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福州长乐儿童医院治疗效果如何福州长乐中心医院医生的QQ号码【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. Everything the light touches is out kingdom.2. A king’s time as ruler rises and falls like the sun.3. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope. /200605/7325长乐人民医院网上挂号 中级英语口语闪电速成[28] /200703/10800Two I love going to the mall.我爱逛商场。 1 IntroductionA Clothing is pretty expensive in America. As a general rule prices are fixed, so don’t try bargaining for anything, except at some private sales and flea markets. Of course, when they buy a car, they will negotiate. 衣在美国相当昂贵。一般来说,价格是固定不变的,所以都用不着讨价还价,除非是私人买卖,跳蚤市场。当然,当他们买车时,他们还是会协商价格的。B Going shopping with foreigners is a good way to make friends with them. Especially in China, you can be the guide, and also learn to say a lot of common things in English. 和老外去购物是和他们结交朋友的好办法。尤其在中国,你可以做他们的向导,同时还可以用英语学说很多常见的物品。C In American, people pay sales tax on many items that they buy. For example, clothing, cigarettes, soda, and gasoline are taxable items. However, they don’t pay sales tax on food at the grocery store, unless the food they buy is prepared and y to eat (at a restaurant, a supermarket or deli. 在美国,很多商品是要付销售税的。举例来说,衣、烟、汽水和汽油都是打税物品。然而,杂货店的食物就不需交销售税,除非是已经做好可以吃的食物(像餐馆、超市、熟食店的)。 2 Sample Sentences1. The leather shoes were priced at 1,000 RMB. 这双皮鞋标价一千人民币。2. You can always bargain here, but goods tend to come and go quickly so if you like it, buy it now! 你可以总在这里讨价还价,但是商品似乎来去得快,所以如果你喜欢,现在就买!3. Where can I buy an English - language newspaper? 哪儿能买到英文报纸?4. I want something like this. 我想要一件这样的。5. I like the blue one in the window. 我喜欢橱窗里的那个蓝色的。6. What is it made of? Will this material shrink? 这是什么料子? 这种料子缩水吗?7. Is it color-fast / crease resistant / synthetic / pure cotton / silk / genuine leather / hand-made / imported / made here? 这种料子不退色/抗皱/人造纤维/纯棉/真丝/真皮/手工做的/进口的/本地生产的?8. How long will it take to alter? 改一下需要多长时间?9. I’d like some shoelaces / shoe polish / moisturizing cream. 我要买鞋带/鞋油/润肤霜。10. Can you show me how it works? 能教我怎么用吗?11. I’d like a blouse / jacket made to measure. 我想定做一件短上衣/上衣。12. Can I pay by traveler’s cheque? / Do you accept credit cards? 能用旅行票付款吗?/ 能用信用卡付款吗? 3 Conversations1. At the mall.Anna Garcia is visiting her friend, Grace, in Tampa, Florida.Grace: Come in and have some coffee, Anna. The kids have just gone out to the mall to hang out with their friends. Anna: I saw a lot of teenagers when Alan and I were there yesterday. Grace: They spend hours there, especially on weekends. Anna: Speaking of that trip, Alan bought a shirt at a department store, but the sleeves are too long. Do you know a seamstress1 or tailor2 who can shorten them?Grace: I know several. But wouldn't it be easier to take the shirt back and exchange it for the right size? Anna: Isn't that complicated3? Grace: No, it's easy. We'll just take the shirt back to the men’s department and show them the sales slip4. They'll exchange it for the correct size or give you a refund5.Anna: We? Do you want to go with me? Grace: Sure. I love going to the mall. Anna: What do you do there… hang around6, like the kids? Helpful Information: At most stores, one can always exchange products or even get a refund within a certain amount of time if he or she still has the sales slip and the product is in good condition. 