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厦门蒜头鼻整形价格厦门手术丰胸大概要多少钱 As record temperatures hit China, an Ikea store in Beijing has seen a surge in interest from citizens looking for air-conditioning, comfortable sofas and a good nap. Shanghai experienced its hottest July in 140 years with temperatures as high as 40.8 C. At least 10 Shanghai residents have reportedly died from heat stroke this summer.中国气温再创历史新高,北京的一家宜家门店迎来了一大批市民,他们来这里享受空调和舒的沙发,顺便小睡一会儿。上海经历了140年来的最热的7月,气温高达40.8 ℃。据报道至少10名上海居民死于高温。To give you an idea how hot China is right now -- Shanghai Television grilled a piece of raw pork belly on a marble floor under the sun. The pork belly was medium-well done after 10 minutes.为了让你知道中国现在到底有多热——上海电视台在烈日下的大理石上烤了一片五花肉。10分钟后,五花肉已经五成熟了。And Shanghai is not the hottest city in China.上海还不是中国最热的地方。China Weather TV just released a new list of the hottest cities in China. Fuzhou, a city in Southeast China, topped the chart with the temperature passing 35 C for 32 days of the year. Shanghai ranked 16 in the list.中国气象电视台近日发布了中国最热城市排行榜,东南城市福州以全年超过32天最高气温超过35℃排名第一。上海排名16。People in recent days have stayed indoors whenever possible, where it#39;s typically air-conditioned.最近人们大多尽量待在室内,特别是有空调的地方。;Malls are full, swimming pools and water parks are packed, taxis are hard to find because residents take taxis rather than walk even if it#39;s just two blocks.商场人满为患,游泳池和水上乐园也挤满了人,出租车很难叫到,因为即便只隔两个街区,人们也宁愿打车不愿走路。Residents who live in old neighborhoods in houses without air-conditioning seek refuge in malls and other air-conditioned public places.住在没有空调的老住宅的居民们,只能在商场和其它有空调的公共场所避暑。Ikea#39;s latest mattress commercial? ;You can only feel the comfort when you lie down,; says the sign in Chinese. This ;customer; needed no further invitation.宜家最新的床垫广告?“舒适只有躺下能感受到,” 中文广告牌上这样写着。这位“顾客”不请自来。Some provinces in China have fired rain-dispersal rockets, which create artificial rain, to combat continual high temperatures and dry weather.中国的一些省份已经动用了用来人工降雨的火箭来抵御持续高温和干旱天气。Another citizen seeks refuge from the heat for an afternoon nap.另一位市民找了个凉快地方午睡一会。Communal living has never been as celebrated as in the Beijing Ikea.在北京宜家,公共生活从没如此丰富过。There#39;s a reason display items are sold cheaper.展出商品会廉价出售也是有原因的。 /201308/252255厦门地区手臂打溶脂针哪家医院好

在厦门欧菲医院做双眼皮 An earthquake in western China knocked down power lines and damaged scores of homes, killing at least 89 people and injuring more than 500, state media and local government said. 中国官方媒体和地方政府表示,发生在中国西部的地震破坏了输电线路,摧毁了几十个家庭,导致至少89人死亡和500多人受伤。 The quake hit near the city of Dingxi in Gansu province. Residents described shaking windows and swinging lights but little structural damage or panic. 地震发生在甘肃省定西市附近。当地居民称,地震造成门窗摇晃和电灯晃动,但基本上没造成结构性毁坏或恐慌。 The government’s earthquake monitoring centre said the initial quake at 7.45am (2345 GMT on Sunday) was magnitude 6.6 and subsequent tremors included a magnitude 5.6. Tremors were felt in the provincial capital of Lanzhou 177km to the north, and as far away as Xi’an, 400km to the east. 中国的地震监测中心表示,发生在周一早上7点45分(即格林尼治标准时间(GMT)周日23点45分)的初始地震震级为6.6级,有一次余震达到5.6级。在震中北面177公里的甘肃省省会兰州就能感觉到地震,而远至震中东面400公里的西安也有震感。 With a population of 26m, Gansu is one of China’s more lightly populated provinces, although Dingxi has a total population of about 2.7m. The deaths and injuries were reported in Min County and other rural southern parts of the municipality, Dingxi mayor Tang Xiaoming told state broadcaster CCTV. 甘肃省有2600万人口,是中国人口较少的省份之一,不过定西市总人口约有270万。定西市市长唐晓明告诉中国中央电视台(CCTV),在岷县及该市南部多个农村地区均有伤亡报告。 Su Wei, leader of a 120-member rescue team from the paramilitary People’s Armed Police, told CCTV that they were on their way to the epicentre, but progress was being slowed by mud and rock slides. 武警甘肃总队专业地震救援队指挥员苏伟告诉中国中央电视台,这救援队一共有120人,他们正向震中进发,不过前进的速度受到了塌方和滑坡的影响。 The Chinese Red Cross said it was shipping 200 tents, 1,000 sets of household items and 2,000 jackets to the area and sending teams from both Lanzhou and Beijing to help with relief work. 中国红十字会表示正向灾区运送200顶帐篷、1000个家庭包以及2000件夹克,还从兰州和北京都派出了队伍,协助开展救援工作。 Heavy rain is expected in the area later in the week, raising the need for shelter and increasing the chance of further landslides. 预计本周晚些时候受灾地区将有大雨,这会增加对避雨设备的需求,并可能发生更多滑坡。 The US Geological Survey measured the magnitude of the initial quake as 5.9 and the depth at 10km. Initial measurements of an earthquake can vary widely . 美国地质调查局(US Geological Survey)测得初始地震的强度为5.9级,震源深度10公里。对地震的初步测量有可能会有很大差异。 /201307/249367福建厦门激光脱毛多少钱海沧区哪脱毛效果好



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