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成都/市眉毛种植的价格四川省纹嘴唇The day began early. By 7:30 a.m., the 56 tourists from China were standing in line in the parking lot of the hotel in which they had spent the night.这是早早开始的一天。上午7:30,来自中国的56名游客排成一队,站在头天过夜的酒店外的停车场。They were eager to do the things first-time tourists do — sail past the Statue of Liberty, stand atop the Empire State Building and stroll through the Metropolitan Museum of Art.他们盼着去做第一次来的游客都要去做的事——坐船看自由女神像,登顶帝国大厦,去大都会艺术物馆逛逛。But first they had to get to the city.但他们得先到达那个城市才行。That meant climbing aboard a shiny tour bus and settling in for a 45-minute ride past roadside billboards and a state prison and through the Holland Tunnel.也就是说,他们要坐上一辆锃亮的旅游大巴,在路上行驶45分钟,沿途经过各种广告牌和一座州监狱,穿过荷兰隧道。It is a scene that is repeated many times each morning in a stretch of New Jersey better known for oil refineries, swamps and traffic-choked highways than for providing beds for tourists from halfway around the world.每一天早上,在新泽西州的某个地方,这样的场面都会出现多次,这里本来以炼油厂、沼泽和堵塞的交通干道而闻名,人们从没想到它还能为跨越半个地球而来的游客们提供床位。But with the number of Chinese tourists to New York soaring, New Jersey has become an unlikely base camp for many of them, including this group, which had spent the night at the Wyndham Garden Newark Airport, a scant quarter-mile from one of the runways at Newark Liberty International Airport.但随着来访纽约的中国游客激增,新泽西州居然成了其中很多人的过夜之地,这个旅行团也是其中之一,头天晚上这些游客就住在纽瓦克机场温德汉姆花园酒店(Wyndham Garden),那里距离纽瓦克自由国际机场的其中一条跑道不足1/4英里。Chinese sightseers are fueling a subculture of hotels that have cheap rooms and early-morning checkouts to give tour buses a chance to beat the traffic. Some New Jersey hotels, like the Wyndham Garden, have expanded their breakfast buffets to appeal to Chinese guests, serving such Chinese favorites as the rice porridge congee alongside American standards like waffles with maple syrup.中国的观光客正在促发一种酒店亚文化:酒店提供便宜的房间,为方便游客大巴避开交通高峰,还有在清早就结账退房的务。有些新泽西的酒店为吸引中国游客还扩展了自助早餐食谱,在经典的美式早餐枫糖华夫饼之外增添了中国人喜欢的稀饭等食品,温德汉姆花园酒店正是这么做的。The number of Chinese visitors to the city jumped 182 percent from 2010 to 2013, according to NYC amp; Company, the city’s tourism marketing agency, and New York ranks second as a destination for Chinese travelers in the ed States, after Los Angeles. How many Chinese stay in New Jersey is difficult to determine, but the tour company that sent the bus to the Wyndham Garden — one of many tour operators in the city that specialize in tours for Chinese people — dispatched 16 buses that picked up more than 600 Chinese tourists from several New Jersey hotels that day. The passengers ventured into the city as day-trippers, spending only a morning and an afternoon in Manhattan.根据纽约旅游促进机构NYC amp; Company的数据,从2010年到2013年,来纽约的中国游客跳增182%,纽约成为赴美中国游客的第二大目的地,仅次于洛杉矶。究竟有多少中国游客在新泽西过夜,这个数字很难统计,但是派车来温德汉姆花园酒店接游客的这个旅游公司当天总共派出了16辆大巴,从新泽西的几个酒店接了600多名中国旅客,而纽约还有其他许多专做中国游客生意的旅行社。Price is the big factor, industry analysts say. The average hotel room around the Newark airport was 6 a night last year, according to Mark VanStekelenberg, a senior vice president of PKF Consulting USA, which follows the hotel industry. The average in Manhattan was 4 a night, he said. But tour companies command discounts that can drive the cost lower.业界分析师说,价格是重要因素。长期关注酒店业的美国PKF咨询公司资深副总裁马克·范斯特克伦伯格(Mark VanStekelenberg)说,去年纽瓦克机场附近的酒店房间均价是116美元一晚,而曼哈顿地区的酒店均价是294美元一晚。不过旅游公司会拿到折扣以降低成本。The result is that many New Jersey hotels are filling rooms, even if they do not offer the same amenities as the Waldorf-Astoria. “People in New York and New Jersey think of Newark and New York as two different places,” said Sean Hennessey, the chief executive of Lodging Advisors, a hotel industry consulting company. “Outside this area, it’s all New York.”其结果就是新泽西的酒店虽然不像华道夫-阿斯托利亚酒店(Waldorf-Astoria)那样便利,但也住满了人。“纽约和新泽西人都觉得纽瓦克和纽约是完全两个不同的地方,”酒店业咨询公司“租房顾问“(Lodging Advisors)的首席执行官肖恩·亨尼西(Sean Hennessey)说。“出了纽瓦克才是纽约。”