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Here we can take all that variability out这样我们就可以排除那些变量we can size you up我们可以获取你的数据we can basically take the model to predict exactly how much we need to give you根据模型预测要给你多大剂量in the drip to achieve exactly what is needed for the experiment.以此来达到实验预期的效果The experiment the team has specialised in团队所做的实验是is seeing what happens to the brains reward circuitry观察被酒精侵袭的大脑when its hit with alcohol.其奖励环路有何反应OK. You can put them down.好了 胳膊放下来吧As Id be getting the alcohol straight into my blood酒精直接进入我的血液in case I had an adverse reaction以防万一有什么不良反应Id first be infused outside the scanner.第一次就只让我在扫描仪外注射5 4 3 2 1 start.5-4-3-2-1 开始And then it was needle in and pump switched on针头扎入 注射泵调开with me giving a running account of how it was making me feel.然后我不断地说明自己的感受-It does feel quite cold doesnt it? -Yeah It does feel cold-感觉相当凉哦 -是的 确实很凉because its kept at room temperature因为它保存在室温下and your body is of course much hotter than that.你的身体当然比它热多了But it was going to be a very weird experience.但这感觉真的很奇怪I was going to be given alcohol我体内注射了酒精stripped away from normal social context.用排除了各种社会背景因素影响的方法重点解释:1.take out 取出;拔掉;去掉例句:He took out the pencil marks from his drawing.他把面上的铅笔印擦掉。2.switch on 开,接通例句:The is programmed to switch on at ten oclock.电视机设定在10点钟自动打开。3.strip away 揭掉; 去掉例句:Lets strip away the cant and get down to bedrock.咱们少说漂亮话,多谈实质问题吧。 201507/388461。

Were spending the first week of our month-long trip为期一月的旅行中,我们将在首都北京in the capital, Beijing.度过一周的时间I was raised in Chicago,我在芝加哥长大and when I first came here in the 1980s,我第一次来这的时候是上世纪80年代it was just beginning to open up to the West中国刚刚对外开放after the dark years of the Cultural Revolution.在文革结束后Unrecognisable. Its like the new frontier.完全无法辨认了,现在焕然一新Now everywhere you look,环顾四周new China smashes up against the old.新潮冲击着古老The question for both of us,我们这次旅行on this voyage of discovery,带着一个问题is to see if all this incredible pace of changes,美食是否也受到is that going to affect food?中国这些巨变的影响Yeah. Good and bad.恩,有好有坏And Id love to experience modern Chinese cookery here在这我很享受现代中国的烹饪技艺and whether some of the traditions have been eroded.是否一些传统已被破坏Its a brew that will be quite interesting to see.这些酝酿着有趣的事情China is a country of contradictions.中国是一个矛盾体Tradition and innovation sit side by side.传统与革新并行And its most evident here in Beijing.这在北京尤为明显In the northeast corner of the country,位于中国的东北角落it has been the imperial capital for 800 years.北京做了800多年的都城It remains deeply proud of its traditional culture and cuisine.它依然为自己有着传统的文化与美食而自豪As it opens up to the world,随着北京的大门为全世界敞开its revealing those secrets with a new culinary confidence.它用一种全新的烹饪技艺揭开了这些秘密Were beginning with the quintessential Chinese food -首先将要探索中华料理的精髓——noodles.面条Theyre a humble everyday dish, eaten in all regions.它在所有的地方,都是一道朴素的家常菜But they have a 4,000-year-old history and today in Beijing,但是它在北京却有着4000年的历史this ancient craft is being celebrated centre stage.现在,这个古老的手艺,依然很有名望Its just incredible.难以置信I think they got this concept from the West, the open kitchen.我觉得他们是从西方获得开放厨房的概念Yes! And its pretty spectacular.是的,壮观之至It is. Watching them work,it is like an orchestra.确实,看他们干活好像看交响乐演奏Like the guy with the big block thats just shaving noodles,我喜欢做刀削面的家伙he looks like hes playing the violin.像拉小提琴似的Yes!是的The capital is pulling in the countrys best cooking talents.北京汇聚了中国各路顶尖烹饪大师These noodle masters are from Shanxi Province, West of Beijing,这些面条大师来自北京西面的山西省where the art of noodle making做面条的独门功夫has been passed down through the generations.都是世代相传的They are most famous for their hand-pulled noodles, La Mian.他们以拉面著称Made from just wheat flour and water,用小麦面和水制成the skill is in manipulating the dough.技巧在把握其力道You double it up and double again.一根变两根然后拉成多根Yeah. Its folding, folding on itself.是的,不断地对折It could be a mess. Its about balancing the elasticity可能会很乱,关键在于均衡弹性before he can actually pull the noodles.在他把面拉长之前So hes stretching that.Now stretching.他在拉长它,现在变长了OK, what hes doing,hes pulling and folding it,现在做的就是把面拉长再折起来a little bit like how children used to play Cats Cradle.有点像小孩玩翻花绳Cats Cradle is a lot easier! Yeah!翻花绳比这简单多了好嘛Wow, thats beautiful! Thats what we call tung chow mein.好厉害,这就是我们说的长寿面Yes!恩201505/375975。


