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This devastated village in southwestern China illustrates why the death toll from an earthquake three days ago has risen quickly--and why it could rise still.云南银屏在三天前发生的地震中被摧毁,这个位于中国西南部村庄的情况表明了地震造成的死亡人数为何会迅速上升,而且为何还有可能继续上升。China on Wednesday raised the death toll from Sunday#39;s 6.1 magnitude earthquake in southwestern China#39;s Yunnan province to 589 from 410 the day before. Chinese authorities said blocked roads and disrupted communications made it difficult to access certain areas, contributing to a slow count.中国周三宣布,周日发生在云南省的6.1级地震造成的死亡人数提高至589人,前一天的统计为410人。中国相关部门称,道路受阻和交通中断导致难以进入部分地区,这也造成了统计死亡人数的进度缓慢。Another 2,400 were injured, authorities said, and 229,700 had been relocated.相关部门称,地震还造成2,400人受伤,229,700人紧急转移安置。Rescuers made more progress after construction workers replaced a collapsed bridge with a temporary steel one, helping supplies pour into the village of Longtoushan, the epicenter of the quake. That allowed rescuers to reach out to more remote hamlets.在建筑工人用临时钢桥取代在地震中倒塌的大桥,从而帮助救灾物资大量进入位于震中的龙头山镇后,救援人员才得以取得更多进展,进入了更多偏远山村。Still, the temblor struck a rural but relatively densely populated region. Many smaller villages are accessible only by single narrow roads that were buried or swept away by landslides. Further rescue efforts are likely to be hampered by rain, which threatened to fall on and off in parts of the area Wednesday, while Chinese authorities warned of the potential for strong aftershocks in the coming days.不过地震虽然发生在农村地区,但当地人口稠密。许多村庄只有小路通往外界,而这些通道已经在地震中被埋或者因为山体滑坡而垮塌。降雨可能会阻碍进一步的救援工作,周三部分震区一直断断续续地下着雨。有关部门警告,未来几天当地可能发生强余震。Yinping, a village of several hundred people that depends on growing corn and potatoes, represents the challenges rescuers face. The village lies 2 1/2 hours on foot from Longtoushan, accessible only by dirt paths. Its thick vegetation and mountainous terrain make it hard to bring in stronger construction material like steel, resulting in local homes made out of less-sturdy stuff.救援队在银屏村就遇到了很大困难,这个小村庄有着上千人口,村民主要靠种植玉米和土豆为生。从这里到龙头山需要步行2.5小时,而且都是泥泞的小路。由于当地植被茂盛、山岭密布,钢材等坚固的建筑材料无法运入,因此当地建房的材料都不结实。The earthen walls of many of its homes crumbled during the quake, which hit Sunday afternoon local time. It wasn#39;t clear how many of the residents were dead or injured. In one cluster of 200 people and 37 families, 12 people were killed, four were seriously injured and another was missing, residents said. They said another 20 had died nearby.周日下午地震发生后,银屏村许多民房的土墙被震塌。目前仍不清楚当地的伤亡情况。据村民讲,在当地一个有37户家庭、共200人的村民小组,有12人死亡,四人伤势严重,还有一人失踪。他们说,附近的村民小组有20人死亡。Despite a massive effort involving thousands of military personnel and rescue workers, aid hasn#39;t reached Yingping as fast as residents needed.尽管有数千官兵和救援人员参加到了大规模的救灾行动中,但救援没有像村民希望的那样快速到达银屏村。Rescuers arrived to dig out the living and the dead here Monday, but the work was slow. #39;We pulled three children out today,#39; said resident Qi Zhongcheng on Wednesday, pointing to a makeshift tomb erected on top of the remains of one house out of corrugated tin and broken tree branches. #39;That one was 15.#39;救援人员周一来到这里,挖掘幸存者和死者遗体,但进展缓慢。当地居民齐忠诚(音)周三说:“我们今天拉出来三个孩子。”他挥着一个在房屋废墟上用波纹马口铁和折断的树枝临时搭成的坟墓说,那孩子才15岁。But supplies have been slower.然而物资运送的速度更慢。A shipment of instant noodles came Wednesday afternoon. Before that, residents said, there was no food other than some grain scrapped together from collapsed houses, potatoes dug out of the ground and preserved pork they dug out of the rubble. By Wednesday night, they were still without bottled water.周三下午送到了一批方便面。居民们说,在此之前,除了从倒塌的房屋中找到的一些粮食、从地里挖出来的一些土豆、从废墟中挖出来的腊肉就没有什么吃的了。到周三夜间,他们仍然没有瓶装水。Some rescue workers left tents, but they sat unused Wednesday night. The rescue workers had told them the tents were unsafe because of falling rocks from distant cliffs. Also, there weren#39;t enough to go around and nobody appeared to want to take advantage.一些救援人员留下了帐篷,但周三夜间,并没有人使用这些帐篷。救援人员曾对他们说,这些帐篷不够安全,因为远处山崖可能有石块滚落下来。而且,帐篷的数量也不够,大家似乎都不想占便宜。Mr. Qi said the lack of help had left them feeling anxious about being forgotten.齐忠诚说,因为得不到帮助,他们感到焦虑,怕自己被遗忘了。#39;We#39;re happy to have you here to report as long as it means the government knows we don#39;t have anything up here,#39; one villager said after journalists arrived.记者抵达后,一名村民说:“我们很高兴你们来这里报道,只要报道了,政府就知道我们这里什么都没有了。”This part of Yunnan has a rich set of rituals that accompanies funerals for elders, but those have had to be set aside for those killed in the quake, most of whom were older. #39;Usually we invite a Taoist priest to come and open a road [to the afterlife]. But we don#39;t know where the Taoists are now, and we don#39;t have time to find them,#39; said Hu Kaihu, a resident from a nearby village.云南省的这个地区对于故世老人的葬礼有一整套丧葬仪式,但现在却无法为地震遇难者举行这样的葬礼。大多数遇难者都是老人。附近村庄的居民胡开虎(音)说,葬礼通常会请道士为亡灵开路,但现在都不知道道士在哪里,也没时间去找。Instead, they have made do with stripped-down ceremonies, lighting off firecrackers and burning funeral money before burying the dead in shallow graves. Others were worse off, villagers said, pointing to a collapsed house at the bottom of the mountain a five-hour hike away. Of the family of four, only one--an 11-year-old girl--was outside the house. After the quake they could see her circling the rubble, they said, but were too occupied digging themselves out to help.他们只能用简单的仪式便宜从事,放点鞭炮、烧点纸钱,然后将死者埋藏在浅浅的墓穴里。村民们说,还有人处境更差。他们指着山脚下一处倒塌的房子说,步行去那里要五个小时。地震时住在那所房子里的一家四口只有一个11岁的小女孩在外面。村民们说,地震后他们能看到那个女孩围着废墟绕圈子,但他们已经自顾不暇,忙着挖被埋的人,没法过去帮助她。 /201408/319413

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