New Jersey had benefited as the economy strengthened with the end of the recession and business travel to Manhattan rebounded, said Warren Marr, a managing director of the consulting firm PwC. “When you get to where demand in Manhattan is really strong and rates in the hotels go up, you get this swoosh through the tunnels, and the hotels near Newark Airport fill in.”PwC咨询公司的总经理沃伦·马尔(Warren Marr)说,随着经济衰退的结束,经济开始好转,前往曼哈顿的商务旅游亦出现反弹,新泽西也从中受益。“去曼哈顿的需求增强了,而酒店价格也增长了,这时就出现了商机,纽瓦克机场附近的酒店就填补进来了。”Chinese travelers are hardly alone in New Jersey — tourists and tour operators from other countries book thousands of rooms a year there, especially for groups that fly into Newark. But a surging middle class in China and relaxed visa restrictions have opened leisure travel abroad to a much larger share of the population. Still, Mr. Hennessey said, tourism from China “remains significantly more cost-conscious than tourism from a lot of other countries.”住在新泽西的并不只有中国游客——其他国家的游客和旅游团组织者们每年也会在这里预订成千上万个酒店房间,特别是那些飞往纽瓦克的旅行团。但随着中国中产阶级的增加,以及签限制放松,中国人去海外旅游度假的人数大大增长。不过,亨尼西说,中国的旅行团“明显比其他国家的旅游团对价格更为敏感”。New York tourism officials, not surprisingly, are striving to draw visitors to hotels on the other side of the Hudson.不出人所料,纽约旅游行业的官员们正在努力把游客从哈德逊河对岸的酒店吸引过来。NYC amp; Company has set up what it calls a training academy in Shanghai for Chinese travel agents who dream of breaking into the New York market. New York State opened a tourism office in China this year, and state tourism officials presented workshops, “Becoming China Ready,” in upstate New York in July to teach travel agents and local governments how to promote themselves to the Chinese market.NYC amp; Company在上海建立起一个培训机构,为梦想打入纽约市场的中国旅行社提供培训。今年纽约州在中国设立了一个旅游办事处,今年7月,旅游业官员在纽约州北部举行了名为“为中国做好准备”的研讨会,向旅行社和地方政府传授在中国市场上做推广的经验。China Southern Airlines, the country’s largest passenger carrier, recently added another destination: John F. Kennedy International Airport. China Southern is scheduling four flights a week from its hub in Guangzhou, in southeastern China. (There are aly more than 24 flights a week from China at Kennedy and 14 at Newark Liberty.)中国客运量最大的航空公司中国南方航空公司最近新添了一个目的地:约翰·F·肯尼迪国际机场。南航每周从位于中国东南部的航空枢纽——广州向肯尼迪国际机场安排四个航班(目前中国每周至少已有24个航班飞往肯尼迪机场,14个航班到纽瓦克自由机场)。For tourism-dependent businesses like hotels, the appeal is straightforward. The average spending by travelers from China totaled about ,427 a person last year, 1 more than in 2012, according to the Commerce Department. More than that, though, the Chinese market promises significant growth. Some projections put the increase in Chinese travelers to the ed States at 35 percent a year.对于酒店这样依赖旅游业的行业来说,吸引力是显而易见的。根据商务部的数据,去年中国游客在美国的人均消费是7427美元,比2012年增长了941美元。不仅如此,中国市场还有可能出现显著增长。一些机构预测前往美国的中国游客将以每年35%的速度增长。Tour operators who specialize in bookings for Chinese say there are two main areas where Chinese tour operators look for hotel rooms in New Jersey, one around the Newark airport, the other along the New Jersey Turnpike around the exits for North Brunswick and Edison. They appeal to tour wholesalers booking groups that have spent a day in places like Washington or Philadelphia and plan to spend the next day in Manhattan.专门针对中国游客做酒店预订的旅游从业者说,中国的旅行商主要在新泽西的两个地区找酒店房间:一处是纽瓦克机场附近,另一处是在新泽西收费高速公路靠近北布伦瑞克与艾迪森出口一带。它们对那些计划在华盛顿或费城之类地方游览一天,之后在曼哈顿游览一天的旅游团特别有吸引力。For the Wyndham Garden, Chinese tourists provide “a steady flow of regular business” that cushions the ups and downs of the domestic market, said Don Sheneman, the general manager. Chinese guests, he said, represent 25 to 30 percent of check-ins, and one of the owners, Steven Wu, said the Chinese had pushed the hotel’s occupancy rate as high as 85 or 90 percent.温德汉姆花园酒店的总经理唐·舍尼曼(Don Sheneman)说,中国游客已经成为该酒店的“日常稳定客流”,缓和了国内市场的高低起落。他说,中国游客占入住人数的25%到30%,酒店的另一位拥有者史蒂夫·吴(Steven Wu,音译)说,中国人将酒店的入住率提高到85%至95%。To accommodate more guests, the hotel recently converted 50 of its 349 rooms to what are called double doubles. The hotel took one king bed out of each of those rooms and installed two double beds, so that more travelers could double up.为了容纳更多宾客,酒店最近把349个房间中的50间改造为所谓的“双重双人间”——将这些房间里的一张超级大床搬出去,换成两个双人床。