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巴西吉祥物美洲虎圣火传递后袭人,惨遭击毙 -- ::1 来源: 在近日巴西举行的生活传递活动上,一名以“吉祥物”身份出场的美洲虎被巴西军方射杀,此事件迅速引起了社交网络上的滔天怒火,人们不禁想到了不久前发生的美国动物园大猩猩被射杀事件 An Amazon jaguar has been shot dead by the Brazilian army after participating as a ’mascot’ an Olympic torch ceremony in Manaus.在巴西玛瑙斯的圣火传递活动中,一只作为“吉祥物”参加活动的美洲虎被巴西军方射杀During the event the female jaguar - called Juma - was just yards away from the lighting of the Olympic torch, where she was held by a chain around her neck.在活动中,这只名为“朱马”的雌性美洲虎距离点燃的奥运火炬只有数米之远,它脖子上绑着有铁链,不能到处走动Following the event she was taken to her zoo cage on a truck but managed to escape.活动结束后,它被装上一辆卡车运回动物园,但是它却逃脱了A team of vets tried to recapture Juma by firing tranquilizers but they failed to take immediate effect and she reportedly came close to attacking a soldier.一群兽医试图从新抓捕朱马,给它打了镇静剂,但是药物却没有立即起效,据报道当时它靠近并要攻击一名士兵The Amazon Military Command - whose symbol is a jaguar - said the animal was shot as a ’safety procedure’ to ’protect the soldier’.据亚马逊军事指挥部--他们的标志就是美洲虎--称,射杀这只美洲虎是为了“保护士兵”的“安全措施”The incident happened yesterday after the Olympic torch passed through the jungle city, where England played Italy in the World Cup.这起事件发生在昨日,奥运火炬刚刚在这座丛林城市里传递,在年世界杯的时候,英格兰和意大利曾在这座城市举行过比赛Juma was a jaguar at CIGS zoo, which is part of the army’s jungle warfare-training centre and where many of the animals have been captured by soldiers on patrol.朱马是CIGS动物园的一只美洲虎,该动物园是军方丛林作战训练中心的一部分,其中许多动物都是由士兵在巡逻过程中捕捉到的A guest who attended the event said: ’The jaguar was in a secluded spot, but everyone took pictures with her.出席活动的一个宾客说道:“这只美洲虎当时在一个隐蔽的地方,但是所有人都和她一起拍照”When the event was over, Juma was taken to her cage, which was in a truck. It was then she ran away.’“活动结束后,朱马被带回了它在一辆卡车上的笼子里,随后它便逃跑了”Physiotherapist Igor Simoes, who attended the event, added: ’The jaguar played with me and was on my back.出席该活动的物理治疗师伊戈尔·西蒙斯补充说道:“这只美洲虎还和我玩耍来着,它还趴在我的背上”’However, when she returned to the truck at the end of the ceremony, something happened and she got away.’“但是,当活动结束后它回到卡车上时,发生了什么事儿,然后它就逃跑了”A statement issued by Brazil’s Amazon Military Command said: ’Efts were made to capture the animal by firing tranquilizers. But even though the animal was hit, it still advanced towards a soldier that was stationed nearby.巴西亚马逊军事指挥部在一份声明中说道:“我们曾试图捕捉这只美洲虎,给它打了镇定剂但是尽管这只美洲虎被击中了,它仍然向驻扎在附近的一名士兵走去”’As a safety procedure and aiming to protect the soldier and the handlers, a pistol was used to shoot the animal. She died at the scene.’“出于安全考虑,并且为了保护这名士兵和在场的驯兽员们,我们使用手对这只美洲虎进行了射击,它当场死亡”The shooting of the jaguar was immediately met by an outpouring of anger on social media, with people accusing the army of acting ’irresponsibly’ and incompetently’.这起美洲虎射杀事件迅速在社交媒体上引起了滔天的怒火,人们指责军方的行为“不负责任”、“无能”One said: ’The cat was a victim of human stupidity.’有人说道:“这只猫咪是人类的愚蠢的受害者”Another comment : ’You could see from the event that the poor animal was so stressed out it should never have been there…this is the saddest thing’.