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  • Cambridge is the most highly regarded UK university in the world, according to new research.  根据新调查,剑桥大学被认为是全世界最好的英国大学。  The prestigiousinstitution came third in a table ranking universities exclusively on their reputation among academics worldwide.  久负盛名的剑桥在一项完全根据各大学在全球学术界的名气而进行的排行中名列第三。  The UK had two institutions in the top 10 - along with Cambridge, Oxford University was placed sixth.  英国有两所大学进入了前十名,除了剑桥大学之外,还有排行第六的牛津大学。  The ed States dominated The Times Higher Education world reputation rankings, with seven institutions in the top 10.  在“泰晤士报世界大学名气排行榜”中,美国的大学占了大多数,前十名就有七所大学是美国的大学。  The only other country to make the top 10, besides the US and UK, was Japan, with Tokyo University in eighth place.  除了美国和英国,前十名中来自其他国家的大学只有日本的东京大学,排在第八名。  The world-famous Harvard University in the US topped today's rankings, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also a US university.  世界著名的美国哈佛大学在今天发布的这一排行榜上居首位,紧随其后的是麻省理工学院,也是一所美国大学。  In total, the US had 45 universities in the top 100, while the UK had 12 and Japan had five. These three nations were the best represented in the rankings.  美国共有45所大学进入了前100名,英国2所,日本有5所。这三个国家在排行榜中表现最佳。  Canada, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands each had four universities in the top 100.  加拿大、澳大利亚、德国和荷兰各有四所大学进入了前100名。  The rankings looked at universities reputations for world-class performance in teaching and research.  该排行评估了各大学在教学和研究上的国际声誉。  It is based on a survey of 13,388 academics from 131 countries, carried out in 2010 by Ipsos Media for the Times Higher Education magazine's ranking-data supplier Thomson Reuters.  这一排行基于31个国家的1.3万名学者的调查。该调查是Ipsos Media公司为《泰晤士高等教育》杂志的排行数据供应商汤姆森路透集团在2010年开展的。来 /201103/128056。
  • Save the stuff保存物品Excuse me, sir. Is this a duty-free shop?请问,先生,这是免税商店吗?Yes. You can draw your tax back at any customs in the EU.是的,您可以在欧盟的任意一个海关办理退税Well, I am afraid I dont bring my passport with me today. Can you save it us until tomorrow?嗯,恐怕我今天没带护照,你可以替我们先保存这个物品吗?No problem, sir.没问题,先生 598。
  • Russian MPs have backed an amnesty that may include some of the countrys best-known prisoners including Pussy Riot and the Greenpeace Arctic protesters.The State Duma in Moscow unanimously approved the law at its third ing and it is expected to come into force within days.据英国广播公28日报道,俄罗斯国家杜马三读全体通过了一项大赦令,朋克乐队“暴动小猫”(Pussy Riot)成员和绿色和平组织北极示威者等囚犯有望获释。It covers at least 20,000 prisoners, including minors, invalids, veterans, pregnant women, and mothers.法令有望在几天内生效,将影响2万多人,其中包括包括未成年人、残疾人、退伍军人、妇和母亲。Charges against 30 people arrested on a Greenpeace ship may be dropped.The 30 mostly foreign nationals were recently released from custody but not allowed to leave Russia.俄罗斯当局可能取消0名绿色和平组织北极示威者的指控,这30人中大多数是外籍人士,最近已被释放,但尚不许离开俄罗斯境内。Two members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, were jailed in 2012 for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred after performing an anti-Kremlin protest song in Moscows Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.They are due to be released three months from now in any case.俄罗斯朋克乐队“暴动小猫”的两名成员玛丽#8226;阿列希娜和娜杰日#8226;托罗孔尼科娃预计3月后将获释。她们于2012年被监禁,罪名是冒犯宗教信徒和“流氓行为”,起因是她们在莫斯科救世主大教堂演唱反克里姆林宫的歌曲。Others who may be freed include some, but not all, of the political protesters arrested during clashes with police after Vladimir Putins inauguration as Russian president for a third term last year.此外,去年普京第三任期就职典礼时曾与警察发生冲突的部分示威者也将获释。One prisoner who will not be affected by the amnesty is former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who is due for release next August after serving a reduced sentence for theft.It is also unlikely that opposition leader Alexei Navalny will have his recent five-year suspended sentence for theft quashed.不受大赦影响的囚犯包括因盗窃国有资产被判刑的俄罗斯前石油寡头米哈伊尔#8226;霍多尔科夫斯基,还有因涉嫌挪用公款和欺诈被判有期徒刑五年的反对派领袖人物阿列克谢#8226;纳尔瓦尼。The amnesty marks the 20th anniversary of Russias post-Soviet constitution. It will take effect once it is published but the releases are expected to take place over six months.此次特赦是为了纪念俄罗斯在后苏联时代的宪0周年。特赦令一旦颁布就立即生效,但释放囚犯的过程预计会超过6个月。来 /201312/270089。
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