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去福清无痛人流手术多少钱福清治疗妇科病Yahoo's Bartz Has Missed the Boat摘要:雅Yahoo! Inc.)首席执行长巴尔茨(Carol Bartz)想以搜索交易换取微软大出血,然而事实上巴尔茨最终敲定的交易给雅虎带来的好处实在少得可怜。这笔交易没有预付现金,还让微软得到了它一直想要的东西:实际控制雅虎的搜索业务。So much for the 'boatload of money' Carol Bartz wanted from Microsoft in return for a search deal. Instead, Yahoo's chief executive settled for a deal that wouldn't fill a bathtub. The transaction involves no cash upfront and gives Microsoft what it has always wanted: effective control over Yahoo's search business.Given Microsoft was willing to pay nearly billion for all of Yahoo in early 2008, this is quite a coup for the software giant. It can now take another crack at Google's dominance of the lucrative search market, having largely failed with its expensive in-house attempts. Google has 65% of search queries in the U.S. and 68.6% globally, according to ComScore. Yahoo's market share is 19.6% and 9%. Microsoft trails at 8.4% and 2.7%.Yahoo's search bar will be powered by Microsoft's new Bing engine, and ads will be served against search results by the latter's advertising platform. That will finally give Microsoft the volume of search queries it needs to try narrowing the gap with Google by making its ad business more efficient.So much for Microsoft. What does Yahoo get?Surprisingly little. It will receive an attractive 88% of the search revenue generated from traffic through its own sites, but that is still less than the 100% it used to get. And the revenue-share deal lasts 10 years, with certain changes kicking in halfway. After that, Yahoo might have a weaker hand to renegotiate.Yahoo, in giving up on its own technology, will help reduce capital expenditure by about 0 million a year. And the company retains its relationship with key search advertisers, giving it some continuing control over the search business. Yahoo says the deal will boost operating cash flow by 5 million a year.The transaction will probably get through regulatory scrutiny even though it will leave only two main competitors in most markets, because it would create a more serious challenger to Google. But the deal faces many months of scrutiny -- given the Department of Justice is getting tougher and Microsoft has faced years of regulatory issues in Europe. That, and the integration risk that will come afterward, gives Google plenty of opportunity to extend its market leadership in the meantime.But the real disappointment for Yahoo shareholders is that the company threw away its trump card so cheaply. Microsoft needed Yahoo's search business for its longer-term strategic goal of competing with Google on the Internet. That should have allowed Yahoo to force a premium price. Instead, it squandered last year's approach.It is now hard to see a sale of the reshaped Yahoo for a good price, leaving the company to slog it out in the increasingly competitive display-advertising market. Small wonder Yahoo investors lost a boatload of money Wednesday, as shares crashed 12%. /07/79700福州市73301部队医院检查 A relief mission to bring aid to millions of people affected by Typhoon Haiyan is taking on political overtones as the U.S. mounts a large military-backed operation near waters China claims as part of its sphere of influence.向遭受台风“海燕”重创的数百万灾民运送救援物资的任务开始带上政治色。目前,在中国宣称属于其势力范围的海域附近,美国正在发起一项由军方持的大规模救灾行动。On Friday, helicopters flew sortie missions to drop food and water to hard-hit and inaccessible parts of the disaster zone from the USS George Washington aircraft carrier, anchored just off the coast of the Philippines. The U.S. has donated million in disaster relief, among the largest commitments of any nation, according to Philippines government data. U.S. Marines are involved in aid flights between Philippine cities.