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Free exchange自由交流For richer, for poorer贫富皆为One way or another, Americas government will end up bailing out Puerto Rico无论如何,美洲政府都会出钱援助波多黎各IN DECEMBER, as a winter chill descends on the continental ed States, temperatures in Puerto Rico often reach 30°C. Palm trees sway alongside the Spanish colonial buildings in Old San Juan; the blue Atlantic stretches to the horizon. Yet the economic outlook for Americas Caribbean dependency is anything but sunny. Its government owes billion in debt, which it says it cannot repay. On December 1st the territory is supposed to make—and is almost certain to miss—a 4m debt payment. And that is just the first of a series of repayments that add up to .4 billion (or nearly 1.5% of GDP) due in December and January.11月,美国大陆寒气袭人,加勒比地区的属地波多黎各却是30°C。那儿的圣胡安老城留有西班牙殖民时期的建筑,街道两旁的棕榈树来回摇摆。还有蔚蓝的大西洋,一眼望不到头。可它的经济前景并不明朗。政府欠债720亿美元,还还不了。12月1日应当还款3.54亿美元,这肯定是做不到的。12月和1月要还款14亿美元,而3.54亿美元的还款仅是第一步。Politicians in Washington are scrambling for a solution. The islands fiscal woes are in part the result of chronically bad budgeting. But they also stem from structural economic weakness. Bailing out Puerto Rico, which is self-governing but not a state, is not a popular option. Yet when any corner of America faces a deterioration in its long-run economic fortunes, the costs will end up being shared, one way or another.此时,华盛顿的政要们正在寻找对策。波多黎各遭遇了财政灾难,既因为长期以来预算糟糕,又因为结构性经济疲软。这个岛屿虽然自治但未独立。经济援助并不欢迎,但美洲只要有国家经济面临下滑,人们就各种方法共同解决问题。For decades Puerto Rico, which is poorer than the mainland, enjoyed a special tax status designed to encourage economic development. From 1976 the income of some manufacturers was exempt from both federal and local tax. Investment poured in, notably in pharmaceuticals. But in the 1990s the tax break fell victim to efforts to balance Americas federal budget and was phased out. When it came to an end in 2006, the island sank into a deep and protracted depression. The economy has since shrunk by 14%. Employment is 12% below the peak of 2006. As the economy has withered, obligations to creditors have loomed larger.波多黎各比美国大陆穷。几十年来,为鼓励经济发展,税收状况特殊。1976年以来,某些制造业免除了联邦税和地方税。投资拥入,尤其是药业。1990年代,人们努力平衡美洲联邦财政,实行了减税政策,结果失败,并逐步停止。2006年废止时,经济已经陷入大萧条,旷日持久。自此,经济缩减14%,就业率12%,低于2006的最好时期。经济萎缩,债权人负担加重。Many Puerto Ricans have not waited for a recovery. More than 200 move to the mainland every day. Roughly 5m Americans of Puerto Rican descent live in the continental ed States; 3.5m remain on the island. Its labour force has shrunk 11% since .波多黎各很多人都等不起复苏。每天有200人流向美国大陆。将近有500万波多黎各血统的美国人住在美国大陆;350万人未走。年后,劳动力缩减11%。This migration to more prosperous places saps the Puerto Rican economy of potential, but it is precisely what economists think ought to happen when one region of a larger economy falls on hard times. At 5.7%, the unemployment rate in Detroit, a cash-strapped American city, is ten percentage points below the level of six years ago, when the car industry was in crisis. It would be much higher but for the shrinkage of Detroits labour force, which has contracted by about 5% since . Between 2000 and 2014 about 90,000 Detroiters, or 2% of the population, moved away. In much of Americas industrial heartland, labour forces are shrinking. The migration of working-age adults away from struggling areas reduces joblessness. The country as a whole benefits as labour is drawn toward places that are on the up.人口流向更加富庶的地区,破坏了本地经济的潜力。这就是大经济体中小区域落难时的情况,跟经济学家想的一样。美国城市底特律缺乏资金,失业率为5.7%,比6年前低10个百分点。但假如劳动力不萎缩,失业率还会更高。年后,萎缩近5%。2000 至2014年间,底特律约有9万人(总人口的2%)出走。美洲很多工业中心城市,劳动力都在缩减。适龄工作人口离开艰苦的地区,减轻了失业状况。总体来看,波多黎各还是受益了,因为劳动力都流向了富庶的地区。Migration reduces unemployment, but it cannot liberate struggling spots from accrued obligations—most notably pensions. Puerto Ricos biggest government-pension programme has sufficient funds to cover just 0.7% of future obligations. State pension pots are not in quite such bad shape, but massive liabilities still loom. In Illinois, where the labour force has shrunk by about 3% since 2007, pensions are just 39% funded. Puerto Rico will not be the last local government to run out of money.