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谋事在人,成事在天--Man proposes, God disposes.大家好,这里是小强英语。汉语中有这么一个成语:谋事在人,成事在天。意思是自己已经尽力而为,至于能否达到目的,那就要看时运如何了。在英语中,我们说:Man proposes, God disposes.It means people may make plans, but they cannot control the outcome of their plans.人们可能会制订计划,但结果怎样,可不是能够预先控制的,即谋事在人,成事在天。我们来看一下例句:Are you really going to be able to finish writing your novel by the end of the year?你真的能够在年底前完成小说吗?Man proposes, God disposes.谋事在人,成事在天。From my perspective, this is a positive way of thinking that you do your part and make light of the results.在我看来呀,这是一种积极的思维方式,做自己该做的事,管它结果如何。What do you think?你怎么看呢?与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201405/296913。

Wang Fei: (Screaming) Ahhh!!王飞(尖叫)啊!Finn: Wang Fei, are you ok?芬恩:王飞,你还好吗?Wang Fei: (Screaming) No, no. Ahhh!!王飞:(尖叫)不,不好。啊!Finn: Whats wrong? Whats wrong?芬恩:怎么了?出什么事了?Wang Fei: Theres a big, green spider in the studio!王飞:演播室里有一只巨大的绿色蜘蛛!Finn: A spider? Oh, its only a spider. Chillax!芬恩:一只蜘蛛?哦,那只是只蜘蛛,冷静!Wang Fei: Chillax?!王飞:Chillax?!Finn: Yes, chillax. Ill get the spider... Now, hold on... Got it. Feel better?芬恩:对,冷静。我会处理这只蜘蛛的……现在,等等……解决了。感觉好些了吗?Wang Fei: Thanks, yes, much better. So Finn, what was that word you just said?王飞:谢谢你,感觉好多了。芬恩,刚刚你说的那个词是什么意思?Finn: Chillax. Its a combination of two words. Can you guess them?芬恩:Chillax,这是由两个单词组合而来。你能猜到是哪两个词吗?Wang Fei: Chill... and... relax?王飞:Chill和relax吗?Finn: Chill and relax, yes. It means the same as chill or chill out or relax. So just now I told you to chillax, which means dont worry, relax.芬恩:没错,就是chill和relax。意思就类似冷静或是放松。刚才我让你冷静,意思就是别担心,放松。Wang Fei: Oh, I understand. So if I tell somebody to chillax it means, basically, to relax or to calm down?王飞:哦,我明白了。如果我跟某个人说chillax就是让他放松或是冷静下来?Finn: Thats right. Thats one way we can use it. For example:芬恩:没错。这是我们应用这个短语的一种方式。比如:Im so worried about going on my first date with Steven!我很担心和史蒂文的第一次约会。Chillax, itll be ok. Im sure youll have a nice time.放松下来,会没问题的。我确定你会度过愉快时光的。Finn: You could also just say, I want to chillax or Im chillaxing.芬恩:你也可以说,我想放松一下。Wang Fei: Chillaxing.王飞:放松。What are you doing tonight?你今晚做什么?Nothing special, just going to chillax at home.没什么特别的,就只是在家放松。Wang Fei: So does chillax mean exactly the same as chill out and relax?王飞:那chillax和冷静还有放松的意思完全相同吗?Finn: Well the meaning is the same, but chillax is a newer expression, so you probably wont hear it as much.芬恩:意思是相同的,不过chillax是一种更新潮的表达方式,所以可能你听到的并不多。Wang Fei: Great. So by the way Finn, where did you put that spider?王飞:太棒了。对了,芬恩,你把蜘蛛放哪里了?Finn: The spider?芬恩:蜘蛛?Wang Fei: Yes, the big, green spider.王飞:对,那只巨大的绿色蜘蛛。