这样更多游客可以挤着住进来。Even so, Michael Tchong, a tour operator who often books groups at the hotel, said New Jersey did not always have enough rooms to handle reservations for Chinese guests. “That’s how many there are,” he said.尽管如此,经常在这家酒店为旅游团订房的旅游从业者迈克尔·洪(Michael Tchong,音译)说,在新泽西,有时不能为中国游客订到足够的房间。“中国游客就有这么多,”他说。Mr. Tchong said that when Chinese visitors were told they would be staying in New Jersey, 30 minutes from New York City, some complained. “They say, ‘We’d rather be 15 minutes away, not 30,’ ” he said. “We put them in Secaucus.” (Secaucus is about six miles from the city.)洪先生说,当中国游客得知自己将住在新泽西,离纽约市有30分钟车程时,有些人会抱怨。“他们说:‘我们想住开车15分钟就能到的地方,不是30分钟’,”他说。“我们会把这样的游客安排在锡考克斯。”(锡考克斯距离纽约市有六英里。)Mr. Hennessey cited another advantage of hotels in New Jersey: Tour buses can return to the hotel during the day. “When you stay in the city, you have to worry about where you park the bus,” he said, while in New Jersey, “the bus can park over there.”亨尼西说,新泽西的酒店还有一个优点:旅游大巴可以在白天回到酒店。“呆在城里的时候,你还得操心把大巴停在什么地方,”他说,而在新泽西,“大巴可以停在酒店。”David Zhao, the tour guide on the bus from the Wyndham Garden, said the concept of staying in New Jersey on a trip to New York was hard for some Chinese to understand. “In China, hotels are usually all inside the city limits,” he said. “It’s just the opposite of the situation here.” He added, “In Chinese cities there are always hotels that are affordable.”大卫·赵(David Zhao)是从温德汉姆花园酒店出发的那辆大巴上的导游,他说“去纽约旅游,住在纽瓦克”这个概念对于有些中国人来说很难理解。“在中国,酒店通常都在城区之内,”他说。“这儿的情况却正相反。”他还说,“中国城市里,总会有人们住得起的旅馆。”As if to compound the confusion, some of the Chinese on Mr. Zhao’s bus had arrived a day or two earlier and had stayed in hotels in the city. Xia Yuyan, 32, and her father, Xia Xinhua, 74, said a Best Western hotel in Flushing, Queens, had let her father “acclimate to the ed States first.”更麻烦的是,赵先生这辆大巴上,有几个中国人是提前一两天到达的,他们住在城里的酒店。32岁的夏雨燕(音译)说,皇后区法拉盛的“最好的西部”酒店让她的父亲,74岁的夏新华(音译)“先适应了美国”。He had arrived from Wuzhou, in eastern China. Ms. Xia had traveled from Versailles, Ky., where she has taught for a year and a half. She said she would not have known that she was not in New York if Mr. Zhao, the tour guide, had not mentioned it. “What’s the difference between New York and New Jersey?” she asked. “I know they’re in two different states, but what’s the difference?”夏新华来自中国东部的婺州,夏雨燕则是从肯塔基州的凡尔赛赶来,她在那里教了一年半书。她说,如果导游赵先生不提,她根本不会知道自己没有住在纽约。“纽约和新泽西有什么不一样?”她说,“我知道它们属于不同的两个州,但这有什么关系?” /201409/328355成都/纹唇线价格 TOKYO —Something many visitors to Japan notice is the abundance of overhead powerlines. Whether you#39;re in the suburbs, city center, or even rural communities,it#39;s rare to look up at the sky or towards the horizon without the view being criss crossed by thick, black cables.东京——来日本旅游的游客可能会注意到日本天空中有大量的高压电线。不管是在郊区,还是在市中心,甚至在农村地区,当你抬头看天空或者遥望远处时总会看到这些厚黑的电线。So why does Japan have so many above-ground power grids when so many other countries have gone subterranean? The easy answer is cost, but there#39;re also somepurported advantages to stringing cables up on poles, and the country hasn#39;tquite reached a consensus on which is the better option.在其他国家都把电线藏到地底的情况下,为什么日本的地表上面会有这么多的电网呢?简单的就是成本,但据说把电线绑在电线杆上还有其他的好处,而且日本还没达成共识到底那种方式更好。Starting with the budgetary side of things, subterranean systems are a lot more expensive. With the added expenses of digging the ditches and properly installing thelines and conduits, the cost can balloon to ten times that of a comparablysized network of above-ground poles.先从预算角度来说,将电网埋藏在地下成本更高。首先要挖沟,然后将电线和导线埋在里面,所以其成本甚至可以是地表电网成本的十倍。Still, some contend that, economic advantages aside, this isn#39;t the place to cutcorners. Since the mid-1980s, the Japanese government has been enacting initiatives to replace existing poles with underground lines. Not only do suchmoves please those who#39;re tired of power lines marring the scenery, there areeven safety and durability benefits, as below-ground power grids are less exposed to the elements, making them resilient against wind and snow that candamage above-ground equipment.