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The time has come to admit that Israel is a sick society, with an illness that demands treatment, President Reuven Riv lin said at the opening session on Sunday of a conference on From Hatred of the Stranger to Acceptance of the Other.以色列总统鲁夫里夫林在周日一个主题为“从陌生人的恨意到接受他人”的大会开幕式上说道,是时候承认以色列是个需要治疗的病态社会了。Both Rivlin and Prof. Ruth Ar non, president of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, which organized the conference at it s premises on the capitals Jabotin sky Street, spoke of the painful and bloody summer, and the resultant resurgence of animosity between Arabs and Jews that had escalated to new heights.以色列科学和人类学科学院在首都的亚金斯基大街组织了这场大会。院长鲁斯艾伦教授和里夫林都谈及了那个惨痛而血腥的夏天以及阿拉伯人和犹太人之间的重新燃起的仇恨又上升到了一个新的高度。Referring to the mutual expressions of hatred and incitement, Arnon said that Jews, who in the Diaspora had been exposed to anti- Semitism and persecution, should be more sensitive to the dangers of incitement. ;But are we?; she asked.谈到共同的恨意和和煽动仇恨,艾伦说颠沛流离的犹太人面临着反犹太主义和迫害,他们应当对煽动带来的危险更加敏感。她问到:“但是我们是这样吗?”Rivlin wondered aloud whe ther Jews and Arabs had abandoned the secret of dialogue.里夫林非常想知道犹太人和阿拉伯人是否已经抛弃了对话的秘密。With regard to Jews he said: ;Im not asking if theyve forgotten how to be Jews, but if theyve forgotten how to be decent human beings. Have they forgotten how to converse?; In Riv lins eyes, the academy has a vital task to reduce violence in Israeli society by encouraging dialogue and the study of different cultures and languages with the aim of promoting mutual under standing, so that there can be civilized meetings between the sectors of society.谈到犹太人,他说:“我不是在问他们是不是已经忘记如何做一名犹太人了,而是要问他们是否已经忘记如何做一名正直的人。他们已经忘记什么是沟通了吗?”在里夫林的眼里,学院有一项重要的任务,那就是通过鼓励对话和研究不同文化和语言减少以色列社会存在的暴力现象,以此达到提高相互理解的目的,推动社会各界开展文明会面。He urged the academy to take on this challenge and to eradicate the violence that threatens to scar Israels image.他敦促学院面对挑战,根除威胁损害以色列形象的暴力行为。Education Minister Shai Piron was confident that differences can be overcome and cited his own family as an example. He grew up in a home in which his father was Sephardi and politically right wing, whereas his mother was Ashkenazi and left wing. And y e t, he never detected any antagonism. He did not realize until he was an adult and went out into the world, the extent to which differences can cause havoc, he said.教育部长沙伊皮龙认为不同是可以被克的,并且举了他自己的家庭作为例子。他的父亲是西班牙系犹太人而且是一名右翼分子,而他的母亲则是左翼的德系犹太人。但是他并没有发现有什么敌对的现象。直达他长大踏入社会才发现原来不同也是会带来浩劫的。The Education Ministry is starting a heritage project where by Jewish and Arab youth, both religious and secular, will study side by side and learn each others traditions, Piron said.皮龙说,教育部正在开展一个遗产计划,在这个活动中犹太和阿拉伯年轻人无论宗教还是世俗都将会在一起共同学习彼此的传统。Holocaust studies professor Yehuda Bauer of the Hebrew University said that racism based on color is marginal in Israel. Racism in Israel is generally of a nationalist nature, he said. He was most concerned about religious racism and incitement that usually emanates from extremist fringe elements, because these people are often the most violent and most dangerous, he declared.希伯来大学研究大屠杀的Yehuda Bauer教授说以色列建立在肤色上的种族主义是非常边缘化的。他说,以色列的种族主义主要是民族性的。他说他最担心的是极端边缘分子散散播的民族性种族主义和煽动,因为这些人通常都是最暴力也是最危险的人。