另一则说道:“从这起事件中可以看出,这只美洲虎太紧张了,它本不应该出现在那儿,这是最悲哀的地方”The jaguar is aly an endangered species in the Americas, with a 30 per cent reduction over the same number of years.美洲虎已经是美洲的濒危物种了,在过去30年里,它们的数量减少了30%During that period, the jaguar population declined by at least per cent in the Amazon.在那期间,亚马逊地区美洲虎的数量下降了至少%The shooting comes just weeks after a gorilla, called Harambe, was killed in an American zoo after a boy fell into its enclosure.在这起射杀事件仅仅数周之前,美国动物园一只名叫“Harambe”的大猩猩也被射杀了,当时一名男孩曾掉进了它的笼子里The Olympic torch relay will pass through more than 300 towns and cities from the Amazon to Brazil’s southern border, arriving at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on August 5.奥运火炬传递将穿过从亚马逊地区到巴西南部边界的300多个城镇和市区,最终在8月5日的时候抵达里约热内卢的马拉卡纳体育场江阴镇中医院门诊的开门时间世界很大美却异曲同工:中国vs波兰 -- :7:6 来源:chinadaily 1. 北京 VS 华沙 Beijing versus Warsaw 北京和华沙分别是中国和波兰的首都,两个城市还分别是两国中央政府的所在地作为首都,北京拥有超过00万的人口,然而华沙的人口只有不到0万北京的紫禁城和华沙的华沙老城都是拥有悠久历史的著名景点几年以前,华沙和北京之间开通了直飞航线波兰的居民现在有机会在周末来北京旅游 Beijing and Warsaw are the political centers of China and Poland respectively, and the cities are home to the central governments of the two countries. As the capital city, Beijing has over million people, while the number in Warsaw is far smaller with no more than two million. The bidden City in Beijing and the Stare Miasto (old town) in Warsaw are the most famous places with both sporting long histories. People in Poland now have the opporty to travel to Beijing on weekends after the opening of a direct flight between Warsaw and Beijing several years ago. . 西安 VS 克拉科夫 Xi'an versus Krakow 西安和克拉科夫都是著名的历史城市西安是丝绸之路的起点,也曾是中国历史上的朝古都,例如汉朝和唐朝西安有中国保存最完好的古城墙,世界闻名的兵马俑也让西安成为了中国的最佳旅游目的地作为波兰最古老的城市之一,克拉科夫曾是波兰的首都长达300年之久在世纪到世纪的鼎盛时期,克拉科夫与布拉格、维也纳并列为中欧地区的三大文化中心现在,克拉科夫是波兰最美的城市,一座座古典建筑彰显着中世纪时期克拉科夫的辉煌如果去波兰旅游,克拉科夫是一定要去的城市 Xi'an and Krakow are both famous and historic cities. Xi'an was the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, and it also used to be the capital city of dynasties in ancient China, such as the Han and Tang. It has the best preserved city wall in the country and the globally famous Terracotta Warriors have made Xi'an one of the best tourist destinations in China. As one of the oldest cities in Poland, Krakow was the capital of the country over 300 years. In its supreme period during the th to th centuries, Krakow was one of the three cultural centers of Central Europe along with Prague and Vienna. Krakow is now known as the most beautiful city in Poland, with many of its classic buildings a reminder of the city's glory in the Middle Ages. Krakow is a must-see place during your trip to Poland. 3. 青岛 VS 格但斯克 Qingdao versus Gdansk 作为中国和波兰最著名的港口城市,两国的货船都要分别经过青岛和格但斯克南面面临黄海的青岛是中国山东省的经济中心之一世界闻名的青岛啤酒就是青岛生产的青岛的老城区保存着许多欧式风格的建筑,与美丽的栈桥结合在一起,吸引了世界各地的游客青岛也是中国重要的军港,拥有中国独一无二的海军物馆格但斯克位于波罗的海沿岸格但斯克是波兰区域划分的中心,也是轮船制造业和石油化工业的中心格但斯克的大多数古建筑是哥特式风格和文艺复兴时期的风格每年举办的多米尼加庙会吸引了许多居民和游客而且,你知道波兰盛产琥珀吗?