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泉州重度子宫糜烂治疗多少钱泉州第一人民医院妇科Science and technology科学技术Flu vaccines and synthetic biology流感病毒与合成生物学Going viral向病毒行进A speedy way to make a vaccine快速制造疫苗的方法IF A new and deadly strain of influenza were to arise, putting together a vaccine against it in the least possible time would be a priority.如果出现了一枝新型致命性流感毒株,那么当务之急就是要在尽可能短的时间里拼凑出对应的疫苗。To test how quickly that could be done a group of researchers have just had a race with themselves.一研究小组为了测试到底疫苗“出栏”速度有多快,小组内部展开了一次速度竞赛。They have not quite matched the show sometimes given by workers at the Venetian arsenal, who would assemble a galley in a single day in order to overawe visiting foreign dignitaries.当然和工人是绝对比不了的,他们为了震慑游客会时不时表演一番在一天之内安装一艘大帆船。But Philip Dormitzer, Craig Venter and their colleagues did create the crucial component of a flu jab in four days and four hours.但是,菲利普·多米提奇、克雷格·文特尔和同事们的的确确在四天零四小时研发了流感病毒疫苗了一重要组成部分。Dr Dormitzer, who works for Novartis, a drug company, and Dr Venter, eponymous founder of the J. Craig Venter Institute in San Diego, reported their record-breaking attempt in this weeks Science Translational Medicine.多米提奇士在诺华制药公司工作,文特尔士是位于圣地亚哥J·克雷格·文特尔的同名创始人。本周《科学转化医学》杂志刊载了二人创纪录的研发结果。It began with the transmission to them from Americas Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority of the sequence data for the haemagglutinin and neuraminidase genes of a unknown flu virus.一开始,他们得到“美国生物医学高级研究所和发展”的序列数据,关于不知名的流感病毒的血凝素和神经氨酸酶基因的数据。The team took this information and used it to make DNA that contained both the gene sequences themselves and the genetic apparatus needed to let a cell those sequences and produce proteins from them.小组利用数据制作包含两种成分的DNA,分别是基因本身序列和需要细胞识别这些序列并且从中产生蛋白质的基因组织。They then put these pieces of synthetic DNA—which were, in effect, tiny chromosomes—into cell cultures derived from dog kidneys, which have been found particularly effective for this kind of work.之后,研究人员将合成的DNA碎片植入从犬类肾脏中提取的细胞培养物中。经研究发现,犬类肾脏的细胞培养物质非常适合此类实验。The dog-kidney cells duly churned out viruses, suitable for seeding the process of vaccine manufacture, that contained the proteins in question.犬类肾脏不负众望地大量产出病毒,当然也就适合批量生产含尚未定性蛋白质的疫苗。Since these two proteins are the variable elements that stop new strains of flu being recognised by the immune systems of people who have had influenza in the past, this is an important step forward.过去人们感染流感,他们的免疫系统会受到新流感毒株的影响,而如今这两种易变的蛋白质可以阻止影响继续下去,也算是向前迈出了重要的一步。Experiments on ferrets showed that these seed viruses stimulated the animals immune systems in the desired way, producing protective immunity.在白鼬身上做的实验,按照预期显示出这些种子病毒刺激到了白鼬的免疫系统,白鼬体内产生出保护性抗体。Having a seed is not the same thing as being able to make a vaccine in large quantities.种苗实验并不难代表大量临床实验。But it is an important first step.但这是重要的开始。Novartis, in collaboration with the commercial arm of Dr Venters enterprise, Synthetic Genomics, hopes to create a bank of seed viruses using this method.文特尔士合成基因公司商业部门和诺华制药有合作项目,诺华制药希望能够利用这种方法研制出大量的源病毒。That will speed matters up even more.为的是可以加快疫苗研发进度。But the fact that something not actually in the bank could be knocked up at short notice if necessary is comforting.事实其实是这样的:如果必要性能够让人觉得心宽,那么只要一声令下不确定的东西也可以准备完毕。 /201311/266310泉州人民医院网上预约挂号 Education and race教育与种族On the road在路上Ethnic-minority pupils are storming ahead, thanks partly to tutors由于家庭教师的原因,少数民族学生总能在学业上拔得头筹Nov 16th 2013 |From the print editionIN APRIL Kumon, a Japanese firm, opened a tuition centre in Small Heath, a poor district of Birmingham. Its lessons are fairly cheap: about £55 () a month for twice-weekly English and maths classes and homework. As in many of Kumon’s 680 British outfits, its clients are diverse. Many are south Asian; a few are eastern European; none is white and British.4月,日本公司Kumon在伯明翰市的贫困地区小希思开设了一家讲学中心。它的课程非常便宜:只需大约55英镑(约88美元)就能获得2周英文和数学的课程,还包括了家庭作业。Kumon在英国有680家机构,它们的顾客构成非常丰富。很多都是来自南亚的人,少部分是来自东欧的;而几乎没有白人和英国人。 In much ofEurope, pupils from many ethnic minorities linger at the bottom of the heap, says Chris Hamnett of King’s College London. That used to be true inBritaintoo—but not any more. Every ethnic-minority group that trails white Britons in GCSE exams, normally taken at 16, is catching up. Bangladeshis used to perform worse than whites; now they do better. Indians have maintained a huge lead. All this despite the fact that ethnic minorities are poorer than average. Control for that, by looking at pupils who are entitled to free school meals, and all ethnic-minority groups now do well.伦敦国王学院的克丽丝 哈姆尼特说,在很多欧洲国家,少数名族学生一般在底层扎堆。过去在英国也是这样——但现在完全不同了。每一个在普通中等教育书考试中输给英国白人的少数民族学生通常在他们16岁的时候就能赶上英国人。孟加拉裔过去曾不如白人;但现在他们更加优秀。印度人则一直保持着巨大的领先。所有这些都说明了少数民族学生并不比平均水平差。而且通过观察获得免费校园午餐的学生我们不难看出几乎所有的少数民族学生都表现出色。 But some fare better than others. One difference is imported social capital: Indians, who were middle-class when they arrived inBritain, have lots. Bangladeshis and Pakistanis, who often came from rural parts of their homelands, have less. Tenure inBritainmatters too. Newcomers have immigrant aspirations but suffer from not understanding the system. Better-established folk know how things work, but may have lost some of their ambition. A few are in a sweet spot in between.但是有些学生的遭遇比其它人更好一些。其中一个差异就是外来人员的社会阶级:大部分来到英国的印度人都是中产阶级,他们拥有更多福利。而孟加拉人和巴基斯坦人则多半是来自农村,他们则明显无法享受那么多福利。在英国的居住时间同样有影响。新来者有强烈的移民愿望但苦于不能理解整个体系。有些人已经较好地了解了事情如何运转,但他们中的很多人已经失去了自己梦想。极少一部分人能够很好地平衡这些问题,让自己处在一个很完美的状态。 Bangladeshis certainly seem to be. They arrived in large numbers from the 1970s and are now settled, largely inLondon. Plenty are still poor: half fall into the lowest income quintile. But the parents of many children now in school grew up speaking English and attended British schools. They not only understand the system but are shaping it. In 1987 the Collective of Bangladeshi School Governors was set up in theLondonborough of Tower Hamlets, where a fifth ofBritain’s Bangladeshis live. Shahanur Khan, its chairman, encourages parents to get involved in local schools. Parents are increasingly pushy: one mother recently complained to him that her children were not getting enough homework.孟加拉人明显就是这种类型。他们于上世纪70年代大量来到伦敦,而且现在已经站稳了脚跟。他们中的大多数依然很穷:几乎半数人都是收入最低的群体。但是很多孩子的父母都开始学习说英语并且开始在英国学校求学。他们不但理解了整个体系并且在让自己适应这个体系。1987年孟加拉人学校管理者集团在伦敦哈姆雷特镇成立了,在英国五分之一的孟加拉人生活在那。它的主席莎哈雅 可汗鼓励父母们去加入当地的学校。父母们越来越有进取心:最近一个月来对他的抱怨就是她孩子的家庭作业不够多。 