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Liset:I should never have gotten on this boat.里斯特:我就不应该上这条船Were going to sink. I know it!我们要沉船了我就知道会这样!Mark:Calm down. The water is a little rough today, but there nothing to worry about.马克:冷静一点今天的水势有些不平静,但没有什么可担心的You have your life jacket on, right?你已经穿上救生衣了,对吧?Liset:Oh my God, water is splashing into the boat.里斯特:哦,我的上帝,水溅进船里了We need to start bailing right now!我们现在得马上舀水了!Mark:Dont be ridiculous. That just a little sea spray.马克:别小题大做这只是小浪花而已Sit down and relax.坐下,放松Liset:Look out! There another boat over there!里斯特:当心!那里还有另一条船!Mark:It just passing by.马克:那船只是路过We might feel its wake, but were not going to capsize. I promise you that.我们可能会感到它的存在,但我们不会翻船的我向你保Liset:How long do you think we can survive adrift on the water?里斯特:你认为我们在水面上漂着能活多久?Mark:We are not going to sink. Im telling you.马克:我们不会沉船的我明确的告诉你Liset:I wonder how long well be marooned on an island.里斯特:我想知道我们会被困在一个岛上多久I hope to see my family again someday.我希望有一天再次和我的家人团聚Mark:All right, were return to the shore.马克:好了,我们正返回岸边It clear that youre not enjoying this.很明显,你没有乐在其中Liset:I didnt know wed be sailing in the middle of a squall.里斯特:我不知道今天会在这种鬼天气下出航Mark:There a gentle breeze today, that all.马克:今天只是风有些温和,仅此而已Im sorry I didnt wait a completely calm day to take you out on your first boat ride.我很抱歉,你的第一次乘船出海,我应该等到完全风平浪静的一天才带你出去Liset:My first and last!里斯特:这是我第一次也是最后一次! 6听笑话学英语:Business just started 开张大吉A young businessman had just started his own firm. He rented a beautiful office and had it furnished with antiques. Sitting there, he saw a man come in to the outer office. Wishing to appear the hot shot, the businessman picked up the phone and started to pretend he had a big deal working. He threw huge figures around and made giant commitments. Finally he hung up and asked the visitor, "Can I help you?" The man said, "Yeah, I've come to activate your phone lines."一个年轻人的公司刚刚开张他租用了漂亮的办公室,办公室内还放上了古董作装饰这天,这位年轻人正在办公室里面坐着,他看到一个男的走进了办公室为显示他是个成功的老板,这位年轻的生意人拿起电话假装正在谈大买卖,张觜就是三、五个亿,闭觜就说一切搞定、没问题!好不容易电话“打”完,挂上听筒,年轻人问进来的那人,“您有事吗?”那人说,“有事,我是来给你开通电话的” 76

German academics claimed that they've solved the mystery behind the identity of Mona Lisa centuries, her smile is fascinated and intrigued. And the real identity of the "Mona Lisa" --a Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting, has also been a mystery. As art historians have wondered whether she could have even been the artist's mother, or his lover.But German academics at the University of Heidelberg say they have cracked the code, Armin Schlechter, a manuscript expert, discovered some notes scribbled in the margin of this book that once belonged to an acquaintance of da Vinci. These notes were made in an edition of letters by Cicero in October , and say the artist was working on three paintings at the time, including a portrait of Lisa del Giocondo."This is the earliest mention of the fact that Leonardo da Vinci painted a picture which portrays a certain woman called Lisa del Giocondo. People have guessed that he was working on this picture in ."The suggestion that Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, a wealthy merchant from Florence, could be the smiling woman is nothing new. The painting, which hangs in the Louvre in Paris, is also known as "La Gioconda" which refers to her name but also means happy, or smiling, woman in Italian. Art experts, who have aly dated the painting to the start of the sixteenth century, have described the Heidelberg discovery as a breakthrough. Schlechter actually found the notes two years ago and although they were printed in Heidelberg library's public catalogue, they hadn't received much attention until recently. But while the Mona Lisa's identity may have been solved, the mystery behind that smile is unlikely to be cracked any time soon.Joanna Partridge, Reuters. 5555