波兰是世界上琥珀存储量最多的国家格但斯克是波兰的琥珀加工和出口中心,中国市场上的许多琥珀首饰就是从格但斯克进口的 As the most famous port cities in China and Poland, cargo is redistributed from Qingdao and Gdansk throughout the respective nations. Qingdao, facing the Yellow Sea in the south, is one of the economic centers of east China's Shandong province. The world famous Tsingtao beer is produced in Qingdao. The city has preserved many European-style buildings in its old city, and together with its beautiful trestle bridge, attracts many tourist from around the world. Qingdao is also an important military port in China and its naval museum is one of its kind in China. Gdansk borders on the Baltic Sea. The port city is Poland's regional distributional center and it is also a center shipbuilding and petrochemicals. Most of the old buildings in Gdansk are of the Gothic and Renaissance style. The annual ;Dominica; temple fair held in Gdansk attracts many locals and tourists. And also, do you know that Poland is abundant with amber? The storage of amber in Poland is one of the largest in the world. The manufacture and exporting center amber in Poland is the city of Gdansk and many styles of amber jewelry sold in China are imported from the city. . 三亚 VS 海尔半岛 Sanya versus Hel Peninsula 当人们提到度假胜地时,中国的三亚和波兰的海尔半岛成为了关键三亚位于最南端的中国第二大岛屿海南岛三亚是中国热带地区的城市,并拥有中国最干净的空气;而海尔半岛是波兰最大的半岛,隔离了波罗的海与格但斯克、索波特以及格丁尼亚等城市海尔半岛的美丽沙滩使它成为了波兰著名的旅游休养胜地三亚和海尔半岛分别是两国著名的夏季旅游胜地,旅游高峰期你很难在沙滩上看到空地 When people speak of vacation spots, Sanya in China and the Hel Peninsula in Poland are key ones. Sanya is located in the southernmost part of China's second largest island, Hainan. It is a city in China's tropical region and it has the best air in China, while Hel Peninsula is Poland's biggest peninsula, and divides Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia from the Baltic Sea. Great beaches on the Hel Peninsula make it a famous tourist and recreation destination in Poland. As Sanya and the Hel Peninsula are the best summer tourist destinations in the two countries, you can rarely find vacancies on the beaches in either during peak season.龙江街道中心医院的地址圣经故事进语文教材引争议 --01 :: 来源: 教科书虽然不是学生获取知识的唯一来源,但承担了向下一代传授最基本知识的使命所以,一有风吹草动,“教材那些事儿”总能成为争论的焦点 The co-compiler of a Chinese textbook used in Beijing secondary schools said Tuesday that a story from the Bible was included in the textbook to teach students about Western myths, after some outraged citizens claimed the book sps Western values.周二,北京一名中学教科书合作编辑说道,因课本中含有向学生教授西方神话的圣经故事而引发了大众的愤慨,指责课本传播西方价值观"[We] added some extracts from the Bible’s Book of Genesis into the textbook to broaden students’ horizons and introduce them to Western myths," an employee of the Beijing Academy of Educational Science (BAES), one of the textbook’s two compilers and a textbook selection consultant capital education authorities, told the Beijing Youth Daily on Tuesday.周二,北京教育科学研究院的一位人员,同时也是课本的汇编人之一以及首都教育当局的甄选顾问,告诉北京每日青年报说,“我们从圣经—创世纪中选取了一些内容用于开阔学生眼界,为他们介绍西方神话故事”The text, which also includes several Chinese myths, was published in and is used in Chinese language classes first-year middle school students, Beijing Youth Daily reported.