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Online sales of fast-moving consumer goods in China are growing seven times quicker than in the US as some 415m Chinese millennials buy daily items over their phones, a study has found.一项研究发现,约4.15亿中国千禧一代通过手机购买日常生活用品,使得中国快速消费品(FMCG)在线销售的增速达到了美国的7倍。Over the five years to 2015, China’s online sales of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) grew at an average of 78.4 per cent, far outstripping a 10.7 per cent growth rate in the US and a 7.9 per cent rise in the UK, according to a report by OCamp;C, a consultancy. In total, online FMCG sales hit .3bn in 2015, more than the US and UK totals put together.咨询公司OCamp;C的一份报告显示,2011年至2015年间,中国快消品在线销售平均增速为78.4%,远超美国的10.7%和英国的7.9%。2015年,中国在线快消品销售总额达253亿美元,比英美两国加起来还多。The figures suggest the growing influence of millennials, born in the last two decades of the 20th century, on consumer trends in the world’s second-largest economy. “They live a very busy life, on average working 8.3 more hours per week than [richer] OECD countries,” said the OCamp;C report. “As such, consumers’ need for convenience has fuelled the surging demand to buy FMCG online anywhere, anytime.”上述数据显示出生于20世纪最后20年的千禧一代,对世界第二大经济体消费趋势的日益增长的影响力。“他们过着非常忙碌的生活,与(较富裕的)经合组织(OECD)国家相比,他们平均每周多工作8.3个小时,”OCamp;C的报告称,“因此,消费者对便利的需要助推了随时随地在线购买快消品的需求激增。”Millennials are set to dominate China’s consumer landscape over the next decade as their average annual incomes grow from ,900 in 2014 to ,000 in 2024, according to Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. In 2024, the total annual income of the group is set to be .4tn — or double the size of current UK gross domestic product.根据投资高盛(Goldman Sachs)的预测,随着中国千禧一代的平均年收入从2014年的5900美元增长至2024年的1.3万美元,他们势必将主导中国未来10年的消费格局。到2024年,这一群体的总计年收入将达到5.4万亿美元——是目前英国国内生产总值(GDP)的两倍。Millennials’ drive to spend money enjoying themselves is also evident in the surging sales of cinema tickets, international travel, pet food, water purifiers and probiotic yoghurt last year. Such products, often unavailable to past generations, also provide interludes for millions of young people who otherwise have to cope with long working hours, chronic traffic and heavy levels of pollution.千禧一代乐意花钱享受还体现在去年电影票、出境旅行、宠物食品、净水器及益生菌酸奶销量激增上。这些产品(通常是过去几代人享受不到的)还为无数年轻人提供了在长时间工作、忍受交通拥堵和严重污染之余的难得的闲暇。Although indicative of China’s defining consumer trends, the online sales of FMCG account for just 5 per cent of total retail e-commerce in the country last year, according to OCamp;C’s research. The retail e-commerce market is projected to reach to 1bn this year and could reach .57tn in 2018, according to China Internet Watch, a research group.OCamp;C的研究发现,虽然代表着中国的决定性消费趋势,但快消品在线销售仅占去年中国零售电商市场的5%。根据研究机构“中国互联网观察”(China Internet Watch),今年中国零售电商市场预计将达到9110亿美元,2018年或将达到1.57万亿美元。Such growth is not only underpinned by shifting consumer habits. Big e-commerce companies, including Alibaba and JD.com, have been investing heavily in building logistics systems to support faster delivery times. JD.com has seven “mega” warehouses, 234 large warehouses and 6,756 delivery warehouses across China, helping it to achieve a two-hour FMCG delivery time for consumers in 18 cities across China, OCamp;C said.如此快速的增长不只依靠消费习惯转变的撑。阿里巴巴(Alibaba)、京东商城(JD.com)等大型电商公司一直在投入巨资建设物流体系,以实现更快速的商品投递。OCamp;C表示,京东在中国各地拥有7个“超级”仓库、234个大型仓库及6756个发货仓库,这些仓库帮助京东在全国18个城市实现快消品两小时送达务。