The most difficult task confronting the academy, Bauer said, out was how to define incitement in relation to free dom of speech. He cautioned that freedom of speech must never be sacrificed on the altar of incitement. His own definition of incitement was when an individual or a group, through speech or written material, harms and humiliates an other individual or group, sparking others to engage in physical or psychological violence against them and even going so far as to kill them.Bauer说现在学院面临的最严峻的挑战是如何定义自由演讲关系中的煽动。他称不能因为煽动就牺牲演讲的自由。而他自己对煽动的定义是当一个个体或团体通过演讲或者材料描写后伤害并侮辱另一个个人或者团体,鼓动他人暴力对待(精神和肉体上)甚至杀死他人。来 /201501/352339。

Former economyminister Toshihiro Nikai (L) applauds Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting in Beijing on Saturday.前经济部长二阶俊于周六在北京的一次会议上为中国国家主席习鼓掌。BEIJING: Chinas President Xi Jinping struck a friendly tone on relations with Japan Saturday, but touched on disputes over history which still add to tensions between the East Asian giants.北京:中国国家习主席于周六在评价与日本的关系时语气很友好,但是也谈及了至今仍在加剧东亚大国之间紧张关系的历史纠纷。Ties between Beijing and Tokyo have warmed over the past year, but strains overterritorial disputes and attitudes towards wartime history persist.过去一年里,中日关系逐渐升温但在领土争端上的紧张态势,以及对待战时历史的态度仍然未变。Xi told a forum in Beijing that ;peace and friendly cooperation between China and Japan is the common will of the people, and the general trend of events;.习主席在一个北京论坛上说:“中日间的和平友好合作是人民的共同意愿,也是事件发展的总趋势。”He added that ;friendship; between the countries ;deserves cherishing and protecting,; at the event, attended by Japanese delegates including former economy minister Toshihiro Nikai.他还当场补充说两国间;友谊;;值得珍惜和保护,;出席那次论坛的日本代表就有前经济部长二阶俊。High-level meetings between China and Japan were suspended for two years amid a row over disputed islar until Xi and Japans Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met last year. They held talks again last month.因为在岛上的争议,中日高层会议连续搁置了两年,直到去年习主席和日本首相安倍晋ShinzoAbe)的见面。上个月他们再次举行了会谈。During his Beijing visit, Nikai delivered a personal letter to Xi from Abe, japans Kyodo news agency said, without giving further details.日本共同通讯社说在访问北京期间,向习主席递交了一封安倍的私人信件,但并未透露更多细节。Echoing regular pronouncements from Beijing, Xi also mentioned the 70th anniversary of the Japanese surrender in the second world war, and added that;the facts of history cannot be distorted;.为与中国惯常的声明相呼应,Xi也提到了第二次世界大战日本投降的70周年纪念,并补充;历史事实不能被扭;;The efforts of anyone seeking to distort or beautify the facts of Japans acts of militaristic invasion will not be accepted by the people of China,; he added.;中国人民不会接受任何人试图为扭曲或美化日本军国主义侵略行为所作出的努;他补充道。His remarks came just a day after China renewed its call for Japan to ;face up to; its 20th century history after Abes wife visited a shrine which Beijingsees as a symbol of Tokyos warring past.他说这番话的前一中国再次呼吁日本;面对;0世纪的历因为在这之前,安倍的妻子参观了神社——中国将此当作是东京交战历史的象征。China is preparing a massive military parade in September to mark the 70th anniversary, and also creating a public holiday.中国正在准备将于九月份举行的纪念二战70周年的大型阅兵仪式,并创建一个公共假日。Chinas defense ministry said that its army planes on Thursday for the first time flew over the Miyako Strait, between Japans Miyako and Okinawa Islands.中国国防部表其军队飞机已于周四第一次飞越宫古岛海峡——位于日本宫古岛和冲绳群岛之间。来 /201505/376767。