这本书也囊括了几个中国神话故事,于年发行,用于中学一年级学生的中文课Wang Kai, director of the BAES textbook center, told the Global Times that the textbook has been adopted by about 0 percent of secondary schools in Beijing.王凯,北京教育科学研究院教科书中心主任,告诉环球时报说,这本教材已经用于北京0%的中学教学The textbook triggered heated discussion online, as some netizens questioned why the Christian content appeared in a textbook in a secular country.这本书在网上引发了热烈讨论,一些网民质疑为什么在中国这个非宗教国家的学生课本上出现基督教内容Columnist Wang Xiaoshi published a commentary on Hainan-based news site cwzg.cn, saying that the textbook violates China’s Education Law, which mandates that China adopt the principle of separation of education and religion.专栏作家王小石在海南新闻网站cwzg.cn上发表,该课本违反了中国的教育提倡教育和宗教分离的法规Wang cited a comment by scholar and national political advisor He Xin that humanities textbooks are a symbol of national y and also reflect the dignity of education.王先生引用了学者和国家政治顾问何欣的,他认为,人文教材是民族团结的象征,也体现了教育的尊严However, Professor Yao Xinyong of the Chinese Department of Jinan University told the Global Times that neither scholars nor the public should an ideological or political perspective into the textbook.然而,暨南大学的中文系教授姚新勇告诉环球时报,无论是学者还是公众都不应该从教材中读出一个特定的意识形态或政治视角"The purpose of basic education is to offer systematic knowledge of human culture, both domestic and eign," Yao added.“基础教育的目的是提供囊括国内外的人类文化的系统知识,”China’s recent revision of its primary and secondary school Chinese language textbooks has received mixed reactions from the public and scholars. Some have complained the textbooks excessively praise eigners and belittle the Chinese people.中国近几年对中小学中文教科书做了修订,公众和学者对此褒贬不一一些指责教科书大力宣扬外国文化,贬低中国文化肯德基推出能舔的炸鸡味指甲油 -- :7: 来源:chinadaily If you can't seem to kick that awful nail-biting habit, you might as well get some flavor out of it with KFC's new chicken-flavored edible nail polish. It comes in two different flavors – "Original" (beige), and "Hot #38; Spicy" (red), and is quite literally "Finger Lickin' Good"!如果你改不了啃指甲的坏习惯,也会从中尝到一些美味肯德基新推出了炸鸡味可食用指甲油,有两种口味——“原味”(浅褐色)和“香辣味”(红色),这可真的是“吮指”原味鸡了!The product was developed by marketing firm Ogilvy #38; Mather KFC Hong Kong, in collaboration with the company that provides KFC's blend of herbs and spices. "Yes, it's actually a real thing," confirmed Ogilvy #38; Mather employee Anna Mugglestone. "It takes like chicken. It's crazy."这款指甲油是奥美广告公司联合肯德基酱汁调料供应商为香港肯德基推出的新产品奥美广告公司员工安娜bull;马格尔斯通实了这一消息,“是的,真的有这种指甲油味道和鸡肉很像挺疯狂的主意”Each "flavor" of nail polish comes packaged in a "designer bottle and box" (no bucket, sadly). Customers can paint their nails with the product and proceed to lick their fingertips "again and again and again," to enjoy the flavors of KFC anytime, anywhere. And if you're worried about safety, the chain claims that the product is "sourced from natural ingredients".