Somalis arrived much more recently: just 9% of Somali pupils were born inBritaincompared with 83% of Bangladeshis. And they struggle. Many parents came as asylum-seekers and speak little English. Just one in ten Somalis is in full-time work. But their children are faring better, along with other black Africans. In Lambeth, a borough ofLondon, 61% of Somali pupils got five good GCSEs last year, up from 11% in 2007. Schools employ Somali teaching assistants to help parents and children with their English. The council organises an awards ceremony for outstanding students. And, increasingly, parents pay for extra tuition.索马里人则是最近一段时间内较多的移民者:相比于83%的孟加拉学生出生在英国,只有9%的索马里学生是这样的。并且他们在抗争。很多父母都是为了寻求避难所而来并且几乎不会说英语。只有十分之一的索马里人有全职工作。但是他们的孩子和其它非洲黑人相比表现得优秀得多。在伦敦市的兰贝斯镇,索马里学生在普通中等教育书考试中获得了5A成绩的人数从2007年的11%上涨到了去年的61%。学校雇佣索马里裔老师去帮助家长和孩子学习英语。当地居委会为杰出的学生举办授奖仪式。同时的,父母们因为请课外辅导也需要付额外的学费。 That is another reason black and Asian children are doing better. Saturday schools have long been common, but parents are increasingly turning to private tutors. In a survey of 11- to 16-year-olds by the Sutton Trust, an education charity, 45% of Asian children said they received some kind of private tuition compared with 20% of white pupils. Another study suggests that Somalis are more likely to receive tuition than average, too. Supply has increased along with demand. Karamat Iqbal, director of Forward Partnership, an education consultancy in Birmingham, sees growing numbers of Pakistani graduates, who themselves attended British schools, working as tutors.周末学校课程已经变得很常见,但是父母渐渐得更倾向于私人教师。那也是黑人和亚洲学生表现更出色的一个原因。一个教育爱心组织萨顿托管会关于11到16岁学生的调查显示,相比20%接受私人辅导的白人学生,45%的亚洲学生有私人教师。另外一个研究显示,相比平均水平索马里的学生更可能得到私人辅导。供给也随着需求的上升而上涨。伯明翰教育机构前程伙伴的主席卡马特 伊克巴尔表示随着越来越多的巴基斯坦人毕业,他们开始进入英国学校开始作为一个助教工作。 Black Caribbeans, a long-established group, are doing better but not dramatically so. They have mostly lost immigrant zeal: many doubt that education will make much difference to their chances in life, suggests Steve Strand, a professor of education atOxfordUniversity. And some teachers may be conflating bad behaviour (last year blackCaribbeanboys were over four times more likely to be excluded from school than Bangladeshi boys) with a lack of aptitude. Afro-Caribbeans are less likely to be entered into higher tiers for exams where they could obtain the best grades.而很早就站稳脚跟的加勒比黑人最近也表现得更加出色了但却不是那么引人注目。牛津大学教授斯蒂文 斯特兰德表示:他们中的大多数已经失去了移民的热情,很多人怀疑教育是否会让他们的人生有更多地机会。而且一些老师可能将恶劣的行为与缺乏学习天赋混为一谈(去年加勒比黑人男孩是孟加拉男孩4倍的可能性被逐出学校。)加勒比黑人很难去参加那些能取得好成绩的考试。 Job prospects for ethnic minorities are not yet improving commensurately with their school results. Despite their success in exams, Mr Khan worries that Bangladeshi students are choosing “easy” A-levels, such as sociology and psychology, which limit their options. Pakistani pupils inBirminghamare doing better, says Mr Iqbal, but too many are still driving taxis and running corner shops or cheap restaurants.为少数名族学生准备的工作却没有随着他们学校成绩的提高而增多。除开他们在考试中的成功不谈,可汗担心孟加拉学生去选择一些容易拿A的科目,例如社会学和心理学,这可能会限制他们将来的发展。伊克巴尔表示伯明翰的巴基斯坦学生则做的好一些,但是有太多人依然在开出租车 经营街角商店和低端餐馆。 Still, blacks and especially Asians are edging their way into the professions. Fully 2,087 British Pakistanis started studying law at university in 2011, up from 478 in 2000. Some of those long-held ambitions are now being realised.黑人尤其是亚裔人仍然在让他们求职的路上缓慢前行。学习法律的巴基斯坦裔的从2000年的478人增加到了2011年的2087人。他们中一些曾有远大理想的人现在也已经实现了。201311/265787泉州新阳光医院开展无痛人流吗