Finn: Oh, the spider. I cant remember. I think I left it on the desk.芬恩:哦,那只蜘蛛。我不记得了。我想我把它放在桌子上了。Wang Fei: Really? Then what is that big, green thing climbing up your neck?王飞:真的吗?那在你脖子上爬的那个巨大的绿色物体是什么?Finn: Eh? What? Ahhh!!芬恩:呃?什么?啊!Wang Fei: Ha ha. Finn, chillax! I was just kidding.王飞:哈哈,芬恩,放松!我只是开玩笑的。Finn: Very funny Wang Fei. Bye for now.芬恩:太有趣了,王飞。现在该说再见了。Wang Fei: Bye.王飞:再见。 /201408/318070。

Neil: Hello, Li. Are you y?尼尔:你好,莉。你准备好了吗?Li: Yes, Neil! Were going to that event for the protection of turtles, arent we Neil? Where is it happening again?莉:是的,尼尔!我们要去参加一个保护海龟的活动,对吧,尼尔?在哪儿举办的来着?Neil: By the beach. Theyre going to make speeches and then release some small turtles into the sea.尼尔:在海滩旁边。他们要进行演讲,然后把一些小海龟放生大海。Li: How sweet! I love baby turtles!莉:真是太好了!我喜欢海龟宝宝!Neil: Yes, theyre lovely, arent they? Lets go and join all the scientists, animal lovers and campaigners and beat the drum for the cause!尼尔:是啊,它们很可爱,是不是?我们走吧,加入到那些科学家、动物爱好者和活动人士的行列中,为这个事业摇旗呐喊!Li: Beat the drum? Will there be drums there?莉:敲鼓?那里有鼓吗?Neil: No. I dont think so...尼尔:没有。我想没有。Li: But if you think we need to drum, I have one here. We can beat the drum, like this...莉:可是如果我们要敲鼓,我这里倒是有一个。我们可以像这样敲鼓……Neil: Youre a great drummer Li, but sadly no need for drums. It might scare the baby turtles.尼尔:李,你真是个很棒的鼓手,不过很遗憾,我们并不需要鼓。那可能会吓坏海龟宝宝的。Li: But why are you talking about drums then?!莉:那你刚才为什么要说敲鼓呢?Neil: Ill tell you. In English, when we say to beat the drum or to bang the drum we mean to speak with enthusiasm about an idea in order to persuade or convince other people to support it.尼尔:我来告诉你。在英语中,我们用to beat the drum或者to bang the drum来表示积极热烈地持一种观点,以便说更多的人也来持。Li: Ah! I see. No real drums, then...莉:啊!我明白了。其实并没有鼓,那……Neil: No. Beat the drum is our expression in this edition of The English We Speak. Now lets hear some examples of how its used.尼尔:嗯。Beat the drum就是今天地道英语节目要学的表达方式。现在我们来听一些例句,看看如何使用这个短语。Part of the job of a prime minister is to visit other nations and beat the drum for your country, to support business and jobs.首相工作的一部分是对其他国家进行国事访问,为你们国家摇旗呐喊,持商业和就业。Mary is shy but her colleagues keep telling her: ;If you dont beat the drum for your own ideas, who will?;玛丽很害羞,但是她的同事一直告诉她:“如果你不为自己的想法摇旗呐喊,那谁来做呢?”Li: OK, Neil. Im y to beat the drum for turtle conservation!莉:好的,尼尔。我准备好为保护海龟摇旗呐喊了!Neil: Great, wed better go. Well be late.尼尔:太好了,我们最好现在就出发。不然我们会迟到的。Li: OK. Ready? One, two, one, two...莉:好的。准备好了吗?一、二,一、二……Neil: You are quite keen on this instrument, arent you? Youre not taking it with you... are you?尼尔:你很喜欢这个乐器,是不是?你不会带着去吧?Li: Of course not. I dont want to frighten the animals. But I might end up forming a band. How about The Baby Turtles?莉:当然不会。我不想吓到那些动物。但是我可能会组个乐队。乐队名字就叫海龟宝宝怎么样?Neil: Yeah, thats a good name! Lets go. Bye.尼尔:好啊,这名字真不错!我们走吧。再见。Li: Bye.莉:再见。 译文属 /201409/326652。

