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渔溪镇妇女儿童医院官网专家在线咨询东瀚镇妇女儿童医院预约电话Chinese cadets show their bottle: Militaryrecruits ordered to march around with half-filled drink containers on theirheads中国学生展示他们的瓶子:军训学生头顶半瓶水走军姿These Chinese military cadets prove they have a lot of bottle after being orderedto march around with drink containers on their heads.这些中国军训学生头顶瓶子走军姿,展示了自己精神饱满的一面。Although it may look comical, militarychiefs say there is no better way to make sure the students parade and stand toattention properly without fidgeting.尽管看起来很滑稽,但是教官说只有通过这种方式才能让学生们在行进和站立时全神贯注。The students of the Zhengzhou Institute ofAeronautical Industry Management were pictured during their compulsory militarytraining.这些郑州航空工业管理学院的学生们正在军训中。The military training class is a mandatory lesson taken by first-yearuniversity students across China.在中国,大学新生进入大学时都要接受义务军训。The idea of using partially filled water bottles were introduced aftercomplaints that students were slouching and not alert enough.有人抱怨说学生们在军训时无精打采,注意力没有集中,所以采用了这种办法。Trainer Lok Liao said: #39;They are notallowed to use their hands and anybody that drops the bottle gets punished.#39;一名教官说:“他们不能用手,瓶子掉下来的学生要接受惩罚。”#39;Once they have cleaned the toilets a few times or been forced to go on extralong hikes in the rain they soon learn to pay more attention to not droppingthe water bottle.#39;“一旦他们多扫几次厕所以及在雨中走更多路后,他们才知道要集中注意力,不能让瓶子掉下来。” /201409/331843福清阳光做人流好不 A friend of mine in Singapore recently sent me this new (to me, anyway) English word and its definition:一位新加坡朋友最近告诉我一个英文新词(至少对我来说是个新词):Askhole;Askhole(爱问鬼);a person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them意思是一个老爱向别人征求建议,却又不听建议,老是对着干的人。I’m not sure if this word was invented in Singapore, which has its own distinctive brand of spoken English (e.g. ending many English sentences with “lah”; and expressing numbers such as “40-over” rather than “over 40”, “forty-plus”, or “more than forty”. I doubt “askhole” was invented in Singapore, simply because the behavior is so widesp around the world.我不清楚这个词是不是新加坡人发明的,新加坡的英语口语带有明显的地方特色(比如很多英语句子以“啦”结尾,说数字常用“40-over”代替“over 40”、“forty-plus”或者“more than forty”。我很怀疑“askhole”这个词是不是新加坡人发明的,原因很简单,因为这种行为在全世界都很普遍。It didn’t take me long to think of a few askholes that I know. I’m sure stock brokers and lawyers can quickly think of dozens of askholes from among their clientele. That’s not to mention management consultants, counsellors, teachers, parents, and so on — all of whom have dealt with askholes.我马上就能想起很多认识的“askholes”。我敢肯定,股票经纪人、律师也很快就能想起一大票“askholes”客户,更不用说那些管理顾问、咨询师、教师、父母等等——他们全都遭遇过askholes。Obviously the intended humor surrounding this word derives from its close similarity to another English word in which the “k” in “askhole” is replaced by an “s”. That’s a word we were taught not to use in polite company, although that rule may be suspended while driving your car, if some other driver suddenly cuts in front of you or engages in some other stupidly dangerous driving.显然,“askhole”一词的诙谐之处就在于它和另外一个英文单词很接近,只不过它用“k”替换了那个词中的“s”。至于那个词,我们被告知在文明的公司里是禁用的,但如果开车有人突然加塞儿或者做出其他危险驾驶举动,禁令就可以暂时解除。The similarity with that not-so-polite word automatically gives “askhole” a negative connotation. On the other hand, I would rise to the defense of the askholes of the world, because I think there’s a lot to be said in favor of asking lots of questions, whether in search of advice or otherwise.