人口外流可以减少失业,但不能解放那些艰苦的地区,因为那里债台高筑,主要是养老金方面。波多黎各养老计划是最大的项目,有充足的资金,未来可以负担0.7%。波多黎各养老金体系并不差劲,但巨大的债务还是令人担忧。2007年后,伊利诺斯州劳动力缩减约3%,州出资的养老金只占39%。波多黎各不会成为把钱花光的最后一个地方政府。Perhaps for that reason, many politicians are adamant that the federal government should never rescue insolvent localities. Detroit, for one, was left to write down its debts in bankruptcy court. Puerto Rico cannot do that. The law bars states and territories from declaring bankruptcy, in order to deter profligate behaviour.That makes little sense when redistribution among states is aly enormous. Because Americas tax system is progressive, rich states contribute much more per person to the Treasury than poor ones. Alabama and West Virginia routinely receive more than in federal spending for each dollar they pay in federal tax; New York and California receive less than Politics this week本周政治要闻Ukraines prime minister, Arseniy Yatseniuk, said he will resign as soon as the parliament finds a candidate to replace him. President Petro Poroshenko has nominated Volodymyr Groisman, the speaker of parliament, but he has struggled to gather enough support among the splintered parties to form a new government. Mr Yatseniuks approval ratings had fallen to single digits over his failure to attack corruption; Mr Poroshenkos are drooping too.乌克兰总理亚采纽克(Arseniy Yatseniuk)表示一旦议会找到继任人选,他就辞职退位。总统佩特罗·波罗申科(Petro Poroshenko)任命议长格罗伊斯曼(Volodymyr Groisman)为新任总理。为赢得各分裂党派足够的持从而组建新政府,波罗申科费尽了心思。自治理腐败失利以来,亚采纽克的持率一路下降直至个位数。波罗申科的持率也在下降。Belgian police arrested Mohamed Abrini, a suspected terrorist who confessed to being the ;man in the hat; in images of the attack on Brussels airport on March 22nd. He is believed to have played a role in the terrorist attacks in Paris last November too. Police interrogators said he revealed that the Brussels attackers had originally aimed to strike a football tournament in France.比利时警方抓获恐袭嫌犯默罕默德·阿布里尼(Mohamed Abrini)。他承认自己就是3月22日布鲁塞尔机场袭击案现场录像中捕捉到的那个“戴帽者”。不仅如此,他还涉嫌参与去年11月份的巴黎恐袭事件。警方调查后表示,阿布里尼一伙的最初目标是法国某足球比赛现场,最后临时决定袭击布鲁塞尔。Emmanuel Macron, Frances economy minister, launched a movement called “En Marche!”(On the Move!), to bring liberal economic ideas into the Socialist Party. France is preparing for presidential elections in 2017 with a Socialist president, Fran?ois Hollande, who is the least popular president in French history.法国经济部长艾玛纽埃尔·马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)发起一项名为“无限动感”的运动,意在为社会党(Socialist Party)引入自由主义经济思想。现任总统社会党人弗朗索瓦·奥朗德(Fran?ois Hollande)民意持创历史新低,法国正在为2017年的总统大选做准备。Turkey formally requested that Germany prosecute a comedian who ridiculed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Under a little-used German law criminalising the defamation of foreign leaders, Jan Bohmermann faces up to three years in prison for a poem that involved ludicrous sexual innuendoes regarding Mr Erdogan and animals. The row complicates Germanys increasingly important relationship with Turkey.土耳其正式要求德国对喜剧演员简·伯默尔曼(Jan Bohmermann)提起公诉。因其作诗讽刺土总统雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)有“恋兽癖”这种荒唐的乱欲行为。根据德国刑法规定,侮辱外国元首可被判处最高3年监禁,这一法律之前基本没有用到过。德国与土耳其的关系日益密切,但这场风波给两国关系提出了挑战。Keiko Fujimori, a conservative, came top in the first round of Perus presidential election with nearly 40% of the vote. She will face Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, a liberal former prime minister and IMF official, in a run-off on June 5th. Ms Fujimoris father, Alberto Fujimori, Perus president in the 1990s, is serving a jail sentence for human-rights abuses and corruption.秘鲁总统大选中,保守派参选人藤森惠子(Keiko Fujimori)以近4成选票的成绩在首轮选举中处于领先地位。在6月5日第二轮决胜选举中,她将面对前总理兼任IMF官员的自由派人士佩德罗·巴勃罗·库钦斯基(Pedro Pablo Kuczynski)。藤森惠子的父亲阿尔韦托·藤森(Alberto Fujimori)90年代出任秘鲁总统,现今由于侵犯人权和腐败问题正在刑。