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上海曙光医院打瘦脸针的费用上海破尿酸价位这场来自TED-圣米格尔护城站的精演讲在墨西哥引起了轰动。墨西哥前总统卡洛斯amp;#8226;萨利纳斯amp;#8226;德戈塔之子艾米拉诺amp;#8226;萨利纳斯批评了日前弥漫在墨西哥的暴力气氛,或者说,他批评的是墨西哥社会对此做出的回应。他号召墨西哥人民不要逃避,不要害怕,要勇敢地采取团结起来,以和平的方式面对现状。该演讲是TED有史以来第一次非英语演讲。演讲附带英文字幕。201410/339331嘉定区全身脱毛手术价格 One section of cliff oozes a trickle of mineral-rich water which the monkeys seem to find irresistible.峭壁一侧分泌的水是富含矿物质的,这对猴子们而言是不可抗拒的诱惑。These days there are few predators in the Mayanghe Reserve which might pose a risk to a baby monkey.如今麻阳河自然保护区已鲜有危及猴宝宝的捕食者。But in past centuries, this area of south China was home to leopards, pythons and even tigers.然而在过去的数个世纪,中国南部的这个地区是豹子,巨蟒,甚至老虎的家。To survive dangerous night prowlers, the langurs went underground, using their rock-climbing skills to seek shelter in inaccessible caverns.为了在暗夜潜行者的利爪下存活,叶猴们前往地底,用他们的高超的攀爬技巧爬到洞穴上方寻找庇护所。 /201406/307623上海医院去痣多少钱

黄浦注射丰唇一针的费用有时在遭受创伤之后,大脑能进行自我修复,生长出新的脑细胞来替代受损的细胞。但是由于修复缓慢,大脑不能从抑生长疾病——如神经元这样的疾病(格雷克氏症或者肌萎缩侧索硬化症)——中恢复过来。西德森·查尔恩借用新式的技术,利用特殊的干细胞来促进大脑更快的进行自我修复。201409/325310青浦区额头除皱多少钱 who has a worse when it comes to pain?生孩子和蛋疼那个更痛?In the battle of the sexes we are fiercely divided,who has a worse when it comes to pain?在两性间的争论中,我们兵分两派,当疼痛来到时谁的痛更痛。On the one hand women are left with the task of fitting a watermelon sized object through a coin sized hole. On the other hand, males protest that even the slightest nick of their family jewels can leave them incapacitated.从一方面说,女性要完成艰巨的任务,将一个西瓜大学的东西从硬币大小的孔排出来。另一方面,在蛋蛋上轻轻一划就能让他们痛不欲生。So which hurts more, childbirth or getting kicked in the balls?那么,哪个更痛呢?产子更痛还是蛋疼?Before we begin there is a rumor that is circulating the internet claiming that the human body can take up to 45 del units of pain and yet a mother feels up to 57 del of pain during childbirth, which is apparently equivalent to 20 bones being fractured at once.在我们开始讨论之前,先说说网络上流行的一则谣言,称人体可以忍受的最大疼痛度为45del,而母亲在生孩子时要承受最高可达57del的痛感,这种疼痛和20根骨头同时折断带来的痛感相当。The claim then goes on to suggest that being kicked in the balls brings more than 9000 del of pain. Now apart from the absurd logic that both of these events can surpass the alleged human limit it, actually uses a unit of pain, the del, which doesnt even exist.谣言又称,男性被踢中蛋蛋时感受到熬的疼痛更剧烈,痛感超过90del。暂且先不提这些背后荒谬的逻辑,这些事居然能超过人体疼痛的极限,另外它也使用了一个疼痛的单位del,而这些东西压根不存在。There is a unit of pain once devised called the dol, from the latin word for pain ;dolor; but we will discuss this later.层有人提出过一个疼痛单位,名为dol,它源于拉丁语中表示疼痛的词dolor,但我们之后再细说。To really evaluate this question we first need to understand what pain is, which isnt an easy task.为了搞清楚这个问题,我们先要理解疼痛是什么,这个活不简单。There is actually a group of specialized nerve cells in your body called nociceptors that react to pain.实际上你身体中有一群特化的神经细胞,名为“痛觉感受器”,他们对疼痛做出反应。Unlike other nerves which ily fire in response to normal touch or temperature, nociceptors will only fire once a certain pain threshold has been passed.与其他的细胞对触摸或温度变化做出简单反馈,产生冲动不同的是痛觉感受器尽在一特定疼痛超出忍受范围时才残生冲动。Some of these nociceptors respond quickly sending signals to the spinal cord and brain which produce sharp and sudden pain, allowing you to react quickly while others transmit more slowly and are responsible for the prolonged dull ache you feel.