BEIJING Virile, canny and possessed with a boundless appetite for red meat, Kuzya, a 23-month-old Siberian tiger, would seem the perfect mascot for President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who had a personal hand in reintroducing Kuzya to the wild in the Russian Far East in May.北京——凶猛、机警、对红肉有无限欲望的西伯利亚虎(中国称东北虎——译注)库兹Kuzya)已有23个月大,对于俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)来说,库兹亚似乎是一个完美的吉祥物。今月,普京亲手将它放归野外。It turns out Kuzya, like Mr. Putin, has territorial ambitions, which this week drew him across the frigid Amur River that separates Russia and China. His arrival set off a diplomatic incident of sorts when it became clear that “President Putin’s Tiger,as one Russian newspaper put it, was facing possible peril on the Chinese side of the border.现在我们知道,原来库兹亚和普京一样,有着开拓疆土的野心。在这种野心的驱使下,库兹亚本周穿越中俄边境冰冷的阿穆尔河(中国称黑龙江——译注)。他的到来在一定程度上引发了外交事件,因为一家俄罗斯报纸称,“普京总统的老虎”在中国境内可能面临危险。On Friday, wildlife officials in China’s far northeast were scrambling to ascertain Kuzya’s whereabouts after his Russian minders, tracking him by radio transmitter, expressed concern that he could up in the hands of poachers not an unlikely outcome given the steep price a rare Siberian tiger can fetch on the Chinese black market.周五,中国东北地区负责野生动物管理工作的官员努力确定库兹亚的踪迹,俄罗斯的看管人员通过无线电发射器追踪库兹亚,他们担心库兹亚可能会落入偷猎者手中,鉴于稀有的西伯利亚虎在中国黑市能够卖出高价,这也不是不可能。“There is still hope that Kuzya will be sensible and swim back before the river turns to icy slush,the newspaper Novaya Gazeta wrote this week.《新报Novaya Gazeta)本周报道称,“库兹亚还是有可能觉察到危险,在河流结冰前游回来。”Despite a spotty record of environmental stewardship, China holds animals in high regard both as talismans of good fortune and as ambassadors for global diplomacy (see Giant Panda).尽管环境管理工作时好时坏,中国是十分重视动物的——它们既能带来好运,又能充当全球外交大使(比如大熊猫)。Mr. Putin, too, has a soft spot for animals, and he is frequently photographed cavorting with various wild beasts, including snow leopards, polar bears and dolphins.普京对动物也有铁汉柔情的一面,他经常被拍到与雪豹、北极熊和海豚等各种野兽欢闹的场景。In one of his more notable animal-related photo-ops, Mr. Putin, wearing white coveralls, strapped himself into a motorized hang glider in a failed attempt to lead a flock of endangered white Siberian cranes on a cross-country migration.在众多涉及到动物的拍照活动中,格外引人瞩目的一次是他身穿白色连体,驾驶着一架动力三角翼,引导一群濒临灭绝的西伯利亚鹤飞越国界迁徙,但最终失败。Given the increasingly close relations between Moscow and Beijing, united against what both countries see as a growing challenge from the West, it appears Chinese officials are taking no chances with Kuzya’s safety.莫斯科与北京的关系日益密切,两国在联合应对来自西方国家的挑战——据他们称这种挑战正越来越严重,鉴于这样的背景,中国官员似乎不会拿库兹亚的安全冒险。On Friday, the Foreign Ministry said prodigious efforts were being made to track and protect the tiger, which swam across the Amur on Tuesday after trekking some 300 miles from the spot where Mr. Putin presided over his release.周五,中国外交部表示,中国正在全力追踪并保护这只老虎。本周二,库兹亚从普京放生的地方行走00英里(约83公里),然后游过了阿穆尔河。“We will make joint efforts with the Russian side to carry out protection of wild Siberian tigers which travel back and forth between China and Russia,Hong Lei, a ministry spokesman, said in a statement.外交部发言人洪磊在一份声明中称,“我们将与俄方共同努力,做好在中俄两国之间来回的野生东北虎的保护工作。”