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Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes splitThe split, announced by their legal representatives, was said to be ''entirely amicable''.The couple - who are ''saddened'' by the split - separated earlier this year. Their lawyer, Keith Schilling of legal firm Schillings, said: "Kate and Sam are saddened to announce that they separated earlier this year."The split is entirely amicable and is by mutual agreement. Both parties are fully committed to the future joint parenting of their children."He added: "They ask that the media respect the privacy of the family."He said there would be no further comment on the matter.Winslet and Mendes tied the knot in a secret ceremony in the West Indies in May , during a holiday.The actress's daughter from her first marriage, Mia, was present at the low key event.The couple's family were not present at the private ceremony, just three of their friends.They made their first UK public appearance together in when they attended the premiere of Mendes's second film, The Road To Perdition.Winslet had been married little over three years to assistant director Jim Threapleton, but they divorced in December 01.Winslet and Mendes became an item within two months of her split from Threapleton.Mendes's past loves have included actresses Jane Horrocks and Rachel Weisz.The couple had a son named Joe in December . 18931




  Chinese online websites used to operate as supplementary broadcast platms TV stations. But now original programs independently produced by some major sites have achieved unparalleled success.曾经,中国的在线视频网站一直充当着电视台的附属播放平台但是现在,许多视频网站独立制作的原创节目取得了无与伦比的成功Domestic superhero parody film Jian Bing Man (《煎饼侠) has just become the sixth Chinese film in history to net more than 1 billion yuan at the box office. This is largely due to the success of online mini-series Diors Man (《屌丝男士), which airs on Sohu and was created by Dong Chengpeng, who directs and is the leading actor in both the series and film. Since the show went online in , Dong’s funny satirical style has quickly garnered the show a large group of followers. The film gives diehard fans a chance to show their support Dong. As an Internet catchphrase goes, “We owe Dong a film ticket.”国产超级英雄喜剧电影《煎饼侠票房成绩已经超过亿元,名列华语电影史的第六名这很大程度上要归功于网络迷你剧《屌丝男士的成功搜狐视频推出的《屌丝男士由董成鹏制作,同时他也是该剧集以及《煎饼侠的导演兼主演自从年《屌丝男士开播,董成鹏搞笑的讽刺表演风格,迅速吸引了一大批追随者电影的上映也给了铁杆粉丝们一次机会去持董成鹏如同一句网络口号所表达的那样:“我们欠董成鹏一张电影票”Many other Internet-based shows also cater to the tastes of young audiences. Look at action and adventure drama The Lost Tomb ( 《盗墓笔记) and time travel series The Emperor Through to the Modern (《拐个皇帝回现代).很多其他以网络为基础的剧集,也在贴合年轻观众的胃口,比如动作探险剧《盗墓笔记以及穿越剧《拐个皇帝回现代等Besides taste-tailored storytelling, online platms have another appeal: They’re inclusive. Talk shows, debate programs, reality TV – any mat that sells can be put online.除了叙事方面很对口味,在线平台另一个极具吸引力的特点是包罗万象脱口秀、辩论节目、真人秀——任何卖座的形式都可以放到网上“The Internet is a more open platm. It doesn’t draw conclusions, nor does it try to educate. It tolerates different voices,” Jiang Bin, general manager of iQiyi’s program development center, told China Daily about the popularity of self-made programs such as the website’s talk show Morning Call (《晓说).“互联网是一个更开放的平台互联网既不做结论,也不去教育人,并且可以容忍不同的声音,”爱奇艺节目开发中心总经理姜滨在接受《中国日报采访时,谈到了自制节目(比如网络脱口秀《晓说)大受欢迎的原因Online programs also enable interaction between viewers through a system called danmu or danmaku in Japanese.在线节目的观众还可以通过弹幕系统进行互动Danmaku invites viewers to type in their thoughts while watching a show and simultaneously displays the comments on everyone’s screen. example: “Cautious! Exciting scenes are coming soon!” “He has undertaken all the CPs (couplings) in the show!”