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Hello, duck! Neil and Feifei bring you some unusual ways of greeting people, all of which are related to animals. Dont worry, theyre all friendly ways to say hello!你好,亲爱的!尼尔和菲菲将给大家介绍一些打招呼的非正式用语,这些用语都和动物有关。不要担心,这些都是打招呼的友好方式。Neil: (Makes sound of a duck)尼尔:(模仿鸭子的叫声)Feifei: Welcome to The English We Speak...菲菲:欢迎收听地道英语……Neil: (Makes sound of a duck)尼尔:(模仿鸭子的叫声)Feifei: Shh... Let me finish! Welcome to The English We Speak, the programme where we...菲菲:嘘……让我说完!欢迎收听地道英语节目,在本期节目里,我们……Neil: (Makes sound of a duck)尼尔:(模仿鸭子的叫声)Feifei: Ok, ok — you win, Neil. You start the programme.菲菲:好吧,尼尔,你赢了。你来说开场白吧。Neil: OK — welcome to The English We Speak. Today we bring you a way to say hello to people that involves... ducks.尼尔:好,欢迎地道英语节目。今天我们将教大家一种和他人打招呼的方式,我们会用到鸭子这个词。Feifei: Finally. English is, of course, a rich and diverse language, and different regions use different expressions. In the English Midlands — the area around the city of Nottingham — youll hear this. Imagine Im in a shop, and Neil is the shopkeeper:菲菲:终于可以开始节目了。英语是丰富多样的语言,不同地区的人们使用不同的表达方式。在英格兰中部地区,即诺丁汉周边地区,你会听到这些词。想象一下,我现在在一家商店里,而尼尔是店主:Neil: Hello duck, how can I help you?尼尔:你好,亲爱的,你需要什么?Feifei: Hello duck — duck here is a form of address — a word you use when politely speaking to someone.菲菲:你好,亲爱的,这里“亲爱的”是一种称呼,在礼貌地和别人说话时可以使用这个词。Neil: And duck is an affectionate term for another person. So if you hear it — please dont be offended — its a friendly thing to say.尼尔:“亲爱的”是对他人的友好称呼。如果你听到这个词,请不要觉得被冒犯了,这是一种友好的说法。Feifei: Some think that it comes from the word duke! Lets hear a few examples:菲菲:有些人认为这种说法来源于“公爵”这个词。我们来听几个例句。Examples例句Come over here and tell me what the problem is, duck.亲爱的,过来这里,告诉我有什么问题。Dont you worry about that broken glass, duck. Ill sort it out.亲爱的,不要担心那块打碎的玻璃。我来收拾。Neil: Duck is generally used by people talking to those younger than or the same age as themselves. In some ways it functions like the word dear.尼尔:这个词一般是对比你小,或是和你一样大的人说的。在某种程度上,它的功能和“亲爱的”这个词是一样的。Feifei: But its not a phrase that all native English speakers use. When Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie used it when presenting an award to an English actor from the East Midlands, Jack OConnoll, it confused a lot of people around the world!菲菲:不过,这不是所有英语为母语的人都会用的说法。好莱坞女演员安吉丽娜·朱莉曾经在给来自英格兰中东部的演员杰克·奥康奈尔颁奖时用了这个称呼,弄得全世界很多观众一头雾水!Neil: And whats more, duck is not the only form of address based on animals. For example, where might someone call you... hen?尼尔:另外,这不是唯一一个与动物有关的称呼。比如,哪些地方会有人叫你“女人”呢?Feifei: Hen is used in Glasgow — but only when talking to women.菲菲:在格拉斯哥,人们会用这个词,不过仅用来称呼女性。Neil: Alright hen? And then we have pet...尼尔:好吧,女人?还有“宝贝”……Feifei: Pet is used in the North East of England — around Newcastle people call each other pet.菲菲:这个词在英格兰东北部使用,在纽卡斯尔,人们会互相称呼“宝贝”。Neil: Thanks, pet. So — listen out for these different regional ways of being friendly — just dont be surprised if you confuse people when you use them yourself! Thanks for listening.尼尔:谢谢,宝贝。所以,仔细倾听这些不同地区表示友好的称呼,如果你用这些词的时候有人感到疑惑,也不要吃惊!谢谢大家收听今天的节目。Feifei: (Makes sound of a duck)菲菲:(模仿鸭子的叫声) 译文属 /201702/4907421.惯用口语句子:There are gains and losses in the stock market.股市有赢有输。Investing in stocks is risky.投资股票有风险。risky a. 有风险的,冒险的In general, investments in the stock market produce good returns.总体来说,股票投资的回报率很高。investment n. 投资,投入(其动词形式为invest)produce v. 产出,生产return n. 回报,利润in general“总体来讲,总体上说”The price of stocks is skyrocketing.股票价格正在狂涨。This stock is going up/down.这股票在涨/跌。The stock market is crazy now.现在的股市都疯了。skyrocket v. 猛涨,突然高升The share price keeps going down.股票价格持续走跌。Many private investors are dumping their shares.评多小股民都在抛售股票。share n. 股票private a. 个人的,私人的,民间的investor n. 投资者dump v. 抛售,倾倒I dont know if its appropriate to enter the stock market right now.我不知道现在进入股市合不合适。appropriate a. 合适的,适当的I decide on which share you should buy is quite hard sometimes.要决定买哪一股票有时相当困难。Youd have to consider market tendencies. the companys growth potential, and youd better know something about technical analysis.你要考虑市场走势、公司的发展潜力,而且最好还要懂点儿技术分析。consider v. 考虑tendency n. 趋势,倾向,潮流potential n. 潜能,潜力analysis n. 分析,Diversification is very important in todays market. In general, invest some of your money in bonds or funds, and about one-third in stocks.在如今的市场中分散投资很重要。一般来说,将一部分钱投资到债券和基金,大约三分之一的钱投资股票。diversification n. 多样化,多元化,变化bond n. 债券fund n. 基金(常用复数),资金one-third表示“三分之一”,前半部分用基数词,后丰部分用序数词。A bull is a stock market in which the price of shares is going up and people are buying them.牛市就是股价上涨、人们买进的股市。A bear market is a situation in which the value of stocks is decreasing and people are selling them.熊市就是股价下跌、人们卖出的股市。decrease v. 下降,减少(其反义词为increase)bull和bear在这里都是股票术语:bull指“牛市”,相当于“bull market”;bear指“熊市”,相当于“bear market”。shares指“股票”,相当于stocks。Which stock do you plan to buy?你打算买哪股票?The stock market is surely a good place to put your spare cash, but its risky. Be sure that you wont overextend yourself.股票市场确实是安置闲散资金的好地方,但是有风险,注意要量力而行。overextend v. 使承受过多,过分扩展 /201506/377226