泉州市第二医院怎样预约Germanys economy德国经济Watching the wages看工资Germanys economy stutters, even if the fundamentals are strong即使家底殷实,依然难逃困境BLAMING Germany—or at least the austerity prescribed for the euro zone by Chancellor Angela Merkel—for Europes ills may be popular in France. But Germans are inclined, not without some pride, to see their economy as the strongest horse to pull the euro zone out of its misery. Hence the fear caused by a surprising update this month: real output shrank by a seasonally adjusted 0.2% in the second quarter from the first, and manufacturing by 1%.为了解决在法国肆虐的欧洲经济问题,德国—至少是德国总理默克尔,制定了经济紧缩计划。但是德国并没有居功自傲,他们更倾向于将自身经济看作一匹最强壮的马,来拉动欧元区走出困境。因此,这种令人惊讶的上升也在这个月带来了担忧:从第一季度到第二季度,真实输出缩减调整到0.2%,制造业调整为1%。Part of the explanation was statistical. Thanks to a mild winter, there was more construction than usual in the first quarter. But geopolitical crises, especially in Ukraine, had a bigger impact. German exports to Russia have plummeted. Given the timing, the drop was due less to sanctions aly imposed than to expectations of more to come. Russia accounts for only 3% of Germanys total trade, so the losses were easily made up in higher exports elsewhere. More devastating is the rising uncertainty over Russia that is causing managers to delay investment. Germanys Ifo business-climate index, a widely watched benchmark, fell in August.说明中有一部分是统计结果。暖冬的原因使得统计结果与第一季度同期相比有了更多的解释。并且由于地域政治危机,特别在乌克兰,产生了更大的影响。德国对俄出口直线下降,因为给定了时间减少了制裁,下降比预期中来的更猛烈。而俄罗斯仅占有德国贸易总额的3%,所以在高出口的地方更容易出现损失。更糟糕的是,俄罗斯持续上涨的不确定性,导致了投资经理人的投资延误,被广泛视为基准的德国IFO商业景气指数在八月份也出现下降情况。Aside from such new risks, however, the underlying German economy still looks strong. The federal budget is close to balance. Unemployment remains low: indeed, labour shortages are an increasing problem. This applies to large businesses such as care for the elderly, but especially to many of the niches for which Germany is famous, such as hearing-aid acoustics, according to the Cologne Institute for Economic Research.除却这些新的风险,德国经济基础看起来依然强劲。财政预算趋于收平衡,失业率也处在低水平范围:事实上,劳动力短缺问题日益严重。根据科隆经济研究所的报告,低失业率适用于那些负责照顾老人的大企业,特别是那些在德国境内十分著名的岗位,比如助听器声学。Germanys best contribution to recovery in the euro zone would be to let wages rise. Whether they are aly doing so will not become clear for months, because Germany reports the relevant statistics more slowly than most. But the willingness is there. In July Jens Weidmann, the president of the Bundesbank, Germanys notoriously hawkish central bank, caused a sensation by calling for pay rises of 3% on average. A new minimum wage should also nudge wages up. It will take effect in 2015 at 8.50 an hour, more than 40% of the median wage.德国对于欧元区恢复的最大贡献在于让工资上涨。无论他们是否在这样做,几个月之内情势也不会明朗,因为德国的相关统计数据比大部分统计慢很多,不过人们对此毫无异议。七月,在德国众所周知的鹰派中央——德意志联邦的行长延斯·魏德曼要求加薪,引起了轰动。他要求的薪资平均上涨幅度为3%。一个新的最低工资标准也可以推动工资上涨。这项在2015年生效的新规定将每小时工资定位8.5英镑,超过了平均水平的40%。Rising German wages would represent the “natural Hume mechanism at work, but with euros instead of gold,” says Michael Burda, an economist at Berlins Humboldt University. By this he means the process first described by David Hume in the 18th century, under which countries on the gold standard adjusted to imbalances not by letting currencies appreciate or depreciate but through rising or falling prices and wages. In effect, Mr Burda says, the euro zone has imposed a gold standard on its 18 members. Prices and wages are falling in several crisis countries. Germany could help by letting its wages rise—if it is willing to accommodate this. If not, there is a serious risk that deflation could take hold across the euro zone as a whole.