A congressional committee in Brazil voted to press ahead with impeachment proceedings against the president, Dilma Rousseff. Next, the lower house of Congress will take up a vote against her, on charges that she manipulated government accounts. If that passes by two-thirds, she will face trial in the Senate. A steel wall was raised in the capital to separate the crowds who are expected to demonstrate for and against impeachment.巴西国会投票决定继续持弹劾总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)。此外,众议院指控罗塞夫操纵国家账户,为此将举行投票公开反对罗塞夫。如果众议院获得2/3的投票,那么罗塞夫将在参议院面临审判。为了避免持和反对弹劾的民众之间起纷争,巴西首都竖起了一堵大铁墙。A federal appeals court in New York cleared the way for Argentina, which defaulted on its debt in 2001, to repay bondholders who had rejected earlier debt restructurings. This should allow the country to resume borrowing on international capital markets. It plans raise up to billion through a new bond issue. Most of the money will be used to pay the holdout bondholders.纽约一联邦上诉法院为阿根廷铺平了偿债之路,使其有能力偿还2001年拖欠债券持有人的相应债务。早期,这些持券人拒绝阿根廷提出的债务重组计划。上述法院的举动使得阿根廷能够重新在国际资本市场借款。阿根廷欲发行新一轮债券,计划融资150亿美元以上。大部分的融资将付给拒绝合作的持券人。Congress made an opening bid towards solving Puerto Ricos billion debt crisis. A House committee offered the island most of the benefits of a bankruptcy, including the suspension of litigation while a fiscal plan is sorted, new abilities to corral creditors and the power to modify its debt. This relief would come at a steep cost. An “oversight board”, nominated by Congress, would in effect revoke the self-government the commonwealth has enjoyed since 1948.美国国会举行公开招标活动,旨在解决波多黎各720亿美元的债务危机。众议院委员会给这个岛国提供破产带来诸多益处,包括中止诉讼、重整财政政策、稳定债权人的能力以及降低债务的权利。这项救助成本高昂。自1948年以来,波多黎各一直是美国的自治邦,现今国会成立“监督委员会”准备着手撤回其自治权力。 译文属译生译世201604/439208.70 on the dollar. Most of the redistribution comes in the form of programmes like Social Security (the national pension scheme) and Medicare (public health insurance for the elderly), for which average spending per person is not that different from one state to another.可能由于此,很多政要都坚定认为,联邦政府不能求助破产的地方政府。底特律就是例子,当时底特律在破产法院记录下了自己的债务。波多黎各不能这样,因为法律规定,州和属地不能宣布破产,就是为了避免挥霍。这就是说不通了,因为美国各州之间分配差异巨大。较富裕的州上缴国库,对个人的分配多于较贫穷的州。阿拉巴马州和西弗吉尼亚州,每上缴联邦税收1美元,就会收到联邦2美元多的返还。纽约和加利福尼亚返还却不足0.7美元。重新分配多是以社会保障(国家养老金计划)和医保制度(老年人医辽保险)的形式进行,为的是对个人花费州与州之间不能差异太大。During the financial crisis these handouts to poorer regions became even more generous. The federal government stood behind all American banks and borrowed to finance infrastructure spending and increased unemployment benefits. It also took in less tax, offsetting some of the pain of the recession. Indeed, Americas fiscal union is so good at absorbing shocks that it is often cited as a model for the more accident-prone euro zone.金融危机期间,贫困地区的援助更加大方。联邦政府持所有的美国,让他们放款去资助基础设施建设,增加失业救济。同时,还减轻税务,减轻因衰退产生的悲痛。其实,美国的财政同盟十分擅长吸收冲击,都被事故多发的欧元区引为典范。In sickness and in health无论生病还是健康The administration of Barack Obama has released a sensible plan to repair Puerto Ricos finances. It would allow indebted government agencies, such as the islands power company, to declare bankruptcy, and would provide for a restructuring of other debts and pension obligations. The federal government would also oversee the territorys future public spending; as a sweetener, residents of the territory would gain full access to various anti-poverty schemes that are less generous there than on the mainland.奥巴马执政后,实施了一项明智的举措,来修补波多黎各的财务。政府欠债的各种单位,比如能源公司可以允许破产;还可以重组其它债务和养老金债务;联邦政府将会负责本地区的公共开。让地区居民尝到甜头的是,他们可以充分享受各种扶贫政策,当然钱比美国大陆的要少。If Congress spurns this plan, Puerto Ricos government will be forced to raise taxes to crippling levels and slash spending to pay its bills. That would hit the islands residents, 40% of whom live below the poverty line, hard. It is difficult to imagine the federal government ignoring the humanitarian crisis that would probably follow. In addition, emigration to the mainland would presumably jump, initiating a vicious cycle whereby a shrinking tax base leads to rising taxes and curtailed services, prompting further emigration. As American citizens, the migrants will be eligible for public support of various kinds on the mainland. There is no question, in other words, that America will end up bearing much of the cost of Puerto Ricos past profligacy. The only question is how considered and efficient its assistance will be.