通过发送弹幕观众可以在观看节目的同时发表自己的看法,这些都会实时出现在其他观众的屏幕上比如:“前方高能预警!”“剧里所有的CP都被他承包了!”Danmaku and other interactive functions “direct” websites to adjust their programs. In Tencent’s original music show The Hit of China (《Hi歌), the number of virtual flowers given to contestants by users determined whether they’d go or stay.弹幕以及其他互动功能还可以引导视频网站对节目进行调整年,腾讯的原创音乐节目《HI歌中,观众通过“献花”数量的多少可以决定选手的去留The year was called “the first year of the era of online shows”. But back then many assumed online shows only starred new faces and looked about as cheap as their budgets. But now all these preconceptions are being shattered. is truly giving Web series a shiny new coat of paint.年被称为“网络剧时代元年”当时,很多人都认定,网络自制剧里只有新人,水平就像制作成本那样低但是现在,这些偏见正在被打破年,网络剧换上了闪亮的新衣 39

  Some of the most intriguing, dynamic, or just plain interesting TV series in the US and UK are usually launched in the fall of every year. But if you are a die-hard fan, you will know that it’s not the only season in which to expect good shows. Quite a few noteworthy series are heading to your TV screen this winter. Here, we round up a few new and returning television shows, from the intriguing to the sensational, that will keep you warm and entertained during the chilly winter months.每年秋季,一些最有趣、最活跃、或只是最好玩的英美剧集往往都会此时推出但是,如果身为一个铁杆剧迷,你就会知道并非只有秋季才有好剧上映今年冬季,电视荧屏上将会播出许多值得关注的剧集这里我们网罗了一些全新剧集以及回归之作,从有趣的到煽情的种类不一,让你在寒冷的冬季能够感到温暖、愉悦Girls (HBO)HBO电视网剧集:《都市女孩Return date: Jan 回归日期:1月日The second season of the biting HBO comedy–one of the most discussed shows in –finds Hannah (Lena Dunham, who also wrote, directed and produced the series) and her friends continuing to struggle with adulthood: Hannah and her gay ex-boyfriend Elijah become roommates; Marnie loses everything she’s worked ; Jessa comes to terms with her impulsive marriage, and Shoshanna discovers life post-virginity.作为年最火热的剧集之一,HBO的《都市女孩以犀利辛辣而著称,在该剧的第二季中,汉娜(莉娜#86;杜汉姆饰演,这部剧由她自编自导自演)和朋友们还在成长的路上奋斗着:汉娜和同性恋前男友伊利亚成了室友;玛尔妮失去了她辛苦获得的一切;杰莎最终接受了一时冲动的婚姻,休夏娜找到了“后处女时代”的生活In short, Girls is back and better than ever.简而言之,女孩们回来了而且前所未有的精Shameless (Showtime)时间电视网Showtime的剧集:《无耻之徒Return date: Jan 回归日期:1月日The Gallaghers are back a third season that promises to outdo the previous two in drama, heartache, and humor. Fiona and Jimmy are back together again and living in the Gallagher house, where Jimmy (merly “Steve”) has taken to being Mr Mom of the family. But issues from Steve’s past always show up to wreck the happiness he and Fiona have found… with bloody consequences.第三季中,盖拉格家族归来,而在剧本、苦情以及幽默桥段上第三季承诺定会胜过前两季菲奥娜和吉米重归于好,共同生活在盖拉格家中,吉米(此前的“史蒂夫”)俨然成为一位“家庭主夫”但是史蒂夫被揭露的往事总是破坏他和菲奥娜的幸福……落得个惨痛收场It seems impossible not to fall in love with Fiona, or to watch her struggles without cringing and crying.观众似乎很难不爱上菲奥娜,我们会目睹她奋力前行时毫无畏惧和泪水The Following (Fox)福克斯广播公司退出新剧:《杀手之王Launch date: Jan 31上映日期:1月31日Kevin Williamson, who created The Vampire Diaries, turns his attention to the violent world of serial killers with the psychological thriller The Following, which stars Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. Bacon’s disgraced mer FBI agent Ryan Hardy and Purefoy’s sadistic serial killer Joe Carroll become enmeshed in a game of manipulation and murder, as a killing spree unfolds across the US.一手打造《吸血鬼日记的凯文#86;威廉姆森本次将关注点转移到连环杀手的暴力世界,推出心理惊悚片《杀手之王,由凯文#86;贝肯和詹姆斯#86;普尔弗伊主演贝肯饰演忍辱负重的前联邦调查局特工赖安#86;哈迪一场血腥屠杀在美国展开,詹姆斯#86;普尔弗伊在其中饰演连环杀手乔#86;卡罗尔,他嗜血成性,沉迷于控制欲和谋杀游戏中One big question about The Following, however, is how this violent show will test the boundaries of broadcast network standards and practices.然而,《杀手之王的一大问题在于,这样的暴力题材电视剧将如何考验电视台的播出标准和常规底线Commy (N)美国全国广播公司N剧集:《废柴联盟Return date: Feb 7回归日期:月7日Remember when Commy, N’s wildly inventive comedy, was on the air? Fans have been counting the days until the show’s return and that day is almost here, though creator Dan Harmon didn’t return the show’s fourth season.