The online FMCG boom has also been positive for foreign companies. When Costco, a US retailer, decided in 2014 to sell food via Tmall, a subsidiary of Alibaba, it was “shocked and surprised” to ship .5m in merchandise on Single’s Day alone, the company said. Single’s Day, a discount online shopping day promoted by Alibaba, is the equivalent of Cyber Monday and Black Friday in the US. It falls each year on November 11.中国快消品在线销售的火爆对外国公司也是好消息。美国零售商好市多(Costco) 表示,2014年决定通过阿里巴巴旗下天猫商城(Tmall)销售食品时,它被“光棍节”(Single’s Day)一天就卖出350万美元商品“惊呆了”。每年11月11日的光棍节是阿里巴巴推出的在线购物打折日,相当于美国的“网购星期一”(Cyber Monday)和“黑色星期五”(Black Friday)。 /201611/475968NEW technology has been unveiled in South Korea that lets you immortalise your deceased loved ones via your smartphone.近日,一家韩国公司推出了一款应用程序,能让逝去的亲友活在你的智能手机中。The ‘With Me’ app allows users to “overcome their wounded heart” to take selfies and ‘chat’ with dead friends or family members using avatars.这款应用程序名叫“With Me”,能让用户“走出悲痛”,通过虚拟化身与逝去的亲友自拍、“聊天”。The app, designed by ELROIS, combines 3D technology and artificial intelligence to recreate images and personalities of those who have passed on.该应用程序由ELROIS公司设计,融合了3D技术和人工智能技术,以重现逝者的形象和个性。Its creators hope the unusual technology will help those grieving to cope better.设计者希望这种独特的技术能帮助人们走出失去至爱的悲痛。But the app is designed to begin working while the subject is still alive.不过,该应用需在至爱之人尚在人世之时就开始运行。According to the firm, a 3D scan of the person would need to be taken, using a special booth, which uses between 72 and 112 cameras to create the avatar.据ELROIS公司介绍,首先需在一个装有72至112个摄像头的特殊隔间里,对人物进行三维扫描,制作虚拟化身。Once complete, a reshaping and auto-rigging technical process begins for the avatar to ‘come to life’ using animation.然后进行三维动画制作,通过适配与自动绑定等专业操作让虚拟化身“重获新生”。Users are then able to snap selfies with the digital creation, and even hold conversations with it, all thanks to artificial intelligence.接下来,用户就可以与虚拟化身自拍甚至对话,这都得益于人工智能技术。According to an ELROIS spokesperson, the technology can also “track users’ face and body positions”.ELROIS公司的发言人说,这款应用还能“追踪用户面部和身体部位的位置变化”。This would allow the avatar to interact with the user in a lifelike manner and respond to changes in their appearance or mannerism.这使虚拟化身能够像真人一样与用户互动,对他们外表或举止的变化做出反应。The spokesperson added: “People do everything to remember some precious person to them, or will do anything to move on.发言人说:“对于生命中特殊的人,人们会用尽一切方法将其铭记,或是用尽一切方法将其放下。“3D photo-realistic avatar is based on the actual person and it has some interaction with the users, so we think the avatars can be the new way to overcome their wounded-heart with a good function of new technology.”“三维虚拟化身极其逼真,基于真人信息制作,能与用户进行一定程度的互动,我们认为它有望成为疗治心伤的新方法,利用新技术帮助用户走出悲痛。”The app can also be used to bridge gaps with the living, by enabling users to take pictures with relatives or friends who may be abroad, and can also let you take a snap with a favourite celebrity.该应用还能拉近生者之间的距离——它能帮助用户与远在海外的亲友合影,或是与最爱的明星自拍。The company said: “We are working on the development for making Avatar Cloud Service in the web and mobile to upload their avatars and buy celebrities avatar, clothes and other stuff related with avatars (We call it as #39;VAW#39; or #39;vivid avatar world).ELROIS公司称:“我们正在着手研发网页和移动终端通用的虚拟化身云务,以供用户上传自己的虚拟化身,购买明星的虚拟化身、衣等相关产品(我们把它称作‘VAW’,即以假乱真的虚拟化身世界)。“Now it is still in the process and we have to contact with celebrities#39; agent sooner to get their avatars.”“该务还在开发阶段,我们必须尽早联系明星的经纪人,获得他们的虚拟化身。”