然而有些人认为如果不考虑成本,埋在地底下其实更好。自80年代中期以来,日本政府采取措施用地下线路替代地表的电线杆。这样做不仅满足了某些人的审美需求(美丽的风景不再被这些电线所破坏),还有安全和耐用上的优势,因为地底线缆更少的暴露在恶劣天气中,所以风雪不会对其造成影响。A further safety benefit has been observed during earthquakes, according to the NPONon-Pole Community. The organization says that during the Hanshin Earthquakethat struck Kobe in 1995, neighborhoods with above-ground power lines were muchmore extensively damaged. Non-Pole Community#39;s Secretary Toshikazu Inoue alsoreferred to toppled poles blocking roads and preventing emergency vehicles fromswiftly reaching victims in the disaster#39;s aftermath.根据非营利性组织“不要电线杆社区”的看法,另外一个安全方面的好处是在发生地震时显露出来的。该组织称在1995年袭击神户的阪神大地震中,那些拥有地表电线的社区被破坏的程度更甚。这些倒地的电线杆阻碍了道路,并阻止了紧急车辆在地震后对灾民进行救援。Still,the majority of Japan#39;s power grid remains above ground. One argument against subterranean systems has been put forward by the Tokyo Electric Power Company,or TEPCO. While the company itself has publicized the superior aesthetics anddurability against wind and snow mentioned above, it also acknowledges certainadvantages to the more common above-ground system. “In the events of floodingor landslides, it#39;s harder to isolate damaged areas of a subterranean system,”the company points out. “That can increase the amount of time necessary torestore power to damaged areas.”然而,如今日本大部分的电网还是位于地面上空。日本东京电力公司也反对在地底建电网。该公司也承认说地底线缆不会对风景造成破会,也有利于抵御风雪,但是又称更加普遍的地上电网所具有的某些优势。“在发生洪水或者泥石流时,很难区分地底电缆系统的哪些部分遭到破坏,”该公司称。“这增加了抢救电力所需要的时间。”TEPCO also mentions other, simpler roles performed by power poles, such as providing housing for street lights and posting space for maps or address markers, whichcan be extremely helpful in navigating towns in Japan, where only a minusculefraction of streets have names.该公司还指出了电线杆所扮演的其他简单的角色,比如可以用来布置街灯,为地图和地址标记提供定位空间,这对于日本的村镇导航来说非常有帮助,因为在这些小地方只有一小部分街道有名字。 /201409/332011四川省乳晕漂红

都江堰韩式定妆唇哪家好成都/金荣整形美容医院绣眉飘眉多少钱 Piracy off the coast of Somalia, one of the world#39;s crucial shipping lanes, has plunged this year because of aggressive military and intelligence steps that have made it too costly for seafaring bandits to operate, regional diplomats and naval officials said. 索马里地区的外交人士和海军官员说,索马里附近海域的海盗活动今年大幅减少,原因是力度极大的军事和情报举措使得海盗团伙运营起来费用太高。索马里海域是世界上的重要航道之一。 The success, however, has had an unintended consequence: The Somali crime lords behind the pirate networks have shifted to other illicit trade, sometimes in partnership with al Qaeda-linked militant groups like al-Shabaab, aiding terrorism in the Horn of Africa, diplomats and intelligence officials said. 不过,外交人士和情报官员说,打击海盗行动的成功产生了一个意想不到的后果:海盗网络背后的索马里黑帮头目转向了其他非法活动,有时与青年党(al-Shabaab)等跟基地组织(al Qaeda)有关系的军事组织合作,向非洲之角的恐怖活动提供援助。 #39;None of these operations exists in a vacuum,#39; said a regional intelligence official who traces terrorism financing across Gulf states. Al Qaeda and smugglers #39;trade off the same connections, the same sea routes and the same protection rackets.#39; 一位跟踪海湾国家恐怖活动资金来源的地区情报官员说,这些活动都不是存在于真空中的。基地组织和走私者使用的是同样的关系网,同样的航道,向同样的组织交保护费。 In 2011, there were 237 piracy-related events in the waters off Somalia, according to the International Maritime Bureau, which monitors piracy and the effect on commercial shipping. In 2012, the figure dropped to 75. This year, as of Oct. 14 there were 10 incidents--only two of them hijackings. 据国际海事局(International Maritime Bureau)说,2011年,索马里附近海域发生237起与海盗有关的事件。该组织监控海盗活动及其给商业航运活动带来的影响。2012年这类事件减少至75起。今年截至10月14日,发生了10起事件,其中只有两起是劫船事件。 The ed Nations reports similar figures. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said last week there had been 17 attacks in the first nine months of 2013 in the Arabian Sea, compared with 99 in the same period last year. 联合国(ed Nations)发布了类似的数据。联合国秘书长潘基文(Ban Ki-moon)上周说,2013年前九个月阿拉伯海发生了17起袭击事件,相比之下,上年同期发生了99起。 