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大理市鹤庆县孕前检测多少钱洱源县四维彩超价格40. I See It, And... Loud noise. 嘈杂的声音。Hush! Talk quietly. 嘘!请小声讲话。Careful! 小心!I don't know where I am. 我不知道我身在何处。Why are you squealing, my friend? 朋友,你为什么要发出尖叫?I had a great vision. 我看到了惊人的景象。It's too dark. 太黑暗了。I couldn't see you. 我看不到你。Did you hear something? 你听到了什么?Oh, it's dazzling. 噢,我眼睛发花。Can't you hear me? 你听不到我说的话吗?Don't shout, man. 别吼嘛,老兄。That's too loud. 声音太大了。I beg your pardon? 你说什么?Let me see! 让我看看!Wow, you look like a devil. 唔,你简直像个魔鬼。We noticed the noise. 我们注意到了那种声音。What's all this noise? 这可怕的声音是什么?What are you whispering about? 你们在悄悄地说些什么?Do I look dirty? 我的样子很肮脏吗? /200803/30931大理中心医院流产多少钱 A lesser man 不太正直的人Thank you for returning my wallet. A lesser man would have kept it for himself. You are a lesser man than he is. Because you lied to me. /201001/93903Billy: That's what gives it that futuristic look...Jennifer: Well, the color is totally stellar. I love apple green.Billy: I know. And it attracts a lot of good attention...Jennifer: You mean I don't give you enough?Billy: Well, not the kind I want...Jennifer: So how many CDs does it hold? 内容来自: /201105/136204云龙县做产前检查哪家医院最好的

大理妇科检查医院哪个好When is our homework due? 我们的家庭作业几时交? /201009/113454大理白族人民医院生孩子价格 围绕“冰谷会不会被淹没”的问题,动物们展开了热烈的讨论。然而,Manny的怀疑却招来很多非议,甚至有动物指出他的种族快要灭绝了,Manny感到十分心痛。最终,他亲眼验了“冰川溶解”的过程,和大家一起踏上了逃亡之旅。(1) Say, buddy, not to cast aspersions on your survival instincts or nothing, but haven't mammoths pretty much gone extinct? 老兄,我不是怀疑你求生的本能,但是,猛犸象似乎快绝种了吧?——Manny不相信已经存在上万年的冰川会融化,然而他的疑问却遭到Tony的反唇相讥,Manny被怀疑为“史上最后一只猛犸象”,真是有够惨的。Aspersion表示“诽谤,中伤”,例如:How dare you cast aspersions on my wife's character! 你竟敢诽谤我妻子的人格! 此处aspersion和cast连用生动形象,比较下面的句子:She's cast off three boy-friends in a month她一个月里就甩了三个男朋友。后接一个反意疑问句,勾勒出了猛犸象种群的悲惨处境。(2) Be that as it may. 就算是吧,别扯开话题。——无辜的Manny被说的心里酸溜溜的,好心的动物上前帮它解围,可是“猛犸象绝种论”者不依不饶,非要在Manny的伤口上洒盐。Be that as it may是一个短小精悍而异常实用的表达,这样的好句子在中英文中出现率都很高,大家多用几遍,保记得既快又牢。(3) Don't pay any attention to him. 别理它。——Manny的朋友看到Manny不好受,也来劝他不要被这样的事情影响了情绪,可是Manny已经陷入了深深的回忆和思索当中,它不能接受自己的种群濒临灭绝的事实。依然是很常用的一句话,类似的表达有:1. Leave him alone. He is out of his mind. 别理他, 他疯了。2. Don't talk with him; he is a rooster. 别理他,他太狂妄自负了。3. Take no notice; he's always beefing about something. 别理他,他总是为一些事情发牢骚。4. Ignore the child if he misbehaves, and he'll soon stop. 小孩不乖时,别去理他,不久他就不会闹了。(4) The dinosaurs got cocky and made enemies. 恐龙很嚣张,树敌太多。——有动物援引恐龙灭绝的事例来攻击Manny,认为凡是个头大的动物都容易树敌,从而导致灭亡。Cocky是形容词,表示“骄傲的,自大的,太过自信的”,让我们通过句子来攻克它:John is too cocky and should be brought to his level. 约翰太高傲了,应该让他知道自量。(5) It looks like there might be a fatality. 那里似乎有人死了。——听到秃鹰的警告,动物们终于下定决心要向山谷的尽头逃命了,然而秃鹰们却在树上幸灾乐祸,希望多死几个好填饱肚子。Fatality表示“不幸,灾祸,天命”,比death更加正式一些,如:1. There was a strange fatality about their both losing their jobs on the same day. 他们两人同一天失去工作,真是天意叵测。2. There have been ten swimming fatalities this summer. (Ten people have lost their lives while swimming this summer.) 今年夏天已有十人游泳遇溺。 /200805/38599大理无痛流产价格