6.The Growth of City6.城市的发展More and more of the world population areliving in towns or cities. The speed at which cities are growing in the lessdeveloped countries is alarming. Between 19 and 1960, big cities in developedcountries increased two and a half times in size, but in other parts of theworld the growth was eight times their size.世界上越来越多的人居住在城镇或都市里在次发达国家中,城市的扩张速度是值得关注的在19至1960年间,发达国家大城市的规模增加了两倍半,但是在世界其他地方,城市的规模相当于原来的8倍The sheer size of growth is bad enough, butthere are now also very disturbing signs of trouble in the comparison ofpercentages of people living in towns and percentages of people working inindustry. During the 19th century, cities grew as a result of the growth ofindustry. In Europe, the proportion of people living in cities was alwayssmaller than that of the workce working in factories. Now, however, thereverse is almost always true in the newly industrialized world; The percentageof people living in cities is much higher than the percentage woking inindustry.仅仅就城市增长的规模而言已经够糟的了,但是倘若把居住在城镇和都市的人口的比例和从事工业人口的比例进行比较的话,现在也出现了非常让人不安的迹象在19世纪,作为工业发展的产物,城市也随之扩张在欧洲,居住在城市人口的比例总是比在工厂中工作的劳动力的比例要小然而,在新兴的工业化地区,情况几乎总是相反的——在城市居住的人口比例要远远高于工厂中劳动人口的比例Without a base of people working inindustry, these cities cannot pay their growth. There is not enough moneyto build adequate houses the people that live there, let alone the newarrivals. There has been little opporty to build water supplies or otherfacilities. So the figures the growth of towns and cities representproportional growth of unemployment and underemployment, a growth in the numberof hopeless and despairing parents ans starving children.没有从事工业的劳动力基础,这些城市就无法偿付它们的扩张它们将缺乏为在那儿生活的居民建造足够住所的资金,更不必说满足后来者的居住了它们将很难有机会修建供水系统和其他设施城镇和都市扩张的数字代表着失业和未充分就业增加的比例,代表着越来越多的失望的、沮丧的父母和饥肠辘辘的儿童 38981

  Mo:I have some bad news Your favorite TV show has been cancelled.莫:我这有些坏消息:你最喜欢的电视节目已经被取消Amy:Im not surprised.艾米:我一点也不意外Ratings plummeted last season, so the writing was on the wall.上一季评级下降, 结果自然人尽皆知Mo:Also on the chopping block is your favorite reality show:American Idiots.莫:还有你最喜欢真人秀:美国白痴也难逃被砍命运Amy:Oh no, not American Idiots, too!艾米:哦,不,不要美国白痴!I thought it was gaining ground in the ratings after a slow start.我认为经历了慢开始后这个节目在评级中正取得进展Mo:Untunately, it stayed a cult favorite and never garnered a large enough viewership to be renewed.莫:不幸的是,虽然受到粉丝追捧,但收视率不高无法迎来新一季Amy:Ill have nothing to watch next season.艾米:下季我就没的看了Mo:You can watch some of my shows.莫:你可以看看我的一些节目All of my favorites are being renewed, with one taking a short hiatus.所有我最喜欢的节目都将迎来新一季,只有一档会短暂中断Amy:A short hiatus? We all know what that means.艾米:短暂空档期?我们都知道这意味着什么Mo:What are you implying?莫:你是在暗示什么?Amy:The network will put in a mid-season replacement, and if it does well, youll never see your show again.艾米:网络将季中剧中更换,如果表现良好,你只能和你的最爱节目永别了Mo:That not true. Youre just saying that because your shows got the ax.莫:这不是真的你这样说是因为你的节目被拿掉了Amy:No, Im not. That show is on its last legs. Mark my words.艾米:我不是这意思那个节目已经黔驴技穷了记住我的话Mo:Well, even if it true, I still have something to watch, now.莫:嗯,即使这是真的,就目前而言,我还能找些别的看Amy:What are you watching right now?艾米:你现在追什么?Mo:A show called Podsters.莫:一个叫做播客秀的节目It a reality show where a bunch of podcasters live in a house together and are watched hours a day.这是一档真人秀节目,一群播客同住在一个大房子里,一天小时处于被监视状态Amy:Ive never heard of anything so inane.艾米:我从来没听说过还有比这更愚蠢的Who cares about the lives of podcasters?谁会在乎的播客们的生活?They must be the most boring people in the world.他们一定是世界上最无聊的人Mo:You might have a point there.莫:你这套道理在那里估计吃得开 69

