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在经济困难的情况下,我们的探索性科学项目——从太空探索到大型强子对撞器——就会最先遭到预算削减。布赖恩 考克斯解释了以好奇心为导向的科学是如何养活自己,激发创新和对于我们自身生存的深入理解的。201409/331702榆树市药流价格Taiwan is on high alert for the landing of Usagi, possibly the most powerful typhoon of 2013.台风“天兔”即将登陆,台湾处于高度警戒状态,台风“天兔”很可能为2013年最强台风。China Central Meteorological Sation has issued its highest alert and says the typhoon is 177 kilometers southeast of Taiwan. It is moving towards Taiwan with a wind speed of up to 201 kilometers per hour. Taiwan is expected to see strong gales and rainstorms over the weekend.中国气象中心已经发布了最高警戒并表示台风目前处于台湾东南方向177公里处。台风“天兔”目前正以每小时高达201公里的风速靠近台湾。台湾将在本周末迎来大风和暴雨。Shipping and flights have been suspended in cities in the south east of the island. Meanwhile, Taiwan authorities have established a 24 hour emergency response center. The tropical hurricane is expected to hit the Chinese mainland Sunday afternoon. East Chinas Zhejiang, Fujian and southern Chinas Guangdong are also expected to see heavy rains. Chinas disaster reduction authority is preparing for emergencies.台湾东南部的轮船与航班已经暂停航运。同时,台湾当局已经启动24小时紧急应急中心。台风“天兔”预计将在周日下午袭击中国大陆。中国东部的浙江,福建省及中国南部的广东省也将会出现暴雨天气。中国抗灾减灾部门正在为应对突发事件做准备。201309/257499长春朝阳区人民医院人流流产和打胎价格An affair of the heart can be every bit as painful – and sometimes even more so – than a physical one. Safeguard your relationship with these tips.感情上的出轨非常痛苦——有时甚至比身体出轨更甚。根据下面的建议,捍卫你的感情。You Will Need你需要Relationship radar恋情雷达Good communication良好的沟通Avoidance of temptation避免诱惑Steps步骤STEP 1 Know the difference between a platonic friendship and an emotional affair: The lines been crossed if theres continual sexual tension, secrecy, or an emotional connection you dont share with your partner.1.了解柏拉图式的友谊和精神出轨之间的区别:如果你持续出现性紧张,有秘密,或者不与伴侣分享的感情关系,那说明你跨越了界限。STEP 2 Beware of the ;office spouse.; If youre the one with a sexually charged friendship at work, limit personal conversations and dont allow the bantering to spill into after-office hours. If your mate seems to be getting too close to a colleague, remind them – without acting overtly insecure – to keep the relationship professional.2.警惕“办公室配偶”。如果你工作期间出现了超越界限的朋友,限制私人对话,不要让你们之间的玩笑延续到下班以后。如果你的伴侣与同事的关系太密切,提醒他们——但是不要表现得太缺乏安全感——让他们之间的关系保持专业。STEP 3 Be alert for signs that a partner has a special online relationship: spending an inordinate amount of time on their computer, or changing their screen when you enter the room. If this is the case, be blunt about your suspicions. That may be enough to nip it in the bud.3.警惕伴侣发展特别的网上恋情的迹象:花费太多时间上网,或者当你进入房间时切换屏幕。如果出现这种情况,勇敢面对自己的怀疑。必须将网恋的可能性消灭在萌芽状态。If youre the one getting frisky with an online friend, ask yourself if your partner would be upset to your e-mail or instant messages. If the answer is ;yes,; youre aly cheating.如果与旧网友擦出火花的是你,问一下自己,如果伴侣读到你的电子邮件或信息是否会伤心。如果是肯定的,那你已经开始出轨了。STEP 4 Keep tabs on emotional intimacy. If your partner is not confiding in you like they used to, its possible theyre talking over their problems with someone else. If youre the one revealing private thoughts elsewhere, try to reconnect on that level in your relationship.4.注意感情隐私。如果你的伴侣不像以前一样向你坦白,他们可能与其他人讲述自己的问题。如果向其他人倾诉内心想法的是你,立即重新修复你们的感情。STEP 5 Know the reasons people cheat, even if its just in their heart: loneliness, the need for attention, sexual frustration, and a desire for romance. Making an effort to keep things happy at home can reduce the chances that either partner will go outside the relationship.5.了解人们出轨的原因,即使仅仅是心里出轨:孤独,需要注意,性沮丧,以及对浪漫的渴望。努力让家里的生活过得开心可以降低任何一方外出寻找精神安慰的可能性。STEP 6 If you find yourself physically attracted to someone, whether its a colleague, an old friend whos resurfaced, or an online buddy, dont pursue a deep friendship with them – youll be playing with fire. If its your partner whos giddy around someone whos ;just a friend,; tell them to find friends they dont have a crush on.6.如果你发现自己对其他人的外表感兴趣,无论是同事,重新出现的老朋友,或者网友,不要与对方发展更深入的友情——你这是在玩火。如果你的伴侣总是和“只是朋友”的人玩暧昧,告诉他们找一些没有感觉的朋友。Emotional affairs that turn sexual are more likely to end a marriage than affairs that start out purely physical, according to research.根据一项调查,感情出轨比纯粹的从身体出轨开始的婚外情更容易终止一段婚姻。201411/342570长春医科大学第一医院做血常规检查