与那个不敬之辞搭上关系让“askhole”一词自动蒙上了贬义色。但另一方面,我要站出来为全世界的“askhole”辩护,因为无论是不是为了征求意见,都有很多理由可以持多多提问。If someone really asked my advice often and then did the opposite every time, I guess I would be inclined to turn off the “free advice” switch at some point. It’s a matter of degree and situation. Some people face very big challenges when trying to take good advice. Think of compulsive gamblers, drug addicts, alcoholics, or people suffering from mental disorders. We sometimes forget that they’re people too, often struggling with a serious illness.假如某人经常问我的意见,又回回都反其道而行之,我想到了一定阶段我肯定会关上“免费建议”的开关,但这也要看程度和情形。有些人在接受忠告时面临着巨大的挑战。想想那些患强迫症的赌徒、瘾君子、酗酒者,或者精神错乱患者。有时我们忘了他们也是人,而且还经常要和严重的疾病抗争。But my main point here is to sing the praise of asking questions in general.但我主要还是想为多提问题唱赞歌。Most people are afraid to ask questions in case they might sound like dumb questions, which makes the asker in turn sound like a dumb person. This fear should be on everyone’s “Most Wanted” list, like the list of criminals “most wanted” by the police. This fear of asking questions is a major enemy of learning. It deserves to be identified, captured, and executed. Unless you prefer to stay dumb, which is how we all start out and how you will remain if you’re afraid to ask questions.很多人害怕提问,担心自己的问题听上去很蠢,让人觉得自己也很蠢。这种恐惧就像警察发出的罪犯“通缉令”一样,是每个人的心腹大患。但害怕提问是学习的大敌,值得指出、引起注意并解决,除非你想一直当个傻瓜。一开始我们大家都是傻瓜,但如果不敢提问,就会一直这样傻下去。I think this is a universal fear which people in most societies have to overcome at some point. The challenge is greater in cultures where “face” is a relatively bigger or more complex issue.我觉得这种恐惧普遍存在,在很多社会,人们都需要在某个时刻克这种恐惧。但在某些“面子”问题更加重要和复杂的文化中,所要面临的挑战就更大。I learned a lot growing up at home and in school, which had a big impact on shaping who I am and what values I hold dear. I have also been fortunate to have worked — in business as well as non-profit organizations — alongside some great mentors. Sometimes, due to the difference in age and rank, it’s obvious who is the mentor and who is the mentee in a working relationship. But lots of times it’s not. All sorts of people around you are potential mentors, and they may not even realize it.我在家庭和学校的成长过程中学会了很多,对我的个人定形和价值观的形成造成了极大的影响。我也有幸——在企业和非赢利组织中——与一些优秀的导师共事过。有时因为年龄和级别的差异,很容易在工作中界定导师和学生的身份。但很多时候,情况并非如此。身边的各色人等都是潜在的导师,也许他们还没有意识到。It’s up to you to explore, by asking questions. The difference in your learning results might be compared to an old steam locomotive versus today’s high speed railway trains. Some people may prefer the pace of the old-fashioned steam engines, but in today’s super competitive, shrink-wrapped world, I’d opt for the faster learning track. A lot will come from home, and school; but beyond that, a huge amount depends on you asking questions, including dumb ones.这些都要通过你的提问去发现,而学习成果的差异就好比蒸汽机车与高铁的区别。有些人可能青睐老式蒸汽机的节奏,但在当今高度竞争、浓缩的世界中,我宁愿选择学习的快车道。家庭和学校为我们提供了很多知识,但大量学习还要靠提问,包括问愚蠢的问题。That doesn’t make you an askhole, by the way.顺便说一句,这并不会让你成为“askhole”。As I am fond of saying to younger friends and colleagues, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.正如我最爱对年轻朋友和同事们说的,只有没问出口的问题才是愚蠢的问题。 /201409/330215福清人流手术价格