假如国会通过此项决计,波多黎各政府将会被迫提高税收,减少出,来偿还债务。这将会严重伤害岛内居民,其中40%生活在贫困线以下。这也很难想象,联邦政府会忽视随之而来的人道主义危机。此外,移居美国大陆的人可能会更多,进而开始恶性循环,因为税基萎缩,导致税收提高,务缩减,又进一步激发人口出走。波移民也是美国居民,在美国大陆有资格申请各种公共持。换言之,毫无疑问,波多黎各曾经肆意挥霍,最后需要美国共同承担。问题的核心是援助的效率和成熟度。 /201512/413888赣州东南医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱Have a seat,Hello,Ethan HI,nice to meet you you too.All right.So Im glad...look,you are wearing....坐下吧 你好,Ethan 嗨 很高兴见到你 我也很高兴见到你 好了 我很高兴 看看 你正穿着this is what my idea was.When you came up your idea?I had an idea,and you had an idea.这是我的点子 你什么时候想到这个点子的 你有一个点子 我也有一个It turns out right when my idea...we put it on the air当我们在电视上播出我的点子时and we found out you aly have this idea,When did you come up with this idea.我们发现你已经先想到这个点子了 你什么想到这个点子的About April.I m not sure what it was.-But you just say it was April.yep.大概是四月份吧 我也不知道是什么时候 但是你刚才说了是四月 -是的Ok,And what made you come up with this idea.Well,I was playing with my silly bands, and then好的 那你的灵感来源于什么 我当时正在玩我的silly bands 接着So you were following for that whole thing.You bought silly bands. yep.所以你当时也在跟风 你买了silly bands 是的They made 200million dollars from those people. yep.Ok,so you were playing with silly bands.and?他们靠这个赚了20亿美元 是的 好的 所以你当时在玩silly bands 然后呢?There were some color paper clips beside me.So I start bending them and my parents joined in我旁边放着些色的回形针于是我弯曲它们 后来我父母也参与进来And then I was cliping like airplanes shapes onto my...shirt.然后我就把这些回形针扭成飞机形状 别在我的....衬衫上And we all thought why dont I make silly clips.So thats what happened.然后我们就想 为什么我们不做些silly clips 这就是当时想到这个点子的过程Thats what I thought.I was working with silly bands.我也是这样想的 我当时工作时用到了silly bandsAnd I thought why not make silly clips.So mine...Lets be honest.Yours are better.然后我就想为什么不做些silly clips 我老实说吧 你的点子比我的好Because I just had clips and I thought you could make any shape and clip onto your clothes or things因为我仅仅是想到可以把回形针扭成各种形状 然后别在衣或者其他东西上But you have things that...so whos making..where...Are you selling a lot.Are you doing well.但是你的 那么谁做的呢 哪里...你的这个销量很好吗 你的生意做得好吗yes.Im doing really well.damn.All right.so...是的 我的c 该死的 好吧 那么 /201603/432295赣州市去除腋毛多少钱If youve ever seen movies about World War I, you know thatthe soldiers in the trenches often wore bulbous gas masks that made them look like human insects.如果你看过关于一战的电影的话,你肯定知道冲在一线的士兵们通常会配戴着球茎形状的防毒面罩,看起来很像人形昆虫。The masks were necessary to protect them from chemical weapons such as chlorine gas, a noxious substance that could almost instantly suffocate unprotected victims.这种面具可以保护士兵不被化学武器攻击,如氯气-一种可以快速使人窒息的有毒气体。If chlorine is so dangerous, why the do we dump it in swimming pools?如果氯算危险物质的话,那么为什么我们要把它倒进游泳池里呢?As you probably aly know, chlorine is used to disinfect swimming pools.你可能已经知道,氯可以用于消毒游泳池。It also gives mostpools their distinctive odor.同时,大多数加氯的游泳池也会有一种独特的味道。Chlorine comes in pellet, liquid, and gas forms, and when it reacts withpool water it immediately breaks down into different chemicals, including hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ion.氯可以以固、液、气三种形式存在。氯遇到水会立刻分解成不同的化学物质,如:次氯酸和次氯酸盐离子。Both chemicals attack micro organisms in the water by breaking through their cellwalls and scrambling the inner workings of the cells, rendering them harmless.这两种化学物质都可以通过破坏水中微生物的细胞壁、扰乱细胞内部正常运转而使微生物变的无害。So why dont these killer chemicals destroy human cells as well?那这些致命的化学物质不会破坏人体细胞呢?They would, if not for the verysmall amounts of chlorine needed to cleanse the typical pool.如果用于清理泳池的氯使用量过大的话是会对人体造成伤害的。For example, the concentration of chlorine used to sanitize an Olympic-size pool is three parts per million, meaning that for everythree molecules of chlorine there are one million water molecules.比如,用于奥运会的泳池消毒的氯浓度是3比100万,也就是说每一百万个水分子里有三个氯分子。Such low concentrations may cause slight irritation to the eyes and skin, but theres not enough chlorine to cause any real harm to swimmers.这样的低浓度可能只会对眼睛和皮肤产生轻微刺激,但对游泳的人来说不会产生真正的伤害。Chlorine is not the only chemical used to keep pools clean—bromine and ozone are becoming increasingly popular in pool maintenance facilities.氯不是唯一能够保持泳池清洁的化学物质-溴和臭氧在泳池的日常维护中也越加频繁。But chlorine is still the pool cleaners mainstay.但泳池清洁人员主要还是用氯来消毒。 201412/350267江西赣州激光祛胎记多少钱

