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Behind the scenes at Disney's first fan conventionLast Friday, Johnny Depp came onto a stage at the Anaheim Convention Center and wowed the crowd by appearing in full costume as Captain Jack Sparrow, the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. On the same stage, actors John Travolta and Nicholas Cage dropped by, and singer Miley Cyrus performed -- all surprises for star-struck fans who bought tickets to attend "D23 Expo", Walt Disney's first-ever in-house convention for its faithful. To me, this conjured déjà vu: Where had I seen this before? Oh, yes, the very same stars, including Depp as Captain Jack, had appeared at a private presentation the Disney Studio held late last year for journalists and analysts. But of course, this was the whole point of D23 -- a chance for real people, folks who have nothing to do with the media spindustrial complex, to get up close to their idols, go behind the scenes, and get the lowdown on what is coming next across Disney's vast film, TV, Web, resort, travel and consumer products divisions. It was an interesting experiment in one of the few burgeoning trends in media today, a move toward selling aly-loyal customers premium memberships that offer access to things they wouldn't normally see. It was a small glimpse at how an industry hungry for growth is trying new ways to find it. And it gave new meaning to the term "Mickey Mouse Club." The broad concept behind D23 -- the 23 is a reference to 1923, the year young Walt left Kansas and arrived in Hollywood -- was to create an official fan club for all things Disney. D23 Expo is the company's own version of Comic-Con,the geekfest held in San Diego each summer that in recent years has been pretty much co-opted by the Hollywood studios who use it as a venue to hawk their biggest projects and stars -- many that have not a whit to do with comic books -- in front of an influential young audience and a boatload of press. D23 Expo, which ended its four-day debut yesterday, was essentially Disney-Con -- and anyone could attend for a day or for the whole event (and members of the D23 club, which was founded earlier this year, get a discount.) Because of its theme parks in particular, brand affinity is an area where Disney thinks it holds a clear advantage over its peers. Once, when I mentioned a rival movie studio to a senior Disney executive, he replied "there is a difference between a brand and a logo." And it's hard to bet against Disney right now, which holds the mantle as the world's largest media company with a market valuation of nearly billion. It is using that size to its advantage, recently agreeing to buy Marvel Entertainment -- the comic book company now churning out box office hits like Iron Man and Spider-Man -- for billion. (It also announced a deal last week with fantasy-film director Guillermo Del Toro, adding even more heft to the idea that Disney is aggressively going after the young male market.) I strolled D23 Expo on Saturday, the third day of the event, and probably the biggest in terms of attendance. (Officially, the company would only say that "tens of thousands" were on hand). Having written extensively about Disney, it was interesting to see disparate elements of what I've observed internally at the company -- such as showrooms of Disney-branded furniture and folks from its hush-hush "Imagineering" division that builds theme-park attractions -- assembled in one place. The convention floor itself did not feel crowded and was lower-key than you might expect, though there was a mini-stampede at a booth when a plate of mouse-ear-shaped chicken nuggets came out. Some exhibits were better than others (a shout-out to the the Lego mural and booth for "Lost University", a clever new online spin-off of the hit TV show on Disney's A network.) Amid all the Disney and Pixar fare you'd expect stood a fairly anachronistic white "Action News" van from A's owned and operated Fresno, Ca. TV station tucked next to a far more heavily trafficked interactive games area. "We're just happy to be here," said the man minding the van. Notably absent from the festivities was ESPN, the sports programming juggernaut that accounts for roughly a third of Disney's profits. There was, however, a subtle nod to Disney's partner in ESPN, 20% owner Hearst Corp., which also is a partners with Disney on other cable channels including Aamp;E and Lifetime: signage on a barbecue concession outside noted that it served only "grass-fed beef from Hearst Ranch". Saturday night there was a live auction that included a holiday dinner party at the corporate commissary in Burbank. During the day, the big event was a presentation by Jay Rasulo, the head of Disney's parks and resorts division. During it, the arena attached to the convention center was nearly filled with several thousand people who hooted and applauded at every item Rasulo unveiled -- from new attractions at Disney's various theme parks to the pending arrival of two new Disney cruise ships. Star Wars storm troopers joined Rasulo onstage when he concluded by announcing a major upgrade a longstanding attraction related to the film at Disneyland. Sitting there, I couldn't help but marvel that the crowd had paid to see what is essentially a sales pitch when they could have just gone literally across the street to Disneyland for the real deal. Yet they loved every word and image. Of course this audience was aly pre-sold on Disney, and what they were really paying for was the feeling of being an insider. But more than that was an inescapable irony: in the digital age, with all its virtual means to connect with consumers, the most valuable customer just might be the one you can get to come meet you in person. /09/84258第6期:Taking a Taxi to the AirportY:Excuse me.Can you take me to the airport?Y:对不起,能不能载我到机场?X:Which airport,ma’am?X:女士,哪一个机场呢?Y:Kennedy Airport.Y:肯尼迪机场X:All right,ma’am .Need any help with your luggage?X:好的,女士需要我帮你拿行李吗?Y:Thank you,but I’d rather keep this case with me.Y:谢谢,但我宁愿把行李箱带在身边其他出国旅游英语句型:1.Can you take me to the airport? 你可以载我到机场去吗?take sb. to + 地方名词 (开车)载某人赴某地例:Take me to the train station,please.请载我到火车站去.I’d rather keep this case with me. 我宁愿随身携带这行李箱a.本句的基本句型原来是这样的:; I would rather+动词原形+…”,表示“我宁愿要……”的意思而助动词would,通常与其前的主语I连成I d例:Id(I would)rather stay here.我宁愿留在这儿b.不过,此句型也常在rather之后,接than,而形成如下句型:I d(I would ) rather+动词原形+than+动一同原形+...我宁愿……而不愿……例:Id rather stay home than go out with Johnny.我宁愿留在家而不愿与约翰尼出去 1971

