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福建医科大学附属第二医院 在线询问服务典范福建医科大学第二医院是私立的么?

2019年10月23日 06:58:34

我的星期天My Weekend -- :3:5 来源: On the weekend, I don’t have class, I feel so happy. I always wake up in the morning at about eight o’clock, my mother ask me to have breakfast. After breakfast, I go to shopping with my mother, I buy a lot of the things I like, then I go to play with my friends, we play the game hind and seek. I am so happy in the weekend.在星期天,我没有课,我觉得很开心我总是在早上大概八点钟起床,我的妈妈叫我吃早餐吃完早餐,我和妈妈去购物,我买了很多我喜欢的东西,然后我和朋友去玩,我们玩抓迷藏周末我玩得很开心泉州市新阳光女子医院报价感情-- :5: A:Drew,do you have a girlfriend?  你好,drew,有女朋友吗?  B:Yes,why?  有,怎么了?  A;Well, I came to know a girl 3 weeks ago and we have so much in common.  我三周前认识了一个女孩儿我们有很多共同点  B;So?  然后呢?  A:So I think I have fallen in love with her.  我想我是爱上她了  B:You're attracted to her,[chuckles]That sounds great,but how do you know that it's a crush or it's real love?  好有吸引力啊,[笑]听起来不错,不过你怎么知道那是一时冲动还是真爱?  A:Ok.then what's the difference between "having a crush" and "falling in love"?  那这俩者之间有什么分别吗?  B:That's a big question.well.if you're in love.maybe you'll take every opporty to talk to her or telephone her no reason.  这问题够大的,好吧,如果你真爱上她的话,你会抓住每个机会同她聊天,而且还没什么理由  A:That's what I did  是这样的  B:And you think about her all the time  并且你一直都想着她  A:Yes  是的  B:And maybe you suddenly have new interests .I mean you suddenly begin to do things that you used to avoid,ie:You used to sleep in every morning.but because she jogs every morning,then you begin to like jogging.  还有你可能突然对新事物有了兴趣,我是说你突然开始做自己以前不做的事比如说,你以前每天睡懒觉,可她每天跑步,然后你也开始喜欢跑步了,  A:That's it.She likes dogs so much and now.,I began to love dogs.  是的,她很喜欢,现在我也开始喜欢了,  B:Oh,man.Congratulations.Sounds like you've found your soul mate.  噢,哥们儿,恭喜你,听起来你好象找到了你的另一半儿了  A;Thanks.but I know falling in love is one thing,while staying in love is another.  谢谢,可我也知道爱上谁是一码事,保持这种感情又是另一码事  B:Yeah,that's right.If you find this person is more and more important to you and you can totally trust her,then you stay in love.  是的,如果你这个人对你来说越来越重要,并且你能够完全信任她的话,那么,这种感情还没褪色  A:Yeah.Falling in love is so good.  是的,爱的感觉真好,  B:While staying in love is even better  保持感情更好  Attention Please….特别提醒  [你可以请外教帮你训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]I think I have fallen in love with her我想我是爱上她了英语中表示爱某人的方法有很多除了最长见的I love you之外I am head over heels in love with her我彻底的爱上她了I'm crazy about her..我对她十分着迷I am infatuated with her我为她神魂颠倒  []Crush crush的意思是迷恋,这与我们所说的爱可不一样它通常指学生对老师或是影迷对影星的感情他们常说的一句话就是:Did you have a cursh on her?你喜欢她吗?很多年轻人不喜欢长期的关系[long-term relationship]他们更喜欢去派对或是酒吧泡妞儿  [3]虽然这个词译成精神伴侣,可实际生活中它相当与中国的"唯一"或是"志同道合"英语里类似的表示方法还有a kindred spirit比如说Marco and Shadow are kindred spirits.Marco和Shadow是志同道合的一对儿  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思[ie:What does "puppy love" mean? "puppy love"是什么意思?]  Puppy love  love at first sight  MrMrs right  lovesickness  lovebird  love-letter  love-hate relationship  get dumped  make a pass  break upsplit up永春县妇幼保健医院妇产科建卡要多少钱简短的:老鼠嫁女A Mouse Marriage --7 3:18:58 来源: 简短的:老鼠嫁女A Mouse MarriageMarriage旁白:Long long ago,the mouse king wanted to marry his daughter to the strogest man in the world.Competitioners were too many to be counted.The story begins here.(很久很久以前,鼠大王想把他的女儿嫁给世界上最伟大的人,竞争者数不胜数,故事从这里开始)两唢呐出场,媒婆出场媒婆:My God!I’ve getten something really important.(哎呀,我怎么把正事给忘了)鼠大王出场,悠闲散步媒婆:It’s your good to have your son-in-law.So please hurry up.(今天是你招婿的好日子,快点,快点)鼠大王恍然大悟鼠大王:We ‘re coming . We ‘re coming .(来了,来了)迎亲队伍继续前进,太阳出现,迎亲队伍做眩目状太阳:I am the Sun.My sunshine is so strong.(我是太阳我的阳光是最强的)老鼠们:It is too hot.Yes,you’re the greatest man in the world.(哇,太热了是的你是世上最伟大的人)鼠大王眩目状走到太阳跟前鼠大王:Would you marry my daughter,Mr Sun?(太阳,你愿意娶我女儿吗?)太阳洋洋得意太阳:太阳:Yes,of course..(是的,我愿意)媒婆送上新郎帽,鼠大王给太阳戴上,众人欢呼音乐起,迎亲队伍前进,太阳得意,突然,云出场云:Stop! I am the Cloud.I can shadow the Sun.(停!我是乌云我能遮住太阳)云遮太阳,太阳落荒而逃,帽子掉地云:So I am the greatest.and I should be her husband.Don’t you think so?(所以我是最伟大的,我应该是Susan的丈夫你们不这样认为吗?)老鼠们:Yes.(是的)众人做羡慕壮鼠大王:Would you marry my daughter?(你愿意娶我女儿吗?)云:Yes.(是的)媒婆给云戴帽子,云得意忘形媒婆:Congratulations!(恭喜恭喜!)突然间风来了,大风吹起,迎亲队伍被吹得东倒西歪风狂笑风:Good bye,Cloud. I am the superwind.I can blow everything.(再见吧,云!我是超级狂风我能吹走认识东西)云很生气,风云交锋,老鼠们在一旁呐喊助威老鼠们:Come on!Come on!(加油,加油!)风打败云,踹云一脚,云很害怕,把帽子给风,风拿帽子洋洋得意老鼠们:You’re the strongest.(你才是最强大的)鼠大王:My daughter should marry you.(我女儿要嫁给你才对)风高兴地满场飞,一下子撞在了墙上所有人作失望壮原来墙是最伟大的墙:Hahaha,I am hard.鼠大王:Finally,I find the son-in-law that I like.(我终于找到满意的女婿了)鼠大王很满意,给墙戴帽子墙:I am the strongest,but I am afraid of the mouse.(我很强壮,可是我怕老鼠)这时只有一只耳朵的小老鼠跑出来,看看墙,作不屑状,撞墙,墙倒小老鼠得意洋洋一只耳:I am the greatest man in the world.(我是世界上最伟大的人)所有的人一商量,认为小老鼠很伟大,媒婆推新娘上前,小老鼠看看新娘,心里美滋滋的老鼠们稍上前,很开心老鼠们:You’re great.(你真了不起)忽然,一只猫耀武扬威地走过来猫:Meow!Meow!小老鼠撒腿而逃,媒婆护着新娘退后,老鼠们也被吓得后退媒婆:Shhhhh…Don’t you think the cat is… (嘘,你们不觉得猫是、、、、、、)老鼠们:So…(所以呢?)媒婆上前问猫媒婆:Would you marry Susan,Mr Cat?(你愿意娶Susan吗?)猫看看新娘,眼珠子一转,点点头音乐起,迎亲队伍往前,新娘下轿,很不好意思,众人推老鼠们:We’re so happy,Now we’re the cat’s friends.(我们太高兴了饿,现在我们是猫的朋友了)帽撩起红盖头,对妻子说,猫:You’re so beautiful,(你真美!)猫背对妻子,偷偷说猫:A delicious wife.xixixi.(一只美味的妻子)然后猫吃了妻子,就扑向了其他的老鼠其他的老鼠吓晕了 简短 英语 话剧I Like Watching TV 我爱看电视 --5 :18:7 来源: I Like Watching TV 我爱看电视  I like watching TV. When I sit in front fo the TV set, life becomes wonderful and colorful. TV brings the outside closer to my home. The world becomes smaller than bee because of TV.  Turn on the TV, and you will know what is going on in the other countries, how people live in places far away, and whether there is a good game somewhere. We can see a lot and learn a lot.  Of course, we can also learn through ing or listening to the radio. But with TV, we can learn better and easily. Why? Because we can hear and watch at the same time.  我喜欢看电视当我坐在电视机前,生活变得又奇妙,又多电视把外面的世界带到我家因为有了电视,世界变得比以前小了  打开电视,你会知道在外国发生了什么事,住在远处的人们是怎样生活的,是不是在什么地方有一次精的比赛我们可以看到许多,学到许多  当然,我们也可以通过阅读或者听收音机来学习可是有了电视,我们能学得更好,更轻松为什么?因为我们可以同时又听又看泉州妇幼医院在哪里

