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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus Liberal Party introduced a bill that would legalize marijuana, making Canada just the second country in the world behind Uruguay to do so.加拿大总理贾斯汀·特鲁多的自由党提出一项法案,将大麻合法化,使其成为除乌拉圭外第二个大麻合法化的国家。The Cannabis Act would make the drug legal for anyone over 18, though provinces could decide to raise the minimum age.大麻法案将使其对任何超过18岁的人合法,虽然各省可以决定提高最低年龄。The bills authors believe that by regulating marijuana, the government can help keep it away from children and cut into the profits of organized crime.该法案的作者认为,通过管制大麻,政府可以帮助它远离儿童和削减组织犯罪的利润。The government wants to ensure that marijuana use wont affect safety. Part of the bill focuses on how to determine whether someone is driving stoned by developing a bud breathalyzer.政府希望确保大麻的使用不会影响安全。该法案的部分是通过开发呼气测醉器确定某人是否醉毒驾车。The bill is expected to pass through Canadas Parliament and receive Trudeaus signature and would be implemented in the summer of 2018.该法案有望通过加拿大议会并获得特鲁多的签字,并将于2018夏季实施。译文属。201704/503979

There you go.Right there is the river, down in the valley.好了 那有条河 一直流到山谷里And thats what I want to get to, down there.我要下到那去This is looking pretty sheer down this bit.这段路看上去非常陡峭But I reckon well use the rope and get down to that ledge halfway.不过我觉得可以用绳子 下到半截的悬崖那里This cliff is too high for my rope to reach all the way.这个峭壁太高了我的绳子不够长But I can use a climbing technique called multi-rappelling.不过我可以用一点攀岩技巧 就是多重绳索下降法I need to make sure my rope is retrievable and that Ive got good anchor points on the way down.我得保我可以把绳子收回来 并且在下去的路上找到好的固定点Really, I want to th this up high.我要把绳子穿过这个树杈Its gonna just make it easier to retrieve.这样更容易回收Gonna be a direct line of sight to it rather than going over a lip.下降时 别让绳子离开你的视线 不要让绳子卡在悬崖上The Caucasus mountains were formed when the Arabian and European tectonic plates collided millions of years ago.高加索山脉是几亿年前 印度洋板块和亚欧板块 碰撞后形成的Nice and steady there.The region is subjected to powerful earthquakes下边地势平坦 这一地区饱受强震之苦and this means the rock faces can be highly unstable.也就是说 该地区表层岩石很不稳定The whole mountain is literally just crumbling apart.整座山轰然劈开Theres a birds nest.Theres an egg in it as well.鸟巢恰巧在那 巢中恰有一颗蛋If you want to survive out here,you must think like a scavenger and never pass up any potential food source.倘若想在这样恶劣的环境中求生 就得把自己变成拾荒者 只要是能吃的 来者不拒Just smell! That egg is rotted!Thats a vulture egg.闻闻吧 鸡蛋腐臭了 这是一枚秃鹰的蛋This is just truly...putrid.Have a look at the color inside here.这绝对是...腐烂了 看看里边的颜色201704/504758


