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Robotic. That is what the voice message on Jon Briggs’s phone sounds like. It is not the delivery, which is perfectly human. But because his voice is on so many technological applications, most notably on Siri, the iPhone’s personal assistant, his voice, which is so familiar, seems synonymous with technology.机器腔。乔恩#8226;布里格斯(Jon Briggs)手机里的语音信息听起来就是这种感觉。这倒不是指其说话的方式,那个听起来和真人一模一样。原因在于太多科技应用都使用了他的声音,最有名的就是iPhone上的个人助理Siri。他的声音听起来如此熟悉,好像已经和技术划上了等号。Friends often complain they cannot get rid of him. His voice is on their satnav and on automated telephone systems. One friend recently heard a chorus of Mr Briggs’s voice coming from their daughter’s room; upon investigation they discovered all the animated penguins on her game app spoke with his voice. Most disturbing for Mr Briggs, was when he received a phone call from himself trying to flog payment protection insurance.布里格斯的朋友们常常抱怨他们无法摆脱他。他们的卫星导航系统和自动电话系统都用了布里格斯的声音。最近,他一个朋友听到女儿房间里传出一阵阵布里格斯的声音;调查一番后才发现,原来女儿游戏应用里的所有卡通企鹅讲话用的都是布里格斯的声音。最令布里格斯气恼的是,他还接到过用他的声音来向他推销付保护险的电话。An offer of work to provide the voice for Reading’s bus service was rescinded, he claims, after local employer, Microsoft, discovered that the voice of a competitor, Apple, might be escorting its employees to work.布里格斯说,他还曾失去一份为雷丁(Reading)公交车配音的工作邀约,因为当地雇主微软(Microsoft)发现,伴随其雇员上下班的或许将是其竞争对手苹果(Apple)的声音。In fact, the 50-year-old’s voice was dropped by Apple three years ago after he disclosed that he was the person behind the UK version of Siri. Apple has not confirmed any of the various voices used for Siri and declined to comment for this article.实际上,自从3年前,现年50岁的布里格斯发文章披露自己是英国版Siri的配音者以后,苹果就不再使用他的声音。苹果从未实过各版本Siri语音的来源,并拒绝对布里格斯的文章发表。“Apple would have stamped on me very swiftly if I was claiming something that was untrue,” says Mr Briggs. “I have a very good reputation of over 30 years work as a [voiceover artist] and claiming something like that falsely would ruin that reputation totally.”“如果我所说的有什么不实之处,苹果早就立刻制止我了,” 布里格斯说,“从事配音工作30年来,我的声誉一直非常好,说那样的假话会让我身败名裂。”The notoriously secretive tech company was foolish, believes Mr Briggs, for thinking his identity would never be revealed. “Apple got upset but if [it is] going to put you in the pocket of millions of people how can they not expect you to reply when they ask, ‘Is it you?’ Other people recognised me#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;It’s an act of complete imbecility not to think someone would recognise you.” The company might be a whizz with technology and design, says Mr Briggs, who is also a broadcast journalist and presenter, but they are “not very good with people”.布里格斯认为,以事事保密而著称的苹果公司,认为他的身份永远不会暴露,这是很愚蠢的。“苹果很不高兴,但是假如把你放进数百万人的口袋里,当人们问起来‘这是你么?’,他们怎会预计不到会有一个答复?还有人都听出来是我了……觉得没人能听出来是我,这种想法实在蠢到家了。” 同时也身兼电视新闻记者和主持人的他表示,苹果公司或许是技术和设计方面的奇才,但他们“不太擅长与人打交道”。In any case, Mr Briggs had not signed a contract with Apple. The work was originally done for Scansoft, he claims, which has since merged with Nuance, a software and technology company. The text-to-speech service was recorded over three weeks: 5,000 sentences delivered in a flat, even way. These were later taken away and dissected so that the phonics could be reassembled in new sentences in response to any question the user poses. Aside from asking Siri predictable questions about locations of restaurants or the day’s weather forecast, there is pleasure to be found demanding “who let the dogs out”, or “the best place to bury a body”.布里格斯从未和苹果签订过任何合同。他说,这份工作原本是为Scansoft而做的。Scansoft后来和软件技术公司Nuance合并。这个文本转语音务中的所有语音都是在3周内录制完成的:用平和的声音匀速念5000个句子。