其中一些痛觉感受器反馈速度较快,将信号传递到脊髓和大脑他们产生剧烈和突然的特通,让你迅速做出反应,另一些传递得相对较慢,他们负责哪些你所搞到的长时间的隐约的痛。For males, testicles are internal organs that have migrated out of the body cavity which we explain in a previous you can check out here.对于男性而言,睾丸是一个迁到体腔外的内部器官,这一点我们已经在先前的视频中解释过了。And well some internal organs such as the liver feel no pain, others like the testicles are covered with many nociceptors making them extremely sensitive.一些内部器官,如肝脏不会感受到疼痛,另一些如睾丸等器官表明盖满了痛觉感受器,这使他们尤其的敏感。Afterall their well-being is of the utmost importance.无论如何,他们的健在对男性至关重要。Furthermore the testicles are attached to many nerves in the stomach as well as the vagus is nerve which is directly connected to the brains vomit center, and this is why when hit the pain sps throughout the abdomen.另外,睾丸和很多尾部的神经相连接,以及许多迷走神经,他们直接和大脑的呕吐中枢相连,这就是为何蛋空空的疼时,痛觉会蔓延到整个腹部。The fact that testicles have minimal protection only strengthens the accompanying symptoms of nausea, increased blood pressure, heart rate and sweating.蛋蛋上几乎没有防护的事实只会加强了,伴随症状,如恶心、血压升高、心跳加速和流汗。But not so fast gentlemen, even though childbirth may not be facing a direct blow to any internal organs, the mechanical distension of the uterine area also triggers nociceptors and causes the same kind of visceral pain.但是先生们别急,即便分娩也许不会对内脏造成直接的打击,但是子宫部位的机械膨胀也出发了痛觉感受器,造成了相同类型的内脏痛。Also consider that throughout evolution female human hips have become smaller while babies heads have become larger. And not to mention labor lasts 8 hours on average with a mixture of nausea, fatigue and pain.再考虑到女性在整个进化过程中臀部变得更小,但婴儿的头部变得更大,更别提那平均持续八小时的恶心、疲劳和痛苦并存的苦力活了,分娩了。On top of it all, tension and stretching of muscle and tissue increase as labour intensifies creating sharp and localized pain.最重要的是,随着分娩加剧造成刺痛与局部疼痛,肌肉与组织的绷紧与拉伸也会增强。Okay, so both obviously hurt and have a lot of mechanical stimulation sending signals to the pain centers of the brain.好了,所以两者都明显很痛,都传送了许多机械刺激信号给大脑里的痛觉中枢。But this is where it gets tricky, because the pain isnt simply a physical response but rather a partially perceptive or subjective experience.但这就是这个问题很棘手的地方,因为痛觉不单是一个物理反应,而是一个部分感知的或者是主观的体验。This means that every single individual perceives pain in a slightly different way. And not only between individuals but depending on your mood, alertness or even previous experience pain may affect you differently.这意味着每个人感知到的痛苦都有细微的差别,不仅是人与人之间感知到的痛苦会有不同、心情、警觉度,甚至之前的经历,都会相异的影响你对痛苦的感受。Its for this reason that so many attempts to objectively measure pain have failed including the dol system which we mentioned earlier.正因如此,许多从客观上量度痛苦的尝试失败了,包括我们之前提到的dol系统。Interestingly nearly 80% of upper limb amputees experience a phenomenon known as ;phantom limb pain;.有趣的是,接近80%的上肢截肢者体验过所谓“幻肢痛”的现象。That is they feel pain in a limb that is no longer there. And while little is understood about the mechanism for the pain, it is clear that there is no particular input to trigger the response and yet they still feel a very real pain.也就是说他们感受到了不再存在的肢体的疼痛,尽管我们对疼痛的机制知之甚少,很明显即便没有特定的刺激,他们仍然能感到真切的疼痛。As such pain is not a stimulus it is an experience that is different for everybody. Suffice to say both instances of childbirth and getting hit in the balls can hurt alot.这种疼痛并非刺激,而是一种体验,对于每一个人来说并非相同,老实说,这两种情况,包括生孩子,和蛋蛋中标了的确都很痛。So we call this one at tie, apart from the fact that the experiences are completely different and there is so many variables to consider.因此我们称二者平手,尽管这种体验,完全不同并且要考虑的变量是在太多。In some instances a man could experience more pain than his female counterpart and vice versa.在一些情况下男性能感受到的痛比女性更痛,反之亦然。The main difference being one results in a newborn baby, while the other potentially results in a decreased the chance of having one.其中的区别是一种诞生了一个新生儿,另一种冥冥中降低了前面一种状况的可能性。201412/351287奉贤区妇幼保健医院纹眉毛多少钱

