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河南郑州市华山整形美容医院祛疤多少钱郑州/鼻翼整形医院1.Are you ok?您还好吗? /201410/337093郑州市第二人民医院疤痕多少钱 嘉宾:Debbie Mason话题:外国人过 Valentine’s Day!单词拼写:1. skeptical: suspiction 存疑 2. commercial: 商业3. romantic 浪漫的,罗曼史重点俚语:1. it hardly seems like…. (a year ago): it looks complete difference 完全没有2. put our hands in our pockets: to spend money 花钱3. nothing too fancy: not so expensive, not very special 普普通通啦问题:1. What is the first speaker’s opinion of Valentine’s Day?2. What does the lady speaker say she might do on Valentine’s Day?3. What preparations does the last speaker (Wesley) make for Valentine’s Day?:1. It`s a commercial holiday, he don`t like being tought to be card-maker, flower producer and chocolate sender and when I`ve to be romantic.2. Leave the kids at home and might go out for a dinner or sth., nothing too fancy.3. Have the restaurant arranged, and some small gifts or some jewelry /201310/260378郑州祛疤哪家医院好

郑州市中医医院治疗痘痘多少钱9. The b is not so fresh.面包不太新鲜了。还能这样说:The b goes stale.The b is stale.应用:fresh hand 无经验者,生手;green and fresh 未熟练的,幼嫩的,初出茅庐的10. Are there any regional snakcs in Yichang?宜昌有没有什么特色小吃?还能这样说:Does Yichang have any regional snacks?What regional snacks does Yichang has?应用:go snacks 均分,分派;cocktail snack 小点心(花生、干酪类)11. Our specialty is spicy hot noodles.我们的特色小吃是香辣面。还能这样说:Our special snack is spicy hot noodles.Spicy hot noodles are the specialty here.应用:a bit hot 有点不讲理;blow hot and cold 动摇不定,拿不定主意,反复无常12. Sichuan food is special for its spicy taste.四川菜以辣味为特色。还能这样说:Sichuan food specializes in spicy taste.The characteristic of Sichuan food is hot and spicy. /201407/314305郑州人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 经典句型:I heard a scream and saw a woman lying on the ground. 我听见一声尖叫,看到一个女人躺在地上。A:It is said you witnessed the murder.甲:据说你目击了这起谋杀案。B:Yes. Its terrible.乙:是的,太可怕了。A:Would you please tell us what youd seen?甲:请告诉我们你看到什么了。B:I heard a scream and saw a woman lying on the ground.乙:我听见一声尖叫,看到一个女人躺在地上。经典句型:Come down to the station with me. 跟我去警察局。A:Come down to the station with me. 甲:跟我去警察局。B:But why? 乙:可是为什么?A:Someone saw you steal a car and we will get things clear up.甲:有人看见你偷车,我们要查清楚。句型讲解:witness如作为名词,意思是“目击者、见人”。如:a witness to the accident。Ta /201409/329227郑州市中心医院做去眼袋手术多少钱