上周五,停靠在菲律宾附近的“乔华盛顿”号航母上的舰载直升机多次出任务,向重灾区和交通中断的地区投送食品和水。据菲律宾政府的数据显示,美国已向菲律宾提供价,000万美元的救灾物资,在所有援助国中属最高之列。美国海军陆战队正在参与菲律宾多个城市之间的救援飞行任务。While the Pentagon is under strain from shrinking budgets, the missions allow the U.S. to project soft power and potentially upstage China, which had been seen as slow to offer humanitarian aid.尽管五角大楼面临着预算不断收缩的压力,但救灾行动使美国能够彰显其软实力,可能抢过中国的风头。外界曾一直认为此次中国在提供人道主义援助方面行动迟缓The large-scale mission is a reflection of Washingtons desire to show that it is committed to the Asia pivot and willing to stand up and help its friends, said Masafumi Kaneko, a researcher at the Tokyo-based PHP Institute think tank, referring to Washingtons policy of expanding its diplomatic and military presence in Asia.东京智库PHP研究所(PHP Institute)的研究人员Masafumi Kaneko说,大规模的行动反映出华盛顿希望显示出其致力于以亚洲为重心,愿意站出来帮助朋友。他指的是华盛顿扩大在亚洲外交和军事参与的政策。The U.S. aid comes as Japan, another important ally of the Philippines, gears up to play a central role in relief efforts. On Friday, Japan increased its offer of aid to million. The country is dispatching 1,000 troops to the Philippines in what Japanese officials have described as the largest-ever deployment by the nations Self-Defense Forces for disaster aid.美国向菲律宾提供援助的同时,菲律宾的另外一个重要盟友日本正准备在救援工作中发挥核心作用。上周五,日本将援助规模扩大,200万美元。日本将向菲律宾派出1,000人的部队,日本官员说这是日本自卫队有史以来在救灾行动中派兵最多的一次。Both the U.S. and Japan have been trying to tighten ties with Manila over the past year in a push widely seen as an effort to deter China from aggressively pressing its territorial claims in the region. Those claims include resource-rich waters around the Philippines at the heart of escalating territorial disputes between Manila and Beijing in the South China Sea.过去一年,美国和日本都一直在努力增强与马尼拉的关系,外界普遍认为此举是为防止中国在该地区积极宣示主权。中国称菲律宾附近资源丰富的海域属于其领土。这一地区位于南中国海(South China Sea,中国称南海),是马尼拉与北京之间不断升级的领土争端的焦点。Against that backdrop, China has appeared reluctant to offer help, analysts said. The government initially announced 0,000 in relief through the Red Cross Society of China. Some Chinese state-backed media said China, as a rising regional power, needed to do more. On Thursday, the country increased its pledge to .6 million.分析人士说,有鉴于此,中国似乎不愿提供帮助。中国政府最初宣布将通过中国红十字会向菲律宾提供10万美元援助。一些中国国有媒体说,作为该地区正在崛起的大国,中国需要提供更多的援助。上周四,中国将援助额增加至160万美元In a sense, the damage had aly been done, said Ian Storey, a senior fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore. It gives the impression that China is not living up to its responsibilities, he said.新加坡东南亚研究所(Institute of Southeast Asian Studies)高级研究人员斯托Ian Storey)说,从某种意义上讲,损害已经发生了。他说,它给人留下这样的印象:中国没有尽到自己的责任。Chinas Foreign Ministry has said that its pledges of aid arent necessarily one-time deals, and that it would continue to monitor humanitarian needs.中国外交部说,中国的援助承诺并不一定是一次性的,中国将继续关注菲律宾的人道主义需求。The U.S. has long played a leading role in disaster relief in Asia, providing significant military and logistical support in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 and Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar in 2008, in part a reflection of its more advanced military capabilities in the region. Such efforts were widely praised by residents at the time, especially where local governments didnt have the capacity to perform complex supply airlifts or search for bodies in remote areas.长期以来,美国一直在亚洲的救灾工作中发挥着领头作用,在2004年印度洋海啸008年缅甸遭热带气旋“纳吉斯Nargis)重创后提供了重要的军事和物流持,从一定程度上反映出美国在该地区更先进的军事能力。当时,这类救灾工作受到了灾民的普遍赞扬,特别是在当地政府无力开展复杂的物资空运或在偏远地区进行搜救的时候。