  World's fully automated restaurant Let's get a glimpse of the world's first fully-automated food ordering and delivery system -Hello, can I have a table one please.-Sure, no problem.-Thank you very much.That was Sonia, and she's pretty much the last staff member I will be seeing at the Baggers restaurant in Nuremberg. Inside, its pots, cups and bottles on a roller-coaster ride. The owners say they've designed what they believe is the world's first fully automated food ordering and delivery system. Here's how it works.Let's just see what we will have today, why not a steak? And we are y to go. And that sets these guys in motion. A little sauce, some salad, then they put it into this specially-designed, well, let's just call it a food sled. And it's off to the races, straight to my table."This out of here, y to eat." Easy enough, most customers tell us they came the entertainment value.I've never seen anything like this bee, this woman says, I think it's really funny. It makes eating an adventure, he says, certainly something totally different.But the restaurant's creator says what looks like a cute gimmick makes pretty good business sense as well.In a fast food restaurant, imagine customers don't have to go to the counter, Michael Mack says, you don't need an employee to take orders or the payment process, and then the food just slides to the table. It all becomes much more efficient with less staff. Efficiency is what it's all about. No waiters, and of course, no tip. Fred Pleitgen CNN, Nuremberg, Germany.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. roller-coaster: n-countA roller-coaster is a small railway at a fair that goes up and down steep slopes fast and that people ride on pleasure or excitement.. in motion: phraseIf a process or event is in motion, it is happening. If it is set in motion, it is happening or beginning to happen.3. off to the races: idiombusy doing something . gimmick: n-countA gimmick is an unusual and unnecessary feature or action whose purpose is to attract attention or publicity. 071。

  Ask an American-Bilingual seniors; to keep in store versus to store up versus to reserve in store; which; think about versus think of Words:functionalbasis advantage to activate cognitive controlefficiently senior bilingual magnitude subject to expend to out-perm (someone)monolingual to keep in storeto store up to reserve in storeto think about to think of 3997

  1. What is the father ing at the beginning of the conversation?A. a novelB. a magazineC. a newspaper. What kind of book does the girl want to ?A. a book about animalsB. a book on dollsC. a book about candy and cookies3. What does the girl teacher say about ing?A. The girl can check out books from the library.B. The girl should books everyday.C. The girl ought to at least ten books a night.. What is one thing the girl wants to eat while they are ing?A. cookiesB. ice creamC. bananas5. About what time of day is it in the conversation?A. the late morningB. the early afternoonC. in the evening 3735Genealogy, Bill Cosby, to get down on your knees vs. to get down on one kneeWords:blood relativeminiseriesancestorto trace your family treehyphenated Americancemeterybirth certificateMormonsstand-up comedianto tell a jokealbumcartoonupper-classto get down on your kneesto get down on one knee 350