Most of the piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the adjacent Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean has been controlled by Somali organized crime lords whose business networks stretch between their homeland and Gulf Arab nations including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the ed Arab Emirates and Iran, according to U.N. and regional diplomats who follow crime and terrorism issues. 据联合国及该地区跟踪犯罪和恐怖活动的外交人士说,亚丁湾及邻近的阿拉伯海和印度洋上的大部分海盗活动是由索马里组织的黑帮头目控制的,他们的业务网络从他们自己的国家延伸至海湾阿拉伯国家,包括沙特、也门、阿联酋和伊朗。 The Somalis have helped finance pirate ships and have laundered an estimated 0 million in ransom paid by shipping companies between April 2005 and December 2012, regional diplomats and U.N. investigators said. 该地区的外交人士和联合国调查人员说,索马里人帮助为海盗船只提供资金,2005年4月至2012年12月期间,将航运公司付的约4亿美元赎金洗白。 Their profits began to slip in 2012 when navies and shipping companies began beefing up military defenses. 2012年海军和航运公司开始加大军事防御力度后,海盗们的利润开始下滑。 The international naval force known as Task Force 151 stepped up its use of drones and other intelligence gathering resources, allowing them to better position warships to intercept pirates, said Commodore Jeremy Blunden, the British naval officer currently in charge of the fleet. 英国海军准将布伦登(Jeremy Blunden)说,被称为“联合行动部队151”的国际海军部队加大了对无人机和其他情报收集资源的使用,使他们能够更好地部署战舰拦截海盗。布伦登目前负责“联合行动部队151”。 Meanwhile, the commercial shipping industry has standardized the use of armed guards on vessels carrying oil and valuable products through the waterways. The practice had been controversial because it contravened common seafaring ways. But it proved cost-effective, say shipping company executives who are reaping the advantages of lower insurance rates as a result. 与此同时,商业航运业已经把在经由这些航道运输石油和有价值产品的船只上配备武装警卫作为标准做法。这一做法曾饱受争议,因为它有违通常的航运做法。但航运公司高管说,事实明这种做法性物有所值。这些高管可以因此享受保险费率降低的好处。 Countries have also stepped up legal prosecution of pirates in recent years, adding risk for Somali pirate financiers, who face loss of crews and ships. On Wednesday, a Spanish court handed multiple-year sentences to six Somalis convicted of piracy and arms possession, according to the Associated Press. 各国近年来也加大了对海盗的法律追究力度,令为索马里海盗提供资金的人风险增大,这些人可能面临失去船员和船只的风险。据美联社(Associated Press)报道,上周三,一家西班牙法庭裁决六名索马里人犯有海盗及非法携带武器罪,判处其多年徒刑。 The only surviving pirate who attacked the Maersk Alabama merchant vessel in 2009--the story on which the Hollywood movie #39;Captain Phillips#39; is based--is serving a 33-year sentence in a U.S. prison. 2009年攻击“马士基亚拉巴马号”(Maersk Alabama)商船的唯一一名幸存下来的海盗目前正在美国刑,其刑期为33年。好莱坞影片《菲利普斯船长》(Captain Phillips)就是取材于这个故事。 The aggressive military response changed the risk-reward ratio for Somali piracy financiers, who must pay upward of 80% of their earnings to corrupt Somali officials, local warlords and other middlemen, military officials and diplomats said. 军事官员和外交人员说,这种积极的军事反应改变了为索马里海盗提供资金者的风险回报率,他们必须将至多80%的收入用来贿赂索马里官员、地方军阀和其他中间人。 In 2012, Somali pirates only managed to rake in million in payments, or about three quarters of the annual average received since 2005, according to a World Bank report. 世界的一份报告显示,2012年,索马里海盗只获得了3,700万美元的报酬,仅为2005年以来年平均收入的四分之三左右。 #39;We#39;ve put a fire blanket over the problem,#39; said Capt. William Nault, the chief of staff for the international naval force taking the lead on counterpiracy patrols in the area. #39;We#39;ve raised the cost [analysis] for them.#39; 在该地区牵头反海盗巡逻的国际海军部队参谋长诺特(William Nault)说,我们已经压制住了这个问题,增加了海盗的成本。 Somali piracy bosses, however, have proven nimble businessmen. As piracy profits decreased, they refocused resources on other long-standing illicit operations, including arms smuggling and region#39;s lucrative trade in charcoal made from Acacia trees, according to diplomats and law-enforcement officials in the region who monitor illicit activity. 然而,索马里海盗的老板明了自己是活络的商人。外交人员和该地区监控非法活动的执法官员说,随着海盗业务的利润下降,他们重新将资源投入到其他长期非法活动中,包括军火走私和该地区利润丰厚的金合欢木炭贸易。 In a report issued to the U.N. Security Council this summer, diplomats watching violations of U.N. sanctions in Somalia provide evidence of alleged links between the Somali businessmen suspected of running the pirate networks and smuggling rings and al-Shabaab. The militant group is battling Somali government forces and African peacekeepers to try to establish a fundamentalist Islamic government. 