每种“味道”的指甲油都包装在“设计师设计的瓶子和盒子”(可惜没有桶)里,消费者们用这款产品涂了指甲之后,就可以“一遍一遍又一遍”地舔手指,任何时候、任何地点都能享受到肯德基的美味并且,如果你担心安全问题,肯德基已经说了,这款产品“由天然原料制成”"The recipe our edible nail polish is unique and was specifically designed to hold the flavor, but to also dry with a glossy coat similar to normal nail polish," said Ogilvy #38; Mather creative director John Koay. "This campaign is designed to be intriguing and fun to increase excitement around the KFC brand in Hong Kong."奥美创意总监约翰bull;郭说:“我们的可食用指甲油配方独特,是专门为保留鸡肉味道设计的,但干了之后也会像普通指甲油一样形成一层光滑的膜我们旨在策划一场新奇有趣的推广活动,增加香港肯德基品牌带给人的兴奋体验”Not everyone is impressed with the idea, though, going by the comments on social media following the product announcement. "Just when you thought KFC couldn't possibly come up with something more disgusting than the Double Down Dog," a Twitter user wrote.然而,社交媒体上指甲油广告下方的表明,并不是每个人都佩这个想法一位推特用户写道:“就在你还以为肯德基不可能再推出比双降热(见下图)还恶心的产品的时候,它又出了个能舔的指甲油”"That is so disgusting," wrote another, in response to the company's promotional music on YouTube. "Bet it will lead to an outbreak of something. There is so much nastiness on people's hands, esp the nails! People do not wash their hands as often as they should."看了肯德基在YouTube的音乐广告视频后,另一位推特用户写道,“真是太恶心了我打赌它一定会导致某种疫情爆发人们手上的脏东西太多了,特别是指甲!人们本该经常洗手,但没人会洗得那么勤”Vocabularybeige: 浅褐色,米黄色glossy: 光亮的,光滑的intriguing: 有趣的;迷人的肯德基麦当劳还推出过哪些奇葩产品?一起来看看:肯德基粉墨汉堡:近看恶心得一塌糊涂,哪里还会有食欲被戏称为“粉刺堡和黑头堡”麦当劳也推出了同样的一款黑暗料理,包装盒上是可爱的史努比,然而打开包装后,吃客的内心是崩溃的……据说这个汉堡吃起来就像加了洗洁精的干柴肯德基石榴派:血淋淋有木有肯德基方便面汉堡:光看名字就醉了麦当劳“麻麻黑”甜筒冰淇淋:混凝土水泥般的色泽,冷冻汤圆馅一样的味道英文来源:odditycentral译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮福清那里可以流产

龙山街道中医院可以做引产吗福清市第三人民医院主治医生北京每年下沉厘米 --9 ::7 来源: 中国的首都北京以可怕的雾霾和偶尔发生的沙尘暴远近闻名而一个重要的环境威胁却被大家忽略了:北京正在下沉 China’s capital is known its horrendous smog and occasional sandstorms. Yet one of its major environmental threats lies underground: Beijing is sinking.中国的首都北京以可怕的雾霾和偶尔发生的沙尘暴远近闻名而一个重要的环境威胁却被大家忽略了:北京正在下沉Excessive pumping of groundwater is causing the geology under the city to collapse, according to a new study using satellite imagery that reveals parts of Beijing – particularly its central business district – are subsiding each year by as much as centimetres, or more than four inches.一项根据卫星图像作出的最新研究结果显示,过度抽取地下水导致北京地下结构出现塌陷北京部分地区,特别是中央商务区,每年下沉多达厘米,也就是超过英寸The authors of the study warn that continued subsidence poses a safety threat to the city of more than o million, with “a strong impact on train operations” one of the predictions.研究报告的作者提醒说,持续的下沉对这座人口超过两千万的城市构成安全威胁,其中一个预测就是“将对列车运行造成很大影响”The study on Beijing’s subsidence has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Remote Sensing and is based on InSAR, a type of radar that monitors land elevation changes. It was written by a team of seven researchers这项有关北京下沉的研究发表在同行评议期刊《遥感科学上,基于合成孔径雷达干涉测量技术,这是一种监测陆地高程变化的雷达技术这个研究小组有7人“We are currently carrying out a detailed analysis of the impacts of subsidence on critical infrastructure (eg high-speed railways) in the Beijing plain,” they said in an email to the Guardian. “Hopefully a paper summarising our findings will come out later this year.”