The VAW (Avatar Cloud Service) service is expected to launch at the end of this year.VAW(虚拟化身云务)预计将于今年年底推出。 /201703/497242I studied psychology as a subsidiary to my politics degree at university. In the mid-1970s, psychology was the media studies of its day — fashionable but usually chosen because it was easy, and most of the stuff we were taught was frictionless. There was not a lot to get to grips with.我大学时主修政治,辅修心理学。上世纪70年代中期的心理学就像现在的媒体学:时髦,但选修这门课通常是因为学起来容易,而且我们学的绝大部分东西都毫无难度,没多少东西要认真对待的。One lecture, however, has stayed with me. It was about ergonomics, the science of designing machines, systems and processes that are efficient and comfortable to use. It was the heyday of awful design and I was so taken with the thought of a job in which you could spend your time improving things, I flirted briefly with the idea of becoming an ergonomist.但有个讲座给我留下了深刻印象,那就是人体工程学。这是一门研究如何恰当设计机器、系统和流程,使其用起来更高效更舒适的学科。当时是烂设计横行的年代,我对你可以投入时间去改良事物的职业如此神往,以至于一度想成为一名人体工程学专家。It did not happen, and I have never knowingly met one. But I get the sense — ergonomists will doubtless send me user-friendly emails to confirm or deny this — that ergonomists are not rock stars of modern industrial enterprise.那没能成为现实,我也从没遇到一位人体工程学专家。但我能感觉到,人体工程学专家不是现代工业企业的摇滚明星。(他们肯定会给我发送深入浅出的邮件来实或否认这一点。)In kitchen appliances especially, the ergonomist’s voice is ignored — at least if the absurd counterintuitiveness of so many products is any guide.尤其是在厨房电器上,人体工程学专家的声音被忽视了——至少从如此多奇葩的反直观产品来看是这样。A friend who knows Heston Blumenthal has just adopted a microwave which, he told me, the British chef and restaurateur was not using at home because it was “too complicated”. That must be one complicated microwave.一位认识赫斯顿.布鲁门塔尔(Heston Blumenthal)的朋友刚刚采用了一台微波炉,他跟我说,这位英国大厨和餐馆老板在自己家里不用,因为它“太复杂”了。那肯定是一台非常复杂的微波炉。For simplicity and ergonomic bliss, the most perfect mechanism for controlling levels has to be the old-fashioned rotary knob. I say old-fashioned because knobs — volume controls you turn, tuning knobs, treble and bass controls, brightness on a television, all of them — have almost disappeared over the past 20 years.就简洁和符合人体工程学而言,控制水平的最完美机械装置当属老式旋钮。我说老式是因为旋钮在过去20年几乎完全消失了,比如音量旋钮、调谐旋钮、高低音控制旋钮、电视亮度旋钮,诸如此类。In the mid 1990s they were supplanted by buttons with left, right, up and down arrows on them, by which you “incrementally” (some might say jumpily) increased or decreased a level. They needed a display to show you what your hand and ear, in a wholly intuitive neurological combo, had previously told you.20世纪90年代中期,旋钮被上下左右箭头按钮取代,让你可以“逐步地”(有些人或许会说“跳跃地”)调高或调低一级。这种按钮需要一个显示器来向你展示的东西,过去你的手和耳朵(两者构成一个完全直观的神经系统组合)可以告诉你。Knobs fell into demise for understandable reasons. Behind the volume and tone, knobs in the pre-digital age were potentiometers — mechanically variable resistances, which as you turned them provided a smooth, analogue change in the energy reaching the amplifier.出于可以理解的原因,旋钮遭到淘汰。在数字化之前的时代,控制音量音调的旋钮是电位器,即机械可变电阻,当你转动它们时,可以平稳、相应地改变输出到扩音器的电量。Tuning was done with a variable capacitor, also wholly mechanical — a stack of fins that intermeshed in concert with your knob-turning to change the capacitance, which, in combination with a tight coil of wire, determined the frequency you heard.完成调谐的是一个可变电容器,它也是全机械的,由一叠相互啮合的翅片构成。当你转动旋钮时,可变电容器改变电容,配合一个紧密缠绕的线圈,可以决定你收听到的频率。