在今年夏天提交给联合国安理会的一份报告中,外交人员提供了涉嫌经营海盗网络和走私集团的索马里商人被指与青年党有关的据。这些外交人员关注违反联合国对索马里制裁措施的情况。武装组织青年党正与索马里政府军和非洲维和部队交战,试图建立原教旨主义的伊斯兰教政府。 The U.N. report presents telephone records and other surveillance that links alleged Somali financiers of piracy with business partners in Iran, Saudi Arabia and the ed Arab Emirates in the charcoal-smuggling network. 联合国的报告提供了电话记录和其他监听内容,表明被指资助索马里海盗者在木炭走私网络中与伊朗、沙特阿拉伯和阿联酋的商业伙伴有关联。 The report also alleges similar business links between these same actors and weapons smuggling into Somalia. Most weapons sales to Somalia are prohibited under U.N. sanctions, as is the charcoal trade there. 报告还指出,这些人与走私进入索马里的武器也有类似的商业关联。按照联合国的制裁措施,大多数武器都禁止向索马里销售,木炭贸易也是禁止的。 Counterterrorism officials say that the charcoal trade is one of the main avenues that al-Shabaab finances its terrorism operations and pays for the weapons they use to fight the Somali government and African peacekeepers. The business has grown from roughly million a year in the late 2000s to a business now worth an estimated 0 million-0 million a year, according to the U.N. 反恐官员说,木炭贸易是青年党的主要收入来源之一,青年党以此为其恐怖活动提供资金,并购买武器用于对抗索马里政府和非洲维和部队。联合国数据显示,这项业务的规模上世纪末约为每年3,000万美元左右,现在已经增长至每年约3.4亿至3.8亿美元。 The White House slapped a trade ban on Somali-sourced charcoal in 2012 because of the alleged trade links to al-Shabaab. 2012年,白宫方面以涉嫌与青年党存在贸易关系为由,针对来自索马里的木炭实施贸易禁令。 The U.N. investigators complain that while regional governments understand the threat of terrorism financing, there has been no political will to arrest the men at the top of the Somali crime networks. 联合国调查人员抱怨说,虽然地区政府明白为恐怖主义提供资金的威胁,但政界毫无意愿逮捕索马里犯罪网络的高层。 The majority of recent pirate trials involve men at the midrange of these organizations or foot soldiers suborned into piracy for their sailing knowledge, a regional counterterrorism official said. 一位地区反恐官员说,最近受审的海盗大多数都是这些犯罪网络的中层,或是因其航海知识而被收买从事海盗行为的底层士兵。 U.N. investigators have recommended adding these Somalis to an international sanctions list, and some diplomats argue that they should be prosecuted for sanctions violations or terrorism ties. 联合国调查人员建议将这些索马里人添加到一个国际制裁名单上,一些外交人员认为,这些人应当为违反制裁或与恐怖主义有关联而被起诉。 /201311/263589都江堰做韩国彩妆多少钱

成都武侯魅丽经纬整形医院纹眉价格As a freelance writer, I do most of my work wearing cotton Old Navy pants, slumped down in a squishy arm chair with a computer on my lap. I also spend a small fortune on massages trying to work the increasingly annoying kinks out of my shoulders and upper back. Coincidence? Nope. The more time we spend sitting in front of our computers, the worse our posture gets. Modern technology is turning us into literally twisted creatures.身为一个自由作家,我大部分工作都是这样完成的:穿着一条旧的棉质海军裤,蜷坐在一张软绵绵的椅子上,把电脑放在膝盖上。我还花了一小笔钱买了个器,希望能缓解我肩膀和上背部的疼痛。巧合吗?才不是!我们在电脑前待的时间越久,我们的坐姿就会越差。现代科技正将我们变成“畸形生物”。In addition to being detrimental to how your body functions, bad posture isn’t cute. It causes you to jut your hips forward, slump your shoulders, and even breathe inefficiently, according to Pat Davidson, a trainer with a PhD in Exercise Physiology who is the Director of Training Methodology and Continuing Education Coordinator at Peak Performance in NYC. I went to see him for a painstakingly objective and honest assessment of my posture.除了对人的身体机能有害之外,不良坐姿还会对你的身材造成影响。帕特·戴维森(Pat Davidson),是一名运动心理学的士。同时还是瑞典户外运动品牌Peak Performance纽约市健身教育协调部主任。他表示不良的坐姿会使你的胯部突出,肩膀下垂,甚至会导致呼吸不顺畅。我找到他,希望他能费心对我的姿势做个客观实在的评判。Davidson explained that bad posture compromises your diaphragm, the big muscle right below the ribs that helps you take deep breaths. So instead, you start using other muscles, like your shoulders, to help you breathe. I found out that I’m guilty of shoulder breathing, which is likely contributing to some of my upper back fatigue and discomfort. I also learned that I “walk with my lower back.” Turns out, people with lousy posture don’t walk correctly, and they count on their lower back muscles to help propel themselves forward. (An adulthood devoted to high heels probably hasn’t helped my walking problem either.)