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在厦门翔安区治疗青春痘痘好吗费用厦门市仙岳医院做隆胸手术多少钱10. Greeting an Old Friend 10. 问候一个老朋友A: Its been so long since Ive seen you!A:很久没见你了!B: I know. You havent changed a bit.B:我知道。你一点也没变。A: Oh, stop lying. Ive gained a little weight.A:哦,别说谎。我有点胖了。B: We all have gained some weight.B:我们都有点胖了。A: Tell me how the kids are doing.A:告诉我孩子们都还好吗。B: They are doing well, and yours?B:他们都很好,你的呢?A: They are doing so well, growing up so fast.A:他们很好,长得很快。B: Are you at the same job or are you doing something else?B:你还在做原来的工作还是在做一些别的工作?A: No. I left that place three years ago to start my own business.A:没有。我三年前离开了那,开始我自己的生意。B: Congratulations! You always had an independent spirit.B:祝贺你!你一直都有独立精神。A: Thanks. Its going really well so far.A:谢谢。目前为止一切进展顺利。B: Id love to hear more about it over a cup of coffee. B:喝完咖啡我想了解更多关于你的事情。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201602/427755厦门埋线双眼皮好不好 厦门哪家整形医院做双眼皮

宁德美容院哪里好What shall I go there in----我们穿什么衣去那儿大家好,这里是小强英语。据说,某大学教授曾让英语专业大三的学生翻译一个句子,结果难倒了不少人。这个句子呢是What shall I go there in?说到这里,你可能脑海里闪现,是不是说“我乘什么交通工具去”呢?答错了。那是不是“我进入到哪里去呢?”还是错了。我们知道,乘坐某一交通工具一般用介词by,比如by bike, by sea,问的时候则经常用How will you go there?之类的问法,不用What shall I go there in?其实,大家之所以误译,是忽略了in有穿戴衣的意思。比如in boots着靴子,in evening dress穿礼,甚至还有in ones birthday suit什么都不穿,一丝不挂。所以,刚刚我们说的这个句子What shall I go there in?正确的译法应该是“我们穿什么衣去那儿呢?”看来,想翻译好东西,还得有甄别词义的慧眼。这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。小强在微:@小强英语;小强在微信:englishonair。本栏目由原创,。 /201502/357370厦门欧菲整形眉毛怎么样 Todd: Hey, Keiko, you lived in The States for five years, right?托德:嘿,惠子,你在美国生活了五年,对吗?Keiko: Yep.惠子:对。Todd: When you were there, what did you miss about Japan — like what foods or TV shows or stuff like that?托德:你在美国的时候想念日本吗?比如想念日本的食物或电视节目之类的?Keiko: I did miss the food a lot — very healthy food, not oily, just simple, grilled fish, miso soup, simple rice, natto. I missed that a lot.惠子:我非常想念日本的食物,想念那些不油腻,又简单的健康生物,比如烤鱼、味噌汤、米饭和纳豆等。我非常想念这些食物。Todd: Now did you cook Japanese food in the states?托德:你在美国有做日本食物吃吗?Keiko: I lived with parents and my parents and my mom tried to cook as much but obviously its hard to get those Japanese foods, ingredients in the states. It was pretty difficult at that time and it was also quite expensive, when you could get it.惠子:在美国时我和父母生活在一起,我妈妈会尽量做日本食物吃,不过在美国很难买到日本的食材和调料。食材很难买,而可以找到的食材又很贵。Todd: Right.托德:没错。Keiko: So, we didnt have it so often or everyday so I missed it.惠子:所以我们不是经常做日本菜,不是每天都吃,所以我才会想念。Todd: Now what did you think of the Japanese restaurants in America? Were they up to par or? You can be honest.托德:你觉得美国的日本餐厅怎么样?那些餐厅能达到标准吗?你可以实话实说。Keiko: Yeah, it was kind of strange at that time because they came in a very un-Japanese looking dish, and you know, the taste was, its very quite similar to authentic but its not quite authentic.惠子:当时我觉得非常奇怪,虽然他们端上来的菜看上去不像日本菜,可是味道和日本菜很像,不过不是那么正宗。Todd: Right.托德:没错。Keiko: It was very close but still it wasnt the authentic Japanese.惠子:味道很接近,不过不是正宗日本菜的味道。Todd: Now was there anything else you missed, like was there television shows or music or radio stations, things like that?