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大渡口区人民医院专治北碚区中医院切眼袋多少钱Chinese soldiers used anti-tank weapons to blast away rocks and mud, holding back waters in an earthquake-formed lake that threatens more than 1 million people living downstream. Soldiers fired at rocks to dislodge enough debris to speed the drainage of waters in Tangjiashan Lake in Sichuan Province. CCTV reported that the runoff channel was getting wider and deeper, helping to reduce the water level in the lake that was formed after last month's devastating earthquake. "We fired at the rock from a closer distance to make sure that the water gets through the channel. Usually we shoot from about 100 meters away, but this time we did it from 50 meters, gives a better result than shooting from further away." Other troops have been deepening the channel and digging on a second spillway. Officials fear that the so-called quake lake could burst its banks and cause catastrophic flooding if the water level is not brought down soon. Authorities were on alert both for increased rainfall and new aftershocks that could weaken the dam, or send more debris plunging into the lake. More than 250, 000 people downstream have been evacuated in recent weeks, adding to the turmoil created by last month's massive earthquake in Sichuan Province. Government officials have downplayed the threat of imminent flooding, though a variety of factors such as rain and aftershocks could set off a dam collapse. The Tangjiashan Lake is the largest of more than 30 created by last month's quake. The lake was formed when rubble from a massive landslide set off by the deadly May 12th earthquake, blocked the flow of the Tongkou River, also known as the Jianjiang.200811/56365长寿区妇幼保健医院电话 Obama Remembers Kennedy as Mentor, Friend, Political Icon奥巴马追思肯尼迪是导师、朋友和政治偶像U.S. President Barack Obama says he is "heartbroken" by the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy, who died late Tueday after a battle with brain cancer. Mr. Obama is mourning a mentor and a friend.美国总统奥巴马说,爱德华.肯尼迪参议员的过世让他“心碎”悲伤。肯尼迪参议员在与脑癌长期斗争后于星期三凌晨去世。奥巴马把爱德华.肯尼迪视为良师益友。President Barack Obama is leading the nation in remembering Ted Kennedy, calling him one of the greatest senators of our time. He says Kennedy was the defender of a dream.美国总统奥巴马带领全美人民缅怀参议员肯尼迪。奥巴马称赞肯尼迪是我们时代最伟大的参议员之一。他说,肯尼迪是一个梦想的捍卫者。"His extraordinary life on this earth has come to an end," said Mr. Obama. "The extraordinary good that he did lives on."奥巴马说:“他在这个世上伟大的一生终结了,但他的丰功伟绩将流芳千古。”The president says America may never see his like again: a veteran lawmaker who left a lasting imprint on all aspects of life in the ed States, from health care to civil rights to education.奥巴马说,美国可能再也不能见到像肯尼迪这样一个伟大的人:一个退役军人出身的国会议员,他给美国人生活的方方面面都留下了永久的印记,从医疗到民权到教育。"His ideas and ideals and are stamped on scores of laws reflected in millions of lives," he said.他说:“他的想法和理想印刻在几十部法律里,这些法律影响了几百万人的生活。”Mr. Obama was in the senator's home state when he died - not far from the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.在肯尼迪去世的时候,奥巴马恰巧正在肯尼迪所在的麻萨诸塞州度假。他度假的地方距离肯尼迪位于海恩尼斯港的大院不远。There had been indications that the two might meet during the Obama family vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Instead, the president found himself talking to the nation about the loss of a man known as "the liberal lion" of the Senate.有迹象显示,两人可能会在奥巴马一家在玛莎葡萄园度假的时候见面。然而取而代之的是奥巴马向全国谈论参议院痛失一位被尊称为“自由主义之狮”的参议员。"The Kennedy name is synonymous with the Democratic Party," he said. "And at times, Ted was the target of partisan campaign attacks. But in the ed States Senate, I can think of no one who engendered greater respect or affection from members on both sides of the aisle."奥巴马说:“肯尼迪的名字就是民主党的同义词。在那些时候,泰德是党派斗争的目标。但是在美国联邦参议院,我想不出还会有哪个人在参议院两党议员中比他得到更大的尊重和更深的爱戴。”In his brief remarks, the president made clear he sees the death of Ted Kennedy as a personal loss. Kennedy was a mentor during his early days in the ed States Senate, and was an early and avid booster of his presidential campaign.在简短的讲话中,奥巴马总统清楚地表明,他把泰德.肯尼迪的去世当作个人损失。在奥巴马进入美国参议院初期,肯尼迪曾作过奥巴马的导师,而且在奥巴马参加总统竞选期间,肯尼迪很早就积极帮助奥巴马竞选。"Over the past several years, I have had the honor to call Teddy a colleague, a counselor and a friend," said the president. "And even though we have known this day was coming for some time now, we awaited it with no small amount of d."