在多数商店,在一定的期限内,一个人总是可以去兑换商品或者甚至退到钱,如果他/她还有售货发票,并且物品还完好无损。——安娜,进来喝杯咖啡。孩子们刚出去和他们的朋友们逛购物中心。——昨天我和艾伦在那里的时候看到很多青少年。——他们在那里玩几个小时,尤其在周末。——说起那次旅行,艾伦在商场买了一件衬衣,但是袖子太长了。你认识什么裁缝师可以将它们弄短一点吗?——我知道几个。但是把衬衣拿回去换个合适的尺寸不容易一些吗?——那样不复杂吗?——不,很简单。我们只要把衬衣拿到男装部,给他们看销售发票。他们要么会换个合适的尺寸,要么会把钱退给你。——我们?你想和我一起去?——好哇,我爱逛商场。——你去那儿做什么……闲荡,像那些孩子一样?2. Bargain Hunting.Saturday morning in Atlanta.Liz: Why are you ing the classifieds7? What do you need?David: I'm looking for a bookcase, but I don't want to buy a new one.Liz: Are you having any luck?David: Not really. There aren't any used bookcases listed. But there are a few rummage sales8 on Saturday. I think I'll go to them. Liz: Do you mind if I go with you?David: Not at all. These private sales are great places to bargain. And sometimes you can find terrific things among all the junk.Liz: I learned to negotiate9 from my mother. I thought I was pretty good at bargaining, but I had a problem the other day at Kimble's Department Store.David: What happened?Liz: I wanted to buy a beautiful wool sweater for my girlfriend. It was priced at forty dollars, so I started by offering the salesclerk thirty.Additional Information:In America, supermarkets usually mail their sales papers to customers. Also flea markets are popular, too. Sometimes you can get a like new name-brand product there at a very low price for a couple of dollars. One of the things that make flea markets appealing to Chinese is that most prices are open to negotiation. It seems to be a Chinese tradition to haggle over the price of virtually anything that is bought. 在美国,超市通常把他们的产品促销简介寄给顾客。同样地,跳蚤市场也很受欢迎。有时你可以在那里低价买到一件比较新的名牌产品,比如说几美金。跳蚤市场受中国人欢迎的其中之一就是大部分价格都有可能协商。中国的传统似乎是差不多任何可以购买的产品都可以讨价还价。——你为什么在看这些分类广告?你需要买什么?——我想找个书架,但是我不想要一个新的。——有没有什么好运气?——还没有。这里没有列出任何旧书架。但是星期六有几个清仓大拍卖。我想去看看。——你介意我和你一起去吗?——一点都不。这些私人买卖很好去还价。而且有时候你可以在这些旧货中找到一些很好的东西。——我从我妈妈那里学会了杀价。我原以为我很会讨价还价,但是不久前一天在金商场,我就有过一点麻烦。——发生了什么事?——我想为我女朋友买件漂亮的羊毛衫。标价是四十美金,所以一开始,我就向售货员出价三十美金。3. At the Checkout CounterIn line at the checkout counter of a large, modern supermarket.Roy: Look at this headline10 - Elvis Baby Born on Spacecraft. Where do these tabloids11 get such crazy stories? Iris: I've often wondered the same thing. I also wonder who s them. Then I realize that I'm standing here ing them myself. Roy: It looks as though everyone in line s them, or at least looks at the headlines. Iris: I think we picked the right line. This one seems to be moving more quickly than the others. Roy: Maybe our checker is faster at scanning12 the food. Iris: I'm glad. We have only about twenty things here, and I'm in a hurry to get home.(The customer in front of them pays and leaves.) Checker: Good afternoon, ladies. Paper or plastic? Iris: Paper bags, please. You know, yours is the fastest-moving line in the store. Checker: Well, I'll let it go this time, but in the future, please don't use the express line with so many items. ——你看这个标题——埃文斯婴儿在宇宙飞船上出生。这些小报从哪里得到这些希奇古怪的故事?——我也经常想知道这些。我还想知道谁看这些小报。后来我发现只有我自己站着在读这些东西。——看起来好像这排的每个人都在看,或许至少在看标题。——我想我们选对了队伍。这行队好像比其他队移动得快一点。——也许我们队的收银员扫视食品快一点。——我很高兴。我们大概只有二十件商品,我还急着回家呢。(在他们前面的顾客付了钱,走了。)——女士们,下午好。要纸袋还是塑料袋?——请给我们纸袋。你这行队是商店里结账最快的。——这次我就让你过去,但是以后,请不要买这么多件物品走快速结账这条线。