柏林洪堡大学的经济学者迈克尔·布达说德国提高薪金水平代表“休谟自然体制运转的,是欧元不是黄金”。他的意思是,在休谟体制—由大卫·休谟在18世纪首次提出—下运转的金本位国家调整经济失衡应该通过提高物价和薪酬,而不是货币的升值或贬值。布达先生也表示,欧元区正在向它的18个成员国强加金本体制。物价和薪酬在一些高危国家有所下降。德国可以通过提高薪酬来帮助他们—如果他们愿意接受这个提案;否则,通货紧缩带来的一系列危机将笼罩整个欧元区。German firms certainly have plenty of leeway, after practising wage restraint for the past decade. Known as the sick man of Europe ten years ago, Germany underwent a set of wrenching labour-market reforms starting in 2003. Unions co-operated meekly, often accepting wage rises below inflation and productivity growth. In effect, this was an internal devaluation that made exports more competitive, especially in sectors such as machines and chemicals, according to Karl Brenke at the German Institute for Economic Research in Berlin. The forgone spending power by workers also depressed consumption. The combination led to huge trade surpluses.在过去十年实行的薪酬限制,让德国公司确信它们还有转圜的余地。正如十年前被全欧洲所知的“风险家”,德国自2003年开始经历了一系列复杂的劳动力市场改革。联盟向来是逆来顺受,经常在通货膨胀和生产率提高的情况下接受工资上涨的提议。柏林经济研究协会的卡尔·雪瑞尔克说,国内曾经发生的一场货币贬值实际上让出口变得更有竞争力。工人们丧失消费能力也使消费低迷,二者结合带来了巨大的贸易顺差。Rising wages and consumption in Germany, if they are accepted, would partially reverse this trend. That would lead to smaller trade surpluses, as both the European Union and the Americans are demanding. The only other domestic lever is increased investment, both by the government and by companies, an area where Germany has been stingy in recent years. But because investing requires confidence, Russia is again proving a damper.德国提高薪资和消费,如果人们接受,将会在一定程度上扭转现在的颓势,此举将会减小贸易顺差,这倒是欧盟和美国都希望出现的情况。在德国政府近年来缺乏的领域由政府和公司合作,不断上升的投资成为了国内仅剩的另一个杠杆。但由于投资强调信任,俄罗斯又一次成为了反面教材。 /201409/326633泉州新阳光医院的费用 泉州便宜的人流

泉州阳光医院人流手术Shes aly lost four babies, at least one to sharks.她已经失去了四个孩子,至少有一只喂了鲨鱼。This new calf would be especially precious.因此这个新生儿显得尤为珍贵。Very little is known about the first days of a calfs life.小海豚刚出生的那几天鲜为人知。Its a rare opportunity for Janet to learn more.珍妮特学习的机会不多。They are all very close, and they just sort of stay together, tight in rest它们靠的非常近,紧紧的挨在一起休息。All the dolphin families in Shark Bay are mostly made up of females.鲨鱼湾的大多数海豚家庭都是由雌性海豚建立的。Just like cuddling in humans, the Beachies spent a lot of time touching and patting.跟人类一样,比奇家庭成员也花了很多时间彼此触摸亲近。Family is everything for dolphins.家庭生活对海豚而言至关重要。201404/284603 Thats a vocal exercise,right? Is that...这是暖嗓 对吗What else do you do? What else besides that?你还会什么 除了这个还有什么Theres a lot of...what else? What do you want to hear more?还有很多啊 还有什么 你还想听什么I think thats fancinating.Thats hard to do. you think so?我觉得太不可思议了 很难做到 你这么认为You think its easy,but its like...你觉得简单 但就像这样but you have to control the air. It goes...你得控制好气息 像这样No more air.Oh,its hard when it gets soft.收气 那就很难了哈Is it tickling a little bit?A little tickle. Yeah.有点儿痒吧 有点儿 会的Yeah,all right. And if youre missing saliva,是的 如果你觉得口干了Because sometimes you get nervous. Oh, I was missing some,yes.因为你有时会紧张 恩 已经口干了Bite,bite the tip of your tongue.咬你的舌尖Really hard. No.使劲 才不要呢注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201310/262063泉州做人流多少钱泉州新阳光妇科医院人流价格表



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