福清阳光妇科医院体检收费标准镜洋镇人民医院可以做人流吗 We#39;ve all got a crazy ex, and sharing stories about how insane they were is one of life#39;s great joys.每个人都遇到过极品前任,将那些他们如何极品的故事与他人分享,这也是人生的一大乐趣。We#39;ve compiled the worst of the worst below. They#39;re so bad, you might even begin to think your ex was relatively sane in comparison.我们收集了一些关于极品中的极品的故事。他们如此恶劣,你甚至会觉得,相较之下你的前任还算正常。1. ;He left me stranded 1,000 miles away from home in Texas while he went to Arizona and called me to tell me he#39;s leaving me for his step-sister.;“他去亚利桑那州的时候,把我留在德克萨斯州,在离家1000英里的地方。然后他打电话告诉我,他想和他继母的女儿在一起,所以要和我分手。”2. ;I left for a week to LA and when I came home he dumped me via text message. Totally unexplained and he had just called me that morning telling me he loved me and was so happy to see me again soon. Two days later he released a song about how he dumped me.;“我去洛杉矶待了一周。回家之后他用短信把我给甩了。没有任何理由,而且他在那头早上还打电话给我说他爱我,说又可以见到我了很开心。两天之后他发布了一首新歌,歌的内容是他如何如何甩了我。”3. ;While we were still dating, my ex decided to take a drunken joyride in my truck without me knowing. She crashed it into a tree, totaled the truck but she was completely fine. The worst part? She was going to the guy she#39;d been cheating on me with.;“我们还在一起的时候,有一天我的前任女友喝醉了,然后在我不知道的情况下,她决定开着我的卡车出去兜风。她撞到了一棵树,卡车完全报废了,她却一点儿没事。最可怕的是,她一直背着我在劈腿,开车就是去见另一个男友。”4. ;She posted a listing about me on Craigslist in the male seeking male section. She gave my phone number.;“她在Craigslist广告网站上寻找男同的一栏里发布了关于我的信息。她还把我的电话号码给曝光了。”5. He dumped the contents of an outdoor trashcan (including the nasty water in the bottom) into my trunk. It took months to get the smell out.他把大街上垃圾桶里的东西(包括垃圾桶底部臭臭的汁液)倒到了我的卡车里。那股臭味几个月才散干净。6. ;She would steal bills from my wallet at night. I finally had to set up a sting operation to catch her. As soon as I did the one year relationship was over.;“她有天晚上从我的钱包里偷走了20块钱。最后我不得不设下圈套才逮住她。逮住了她,我们之间维系了一年的关系也就结束了。”7. She changed the password on her Netflix so I couldn#39;t use it for free anymore. Like, what kind of person does that?我的前任把她的Netflix(美国付费流媒体视频网站)密码改了,我再也没法免费用了。你看这都什么人啊! /201406/303130福清做人流那家医院好

福州福清市可视无痛人流My sleep schedule:我的睡眠时间表是这样的:8:30: Get y for bed8:30: 准备上床睡觉9:00: Be in bed9:00: 上床9:30: Hopefully be sleeping9:30: 希望自己入睡9:55: Definitely be sleeping9:55: 确定自己要入睡10:00: Oh god, you’re not asleep? Why aren’t you asleep? You know what happens when you can’t sleep. Well, you just keep thinking about sleep. I mean wait, don’t think about sleep! Just don’t even think about the word.10:00:我的天啊,你还没睡?你为什么不睡?你知道自己不睡觉时将发生些什么。好吧,只想着睡觉吧。我的意思是,等一下,别再想睡觉这件事啦!甚至连这个词也别去想。10:05: Now it’s ruined, it’s all ruined.10:05:一切都毁了,全毁了。12:30: Is someone vacuuming? I am pretty sure someone is vacuuming. I will find them, I will find them and I will hurt them.12:30:有人在用真空吸尘器打扫卫生吗?我确定有人在这么做。我一定要把他们找到,拽出来痛打一顿。1:00: silent rage until sleep comes1:00: 无声的愤怒,直至睡意袭来Much of my life is dictated by my fear of not falling asleep at the right time. I calculate how much sleep I need down to the exact minute. I lay in bed each night waiting for the unyielding thought-vomit to occur. I used to think that the endless stream of thoughts that plagued my nightly routine were unique to me, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.我生活中的许多时光都充斥着我对于无法适时入睡的恐惧。我计算了我所需的睡眠时间并精确到了分钟。每晚我躺在床上等待着那些执着的想法从脑袋中涌出。我曾经认为困扰我夜间休息的那无尽的思维洪流仅仅是我所独有。但是我大错特错了。