you sharing.谢谢你告诉我She's giving up.她要放弃了No good. (NG)不好,重来He is a bum.他是流浪汉Oh God, here we go again!天啊,又来(这一套)了Here you go.拿去吧,好啦Here you are.拿去吧Here we go.好啦I'll take a hug.抱一下Come on. Give me a hug!来,抱一下It's got to change.事情总会改变的英语口语学习:真正的日常口语[1]英语口语学习:真正的日常口语[]英语口语学习:真正的日常口语[3]英语口语学习:真正的日常口语[]英语口语学习:真正的日常口语[5]英语口语学习:真正的日常口语6[]英语口语学习:真正的日常口语[7]英语口语学习:真正的日常口语[8]英语口语学习:真正的日常口语[9]英语口语学习:真正的日常口语[]英语口语学习:真正的日常口语[]英语口语学习:真正的日常口语[] 口语 日常 真正 学习

那一年,韦恩堡市长正式宣布月1号作为全市的艾米日市长解释说,因为艾米敢于做出这样一个简单的许愿,她让大家都学到了东西 “所有人,”市长说道,“都希望得到并且应该得到尊重、尊严和友善”The Little Girl Who Dared to Wish As Amy Hagadorn rounded the corner across the hall from her classroom, she collided with a tall boy from the fifth grade running in the opposite direction.“Watch it , squirt.” The boy yelled as he dodged around the little third-grader. Then, with a smirk on his face, the boy took hold of his right leg and mimicked the way Amy limped when she walked.Amy closed her eyes. Ignore him, she told herself as she headed her classroom.But at the end of the day, Amy was still thinking about the tall boy’s mean teasing. It wasn’t as if her were the only one. It seemed that ever since Amy started the third grade, someone teased her every single day. Kids teased her about her speech or her limping. Amy was tired of it. Sometimes, even in a classroom full of other students, the teasing made her feel all alone.Back home at the dinner table that evening, Amy was quiet. Her mother knew that things were not going well at school. That’s why Patti Hagadorn was happy to have some exciting news to share with her daughter.“There’s a Christmas wish contest on the radio station,” Amy’s mom announced. “Write a letter to Santa, and you might win a prize. I think someone at this table with blonde curly hair should enter.”Amy giggled. The contest sounded like fun. She started thinking about what she wanted most Christmas.A smile took hold of Amy when the idea first came to her. Out came pencil and paper, and Amy went to work on her letter. “Dear Santa Claus,” she began.While Amy worked away at her best printing, the rest of the family tried to guess what she might ask from Santa. Amy’s sister, Jamie, and Amy’s mom both thought a three-foot Barbie doll would top Amy’s wish list. Amy’s dad guessed a picture book. But Amy wasn’t y to reveal her secret Christmas wish just then. Here is Amy’s letter to Santa, just as she wrote it that nightDear Santa Claus,My name is Amy. I am nine years old. I have a problem at school. Can you help me Santa? Kids laugh at me because of the way I walk and run and talk. I have cerebral palsy. I just want one day where no one laughs at me or makes fun of me.Love, AmyAt radio station WJLT in t Wayne, Indiana, letter poured in the Christmas wish contest. The workers had fun ing about all the different presents that boys and girls from across the city wanted Christmas.When Amy’s letter arrived at the radio station, manager Lee Tobin it carefully. He knew cerebral palsy was a muscle disorder that might confuse the schoolmates of Amy’s who didn’t understand her disability. He thought it would be good the people in t Wayne to hear about this special third-grader and her unusual wish. Mr. Tobin called up the local newspaper.The next day, a picture of Amy and her letter to Santa made the front page of the News Sentinel. The story sp quickly. All across the country, newspapers and radio and television stations reported the story of the little girl in t Wayne, Indiana, who asked such a simple yet remarkable Christmas gift -- just one day without teasing.Suddenly the postman was a regular at the Hagadorn house. Envelopes of all sizes addressed to Amy arrived daily from children and adults all across the nation. They came filled with holiday greetings and words of encouragement.During that ungettable Christmas season, over two thousand people from all over the world sent Amy letters of friendship and support. Amy and her family every single one. Some of the writers had disabilities; some had been teased as children. Each writer had a special message Amy. Through the cards and letters from strangers, Amy glimpsed a world full of people who truly cared about each other. She realized that no amount or m of teasing could ever make her feel lonely again.Many people thanked Amy being brave enough to speak up. Others encouraged her to ignore teasing and to carry her head high. Lynn, a sixth-grader from Texas, sent this message“I would like to be your friend,” she wrote, “and if you want to visit me, we could have fun. No one would make fun of us, ’cause if they do, we will not even hear them.”Amy did get her wish of a special day without teasing at South Wayne Elementary School. Additionally, everyone at school got another bonus. Teachers and students talked together about how bad teasing can make others feel.That year the t Wayne mayor officially proclaimed December 1 as Amy Jo Hagadorn Day throughout the city. The mayor explained that by daring to make such a simple wish, Amy taught a universal lesson.“Everyone,” said the mayor, “wants and deserves to be treated with respect, dignity and warmth.

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