Both components could be miniaturised. Old transistor radios had tiny versions of each. But when devices began to be run by software, “pots” and variable capacitors became redundant. Level changes and tuning could be done “solid state” — meaning without mechanical parts, which was cheaper for manufacturers and looked futuristic.这两个部件都可以小型化,老式晶体管收音机就有微型音量旋钮和调谐旋钮。但当电子设备开始通过软件运行时,电位器和可变电容器变得多余。水平变化和调谐能够在“固态”下实现,意思就是没有机械部件,这对制造商来说更加便宜,看上去还有未来感。The downside was that the new forms of software control were horrible to use — fiddly, slow and imprecise. Car radios, where all-button controls were enthusiastically adopted, were dangerous because they required you to take your eyes off the road to squint at the display.缺点是软件控制这种新方式并不好用,繁琐、缓慢且不精确。积极采用全按钮控制的汽车收音机带来危险,因为它们要求你把目光从道路上收回,眯着眼去看显示屏。Almost overnight, anything with a volume control — the older and ergonomically superior choice — came to be seen as retro and quirky.几乎一夜之间,任何有音量控制——老式、从人体工程学上说更加优越的选择——的产品,都被看成复古和怪异。In 1999, Tom DeVesto, a Boston audio engineer, had the idea of building a radio with no controls other than volume, tuning knobs and simple dials.1999年,波士顿音频工程师汤姆.德维斯特(Tom DeVesto)想做出一个只有音量、调谐旋钮和简单调谐度盘的收音机。“They’re nicer to use,” he says. “Other people might like holding buttons down, but to me the intuitive way to control things was to turn a knob. There was no need to reinvent the wheel.”他说:“它们用起来更顺手。其他人可能喜欢按下按钮,但对我来说,旋转旋钮才是更直观的控制方式。没必要重新发明车轮。”But when he started showing his Tivoli One radio to stores, retail buyers in the US did not get it. “I still remember one shaking his head. He said, ‘You have to have a dial, a display, that lights up, with all kinds of levels on it.’”但当他开始向商家展示他的Tivoli One收音机时,美国的零售买家们并不买账。“我还记得其中一个人摇着头说,你必须有一个调谐度盘,一个显示器,能亮起来的,上面能看到一级一级的。”Mr DeVesto says his Tivoli radios went on to sell more than 10m units globally, usually in the nicer, John Lewis-type stores. Como Audio, a radio company he founded this year, also majors on knobs — even if today, with old-style components having almost disappeared, the knobs synthesise mechanical controls.德维斯特说,他的Tivoli收音机后来在全球售出超过1000万台,通常是在约翰.刘易斯(John Lewis,英国百货商店——译者注)这类较高档的商店。今年他创建了Como Audio,这家收音机公司仍主打旋钮。即使当今老式组件几乎已消失,但可以用旋钮来合成机械控制。“You have to work today to give it some feeling that turning the knob is doing something, when all it’s really doing is sending zeroes and ones to the computer,” says Mr DeVesto.德维斯特说:“如今你得想办法,让转动旋钮的人得到一些反馈,即便其真正用途是向计算机发送一堆0和1。”Knobs still feature on some expensive HiFi equipment and recording engineers’ control panels, but other attempts to reintroduce the joy of the knob to a younger generation have, sadly, not been very successful.旋钮仍出现在一些昂贵的高保真音响设备和录音工程师的控制面板上,但是很可惜,将旋钮之乐趣重新介绍给年轻一代的其他尝试不怎么成功。Marshall, the British guitar amplifier-maker, launched a mobile phone last year called the London, which had a thumb-wheel control knob that it called a “scroll wheel”. The phone is still available but it is not one you often see in use.英国吉他音箱制造商Marshall去年推出一款手机,名为“London”,该手机有一个被称作“滚轮”的拇指旋轮控制旋钮。市面上仍能看到这款手机,但你不常见到人们使用它。LG had even less of a breakthrough in 2013 when it brought out a 32-inch LED television, the Classic, with old-school on/off, channel change and volume knobs. You can still get them, but the Classic did not precipitate a rush back to knobs.LG在2013年推出了32英寸LED电视“Classic”,设有老式的开关、频道调节和音量旋钮,该产品甚至更谈不上突破。Classic现在仍能买到,但它没有带来旋钮的回归。A shame. Knobs you turn (and, while we are at it, big, chunky buttons you press) are not some atavistic relic, but an ergonomic advance — albeit a nostalgic one. In a perfect technological world, they would be the next big thing, not a throwback.太可惜了。你转动的旋钮(既然说到这里,还有我们现在使用的胖乎乎的大按钮)并不是什么返祖余孽,而是人体工程学的一大进步——尽管带有怀旧情怀。在一个完美的技术世界里,它们将成为下一款轰动产品,而不是个复古玩意儿。 /201612/485394