A: Hello Mr Fang! It good to see you again. What can we do you today?您好,方先生!很高兴再次见到您我们今天能为您做些什么吗?B: Hello, Xiao Ping. Id like to open a eign Currency today.你好,小平我今天想开一个外汇账户A: That shouldnt be a problem, Mr Fang. Have you got your Certificate of Use of eign Exchange and the eign Exchange Opening Notice with you? Our most widely used currencies are US dollar, Japanese yen and Hong Kong dollar.这应该没有问题,方先生您是否带着;外汇账户使用;和;外汇 账户开户通知书;?我们这儿最广泛使用的货币是美元、日元和港币B: I need to open a US dollar , trade with America is going up each year.我要开一个美元账户,与美国的贸易每年都在上升A: We will transact this you as soon as we can after the materials you have given me have been checked and verified.在您给我的这些材料审核确认之后,我们会为您会尽快办理B: Good,thanks. I look ward to hearing from you.好的,谢谢我等着你的消息 7801



  Get Ready,Set,Go!就位、预备、出发!After loading all their belongings, Evan and Kathy are y to drive into Amsterdam.艾凡和凯西把他们所有的东西放上车后,准备开车进阿姆斯特丹市K:I guess were all set now. Let go!凯西:我想现在我们一切都已就绪咱们这就上路!E:Right. Now, let see.The emergency brake is here, the turn signals work this way, here the horn...艾凡:好的现在,我看一下紧急煞车在这儿,方向灯这么打,喇叭在这儿…K:Dont honk the horn so loud! There might be anti-noise laws here.凯西:不要喇叭得那么大声!这里也许有反噪音法也说不定E:Im just testing it! And...let see...here are the lights and the high beams...艾凡:我只是测试一下而已!还有……我看看……车灯在这儿,远灯……K:But it daytime. Why do you need them now?凯西:但是现在是白天,你为什么需要灯呢?E:I dont need them now; I want to check all the equipment bee I start driving.艾凡:现在不需要,我想在行前检查所有的装备K:Oh.凯西:哦E:Our seat belts are fastened, the side and rearview mirrors are adjusted...I think Ill put my seat back a little further.艾凡:安全带系上了,车两边和车内的后视镜也调好了……我想我得把我的座位往后挪一下K:Well, hurry up! Im dying to get going.凯西:嗯,快一点!我迫不及待地想出发了E:Safety first. Otherwise, you might really die!艾凡:安全第一要不然,你也许车祸身亡!K:Evan Whiting! Watch what you say!凯西:艾凡·怀特宁!注意你的言辞!E:OK, OK, Im only teasing. There, I guess that everything. We have a full tank of gas; the engine is warmed up. Were off!艾凡:好嘛,好嘛,我只是在开玩笑嘛好了,我想就这些了车子的油箱都加满了,引擎也暖好了我们上路了!K:Finally!凯西:终于出发了! 51881