奥巴马说:“在过去几年里,我很荣幸地称泰德是我的同事、参谋和朋友。尽管我们彼此都知道这一天终将来到,我们等待着,绝无一点畏惧。”Senator Kennedy died early late Tuesday at his Massachusetts home. The last surviving brother of former President John Kennedy was 77.肯尼迪参议员星期三凌晨在他位于麻萨诸塞州的家中去世,享年77岁。他生前是前总统约翰.肯尼迪最后一个仍在世的兄弟。08/82665Ok, so we called Steve Jobs a guru a few times aly.Lets think about that.好的,我们有时会称史蒂夫;乔布斯为大师。让我们谈谈。People can definitely go overboard about their enthusiasm for the man and his company.对于这个男人及他的公司,人们热情似火,毫不保留挥洒自己的。And I admit I am partly guilty of that. But that was also part of Steve Jobsgrand plan.我承认自己有点偏激。但这也是史蒂夫;乔布斯计划的一部分。Over the years, he creates a self-contained ego system with the device, with the portable into the universe as the budget membership.在过去的几年中,他运用这一设备创造了自我独立的系统,只要进入这个便携的世界,你就无法自拔。And the king of that universe was Jobs himself, equal parts CEO and rock star.而乔布斯本人则是宇宙之王,身兼首席执行官及摇滚明星。The devices, the company, the man himself, the corporate world has never seen anything like it. And maybe never will again.这些设备,公司及这个人,企业世界从未见过这样的事。也许永远也不会了。All that it likes the Holy Grail.这有这些就像圣杯一样。Yes.是的。To me, a brand is one simple thing. And that is, trust.对我来说,一个国际品牌就只有一件简单的事。那就是长此以往的信任。词语解释:1. guru n. 宗师2. universe n. 宇宙163925渝中区妇女医院门诊在哪里

重庆市妇保医院什么时候建立Iraq's Cabinet Approves Security Pact With US伊拉克内阁批准美伊安全协议 The Iraqi government's council of ministers has voted to approve a three-year military pact with the ed States, despite the bitter opposition of several hardline Shi'ite leaders. The agreement, which replaces a U.N. mandate that expires on December 31, must be ratified by the Iraqi parliament. 伊拉克政府的部长委员会投票批准伊拉克同美国为期三年的军事协议。但是这项协议受到一些强硬什叶派领导人的强烈反对。这项协议将取代今年12月31日到期的联合国授权。协议生效之前必须得到伊拉克议会的批准。The Iraqi Cabinet voted overwhelmingly to approve a new military pact with the ed States, after weeks of bitter debate and fiery opposition from several influential shi'ite leaders. 在经过几个星期的激烈辩论,以及一些有影响力的什叶派领导人的强烈反对后,伊拉克内阁以压倒多数投票批准一项同美国的军事协议。The new three-year pact will be put to a parliament vote on November 24, according to the legislative body's deputy speaker. The new pact, which calls for U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq completely by the end of 2011, replaces the U.N. mandate that expires December 31. 伊拉克议会副议长说,这项新协议将于11月24日在议会投票表决。新协议将要求美军在2011年底之前全部从伊拉克撤军。该协议将取代12月31日到期的联合国授权。Iraqi government spokesman Ali Debbagh underscored the proviso in the text that all U.S. forces would withdraw from the country by the end of 2011, although he said it is up to the government, at that point, to reach a new agreement. 伊拉克政府发言人达巴格强调,协议中的有关条款规定,美军在2011年底之前从伊拉克全部撤军。不过,他表示,这将取决于伊拉克政府根据当时的具体情况是否要达成一项新协议。He says that a majority of ministers, present, voted to approve the agreement that centers around the ultimate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq. He adds the December 2011 withdrawal date is not subject to change, but the Iraqi government, at that point, will come up with a new agreement with the ed States. 他说,目前大部分的部长投票同意这项协议。该协议的重点是美军最终从伊拉克撤出其所有军队。他补充说,2011年12月撤军的日期将不会改变,但是伊拉克政府届时可能会同美国达成新协议。Debbagh alluded to the up-until-now acrimonious debate within the government and among Iraq's ruling Shi'ite coalition over approving the pact, but insisted that bickering had been resolved and consensus reached. 达巴格所指的是,在伊拉克政府和伊拉克执政的什叶派联盟中,围绕协议批准进行的尖锐辩论一直持续到现在。但是他认为,已经解决了相互之间的争论不休,并达成了一致。He says the pact was discussed by all factions represented in the government during a meeting Saturday with Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, and that everyone expressed his views and agreement was reached. 他说,政府中各派系代表在星期六的会议上同总理马利基讨论了这项协议,每个人都表达了他们的意见,并达成了协议。Only one of the 28 cabinet members present at Sunday's extraordinary session reportedly voted against the pact, although nine others did not attend. 据报导,在出席星期天内阁特别会议的28名部长中,只有一名部长投票反对该协议。另外还有9名部长没有出席。U.S. Embassy spokesman Adam Ereli told the Associated Press the vote was an "important and positive step." 美国驻伊拉克大使馆发言人埃尔利对美联社说,这次投票是“一项重要和积极的步骤”。Iraq's top negotiator on the pact, National Security Advisor Muwafaq al-Rubaie, said earlier that he believed the agreement was a "very good document" and added that he expected parliament to ratify it. 