WASHINGTON — Federal auto safety regulators on Monday made it official: They are betting the nation’s highways will be safer with more cars driven by machines and not people.华盛顿——联邦汽车安全监管机构周一正式宣布:它们认为,美国公路上的车辆更多地由机器驾驶时将比由人驾驶更安全。In long-awaited guidelines for the booming industry of automated vehicles, the Obama administration promised strong safety oversight, but sent a clear signal to automakers that the door was wide open for driverless cars.自动汽车行业正蓬勃发展,在这份人们期待良久的行业指导意见中,奥巴马政府承诺要进行强有力的安全监管,但也向汽车厂商发出了一个清晰的信号:面向无人驾驶汽车的大门是完全敞开的。We envision in the future, you can take your hands off the wheel, and your commute becomes restful or productive instead of frustrating and exhausting, said Jeffrey Zients, director of the National Economic Council, adding that highly automated vehicles will save time, money and lives.我们设想,在未来,大家可以把双手从方向盘上拿开,出行时不再心情不佳、疲惫不堪,而是能够休息或做其他的有用的事情,国家经济委员会(National Economic Council)负责人杰弗里#8226;齐恩茨(Jeffrey Zients)表示。他还称,高度自动化的车辆将能节省时间和金钱,挽救生命。The statements were the most aggressive signal yet by federal regulators that they see automated car technology as a win for auto safety. 这是联邦监管机构迄今发出的最为积极的信号,传达出它们认为自动汽车技术有利于驾车安全。Yet having officially endorsed the fast-evolving technology, regulators must now balance the commercial interests of companies including Tesla, Google and Uber with concerns over public safety, especially in light of recent crashes involving semiautonomous cars.不过,既然正式持了这项快速演进的技术,监管部门现在必须要在特斯拉(Tesla)、谷歌(Google)和优步(Uber)等公司的商业利益与外界对公共安全的关切之间取得平衡,尤其是考虑到近期曝光的涉及半自动汽车的几起撞车事故。The policies unveiled on Monday were designed to walk that line. 周一出台的政策即意在达到这种平衡。In a joint appearance, Mr Zients and Anthony Foxx, secretary of the ed States Department of Transportation, released the first guidelines, which outlined safety standards and encouraged uniform rules for the nascent technology. 齐恩茨与联邦运输部长安东尼#8226;福克斯(Anthony Foxx)共同出面,发布了首批指导意见,其中列出了安全标准,并鼓励对这项新兴技术制订统一规则。The instructions signaled to motorists that automated vehicles would not be a wild west where companies can try anything without oversight, but were also vague enough that automakers and technology companies would not fear over-regulation.指导意见向驾车者发出了信号——自动汽车不会是各家公司在没有监管的情况下为所欲为的盲区——但也足够模糊,不会让汽车厂商和科技公司担心监管过度。Driverless and semiautonomous cars have aly hit the open roads, forcing regulators to keep up. 无人驾驶与半自动汽车已经上了公路,迫使监管部门要跟上步伐。Tesla, the electric-car maker, has sold tens of thousands of cars with a self-driving feature known as Autopilot. 电动车厂商特斯拉售出了数千辆带有Autopilot自动驾驶功能的汽车。The company has been grappling with the fallout from the death in May of a Florida driver who had the car’s Autopilot on, as well as a report last week of another crash in China where the technology was turned on.今年5月,佛罗里达州的一名司机在开启Autopilot功能的情况下车祸身亡,上周又有报道称,中国发生过一起事故,当时正在使用该项技术。特斯拉正在应对它们的后果。Tesla plans as soon as this week to download new software to its cars. 特斯拉计划最早在本周让旗下汽车产品下载新软件。The company’s chief executive, Elon Musk, has said the new software will include improvements to Autopilot that could have avoided the fatal accident in May.公司首席执行官埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)表示,新软件将包含对Autopilot的改进,可以避免5月的那类致命事故。Uber, the ride-hailing giant, began trials in Pittsburgh last week to let its most loyal customers order rides from driverless cars through their smartphone app. 