In the last two decades, the Pentagon has responded to more than 40 disasters just in the Pacific Commands theater.过去20年,五角大楼仅在太平洋司令部负责的地区就0多起灾难做出了响应。U.S. Marines are tweaking the way they equip, train, and deploy their expeditionary units to better handle these missions.美国海军陆战队正在改进他们装备、训练和部署远征队的方式,以便更好地开展救援行动。Suspicions about U.S. motives persisted in some countries, however, especially Myanmar, whose government at the time was critical of interference.不过,一些国家一直对美国的动机心存怀疑,特别是缅甸008年缅甸受灾时,缅甸政府对美国的干预颇有微词。来 /201311/265174Commanders do not allow sexual intercourse on the International Space Station, it has been disclosed.有消息称,(美国宇航局的)指挥官日前做出明确表示,禁止宇航员在国际空间站发生性行为We are a group of professionals," said Alan Poindexter, a NASA commander, during a visit to Tokyo, when asked about the consequences if astronauts boldly went where no others have been.美国宇航局的指挥官阿兰#8226;波因德克斯特日前在东京(出席发布会时)被问及如果宇航员发生太空性爱该如何处理时一脸严肃地说:“我们都是专业人士。We treat each other with respect and we have a great working relationship. Personal relationships are not ... an issue," said a serious-faced Mr Poindexter. "We don't have them and we won't."“大家互相尊重,工作关系良好,不会发生个人情感方面的问题。我们不会也不允许做那样的事情。”Mr Poindexter and his six crew members, including the first Japanese mother in space Naoko Yamazaki, were in Tokyo to talk about their two-week resupply mission to the International Space Station.波因德克斯特曾于今年4月带领六名宇航员飞赴国际空间站执行为期两周的空间站补给任务。这六名宇航员中包括日本首位太空妈妈山崎直子。The April voyage broke new ground by putting four women in orbit for the first time, with three female crew joining one woman aly on the station.此次航天任务首次有四名女宇航员加入,其中一名女宇航员此前已驻扎在空间站。Sexual intercourse in space may appear out of bounds, but astronauts have been known to succumb to earthly passions.在太空发生性行为似乎不合情理,但据悉曾经就有宇航员按捺不住自己的。In 2007 former NASA astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak allegedly wore adult diapers when driving hundreds of miles across the ed States without bathroom breaks to confront a suspected rival in a romance with a fellow astronaut.2007年,美国宇航局女宇航员丽莎#8226;玛丽#8226;诺瓦克为截住情敌,怕上厕所浪费时间穿着成人纸尿裤驱车几百英里穿越美国大陆找对方对质,据悉两人同时爱上了一个男同事。来 /201007/107838福清阳光女子医院院长是谁

福建省福清妇幼保健院做孕检多少钱European Union finance ministers have reached a deal to create a single supervisor for eurozone banks, in a bid to address a key component of the continents financial struggles.欧洲联盟的财政部长们达成协议,建立一个欧元区业的统一监管机构,以图解决欧洲债务危机的一个关键组成问题。The agreement reached early Thursday gives the European Central Bank broad powers to oversee banks in the 17 nations that use the euro currency, as well as institutions in other EU nations that opt in to the system.这项星期四早上达成的协议授予欧洲央很大权力,监管欧元7个国家的,以及欧盟国家中那些决定接受监管的非欧元区国家的。French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici praised the agreement, saying it will help boost outside confidence in the eurozone.法国财政部长莫斯柯维奇赞扬这项协议说,这将有助于提升外部对欧元区的信心。EU leaders agreed on the principal of a central banking oversight body at a summit in June and promised a plan by the end of the year. The oversight is due to begin in March and be fully operational in early 2014.欧盟领导人在6月份的峰会上原则上同意建立一个监管的中央机构,并保年底前制定计划。监管将于明月开始实施,2014年初全面运行。Failing banks have drastically affected some European economies, sping the debt crisis to governments that stepped in to save their banks.的困境极大影响了一些欧洲国家的经济,导致欧洲债务的蔓延,影响到政府,使得政府不得不介入,救助他们的。The new oversight body will ultimately allow Europes rescue fund to directly inject money into troubled banks. It is also the first step toward a banking union with the ability to close down failing banks.新的监管机构最终将允许欧洲援助资金向受困直接注资,这也是向着建立业联盟的方向迈出的一步,业联盟将有权关闭受困的。来 /201212/214252福清市较好妇科医院 龙山街道中心医院预约电话

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