戴维森说道,不良坐姿会对隔膜造成一定伤害。隔膜位于肋骨正下方,在它的帮助下我们才能够深呼吸。因此,用不良坐姿坐着时,身体会调动像肩膀等地方的肌肉来帮助呼吸。由此,我发现正是我自己造成了自身上背部的疲劳和不适。我还得知,我“靠下背部走路”。事实明,坐姿不正确的人通常走路姿势也不正确。他们通常依靠下背部的肌肉撑,推着身体向前走(成年后常穿高跟鞋这一事实或许也导致了我走路姿势的问题)。Aubin Sullivan, a physical therapist and the Clinical Director of Cynergy Physical Therapy in New York City, sees a lot of women like me in her practice. Here are a few quick fixes she recommends for correcting your slump:理疗学家、纽约赛诺秀理疗中心的临床主任奥宾·沙利文(Aubin Sullivan),在临床实验中,见过很多情况跟我相似的女性。在这里,她提供了几条建议,可以快速帮你矫正姿势。#8226; If you sit at a desk all day, don’t perch on the edge of your seat at work trying to sit up straight. The best thing you can do is scoot your hips and butt against the back of the chair, and use it for support—that’s what it’s there for. “You have to support your spine. Your muscles are going to get tired, they will fatigue and you’ll slowly start slumping down, ” Sullivan says.1、如果你要在桌子旁呆一整天,工作时别坐在椅子的边缘,要尽量坐直。 最好的方法是臀部贴着椅背而坐,用椅背撑住你的腰——这正是它之所以在那里的原因。“你得利用椅子来撑着你的脊柱。肌肉可能有点酸,有点累,而你也会慢慢地放松,背又驼了起来。”沙利文说道。#8226; Get up frequently and walk around. (I wear a Jawbone fitness tracker that vibrates when it senses that I haven’t moved in a long time. I also sometimes set my phone alarm to go off every 30 minutes, and I do jumping jacks. Sometimes.)2、多起来到处走走。 (我手上带了个Jawbone的健身追踪器。当仪器感知到你长时间没有运动的话,就会震动提醒。通常,我会设置以30分钟为间隔的闹铃,提醒自己做些跳跃运动,不过只是“有时”而已。)#8226; If you carry a heavy shoulder bag, make sure to carry it on both your right and left shoulder, switching off as each gets tired. Even better: wear a cross-body bag so that the weight’s more evenly distributed.3、如果背包很重,确保两边肩膀都要用到。 一边肩膀累了,就换另一边背。更好的方法是背斜挎包,这样背包的重量会分布的更均匀。#8226; Work out your core. Never mind a six-pack—you need to concentrate on the transverse abdominus, the deep abdominal muscle that acts as a “corset” around the lumbar spine, according to Sullivan. To do this: lay on your back with your knees bent, put your hands on your hips, breathe normally, and pull your belly button straight down to your spine. You don’t want your pelvis to tilt or lift, which is why you have your hands on your pelvis. Hold it for 5 seconds and repeat. “Once you get it, you can do it all the time, just sitting at work and it becomes a habit, ” Sullivan says.4、锻炼核心肌肉。 沙利文表示,别再纠结六块腹肌了,要多注重腹横肌的训练。腹横肌是深层腹肌,做一下几个动作:平躺,膝盖弯曲,把上放在屁股上,正常呼吸。然后吸气,让肚脐慢慢贴近脊椎。把手放在骨盆上是为了防止骨盆的倾斜或者抬升。坚持5秒后,再重复这个动作。沙利文说:“学会这个动作后你可以经常做,就像坐着工作一样。慢慢地,你会逐渐成为习惯。#8226; You can work on your posture in a more hard-core way at the gym, too. Davidson told me to try backwards jump-roping. “If the rope hits you, you have the wrong posture, ” he says. He also recommends hula hooping. (Fun!)5、你还可以在健身时多练习核心肌肉。 戴维森建议我向后跳绳。他说:“如果绳子打到你了,则说明你的姿势有问题。”他还建议可以转呼啦圈。(真有趣!)#8226; Sullivan recommends focusing on the upper back and shoulder muscles. One of her favorite exercises is having clients stand up against a wall, with their hips touching the wall. Put a tennis ball between your shoulder blades and try to squeeze the ball. Rows are also excellent for improving posture, since it causes you to pull your shoulders up and back.6、沙利文建议要加强对背部肌肉和肩膀肌肉的训练。 她最喜欢的训练就是让学员贴墙站立,并且臀部要触到墙面。还将一个网球放在肩胛骨处,然后学员得努力地挤压那个球。划船也能够很好的改善姿势,因为划船使肩膀得以前后拉伸。Now stop ing this article and go for a walk.好了,文章读完了,快出去走走吧! /201408/321011 Stuck in the #39;friend zone#39; with that special someone who you wish could see you in a more romantic light? Here#39;s a simple insight into getting that someone of your interest, interested.是不是跟那个自己希望能共度浪漫时光的人还处在“朋友阶段”?下面就教你如何让心仪的人对你来电。1. Be Patient. This individual who has been your friend, is not going to overnight fall magically in love with you with no matter what advances you make. Don#39;t assume because you#39;re good friends, she will believe you can be a good lover to her by just upfront telling her, you have to subtly reveal it to her. Remember you first have to stack the odds in your favour first before you can go for the kill.