安溪妇幼保健院医院乳腺增生泉州妇科病哪个医院好Giving Seats 让座 -- :8:5 来源: Giving Seats 让座  Last Sunday, I went to visit my uncle with my parents by bus. As I just sat down, an aunt with a baby in her arms got on, but there was no more seat her on the bus. So I stood up quickly and gave my seat to her. The aunt said with a smile. "You are a nice boy. Thank you very much." The baby looked at me laughing and I was very glad.  上星期天,我和父母坐公共汽车去看我的叔叔我刚坐下,一个抱着孩子的阿姨上车了,但车上已经没有空座于是我迅速站起来给她让座阿姨面带微笑地说:“你真是一个好孩子,谢谢你”那个婴儿看着我笑了,我很高兴国庆节英语作文 -- :5: 来源: 国庆节英语作文:记国庆节的最后一天(The Last Day of National Day)Today was a last vacation day. I should go to the class. I don't like this school’s classes. I don't like the chalk and monitor . I must write and , learn and . Was it very bad? In class ,We must understand and learn the knowledge. I don't like quiz and exercise, I like experiment. I think it was a bad day!泉州治疗子宫肌瘤专业的医院The Great Wall --3 :3: 来源: The Great Wallthe great wall the great wall is in beijing.it's more than twothousand years old.it's ten thousand li long.it's more than seven metres high.thousands of people built it. it's very great.i like it very much.泉州治疗宫颈糜烂

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