他们在给《卫报的一封电邮中写道:“我们目前正在进行一项北京平原地区地表下沉对关键基础设施影响的详细分析(比如高铁)希望能在今年晚些时候发表一份能概括我们研究结果的论文”Beijing sits in a dry plain where groundwater has accumulated over millennia. As wells are drilled and the water table drops, the underlying soil compacts, much like a dried-out sponge.北京坐落于干燥的平原地区,这儿的地下水经过了数千年的累积随着钻井抽取地下水,地下水位下降,地下的土壤更加紧密,就像干涸的海绵The study finds that the entire city is sinking but the subsidence is most pronounced in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, which has boomed since 1990 with skyscrapers, ringroads and other development. The researchers say the uneven nature of the subsidence in some areas poses risks to buildings and other infrastructure.研究发现,整个城市都在下沉,而朝阳区下沉最严重上世纪90年代以来,朝阳区繁荣发展,高楼大厦和环路不断涌现研究人员说,一些地区下沉不均匀的特性会对建筑物和其他基础设施造成威胁Tens of thousands of water wells are thought to exist in and around Beijing, many of them used in farming and landscaping. The state has regulatory power over installation of wells but is inconsistent in applying it, according to one leading Chinese environmentalist.据称北京及周边地区有数万口水井,其中很多用于农田灌溉和绿化国家对打井有监管权,但据一位领头的环保人士说,实际执行情况并不理想“There are some rules but the encement is doubtful,” said Ma Jun, director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs in Beijing. Ma said he wasn’t surprised subsidence was relatively high in the Chaoyang district given its rapid growth of recent decades. He expected it to keep moving east as the city sprawled in that direction.公众环境研究中心主任马俊说:“有一些监管规则,但执行成效令人怀疑”马俊说他对朝阳区地表下沉速度更快并不惊讶因为朝阳区近几十年来发展非常快他预计随着整个城市向东扩展,地表下沉将会继续向东延伸In China inaugurated a mega-engineering project aimed at mitigating Beijing’s water crisis. The state completed construction of the South-North Water Diversion.年,中国实施了一项大型的工程项目来缓解北京的用水紧张,现已完成了南水北调工程Even bee the canal began delivering water, Beijing was easing up on some groundwater pumping. In January of the Chaoyang district announced plans to phase out 367 water wells, reducing the use of m cubic meters of underground water.在南水北调工程开始通水之前,北京已经开始控制某些地区的地下水抽取年1月,朝阳区宣布计划停用367口水井,每年减少开采地下水千余万立方米Experts say it is still too early to know if the canal’s water deliveries will help recharge the aquifer and slow Beijing’s rate of subsidence. In the meantime concerns about impacts to buildings and rail systems continue. To prevent derailments a study recommended that China ban new water wells near completed high-speed rail lines.专家表示,想要知道南水北调能否帮助充盈含水层并减慢北京下沉的速度还为时尚早在此期间,人们仍将担心下沉对建筑物和铁路系统的影响为防止列车脱轨,年的一项研究建议中国禁止在已完工的高铁轨道旁打井Other cities around the world are experiencing subsidence caused by excessive water pumping or other factors. Mexico City is sinking by up to cm a year and Jakarta is subsiding at a similar rate. Bangkok is dropping annually by as much as cm, similar to Beijing, according to the Remote Sensing researchers.根据《遥感科学的研究,世界上其他诸多城市也受到过度抽取地下水或其他因素导致的地表下沉的困扰墨西哥城每年下沉多达厘米,雅加达下沉速度类似曼谷每年下沉达厘米,与北京类似谁是“象牙女王”? -- 19:18: 来源: 根据坦桑尼亚国家及跨国重罪调查组公布的信息,;象牙女王;杨凤兰十余年内秘密走私了价值50万美金的7枚象牙,意味着大约350头大象被盗猎杀害A 66-year-old bespectacled Chinese woman may not be most peoplersquo;s idea of an ivory smuggling kingpin, but thatrsquo;s exactly what Tanzanian investigators say Yang Feng Glan is.