Giganotosaurus is 10-15 percent more massive and longer than Tyrannosaurus rex, which for a long time was record holder.南方巨兽龙比长久以来保持最大纪录的霸王龙还要大10~15%Giganotosaurus was an incredible animal, around 13 meters in length.南方巨兽龙是令人叹为观止的动物,全长约为13米And the head was huge, around one meter and 80 centimeters.它的头很大,大约有1.8米长Giganotosaurus had a skull the length of a man.南方巨兽龙的头骨有一个人那么长But this giant predator had one more thing to reveal.但这种大型掠食动物,还包藏着更多的秘密When the team dated the bones, they found Giganotosaurus lived in the Cretaceous, the time of the giant long-neck Argentinosaurus.研究小组检测它的骨骼后发现,南方巨兽龙生活在白垩纪,与巨大的蜥脚类阿根廷龙生活在同一时代And the two dinosaurs were found only 80 kilometers apart.这两只恐龙的发现地点相距不过80公里For the first time anywhere in the world,这是全世界范围内的第一次scientists had discovered mega-carnivores and huge plant-eaters living during the same time period and in the same place.科学家们发现大型食肉恐龙与巨型植食恐龙生活在同一时代、同一地区This is a peculiar ecological relationship that we found in Patagonia.我们在巴塔哥尼亚发现的是一种奇特的生态关系Big preys and big predators.大型猎物和大型掠食者If we look at South America in the age of Giganotosaurus,我们可以回瞰一下南美洲的南方巨兽龙时代the main potential prey for this immense meat-eater is an even more immense plant-eater, the giant Argentinosaurus.这种庞大的食肉恐龙的主要猎物是一种更庞大的植食恐龙——阿根廷龙Could it be true that in Patagonia something unique happened?巴塔哥尼亚是否真的会发生一些特别的事件呢That the largest plant-eater ever came face-to-face with the largest known meat-eater in an extraordinary clash of the titans?地球上有史以来最大的植食动物是否会与最大的食肉动物展开面对面的殊死较量呢?201611/479914

Im going to take these balls and put em in here.接下来我将把这些球拿下来,然后再拿上去。Then Im going to shuffle it up and Im going to randomly put em back on here.将球打乱顺序,然后随意摆放在这里。And shes going to come over and look at it, and Im going to ask her a series of questions.之后,她将观察这些球,然后回答我几个问题。You y? Lets just go.准备好了吗?开始吧。So were doing it like this, so you wont think that we set it or anything, cause this is not playing.我们要把球像这样打乱顺序,这样你就不会认为我是设计好的,因为那样做没用。You know, plus, I wouldnt participate in anything like that anyway.而且,我从没做过这类事情。So were going to put them up here.那么,我们要把球再放回去了。You going to watch me place them? Mm-hmm. Okay.你要看着我做吗?恩恩。好吧。Do I have to be quiet, or can I talk?我要安静吗?我能说话吗?Um, do whatever you usually do. Okay, cause this is boring me half to death.做你平常做的。好吧,做这个让我无聊个半死。See, I need to know if I can talk. I dont want to throw you off or nothing.我需要知道我是否能讲话。因为我不想打扰你或是怎样。But you can tell I aint even looking at this. This aint no trick. I wont...但你看见了,我甚至都没看这些球,这里绝没有猫腻。我没有...really, I wouldnt participate in anything like that. I like to keep it real, you know what I mean?我真的没有干过这类事情。我喜欢真实,你知道我什么意思对吧?Just doing my thing, hey baby亲爱的,我只做我的事情。Okay, you look at them. You study that.好了,你开始看吧。Memorize them and then let me know.开始记吧,好了告诉我。Okay. Im done. You done?好了,看完了。完了?Okay, so where you, where you going to stand?你要站哪?Over here. Okay. Youre not looking? No.站这里吧。好吧,那你看不见吧?看不见。Okay. These are random questions. She cant know this.好的。这些是随机问题。她不会知道。So here we go.开始吧。What is the sum of the first ball and the 18th ball?第一个球加第18个球是多少?11?11?I was messed up cause I didnt even know there was 18 balls up there.我糊涂了,我甚至不知道这里有18个球。What do you get if you multiply the sixth ball and the seventh ball?第六个球乘以第七个球是多少?30?30?This is the finale.最后一个。Recite the whole board backwards. Oh!从后至前,背诵所有球号。哦!Two, two, seven, eight, three, four, one, eight, three, nine, six, five, six, five, four, one, seven, nine.二、二、七、八、三、四、一、八、三、九、六、五、六、五、四、一、七、九。Ladies and gentlemen, give your love for my daughter!女士们先生们,为我女儿鼓掌!I have been looking for her all over the world!我一直在全世界寻找她!I just found my baby! Oh, thank you, lord!我最终找到了她!感谢老天爷!201707/516131

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