4. Looking for a pair of shoes. Rita: Hey Joe, what are you doing in this department store? Joe: Hi, Rita, I'm just looking for a pair of shoes. I won't be here for long. Rita: Why not? When I go shoe shopping, I have so many options13 for sneakers14 that I spend awhile looking at all of the choices.Joe: That's my problem. I don't have a lot of options.Rita: What do you mean? This is a big store, isn't it?Joe: Yes, but I have unusually big feet. That wouldn't be too much of a problem except that they're also very wide, and only a few brands sell shoes that I can fit into.Rita: So how do you usually go about15 buying shoes, then? Joe: Well, first of all, I can only go to certain stores that can guarantee16 me a large selection.Rita: Well, you're in the right store. If they don't have it, no one will.Joe: After that I choose something from one of the few brands that I know will fit me. I prefer white, so I ask them to bring me a pair of white sneakers in my size. Since I’m usually only given one or two pairs of shoes that meet my qualifications17, it makes it a very easy choice.——嗨,乔,你在这家百货公司干什么?——嗨,瑞塔,我只是想买双鞋。我不会在这里呆很久。——为什么不呢?当我去鞋店买运动鞋时,我有很多选择余地,所以我要花很长时间看完这些鞋。——那是我的问题。我没有很多选择余地。——你什么意思?这个商店很大,不是吗?——是,但我的脚也特别大。本来也不会有太大问题,但是我脚又特别宽,所以只有几个牌子有我能穿的鞋。——那么,你通常怎么买鞋?——唔,首先,我只能去那些能保我有很大挑选余地的鞋店。——那你来对了鞋店。如果他们没有你穿的鞋,其它鞋店也不会有了。——然后,从我知道的几种适合我穿的牌子中挑选一种。我比较喜欢白色,因此我要售货员按照我的尺寸拿给我一双白色运动鞋。因为通常只会有一两双鞋符合我的尺寸,因此挑选起来就非常容易。5. Shopping around. Janet: So what do you think of my new dress? Karen: I think it's great! I really like the color, and it goes really well with your eyes. I've actually been eyeing that dress at Maxine's for a while now, but I wasn't sure I could afford ninety-five dollars for a dress at the moment.Janet: Um, ninety-five dollars?Karen: Yes, that's the price they were advertising it at. I was hoping it might go on sale soon. Why, how much did you pay for it?Janet: I bought it for one hundred and forty-five dollars at Helen's Boutique18. I didn't know I could get it cheaper somewhere else.Karen: Of course! Everything at Helen's is overpriced19, and they sell things that you can find at almost every other clothing store! Why didn't you shop around?Janet: I don't know, I just saw the dress and thought about how pretty it looks and how much I wanted it. I guess I was too impulsive20.Helpful Information:The same products may be priced quite differently at different stores. This happens everywhere. Shopping around may take a lot of time, but it can be very worthwhile. 相同的产品,不同的商店,价格都可能很不一样。这点到处都一样。所以到处逛逛可能会占用很多时间,但是有可能很值得。——那你觉得我的新衣怎么样?——我认为非常好!我很喜欢这个颜色,和你的眼睛很相配。我已经注意麦克辛装店的那件衣一段时间了,但当时我不敢肯定我能付得起95美元买件衣。——什么,95美元?——是的,那是他们做广告宣传的价格。我在希望它不久就会降价。怎么啦,这件你花了多少钱?——在海伦时装店我花了145美元买这件。我不知道在其它地方买可以便宜一点。——当然!海伦时装店的每件东西都定价过高,而且他们所售的东西差不多在任何一家其他装店都能找到!你为什么不逛逛其它装店呢?——我不知道,我只是一看见这件衣,就觉得非常漂亮,并且非常想买。我想我是太冲动了。 4 Words and Expressions1. seamstress 女裁缝师2. tailor ((尤指男装) 裁缝师3. complicated 复杂的; 难懂的4. sales slip 销货单, 销货发票5. refund 退还, 退款6. hang around 闲荡, 徘徊7. classifieds 分类广告8. rummage sale 义卖, 清仓大拍卖9. negotiate 谈判, 协商, 洽谈10. headline 标题;大标题11. tabloid 小报12. scanning 电子光束扫掠,扫描13. option 选择; 选择权; 选择自由14. sneaker 运动鞋15. go about 着手干;做16. guarantee 保;担保17. qualification 资格, 限制,18. boutique 流行女装商店,精品店19. overpriced 定价过高的20. impulsive 冲动的;易冲动的 /200603/5421福建省长乐市第二医院是正规医院吗?