01. Do you like playing online games?你喜欢玩网络游戏吗?02. I prefer to play the counterstrike.我比较喜欢玩反恐精英。03. I spend most of my spare time in playing online games.我的大部分空闲时间都在玩网络游戏。04. Im interested in role-playing games.我对角色扮演类游戏很感兴趣。05. Ever try any strategy games?有没有玩过策略游戏?06. Its a free game.这款游戏免费。07. It has more than four million people a month who play it online.这款游戏每个月的在线玩家人数已经突破400万了。08. Dont be addicted to the online games.不要过分沉迷于网络游戏。09. Its the largest online games website.这是最大的网络游戏网站。10. Playing online games costs me a lot.网络游戏让我的钱包大出血。11. I have to quit the game.我得退出游戏了。12. Its a massively multi-player game with 3D graphics.它是一款具有三维画面的多人参与游戏。13. Ive downloaded an adventure game.我下载了一个冒险类游戏。14. Im a little sick of this game.我有点玩腻这款游戏了。15. A computer game eats up millions of dollars in research and development.每款电脑游戏的研发都会耗资数百万美元。16. Youd better not waste too much of your time playing games.你最好别在玩游戏上浪费太多时间。17. I bought a World of Warcraft rechargeable card yesterday.我昨天买了张;魔兽世界;的点卡。18. Have you played the Final Fantasy before?你以前玩过;最终幻想;吗?19. Whats your game account?你游戏账号是多少?20. How can I get the Activation Code of this game?我如何获得这款游戏的激活码? /201507/384435

外教带你学地道口语 第37期:有趣的设计Cute and quirkyJumps out/leaps outClassic but modernSleek designFusion /201509/397003

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