  The wrong size错误的型号A:Can you shorten this pipe me? It too long.A:你可以把这个管给我弄短一点吗?太长了B: Sure. Ill do it after lunch. What length do you need?B:当然可以午饭后我给你做你需要多长?A: Can you take mm of it?A:你可以把它截掉毫米吗?B:Yes, no problem. Itll be y by p.m.B:是,没问题下午点为止就弄好了 50U.N.'s Top Climate Official To Resign The top climate-change official at the ed Nations is leaving to become a private consultant, a move that follows the failure of a U.N. climate summit in Copenhagen to produce a binding agreement to curb global greenhouse-gas emissions.Yvo de Boer said he will leave his post as the executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change on July 1 to take a job as a climate-change adviser with consulting firm KPMG. His term had been scheduled to end in September.The failure of the Copenhagen conference to come up with a legally binding global pact has highlighted fissures among nations about which of them should have to spend money to make the biggest cuts in the gases believed to contribute to global warming.It suggests that the world's biggest emitters are willing to curb their output of those so-called greenhouse-gases only to the extent that they believe doing so will help them in more immediate ways, such as fighting smog and creating jobs. Those economic realities will continue to face Mr. de Boer's successor.In a statement announcing his departure, Mr. de Boer cast the Copenhagen result in an optimistic light. 'Copenhagen did not provide us with a clear agreement in legal terms, but the political commitment and sense of direction toward a low-emissions world are overwhelming,' he said. A spokeswoman for Mr. de Boer said he was unavailable for additional comment.'It's a very difficult period,' Janos Pasztor, head of the climate-change team for U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who will name Mr. de Boer's successor, said in an interview. 'It doesn't matter what a senior U.N. civil servant does, ultimately,' he said. If governments are 'not y to sign off on an agreement, then they will not sign off on an agreement.'Mr. de Boer's exit comes as the U.N.'s push for a global crackdown on greenhouse-gas emissions faces mounting difficulties. A string of recent revelations about questionable practices and outright mistakes by scientists who contributed to a big 2007 U.N. climate-science report has led some politicians to advocate slowing the push for legislation that would cap greenhouse-gas emissions. Among those mistakes: The 2007 report by the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said Himalayan glaciers might disappear by 2035, a claim the IPCC now says was inaccurate.As U.N.-sponsored organizations, the IPCC and the UNFCCC are linked. The IPCC's mission is to provide assessments of climate science for use in policymaking -- including policies pursued by the U.N. climate-policy body, which Mr. de Boer headed.Mr. de Boer could have asked Mr. Ban to appoint him to another term. 'We never came to that point,' Mr. Pasztor said. Asked whether Mr. Ban would have reappointed Mr. de Boer, Mr. Pasztor said: 'That we don't know.'Mr. de Boer worked before coming to the U.N. as deputy director general of the environmental ministry of the Netherlands. He also previously worked as an adviser to the Chinese government and to the World Bank. KPMG said it was hiring Mr. de Boer for a global job 'advising business, governments and other organizations on sustainability issues.' The firm said it and many of its clients regard climate change as an increasingly important business issue.Mr. Ban will begin looking for a successor for Mr. de Boer 'extremely quickly,' said Mr. Pasztor, who said he didn't know who might be considered. /201002/968581.Have you had any experience in food and beverage service?你有过餐饮务的经验吗?.Why do you want to work in a restaurant instead of a hotel?你为什么不想在宾馆,而要在餐厅工作呢?3.Working in the restaurant is more stimulating.在餐厅工作更令人兴奋.What would you do if a guest complains that the food you recommended is not fresh?如果客人抱怨你推荐的饭菜不新鲜,你会怎么办?.5.I would first apologize to the guest and take away the food to check it.首先向客人道歉,撤走那盘菜6.Food and beverage service includes accepting food reservation, giving inmation about restaurant hours, taking orders, recommending food to customers, as well as presenting bills.餐饮务包括接受订餐、告知餐厅营业时间、接受点菜、给顾客 推荐食物以及出示账单7.You would be responsible bringing in the dishes from the kitchen, serving the drinks, and if necessary, looking after the bills.你负责从厨房端菜上菜、送饮料,如有必要,还要收账8.If it was the waiter who made the mistake, we will change it immediately.如果是务员弄错了,那马上换菜9.The development of a restaurant depends on factors.饭店的发展离不开两个重要因素.Restaurant is a special kind of commodity which provides tangible facilities and intangible services.饭店是一种特殊的商品,提供有形的商品和无形的务 Dialogue 1对话 1A:Have you had any experience in food and beverage service?A:你有过餐饮务的经验吗?B:Yes, I used to be a part-time delivery worker KFC.B:是的,我以前兼职在肯德基送外卖A:Could you tell me about restaurant service?A:你能说说释饮务包括什么吗?B:Yes. Food and beverage service includes accepting food reservation, giving inmation about restaurant hours, taking orders, recommending food to customers, as well as presenting bills.B:可以餐饮务包括接受订餐、 告知餐厅营业时间、接受点菜、 给顾客推荐食物以及出示账单Dialogue 对话 A:Why do you want to work in a restaurant instead of a hotel?A:你为什么不想在宾馆,而要在 餐厅工作呢?B:Working in the restaurant is more stimulating. Besides, I also hope to shoulder more responsibilities.B:在餐厅工作更令人兴奋,此外, 我愿意承担更多的责任A:What am I expected to do here?A:我的工作范围是什么?B:You are the head waiter. You would be responsible bringing in the dishes from the kitchen, serving the drinks, and if necessary, looking after the bills. So youd be kept busy.B:你是餐厅的领班,你负责从厨 房端菜上菜、送饮料,如有必 要,还要收账,所以你会一直 很忙 365