河南哪家整形美容院最好Todd: So, Adrienne, you said you lived in Mexico for awhile?托德:艾德丽安,你说你曾在墨西哥住过一段时间?Adrienne: Mm, I studied there.艾德丽安:嗯,我在那儿学习。Todd: Really! You studied in Mexico?托德:真的吗!你在墨西哥学习?Adrienne: I did. I studied Spanish.艾德丽安:对。在那里学习西班牙语。Todd: Wow, so what was it like being a student in Mexico?托德:哇,那在墨西哥上学感觉怎么样?Adrienne: Ah, it was interesting. The weather was really hot the entire time I was there. Um, and it was very confusing, cause I didnt know the language very well when I first arrived but I learned quickly because I was living in the situation every day where I had to use language so that was really helpful in the end.艾德丽安:嗯,很有趣。我在那儿的时候,那的天气一直都很炎热。嗯,其实当时很困惑,因为我刚到那里的时候西班牙语不好,不过我学得很快,毕竟我生活在西班牙语的环境中,每天都要用到,所以对学习语言非常有帮助。Todd: So, what were the people like? What was the city like?托德:那里的人怎么样?城市怎么样?Adrienne: The city was small. 1 million people, and thats pretty small. The architecture is very colonial style. Its interesting. Very beautiful, old, a lot of wood and stone and the food was great. Very spicy.艾德丽安:城市非常小。有1百万人口,非常小。那里的建筑是典型的殖民地风格。这很有趣。建筑是老式的,非常漂亮,是用木石筑成的,那里的食物非常棒。特别辣。Todd: Mexican foods the best.托德:墨西哥食物非常好。Adrienne: I think so too.艾德丽安:我也喜欢那里的食物。Todd: Yeah, and the people?托德:那那里的人呢?Adrienne: The people are really friendly, really, really friendly. Big families and theyre always inviting you over for dinner, lunch and breakfast, and tea and coffee and chocolate and its really, its really a very familial environment.艾德丽安:人们非常友善,真的非常友善。他们家庭成员众多,而且他们会经常邀请你过去吃晚餐,午餐、早餐,还有喝茶、喝咖啡、享用巧克力,家庭氛围非常浓厚。Todd: What was your favorite place in Mexico?托德:墨西哥你最喜欢的地方是哪里?Adrienne: My favorite place, still, is a town called Cholula. Its a very small town. That has a pyramid, and Aztec pyramid with a cathedral on top of it and it has views of the mountains, the volcano and, um, just beautiful landscape all around. Its a great place to watch the sunset.艾德丽安:我最喜欢的地方是叫作乔卢拉的小镇。那是一座非常小的城镇。那里有金字塔,阿兹特克金字塔,顶部有一座天主教教堂,那里能看到山脉,火山,周围的景色非常漂亮。那是一个看日落的好地方。Todd: What volcano?托德:什么火山?Adrienne: Po! They call it Popo, but the full name I think is Popocatepetl. Its an Aztec name.艾德丽安:波!他们称之为波波,我想全名应该是波波卡特佩特火山。是一个阿兹特克名字。Todd: Oh, sounds like a nice place.托德:哦,听上去是个不错的地方。Adrienne: Its beautiful.艾德丽安:非常美。Todd: Any plans to go back to Mexico soon?托德:你有回墨西哥的计划吗?Adrienne: Of course. I always want to go back but whether I actually make it in the next year or two, I dont know.艾德丽安:当然了。我一直想回去,不知道我明年或者后年能否做到。 /201312/270295 今天要讲的习惯用语涉及人们常常谈到的一个词: money,金钱。我们要学的第一个习惯用语: right on the money。大家一定知道right这个词的意思是“对的,” “正确的。”也许有人因而认为right on the money就是钱数正确的意思,然而实际上right on the money这个习惯用语的含义要广泛得多;不一定限于金钱方面。它可以用来说任何成为现实的谈论和预计。我们来听个例子。这段话说的是政局分析专家。美国首都华盛顿多的是这一类高谈阔论的政论家,说话的人要告诉我们在这些人中他最信任的一位是Harry Temple。例句-1:I always listen to Harry Temple on the weekend TV talk shows. He really knows politics; when he predicts how some political fight will turn out, hes usually right on the money.他说:我老是收看Harry Temple的周末‘脱口’电视节目,他对政局了若指掌,他所预测的政治斗争结果往往都毫无偏差。这里的习惯用语right on the money含义是没有偏差、完全正确的。******再学个带有money这个词的习惯用语: a run for the money。 Run这个词最基本的意思是奔跑,但是也可以解释为某事的进行,a run for the money这个习惯用语虽然包括money这个词,但是它和习惯用语right on the money一样,并不一定涉及金钱。习惯用语a run for the money起源于1870年前后。有些专家认为它来自赛马。许多人都把赌注下在自己看中的马匹上,要是在比赛时马匹你追我赶,竞争激烈,几乎不差前后地到达终点线,那么赌赛马的人即使自己心爱的马匹败阵让他输了钱,也觉得他选中的马匹已尽到了最大的努力,所以自己不虚此行,没白花钱。人们逐渐把a run for the money这个习惯用语广泛应用在竞选和商贸事务上,尤其常常用到体育比赛中,用来说在竞争中尽力而为,使得对方以取得尽可能好的,令人满意的结果。我们这就来听个说体育比赛的例子吧。这是个篮球队教练在一次重大比赛的前一天向记者们发表谈:例句-2:That other team is tough - after all they were the champions last year. But our guys are y, and I tell you,win or lose well give those guys a real run for the money.他说:对方是个强队 - 他们毕竟是去年的冠军队。但是我们的队员们作好了准备。告诉你们吧,不论胜败,我们都会全力以赴,非让对方竭力拼搏一番才行。这里的a real run for the money含义是竭尽全力。******再学个也包含money这个词的习惯用语: money in the bank。 Bank是,所以money in the bank要是按照字面意思直译就是“里的钱。”钱放在里一般总是非常稳当的。如果有人告诉你一笔交易或者为某运动项目下的赌注是money in the bank,那么他的意思就是这是稳操胜算的,你的赢利几乎像放在保险库里的钱那样万无一失。经纪人时常会用money in the bank这个习惯用语向潜在的投资人推荐似乎有风险的企业股票或其它投资项目。比方说,你待会儿就会听到有个人在劝朋友Dave买他哥哥新开张的饭店的股份。例句-3:Dave, its a sure chance to make some money. The location is perfect,my brother has found a great chef and a real bargain on equipment - hey, believe me, its money in the bank.他说:Dave,这是个准保赚钱的好机会。饭店的地段再好也没有了,我哥哥又请到了一位了不起的厨师,他还买到了廉价合算的设备 - 嘿,信我这句话: 你稳赚!根据他的介绍他哥哥的饭店几乎具备各种有利条件,听来必然会大有赢利,所以这里的money in the bank含义是稳有的赢利或者必然的成功。 /201407/314496郑州第一人民医院打美白针价钱费用郑州市中医院开双眼皮手术价钱费用




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