伊拉克负责这项协议的首席谈判代表、国家安全顾问鲁巴伊早些时候表示,他认为这项协议是“一份非常好的文件”,他预计伊拉克议会将会批准这项协议。Virulent opposition from anti-U.S. Shi'ite cleric Muqtada Sadr and from other Shi'ite leaders close to Iran had threatened to derail the new pact.Sadr announced Friday that he was creating a new militia, which he dubbed the "Brigades of the Promised Day" to fight the ed States, and demanded that the ed States "quit Iraq without leaving behind any bases."Iranian state television called the vote "a victory for the government of Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki," which "imposed its views on everyone." Iran has long said it opposes the new pact, claiming that it threatens its own security and stability. 伊朗国营电视台称这次投票是“马利基总理政府的胜利”,协议将其内容“强加于每个人”。长期以来伊朗一直表示,反对美伊新协议,认为新协议将危及其自身的安全和稳定。200811/56373黔江区中心医院口碑怎样 U.S. Graduates Look To China CNN's Emily Chang reports on the lure of China for freshly minted American graduates and entrepreneurs. Everyday in Beijing, 31-year-old Robin Chan walks through the doors of a multi-million-dollar company he built from the ground up. He's an American who moved to China with one simple idea. The idea was straightforward--be the first to build a social game company in China. So this is a 3D rendition of one of our avatars, you can see.... Chan and his staff at XPD Media design social games, games you play with friends on networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. It was a courageous bet, but it was a bet worth making.Forget about living the American dream, this is the Chinese dream. His company is backed by the founder of MTV.There isn't a lot of cool opportunities in China unless you create your own, and that's part of the excitement of China.Many young people come to China, thinking this is the land of opportunity, the promised land, the wild, wild east that if you strike big, you could make it really big. But is that the reality?Not necessarily! Morgan McGilvray just finished his MBA. I thought, well, since there're no jobs at home anyway, I'll be adventurous and come, er, finish my time out in China. Are they throwing jobs at me? No.So he's focused on learning Mandarin and becoming a more attractive candidate.Usually the first thing is to check email and then I go to China Development Brief for nonprofit jobs.Annie Ly has been looking in the nonprofit field for nine months while volunteering and working to make ends meet. But she plans to stick it out in China, in part because she can afford more with less.Back home I'd probably live with my parents with what I make here. But here I have a great, you know, one-bedroom apartment for myself...But realizing her Chinese dream may be difficult in a job market that's becoming more competitive.We have a lot of very worldly, very intelligent and talented Chinese that are studying in the ed States and they're coming back to China. These folks are the ones that most multinationals and Chinese firms are trying to hire.But for those who do make it, the payoff can be huge. If I started out in New York, I mean, it's completely feasible to think that I will be their receptionist.Instead, at 25 years old, Henri Benaim is directing a gallery in China's contemporary art district, showcasing the likes of the famous photographer Wang Jinsong. This is our artist that I have seen in museum shows in New York and seen in catalogues and now in my job. Now we represent him. Still with all this responsibility, comes a lot of pressure: for Henri, pressure to make sales, for Robin, pressure to innovate, and for Annie and Morgan, the dream is yet to be fulfilled, though none can resist the lure of opportunity in the world's most dynamic economy.Emily Chang, CNN, Beijing.Vocabulary:1. avatar: an electronic image that represents and is manipulated by a computer user (as in a computer game or an online shopping site)2. stick it out: 坚持到底3. the likes of: such people as08/82263西南医院附属医院网友评论