长乐妇科去哪个医院Then there was the tipping point It paid me 0 a month more than I was currently making. 然后是直接让我心动的他愿意在我现在的酬劳上 一个月多给我100美元Ill make it So I made the leap, but with a conscious commitment to myself. 于是我接受了我完成了跳跃 不过我向自己保I would do this for a maximum of five years then I would go get a real job and a real career. 我干这个最多五年然后我会找到真正的工作和职业Now I can honestly say I never had to go get that real job The career thing worked out okay. 现在来看 老实说 我再也不需要找什么真正工作了我的职业生涯非常顺利34 years later I have lived and traveled all over the world been to every major sporting event there is. 34年后 我到世界各地旅行和居住身临其境地观看每一项重要体育赛事Met and worked with some of the smartest, most creative people on the planet ive met with Presidents, Prime Ministers, and World Leaders. 同地球上最聪明 最具创造性的人们碰面 同他们一同工作我见过各国总统 首相 世界范围内的领袖And call some of the greatest athletes of our time close friends I have a pretty good gig to say the list. 同当今体坛最伟大的运动员称兄道弟要列名单的话 这会很长So here I am, celebrating with you here today and Im truly exited about that. 今天 我在这里同你们一同庆祝对此 我非常激动As I thought about how to approach this conversation many different ways crossed my mind. 准备这次演讲时我想到过很多思路But what I landed on was something that has served me well over my career Lets keep it simple. 但我最终打算讲对我职业生涯意义重大的东西简单点So what I want to do is ask and attempt to give some insights on 3 simple questions. 我想做的是提出三个简单问题 并给出我的个人理解First, what do you want to do? Second, what should you do?. 第一是 你想做什么第二是 你应该做什么201609/465558长乐江田镇保宫人流术医院 Its only truly working for those who make pharmaceuticals for stress, sleeplessness and high blood pressure 硬要说它适用于谁的话 它只适用于生产治疗压力 失眠和高血压的药物的人So please dont settle for just breaking through glass ceilings in a broken corporate system or in a broken political system 请大家不要满足于只在已经破败的公司系统或社会系统中寻求突破Where so many leaders are so disconnected from their own wisdom that we are careening from one self-inflicted crisis to another 这些系统之中 有太多的领导者都没有发挥自身的智慧这让我们只是从一种自我造成的危机转向另一种Change much more than the M to a W at the top of the corporate flow chart Change it by going to the root of whats wrong 改变不仅仅是将公司体制顶端由男性变为女性改变需要从错误的根本原因抓起And redefining what we value and what we consider success And remember 并重新定义我们对价值和成功的认识记住That while there will be plenty of signposts along your path directing you to make money and climb up the ladder 虽然在人生旅途中 会有很多路标将你们指向赚更多钱 以及攀爬社会阶梯There will be very few signposts reminding you to stay connected to the essence of who you are 但很少有路标提醒你们始终铭记自己的本质To reach out, to pause to wonder and to connect to that place from which everything is possible 去帮助他人 去停下来好奇去接通体内那个一切皆有可能的地方My Greek compatriot Archimedes said ;Give me a place to stand and I can move the world; 我的希腊前人阿基米德曾说过;给我一个点 我就能撬动地球;So find your place to stand -- your place of wisdom and peace and strength 你们需要找到一个点也就是智慧 安宁和力量所在之处And from that place, lead the third womens revolution and remake the world in your own image, and your own definition of success 并以这里为点 领导第三次女性革命将世界按照你们心中的样子 按照你们对成功的定义来重塑So that all of us -- women and men -- can live our lives with more grace, more joy, more empathy, more gratitude 从而让我们所有人 无论男女都能生活得更美好 更欢乐 更相互理解 更心怀感激And yes, more love So class of 2013, congratulations 让生活中充满更多的爱2013届毕业生们 祝贺你们Onward, upward and inward! Thank you!向前 向上 也要向内加油 谢谢201606/448086长乐市中山能做三镜一丝手术吗

福州市长乐区妇幼保健哪个医生好 电影学口语 Lesson 9:[灰姑娘]No Time to Dally【精片断】剪辑自 灰姑娘2Prudence: Your highness(殿下), a princess never prepares her own meals. That is not how things are done.Cinderella: There are rules about breakfast?Prudence: Of course, there are rules. But it’s certainly not your fault that you don’t know the traditions of the castle(城堡,皇宫). That’s what the king expects me to teach you.Cinderella: I am sure I can learn it in no time.Prudence: Mm-hmm. Come along. There’s no time to dally. Just do as I say, and everything will be fine.Prudence: The king would be horrified to find the hostess of the royal banquet(宴会) dressed like a scullery(洗碗室)maid(女仆)! A princess must be attired(用鹿角装饰) like royalty.Cinderella: Couldn’t I just wear one of my own dresses?Prudence: Very amusing, Your highness…but it simply isn’t done.【口语财富】1. This is how things done. 事情应该这样做。2. I can learn it in no time. 我会很快学会的。3. There’s no time to dally. 不能再耽搁时间了。4. It simply isn’t done. 这可不行的。 /200604/6485猴屿乡妇女儿童医院收费标准福州长乐人民医院妇科地址



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