耐心。甭管你多么优秀,这个人既然是你的朋友,就不太可能突然莫名其妙爱上你。别想当然以为,既然你俩是朋友,只要你直接向她坦白她就愿意接受;相反,你应该潜移默化地让她明白你的心。为避免碰壁,还是先从对自己有利的小事做起吧。2. Carry on being a good friend. Don#39;t just stop all friendly things with her and become this new flirty guy. You#39;ll creep her out and lose her friendship.继续保持亲密的朋友关系。千万别光顾了要成为恋人而忘了要朋友,这样你不仅可能吓到她,还会损失友情。3. Be Bold. This is probably the reason why you got stuck in the friend zone in the first place. Let her know how amazing you think she is (but don#39;t overkill it), live in the moment, when you’re out compliment her on her physical features, for example ;You always look great, but tonight you#39;re figure in that dress...... simply flawless.;勇敢点。也许正是因为缺乏勇气,你俩才会从一开始就只是朋友关系。请告诉她你是多么欣赏她(但别夸大其辞),赞美此时此刻的她。比如当你俩在一起时,夸夸她的外貌,说:“你总是这么漂亮,今晚穿这身裙子简直无可挑剔哇!”4. Flirt more. Start flirting a little more. Learn the art of kino, touch her more, especially when flirting. But don#39;t just flirt with her, flirt with other women especially in her presence (don#39;t overkill though), let her see other women desire you, in doing this you are leveling the playing field, allow her to think you#39;re interested in other women, it displays confidence, she#39;ll respect you.讲点俏皮情话。多跟她调调情吧。你可以学电影里的样子,跟她俏皮嬉笑、拉手搭肩。但也别只跟她一个人调笑,也逗逗其他女人,尤其是当着她的面(别太过分就是),让她知道还有别的女人仰慕你;如此你掌控了这场爱情游戏,使她以为你也喜欢其他女人,其实你也还挺有魅力嘛。然后,她就会用心对你喽。5. Go for the kill. By now you are y to ask her out on a date. The best way to do this, ask her out at an event where you#39;re likely to be a very important figure in the room, for example, your birthday party. Take her outside or somewhere quiet, where the two of you can be alone, pull her in close, look her dead in the eye and say, ;Would you like to go out some time?; She#39;ll know its not on a friendship term.拿出行动。关系发展到这个阶段,你就可以跟她约会了。最好带她一起参加能让你显得比较重要的活动,比如你的生日派对。带她到外面或安静点的地方,就你和她,然后拉过她、看着她的眼睛,说:“愿不愿意什么一起出去玩玩?”她定能意会到友谊之外的情意。6. Get physical early. You need to get out that friend zone and the best way is to get intimate. When you go out hold her hand, put your arms around her and her body language, if she’s not pulling away she’s comfortable with you.亲密接触。若想跨越朋友阶段,最好的办法就是亲密接触。俩人约会的时候,牵着她的手,搂着她的腰,留意她的反应;要是她没推开你,说明她也喜欢与你这样亲密接触哦。7. If you#39;re close with her, hint that you like them or straight out tell them. Most of the time they will feel the same way, even if they don#39;t want to admit it because some people are afraid of losing a great friendship. But most of the time a great friendship is a great relationship. It#39;s just the transition between the two and the fear of losing the friendship that usually gets in the way.如果你跟她很亲密,直接暗示你喜欢她,要么干脆表白吧。有时候她或许跟你想的一样,只是担心表白了就做不成朋友才嘴上不承认而已。有时候友谊也能成就一段爱情,横隔在中间的只是俩人的姿态和对失去友情的担忧罢了。Tips贴士建议:Note that most relationships start out as friends.记住:很多恋人一开始也是从朋友做起的。Maybe suggest going out some time to see his/her reaction...或许你可以试着约他/她出去玩,看看反应如何……Just be casual and subtle, because if you all of a sudden change your behaviour you may freak them out, they like you for you so don#39;t be someone else.当然要做得随意自然,要是突然转变姿态,你可能会吓到他/她。他们喜欢你是因为你的个性,所以你不必刻意转变。Remember to actually talk to them, though even if they deny liking you they may be shy...actions speak louder than words so watch their body language.请实打实地向他/她敞开心扉,或许他/她会否认喜欢你,但也说不定是因为害羞呢……事实胜于雄辩,还是多留意留意他/她的反应吧。THE CLOCK TEST: If you feel like he or she#39;s been watching you, suddenly look at the clock then quickly look at him/her. If they#39;re looking at the clock then it#39;s because they were watching you and following your eyes is a natural reflex to a sudden change of movement.时钟测试:要是你感到他/她在看你,那就试试突然抬头看钟然后又转头看他/她。如果他/她也抬头看钟,说明他/她刚才确实在看你。要知道,跟着你的视线走是突然动作的最自然不过的反应了。Compliment him/her often. For things you actually like, the reasons why you like being his/her friend.多多地赞美他/她。实打实地告诉他/她你喜欢什么,告诉他/她你为什么喜欢跟他/她做朋友吧。 /201311/264934成都唯罗纳美容医院做纹绣多少钱四川植眉毛一般多少钱



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