托德:除了食物你还有其他想念的东西吗,比如电视节目、音乐节目或是电台节目之类的?Keiko: Actually, I didnt think about these things when I moved because I was kind of forced to be adapted to American culture, so I didnt have, almost I didnt have time to really think back, ;Oh, I miss this, I miss that; but I wanted to catch up with my friends in American school, I tried to watch TV shows in the states and I tried to talk to my American friends about that, so no, not in terms of TV and radio.惠子:实际上我在美国时不太想这些东西,因为我的情况有点像被迫去适应美国文化,所以我完全没有时间回想,“哦,我想念这个,我想念那个”我没有这个时间,我希望赶上在美国学校的同学,我努力去看美国的电视节目,和美国朋友谈论这些节目,所以我不太想念电视节目或电台节目。Todd: OK. Now, actually, what grades were you in school? What level?托德:好。当时你上几年纪?达到什么水平了?Keiko: I moved to the states when I was 13, so the end of my junior high school first grade in Japan, so I moved into almost the beginning of the seventh grade in The States.惠子:我搬去美国时是13岁,在日本念完了初中一年级,我去美国以后上七年级。Todd: And then you graduated high school?托德:你在美国待到高中毕业?Keiko: And then I graduated high school.惠子:对,待到高中毕业。Todd: Whoa!托德:哇!Keiko: Yeah, it was almost six years.惠子:对,差不多有6年的时间。Todd: Man, that must have been something.托德:天哪,你肯定经历了很多。Keiko: Yep.惠子:对。Todd: Now, American high schools are known to be a lot easier than Japanese high schools. Did you feel like it was a lot easier?托德:一般人们认为美国的高中课程比日本的简单。你觉得美国的课程简单吗?Keiko: Actually, its a good question because I get that asked all the time but I dont think its true because I think whats hard in Japan is I think the school in Japan is not so hard but you have to study for the entrance exam for university. Thats more difficult, but in The States I found it difficult. I mean the school was actually quite difficult because we have, every day we have a homework from all the subjects. We have every chapter test every week from all the subjects and every homework and every little test you do in the states, it counts when you want to get into university so every day you have to work hard, whereas in Japan you dont even have to go to school. I mean you could just go to the certain amount of days to school and you can still graduate but then you just have to do really well on the entrance exam for university, so I think thats a big difference.惠子:这是个不错的问题,总有人问我这个问题,我不这么认为,因为日本课业比较难的原因是,学校课程并不难,但是你要为准备大学入学考试而努力学习。这很难,可是我发现美国的学校课程很难。美国的课程很难,因为每天所有课都会留作业,美国每周各科都会进行考试,美国所有的家庭作业和考试对考大学来说非常重要,所以每天都要努力学习,可是在日本你不用每天都去学校。只要达到一定的出勤天数,也可以毕业,前提是你在大学入学考试中要取得好成绩,所以我认为这是很大的不同。Todd: Ok, thanks, thanks, Keiko.托德:好,谢谢,谢谢你,惠子。 译文属 /201506/379468厦门祛斑

厦门中医院去眼袋2 Schoolmate Dialogue2 同学关系对话Steven and Bill are deskmates. After the summer vacation, they returned to school. Now they are talking about one of their classmates in the classroom.史蒂文和比尔是同桌。暑假后,他们回到了学校。现在他们正在教室里谈论他们的一位同学。Steven: Do you know that John isnt going to come back to our school?史蒂文:你知道约翰不回学校了吗?Bill: Really? Why?比尔:真的吗?为什么?Steven: He had moved and held a party on July 1st.史蒂文:他搬家了。而且7月1日那天他组织了一场聚会。Bill: Its a pity that I was traveling around Europe at that time.比尔:很遗憾那时我在欧洲旅游。Steven: Even hes not coming back to school anymore, you still can call him and meet him on weekends.史蒂文:虽说他不会回学校了,但周末的时候你还是可以打电话约他见面。Bill: Youre right! I will call him this weekend and meet him.比尔:你说得对!我这个周末就打电话给他,约他见面。 /201506/377375 厦门中医院双眼皮多少钱厦门哪家医院祛疤技术好



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