If you have trouble turning your mind off at night, you aren’t alone. It is estimated that 30-to-40 million Americans have a sleep disorder and an additional 20 million have occasional difficulty sleeping. It’s so bad that the Centers for Disease Control considers it a public health epidemic. To unearth the reasons why we can’t turn off our mind at night, we should first understand the body’s mechanisms which govern sleep.如果你无法在晚上关掉你的思维阀门,你不是一个人。据估计,有3,000-4,000万美国人都患有睡眠障碍,另有2,000万人患有偶发性失眠。糟糕的是,疾病控制中心认为这是一种关乎公众健康的传染病。要明白为什么我们在夜间无法停止思考,首先我们应该弄懂我们身体中管理睡眠的机制。Until as recently as the 1950s scientists believed that falling asleep was a completely passive process. Scientists now think that the body’s wakefulness and sleep mode is dictated by a two-process model. Process S: Promotes our desire to sleep and inhibits our arousal centers at night. Process C: Maintains our wakefulness during the day. This two-process model is also influenced by the circadian rhythm.直至20世纪50年代,科学家才相信,睡眠完全是一个被动过程。现在,科学家认为身体的觉醒和睡眠模式是一种双进程模型(two-process model)。分为S进程:在夜间提升我们的睡眠渴望,抑制我们的觉醒中枢。以及C进程:在白天让我们保持清醒。这种双进程模式也被昼夜节律[1](circadian rhythm)所影响。The circadian rhythm is the body’s clock that regulates our activities and behaviors. It’s controlled by the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN)#8202;—#8202;a part of the brain known as the circadian rhythm pacemaker. Morning light lets the SCN know ‘Hey, it’s time to get up and start this process over again.’ As the sun sets, the SCN signals our body to calm down and prepare for sleep.昼夜节律是身体的时钟,管理着我们的活动和行为。昼夜节律由视交叉上核(suprachiasmatic nucleus-SCN)所控制,视交叉上核是大脑的一部分,被称为昼夜节律起搏器。早晨的光线让视交叉上核知道“嘿,该起床了,重新再开始这一过程吧”。随着日落,视交叉上核给我们的身体发出信号,让身体平静下来,准备睡觉。Disruptions to the circadian rhythm can prevent us from falling asleep at night and feeling overly tired during the day. These disruptions can also adversely effect our health.昼夜节律如果被破坏,将会阻止我们在夜间入睡,让我们在白天感到极度疲惫。这种破坏也会对我们的健康产生有害影响。(Night) Shift workers have an increased risk of heart problems, digestive disturbances, and emotional and mental problems, all of which may be related to their sleeping problems. The number and severity of workplace accidents also tend to increase during the night shift.(夜班)倒班工人患心脏疾病、消化紊乱以及情绪和精神疾病的风险更高,这些都与他们的睡眠问题相关。夜班期间,车间事故的数量和严重性也会有所上升。Okay, so we understand the process that drives us to sleep, but what happens to our bodies once we are in bed?好吧,虽然我们理解了睡眠的运行过程,但是当我们上床睡觉以后,我们的身体会发生什么呢?There are two kinds of sleep, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep and Non-REM (NREM) sleep. Both of which are necessary for the body to go through its restorative process. There are also five stages of sleep. The entire process takes about 90-120 minutes. In an ideal situation, it would look something like this:睡眠有两种形式,分别是快速眼动(REM)睡眠和非快速眼动(NREM)睡眠。这两种睡眠对于处于恢复过程中的身体来说都十分必要。睡眠也有五个阶段,整个过程需要90-120分钟。在一种理想的情况下,睡眠看起来是这样的:When we can’t turn off the mind it is because we are having trouble transitioning from the alpha waves of stage 1 to the theta-band waves of stage two. Those with severe sleep disorders often enter REM sleep immediately upon falling asleep. As we begin the transition into sleep our brains are letting go of a lot, but this is by no means a passive process. Our brains are reordering and assessing the day’s events, working to promote new memory formations, and cleaning up debris.