还记得N的搞怪喜剧——《废柴联盟播出的时候吗?剧迷们天天期盼着它的回归,而这一天终于快到了,但丹#86;哈萌将不再参与第四季的创作What is certain is that Commy–which focuses on a diverse study group at a commy college and their strange adventures–will be under intense scrutiny, as fans analyze how well the show is run by its new creators. Are they still planning on six seasons and a movie? Find out in February.可以确定的是,《废柴联盟这一关注社区大学兴趣小组及成员奇遇的剧集将受到大众的密切“检视”,因为粉丝们会对新制作人交上的成绩单有所评断他们还会拍摄第六季或是同名电影吗?将于二月揭晓 05

  Sweden瑞典Rank: 排名:第四Attractions: Food, culture and scary stories上榜理由:食物、文化和恐怖故事Most people’s impression of Sweden is that it’s cold, gloomy and beautiful. But that’s not the whole story. As the largest Scandinavian country with a small population, it’s a paradise people who hate crowds and love their peace and quiet. It’s the perfect setting in which to enjoy the country’s local delicacies, such as fresh seafood, berries, and regional cheeses.大多数人对瑞典的印象是“一个阴冷而美丽的国度”但这并非概括瑞典的全部作为斯堪的纳维亚半岛上面积最大的国家,瑞典人口却十分稀少,对于那些厌倦嘈杂、喜爱静谧生活的人来说,瑞典可以说是人间天堂在这样舒适的环境中,品尝新鲜海鲜、浆果以及特色奶酪等当地美食,是再合适不过了Seychelles塞舌尔Rank: 5排名:第五Attractions: Paradise within reach.上榜理由:天堂近在咫尺This so-called “playground millionaires” is now open to everyone. The wallet-friendly hotels, guesthouses and self-catering apartments make tours afdable. With more than 0 divine islands scattered on the Indian ocean, many activities await, such as sunbathing, fishing, diving, sailing, and going on boat tours. The Seychelles islands are blessed with a warm tropical climate all year round, so you can go there whenever you want.这个所谓的“百万富翁的游乐场”现已向所有人敞开怀抱经济型的酒店、家庭旅馆以及带有自助厨房的公寓,都使得塞舌尔之行不再价格高昂塞舌尔由0多个散布在印度洋上的岛屿组成,这里有多种多样的活动供您选择,诸如沙滩浴、钓鱼、潜水、航海和乘船游览塞舌尔群岛一年四季的热带气候可谓得天独厚,所以你随时都可以开始你的塞舌尔之行 61


  Beyonce is the latest celebrity to bare (almost) everything a magazine cover. A leaked photo of an upcoming issue of GQ shows the singer clad in a very tiny polo shirt — and little else, save leopard-print underwear and some gold jewelry.碧昂斯(Beyonce)最近在某杂志封面上近乎“真空上阵”据一张即将出版的《GQ杂志泄露版封面照片显示,这名歌手穿着一件极其省布料的polo衫——几乎再无其他,除此之外只有豹纹内裤和一点金色首饰The photo first surfaced online Tuesday on a fan Instagram .这张照片首爆于一个粉丝的Instagram账号上The cover is reportedly the magazine February issue, which would coincide with Beyonce permance at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, Feb. 3, as well as the premiere of her HBO documentary on Saturday, Feb. .此封面据报道是《GQ二月刊封面,出版时间刚好与碧昂斯在月3日(星期日)的超级碗(Super Bowl)半场表演时间、以及月日(星期六)HBO首播的碧昂斯个人纪录片时间应和What do you think of Beyonce racy pose?你觉得碧昂斯挑逗的姿势怎么样? 0

  We think we are pretty familiar with Mickey, Goofy, and all the other famous cartoon characters—but are we really? It true that many cartoon characters changed over time from their original design, but not many people know that Betty Boop was once a dog or that Tom and Jerry were originally called Jasper and Jinx. Here are surprising facts about classic cartoon characters.我们自以为对米奇、高飞等著名卡通人物所知甚多,但我们真的了解他们吗?实际上随着时间的流逝,很多卡通人物已不是最原初设定的样子,贝蒂曾是条,而汤姆和杰瑞最原初的名字是雅斯佩尔和金克斯现在,就让我们来历数一下个古典卡通人物的雷人真相吧.Betty Boop Was A Dog.贝蒂是条In 1930, when the Fleischer brothers created the Betty Boop character, she was a French poodle, drawn with flabby ears and a black round nose. In her first appearance on screen, at :39 in 1930 ;Dizzy Dishes; above, she looks very much like an anthropomorphized dog. She was only slowly was transmed into a fully human character. In the wonderfully trippy ;Bimbo Initiation; from 1931, when she seduces Bimbo in the final scene, she no longer has a very pronounced dog face but she still sports long flabby ears.1930年弗莱舍尔兄弟创造了贝蒂这一卡通形象,此时的她是一只法国波特尔犬,长着一双下垂的耳朵和一只黑色的小圆鼻子她第一次登上荧屏是在;Dizzy Dishes;两分三十九秒的时候,看起来像一只人格化的经过不断地改进,贝蒂最终变成了一个完全的人类角色在1931年《宾波的磨难的最后一幕,贝蒂为宾波指明方向时她已没有了的相貌却依然保留着那双下垂的耳朵It was only in 193, in ;Any Rags,; that she became completely human and her mer poodle ears were transmed into earrings. Incidentally, perhaps to prove her full femininity, this short features Betty Boop revealing her bra—twice.