The incident produced inevitable snickers, with some people in China warning that Kuzya might be a spy, and in Russia, that he was seeking to escape Mr. Putin’s authoritarian grip. “Putin’s Tiger Cub Defects to China, the headline in the British tabloid The Daily Mail.这一事件必然会引发讥笑,中国的一些人警告称库兹亚或许是间谍,俄罗斯人则称,库兹亚试图摆脱普京的独裁控制。英囀?每日邮报Daily Mail)发表了题为《普京的老虎幼崽叛逃至中国Putin’s Tiger Cub Defects to China)的报道。In China, many microblog users predicted an unhappy ending. “How long before this poor tiger becomes a rug in some rich official’s house?one observer remarked.在中国,很多微用户预言称会出现不幸的结局。一名评述者写道,“可怜的老虎多久后会成为一些富有官员家里的地毯呢?”Even with stepped-up enforcement on both sides of the border, wildlife advocates say about 40 tigers are illegally hunted each year. They feed China’s growing appetite for the tiger parts that are used in traditional Chinese medicine and tiger bone wine.即便中俄边境都加强了执法工作,野生动物保护人士表示,每年大约0只老虎遭到非法猎杀。它们满足了中国对老虎可被用于制作中药和虎骨酒的身体部分日益增长的需求。At ,000 a carcass, the incentive for poachers is hard to resist.每一具老虎尸体价万美元(约合6.1万元人民币),偷猎者很难抗拒这个诱惑。Once abundant across the boreal forests of east Asia’s taiga but hunted to the brink of extinction, the Siberian tiger has made something of a comeback in recent years. That is due partly to efforts by the Russian government to combat the illegal logging and poaching that had reduced their numbers.东亚地区的北方针叶林曾经有很多西伯利亚虎,但它们遭到猎杀,现在已经濒临灭绝。最近几年,西伯利亚虎数量出现了某种程度的恢复。这部分源于俄罗斯政府开始打击导致西伯利亚虎数量减少的非法采伐和偷猎。The tiger recovery effort has been one of Mr. Putin’s pet projects.老虎放生是普京宠物计划中的一项。Wildlife officials say there are 370 to 450 Siberian tigers roaming the Russian Far East, up from 40 in the 1940s. Things are not as rosy on the Chinese side.负责野生动物的官员称,俄罗斯远东地区共有37050只西伯利亚虎生活在野外,0世纪40年代仅有40只。中国的情况则没有这么乐观。Fewer than two dozen tigers remain in China. Officials have made notable progress in recent years by setting aside vast tracts of potential tiger habitat, dismantling the snare traps set by Chinese villagers and imposing fines and significant jail time on those found trafficking in tiger parts.目前,中国境内的西伯利亚虎在20只上下。近年来,官员在老虎的潜在栖息地划出大量空地、拆除中国村民设置的陷阱,并对从事老虎买卖的人处以罚款及判处较长的徒刑,从而在保护老虎方面取得了巨大进展。“It’s an uphill battle, but things are getting better,said Li Qian, who runs the Asian Big Cats program for the World Wildlife Fund in China’s Jilin Province.在中国吉林省负责运营世界自然基金World Wildlife Fund)亚洲大型猫科动物保护项目的李茜(Li Qian,音译)说,“这是一项艰苦的斗争,但情况正在改善。”On Thursday, officials with the Luobei County Forestry Bureau in Heilongjiang Province said they were installing 60 infrared cameras and dispatching workers to find the illegal traps that local villagers often set to catch an assortment of wildlife.周四,黑龙江省萝北县林业局的官员称,他们正在设0台红外相机,并派工人前去寻找当地村民为捕获各类野生动物而非法设置的陷阱。Chen Zhigang, the county’s forestry chief, said the government was also prepared to release cattle to supplement a tiger’s normal diet of red deer and wild boar, which are in short supply in China’s heavily populated northeast.萝北县林业局局长陈志刚表示,政府还准备释放牛群,以补充西伯利亚虎对赤鹿和野猪的日常需求,这两种动物在中国人口稠密的东北地区很少见。Officials, he added, were also working to assuage the fears of local residents “because there has never been a wild tiger in the reserve before,he told the China News Service.他还表示,官员正试图减少当地居民的担忧。他告诉中国新闻社,“因为保护区以前从未出现过野生老虎。”