  HIVAIDS — The Family艾滋病——家庭Voice 1: Hello, Im Marina Santee.声音1:大家好,我是玛丽娜·桑蒂Voice : And Im Elizabeth Lickiss. Welcome to Spotlight. This programme uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.声音:我是伊丽莎白·利基斯欢迎收听重点报道节目这个节目用慢速英语的方式播报新闻便于全世界各地民众的理解Voice 1: A young child sits by the roadside. Her small hands rest in the dry dirt. She lifts the grains and watches them fall through her fingers. In her mind she can hear her mother voice calling her. In her mind she can see her father working in the fields. But she knows that these images are only in her mind now. The young girl mother and father are both dead. She is an orphan. a minute, her brown eyes fill with tears. But her grandmother voice stops her thoughts.声音1:一个小女孩坐在路边她的小手放在干土里她抓起谷粒,看着这些谷粒从指缝间掉下去她的脑海中可以听到她妈妈叫她的声音她的脑海中还可以看到她爸爸在田地里干活的情景可是他知道这些画面现在只存在在她的脑海里这个小女孩父母双亡她是孤儿有那么一刻,她棕色的眼眸里噙满了泪水这时她奶奶的声音打断了她的思绪Coming Grandma, she says in her native language of Swahili.她用母语斯瓦希里语说,“奶奶,过来”Voice : Each year the number of orphans caused by HIVAIDS rises. Worldwide, over twenty million people have died from diseases connected to AIDS. HIV is the virus that causes the AIDS disease. AIDS destroys the body natural defence system. This means it cannot fight infections or diseases. There is no cure AIDS.声音:艾滋孤儿的人数每年都在上升全世界已有00余万人死于艾滋病相关疾病人类免疫缺陷病毒是引发艾滋病的病毒艾滋病会破坏人体的天然防御系统这意味着人体不能再对抗感染和疾病目前艾滋病没有治愈方法Voice 1: Adults suffer the most deaths from this disease. Many are mothers and fathers of young children. They are the workers of the land. They are the providers of food. They are the carers in the home. They are the carers and supporters of their parents. They are the working generation. When they die, they leave the weaker members of the family behind — the children and the grandmothers.声音1:艾滋病死者中成年人最多大部分是小孩子的母亲和父亲大部分人是农民,是食物提供者,是照顾家庭者他们是父母的照顾者和持者他们是劳动力他们死亡以后,留下了家庭中的弱者——孩子和祖母 译文属 360Today Three Strikes, Groundhog Day, Lost and CSI, Regards and Cheers, Amazing versus Awesome, ;On the heels of...;Words:Take awayWoodchuckShadowMaroonedPlane crashVictimFingerprintToast 188

  Norman Vincent Peale, Japanese internment camps, straightward, to tap into, made by versus made of versus made in Words:Protestantdenominationsaffiliationinterplaytechniqueaffirmationscivilianto betrayancestryto mitigateinternment campsmemoirstraightwardto tap intomade bymade ofmade in 3759

  Claire:What are you doing with all those law books?克莱尔:你捧着这些法律书干嘛呢?I thought you retired years ago.我以为你年前就退休了呢Ray:Im preparing my mental competency hearing.雷:我正在准备我自己精神健全问题的听会Claire:Mental competency hearing?克莱尔: 精神健全问题的听会?But your mind is as sharp as it has ever been.但你宝刀未老啊,思维还是那么敏捷Ray:That not what my children think.雷:我的孩子们才不是这么想They are going to court to prove my diminished capacity.他们要去法院明我的能力已经减弱They are going to argue that I need a conservator my estate.他们会认为,我需要一名看护员帮我守着自己的家产Claire:Nobody who knows you would question your sound mind.克莱尔:不了解的人才会质疑你的精神健全问题There must be another reason this hearing.这场听会一定有另外的原因Ray:Youre right. My children want to get their hands on my money, and if they can prove mental incapacitation and impaired judgment, they will get power of attorney.雷:你说对了我的孩子想动我的钱,而如果他们能明我精神存在问题且无法自主判断,他们就将获得律师的帮助Claire:And if they get power of attorney…克莱尔:如果他们获得律师的帮助…Ray:They would get control of my company and my entire estate.雷:他们就会控制我的公司及我的整个房产Claire:So what are you going to do?克莱尔:那你打算怎么办?Ray:I am going to fight fire with fire. Im suing them.雷:我要以其人之道还治其人之身我打算起诉他们Claire:What ?克莱尔:什么理由呢?Ray:Fraud and I can make it stick.雷:诈骗,我可以一直坚持Theyre both lacking in common sense.他们都缺乏判断力Everybody knows you should never sue an attorney, especially a successful one!每个人都应该知道你不应该起诉一名律师,尤其是非常成功的一位! 译文属 57。