直到193年的《一堆破布中,贝蒂的耳朵才被改为人类的样子,从此她完全成为了一个成熟的女人为了凸显她的女人味,动画里她还两次露出了内衣9.Donald Duck Supported Family Planning In The Third World9.唐老鸭持第三世界的计划生育Everybody knows that Donald Duck once was portrayed as a Nazi in a series of propaganda cartoons during World War II. Less widely known is Donald Duck participation in a series of educational films during the 60s, the last of which was about the dicey subject of family planning. In the 1968 film seen above, called simply ;Family Planning; and produced by Disney the US Population Council, an ;average couple; of the world (a Latino man and his Indian wife) is lectured on how to have fewer babies. The idea is to restore the ;population balance,; which was compromised because, as the narrator tells us, modern medicine saved too many children from death.众所周知唐老鸭在二战期间曾被描画成纳粹党人的形象,但很少有人知道它在60年代的一批教育短片中也频频出镜这批短片的最后一部的主题是;计划生育;,是1968年迪士尼电影公司为美国人口委员会所制,片名就叫做《计划生育这部影片讲述的是一对普通夫妇(丈夫是拉丁美洲人而妻子是印第安人)在一起研究如何才能节育这涉及到人口平衡的问题,解说员告诉我们,由于当今医药业的发展,婴幼儿死亡率降低,过多的人口将对人口平衡造成威胁Donald Duck appears between each segment perming clumsy antics, and he even dresses as a doctor to give the couple the ;key; to the magic of family planning. As the narrator explains, this magical key can be obtained ;merely by taking pills or using simple devices.;In the end, the is not as shocking as it seems and it offers a somewhat sensible message, but it is strange to see a beloved children character like Donald Duck taking part in such piece. In the end of the short, Donald even points menacingly to the audience while the narrator says, ;and all of us have a responsibility towards the family of man—including YOU!;唐老鸭每次出场的形象都显得笨拙而滑稽,这一次,它甚至穿上了白大褂为这对夫妻提供一些节育的小方法和解说员想的一样,唐老鸭认为最有用的方法莫过于用避药以及使用简单的避工具最后我们要说的是这部卡通其实没有乍看上去那么奇葩,而且不乏有价值的信息,但它的奇怪之处就在于让孩子们最喜欢的卡通人物出现在如此不相称的话题里在影片的末尾,唐老鸭甚至还用阴险的表情和解说员同声说:;我们每个人都有推动计划生育的责任,你也不例外!;8.Tom And Jerry Were Originally Called Jasper And Jinx8.汤姆和杰瑞最早叫贾斯珀和金克斯At : in his first appearance in the above 191 cartoon ;Puss Gets the Boot,; Tom is called ;Jasper; by his owner, Mammy Two Shoes. Although Jerry is unnamed in the short movie, creator Willian Hannah stated that the original name of the mouse was Jinx. The name ;Tom and Jerry; was a suggestion by another MGM animator, although some say that the names were inspired by WW II, when the British soldiers were called ;Tommies; and the Germans, ;Jerries.; While ;Tom and Jerry; was certainly an improvement over ;Jasper and Jinx;, no one seemed to have thought of changing the name ;Mammy Two Shoes; to something more resembling a real name and less a racist horror.在19年的卡通片《被解雇的猫中,汤姆在两分二十四秒首次登台亮相,当时他被他的主人;两只鞋太太;称作贾斯珀虽然当时的杰瑞还没有名字,但制作人汉娜表示这只小老鼠最原初的名字是;金克斯;至于;汤姆;和;杰瑞;这两个名字,则是由后来的一个卡通片绘制人提出来的一些人认为他们是受到二战的启发,因为在战时人们通常戏称英国士兵为;汤米们;,而德国士兵则被称为;杰瑞们;毋庸置疑,;汤姆;和;杰瑞;是;贾斯珀;和;金克斯;这两个名字改良后的结果但似乎从未有人试图把;两只鞋太太;改得更像人类的名字或是不那么带有种族歧视的意味Tom name is, in fact, Thomas. In the second episode, ;The Midnight Snack,; Tom is only called ;Thomas; by Mammy, although in the title card he is identified as Tom. It is not known if Jerry is similarly a diminutive of Gerald or Jerome, as no one calls him by his name.汤姆真实的名字其实是;托马斯;,在第二个短片《午夜快餐里,两只鞋太太称呼汤姆;托马斯;,虽然在他的身份牌上分明写着;汤姆;我们不是很清楚;杰瑞;是不是;杰拉尔德;或是;杰罗姆;的爱称,因为从来就没人以他的名字称呼过他7.Mickey Was A Jerk7.