今天分享的这个词组是“in good hands ”,意为“在可靠的人手里,得到很好的照料,被照顾周到receive good care and attention ”.精台词:He had a minor attack. But hes in good hands. 他有点轻微心脏病发作,不过医生会照顾好他的。双语例句:I know the childs in good hands with my aunt. 我知道这孩子跟着姨妈绝对可靠。This garage is excellent,your car will be in good hands. 这家汽车修理厂好极了, 你的车将会得到很好的维修.今天分享的这个词组是“burn up ”, 除了表示“烧毁”之外,还可意为“发烧have a fever ”.精台词:Max, oh honey , youre burning up. Max, 宝贝儿,你发烧了!双语例句:Lets burn up all this waste paper. 咱们把这些废纸烧掉吧。Im having a headache 。I guess Im burning up. 我头很痛,我猜我可能发烧了。 /201412/342687。

Todd:So you went to Thailand, right?你去了泰国,是吗?Phil:Yep, I spent some time in Thailand. Unfortunately I didnt see very much of it. I saw Bangkok and Ko Samet.对呀,我在泰国呆了一段时间。但不幸的是我并没有看到什么。我只去了曼谷和柯赛门特。Todd:Oh, OK. Those are, Ko Samet is a nice place.哦,好吧,就那些。柯赛门特可是个好地方。Phil:Ko Samet is really nice. Good swimming.柯赛门特很不错,游泳的环境相当棒。Todd:Did you go to any countries around Thailand?你去了泰国周围的哪些国家呢?Phil:Yeah, we spent 2 weeks in Lao and I really, really enjoyed Lao. Lao is a very poor country. Theres not much industry, a lot of its still mining, fishing, on the Mekong you still see women panning for gold, but my favorite place in Lao is a place called Luang Prabang, and its, we really didnt do very much. Theres lots of things to do. You can go to caves. You can take inner tubes and go down the river, basically we just ate. The food is really good, a lot of French cuisine, the Lao cuisine is good as well, but we just hung around, books, and enjoyed our days because it was really, really hot, and really, really dry. This was in February.恩,我在老挝呆了两个礼拜。我真是好好,好好地欣赏了一下老挝。那是一个非常贫困的国家。那没有太多的工厂,比较多的还是采矿业,渔业。在湄公河上你还会看到女人们在淘金子,但是在老挝我最喜欢的一个地方叫琅勃拉邦。但我们还是没有做什么。那是有很多事要做的。你可以走进洞穴。你可以拿根内管然后水里,不过基本上都是我们刚刚吃过的。那儿的食物真是不错。还有很多法式菜肴。不过老挝菜肴也是不错的,但我们只是在周边转了转,看了些书,尽情享受了一下时光。因为那儿真的是又热又干。这可是在二月。Todd:Actually, Ive been to Luang Prabang and I remember jogging along the river and, just right outside the city and we would jog for miles and miles, on this little trail. It was just beautiful.其实我去过琅勃拉邦,我还记得我在河边慢跑。刚好就在城外,我们就沿着那条小路慢跑了数英里。那儿真的很美。Phil:Yeah. Yeah, its nice. I really like Luang Prabang. We went to Vietienne as well. Its not so much, its not as cultural as say Luang Prabang is, but a lot of people like to go there to relax, hang out. Thats where a lot of people take the tubes and go down the river so, but once again it was so hot we didnt really do any of that either.是,是,很不错。我非常喜欢琅勃拉邦。我们还去了Vietienne.那儿不像我们说的琅勃拉邦那么好,那么有文化底蕴。很多人都是去那儿放松,溜达的。同时也会有很多人到那儿坐地铁,下水游泳的。但是我再说一遍,那儿真的是太热了,我们还是什么都没做。注:译文属原创,,。 /201307/246996。