  #6579;Part . Americans at work.Keywordswork in the ed States, where, manufacturing, service industries, work ethic, working women.Vocabularyreconcile, hypothetical, digression.A. Youre going to hear a lecture on work in the ed States. Listen carefully, focusing on the distributions of American workce. Complete the pie chart with sector names and percentage numbers.The topic of work in the ed States is an interesting one because the statistics do not always agree with popular general impressions about American workers and the American economy.I will try to reconcile these impressions with what we know from some recent statistics.To get you warmed up, let me give you a few questions to think about bee I start the first point of our lecture today.Do you think most Americans work in factories that produce goods domestic use and exportation?Do you think most American women are housewives or do most of their work outside the home?Do you think people in the ed States work hard? If time permits, Ill deal with each of these points in today lecture.So then, where do most people in the ed States work? If you thought in the manufacturing sector, in other words, in factories, you were wrong.It is true that the ed States is and is seen as, a strong industrial power. But the statistics reveal that another branch of the economy is even stronger than manufactory.Instead of dealing with the large figures required when discussing a total US workce of 5 million people, let take a look at 0 hypothetical workers and see where they are employed.Of those 0 workers, work in manufacturing, that is, in producing goods, another work in construction, and 3 work in agriculture, estry and fishing, and 1 out of 0 workers is employed in mining.You might find the figures manufacturing and agriculture surprisingly low and in a sense they are. 5051