On Friday evening, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported that another one of the tigers Mr. Putin set free in May, a female named Ilona, was reportedly just a few miles from the Sino-Russian border.周五夜间,中国官方通讯社新华社报道称,普京月放生的另一只名为伊洛娜的雌性老虎据称离中俄边境仅有数英里。Maria Vorontsova, director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare in Russia, is following the events closely. Ms. Vorontsova was part of the team that rescued Kuzya and four siblings who were orphaned after a poacher killed their mother nearly two years ago.国际爱护动物基金International Fund for Animal Welfare)在俄罗斯的负责人玛丽亚·沃龙特索娃(Maria Vorontsova)正在密切关注此事。沃龙特索娃参加了拯救库兹亚及其四个兄弟的队伍。将近两年前,一个偷猎者杀害了它们的母亲,于是这些老虎便成了孤儿。“Five tigers represent more than 1 percent of the existing population, so it’s important they survive,she said by phone.她在电话中说,“这五只老虎在现存数量中占了超过1%,所以他们的存活具有重要意义。”After spending nearly a year in an enclosure, three of the tigers were released in May in a nature preserve in Russia’s Amur Region. It was Mr. Putin, Ms. Vorontsova noted, who pulled the rope that set Kuzya free.在一个封闭的环境里待了将近一年之后,5月,其中三只老虎被释放到了俄罗斯阿穆尔州的一个自然保护区。沃龙特索娃指出,是普京拉动了将库兹亚放生的绳索She said she knew Kuzya was a fighter when, moments before dashing into the woods, he took a gratuitous swipe at the GoPro camera recording his release.)(她说,就在库兹亚迈入丛林之前,它无缘无故地猛击了记录他的放生过程的GoPro相机,这时她明白库兹亚很好斗。)While some of his siblings stayed in the vicinity, Kuzya was apparently taken with wanderlust and zigzagged his way through the sparsely settled Jewish Autonomous Region, safely crossing highways and railroad tracks on his way to China. Wildlife rangers who have been tracking his movements by satellite said he was eating well and avoiding human activity, the key to a rehabilitated tiger’s survival.库兹亚的兄弟还留在附近,但它似乎很热衷于游荡,它曲折前进,穿过人烟稀少的犹太自治区,安全地通过公路和铁道,最后来到中囀?一直在用卫星追踪它的行动的野生动物监管者称,它吃得很好,也避开了人类活动,这是被放生的老虎能生存下来的关键因素。Asked whether she thought Kuzya was looking to make some sort of political statement by sneaking into China, Ms. Vorontsova laughed.当被问到她是否认为库兹亚希望能通过潜入中国来表达某种政治观念,沃龙特索娃笑了。“Every animal wants a good habitat with enough prey and the possibility to meet a nice female,she said. “In the meantime, hopefully he won’t get into any trouble.”“每个动物都希望能有这样一个栖息地,拥有足够的猎物,并且有机会遇到一只不错的雌性老虎,”她说。“同时,希望他不要遇到什么麻烦。”来 /201410/335276。

France’s National Front (FN) has ousted its founder Jean-Marie Le Pen in an effort to shed its extremist image and increase its chances of taking power in the 2017 presidential election.法国国民阵线(National Front)罢免了其创始人让-马里勒庞(Jean-Marie Le Pen),试图消除其极端主义形象,提升在2017年总统选举中掌权的机会。In a statement on Thursday night, the party said it had taken the decision to expel the 87-year-old veteran of French politics after a meeting lasting several hours, during which the executive board “deliberated and decided, by the required majority, to exclude Mr Jean-Marie Le Pen as a member在周四晚上的一份声明中,该党表示已决定开除这位现7岁的法国政界资深人士。该党是在一场持续了几个小时的会议之后做出这一决定的。在会上,该党执行董事会曾“经过深思熟虑,以必要的多数票决定解除让-马里勒庞的党员身份”。The decision is a clear victory for Marine Le Pen, the party’s current leader and Mr Le Pen’s daughter, who has been locked in a power struggle with her father.这一决定是该党现任领导人、勒庞女儿马琳勒Marine Le Pen)的一次明确胜利。此前,马琳勒庞与其父一直处于权斗之中。