米奇曾是个变态In the first cartoons, Mickey was not exactly a role model children—or even adults. In his first film produced, 19 ;Plane Crazy; (seen above), he basically date-rapes Minnie, cing her to kiss him during an airplane ride. At :55, she ends up jumping from the plane to avoid further advances from the sex-crazed mouse.米奇在最早的几部卡通片里,并不像现在一样无论对大人还是孩子都是个行为模范19年,米奇第一部卡通片《飞机上的疯狂诞生,此片中米奇一边开飞机一边强迫米妮吻他,几乎在这次约会中强奸了她在四分五十五秒的时候,米妮因实在忍受不了这只发情的老鼠得寸进尺的性骚扰而跳机自尽In ;The Galloping Gaucho,; the second film produced from the same year, he watches Minnie dance other men in a bar, while he laughs and drinks beer.The early Mickey also takes pleasure in abusing other animals. In ;Plane Crazy,; he uses a wiener dog as a motor his first airplane, and cefully tears out the feathers of a peacock to use as a tail his second airplane. In ;Steamboat Willie,; he tortures a cat, a goat, and a duck, using them as musical instruments.同年的第二部影片《飞驰的加乌乔人中,当米奇看见米妮在酒吧为其他男人跳舞时,他竟一边哈哈大笑一边喝起了啤酒不仅如此,在早期的影片中米奇还以虐待其他动物为乐在《飞机上的疯狂中,他把腊肠做成了他第一架飞机的马达,强行拔光了一只孔雀的羽毛来作为他第二架飞机的尾翼在《威利号汽船中,他虐待一只猫、一只羊还有一只鸭子来迫使它们当他的乐器6.Totoro Inspired The Name Of A Worm With Legs6.一只长脚的虫子以龙猫命名Totoro is a beloved cartoon character created in 1988 by Japanese animator Hazao Miyazaki in My Neighbor Totoro. Totoro is so popular in Asia that when new species of velvet worm was recently discovered in Vietnam, it was named Eopepiparus totoro in homage to the film. Visually, the scientists were inspired not so much by the character Totoro itself, but by the ;cat bus; in the same movie, whose multiple pairs of legs resemble the velvet worm.1988年日本漫画家宫崎骏创造了龙猫这个深受人们喜爱的角色,这部动漫的名字就叫做《我的邻居龙猫龙猫深为亚洲人民所喜爱,以至于后来当一种新的毛毛虫在越南被发现的时候,人们将其命名为;Eopepiparus totoro;,以此向这部动画片致敬从外形上看,科学家们的灵感应该不是来源于龙猫,而是片中的另一个角色——小猫公交车,它的腿和这种毛毛虫的脚十分相像This is not the first time that a cartoon character inspires creative biologists. There were a few other names of species inspired by toons, the most unusual perhaps being a sponge-like mushroom named Spongima squarepantsii, obviously after SpongeBob Squarepants. There is also a species of chameleon native to Madagascar ests which was named Calumna tarzan after the King of the Jungle.给新生物命名的灵感已不是第一次来源于动画片了其中最有特点的一次就是把一种很像海绵的蘑菇取名为;海绵方块;,很明显这是因为海绵宝宝嘛!还有一次科学家们把马达加斯加的一种变色龙取名为;Calumna泰山;大家都知道这是《丛林之王男主角的名字!翻译:周元 来源:前十网 395567

  his new film, “Bridge of Spies,” the director Steven Spielberg returned to what him has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration: American history. His hero this time isn’t a totemic national figure, as in his film, “Lincoln,” but instead is someone whose name is barely known: James Donovan, played by Tom Hanks. A Bronx-born lawyer who defended a vilified Soviet spy, Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance), during the Cold War’s peak, Mr. Donovan later negotiated to swap Mr. Abel both the American U- spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers, who had been shot down over the Soviet Union, and an American graduate student who had been detained in East Berlin.导演史蒂夫·斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg)在《间谍之桥(Bridge of Spies)中回归了对他来说永不枯竭的灵感源泉:美国历史这一次,他的主人公不再如年的《林肯(Lincoln)那样,是一位图腾般的国民英雄,而是一个名字几乎不为世人所知的小人物:詹姆斯·多诺万(James Donovan),由汤姆·汉克斯(Tom Hanks)饰演此人是出生于布朗克斯的律师,在冷战高潮期间,为被指控为苏联间谍的鲁道夫·阿贝尔(Rudolf Abel,马克·李朗斯[Mark Rylance] 饰演)担任辩护律师多诺万后来参与协商,用阿贝尔同苏联交换在苏联上空被击落的U-侦察机的飞行员弗朗西斯·加里·鲍尔斯( Francis Gary Powers),还有一名被东柏林羁押的美国大学生Mr. Spielberg — an engaged, thoughtful and kindly presence — sat down in TriBeCa recently to talk about how the post-9 world inms his new film, what Hollywood could be doing women and minorities and why he feels he was born decades too late. Here are excerpts from the conversation:斯皮尔伯格一直是个忙碌、有思想而友好的人,最近,他在翠贝卡电影节谈起后9-的世界是如何影响了他的新电影,好莱坞能为女性和少数族裔做些什么,以及他为什么觉得自己晚生了几十年下面是经过节选的对话Q. Did you see commonalities with “Bridge of Spies” and “Lincoln” in terms of the story lines?