大理无疼人流英语日常口语 82:A tour of the flat看公寓本单元是关于看公寓的对话。Helen: So that's Tim's room, the bathroom's over there, and your bedroom is here. It's got a desk and chair and all that, so you shouldn't need any more furniture.Khalid: Ok, that looks ok...erm, what do you guys do about housework?Alice: Everybody kind of chips in, don't they Tim?Tim: Yes, Alice, we all do our bit.Alice: We keep all the cleaning stuff in this cupboard here.Khalid: Ok, I see.Helen: So, what do you think?Khalid: It's a very nice room, and you guys are great and everything, but I have to say, I think it's a little bit pricey...I wonder if it would be possible to reduce the rent a little bit?Helen: Well, I'm afraid it isn't up to me Khalid, I'll have to ask my dad about that.Vocabulary: 字汇 everybody chips in 大伙一起做everybody helps or contributes to doing a taskwe all do our bit 每个人都尽本分we all contribute fairly to doing a taskpricey 昂贵expensiveI'm afraidI regret to say/ I'm sorry to say (a polite expression used when saying 'no')It isn't up to meIt's not my choice. I can't/don't decide this 本单元的语言点是描述相似的事物, 有时我们不想把事情描写的很具体或很难做到,我们用些特别的语言来表达,请看下面的解释和例句。Vague languageBackground: 背景 We use vague language when we do not want to be (or cannot be) exact, accurate and precise.Talking about similarities:描述相似的事物 There are some phrases that are useful when we want to say that something is similar to something else, but it is not exactly the same. We often use these phrases because we can't find the exact word that we need.kind of and sort of: We can use these phrases before nouns and adjectives: A paramedic is a kind of doctor, or perhaps it is a sort of nurse. I'm not sure, but they help injured people.I'm kind of happy that school has finished, but I'll miss my friends.We can also use kind of and sort of before 'like' or 'similar to':Australian Rules Football is kind of like soccer and rugby combined.New Zealand is sort of similar to Britain.-ish:We can add 'ish' to adjectives and numbers to mean 'approximately'.How old is he? I'm not sure, perhaps fortyish.And he's got blueish eyes, or are they greenish? I'm not so sure.What's the word?记不得的东西 All of the following words can be used to represent a noun when we do not know the real word or when we can't remember it.You need one of those... oh, you know, you need a whatsit to open that bottle.You mean a corkscrew?That't it!Thingummy can be used to mean someone's name.Have you seen, erm, thingummy, you know, the guy with glasses? Stuff and thing:东西 物品 Thing refers to single countable objects (e.g. a car, a mouse)Things refers to plural countable objects (e.g. clothes, spiders, pens)Stuff refers to uncountable objects (e.g. oil, information) or a collection of countable objects (like things) e.g. a lot of clothes, shopping items.We often use these words when both the speaker and the listener know which objects are being discussed, or when we don't know the exact word, or even when there isn't an exact word.Where do you keep all the cleaning stuff?'the cleaning stuff' means all the different things that are used to clean a house: mops, brushes, creams and polishesI can't clean your bedroom floor, there's loads of stuff/things all over it.'loads of stuff/things' probably means toys, socks, papers etc.I need a thing to stop my washing machine from leaking, you know, a round rubber thing that goes on the main pipe.Approximately 大约 All of the following phrases have a similar meaning to 'approximately' but they are less formal.about: It'll take you about 20 minutes to drive there.roughly: There were roughly 50 people at the lecture.more or less: There's twenty minutes till the end of the game, more or less.Further stuff: 更多的东西 When there are more examples that you can give, but you don't need to, you can use 'etcetera' and 'and all that sort of thing'. It is possible to shorten 'and all that sort of thing' to 'and all that'.We had a great time in Egypt. We saw the Nile, Cairo, the pyramids etcetera.In my office job, I have to do the filing, manage the scheduling, answer the phones and all that sort of thing.David's a great team captain. He's decisive, determined and all that. /200708/16891 Buying CosmeticsIt is so attracting seeing cosmetic ads on TV. I went to the cosmetic department to try on their lotion. I felt so comfortable while applying the lotion on my face. It's the most comfortable lotion that I've ever used, so I bought five bottles at a time.本音频暂无文本宾川县中医医院妇科挂号大理妇幼保健人民中心中医院彩超检查好吗



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