上海市第一人民医院去胎记多少钱Being busted for re-gifting is like getting nabbed by the IRS—you’re not sorry you did it, you’re just sorry you got caught. Don’t let that happen.转送礼物失败就像被警察抓到——你不后悔曾经这样做,而是后悔被抓了现行。不要让这种情况发生。You Will Need你需要Presents to re-gift要转送的礼物A notebook to record gifts youve received笔记本,用来记录自己收到的礼物Steps步骤STEP 1 Keep track1.追踪Keep careful track of who gave you what—otherwise you might end up re-gifting to the person who gave you the present in the first place.Also note everyone who saw you receive the gift and scratch them off the potential recipient list.小心记录谁送了你什么礼物——否则可能出现把礼物物归原主的尴尬局面。还要记录下有哪些人看到你收到这份礼物,把他们从接收者的名单上去除。STEP 2 Be discerning2.眼光敏锐Decide what past gifts can be recycled. If a store-brand item is very old, the person might try to return it and discover it has been stocked for years.决定哪些过去的礼物可以回收利用。如果商场标签破旧了,对方可能会试图退还,从而发现这件物品已经被存放了几年。There’s a difference between a recycled gift and a hand-me-down. Sorry, but even if you’ve only used it or worn it once, it’s not suitable for re-gifting.回收礼品和半新的物品之间是有区别的。对不起,即使你只用过或穿过一次,也不适合转送。STEP 3 Beware gift cards3.注意礼品卡Carefully examine each item for a gift card. Needless to say, if the person opens his present and finds a note addressed to you, the jig is up.小心检查每件物品的礼品卡。不需多说,如果对方拆开礼物时发现一张送给你的便条,那就露馅了。STEP 4 Consider appropriateness4.考虑是否合适Consider carefully whether the re-gift is appropriate. If its clearly out of whack with the re-giftees style and interests, theyre apt to guess it was not originally chosen with them in mind.认真考虑想要转送的礼物是否合适。如果完全不符合对方的风格或兴趣,他们就会猜测这份礼物本身就不是特意为他们选择的。Some gifts might be so inappropriate or atrocious that they’d work as gag gifts. Pass them along, have a laugh, and let the new recipient figure out what to do with them.一些礼物可能特别不合适,成为搞笑的礼物。送给他们,让新的礼物接收者自己决定怎么办。STEP 5 Keep distance between source and re-giftee5.原来送你礼物的人和新的接收者之间保持距离Make sure there are several degrees of separation between the person who gave you the gift and the new recipient. You dont want the gift turning up in a place the re-giftee frequents.确保原本送你礼物的人之间和新的礼物接收者之间保持一定的距离。你肯定不想这份礼物经常出现在原本送你礼物的人面前。STEP 6 Re-gift again!6.再次重新赠送If you sense the person doesn’t like the gift, offer to return it before they can begin asking about receipts and return policies. Then go back to your re-gift closet for another treasure.如果你感到对方并不喜欢这件礼物,在他们向你索要收据或询问退货条款之前主动提出让对方归还。然后在你的橱柜中重新找一件礼物。In one survey, 77% of respondents admitted to re-gifting because the item was better suited for someone else, while 7% confessed they re-gifted because they did not like the recipient of the re-gift!根据一份调查,77%的受调查者承认曾经转送礼物,因为他们觉得这份礼物更适合其他人,而7%的人承认他们转送礼物是因为他们不喜欢对方!201412/350184 上海注射隆鼻能维持多久上海膨体隆鼻的费用



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