当你看到这位66岁的、戴着眼镜的中国籍妇女,你可能无论如何也想不到她会是一位象牙走私犯罪集团头目但她,杨凤兰,确实正是坦桑尼亚法院要控告的人She is accused of leading one of Africarsquo;s biggest ivory smuggling rings, responsible more than 700 elephant tusks worth $.5m illegally leaving Tanzania the Far East.她被指控操纵非洲一桩最大的象牙走私案;;将价值50万美金的700多副象牙从坦桑尼亚走私至远东地区Ms Yang denies all charges and her trial is set to begin in Dar es Salaam on Monday.然而,她否认所有指控此案将于周一(5月9日)在坦桑尼亚首都达累斯萨拉姆开审So what do we know about the woman dubbed the ;Ivory Queen; and what exactly is she accused of?那么,这位被称为;象牙女王;的人到底是什么来头?她因为什么被指控?Originally from Beijing, Ms Yang first went to Tanzania in the 1970s. She was one of the first Chinese students to graduate in Swahili and worked as a translator Tazara, the Tanzania-Zambia Railway project that China was helping to fund and build.杨凤兰是北京人,上世纪70年代来到坦桑尼亚她是中国第一批斯瓦西里语专业的毕业生,被分配到坦赞铁路建设工地担任翻译这是一条中国协助投资建设的铁路According to China Daily, after the railway was completed in 1975 she returned to Beijing to work in the governmentrsquo;s eign trade department.据中国日报报道,1975年这条铁路竣工后,她回到国内,在政府的对外贸易部门工作It wasnrsquo;t until 1998 that she decided to set up business in Tanzania. In fact, she set up two.1998年,她开始在坦桑尼亚做生意,事实上,她开拓了两个业务She rented a two-storey building in downtown Dar es Salaam, opening a Chinese restaurant on the ground floor and establishing an investment company, Beijing Great Wall Investment, on the floor above.她在达累斯萨拉姆市中心租了两层楼,一楼开了中餐馆,二楼开了;北京长城投资公司;The restaurant proved to be a success but in she told China Daily: ;Now I do not count on the restaurant to make money. Instead, I see it as a place where people from China and Tanzania can communicate, get to know more friends and conduct inmation exchanges.;这家餐馆获得了成功,但是,在年她告诉中国日报,;这家餐馆的主要目的不是赚钱,而是作为中国和坦桑尼亚人交流的场所,人们可以在这里认识更多的朋友,相互交流信息;She has spoken of her attachment to Tanzania, both physical and emotional. Her daughter is named Fei, the first character of the word Africa in Mandarin.她表达出对坦桑尼亚的依恋,无论是物质层面还是精神层面她女儿的名字专门用了一个;非;,即;非洲;这个词在普通话里的第一个字By she was secretary-general of the Tanzania China-Africa Business Council.年之前,她还担任坦桑尼亚中非民间商会秘书长;I know I should have retired, but whenever I think that my language advantage and network can help many Chinese and Tanzanians and increase mutual trust and confidence, I do not want to stop. I myself am the best illustration of China-Tanzania friendship,; she said in .年,她曾说,;我知道我应该退休了,但是每当我想到,我的语言优势和人脉资源能帮助中坦两国人建立交流互信,我就不想停止工作我自己其实就是中坦友谊最好的例;But at the same time, investigators say, Ms Yang was a major player in a far darker relationship developing between Tanzania and China - the illegal ivory trade.They say she was a key link between poachers in East Africa and buyers in China more than a decade.但与此同时,坦桑尼亚相关机构调查显示,杨凤兰是中国和坦桑尼亚之间黑暗的非法象牙交易的主要参与者他们说,多年来,她是东非偷猎者与中国买家之间的关键一环Tanzaniarsquo;s National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation tracked her more than a year. She was arrested after a high-speed car chase in October and charged with ivory smuggling between 00 and .