这些句子之后会被抽取并分解,这样语音就可以重新组合成新的句子,来回答用户提出的任何问题。除了问Siri一些可预见的问题,比如餐厅的位置或者当天的天气预报,要求Siri回答“谁把放了出来”,或者“哪里最适合埋尸体”也很有意思。Scott Brave, the co-author of Wired for Speech: How Voice Activates and Advances the HumanComputer Relationship , notes that users imbue technology with human attributes. “We respond socially to the voice even when we know it’s a machine,” he says. He cites the example of BMW, which had to recall German cars installed with its navigation system. Male drivers objected to taking directions from a woman’s voice.《连线语音:电子语音如何激发和深化人机关系》(Wired for Speech: How Voice Activates and Advances the Human Computer Relationship)一书的作者斯科特#8226;布雷夫(Scott Brave)提出,是用户给技术注入了人性。他说,“即使我们知道那是机器的声音,我们还是会像对待人一样回应它。”他以宝马(BMW)为例,由于男性司机不愿听从女性声音的指示,宝马不得不召回安装了女声导航系统的德国车。More generally, he says, dominant personalities prefer to have submissive-sounding machines.布雷夫表示,总的来说,配型的人更青睐听上去很从的机器。Mr Briggs loves Siri and uses it all the time, particularly to schedule appointments. “It’s very clear.” He thinks it is an important breakthrough for those who cannot or have poor sight.布里格斯很喜欢Siri,一直在使用它,尤其用来安排日程。“它非常明了,”布里格斯认为,对于那些无法阅读或者视力较差的人来说,这是一个重大突破。This view is not shared by Susan Bennett, the former US voice of Siri. (Ed Primeau, a forensic audiologist has analysed her voice and confirms that it was used in an older version of Siri).前一版美国Siri的配音苏珊#8226;本内特(Susan Bennett)则不同意这一观点。(声音鉴定专家埃德#8226;普里莫(Ed Primeau)对本内特的声音进行了分析,确定她就是老版Siri的配音)。The 65-year-old confesses she found listening to Siri a bit creepy. It was not that she hated hearing herself — that is an everyday occurrence for the voice recording artist. She is used to hearing her voice over tannoys at airports and stores, as well as telephone on-hold systems. She is her son’s bank’s automated voice and it tickles her to assume that voice and taunt him by saying: “Thank you for calling the bank. You are overdrawn.”现年65岁的本内特坦言,她觉得听Siri说话有些怪异。倒不是说她讨厌听自己的声音——这对配音工作者来说是家常便饭。她已经习惯了听到自己的声音从机场和商场的扩音系统,以及电话接线系统中传出。她儿子所在的自动语音也是她配的。她常用“感谢致电本,您已透”那样的腔调逗他儿子,觉得这样非常有趣。It was interacting with herself that felt so peculiar. “It was very strange having my voice coming back to me from my hand. I said, ‘Hi Siri, what are you doing?’ Siri said, disgustedly: ‘Talking to you.’” Why did the company choose her? “They wanted an otherworldly voice and had to have a sense that the voice would have a dry sense of humour — I don’t think the new voice has that quality.” The identities behind Siri’s voices on newer operating systems (iOS7 and iOS8) are unknown.让她觉得别扭的地方是与她自己互动。“听着自己的声音从手里传回来相当怪异。我说,‘嗨,Siri,你做什么呢?’Siri回答:‘跟你聊天啊。’这真让人别扭。”苹果为什么选择她呢?“他们想要一种超凡脱俗的声音,还要带点冷幽默感——我觉得新版Siri的声音还不够格。”目前还不知道给新操作系统(iOS7和iOS8)的Siri做配音的人是谁。Secretly, the Atlanta-based Ms Bennett is rather pleased to no longer be the “voice of Big Brother”, as she refers to Siri. She is far more gloomy about the creep of technology than Mr Briggs.私下里,家住亚特兰大的本内特为自己不再是“老大哥的声音”(Siri)感到相当高兴。对于这项别扭的技术,她比布里格斯悲观的多。Originally a singer for jingles, she was “discovered” one day when the talent — the person who was meant to do the advertisement’s voiceover — failed to turn up and the studio manager asked her to stand in. “A lightbulb went on in my head” after delivering the lines.本内特本来是一名广告歌歌手,有一天本应为广告配音的人没有来,导演就让她顶上,她因此被“发掘”了。读完台词后,她登时“心头一亮”。The work, she says, has been “fun and creative”. Moreover, “it paid pretty well”.她说,这份工作“有趣又有创意”。更重要的是,“报酬不菲”。The business was changed with the arrival of the web, she says. Suddenly producers could get talent from anywhere in the world. “The internet has devalued things,” she reflects. “Voiceover is no different from any other industry.” Producers can get a voiceover from Fiverr.com, the global online marketplace offering creative services for just a job, she says.