上周,叫车务业的巨头优步开始在匹兹堡测试,让最忠实的顾客通过它们的智能手机应用叫无人驾驶车辆。Google has been testing self-driving cars in its hometown Mountain View, Calif., and rivals including Apple are also exploring similar technology.谷歌一直在总部所在的加州山景城测试旗下的自动驾驶汽车,而包括苹果(Apple)在内的其他一些竞争对手也在探索类似技术。Last year, there were nearly 40,000 deaths in the ed States from auto-related accidents, the deadliest for automotive-related deaths since 2008 and the largest year-over-year percentage increase in 50 years, according to the National Safety Council.根据国家安全管理委员会(National Safety Council)公布的数据,去年,全美有近4万人死于与汽车有关的事故,是2008年以来死亡人数最高的一年,还取得了50年来最大的同比增幅。Karl Brauer, senior editor at Kelley Blue Book, an auto research and valuation company, said the new guidelines strike a balance between ensuring safety as automakers develop self-driving cars and making sure the introduction of lifesaving technology is not delayed unnecessarily.汽车调研与评估公司凯利蓝皮书(Kelley Blue Book)的高级编辑卡尔#8226;布劳尔(Karl Brauer)表示,新出炉的指导意见权衡了两方面的需求:一方面是汽车厂商开发自动驾驶车辆时要保障安全,另一方面则是确保这种能挽救生命的技术不会在没必要的情况下推迟运用。We are in this weird transition, Mr Brauer said. 我们正处在尴尬的过渡期,布劳尔说。It’s a tough balance for the regulators. 对监管部门来说是个艰难的平衡。You want to get this technology out, but you don’t want to move too quickly.你既希望让技术出台,又不希望步子迈得太快。The new guidelines on Monday targeted four main areas. 周一的新指导意见针对四个主要领域。The Department of Transportation announced a 15-point safety standard for the design and development of autonomous vehicles; called for states to come up with uniform policies applying to driverless cars; clarified how current regulations can be applied to driverless cars; and opened the door for new regulations on the technology.运输部公布了适用于设计与开发自动车辆的15点安全标准;呼吁各州推出无人驾驶车辆方面的统一政策;澄清了目前的监管规定如何适用于无人驾驶车辆;以及为有关这一技术的新监管开辟道路。Currently, driverless cars face a patchwork of state regulations. 目前,无人驾驶车辆面临零散的州级监管规定。In the last three years, about a dozen states have passed laws that specifically address testing of driverless vehicles. 过去三年里,十余州通过了专门针对测试无人驾驶车辆的法律。Most laws require a licensed driver to be in the car.这类法规中,多数要求车里要有取得驾驶的司机。Mr Foxx said states would continue to regulate the licensing of drivers and insurance. 福克斯部长表示,将继续由各州监管驾驶与保险事宜。But Mr Foxx affirmed the agency’s oversight over the software technology used in driverless cars.不过,他申明由运输部监管在无人驾驶车辆中使用的软件技术。What we are trying to do is avoid a patchwork of state laws, Mr Foxx said.我们是在尽力避免州级法律带来的不成体系的问题,福克斯说。The federal guidelines were welcomed by auto manufacturers. 此次发布的联邦指导意见受到了汽车生产厂家的欢迎。Ford, which is targeting fully autonomous vehicles by 2021 for ride-sharing, said in a statement that the guidance will help establish the basis for a national framework that enables the safe deployment of autonomous vehicles. 福特的目标是在2021年为拼车务生产出全自动汽车。公司发表声明称,指导意见将为能够实现安全利用自动车辆的全国性框架奠定基础。We also look forward to collaborating with states on areas that complement this national framework.我们还期望与各州合作,共同推进完善这一全国性框架。The government’s endorsement will speed up the rollout of autonomous cars, experts said, potentially within the next five years.专家表示,政府的表态将会加快自动汽车的推出,有可能在未来五年内就实现这一点。It helps companies by providing some cover. 它为企业提供了某种保护,从而对它们有所帮助。If a car crashes, courts may look to these guidelines to help us determine what was reasonable and not, said Bryant Walker Smith, a professor at the University of South Carolina.