  The Hague海牙The next city on Kathy and Evan itinerary is The Hague.凯西和艾凡行程上的下一个城市是海牙After the hustle and bustle of Rotterdam, we can relax here in The Hague.在经历喧嚣扰攘的鹿特丹之后,我们可以在海牙这里放松一下了Im not very familiar with this city.我对这个城市不是很熟悉Well, it the third largest city in the Netherlands. 它是荷兰的第三大城,It also a kind of international capital.也是一个国际性的首都What do you mean?你这么说是什么意思呢?Well, the World Court is here, and the city has always been an international center, 嗯,联合国国际法庭在这儿,而且这个城市一直是个国际中心,playing a leading role in law and trade in Europe and, today, the world.在欧洲以及当今世界的法律和贸易上都扮演领导的角色Gee, I didnt know that.乖乖,我从没听过这件事Youre not a diplomat! Youre an artist, remember?你不是外交官!你是艺术家,记得吗?Very funny. Hey! What that beautiful old castle there?好好笑嘿!那边那座美丽的古堡是什么呢?That the center of this city. 那是这个城市的中心点It was built by an early king here in the th century. 古堡于十三世纪初由本地一位国王建造而成Lots of old buildings were built around it, not to mention man-made canals and lakes. 许多古老的建筑物也环绕它的四周而建,更不用说是人造运河和湖泊了That how the city got started.这个城市就是这样开始的Fascinating. Er, what can we do here?非常迷人的历史呃,在这里我们能做什么?Are you kidding? There are more than a dozen museums, including a couple both historic and contemporary art, and lots of theaters. 你在开玩笑吗?这里有十几间物馆,其中包括了几个兼具历代及当代艺术的物馆,还有不少的剧院Or tomorrow we can go to the beach.或许明天我们可以去海滩Id love to see the North Sea!我很想去看看北海! 55