随着互联网的到来,这个行业也发生了变化。忽然之间,制作方可以从世界各地招募配音人员了。“互联网让很多东西贬值,”她思考后说道,“配音业也不例外。”她说,制作方可以从创意务全球市场平台Fiverr.com上招募配音人员,每份工作仅需5美元。“As long as you have a microphone you can do it. No one wants professionalism any more. They want the guy next door.” Mr Briggs is more sanguine. “I didn’t have to work for my voice. I was blessed with it.” He believes the shift means the industry is better reflecting a broad range of accents.“只要有个麦克风你就能干。没人再需要专业人士。他们想要的是隔壁小伙儿。”布里格斯更乐观一些,“我不用再靠自己的声音工作了。我有幸得到了我的嗓音。”他认为,这种转变意味着配音业的口音会变得更加广泛多样。Will these two voices of the machine find themselves redundant come the “second machine age”, to use the title of the book describing the jobs revolution (and job losses) triggered by technological advances? Ms Bennett is bleak. “Digital voices will probably replace voiceover artists. The danger is we’re giving our jobs to computers.”借用一本描写由技术进步而导致的岗位革命(以及岗位流失)的书名来说,随着“第二次机器时代”的来临,这两名为机器配音的人会觉得自己变得多余吗?本内特持悲观态度。“电子语音很可能取代配音工作者。危险正是我们把自己的工作交给了电脑。”Mr Briggs is more circumspect. “I don’t think you can replace people yet.” Once machines can emote, things will change, he says. Nonetheless, he is hopeful. “Humans are very adaptable.”布里格斯则更谨慎一些。“我觉得目前人类还无法被取代。”他说,一旦机器能表露感情,事情就不一样了。尽管如此,他依然心存希望。“人类的适应能力很强。” /201503/364062

Nov 19 LG Electronics Inc said on Thursday it signed an agreement to develop its own mobile payment service called LG Pay.LG电子在11月19日表示已签署一份协议,将研发自己的移动付务系统,名为“LG Pay”。LG, which signed the agreement with South Korea#39;s largest and second-largest credit card firms Shinhan Card Co Ltd and KB Kookmin Card Co Ltd, did not give a timetable or description of its planned technology.LG电子与韩国前两大信用卡公司Shinhan Card与KBKookmin Card签订协议,不过并未就计划中的这项技术提供时间表或描述。The mobile payment market is getting crowded as smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd have launched their own mobile payment services.由于苹果与三星电子业已推出他们的移动付务,移动付市场已渐趋拥挤。LG Electronics#39; mobile payment system will be able to be used in all LG smartphones, unlike Samsung Pay which is available only in the recent Samsung smartphone models, South Korean wire service Yonhap reported on Thursday, without citing a specific source.根据韩国联合通讯社周四报导,只要是LG电子的智能手机,就能使用LG的移动付系统;这与三星电子的“Samsung Pay”不同,三星的移动付只适用于自家新近推出的智能手机。不过报导并未点明消息来源。An LG spokesman declined to comment on the report.LG电子发言人对此项报道拒绝做出。 /201512/413175

Huawei has announced its first Windows 10 tablet, a day before Mobile World Congress in Barcelona begins.在巴塞罗那世界移动大会开幕前一天,华为正式发布了传闻已久的首款MateBook笔记本电脑。The MateBook is designed to be an alternative to laptops and is thinner than Microsoft#39;s rival Surface Pro 4 thanks to its use of a USB-C port.由于MateBook使用USB-C接口,所以相比竞争对手微软的Surface Pro 4更薄一些,可以代替手提电脑使用。The Chinese firm is aly the world#39;s third-bestselling mobile phone-maker, but until now had only made tablets powered by Android. Experts said it made good business sense to expand into the new category.这家中国公司已经成为世界上第三大最畅销的手机制造商,但直到现在才开发出安卓系统的平板电脑。专家称这为手机制造企业拓展了新的商机。However, there was no mention of the much-rumoured P9 smartphone at Huawei#39;s event. When questioned about the no-show, the firm told the B it did not discuss future products.然而,谣传已久的华为P9并没有被提及。当被问及华为P9的缺席时,华为公司告诉B,他们暂时不想讨论未来产品。The MateBook features a 12in (30.5cm) display and can be clipped into an add-on keyboard and used with a stylus.MateBook配备12寸(30.5cm)的触摸屏,可加入键盘或者使用写字笔。