长春打胎哪个医院好吉林大学第一医院人流套餐Hes changed the way we look at computers, phones,他改变了我们认知电脑,手机的方式How we share, interact.以及我们与他人分享,沟通的方式Hes going to inspire a whole new generation.他启发了一整代人.A 5-year-old 20 years from now与我们现在看到的方式相比,is going to create and design and invent and define a world totally different将来,5岁-20岁的年轻人都能以完全不同的方式创造、设计及发明,than the way we see it now,甚至重新定义世界,And its going to be because of steve jobs.而这些全部因为有了乔布斯Sheff: even then he had this ability to bridge A very intellectual world他有着将高科技的理性世界of high technology With something that everyone could relate to.与那些与人们息息相关的事物相连的能力Heres a guy who revolutionized the computer industry,他是彻底改变电脑产业,The music industry, the motion picture industry, The telephone industry音乐产业,移动图像产业,手机产业的人theres 4这里有四点And maybe more, I dont know,可能还会有更多,我不知道But certainly those 4,但是这四点绝对是确定的And if you compare him with edison,如果你将他与爱迪生相比,Well, there was the electric power industry,好吧,爱迪生改变了电力工业,The motion picture industry, and the music industry.移动图像产业,音乐产业Edison only had 3.爱迪生只有三点Thats impact.这就是他产生的影响.to find out more about steve jobs欲知更多乔布斯的传奇人生And watch the program again online, go to pbs.org.可去pbs官网在线重温节目 /201310/260117长春哪里不孕不育最好Poland: The overlooked market CNNs John Defterios examines why Poland is not considered one of the ;must own; economies from the emerging market countriesIt all began with a Bric over a decade ago, an acronym name for the fast growing emerging market of Brazil,Russia,India and China, adding South Africa the Brics bonding new political voice on the world stage. Then came a handful of others,Civets, Mist, Mint and the N11. With every new word play, a new group of hot emerging markets took centerstage. New must have investments in global finance. Yet one emerging market continues to fly under the radar.So when you look globally,the emerging markets, usually you may name Brics or Asia, usually do not look at Poland. Sometimes we have such a feeling that they overlook southern and eastern Europe. But while the lights of China and Brazil or Indonesia and Vietnam garner the headlines, Poland has quietly taking care of business. Since the break of the Soviet Union, its economy has grown on an average between 4 and 5% a year. Its the only European Union country to avoid recession since the global financial crisis hit back in 2008. And as a sign of Polands economic health, the worlds stock exchange played host to the largest number of IPOs in Europe last year.Its in empty of boat track record.And when added to its geographic location, competitive labor cost, sizable local market and educated workforce,its hard to see how Poland go so unnoticed. We can say that our market is a little bit undervalued. Frankly sometimes Poland became different due to the emerging market countries.Not everyone has missed Poland economic story. Twinings, Electrolux and Dell have all moved factories to the country in recent years.But the investment trend in the emerging market is for example to go from here in the Mid-East to far east Asia,or south into Africa. Regrowth is taking a way as 6 to 7%, that level of expansion is encouraging foreign direct investment although Poland is within a market of better than a half billion consumers.We do not experience the growth like the emerging markets,like 5% or like 7 in China, but we are still doing much better than every Eruopean growth.The IMF forcasts Poland will grow by 2.4% next year. Not enough perhaps to put the P of Poland in the next acronym of the worlds hottest emerging markets, but enough to make the last twenty years Polands best period of sustained economic growth and give it the status of a leading emerging market. /201311/266132长春八一医院妇科预约

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