Ms Le Pen, who has tried to present the party her father founded in 1972 as a more moderate force in French politics, decided that enough was enough in April when her father repeated comments about the Nazi gas chambers being a mere “detailof history.对于其父972年创立的这个党派,马琳勒庞一直试图令其在法国政坛表现为一更温和的力量。今月,当其父重申纳Nazi)毒气室只是个历史“细节”问题的言论时,马琳勒庞认定她已受够了。He also said that France should support Russia as part of a push to save what he described as the “white world马里勒庞还曾表示,法国应该持俄罗斯,以拯救他所谓的“白人世界”。Following Thursday’s expulsion, Mr Le Pen told France’s iTélé news channel: “There is indignation; there is sadness. It’s always trying when one has the feeling of not having made any mistake, of having expressed one’s opinion as a politician.”在周四被国民阵线开除后,让-马里勒庞向法国iTélé新闻频道表示:“这事令人愤慨;这事令人悲哀。如果一个人感觉没犯任何错,只是以政客身份发表了自己的看法,那么这样的遭遇就会令人非常难受。”Frederic Joachim, Mr Le Pen’s lawyer, called the move “a political assassination马里勒庞的律师弗雷德里克若阿基姆(Frederic Joachim)称此举是“一次政治上的刺杀”。Mr Le Pen is likely to appeal against the decision in court. He has resorted to legal action several times in recent months with some success.马里勒庞可能会向法庭申请驳回这一决定。最近几个月,他曾多次采取法律手段,并曾取得一些成功。来 /201508/394348。

The Afghanistan war, the longest overseas conflict in American history, has cost the US taxpayer nearly tn and will cost several hundred billion dollars more after it officially ends this month, according to Financial Times calculations and independent researchers.根据英国《金融时报》和独立研究者的测算,美国史上持续最久的海外冲突阿富汗战争已让美国纳税人付出万亿美元的代价,而且在本月正式结束后还将让美国纳税人付出几千亿美元。About 80 per cent of the spending on the Afghanistan conflict has taken place during the presidency of Barack Obama, who sharply increased US military presence in the country after taking office in . The enormous bill for the 13-year conflict, which has never been detailed by the government, is an important factor in the broader reluctance among the US public and the Obama administration to intervene militarily in other parts of the world including sending troops back to Iraq.阿富汗战争的出0%发生在巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)的总统任期内,他在年上台后大举增加了美国在阿富汗的军事存在。这3年冲突的巨额账单(美国政府从未公布出细节),是美国公众和奥巴马政府普遍不愿意在世界其他地方进行军事干预(包括将美军派回伊拉克)的一个重要因素。John Sopko, the government’s special inspector- general for Afghanistan, whose organisation monitors the more than 0bn spent on reconstruction projects in the country, said that “billions of dollarshad been wasted or stolen on projects that made little sense. “We simply cannot lose this amount of money again,he said. “The American people will not put up with it.”奥巴马政府的阿富汗特别监察长约#8226;索普John Sopko)表示,已有“数十亿美元”被白白浪费在没什么意义的项目上,或者被窃取。索普科所在的机构负责对美国在阿富汗000亿美元的重建项目进行监察。“我们不能再损失这么大一笔钱了。”他说,“美国人民将无法容忍这样的事情。”Adjusted for inflation, Mr Sopko said the amount the US had spent on reconstruction in Afghanistan was more than the cost of the Marshall Plan to rebuild western Europe.索普科表示,经通胀调整后,美国在阿富汗重建项目上花掉的钱,已超过当年用于重建西欧的马歇尔计Marshall Plan)。Since 2001, the government has appropriated 5bn for the war most for the defence department and a further 5bn has been spent servicing interest payments on the money borrowed to finance the war. On top of that there are medical costs, estimated to have reached 4bn for both the Iraq and Afghan wars.001年以来,美国政府已累计为战争拨款7650亿美元,主要拨给国防部,还花250亿美元用于付战争筹款的利息。此外还有医疗成本,预计已达340亿美元(包括伊拉克和阿富汗两场战争)。来 /201412/348823。