Its advantages over Microsoft#39;s Surface Pro 4 are that it is:优越于微软Pro 4 的几大特点:nearly 20% thinner, measuring 6.9mm (0.3in) deep比Pro 4轻薄20%,厚度为6.9毫米has a fingerprint sensor built into its side, unlike the Surface Pro which requires its cover to be attached to use the feature内置指纹传感器,不像Surface Pro需要触碰键盘盖来使用这项功能。However, the disadvantages are that Huawei#39;s machine is only offered with a sixth generation Core M processor, and not Intel#39;s more powerful Core i5 or i7 chips.但是这台机器的缺点是只提供第六代酷睿M处理器,而不是英特尔的更强大的酷睿i5或i7芯片。In addition, the decision to rely on a USB-C port means that older peripherals cannot be attached directly to the machine and it lacks a built-in display port.此外,依靠usb-c端口意味着旧的设备不能直接连接到这台机器,并且它缺乏一个内置的显示端口。The entry-level MateBook will cost 9 when it goes on sale later this year, making it 0 cheaper than the basic Surface Pro 4. To purchase its keyboard, MatePen and MateDock will cost an additional 7.当MateBook今年晚些时候开始销售时,其初级版本的售价为699美元,比Surface Pro 4的售价便宜了100美元。但是购买它的附属品如键盘、写字笔和MateDock将会额外花费277美元。 /201602/428332

An Indian restaurant is set to become the first takeaway in the world to deliver its meals to customers#39; doorsteps by drone.一家印度人开的餐馆要成为全球第一个使用无人机将外卖送至客户家门的餐厅。The Don, in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, will fly its kormas and keema naans using a Phantom 3 drone so that hungry recipients can watch their dinner flying to their door.位于白金汉郡米尔顿·凯恩斯地区的“唐餐厅”将使用“幻影3号”无人机配送咖喱和羊肉烤饼,饥饿的订餐者有望看到饭“飞”到家门口。The meals will be packaged in thermal takeaway bag that fits securely on the bottom rails of the drone.外卖将装在保温外卖袋里,牢牢地绑在无人机底部的横梁上。Restaurant owner Aki Rahman has applied for a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licence so he can legally pilot the aircraft.餐馆老板阿基·拉赫曼已经向民航局(CAA)申请合法飞行的执照。The 30-year-old said: #39;I#39;m determined to beat Google and Amazon and be the first to use delivery drones.这位30岁的老板说:“我决定先于谷歌和亚马逊,成为第一家使用无人机投送快递的公司”。#39;We#39;ve done a trial run to my grandmother#39;s house and it all went well.#39;“我们向我祖母家进行了一次试飞,一切顺利。”The progress of the curry-drone will be tracked back at The Don restaurant, which is based on Elder Gate near Milton Keynes Central railway station, and a specialist camera will even film its progress.;唐餐厅;位于米尔顿·凯恩斯中央火车站附近的埃尔德门大街,工作人员将在餐厅实时监测携带着咖喱美味的无人机的飞行路线,甚至有专门的摄像机记录下这一飞行过程。Aki plans to offer customers a copy of the film showing how their meal travelled to them.阿基打算为客户提供一份食物飞行配送时的录像。The innovative restaurateur was today keeping his fingers crossed in the hopes that the CAA will grant him permission to fly over built-up areas where power lines can pose a problem.这位很有创新思维的老板正在祈祷民航局能批准他在这样建筑林立的地方飞行,因为附近的电线可能影响飞行。#39;I#39;m 80 per cent sure I will be allowed,#39; he said.“我有80%的把握能获得批准,”他说。#39;But if not, I will stick to delivering in rural, open areas - perhaps delivering to a park if people want a special occasion picnic.#39;“但如果没有批准,我会坚持在乡村空旷的地方使用——或许能给在公园野炊的人送上一份特别用餐。”The Don opened four months ago and prides itself on offering authentic Indian cuisine without colourings or additives to suit Western taste.这家餐馆营业四个月了,其特色在于提供原汁原味的印度菜,不会为了适应西方人口味而添加任何色素或添加剂。Aki added: #39;These ingredients are not genuine. They are not what Indian people eat - and they would only provide more weight for my drone.#39;阿基补充道:“这些添加剂不正宗。印度人不吃这些东西——它们只会增加无人机的负载。”The restaurant serves up a number of popular favourites including madras, vindaloo and jalfrezi, as well as a fiery dish called #39;Naga#39; made with the infamous world#39;s hottest naga chilli pepper.这家餐厅提供许多颇受大众喜爱的菜品,比如马德拉菜、文达卢咖喱肉、什锦蔬菜,以及一种名叫“那加”的口味浓烈的菜,由世界闻名的最辣的那加辣椒烹制而成。 /201511/410632

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