定南县妇幼保健人民医院做去眼袋手术多少钱赣州妇幼保健院整形美容中心As more of the nations attention is focused on police shootings, more police departments are putting body-worn cameras on their officers.The idea is to improve relations and trust between police and the community.But bodycams raise some sticky questions about balancing transparency and respecting privacy.Here in Michigan, the American Civil Liberties Union has been asked to analyze the privacy issues surrounding bodycams and develop model policy to help address some of these concerns.Rodd Monts is with the Michigan ACLU. He tells us that while the ACLU doesnt know exactly how many body cameras are in use by officers in Michigan and across the country, their use has greatly increased in the last few years.Monts tells us the ACLU generally considers bodycams to be a win-win solution for both law enforcement and civilians.;It provides that level of accountability and monitoring when it comes to police/civilian interactions, and on the polices end, it provides them an opportunity to collect information on those interactions in cases where they may be alleged to have engaged in misconduct and have that not be the case,; he says.While bodycams offer great promise in the form of transparency and accountability, Monts tells us they do raise some concerns.;Technology usually outpaces policy,; he says. ;The cameras are a great device, but without appropriate policy and practice there is the specter of potential misuse and or abuse.;The ACLU is calling for policies that clearly indicate when officers should be using the cameras, how the collected data is stored, how officers can effectively communicate to individuals they encounter that they are being recorded, ;particularly when it comes to an officer entering a private home as opposed to being involved in a police chase,; Monts says.When it comes to monitoring potential police misconduct, Monts says bodycams are only part of the equation, pointing to other factors including officer training, implicit bias and cultural competency.Monts tells us there are a few pieces of legislation that have been introduced in Lansing that would provide some oversight regarding the cameras use and data collection. Among them is House Bill 4234, which would exempt police audio or recordings taken in private places from being accessible under the Freedom of Information Act.In its model policy, the ACLU recommends that bodycam footage be kept for six months.Monts explains that many people who support this technology want to hold on to that footage in perpetuity, ;even if that footage that has no material value or evidentiary value,; a policy that the ACLU rejects due to concerns of both privacy and practicality.;We have a problem with mass surveillance,; Monts says. ;We dont have a problem with capturing and reviewing that after a shift is concluded, deleting the that has no value, and retaining any of criminal activity for as long as it is needed as evidence, but other than that were not in support of maintaining data for undetermined periods of time.;Indefinite data storage has also gotten some pushback from some police agencies complaining of the costs associated with storing a lot of data for a long time.;If you are determined to maintain only that data that could be potential evidence, then youre going to have a lower cost of data storage,; Monts says.Monts tells us the ACLU believes that bodycam footage should be available under FOIA, but recognizes that ;the issue is complicated,; especially with regard to recording in private residences.Rodd Monts tells us more about the ACLUs stance on bodycams and recommendations for their use in our conversation above.201603/431610赣州整形医院腋臭手术<牛人_句子>赣州治蒙古斑大约需要哪家医院好

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