假如出了车祸,法院可以参照这些指导意见来帮助我们认定什么是合理的,什么又不是,南卡罗来纳大学(University of South Carolina)教授布莱恩特#8226;沃克#8226;史密斯(Bryant Walker Smith)说。Large automakers in particular have made big strides in the technological development of driverless cars but have been wary of introducing those features too quickly without the backing of federal regulators.尤其是,大型汽车厂商正在无人驾驶车辆的技术开发上取得长足进步,却又担心在没有联邦监管机构的持下过快引入这类功能。Big companies love certainty and targets that they need to aim for, said Brad Templeton, a consultant and publisher of Robocars.com.大公司喜欢有确定性和可以让它们去瞄准的目标,Robocars网站的顾问兼出版人布拉德#8226;坦普尔顿(Brad Templeton)说。 /201609/467296

Paris is the city of love and romance. So many couples come here for a honeymoon! This post reveals ten funny things about the heart of Paris and the heart of all France – the Eiffel tower。巴黎一座爱与浪漫之都,因此许多新婚夫妇在这儿度蜜月!此文为您揭晓埃菲尔铁塔——巴黎,乃至全法国的心脏——的十件趣事。1.The Eiffel Tower was originally painted red。埃菲尔铁塔最初被漆成红色。It appeared in red color in the center of Paris in 1889. 它在1889年以红色的外表坐落于巴黎市中心。2.The Eiffel Tower is 6 inches taller in the summer, and in the summer heat the steel structure tends to expand。夏日的埃菲尔塔要比平日里高6英寸。在炎炎夏日的高温中,钢筋结构会膨胀。3.There are 5 billion lights on the Eiffel tower. The great French tower consumes 7.8 million kWh per year. I would not wish to receive those utility bills!埃菲尔铁塔上有五十亿盏灯。这座闻名的法国铁塔每年消耗780万度电。我可不愿收到那样的电费单!4.Here’s the Eiffel tower in numbers…It employs 300 workers, combines 18,038 pieces of wrought iron, fastened with 2,5 million rivets, weighs 10,000 tons, has a height of 984.25 ft。以下是描绘埃菲尔铁塔的数据。它由300名员工用18038块锻铁拼接而成,动用了250万个铆钉加固,重达10000吨,高984.25英尺。5.This is what Paris looks like from the Eiffel Tower。从埃菲尔铁塔俯瞰巴黎,你会看到这样的场景。In fact the photo does not show the city from all sides so you can imagine how cool it is to be there. But one has to wait for a couple of hours in the line to enter the tower。实际上这张照片并不能全方位展示巴黎这座城,所以你可以想象于埃菲尔铁塔往下俯瞰会是多么壮观!可要想登塔,你得排上好几个小时的队。6. There are over thirty replicas of the Eiffel Tower around the world。世界各地有30多个复制埃菲尔铁塔的复制品。Eiffel Tower replicas can be seen in America, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Pakistan, China, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Romania, UK etc。它们分布在美国、日本、俄罗斯、墨西哥、德国、巴基斯坦、中国、捷克共和国、危地马拉、罗马尼亚和英国等地。7. The Eiffel Tower was not intended to be permanent。人们最初并不打算永久保留埃菲尔铁塔。They planned to take it down in 1909 and transport it to some other place. Finally they refused the idea and started to use the tower as a giant radio antenna。1909年他们打算拆塔,并将其迁至它处。最终他们打消了这个点子,开始将此塔作为一个大型无线电天线。8. The Eiffel Tower in Paris has a light show that runs for 5 minutes an hour, every night, until dawn. For New Year celebration the Tower twinkles even more amazingly ten minutes of every hour。巴黎埃菲尔铁塔从晚上到拂晓每小时都会有一场5分钟的灯光秀。庆贺新年时,埃菲尔铁塔的灯光秀甚至更加精,每小时进行10分钟。9. One should climb 1,665 steps to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower。要登至埃菲尔铁塔之巅,你需要爬1665级台阶。 There is even a race called “Vertical” that determines the best climbers of the Eiffel Tower。甚至有一个名为“攀爬向上”的比赛,决出埃菲尔铁塔最优秀的攀登者。10. During WWII, when Hitler visited Paris, the French cut the lift cables on the Eiffel tower so that Hitler would have to climb the steps if he wanted to reach the top。希特勒在二战期间造访巴黎时,法国人砍断通至埃菲尔铁塔顶端的电缆,这样希特勒要是想登顶就不得不拾级而上。The lifts were repaired only in 1946. During the Nazi occupation the tower was closed for public。直到1946年电梯缆线才被修复。在巴黎被纳粹占领期间,埃菲尔铁塔不向公众开放。 /201508/395108

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