我们今天要讲的习惯用语都有flesh这个词。Flesh是人或者其他脊椎动物的肉。我们要学的第一个习惯用语是: flesh out。在flesh out这个习惯用语里,flesh是动词。如果按照字面意思来解释,flesh out是在骨骼外附上肌肉。当然习惯用语flesh out意义已经转化。它相当于中文说法;赋予血肉;。想象一下,一付骨架子看来当然死气沉沉,一待有血有肉,就变得生气勃勃、充实饱满。我们来听个例子。一家汽车配件厂要向一家著名的汽车制造公司提出为他们供应前灯。汽车配件厂的领导正在研究职工写的一份建议书提纲。我们来听听他作出什么评价。例句-1:The outline looks pretty good to me. Now take it back and flesh it out with the budget figures and the delivery dates and well look at it again to see if its good enough.这位厂长说:我看这份提纲相当好,现在把它拿回去,加上预算报价和发货日期,使内容更充实具体,然后我们再来看一看它是否完美。把建议提纲加上预算报价和送货日期这些具体细节,内容必然更充实完整,所以 flesh out含义是使之更充实并具体化。刚才的例子是以具体数据和资料来充实提纲。再举个例子,我们也可以把一部电影的情节梗概,加上具体场景和对话,那就成了电影剧本。我们说: flesh out the plot outline with actual scenes and dialogues.******我们再学个习惯用语: pound of flesh。 Pound是重量单位;磅;。所以pound of flesh直译就是;一磅肉;。这个习惯用语的含义当然不是这样。它来自莎士比亚的一部名作,《商人》。一个高利贷商人痛恨Antonio,但却借给给他一大笔钱,条件是要是不能按期偿还就要割下Antonio身上的一磅肉作为代价。Antonio果然中了高利贷商人的暗算,到期却筹不齐债款。那奸商把Antonio告上法庭,名正言顺要割他的肉。在这生死关头Antonio的律师救了他。她说放高利贷的固然可以根据契约取Antonio的肉,但是绝不能带上一滴血,因为契约写明只是以肉来偿还借款。莎士比亚的这部名作流芳百世,因而产生了用pound of flesh这个习惯用语来形容以借款人的惨重损失和痛苦为代价的债务。也可以说是合法却极不合理的要求。让我们来听个例子。例句-2:My business is closed and my wife has cancer, and still the bank wants its pound of flesh; theyll take my house if I cant pay back what I borrowed for my wifes hospital bills.他说:我的企业倒闭了,我妻子又得了癌症,而却还要不合情理地催逼债务。如果我不能偿还我为付妻子的医院帐单而借的款子,他们就要没收我的房子。听来他真是祸不单行,然而却在这当口来催逼债款,还要没收房子,似乎太不合情理,所以这儿的pound of flesh就是虽合法却不合理的要求。******我们再学一个习惯用语: press the flesh。Press意思是;摁、压;。Press the flesh是较新的习惯用语。它的意思是;握手;。这个说法可能来自政界,想要进入政界的人物得参加竞选。例如竞选国会议员就得去选区和成千上万选民握手。那经历就好比手掌肌肉一样,于是政界人士就把握手称为press the flesh。我们来听个例子。这是一名竞选干事在为他的上司筹划一天的活动日程。我们来听听他怎么说:例句-3:First thing in the morning we take him outside the auto factory to press the flesh with everybody whos going inside to work. You know the labor vote is important in this town.他说:我们早上第一件事就是把他带到汽车制造厂门外,和每个进厂去工作的人握手。要知道工人的选票在这个城里相当举足轻重。这里press the flesh意思是;握手;。 /201204/178359。

pick-me-up ------- 提神的东西大家好,这里是小强英语。生活中,我们有时候会喝茶啊咖啡啊什么的来提提神,那么这些提神的东西在英语当中怎么说呢?我们可以用pick-me-up, 注意有两个连字符。A pick-me-up is something that you have or do when you are tired or depressed in order to make you feel better. 提神的东西; 使人兴奋的东西。我们来听下例句:Whats your morning pick-me-up?你早上怎么提神?再比如:I needed a pick-me-up so I stopped at a bar on my way home.我需要提神的东西,所以回家路上,我在一家酒吧停了下来。我们经常接触到的动词词组;pick up;也有提神之意,比如说:I need to drink some coffee to pick myself up.我得喝些咖啡来提提神。最后,小强要提醒下大家,保持好精神的关键是要多休息,不要总靠喝提神的东西来提振自己哦!我是小强,我们下期再会!本栏目由原创,。 /201412/346986。