我们无法关掉思维的阀门,是因为我们无法将第一阶段的α脑波转化成第二阶段的θ脑波。那些患有严重睡眠障碍的人通常在入睡后就立刻进入快速眼动睡眠。当我们开始入睡时,我们的大脑会非常放松,但是这并不是一个被动的过程。我们的大脑会重新排列并评估白天的事务,促进新的记忆形成,清空记忆碎片。Turning off our mind#8202;—#8202;as anyone who has tried to do will tell you#8202;—#8202;is easier said than done. There’s no magical switch you can flip to make yourself fall asleep, but there are some tricks you can do to help quiet your mind.正如任何曾经尝试过的人都会告诉我的那样,关掉思维阀门说来容易做来难。你没有魔法开关,按下去就能入睡,但是有一些有助于你让脑袋静一静的小诀窍。1.Cool yourself down1. 给自己降温Part of the body’s process for falling asleep each night involves a lowering of the body temperature. If you are in a room that is too hot it can disturb your internal sleep processes. To get slightly more technical, the metabolism of your brains frontal cortex wants to be cool when falling asleep. Insomniacs have a higher metabolism in their frontal cortex which is said to contribute to their inability to sleep. The body loses its ability to regulate its temperature at night, so finding the right balance is important.每天晚上,我们身体的入睡都包含体温降低这一过程。如果你处在一个非常热的屋子中,这会扰乱你身体内部的睡眠过程。用稍微技术化一点的语言来说,当睡眠时,你大脑中额叶皮质的新陈代谢也需要放慢速度。失眠症患者的额叶皮质代谢水平更高,这也导致了他们没有入睡的能力。身体丧失了夜间调节体温的能力,因此寻找到一种正确的平衡(模式)十分重要。2. Buy red lights2. 购买红光灯You know that sort of bluish glow given off by our TVs, computers, and phones? That seemingly serene blue light is literally robbing you of sleep. The short-wavelength of blue light stops the production of melatonin— a hormone necessary for sleep. Exposure to blue light can even throw off our circadian rhythm. If purchasing all red lights is a bit too drastic for you, aim to reduce the amount of light you use at least two hours before bed.你知道我们的电视、电脑和手机发出的光稍稍有些偏 蓝色吗?那种看似平静的蓝光其实会剥夺你的睡眠。短波蓝光会抑制睡眠所需激素——褪黑素的产生。置身在蓝光之中甚至能够让我们不再遵守昼夜节律。如果全部购买红光灯对你来说有点极端,那么就至少在你睡前两小时降低你所使用的灯光量吧。3. Breathe out of your left nostril3.用左侧鼻孔呼吸In yoga this is called nadi shodhana or alternate nostril breathing. Cover your right nostril and practice breathing in and out of your left nostril ten-times. The practice of breathing through your left nostril is said to help relax your sympathetic nervous system. Just simply focusing on the task of breathing can help you drown out other distractions.在瑜伽中,这被称为“纳地净化调息”(nadi shodhana)或者“鼻孔交换呼吸法”。堵住你的右侧鼻孔,练习用左侧鼻孔呼吸十次。据说这种用左侧鼻孔进行的呼吸练习能够放松你的交感神经系统。仅仅集中精力呼吸就能够帮助你忘记其他的杂事。4. Go outside in the morning4.早晨出门转转Being in the sun#8202;—#8202;especially upon first waking#8202;—#8202;tells our circadian rhythm to reset itself. The best time for this to happen is between 6 and 8:30 a.m. You should aim for at least 30-minutes of sun exposure a day to receive the maximum benefits. Sunlight inhibits the production of melatonin, which is responsible for making you tired. Being tired during the day will likely rob you of that feeling later at night when you need it the most.晒晒太阳——尤其是刚醒来的时候——能够让我们的昼夜节律自我重置。最好的晒太阳时机是上午6:00至8:30之间。为了获取最大的好处,你至少应该每天晒半小时太阳。日光抑制了褪黑素的合成,而褪黑素会让你感到疲倦。白天的疲倦会让你在夜晚丧失这种感受,而在夜晚,我们才最需要疲倦的感觉。5. Visualize yourself asleep5.形象化你的睡眠You are a leaf on the wind, watch how you soar off to sleep land. Visualizations draw focus away from thoughts which have emotional content. Experts say it is important to associate positivity with sleeping. This can help remove some of the anxiety we have built up around falling asleep each night. Researchers at Colorado College recently found that the simple act of believing that you received more sleep than you did is enough to give your brain some of the positive effects of sleep.