问:就情节而言,你觉得《间谍之桥和《林肯有什么相似之处?A. Both men are highly principled, and both men basically have a mission. Lincoln’s mission was going to change the way we look at each other, and Donovan’s mission was to basically bring somebody home. In a sense, Lincoln and Donovan are uncompromising figures in history, one completely obscure and the other almost ineffably famous.答:两个男主人公都非常有原则,基本上,都有一个使命林肯的使命是改变我们看待彼此的方式,多诺万的使命基本上是送某人回家在某种意义上,林肯和多诺万都是历史上毫不妥协的角色,不过一个默默无闻,另一个家喻户晓Donovan was especially resolute in the idea that this man deserves every defense. Is there nostalgia here to a kind of belief and principle? I was thinking of prisoners in Guantánamo. Was that in your mind when you were making the film?问:多诺万极度坚持这个男人值得全力为之辩护这是对信仰和原则的一种怀旧吗?我联想起关塔那的囚犯,拍电影的时候,你想到这个问题了吗?So many things were in my mind in the contemporary world. Drone missions. Guantánamo Bay. Cyberhacking, because cyberhacking is a m of spying. At the very beginning of technological spycraft in the late ’50s, with the U- overflights, our fear was that the Sputnik was a spy satellite, which it turned out of course not to be, and there was also great suspicion and fear of nuclear holocaust. I grew up in that era. The stakes were very, very high. And yet today, there is much more d and fear of who’s looking over our shoulders. There was a specific enemy, the Soviet Union, in the 1950s and ’60s. Today we don’t know our enemy. The enemy doesn’t have a specific face.答:关于当代世界,我想过太多问题无人机轰炸、关塔那湾、电脑黑客——因为电脑黑客也是一种间谍形式世纪50年代末,技术间谍手段刚刚兴起,U-飞机可以飞越领空,我们担心苏联人造卫星是间谍卫星,最后发现它根本不是,对核末日的猜疑和恐惧也是甚嚣尘上我成长在那个时代风险重重然而如今却有了愈来愈多的恐惧,担心别人会严密监视我们五六十年代,苏联是明明白白的敌人如今我们根本不知道自己的敌人是谁敌人根本就没有特定的面孔 you, is there solace looking at heroic people in history? Is it a comt compared with what’s happening in the world now?问:对你来说,历史上的英雄人物是一种安慰吗?把历史和如今的世界对照让你觉得安心吗?Here’s the thing. It’s a little harder today. Donovan could work in tremendous secrecy at a time when there was no social media. Today it’d be a lot harder to find a man that would stand up his principles and suffer the slings and arrows of the haters on social media. Donovan had it bad: They shot a bullet through the window of his apartment in the late ’50s. Imagine the amount of hurt that would have been brought to bear on Donovan’s family had this entire incident occurred in this day and age.答:是这样如今的岁月有一些艰难在没有社交媒体的年代,多诺万可以在高度保密的状态下工作如今的年代,要找到一个既坚持原则,同时又能抵御社交媒体上的喷子们暴风骤雨的怒骂,实在是难上加难多诺万遇到过坏事,50年代末,有人冲着他公寓的窗子开了一想想吧,如果这种事发生在今天,多诺万的家人要承受多少伤害How did you find out about this story?问:你是怎么找到这个故事的?A British playwright named Matt Charman presented me with this incredible story about the spy swap. I’m a big fan of the spy genre. Even though this film was more of an intellectual spy drama, a little more about the art of negotiation and conversation, there was still spycraft that really got me excited. I’m a huge fan of “The Quiller Memorandum,” “The Ipcress File,” The Spy Who Came In From the Cold.” Even “Our Man Flint,” “Dr. No,” and “FromRussia With Love.”答:一个名叫马特·查曼(Matt Charman)的英国编剧给我看了这个精的交换间谍的故事我非常迷恋间谍片虽然这部电影其实主要是部智力间谍情节剧,关于谈判与对话艺术的内容更多些,不过其中仍然有些间谍技巧让我非常兴奋我特别喜欢的间谍片有《谍海群英会(The Quiller Memorandum)、《伊普克雷斯档案(The Ipcress File)、《柏林谍影(The Spy Who Came In From the Cold)、就连《弗林特(Our Man Flint)、《0之诺士(Dr. No)、和《0之俄罗斯之恋(FromRussia With Love)也喜欢I’m going to jump out to some general queries. In terms of the film industry, do you feel it’s in a healthy state?问:我要抛出一些比较泛的问题了你觉得当今的电影工业处在一个健康状态吗?The film business has always been competitive with television, and in the early age of television, some of the greatest writers worked in television. Paddy Chayefsky, Stirling Silliphant, Rod Serling. Then television became very mulaic. But something has happened in the last seven or eight years. Some of the greatest writing today is television. Look at series like “Transparent,” “Bloodline,” “Wolf Hall” and “Downton Abbey.” A wonderful series I’m hooked on, “Homeland.”