  It didnt hurt.不痛Aspirate, Miss Jones.琼丝,吸吧Dont hold the aspirator too far back in the patient mouth.不要把吸引器往病人嘴里推得太深She has a tendency to gag.他看来要吐得样子Give me the lower molar ceps.把下颌磨牙钳子拿来The tooth is badly decayed.这颗牙齿蛀的不成样子I have to separate the roots.得把这齿根分开Is there any problem, Doctor?医生,有什么问题吗?No problem, Mrs. Waters, this wont take long. Give me a curette, Miss Jones.没问题,沃特丝太太用不了太长时间,琼丝,请把药匙拿来No, not the small one, give me the middle sized one. The large one is too big.不,不是小号的,是中号的大号的太大了些Here is the middle-sized curette, Doctor.这是中号的Ill have to put in a suture (stitch). Give me the black silk. 000 suture, Miss Jones.我要给她缝合,琼丝把黑丝000号缝合针拿来You can rinse your mouth, Mrs. Waters.沃特丝太太,你可以漱口了Take the scissors and cut the suture about 5 millimeters from the knot, Miss Jones.琼丝,拿尖刀来把缝合线在离节子五毫米的地方剪开Here, Doctor?这样对吗,医生Yes, that right. Good. Rinse your mouth again, Mrs. Waters. Im finished.对的,很好沃特丝太太,再漱口做好了You should come back in three days to have the suture removed.过三天你得回来拆线Thank you very much, Doctor. Im very happy that the tooth is out.十分感谢牙齿拔掉了,我十分高兴You were very careful. How much do I owe you?你可真小心呀该交多少钱?Miss Jones will take care of the fee.你交给琼丝好了Miss Jones, remove the towel and take care of the bill, please.琼丝,把毛巾拿走你去收钱吧Yes, Doctor.好的 35

  Checking rooms察看房间Sir, may I help you?先生,我能帮您忙吗?Yes, I want to book a room.是的,我想订个房间:,Sure. What kind of room do you like?好的,您要什么样的房间?Well, could you let me see the room?嗯,能让我先看看房间吗?Ok. What about this one?好的,这一间怎么样呢?It fine. What beautiful scenery outside the window! I think this one will do.不错,窗外的景色多美啊我想我就要这间了I am glad you like it.很高兴您喜欢 5781。


  第一句:Hello, this is Deng-Robert from Taiwan.喂,我姓邓,来自台湾的罗伯特·邓A: This is Deng—Robert Deng from Taiwan. Id like to speak with Mr. Jones.琼斯先生现在不在,您要不要留言?B: Mr. Jones is not in right now. May I take a message?琼斯先生现在不在,您要不要留言?第二句:This is Wang Nanxi speaking.我是王南希A: Inmation Desk speaking. May I help you?问询处,请问您需要什么务?B: This is Wang Nanxi speaking. I need some inmation about touring Hangzhou.我是王南希我想了解关于游览杭州的情况A: There are two trains going to Hangzhou every morning, No.9 and No. 79.每天早晨有两列火车到杭州,9次列车和79次列车在电话中说明“我是谁”时,是用“This is... ”,而不是“I am... ”另外电话占线用英语表达是:The line is busy. 电话正忙如果让先挂断,则说:Hang up, please. 请先挂断 755

  Professional Terms专业术语budget n.预算calculate v.计算,推测poultry n.爱禽,鸡类temperature vt.温度update vt.适时修改,更新Application software应用软件Any instructions or collection of related programs designed to be carried out by a computer to satisfy a user specific needs are applications software.为了满足某一用户具体需要而设计的,由计算机执行的任何一些指令或一些相互关联的软件的总合,均称为应用软件A group of programs written to perm payroll processing is one type of applications softwre.为完成工资单的数据处理而编写的一套程序就属于应用软件的一种as are programs written to maintain personnel records, update an inventory system, help you calculate a budge.还有那些专为保管个人档案资料、用来不断更新库存系统、协助你做预算,or monitor the incubation temperatures at your poultry farm.或者监控家禽养殖孵化温度等而编写的程序,也都是应用软件Applications software can be purchased ;off the shelf;. or written.应用软件可以购买市场上现成的,or it can be written to order by qualified programmers.也可预先约请合格的程序编写人员编写If example, a company payroll processing requirements are fairly routine.例如,如果某一个公司工资单的数据处理要求相当平常,it can probably purchase one or more payroll applications software programs off the shelf to handle the job.那就可以买一个或多个市场上流行的工资单应用软件程序,来完成这项工作However, if a company has unique payroll requirements,但是,如果某个公司有独特的工资单要求,such as a need to handle the records of hourly employees, salaried employees, and commissioned employees,例如它需要计算小时工的、一般工薪人员的和委任的官员们的工资单,the off-the-shelf software may not be satisfactory.那么,市场上流行的软件就不能满足这些要求It may be more cost-effective to have the payroll programs written to exact specifictions.这时,约请专人编写合乎确切要求的工资单程序所花的费用,than to try to modify off-the-shelf programs to do something they were never intended to do.,就可能会比通过现行程序,而使它能胜任过去从未做过的事,要更便宜一些 363991

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