你是风中的一片叶,观察一下你是如何飞舞到睡眠大陆上的。形象化能将我们的注意力从带有情绪内容的想法中转移出来。专家说,将睡眠同实在的事物联系起来是非常重要的。这可以帮助你消除一些在每晚入睡过程中产生的焦虑。科罗拉多大学的研究者近来发现,一种简单的行为,即相信自己的睡眠时间比实际睡眠时间多,足够给予你的大脑一些积极的睡眠效果。There are a lot of really useful sleeping tips out there, but they are all variations on the same theme. Preparing the mind and body for sleep is all about reducing the emotional content in our thoughts and eliminating as much external stimuli as possible. You should absolutely explore a variety of sleep routines and practices. Doing so can help you understand the barriers that prevent you from achieving a quiet mind.除此之外,还有许多非常实用的睡眠小妙招,但是它们都是基于同一个原理变化而来。让思维和身体为睡眠做准备,就要减少我们思维中的情绪内容,尽可能多地消除外部刺激。你绝对有必要发掘各种各样的睡眠方法,进行各种各样的睡眠练习。这么做能帮助你理解那些妨碍你拥有一个平静思维的桎梏。Sleep is a process. It doesn’t just happen the moment you get into bed. The body is preparing itself for sleep all day. It actually helped me to think of sleep something ongoing as opposed to something that was just supposed to happen. It took some of the pressure off of me. My body was actually made to do this. Trusting and listening to my body’s natural process really helped me find a better way to fall asleep.睡眠是一个过程。它不仅仅发生于你躺在床上的时刻。我们的身体一天到晚都在为睡眠做准备。它实际上有助于我将睡眠想象成为一个不间断发生的过程,而不是一件应该会发生的事情。这让我减轻了一些压力。我的身体其实就是这样构造的。相信并倾听我们身体的自然过程,的确有助于我找到一种更好的入睡方法。 /201410/335272 According to a new study by U.K. law firm Slater amp;Gordon, married couples are happiest in their third year of marriage.根据英国斯莱特-戈登律师事务所的一项研究结果显示,夫妻二人在婚后第三年最幸福。Researchers polled 2, 000 people and determined that a couple#39;s first year of marriage was typically filled with post-wedding happiness, and the second year of marriage was dedicated to getting to know each one another.该所向2000人发送了调查问卷,结果表明,夫妻两人婚后第一年往往还沉浸在婚礼的幸福感中,婚后第二年是两人努力了解对方的时期。The third year was found to be the happiest time in a couple#39;s marriage, which the researchers attribute to becoming comfortable within the relationship and starting to plan a family. Couples were also used to sharing finances by their third year together.婚后第三年是婚姻中最为幸福的一年。研究者认为,这是因为此时双方已经适应了夫妻关系并且开始计划组建家庭。婚后第三年也是夫妇开始共同理财的一年。After the third year, however, couples begin facing more serious challenges. The couples polled reported that the fifth year of marriage was a difficult one due to tiredness, increased workloads, and for some couples, children.然而第三年之后,夫妻就要开始面对更加难以应付的挑战。参与调查的夫妇表示,由于厌倦情绪、工作负担增加、子女抚养等种种问题,婚后第五年是一道难坎。Researchers also found that most couples who successfully made it through the first seven years of marriage were more likely to have a long, happy and lasting union.研究者也发现,能成功地度过最初七年的夫妻将更有可能共同走完幸福的一生。This isn#39;t the first study to look at married couples#39; happiness levels. In December 2012, a study found that people who had been married for more than 40 years were actually happier than newlyweds. And a recent study out of the U.K. found that being married is more important than money and owning a home when it comes to happiness.对夫妻幸福指数进行的调查研究,这并不是第一次。2012年12月的一项研究发现,婚姻生活超过40年的夫妻比新婚夫妻更加幸福。最近另一项来自英国的研究表明,婚姻比金钱、家庭更能给人带来幸福感。 /201310/259723高山镇治疗女性疾病哪家医院最好的福建省福清市妇女儿童医院社保卡




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