答:电影工业总在和电视业竞争在电视的早期岁月,有一些最好的作者为它务比如帕迪·查耶夫斯基(Paddy Chayefsky)、斯特林·西里芬特(Stirling Silliphant)、罗德·瑟林(Rod Serling)然后电视业开始变得非常俗套但在过去七八年间,有些事情发生了如今,有些最好的作者又开始为电视写作看看《透明家庭(Transparent)、《至亲血统(Bloodline)、《狼厅(Wolf Hall)、《唐顿庄园(Downton Abbey)这些电视剧吧我特别迷恋的一部剧就是《国土安全(Homeland)Television has allowed the audience to take bigger risks on where they’re spending money when they go to the movies. Because if they can get something like that in a movie theater, where that particular story is only playing in a movie theater, it might get more people out to the movies.电视让观众在花钱去电影院的时候承担更大的风险如果他们能在影院看到这样的东西,如果特定的故事只在影院放映,这样可能就会吸引愈来愈多的人去看电影了So the filmmakers can take more of a risk?问:所以电影人可以更冒险?Yes, the studios can take more of a risk and allow filmmakers to tell stories that are self-contained and don’t even promise a sequel. I think television has helped the independent cinema and that the independent cinema has inspired long-m television. This is the second golden age of television, absolutely.答:是的,电影公司可以更冒险,让电影人讲述更独立完整的故事,甚至不承诺做续集我觉得电视对独立电影有帮助,独立电影也在启发长篇电视这绝对是电视的第二个黄金时代Women’s point of view has been a huge topic lately. Do you feel someone in your position has a responsibility to cultivate young women filmmakers?问:女性视点是最近的重大议题你觉得处在你位置上的人有责任扶植年轻女性电影人吗?I’ve cultivated women in film ever since I decided to make my secretary my producer and m my company, Amblin. I’m much more comtable in the company of women. I’m talking about women in creative capacities, not administrative. The first movie I ever greenlit DreamWorks was a film called “The Peacemaker,” and Mimi Leder directed it. Women are very much in executive positions all over the film industry today — the head of Universal, head of Fox 00. The mer head of Sony. What I don’t understand is the lack of diversity and color in the executive ranks of motion-picture companies, and that is something I think we have to look carefully at and have to ask why.答:自从我成立安培林公司(Amblin),并且提拔我的秘书当制片人开始,就已经在扶植女性电影人了女性主持的公司让我感觉更舒我是从她们的创意能力角度,而不是管理能力角度谈的我批准梦工厂拍摄的第一部影片是《末日戒备(The Peacemaker),导演是咪咪·莱德(Mimi Leder)全世界的电影业中都有很多女人担任高管——环球影业、二十世纪福克斯的主管都是女人,还有索尼的前主管也是女人我不明白的是,电影公司的管理层里何以缺乏多样化,缺少不同人种,我们应该仔细研究,问问为什么And also director positions. Why do you think that is?问:还有导演的位置也是这样,你觉得这是为什么?I think there needs to be an infusion of more women directing and more men and women of color directing.答:我觉得我们需要让更多女人来当导演,让更多非白人男女来当导演How do we do that?问:我们该怎么做呢?We do that by continuing to look at movies that everybody is making whether they’re on YouTube or Vine. You have to just be open to it, and you have to search it. You have to go out to see where the talent is and basically cultivate the talent.答:我们要做的就是不断地看电影,不管是在YouTube上的还是Vine上的你需要非常开放,你要去寻找你要出去寻觅天才,然后培育天才You’ve clarified your comments about superhero movies, which you’ve said will have a finite life span compared with westerns. Are there superhero movies you like?问:你曾经澄清过自己关于超级英雄电影的观点,你说与西部片相比,它们的生命期有限你有喜欢的超级英雄电影吗?I wasn’t giving the thumbs down to the genre, ’cause I go to all the movies. My favorite of all the superhero movies are the “Iron Man” movies. I love Tim Burton’s Batman films and then — jump-cut way into the future — everything Chris Nolan has touched in Batman, because of the darkness, of what would motivate a character like that, a very rich character, to do the kind of public service work he does.