坦桑尼亚国家和跨国严重犯罪调查部门跟踪调查了一年多,于年月在一辆高速行驶的小车上将其逮捕,指控其在00年至年期间参与象牙走私Poachers and ivory traffickers are threatening the very existence of elephants in Central and East Africa. Tanzania lost more than 60% of its elephants between and .偷猎者和象牙走私者严重威胁到了中非和东非洲大象的生存到年间,坦桑尼亚的大象数量降幅高达60%The role of Chinese buyers in this hardly comes as a surprise - demand ivory in China is high because of its use in ornaments and even in holistic medicine.中国买家扮演的角色不足为奇;;中国的象牙需求量一直以来都很高,因为它被作为装饰品甚至是整体医学之用Most of the time those arrested are small-time smugglers - which is why Yang Feng Glanrsquo;s arrest was welcomed by wildlife groups.多数时候逮捕到的都是小规模的走私;;这也就是为什么野生动物保护组织为抓捕到杨凤兰而欢呼Ms Yang denies the charges against her. If found guilty she faces up to 30 years in jail.杨凤兰否认对她的指控如果罪名属实,她将被判30年监禁福清不孕不育专业医院嘛打击盗砖贼刻不容缓 与政府一起保护长城 --30 :57:50 来源: 除了自然侵蚀,长城还面临着砖块被盗的破坏现在政府要出台法规保护长城,通过现场抽查、定期监察和开通公众损坏举报热线打击犯罪活动 The Great Wall is disappearing, brick by brick, and Chinese authorities have had enough.长城正在一块砖接着一块砖地消失,而中国政府受够了A new campaign has been launched to protect the ancient tification that snakes ,000 miles (1,000 kilometers) across northern China from criminal damage.政府已启动一项新的措施防止刑事毁坏,保护这个蜿蜒1.3万英里(.1万千米)穿过中国北部的古代防御工事Built in different stages from the third century B.C. to the Ming Dynasty (68-), the wall was built to defend an empire but parts of it are now crumbling.从公元前三世纪到明朝(68-)经过多次修建的这堵用于捍卫帝国的墙现在正在坍塌Bricks have been stolen to build houses, agriculture or to sell as souvenirs to tourists -- exacerbating the natural erosion wrought by wind, rain and sandstorms.被盗的砖块用于建造房屋、农业或者作为纪念品卖给游客——加剧了风、雨和沙尘造成的自然侵蚀The crackdown will include spots checks, regular inspections and a hotline to allow members of the public to report damage, official news agency Xinhua reported.官方新闻社新华社报道说,将通过现场抽查、定期监察和开通公众损坏举报热线展开打击行动The State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) first outlined the new regulations earlier this year but the issue has been in the headlines after a of a man kicking and vandalizing the wall went viral on Chinese social media last week.国家文物局今年早些时候就给出了新规定的提纲,但上周一名男子踢蹬、随意破坏长城墙的视频在中国社交媒体上疯狂传播后,这个问题又成了热门Many China visitors associate the Great Wall with an extensively restored stretch of Ming era wall at Badaling near Beijing, but this is far from typical of most of the structure.提到长城,许多中国游客都想到的是一段邻近北京、修复较好的明代长城八达岭,但这和典型的大部分长城远不一样According to official statistics, around 30% of the Ming Dynasty section of the wall has aly disappeared and less than % is considered well preserved.据官方统计,约30%的明代城墙已经消失,称得上保存完好的不到%"The Great Wall is a vast heritage site -- over ,000 kilometers -- hence increasing the difficulty in preservation and restoration," Dong Yaohui, deputy director of the Great Wall of China Society,told CNN last year.“长城是巨大的遗产——超过万公里——保存和修复的难度也增加,”中国长城学会副主任Dong Yaohui去年告诉CNN说福清妇科医院收费好不好

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