涪陵区激光祛痣多少钱With drums beating, schoolboys parading, and scores of people lining streets decked with Russian and Palestinian flags, the Russian leader's visit gave Palestinians a chance to show themselves as y for statehood. 随着鼓声的响起,伴着小学男生的游行,一些巴勒斯坦人站在插着俄罗斯和巴勒斯坦旗帜的街道两旁。俄罗斯领导人梅德韦杰夫的来访使巴勒斯坦人有机会展示,他们已经为建国做好了准备。Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas welcomed Medvedev to Jericho, where the two signed a number of cooperation agreements. The Russian leader inaugurated a Russian art museum in the ancient town and pledged millions of dollars in development aid. 巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯欢迎梅德韦杰夫访问杰里科。两位领导人在这里签署了几项合作协议。梅德韦杰夫为这个古城的一座俄罗斯艺术物馆开幕剪,他还承诺为巴勒斯坦提供数百万美元的发展援助资金。Medvedev recalled that in 1988, Russia, as part of the Soviet Union, was among the first in the world to recognize a Palestinian state. He said Moscow supported and will support what he described as the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to an independent state with its capital in east Jerusalem. 梅德韦杰夫总统回顾说,1988年,当时还是苏联一部分的俄罗斯,是世界上第一批承认巴勒斯坦国的国家之一。梅德韦杰夫说,莫斯科政府过去持、今后将继续持巴勒斯坦人民不可剥夺的权利,来建立一个以东耶路撒冷为首都的独立国家。201101/123845 U.S. President Barack Obama has arrived in Moscow for talks with Russian leaders, expected to focus largely on arms control.美国总统奥巴马已经抵达莫斯科并将同俄罗斯领导人举行峰会。预计他们的会谈将主要着重于军备控制。 This is a visit that falls neatly into two parts.奥巴马总统这次访问将分为两个部分。First, President Obama will consult individually with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Then he will focus on improving ties with the Russian people.首先,奥巴马总统将与俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫和总理普京举行单独磋商。然后,他将重点放在改善与俄罗斯人民关系上。In an interview with the Associated Press prior to his departure, Mr. Obama said he has a lot to discuss with President Medvedev. Among them: efforts to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty - or START - that runs out at the end of this year.奥巴马总统在动身之前接受美联社记者采访时说,他将和俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫讨论多项议题,其中包括努力达成一项旨在代替今年年底到期的削减战略武器条约。"I think that we are going to be able to get some important business done, setting up a framework for a post START treaty that will bring down the level of nuclear warheads on both the Russian and U.S. sides," said Mr. Obama.奥巴马说:“我认为我们将能够取得一些重要的成果。为签订削减战略武器条约到期后的新条约设立一个框架,从而削减俄罗斯和美国上方核弹头的级别。”But President Obama also noted the importance of Prime Minister Putin. He said Putin - the former Russian president - still has a great deal of power.奥巴马还注意到俄罗斯总理普京的重要性。他说,俄罗斯前总统普京仍然有很大的权力。"I think that it's important even as we move forward with President Medvedev that Putin understands that the old Cold War approaches to U.S. Russian relations are outdated," he said.奥巴马说:“我认为即使我们继续和总统梅德韦杰夫打交道,普京总理仍然要理解,在美国和俄罗斯的关系旧的冷战思维已经过时。”But despite the focus on the START agreement, White House officials stress the U.S. Russia relationship in the 21st century must be about far more than arms negotiations. And they note the second half of the president's visit to Moscow will include a speech, and a series of discussions with representatives of civil society and the political opposition.尽管重点在于限制战略武器协议,白宫官员强调,美俄关系在21世纪必须远远超过战略武器谈判。他们指出,奥巴马总统访问莫斯科的后半部分将包括演讲、与公民社会的代表和政治反对派进行一系列的讨论等。Sarah Mendelson is a Russia expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. She has been working on a project to bring Russians and Americans together in fields ranging from human rights, to affordable housing.门德尔松是总部设在华盛顿的战略与国际问题研究所的俄罗斯问题专家。她一直致力于一个项目,让俄罗斯和美国能够在一些共同领域合作,包括人权和经济住房。Mendelson says she believes Russians have a lot to learn about Barack Obama and his policies and beliefs.门德尔松说,她相信俄罗斯对奥巴马和他的政策以及信仰尚有很多待了解之处。"I don't think Russians know very much about him, to be honest," said Mendelson. "And I think even just talking about his personal journey is going to be important because it challenges a lot of the stereotypes that Russians have about who we are and our history."门德尔松说:“说实话,我不认为俄罗斯对奥巴马非常了解。我认为即使只是谈论他个人的经历都是重要的,因为它挑战了很多俄罗斯关于我们是谁以及我们的历史的固有的成见。”Proof of the challenge facing President Obama in Russia can be found in a new survey of Russians conducted by the international polling arm of the University of Maryland. It finds that just 23 percent of Russians have confidence in President Obama to do the right thing in international affairs.奥巴马总统在俄罗斯所面对的挑战可以从一项俄罗斯的新的民意调查中表现出来。马里兰大学的一个国际调查机构分进行的最新民调显示,仅有23%的俄罗斯受访者相信奥巴马在国际事务中的行动是正确的。 07/76827大足区激光祛痘多少钱重庆新桥医院整形价格表



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