答:我并没有贬低这种类型,因为我什么电影都看我最喜欢的超级英雄电影是《钢铁侠(Iron Man)系列我喜欢蒂姆·波顿(Tim Burton)的蝙蝠侠电影,还有——现在未来交叉剪辑的方式——还有克里斯·诺兰(Chris Nolan)在他的蝙蝠侠中体现、运用的,因为里面那种黑暗,是这种黑暗,驱动了富有的主角去做那种公共务工作And “Iron Man” because …问:你喜欢《钢铁侠又是因为……There’s a lot of Joseph Campbell in the “Iron Man” movies. We all want to fly. And we know we can’t fly without wings, except in our dreams. I used to dream about flying in a bodysuit, and when “Iron Man” came along, I went: “They wrote this me. This is my wish fulfillment.”答:《钢铁侠里有很多约瑟夫·坎贝尔(Joseph Campbell)式的东西我们都想飞翔,我们都知道我们没有翅膀,所以飞不起来,除非是在梦里我曾经梦见过穿连体衣就飞起来了,《钢铁侠出来的时候,我想“他们写的就是我,我的梦想成真了”With “E.T.” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” you looked out beyond the world. Now you’re mining history.问:你在《E.T.外星人(E.T.)和《第三类接触(Close Encounters of the Third Kind)这样的影片里拍过了外星世界,现在你又开始研究历史I always said to myself if I ever achieve a success where I can decide what to do independently, I wanted to tell stories that are meaningful to me about people that did great things.答: 我总是对自己说,如果我成功到可以独立决定该干什么,我最想做的就是讲述那些对我有意义的伟人故事I also have an imagination — if it sits around too long, I get afraid it’s going to become a little jaded, so I fluctuate between stories based on true events and movies that are much more a product of my overactive imagination. Or at least Roald Dahl’s, which is my next movie, “Big Friendly Giant.” With Mark Rylance playing the big friendly giant.我还有丰富的想象力——如果它被搁置太久,我担心它会变得有点厌倦,所以我有时拍真实事件改编的故事,有时根据我活跃的想象力拍摄影片至少我也要拍个罗尔德·达尔(Roald Dahl)的小说改编的电影吧,我的下一部影片是《友善的巨人(Big Friendly Giant),马克·里朗斯演那个友善的巨人I didn’t know it was Mark Rylance as Abel; he was so deep in the character.问:我都没看出阿贝尔是马克·里朗斯演的,他深深沉浸在角色里面了Thanks to “Twelfth Night” and “Richard III” [on Broadway], I was able to get a big dose of Mark Rylance a couple of years ago. He was my first choice. Tom [Hanks] has played American figureheads in the past, and he’s very representative of our core values of what we believe to be great American leadership. This was a special assignment Tom, because he’s badass in this story. He was dogged in his pursuit of justice.答:几年前,我在(百老汇的)《第十二夜(Twelfth Night)和《理查三世(Richard III)里看了很多马克·里朗斯的表演他是我的首选汤姆·汉克斯以前演过很多美国大人物,他非常能代表我们心目中伟大的美国领导力的核心价值这个角色对于汤姆来说很特别,因为他是这个故事里的坏家伙在追求正义的过程中,他很固执You seem to draw great permances out of people.问:你似乎很擅长激发演员的演技Working with Daniel Day-Lewis brought me up many, many notches. I just dogged Daniel Day-Lewis, and after years he finally said yes to play Abraham Lincoln. It really raised my game. I really believe I did some of my best work on “Lincoln,” principally because of this one actor.答:和丹尼尔·戴-刘易斯(Daniel Day-Lewis)合作让我提升了很多层次我一直追着丹尼尔·戴-刘易斯不放,十年后,他终于答应出演亚伯拉罕·林肯这真的让我更加努力我真的相信《林肯差不多是我最好的作品,主要都是因为这个演员What is it that he does that caused these new light bulbs to go off?问:他做了什么事,启发了你的新灵感?You can’t describe it. I try to go back in time to figure out how did Howard Hawks get that permance out of Montgomery Clift and John Wayne in “Red River”?答:你没法描述我试着回到过去,想象霍华德·霍克斯(Howard Hawks)在《红河(Red River)里是怎么激发蒙哥马利·克里夫特(Montgomery Clift)和约翰·韦恩(John Wayne)的演技的I really feel I was well suited to working 70 years ago. I would have been a good workhorse, under contract and assigned stories, and I would have thrived.我真的觉得,我更适合在70年前工作有合同,有指派给我的故事,我会兢兢业业地工作,我也会成功的I spend more of my time looking at movies from 70, 60 years ago than I do watching movies that are made now. Clint Eastwood and I are very close friends, and we talk about this all the time. He wishes he could go back and experience what it would have been like to have Darryl Zanuck or Harry Cohn or Louis B. Mayer go through a go-between and hand you your assignment, then you it and say: “You know something? I hate it, but I can fix it.”我花了大量时间去看六七十年前的电影,比看现在的电影还要多克林特·伊斯特伍德(Clint Eastwood)是我的好朋友,我们总是聊这个话题他希望回到过去,体验和达利尔·扎努克(Darryl Zanuck)、哈利·科恩(Harry Cohn)和路易·B·梅尔(Louis B. Mayer)一起工作的感觉,他们通过中介,把下一个任务分给你,然后你看了剧本就说,“你知道吗,我讨厌这个,不过我能拍好它” 189

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