  [00:.36]Listen and Share[00:.98]北京奥运大项[00:30.80]"参与","竞争","分享","进步"[00:8.75]Archery 箭术[00:5.3]BOW 弓[00:55.93]英文原文[00:59.57]This is any type of bow (Compound, Recurve, Longbow,)[01:.]which can have any type of sight[01:.83](mostly you would find multi pin sights on such bows)[01:.31]and can be shot with a release or with fingers.[01:.90]The maximum bow weight is 80 Lbs men[01:19.]and 60 lbs women and juniors,[01:.]and there is no limitation on the placement or the type of the arrow rest.[01:7.]Stabilizers are permitted.[01:9.8]The only real limitation is on the type of arrows to be used[01:33.87]which states that standard type of screw in field points[01:37.7]should be used with a minimum weight of 5 US grains men[01:.8]and 0 US grains women and juniors.[01:7.1]FITA is aware that in some Member Associations there[01:50.66]is a different definition of the Bow hunter class which is more restrictive,[01:55.6]but this is the only definition as acceptable under the current FITA rule book.[:.]讲解[:01.36]逐句对照[:.83]This is any type of bow (Compound, Recurve, Longbow,)[:.5]archery 射箭,射箭术[:.00]archer[:5.8]compound 混合物,化合物[:31.5]recurve 向后或向下弯曲[:.3]recurve bow 反曲弓[:0.63]which can have any type of sight[:.66](mostly you would find multi pin sights on such bows)[:55.33]sight 瞄准器,准星[:58.]sight 瞄准,仔细察看[:.9]The hunter sighted carefully bee firing his gun.[:.9]and can be shot with a release or with fingers.[:5.7]release 释放,释放装置[:50.87]The maximum bow weight is 80 Lbs men[:53.63]and 60 lbs women and juniors,[:.31]and there is no limitation on the placement or the type of the arrow rest.[:.93]rest 架,托[:.39]arrow rest 箭托 箭座 箭台[:30.75]Stabilizers are permitted.[:36.96]stabilizer 稳定器,稳定杆 减震杆[:5.83]The only real limitation is on the type of arrows to be used[:56.7]which states that standard type of screw in field points[:00.70]should be used with a minimum weight of 5 US grains men[:.76]and 0 US grains women and juniors.[:6.91]screw 嵌入式的箭头[:.31]grain 格令[:5.5]FITA is aware that in some Member Associations there[:9.]is a different definition of the Bow hunter class which is more restrictive,[:53.90]but this is the only definition as acceptable under the current FITA rule book.[:.77]FITA[:.59]International Archery Federation 国际射箭联合会[:.96]be aware that 知道、意识到什么事情[:9.56]They are well aware that this is a risky investment.[:38.8]bow hunter class 弓猎协会,弓猎俱乐部[:50.70]原文重听[:5.80]This is any type of bow (Compound, Recurve, Longbow,)[:57.36]which can have any type of sight[:59.90](mostly you would find multi pin sights on such bows)[:.5]and can be shot with a release or with fingers.[:.59]The maximum bow weight is 80 Lbs men[:.]and 60 lbs women and juniors,[:.]and there is no limitation on the placement or the type of the arrow rest.[:.18]Stabilizers are permitted.[:.83]The only real limitation is on the type of arrows to be used[:6.80]which states that standard type of screw in field points[:31.]should be used with a minimum weight of 5 US grains men[:36.6]and 0 US grains women and juniors.[:0.]FITA is aware that in some Member Associations there[:3.99]is a different definition of the Bow hunter class which is more restrictive,[:8.70]but this is the only definition as acceptable under the current FITA rule book.[:.]谢谢收听 3386

  Voice 1: However, women rights groups have criticised the trade. They say that it is not a good way of making money. They warn that the work can lead to dangerous situations. Betel nut girls may become involved in the sex trade, or use drugs. Many of the betel nut girls are only young. Some have left school early. others, their family members have ced them into the work. On the streets, men may think the young girls are selling more than betel nuts. Local governments did ban betel nut girls from wearing nothing. But even today, they wear very little clothing. Patricia Huang is a spokeswoman the Government Ministry of Internal Affairs. She said that the girl lack of clothing may stop drivers looking at the road. This could cause road accidents. And, it also puts the girls in a dangerous position. Men may attack them.声音1:但是,妇女权利组织对这个生意进行了指责他们认为,这并不是赚钱的好方法他们警告称,这种工作可能会导致危险的情况“槟榔西施”可能会卷入性交易或吸毒许多“槟榔西施”的年纪都非常小一些人很早就辍学了还有一些人是被家人强迫出去工作她们站在街上时,男性可能会认为她们不仅仅是卖槟榔果当地政府禁止槟榔西施不穿衣可是现在,她们穿的非常少帕特丽亚·黄是台湾内政部发言人她说,由于这些女孩穿着暴露,可能会让司机的视线离开道路这可能会导致交通事故而且也会让这些女孩置于险境男性可能会袭击她们Voice : However, betel nut traders say that there is nothing wrong with the industry. And, some women groups have also defended the rights of the betel nut girls. They say that sexy images of international models are acceptable. They point out that supermodels and singers wear very little clothing. And, they say people accept and respect them! The girls should be able to work to improve their economic situation, they say.声音:但是,槟榔果商人表示,这个行业没有问题一些女性组织也在捍卫槟榔西施的权利他们说,国际名模的性感形象可以被接受他们指出,超级名模和歌手穿的也很少可是人们却接受并尊敬他们!这些女孩应该也能通过工作改变她们的经济情况译文属 565

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