When the stunt succeeds,Carnegie gets more requests for his steel than he can possibly handle.策略成功之后 卡内基获得了很多钢材请求 数量远远超过了他所能处理的And his biggest customer is an industry he knows well.他最大的顾客也正是他所熟知的行业The railroads are looking to replace their bridges and rails with steel.铁路公司希望用钢材替换掉自己的桥梁和铁轨But Carnegie cant produce enough of the new material to fill all the orders.但是卡内基无法生产足够的新材料来满足所有这些订单He needs to increase his capacity.And to do that, he needs to raise additional funds.他需要提高自己的产能 为了实现这个目的 他还需要募集更多资金So he turns to his old mentor, Tom Scott.于是他又去找了自己的导师 汤姆·斯科特With his help, Carnegie raises over million in todays money.在他的帮助下 卡内基募集到的资金按现在的美元算 价值超过了2100万美元And with it, he builds his first steel plant.通过这些钱 他建起了自己的第一家钢厂He sees the future and he is willing to invest where few other American entrepreneurs are willing to invest:in these gigantic new plants.他看到了未来 而且他愿意投资很少美国企业家愿意投资的领域:这些异常庞大的新工厂Sprawled over 100 acres just outside of Pittsburgh......Carnegies steel mill is the largest in the nation.在匹兹堡外延绵一百多英亩卡内基的钢厂是全国最大的Capable of rolling out 225 tons of steel a day.每天能够生产225吨钢材You have to believe if youre Carnegie that youre going to have multiple years of growth where steel is important.卡内基坚信未来很多年的增长中 钢材都将必不可少The faith and optimism that someone like Carnegie had is just off the charts vs. what we see now.卡内基这类人的信仰和乐观是我们现在很多人都无法想象的With the new plant,Carnegie can supply as much steel as the country needs.有了新工厂 卡内基能够为全国各地提供人们所需的钢材And make himself a fortune.这也让他大赚了一笔201603/433545。

When Jo was 9 years old, the family moved to a village outside Chepstow on the edge of the Forest of Dean.乔9岁的时候,家里搬到了切普斯托外的乡村,就在迪安森林的边缘。Here was a location that offered a whole range of imaginative possibilities...magical creatures, mystery and intrigue.这是一个给想象力提供了无穷可能性的地方,充满了魔法生物,神秘,阴谋。Im very drawn to forests.我对森林着了迷。And its my favorite part of the Hogwarts grounds.这也是霍格沃茨里我最喜欢的地方。The advantage of a forest is it can be so many things.森林的迷人之处在于它包含了太多的东西。It can be a place of enchantment.它可以成为一个充满魔力的地方。You never imagine a crowd in a forest. Its a solitary place.你无法想象森林里会有拥挤的人流,这是一个离群索居的地方。Is it because it used to be a place of shelter and safety to us, I suppose.我想这是我们寻求庇护和安全的地方。So I think- Im very drawn to them. Even though they can be spooky.尽管森林里可能有可怕的东西,但我就是对它们着了迷。Jo wrote stories from an early age.乔很小的时候就开始写故事。There was resonant material all around her.她身边有那么多灵感元素。She even lived next door to a graveyard.甚至她就住在墓地的旁边。The family lived in this house.一家人住在这幢房子里。Jo and her sister, Di, earned extra pocket money as part-time cleaners of St. Lukes church.乔和她的小戴在圣路克教堂做兼职清洁工赚零花钱。I cannot overstate how cold it got in this church in winter when we were cleaning it. It was freezing.毫不夸张地说,你无法想像有多冷。我们冬天在这里打扫,冷死了。For a pound each. Its tragic, really.每人赚一磅,真的挺惨。We must be in here loads.在这里肯定有我们的记录。Because we used to sign this book all the time.因为以前我们总是在这本书上签名。Oh, God, I know- Oh, look, its me. There I am.上帝,我就知道,看,这就是我,就在这里。Me and Di together.我和小戴签在了一起。;Joanne Rowling, age 12. Dianne Rowling, age 10.;“乔安妮·罗琳,12岁。戴安妮·罗琳,10岁。”Theres a name I stole for Harry Potter.我在这里偷了一个名字放在《哈利·波特》里。For an unpleasant character as well.还是个讨厌的人物。Hide the book. Lock it away.把书藏起来,锁起来。Heh, heh. Forgotten about that.我已经忘了这件事了。Yes.是的。201510/404514。

This is salt.When the water disappeared from the Mediterranean,这是盐 水从地中海消失的时候this was what was left behind. Millions and millions of tons of it.剩下的就是盐了 上百万,上亿吨So much, in fact, that at this salt mine in western Sicily,由于量太大在西西里西部的盐矿theyre digging out 500,000 tons every year.每年能挖出50万吨盐And they reckon that they can carry on taking that amount for the next one million years.而且据分析在未来一百万年里 它们仍然能够继续保持这个产量Anyone who has ever gulped a mouthful of sea water knows that its salty.任何被海水灌过的人都知道 海水是咸的But its only when you see it dried out Like this that you realise但是只有它干涸成这个样子的时候just how much salt there is in the sea.你才知道海水里有多少盐For this mine, theres almost more than they know what to do with,这个盐矿里的盐让人们不知道该怎么用so much so, that theyve even carved their own chapel out of salt,就是这样他们甚至还用盐雕刻出了自己的小教堂200 metres underground.在地下200米的地方Just like every sea,the Mediterranean got most of its salt from rivers.和每个海洋一样 地中海大部分的盐都是从河水而来201511/409824。